“Dancing With The Stars” Recap: The First Cut Is the Hardest

Who was the first couple to get eliminated from Dancing with the Stars? The first couple to get eliminated was Chris Kattan and Witney Carson. Chris Kattan’s journey came to an end last night on Dancing with the Stars. Chris’s journey on the show was very emotional, inspiring, and heartbreaking. I have watched Chris on Saturday Night Live for many years where he was a regular cast member from 1996-2003.

"Dancing With The Stars" Recap: The First Cut Is the Hardest

Throughout the years on SNL Chris was not only a comedian, funny man, but he was also a great actor. He was not only funny on the show but also off the show. Chris Kattan was in one of my favorite comedies A Night at the Roxbury. After SNL Chris had disappeared to thin air. I just thought his career was over and he just simply retired from the show biz, chilling at his huge mansion in Beverly Hills but that’s not what it was. Folks I was completely wrong. After his stint on SNL Chris was in a mini-series called Bollywood Hero, he was in a Super Bowl commercial in 2008, started in a Broadway show called Xantnias which he was replaced by another actor, and filmed a pilot episode for a Gameshow but was replaced again. Kris also appeared in one episode of How I met your Mother. Since departing from SNL Kris did few guest appearances on the show during Christmas. In 2014, the comedian was arrested for driving under the influence. Chris was ordered to attend 12 step program. In the last night episode of Dancing with the Stars Chris opened up about his neck injury and multiple neck surgeries. His partner Witney got choked up and very emotional during their interview. Witney describes Chris as an incredible person. Perhaps that would be the reason why Kattan looked stiffed, unbalanced, unrehearsed, and had difficult time performing his routine. Under these circumstances, I think he did well. His first dance which he performed a week ago was to the theme song from A Night at the Roxbury which I thought was fabulous. His partner Witney did an amazing job with the choreography and their routine. His second dance which Chris performed last night was much improved. His score last night was 22 however that was not enough to keep Chris until next week. During the elimination, you could visibly see how nervous Chris was.

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"Dancing With The Stars" Recap: The First Cut Is the Hardest

I was hoping Chris would stay for another week but someone always must go home.

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