Danielle Staub Causing Major Fight Between The RHONJ Cast

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Season 8 of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey has been filming over the past two months, and already there is some major drama going on between the ladies. Teresa, Melissa, Siggy, Dolores, Danielle Staub & new housewife Margaret Joseph are headed back to bravo this summer. The ladies have filmed a cast trip in Boca, Florida and are planning a larger trip for the end of the season as well. We were surprised to hear that OG housewife Danielle Staub was returning this season, and more shockingly came back because of Teresa. They have been in a good place since Teresa returned home from Prison in December, 2015 and Teresa actually invited Danielle to return to RHONJ. The other ladies were welcoming to Danielle entering the group but have remained distant and been very cautious. The ladies filmed last week at Siggy’s Jewelry party and something BIG went down! AATRH reported ” The whole cast was taken into another room and producers were trying to block anyone from watching. ” The ladies gathered in Siggy’s dining room where all hell broke loose. Danielle Staub reportedly pulled Teresa aside and informed her that Dolores, her friend of over 20 years was heard talking very derogatory about Teresa & her family.


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When Danielle confronted Dolores, it got ugly. Dolores was so furious at Danielle and claims she completely fabricated this rumor to have a storyline for this season. This fight was in such confined space and so dramatic it will most likely be the main feud of the season. Do you think Danielle would completely make this up, or do you think Dolores was caught in a lie? We can’t wait to find out!



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1 thought on “Danielle Staub Causing Major Fight Between The RHONJ Cast

    Marcy scrot

    (April 13, 2017 - 12:10 pm)

    Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. My NJHW days are done. Without Kathy,Rosie and Jaquie, I have no interest in the felon saga.

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