DIVORCING! Housewife And Her Husband Call It Quits!

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Sadly after four years of what many perceived was a tumultuous marriage, ‘Real Housewives Of Miami’ Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago have separated. The couple has been living apart for months while Krupa travels constantly from Los Angeles to Miami for work and pleasure. Many thought the marriage was doomed from the onset after watching their sexual exchanges onscreen during the first two seasons of the Bravo show. Krupa’s emasculating ways would be difficult for any man to take.

Sources close to the couple said, “They just grew apart.” Isn’t that what happens to all people who aren’t on the same page? Krupa amd Zago married in 2013 with a pricey, million dollar wedding. The 38-year old model said, “He loves me to death, he wants to be with me, but there’s something that’s holding him from committing 100 percent.” No one wants to see a marriage end. Our thoughts are with you both.

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Written by Riley Mathews

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