Disick And Thorne Fizzle Out In Cannes

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Scott Disick and Bella Thorne were spotted getting quite comfy last month in Cannes by his poolside villa. They were seen kissing and getting hot and heavy while in the private pool. 

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Disick messaged Thorne on Instagram asking for an invite to one of her famous house parties. From there, a friendship blossomed. But while partying brought them together, his partying and drinking drove her away. 

Thorne says ” Scott is really nice, sweet and charming” but she doesn’t drink and it became too much for her to handle. She realized her and Disick were not compatible. She likes to dance and have fun while Scott likes to party too much. Thorne flew home by private plane after only being in Cannes for a day and a half. Later tweeting ” yo this #cannes fancy life isn’t for me”

Not sure where Thorne has been hiding but Disick has been in and out of rehab over the years for alcohol abuse, but hasn’t been able to keep sober. 

Self-proclaimed sex addict Disick didn’t waste any time, who was seen getting very in time and cozying up to Chloe Bartoli only a day later. Bartoli is a stylist and ex-girlfriend of Disick. The thoughts on everyone’s mind, who’s next for Disick! 

Written By Kayla Hayman. 

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