“Dance Moms”: Who Will Be The Next Coach For Season 8?!

The show must go on!


"Dance Moms": Who Will Be The Next Coach For Season 8?!

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Dance Moms will continue to season 8 as confirmed by a tweet posted by executive producer Bryan Stinson. While there are discrepancies about which girls will actually return as cast members, one fact remains. The show will need a coach.


"Dance Moms": Who Will Be The Next Coach For Season 8?!


In late March of this year, the original leader of the Dance Mom Junior Elite Team, Abby Lee Miller, quit the show in a frenzied Instagram post while season 7B was filming. Miller is results driven (to put it mildly), but also famous for sharp criticism and borderline harsh treatment of the girls that come to her studio. As it turns out, she feels similarly pressured from the showrunners. Miller cites misogynistic behavior and a crushing of her creative spirit as sources of her decision to part ways with the popular television show.


"Dance Moms": Who Will Be The Next Coach For Season 8?!


Enter Cheryl Burke, the on-again-off-again ‘Dancing With The Stars’ professional dancer who is known for her own stickler for perfectionism approach. Burke has attained two Mirror Ball trophies, the highest honors for a ‘DWTS’ season and several stints in semi-final/final rounds during her time with the celebrity ballroom competition.


Burke may be “tough” but she is also professional. Shortly after Miller quit ‘Dance Moms’, Burke was announced as her replacement for the end of season 7. Some old dancers that left ‘Dance Moms’ because of Miller’s intensity and her die hards alike were overjoyed to study under Burke. The network has already stated their satisfaction with her work.


However, no word on Burke’s return. Burke has yet to sign a new contract with ‘Dance Moms’, leaving fans to question who will coach in season 8.
"Dance Moms": Who Will Be The Next Coach For Season 8?!


Lifetime insists that Miller is free to return to the show. It looks like the notorious reality star has other concerns on her hands right now. As of October 2015, Miller has been indicted with 20 counts of fraud due to various forms of neglecting to report income and not being honest about her earnings while filing for bankruptcy. Miller pleaded guilty despite stating “front office” errors led her to legal troubles. The larger than life dance coach said she did not have a sense for the business part of it. Miller is scheduled to sentencing in May of this year. She faces roughly two years’ imprisonment. It sounds like a new face for the dance troupe was needed (at least temporarily) regardless if Miller had decided to stay on the show or not.


Currently, Miller continues to run Abby Lee Dance Studio in Pittsburg, PA.


What do you all think? Is it a game of threesomes? Will season 8’s coach be Miller, Burke or some third superstar?


Let us know your guesses in the comments section.


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