“DWTS”: Charo Was Axed…Normani Rose to the Top!

Week three has ended and the fight for the title is heating up. The judges need to get their game on and be more truthful when handing out compliments!! “Mr. T you are wonderful, you did great!” But you are getting a lousy 6 from all of us! Why do they give him all those kudos and false hope and turn around and kick him with the paddles with an embarrassing score!?

I agree that the guy did pretty lousy. He was no better than the first two nights. Right out of the gate he lost his top hat and looked like he forgot to bathe in BenGay. He is so stiff he looks like he is about to shatter like an old, glass mirror. At least take some Advil before you go kicking your heels a whole one inch off the floor! If anyone needs to go pack his bags it is Mr. T! Stop the nonsense. He stinks! He is a nice fella, but he is no Gene Kelly!! (Gene Kelly was the best American dancer to grace this earth!) RIP.

Nick Viall of ‘The Bachelor’ improved some. Peta Murgatroyd saw to that. Why he is at the bottom of the leader board is a surprise to me. He is ten times better than Mr. T. All he needs to do is polish up those rough edges. If he works hard and listens to Peta he might turn out to be a good dancer.

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Bolton Bonner and Sharna Burgess didn’t meet my expectations tonight, but I did notice a little tension between them. I was waiting for that ‘Omg’ moment in his dance routine, but it didn’t happen. He failed to wow me. Ok, He wasn’t that bad. But truth be told, he needs a lot of work to keep up with his competition. Too bad he only scored 24! He deserved better than that. Nick Viall, of ‘The Bachelor’ can wipe Bonner Bolton out of the competition if he doesn’t improve his numbers. But 24! Come on people!

The highlight of my night was watching Derek Hough and Julianne Hough! I loved their performance tonight! Derek is so intense and his moves are so effortless. He is one of my favorite pro dancers. He is an amazing dancer. Julianne Hough, his sister and he danced the most emotional number of the night. I was in tears. It really touched my heart to see through dance how their parents’ divorce affected them deeply. It was sad, heart wrenching and beautiful to watch. Julianne, you were breathtaking to watch.

Oh, the perks of technology. Maksim Chmerkovskiy gave Heather Morris and Alan pointers from the hospital for Monday night’s tango number. Alan Bersten has some big shoes to fill. Maks laid the pressure on his partner, Heather Morris and Alan Bernsten. He is determined to come back in full force and win this thing. He made sure to drill those dance moves into their heads. They did Maks proud! Wow, Harris and Bersten pulled off that tango perfectly! They killed it. They looked amazing on the dance floor. I loved her dress! The glitter of the dancers and the background were dazzling. Maks looked as happy as Astaire in ‘TOP HAT’.

After the dance Maks announced that he is coming back next week if all goes well with his recovery. I was ecstatic when I heard that piece of good news.

Charo doesn’t want the judges to misconstrue her?! Now that was funny.
I thought my hubby was the only one who made up his own words. She’s got her own made up language. She’s a genius. Ha! Tom had his guard up hoping Charo didn’t try to jump on him again. He didn’t know whether to run or tie her down. She looked like she was ready to pounce on him. I enjoyed her dance routine. She made a pretty bride and did a decent job with her sassy foxtrot. She made Mr. T look like a goner with her final dance of the night. I was hoping she would continue onto the next round, sadly, it was the chopping block for her. I will miss the Cuchi-cuckoo, senorita, Charo.

The couples all did a good job. Some tried harder than others or it looked that way.
The one person who I think improved the most was our 40-year-old father, David Ross. He was funny and he surprised me with his risqué number with dance partner Lindsey Arnold. It was a bit over the top for daddy’s kids to watch. I had to close one eye for a sec. Those abs, though! I’m buying that t-shirt for my hubby. Was Lindsey wearing a t-shirt, too?! Her kabobs looked like they were ready to burst out of that vest! I need a t-shirt like hers!

“DWTS”: Charo Was Axed…Normani Rose to the Top!

The night on “DWTS” was very entertaining and impressive. But the winner tonight had to be Normani. She danced like a true pro dancer. She never missed a beat. She is going to be very difficult to beat. Maks is going to have a long, hard journey ahead of him. NORMANI is a stick of dynamite on that dance floor.

Hasta luego friends. See you next Monday at the ballroom.

Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie

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