David Ross on Plans for Premiere of “DWTS”

What does a baseball player do when he retires? Go on Dancing with the Stars, of course! David Ross discussed with the Chicago Tribune that he plans on doing the quick step on the premiere episode of “DWTS”. It’s not just that he’s doing the quick stop that is the exciting news. He plans on doing it to Go, Cubs, Go. For those of you not familiar with this song, it is a song that all ‘Cubs’ fans can sing and most do sing when they are excited about how a game is going.

David has told his partner Lindsey that he is very comfortable in his own skin, so she can dress him up and bling him out. He’s ready for anything. I would think you would have to be comfortable to go on Dancing with the Stars. For most of the people who go on this show, they haven’t danced before. Additionally, people in Hollywood aren’t always good at losing, and this can be a public loss. However, David Ross isn’t Hollywood, he’s Chicago and while they won the World Series this year, he’s seen his fair share of losses. I for one will be rooting for him.

David Ross on Plans for Premiere of “DWTS”

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Another fella I’ll be rooting for is Mr. T. Yes, I know this shows my age, but I “Pity the Fool” who thinks they can out do anything Mr. T can do. ha-ha Mr. T will be doing the Tango to the A-Team theme song. So, that’s going to at least be interesting.

Due to the songs, these gentlemen picked out, it makes me wonder if the rest of the dancers will pick songs near and dear to them! We can only hope, it’s so nostalgic!

I, for one, can’t wait for this season!!!!

Katie K

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