David Bowie Launched into Space?

So, is David Bowie being launched into space? Well, sort of! The Britain’s Royal Mail has launched several helium-filled balloons into the air. These balloons were filled with a new line of stamps all to commemorate David Bowie. That’s right an entire collection of stamps in the likeness of David Bowie. Who would not like to have them?! Well, if your lucky enough to figure out where these balloons fell to the earth at you could have them for free!

This PR stunt is in memory of David Bowie’s movie “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” The stamps show some of David Bowie’s most notable and famous albums: 1971 Hunky Dory, 1973 Aladdin Sane, 1977 Heroes, 1983 Let’s Dance, 1997 Earthling, and 2016 Blackstar. This is the first time that British Royal Mail has issued an entire collection dedicated to a musical figure. In my humble opinion, this was a perfect guy to start with!

David Bowie Launched into Space?

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I am happy that there is one way that he has been commemorated. I’m not sure I know a single person whose life wasn’t touched and dare I say made better by David Bowie’s music and movies! I’m looking at you Labyrinth!

Written by Katie

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