“DWTS”: Can You Spell Rigged!?

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If you watched ‘DWTS’ on Monday night like I did, I’m sure you would agree with me on how the whole thing seemed totally skewed. I was just as stunned as everyone on the show when Nancy Kerrigan and David Ross made it on to the next round. As the Grinch would say “It stink, stank, and stunk!” I think the neighbors down the block heard me booing and throwing things at the TV!


All the dancers did a fairly good job. I wasn’t very excited or impressed with any of them, But David Ross and Nancy Kerrigan were way off their game. They were the only two who I expected to see at the bottom by the end of the evening. I was so sure one of them was going to head out the door on Monday night.

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I don’t understand how the judges gave David Ross and Nancy Kerrigan such rave reviews after their dance routines. They were not all that great. They are both stiff and unsure about what to do next. Last night Nancy Kerrigan was looking at the other dancers for her next move. David Ross was better, but not better than Heather Morris.


Nancy is unpolished and lacks confidence. Heather is ten times better than both Ross and Nancy. Maybe that’s why Heather got the best score of season 24! She deserved and earned that forty points! They performed perfectly to the TLC song “Waterfalls” and I was blown away by Heather’s flawless dance. She looked like the consummate professional!



The voting system seems to have gone awry. Heather and Max did an amazing job and danced a rumba that was sharp, on target, smooth, sexy and perfect. I almost forgot who the star and who the pro was. She was that good.


From the shows inception, I’ve noticed the bias by the judges with some of the star dancers and professional dancers as well. It’s so obvious how they promote some dancers more than others. Len was always hard on Max and some of the other troupe members. It seemed unfair and personal. It was frustrating to watch.


Alan Bersten did his very best to fill in for Max. He was committed to give it his all for Heather Morris during Maks’ absence and he succeeded.


Maks’ injury kept him off the show for 4 long weeks. He received treatment in Ohio for the calf injury that stopped him from continuing to dance. Heather Morris was extremely happy when he returned to dance with her on Monday night as were all his fans.


Maks was amazed that he healed more quickly than he had anticipated. He was impressed by the new methods they used in helping to heal his leg. He learned how stem cells help in the healing process. It’s fascinating how physical therapy along with new stem cell medical care is accomplishing what was impossible a few years ago.


The sultry rumba that Max and Heather danced to left no doubt in my mind that he and Heather were on their way to take that mirror ball. I was positive that they would make it on to the next round. Their dance routine left the competition on check. There is no valid reason why they were sent packing. Maks was back and better than ever! I think the whole thing was rigged!!



When Peta Murgatroyd was asked if she thought the show was rigged she said, “You know, I don’t think the show is rigged. I mean, we’ve gone over and over [it], like people ask us that all the time.


“I don’t know for sure. I don’t count the votes or anything like that.”


“I mean,” Murgatroyd paused. “I don’t know. Maybe Nancy Kerrigan is America’s sweetheart.”


When asked if she would demand a recount, Murgatroyd, 30, joked, “Hell, yeah!”


Maks was blunter about his feelings after being eliminated from ‘DWTS’. I’m not surprised. Maks is not one to mince words. Here are his pearls of wisdom.


“I’m pissed,” he admitted. “But it’s not the last time Morris and I will be doing stuff together and, you know, I’m looking forward to when that happens.”



Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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Post Author: getrealloladmins

2 thoughts on ““DWTS”: Can You Spell Rigged!?

    Jo Engelhardt

    (April 27, 2017 - 6:23 am)

    You know as well as I do that the elimination was based on last week’s scores and viewers’ votes not the PERFECT rumba that Heather and Maks performed this week. It’s a popularity contest as far as the viewers’ votes are concerned. There were at least four other contestants that should have been eliminated if the viewers based their votes strictly on dance performance/skills. Many have complained about this over the years. In my opinion the judges’ votes should carry more weight than the viewers’ votes. I think that Maks and Heather should have been in the final four. I would have enjoyed watching their future dances!

    Jo Engelhardt

    (April 27, 2017 - 6:30 am)

    P.S. IMO….the show is not rigged.

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