DODGED! RHOBH Erika Girardi Faces Tormented Childhood While Dodging Son’s Abandonment!

“I didn’t want to cry today” she stoically says to her mother this past week who was “hard on her as a child.” That’s it? That’s all we get? Bravo had a game plan intended for the ice princess she seems to be and that was to send her back to her roots to get some answers about her past. Specifically about her son as her fans and followers went from gushing and fawning over her to absolute hatred and resentment. Why the sudden change? Mothers all over the country don’t like it when they hear about a woman who literally left her child at the tender age of three to be raised on his own while she pursued her dreams and landed herself a filthy rich husband. There are those who defend her with such passion and vigor and I just don’t get it. They say we don’t know her background so who are we to judge her?

“I get accused of being cold because I don’t cry” she said in her confessional. “My mother was hard on me. She never really cut me any breaks” she whined. Her mother responded by saying, “But it made you a tough old bird didn’t it?” Seems as if this apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Erika’s mother seems cold as ice and we hear it over and over again about how tough her life was as a kid. Frankly I’m tired of it. The one I’m interested in hearing from is Thomas Rizzo, her son. I wonder what his life was like growing up. I can tell you one thing that’s for certain, his mother never looked back once she left him. And that’s why Erika won’t talk about any of this because what mother would?

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Written by Kassandra Dunn

Picture 1 courtesy of BravoTV.Com

Picture 2 courtesy of EGInstagram.Com

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