“DWTS”: Bonner Dissed by Sharna Burgess…Moves on to Normani Kordei!?

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Isn’t Bonner a bit too old for high school crushes? What happened to his torrid crush on Sharna? I guess that shipped sailed into the sunset at full speed. Mr. Bonner, the ‘traveling hands man’ must be losing his touch!


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It looks like he is moving on to the next flavor of the month. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight he gushed all over his new crush, Normani Kordei, 20, of ‘DWTS’.


“DWTS”: Bonner Dissed by Sharna Burgess...Moves on to Normani Kordei!?


She is too hot for him. Good luck with that conquest bull rider. She’s doing fine without you. Bonner falls for a girl as fast as he falls off those pesky bulls! Look at his words of love and kisses for Normami.


Bonner- “You know what, I love that girl. She is just so beautiful inside and out, when she walks in the room, the whole room lights up,” he gushed. “She is such a sweetheart and [was] an encouragement to me the whole time I was there.” Did I get goosebumps? Not really.


She probably felt sorry for you Bonner. Don’t go breaking her heart. She’s too sweet for the likes of you.


Excuse me, Bonner, you don’t have feelings for Sharna? You could have fooled me. I think it was the other way around. Now Bonner is licking his wounds and trying to boost his ego by trying to make his move on Normani Kordei. I hope she doesn’t fall for it. She can do better than that. The guy is immature and a bit of a flake.


Bonner Bolton, Mr. ego said, “I think she is a beautiful lady, and if she asked me out on a date, I would sure enough go.”


Wait a minute! He’s expecting her to ask his behind for a date! What a weenie. What happened to real men?! Ask HER for a date, you big dummy. Not that he deserves it. But for goodness’ sake, what happened to chivalry and true romance!?


He actually did step up to the plate, but on live TV. I guess he’s too much of a wuss to ask her in person.


“Normani, will you go on a date with me?’ he said to the camera. “… We’ll see what she says. Hopefully she’s watching. Normani, it would be an honor to go on a date with you, ma’am.”


That was kind of nice and sweet. But man up, Bonner. Call the girl if you want her to give you a second look.


“DWTS”: Bonner Dissed by Sharna Burgess...Moves on to Normani Kordei!?


Bonner expressed his great respect and admiration for his ‘DWTS’ partner, Sharna Burgess with these words, which for me sounded a lot like bitter grapes oozing from between his lips.


“We’re great friends. This experience has put both of us through a lot, you know, and we’ve remained professional throughout the entire thing. It’s not ever crossed the line of dating,” he explained. “Her and I were definitely intrigued by each other — her being Australian, you know, the spicy Australian with the accent — and she’s a beautiful girl and a great person. But I think we’re definitely better off friends and it’s gonna stay that way.”


It never crossed the line of dating!? Really Bonner? I could have sworn they went on a date and danced together with lots of amore! Perhaps it was a crush date! He sure is good at cleaning up that kick in the butt. You better stick to bulls, bull-rider.


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