DRUNK! David Hasselhoff’s Daughter Passes Out Cold On Busy Freeway!


Like father, like daughter…the apple didn’t fall from the tree in this family. David Hasselhoff’s 24-year old daughter Hayley was arrested for DUI over the weekend after passing out, drunk out of her mind on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles. Police found the ‘Sharknado’ actress slumped over in her white Mercedes Benz around 4am completely out cold with her foot on the brake. 911 emergency responders were called and able to wake her up and removed her from the vehicle after securing the car. She was asked to perform a field sobriety test which she failed miserably.


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DRUNK! David Hasselhoff’s Daughter Passes Out Cold On Busy Freeway!


Police said she reeked of alcohol and was escorted to a nearby hospital to obtain blood results and was then taken into custody. Hayley is the daughter who filmed her father in a drunken stupor a few years back eating a burger off the floor which blew up on social media. The fact that she willingly got in a vehicle and drove like that infuriates me. Who knows how many people could have lost their lives if they would have encountered her on the freeway.


Written by Riley Mathews

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