“Dance Mom’s” Abby Lee Miller Asking Fans for Help

“Dance Mom’s” Abby Lee Miller Asking Fans for Help“Dance Mom’s” Abby Lee Miller Asking Fans for Help

Abby Lee Miller is asking fans to help her locate a man that owes her money. Abby says that a man named Kevin Herrera, who she thinks is currently in Los Angeles, has “failed to live up to his end of the bargain” after she and some of her students visited him and taught two master classes at Eskadaria Academic de Danza in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, one month ago. Abby continued, “We taught lyrical and hip hop choreography, took individuals photos with each child, the girls performed and every free moment was spent surrounded by his entourage,” Abby, 50, said. “At first, Kevin Herrera was nice and fun, his mom and dad very helpful!… He has kept our share of the ticket sales and merchandise – He has stopped all communication. Help me find him!”

Abby Lee said that American and Mexican lawyers are working on this case. Hopefully, this case can be solved and Abby Lee can recover her money. Keeping Abby’s share of ticket sales and merchandise plus master lessons from Abby Lee herself must be a massive amount of money that has been taken.

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Abby Lee Miller has enough problems without this headache, she is going to be sentenced next month for bankruptcy fraud and could get up to five years in prison or she could get probation. Good luck Abby Lee Miller on both counts.

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