“Dance Moms” Cancelled?

“Dance Moms” Cancelled?

“Dance Moms” Cancelled?

Abby Lee Miller will be heading to court on January 20, 2017 to be sentenced for fraud charges for hiding assets on her bankruptcy filing. Abby is facing up to five years in prison and although there is no official announcement about a cancellation, we will have to see what happens with Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing. Perhaps she will only get probation or maybe she’ll have to serve the whole five years in federal prison.

Meanwhile, a few of the moms are speaking out. Dancer Bryn Rumfallo’s mom Ashlee says that “There has not been a definite cancellation. They’re waiting on a few things and deciding how and what they’re going to do. No one knows.” Ashlee also said that Abby was not happy when her court date was pushed back and just wants to get it all over with.

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“Dance Moms” Cancelled?

Season 7 filming has just wrapped up this week and the girls have a break, but for how long? For good? Some have gone home to their home towns for Christmas while others have headed to New York, yet others are busy promoting other business projects and others are going on a Midwest dance tour. Whatever happens with “Dance Moms,” these talented dancers will have a great future, thanks in part to Miss Abby Lee Miller.

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