“Dance Mom’s” Abby Lee Miller’s Slim and Trim Transformation

“Dance Mom’s” Abby Lee Miller’s Slim and Trim Transformation

“Dance Mom’s” Abby Lee Miller’s Slim and Trim Transformation

Abby Lee Miller 50, was a size 24 when we first started watching her on “Dance Mom’s.” Recently, some have wondered if she may have had bariatric surgery for her noticeable weight loss. In previous interview Abby explained that when her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and Abby visited her in the hospital, the food was not very appetizing and after her mother passed away she was eating less. Abby said that “When you’re in and out of the hospital, that hospital food just makes you sick. I think it was a little bit mental with me,”

Abby Lee revealed that when she was in Australia, she had a diabetes medication filled and it made her very ill on a daily basis to the point where she was throwing up. She explained that “there’s something different about that prescription in Australia.” And added “I would take this medicine and within an hour, I was vomiting like I was in fourth grade and had the flu or like I had food poisoning. It was awful. After I would throw up, I couldn’t even look at food for the rest of the day. So, that is how I lost the weight. There’s no diet, there’s no exercise, there’s no this, there’s no that.”

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“Dance Mom’s” Abby Lee Miller’s Slim and Trim Transformation

Shortly after, she was filming “Dance Mom’s in a hot studio where “nobody was eating a lot.” As for having weight loss surgery Abby said “That would have been easy.” Well, no matter how she did it, size 16 looks good on Ms. Abby Lee Miller.

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