Duggar Fans Believe Jill IS in Labor with Her 2nd Son Samuel!!

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Duggar Fans Believe Jill IS in Labor with Her 2nd Son Samuel!!

The Duggar fans have been so excited for nearly 6 months, in anticipation of the exciting news, regarding Jill (Duggar) Dillard’s birth of her 2nd baby. In fact, many of Jill’s fans have posted their own personal pics of Jill and Derick’s toddler son, “Israel” as their own way to help build up the exuberance and joy, by telling the world that Jill could very well be in labor at this very moment, delivering her 2nd new born son, Samuel.

The darling photo, which, of course, was posted and shared on the one and only Instagram site, which is the actual Duggar family page – so, don’t bother looking for it on Jill’s personal Instagram site, as you won’t find it there. Since the fans who took the photo and shared it – it has caused many people to wonder if Jill’s mother, “Michelle Duggar” took the picture herself, which she often does, but not this time. Most likely mother Duggar is keeping very busy, taking care of Jill and Derick’s toddler son, Israel.  Especially since Jill is most likely preparing to deliver baby Samuel, Israel’s little baby bro.

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Isn’t that the cutest picture?! Just adorable. (Hmm, we often wonder if Israel has any idea what is about to take place?!)

Israel is so ready for his baby brother!

We have been reporting on Jill and Derick’s pending birth for quite some time now – and, one day, during the week of July 3rd, daddy Derick posted and shared a #tbt (throwback) picture, which was shot shortly after Jill gave birth to Israel.

Newborn pic with Israel when he was just a tiny 9.5 lbs back in 2015. #tbt #prouddad

A post shared by Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) on

And again, fans started asking questions and inquiring as to when Jill would finally deliver baby Samuel. However, on one of the biggest holidays of the year, and just 3 days ago, another picture was seen on social media. Jill with her huge “baby bump” which, of course, has many fans now asking themselves, if Jill and Derick’s 2nd baby is still growing and not quite ready to pop out of mommies tummy – well, we are guessing the little guy isn’t quite ready – so, for the time being anyway, and, as far as we know, Jill is either in labor or she is waiting to reveal the big news regarding the birth of their 2nd son, “Samuel.”

Duggar Fans Believe Jill IS in Labor with Her 2nd Son Samuel!!

Yes, it is true, Jill was given a due date of early July, but, from the way she looks at this very moment, it certainly won’t be a shocker if we find out that Jill has finally given birth – which, of course, could happen at any time now.

What’s taking so long “Samuel?” You have so many awesome fans and family members who are eagerly waiting to finally welcome you to the world! Come on little guy – make your grand appearance!!

The world is waiting for the very big and exciting announcement, that baby “Samuel Dillard” is born!! Stay tuned.

Written by Renee Barbee

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