“Dance Moms” Cancelled by Lifetime

“Dance Moms” Cancelled by Lifetime

Well, it seems as though the inevitable has finally happened. Lifetime has pulled the plug on “Dance Moms”. The show’s finale will be October 31. There will be more episodes and specials before the show bids adieu.

“Dance Moms” Cancelled by Lifetime

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As I have said: love her or hate her Abby Lee Miller is what held the show together. Fans had theorized the show continuing on with Cheryl Blake as the new dance teacher; however, it seems as though that isn’t the case. The show will also not continue with a focus on the mini’s team.

“Dance Moms” Cancelled by Lifetime

All of the older girls who remained on the team have individual projects they are focusing on. Kalani Hilliker is a beginning fashion designer, Nia Sioux has been focusing on her movie and music career , Kendall Vertes has several movie projects, and Chloe Lukasiak (who viewers will see return on the next episode) has also been focusing on her film career. “Dance Moms” has been a great platform for past and current girls to get their feet wet in the entertainment industry.

“Dance Moms” Cancelled by Lifetime

Will you miss tuning into “Dance Moms”? Did you see the end of the show coming or are you surprised?

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1 thought on ““Dance Moms” Cancelled by Lifetime


    (September 26, 2017 - 3:45 pm)

    I hate having Dance mom’s end. It has been part of my Tuesday evenings since it began. I hope that they bring Abby Lee and the show back when she gets done with her sentence.

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