“Most Memorable Year” #DWTS Oh, What a Night it Was

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Oh, what a night it was. Last night episode of Dancing with the Stars was my favorite. The theme of the night was Most Memorable Year for the celebrities. I absolutely love when we get to know a little bit more about the celebrities. I love watching their stories, seeing their emotions, their breathtaking dances, and what they have been through. What I enjoy most about Most Memorable Year episode is how beautifully everyone danced. Something magical transpires that night. Each performance/dance is different, each celebrity brings different emotions and feelings to the dance, the judges get emotional, and 9’s and sometimes even a 10 are given out.

On last night episode Mr. T and Kym Johnson were sent home. Mr. T and Kym danced beautiful Waltz and their song was Amazing Grace. The amazing story about Mr. T is that he is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with cancer in 1995 and has been given a second chance in life. He is an inspiration to people and I am glad he shared his story with everyone. Mr. T also got his highest score of 28 for his Waltz. Mr. T cleaned up nicely and looked very handsome.

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“Dancing with the Stars”: Blog April 11th, 2017

He will be missed. My favorite dance of the night was by Rashad and Emma. They danced to a contemporary routine and it was breathtaking. Rashad showed his true emotions, his true feelings, and his story was felt through his performance. What I love and admire about Rashad is how honest he is. He does not act like some kinda NFL macho man he is just Rashad. He has real problems like everyone else and he has struggles just like everyone else. What was so special about his story is the struggle that he went through with his father. Their relationship suffered a lot because Rashad father was an absent father just like many fathers are. His role was to provide for the family so he worked a lot. By working a lot, he missed out on his kid’s childhood. Rashad felt disconnected from his father like many of us do. Their dance represents his relationship with his father and how he loves him unconditionally. Emma did an amazing job choreographic their routine.

“Dancing with the Stars”: Blog April 11th, 2017

The dance of the night that I was mostly surprised by was Erika’s and Gleb’s. I felt their dance was just another same dance that I saw in week 1, week 2, and week 3. Same routine, same choreography, same moves, same outfit, just everything looked the same. I wanted to see something different from Erika. I wanted to see a true ballroom routine from them. I wanted Erika to connect with the viewers more, I wanted her to connect to her story more. I feel like I was watching an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I feel like Erika is in Erika’s world and we are her puppets. We all know she is very rich, we all know she is hot and sexy, we all know she has a fancy car, fancy clothes, fancy friends, and a fancy house but what we do not know is who truly Erika is. I would love to see a different side of her. Perhaps toned it down just a bit. Shows us more feelings and more emotions in your dances. Show us what it’s inside of your heart. We know what the outside is all about but I know there is more to Erika. Erika scored a 30 last night which is good but I bet if she showed us more of who she truly is her scores would be much higher.


The most inspiring story and performance of the night for me was by Simone and Sasha. I can’t even begin to explain what an amazing young lady Simone is. Simone is my hero. One week prior of Simone being on Dancing with the Stars she was at my church in Barrington, Illinois. She shared her incredible story with my church and she shared her story last night on the show. I can’t believe what she went through as a child. From foster home to feeling hungry and lonely at 3 years old. Her mother struggled with addictions and did not take care of Simone. Simone was adopted by her grandparents. For those of you who may not know Simone is a gymnast who represent our country in summer Olympics and brought gold home. Her performance last night was breathtaking, mesmerizing, beautiful, and so emotional. I cried at the end of her performance. Simone got the highest score of the night which was 36 and the best comments from the judges. Len stated, “that was the best dance so far” and Bruno stated, ” you danced beautifully darling”. Who was your favorite couple? Which story inspired you the most? You already know mine please share yours.


Written by Kathy B

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