“Dance Moms”: Maddie Ziegler…Teenagers Make Mistakes!


Everybody knows Maddie Ziegler as 14-year-old reality tv and global star. She was also in a Sia music video. We also know that she is kind and sweet to her fans. However, she is a teen and makes mistakes. A picture was leaked of our favorite teen sticking up her middle finger.


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"Dance Moms": Maddie Ziegler...Teenagers Make Mistakes!
Co-star Brynn Rumfallo was caught going live on instagram but didn’t know the camera was on her and stuck up her middle finger as well.


"Dance Moms": Maddie Ziegler...Teenagers Make Mistakes!

This isn’t the first time a big scandal has been released. Ziegler and the rest of her co-stars were changing in the ‘Abby Lee Dance Company’ when Maddie took her top off and recorded it on her iPhone. Later on Ziegler iCloud was hacked and the pictures got leaked! Fans described it as the most disturbing thing they had ever seen.


"Dance Moms": Maddie Ziegler...Teenagers Make Mistakes!


Later it was confirmed on a live stream. Kalani Hilliker said on the live stream, “do you remember the bathroom video and one of the girls said nipples were flying everywhere?” But surprisingly, that’s not all of it. Kendall Vertes was on a live stream saying if she gets a certain amount of views she will dance and show her butt. Co-star Nia Sioux and Ziegler were trying to cover her with their jacket.

Before I end, teenagers make mistakes. They owned up to it and they’ll move past it.


Written by Melikah A

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