Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, November 30th


Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, November 30th

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12:00 AM BBT Jason asks what are the odds that Whitney’s pregnant? Kryssie says that it’s too early. They talk about the uses of coconut oil. They talk about the cameras that are watching them. Jason says that Kryssie’s boobs are really hanging out. She says that she has church boobs compared to what she wears when she is performing. He asks her if she would ever waitress in a strip club. She says no because she doesn’t have the body to work in a strip club. He says that the waiters are not strippers. They look at the Tums bottle and read what it’s for.
12:15 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are in general conversation. They talk about their speeches again. They talk about a TV show where people eat weird things.
12:30 AM BBT Morgan is Asleep and Kryssie and Jason are awake. Kryssie is talking about Oregon trail. Jason said can we get Oregon trail can we get a puppy. Kryssie said i have to work on my speech Kryssie said she is gonna do so much burp video’s. Kryssie she likes sleeping next to a wall.
12:45 AM BBT Jason said they got Banana boat sunscreen and you will not see the sun again. Kryssie asked Jason are you tired. Kryssie and Jason are going to attempt to fall asleep. Kryssie said they are going to get mad at you to jason. Jason was flipping the light switch. Jason said oh bag we will not see you again. Jason said i wonder what time they are going to reveal everything. Kryssie said i hope they fly mike out here.
1:00 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are trying to sleep Morgan is Asleep.
1:15 AM BBT All Hgs Are sleeping Jason and Kryssie woke up. Jason said luckily they are not judging me how i look so i will be okay. Jason said he has a sour stomach.
1:30 AM BBT Morgan is sleeping Jason and Kryssie are trying to sleep.
1:45 AM BBT All Hgs are Sleeping.
2:00 AM BBT All hgs are sleeping, Jason seems to be having a restless night, he is tossing and turning. Kryssie and Jason have waken up. Kryssie has gone to get a drink. Jason asks her if she has her mic on she says no, he tells her he can’t talk to her then.
2:15 AM BBT Kryssie is telling Jason about a song that her band recorded about being homeless. She is now telling him about a hamster that her sister’s cat had killed. She is telling him about having to take her nephew to the store while the hamster was cleaned up.
2:30 AM BBT Kryssie and Jason are in bed talking Morgan is asleep.
2:45 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are still talking about general topics. Morgan is sleeping. Production comes on and says The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.
3:00 AM BBT Looks like Jason and Kryssie are going to join Morgan by falling asleep.
3:15 AM BBT-9:45 AM BBT All HG’s are sleeping.
10:00 AM BBT All HG are asleep. We are awaiting BB wake up calls
10:02 AM BBT Good morning HG. HG must remain awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. There are batteries in the SR. Have you changed your batteries? Kryssie gets up and changes batteries. Morgan remains asleep in the London room. It appears Jason is in HOH. The cams don’t show him. Kryssie hits the WC before returning to bed.Wait! Jason is sleeping downstairs also. Kryssie doesn’t turn the lights on like she usually does. Jason is restless in the Tokyo room.Morgan makes barely any movement in London room.
10:15 AM BBT HG sleeping
10:22 AM BBT Good morning HG there are fresh batteries in the SR. Morgan does get up and switches her batteries. She returns to London room with lights on. Jason has gotten up and changes batteries. BB does not thank them today. Jason asks Kryssie questions about their dreams. He heard Kryssie say she had a baby and gave it up to a hamster wheel. None of this happened and jason realizes it was his dream.HG remember to enjoy yourself today. These are the good ol days. They yell at BB and say thanks BB. Morgan yells it’s not funny. You’re welcome.Replies BB. House lights are all on now. Jason hides under his covers.
10:30 AM BBT HG are all back in bed. The lights are on but they try to go back to sleep.Morgan sleeps in the London room while Kryssie and Jason are in the Tokyo room.
10:43 AM BBT Wakey Wakey HG.
10:45 AM BBT HG are not getting up.
11:00 AM BBT The HG remain in bed. They have changed batteries and gone back to sleep. Morgan in the London room, Jason and Kryssie in the Tokyo room.
11:15 AM BBT HG sleeping. Jason is restless.
11:30 AM BBT HG are sleeping. The lights are on but they are in bed. BB lst did a wake up call at 10:43am. They will make their final pleas at 4pm PST.
11:45 AM BBT HG remain in bed. Morgan in London room and Jason and Kryssie in Tokyo room.
12:00 PM BBT All houseguests are sleeping.
12:15 PM BBT Morgan gets out of the bed. She goes to the kitchen to make coffee and eat cereal.
12:30 PM BBT Morgan wanders around and goes in the backyard. Jason and Kryssie are still sleeping. She tells America she can’t believe she is in the FInal 3 and she needs some scratch paper. She mumbles stuff, but it is hard to understand. She says the experience was crazy and she hopes America thinks she deserves to win. She is the only America’s nominee left and the only one from her alliance. She hopes those 2 things are proof enough that she should win.
12:45 PM BBT Morgan is called to the Diary Room. It was up Jason and Kryssie. Morgan comes in and tells them they will be locked outside at 2:00. She tells them it is close to 1 now. Morgan says she needs come up with her speech, that her intro is too long. Morgan gets dressed, Kryssie makes food and Jason goes to sit outside.
1:00 PM BBT Kryssie is in the kitchen talking about the length of her speech and that it is too long. Kryssie asks if the speeches are at 7pm tonight and Jason says yes. Jason gets called to the Diary Room. Jason comes out and has Morgan’s microphone, too. Kryssie and Morgan talk about writing the speech.
1:15 PM BBT Morgan is in the bathroom, mouthing her speech. Kryssie is pacing in the kitchen, probably rehearsing speech in her head. Morgan is called back to the Diary Room. Jason is talking to Kryssie about how many points he has (13) and giving 10 seconds per point. Kryssie says she wants to tie it all together- Jason says which was nothing? She says, it was to help you get far. He basically says her actions didn’t help him and she basically says he is there because of her actions. She then says he sounds like Justin right now. She is visibly annoyed, even though she is not saying she is. He then says the drink is sweet and she says that is because he complained last time. He says no way and she ways, right because that sounds nothing like you, complaining about nothing. He then tells her she is sounding like Justin. She then talks about your mama jokes.
1:30 PM BBT Jason goes to sit outside in the sun and tells Kryssie she will sit with her in the shadows, when they go outside. Kryssie tells Morgan she hopes they don’t kill Monte when they lock them out. Morgan goes outside to do laundry. Jason is outside talking about how Kryssie thinks she did so much for him, but she couldn’t do anything without him and Danielle winning. Everyone wanted to take her because she did nothing. Morgan is only left at the end because the rest of her alliance is bigger threats. He said he didn’t need to make different alliances every week, although he did make different deals. Jason says everyone was coming for him, but some people were more capable, and he had to target those. He says he played the hardest.
1:45 PM BBT Jason is talking through that he wants to do points and not full statements and wants to not be petty. He stays outside practicing, Morgan is practicing and ironing. Kryssie is walking around. He says Morgan just rode the wave. She did not make any decisions or any waves, she just rode the wave. Feeds cut to fish. It returns. Jason goes inside. Kryssie says she is going to shower and probably throw up. Jason says he thinks minds have already been made up, so try not to stress. He says she should just do a speech to the camera so that if she messes up, she can tell them to go back and look, since they see everything. Kryssie is taking a shower and Jason says he would definitely help her, but he is sure she doesn’t want to let him know what she’s going to say. She says she really doesn’t care. She says she is going to have to talk ninja fast.
2:00 PM BBT Jason is laying out clothes, practicing bits of what he wants to say. Morgan is in storage, practicing her whole speech. Kryssie is showering. Kryssie goes into the Yoga room is practicing her speech. Jason asks Kryssie and Morgan if he should do light pink or bright pink. He goes with bright pink. Morgan is in the bathroom listening to Kryssie in the Yoga Room. Morgan seems to be going over her own speech mentally as she sits in the bathroom. Morgan mentions that she thought the speeches were not until 7 PM and he says he knows he did too. He tells her that he knows and doesn’t know what he wants to say and that he doesn’t think it is a make or break for the votes. Jason says that he thinks America has most likely already made up their mind.
2:15 PM BBT Morgan is in the London Room now going over her speech again. Jason is showering while Kryssie is blow drying her hair. “Monte” still looking fresh as usual.
2:30 PM BBT Everyone is getting ready for their LIVE Final pleas to America. Fake “Monte” is already ready and waiting on the eviction couch.
2:45 PM BBT Jason asks Big Brother if was to run his speech while in the DR if they would tell him if he was over 2 mins. No response.
3:00 PM BBT Jason is getting nervous. Morgan is going over her speech again in the kitchen. Jason and Kryssie are in the Tokyo Room. Jason is napkining his pits.
3:15 PM BBT HOUSEGUESTS! THIS IS A LOCKDOWN! PLEASE GO INSIDE AND LOCK THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR! Morgan going over her speech again in the bathroom. House is in high stress mode. Jason is in the Tokyo Room pacing.
3:30 PM BBT Jason and Morgan are timing their speeches with the microwave timer. Kryssie is going over her speech in the storage room. Jason moves “Monte” to a chair in the dining room area. Kryssie is still going over her speech in the storage room.
3:45 PM BBT Jason is waiting in the living room. Kryssie is going over her speech in the kitchen by the microwave. Morgan is in the kitchen timing her speech with the stove. Kryssie tells Morgan and Jason that she has felt nauseous all day.
3:50 PM BBT We have Fish!
4:00 PM BBT Fish still up. Came come up with Morgan reading a card that went over what they are doing. Jason is up 1st. He is pleading his case to america. He saying his strategy. He says that he made it appear that Danielle more of a threat then he was. He says that Kryssie probably wouldn’t have made it to the end if it wasn’t for him and Dannielle. He also says that Morgan was a twist so she had more knowledge coming in this season. He also mentions that he quit smoking. He asks that he gets picked to win the 1st bb over the top. Kryssie is now up. She says that she was told he was supposed to be the pawn thru the whole season. She says that she teamed up with Jason. She says she came in here and was real. She didn’t come in here acting dumb. She says she came in her real with the she quit college to be a rock star. Morgan is up she says that she doesn’t know how she is going to follow both of them. She says that a fighter, that she is the last one her alliance. She also says yes she was a twist she came in with a sister and she couldn’t tell anyone, and that was hard. She says that she world so hard to get there. She says that she knew exactly what to do to get here. She says a vote for her is a vote for one of her alliance members. And she says for the last time ever Bikini girl out! All three of them laugh. SHe sits back down. They all say vote for me. Kryssie says she is hot and she is going to change. Fish 4:10 PM BBT for about 2 mins.
All HG’s went to the bedrooms and talks about the speeches. Morgan leaves the bedroom and goes to the bathroom. Kyssie says give me a hug even tho you talked about me. Then they talk about the lock in and why they are locked it. Jason leave the bedroom and goes and checks the door and tells both girls it’s locked. Jason comes back into the bedroom with Kryssie. Jason sits down. Jason says his hands are cold. Kryssie says that her face is so hot. Kryssie leaves the bedroom and Jason stays, and they are talking about coffee. A loud bang comes from the bathroom. Morgan leaves the bathroom. She changed out of her blue dress.
Morgan is looking for her microphone. Jason and Kryssie are in the bedrooms chatting. Then Jason ask BB if they are going to be able to go outside. They go quiet for a moment. Then Kryssie asks BB? Still no response. Morgan Joins them in the bedroom. Kryssie says that they don’t know. Now they are talking about New Years. Now they are talking about the speeches. Jason says that it’s not just about why you should win, but why you should win over the over two. So you have say something shady. Now they are talking about Justin and how Jason was going to go off on him on thanksgiving. Kryssie says “Half of my game was making sure you ass holes played nice.” they laugh. Now they are talking about Shelby and Whitney. They are now talking about the comp with the balance beams where they say Jason won. Kryssie says that he said it was rigged. They all laugh. Morgan says that she didn’t want to get into a fight so that people would think she is a bitch. Kryssie says when she first saw her that she wanted her to be a bitch. Then Jason says that even if you were a bitch that standing next to shelby you would have look like you where doing nothing.
4:30 PM BBT HG’s are chatting in the bedroom.
Morgan adjust her mic. They continue chatting. They are now talking about Jason’s clothes. Now they are talking about Jason’s jewelry. Kryssie says that when they rampaged thru her bags for security reasons that they broker hair butterfly. She says that they let her use super glue in the DR to fix it. Now they are talking about Justin and how he kept going back and forth on what he wanted to do with the finals, and with whom he want to be aligned with. Now they are talking about Jason season, the Amazing Race contestants, and one of the HG’s didn’t want to go to the finale. Jason brought that up because Kryssie was saying something about how she doesn’t think that Justin will come to the finale. Now they are talking about if BB with ship some of there stuff to them because it is so heavy. Kryssie is telling them a story about how her boyfriend can make bracelets and other things with her hair.
4:45 PM BBT All HG’s are in the bedroom chatting. Jason is trying to fix his jewelry. Kryssie talking about her button collection. Now they are talking about holes and how big holes can be in a wall in a rentals. Jason changes the topic to belts, he says it’s Monte’s. He says that he is going to take it home. Morgan says he probably does not want it. Jason says that if he does want it, he will have to take it off of him tomorrow. The girls ask/wonder how tomorrow will work. Jason is telling the girls the logistics of what may happen tomorrow. Morgan says she wants a live audience. They are now talking about how BB makes them wear certain clothing for DR’s. Jason says that they did that a lot on my other season. Now they are talking about how today is the last full day, and the last night. They are talking about their speeches, what they wish they would have said, how they remembered what remembered what to say.
5:00 PM BBT The HG’s are in the bedroom chatting. Kryssie is making fun of how the BB voice says during. Kryssie says that she feels like she owes some people some apologies. Morgan jokes “No that’s Shelby.” then they all laugh. Jason then starts talking about the certain people in the DR.
They continue chatting people that they talked too. Morgan says that they did a lot of promo’s before this season. Jason says then last time that there was a lot more stuff to do.
They continue with talking about the things they made them do. They are talking about footage and when things are when things aired. Morgan asks if they would get there cell phones tomorrow. Jason says probably not, if we don’t have anything to do friday then maybe. He also says that he didn’t get his phone back until after he talked to Lance Bass. He says that he didn’t seem very happy to talk to him. They are now talking about how they want to Julie to be there. Kryssie says that she kept freaking out because she thought they would come in and say it didn’t work out and no one likes you and that they cut the show. Jason says its a love hate relationship with this house.
5:15 PM BBT HG’s are still chatting in the bedroom. Now they are talking about that that when you’re in the house that when someone leaves it’s like they are dying because you feel like you will never see them again. Kryssie leaves the bedroom and goes to the bathroom. Jason asks if they are going to to get the backyard again? Morgan and Jason sit there for a moment. Then She says i have laundry out there. Jason says he doesn’t want to go home with dirty clothes. Then says he is going to ask the people in the DR. Morgan says to the cams please lets us back outside.Jason says they said no. Morgan asks they they are going to make dinner for our last dinner. They all say yes. They are talking about how they didn’t have any costumes this season.
The girls talk about the time. Jason comes out of the DR. tells them they said that they should have it later tonight. They are talking about Alex, and How Morgan felt really bad. Jason says he was so confused because she never came to him to flip being such a bb game lover. Then he says now he knows.
5:30 PM BBT HG’s are still chatting in the bedroom. Jason is talking about how after the show they will have so many inside jokes. Jason says that he wants the krackle thing in the show. Now Jason is telling a story about Meg from his season. Jason says “Shane bring Stacy.” Kryssie jokes about Justin. They all laugh. Now they are talking about Cornbread. Jason says that he thinks he resolved his issues with Cornbread. Now they are talking about how Shelby hold grudges and how Morgan can let things go a lot easier. They are talking about how votes played out sometimes.
5:45 PM BBT The HG’s are still in the bedroom. They are chatting about the evicted HG’s. They are talking about Whitney and how Jason and Kryssie felt that if they didn’t get rid of her that they would go back to Shelby and Morgan. Now they are talking about Shelby. Jason says he went into the DR saying that they are making Julie Chen say Ball Smashers. Kryssie says she was calling them the Plastic’s. She says BB would not let them call them that. Kryssie says to Jason, that his speech was mean. Jason just threw a mini tempertrrum. Morgan leaves the Bedroom. She checks the time and yells it to them. Morgan gets some water and something to munch on. Kryssi is talking to Jason about the HOH comp that she says she threw and that other HG’s say she was good a mental comps. Jason is reading and commenting on the ingredients in the lotion. Morgan is popping popcorn. Jason and Kryssie are talking about how they want wine and beer. Jason leaves the bedroom and goes to the bathroom. Kryssie and Morgan are now talking about what they should make for dinner. Jason is talking to himself in the bathroom while he is washing his hands. Kryssie says that she can’t wait to see stuff that happened on Morgan’s side of the house that she didn’t know about.

6:00 PM BBT They’re wondering what to eat for dinner tonight. Jason says that he’s probably going to eat Thanksgiving leftovers. Kryssie complains about Jason’s farting, then says how awful Justin was. Kryssie says that she figured out the air flow for how a fart smell can travel. Jason’s stomach is making weird noises. Kryssie suggests not eating anything heavy so they’re not bloated tomorrow. Jason says that he ate a lot yesterday, and Morgan wonders how he’s still skinny. They wonder if their families will be there. Jason realizes that when they walk out, Trump will be the next president. Kryssie thanks him for shitting on her world. Jason says that he’s just going to ignore the news for the next 4 years.
6:15 PM BBT Kryssie asks Jason if he’d stick with the same alliance if he came back in the house. He says that his alliance was organic, meaning that it just worked out that way. Morgan comes back, and Kryssie asks her the same question. She says that she and Alex would probably play the different sides, for a change. They discuss how they’d go about if they got to replay the game, and talk about the game they did play this season. They start to talk about Justin again. They talk about if Justin either threw the comp, actually tried, or didn’t pay attention. Morgan says that they probably called the ballsmashers that name when they went after Scott.
6:30 PM BBT They continue to talk about what happened in the game. Kryssie jokingly wonders if Monte is a genius in his DRs. Jason says that he doesn’t miss Justin, ‘cause he had 40 packs of cigarettes, and ‘cause Justin took his, and on Day 31 or 32, he was out. Jason asks BB to let them go in the Paris room, even if there’s nothing there. Jason says at the wrap party, he’ll try to see if he can go in there. Morgan asks where it’s at, and Jason says that he thinks it’s downstairs, under the house. They talk about what they have at the wrap party. Jason says that they have alcohol, and says that “Meg was annihilated.”
6:45 PM BBT They talk about what kind of clothes they could bring. Kryssie says that she couldn’t bring a gumball dress, and Jason says that it may have to do because of the color or tone. Jason asks BB to give him cigarettes after this. Morgan says No! Kryssie says no since he put it in his 2-minute speech. Kryssie says that she hopes that her boyfriend brought their CD, then talks about a contest that their band did for their cover. They talk about how they had to take stuff off of their social media accounts. Morgan asks about Corey’s goat story, so Jason talks about it. He then brings up Paulie having sex with Zakiyah, then evicted her the week after. They talk about the ages of past houseguests and their careers.
7:00 PM BBT Kryssie says that she can’t believe she missed that Plank 72, ‘cause her band has an inside joke on that. They talk about how they were surprised by the comps this season. Kryssie says that they didn’t disappoint. Kryssie jokes that BB is redoing her room to look like the storage room. They talk about their favorite comps. They talk about it. Jason later says that the wall comp will haunt her for the rest of her life. Morgan says that she was banking on the physical comps, but most of the season was puzzle comps. They wonder how Shelby won that dominoes comp. Kryssie says that she’d like to play the mirror comp again, just for fun. Kryssie says that when Shelby was competing in the ball comp, when she jokingly asked Shelby if some of the balls are pre-slit, Shelby gave her an angry glare. She says that’s when she started to hate Shelby.
7:15 PM BBT Jason says that people come up to him and are surprised that he’s so short. He says that this house gives no reference to height, and says that they probably think that the ceiling is really tall. Morgan says that it’s not. Kryssie says that when she gets out of the house, she’ll need to catch up on Love & Hip-Hop. She says that her boyfriend would probably be good on Survivor.
7:30 PM BBT They all leave the Tokyo room: Jason goes to take a shower, and Morgan and Kryssie make dinner. Morgan makes chicken, and Kryssie goes to the storage room to get a bell pepper. Kryssie is surprised at how sharp the knife is, compared to the white one they usually have. After Morgan asks, Kryssie talks about her relationship with her boyfriend, saying that they were unofficially dating for a month while he was seeing someone else, then were official when they signed a lease together. Kryssie jokingly says that she needs to apologize to her parents about stuff she’s said about her. Morgan says that her mom’s a superfan, so she knows what she’s getting into.
7:45 PM BBT Jason says that this will be the last time they’ll able to go upstairs. Jason says that there’s a weird noise. Jason says that he better not check it out, or else he’ll fall and Kryssie will win by default. Jason says that some of the small GoPro cameras don’t do anything. He says that this is the last time he can be annoying in the house. Jason asks BB if he can have a lamp on the skybridge. Jason asks what the theme might be next season. Kryssie says funeral for the have-not room. Jason goes over the past house themes. Morgan recommends a space theme. Jason says that the UK used to have a theme like that, and they used to have an outside bathroom.
8:00 PM BBT Jason is talking from the outside the hoh room to the houseguests below about the set up of the house in previous seasons. Jason says that he sees a couple cans of paint.  Jason is slowly but surely walking downstairs. Jason says he has a Finding Dory ice tray. He takes it to the storage to give to production. Jason takes Kryssie some teas. Jason says that he let his bitch flag fly today. Kryssie says one of her drummers only wears dickies. She says that she misses her dickies. Jason tells them about the time the make a wish foundation sent one of his friends family to disney world. Morgan mentions the time she sang to a girl in the hospital.
8:15 PM BBT Jason says that he really wanted the recipe to Shane’s gravy. Morgan tells Jason that he needs to come to Texas because she has a friend he’d love. But they are a lot alike so it’s a hit or miss. Jason walks into the bathroom. Jason says that once Justin realized that he needed Morgan he began to act like he didn’t have a problem with Morgan or Shelby. Jason says that he can’t wait to never speak to them again.
8:30 PM BBT Jason is on the white couch rubbing his eyes. Talking about Kryssie. He asks her what she said about Danielle. Kryssie is talking to Jason from the kitchen table while he sits on the couch. Kryssie is talking to Morgan about how she when she likes a band she makes sure that she knows every song. Jason tells them that Drake performs for Jewish people for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
8:45 PM BBT Kryssie is talking about drizzling something with italian dressing. Jason is making him some food. Jason is talking with his mouth full. Jason tells them that when they got chicken the first time he was in the house Austin would eat all the chicken. He said that he likes that this time in the house he liked that food was cooked for everyone. BB tells them to go outside and do something in the backyard. Now BB locks the house down and sends them back inside. BB thanks them for taking them down.
9:00 PM BBT Morgan was saying that something might happen at 9 o’clock. So Jason started waiting by the door for something. Kryssie asks Jason which one he wants he says both. After about a minute BB tells them to stop that. He asks her if she’s going to go to bed at 10 in order to get on to the next day. Kryssie and Jason makes Morgan promise them to watch Sugar and Spice.
9:15 PM BBT Kryssie tells Morgan that she and Jason were afraid that they were keeping her up. Kryssie tells Jason that there were times when she couldn’t wait to get from out of there. Jason says that if they have pre jury they are probably all drunk somewhere hanging out. Jason was whimpering to Kryssie. She says that she can’t even believe that she’s out there and on the show now. Kryssie says that she kept thinking that she was an alternate. Kryssie says that she is good at pretending that she is fine. Until she starts crying. Jason says that was always a mess before the comps during this game.
9:30 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie continue to talk as he lays down in the bed. Kryssie and Jason are making faces at the cameras. Morgan is in the shower. Kryssie was clicking something and BB tells her to stop. Jason asks them if it was the clicking and BB says yes. Kryssie continued to click and they yelled at her. Now Kryssie is in the bathroom brushing her teeth while Morgan gathers her bearings. Jason is upset because he only got to play hide and go seek. He’s talking about how hard he had to look for Danielle. Morgan is now out of the shower talking to herself about the events that have yet to come.
9:45 PM BBT Jason says that this is his personal persona. Morgan is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Kryssie says that she doesn’t figure out how she fits into this entire thing. Jason says that he sold himself as a basement kid. Jason says that he wasn’t expecting them to reach out to them. He says that Day didn’t hear from them until she went back and the same thing from him. Kryssie tells Jason that she thinks that he is going to win tomorrow, he says that it is anyone’s game. And that he could leave in 3rd place tomorrow. He tells her to stop crying.
10:00PM BBT Kryssie. Says she feels like she didn’t do well in the DR, and said she struggled and felt like she didn’t say what they wanted. She said she would tell them to tell what they wanted her to say. He tells her to stop worrying about it now that it’s over and it’s over now. She says that she believes that at least one people in there didn’t like her. And that she doesn’t like it when people don’t like her. She says that they would cut her DR and make her shorten it and that it made her feel like a children’s version. She says that she felt really phoney.  She thinks she wasn’t herself and felt like a pg version of herself. She says she feels like she is not good enough and she struggles with that on a daily basis and she does not wanna even go to the wrap party. Jason says that if she feels weird to excuse herself , she says that social anxiety is real and she suffers from this at times. Kryssie says that she has the cork from there final three and she is keeping her memontes. Morgan comes by and tells Kryssie her clothes are ready. They ask Morgan if she is taking any tokens of her stay and they discuss what would be ok to take. They discuss who wants to bring Monte the guy in the couch home, Jason says they should give it to him (at least his face) they laugh and say ya he would want that.  Jason says he is the only one without a suitcase to start packing in and goes to the bathroom as Kryssie and Morgan lay down for bed.
10:15PM BBT Morgan goes to bed and Jason lays on top of Kryssie in her bed. They talk and laugh  about nothing. She says she hopes that they fly mike in she feels like she will need him to get her thru the wrap party. They talk about their speeches and how she threw comps and how that was hard on her. Kryssie says that the things that Jason said about her gameplay she countered in her speech, he says that he was not trying to be mean and he could have been meaner he meant no mean towards her. She says she knows she is just mad she had to make her speech so small and condense her game. Jason runs out and tells production he wants his suitcase. He says he will probably have to wait till tomorrow.
10:30PM BBT Jason asks Kryssie what she wants to do? She says she has heartburn and stomach issues. They decide that they will go lay in the Have Not room one last time. They look thru the zip ties and talk about bringing one home as memorabilia. Kryssie says she likes to make shadow boxes so she has memories she can look at daily.
10:45PM BBT Jason and Kryssie in the living room looking thru the rocks in the planter for one they might want to bring home. Morgan walks thru to use the bathroom, Jason and Kryssie laughing and doing things one last time in the BB house.
11:00PM Kryssie and Jason talking about playing  music at some of the reality parties. Jason says that it would be beneficial for mike to hook up with some of the reality people. Jason talks about possibly doing the amazing race with Davonne and Kryssie says she would love to do that with her boyfriend. Kryssie talks about getting to spend time with her boyfriend, she does not care where she just wants to see him. Kryssie says she wants to meet Davonne and become  best friends with her and leave Jason out in the cold.
11:15PM BBT Kryssie talks about how Jason tried to throw him under the bus with Alex during week 2 and he says well he forgot about that. He said he was downplaying the fact they  were so clothes. She says she has been good to him since week 2 and he’s been nothing but a butt hole and asks production to holler at him. They laugh and continue to talk about nothing.  Jason says that he hopes he likes Paul(friendship)  still when he gets to know him, Kryssie says she thinks they will. Jason says that people aren’t always seen differently and people he thought he would like was totally wrong and vice versa. They talk about how Justin left so much from the show behind and how he kinda was wrong from not wanting to keep his stuff.
11:30PM BBT Jason has gotten his laundry and suitcase and is finally happy. Kryssie talks about a horror convention that she goes to and how she met Tracy lords. Jason talks about when he goes thru his suitcase at least his clothes will be clean now. Jason brings Kryssie Justin’s care package box and she says that it is rude that he left that behind. Jason says he can’t believe it’s all almost over. Jason said he told someone in prison that he was gonna win this season and that they laughed in his fast.
11:45PM BBT they talk about friends family that were hurt or suffering when they came in and  Jason says that if something would have happened to their family they will let you know and that it’s usually up to the HGs family if they tell them. Jason tries on a dress of Kryssie  and dances around in it. She tells him please don’t break a sweat in it, it was clean.  He puts it back and says should we sleep first because I’m tired. Kryssie burps loudly and Jason says that the cameras are trying to make them look good and we keep messing that up because we are disgusting. He says Morgan will probably win because we are so gross. Jason says his BB career comes to an end tomorrow, he hopes it ends well and possibly in a good monetary way. Kryssie turns off the light and gets into bed. Jason says he’s spent two years doing BB and what will happen for him next. She says that maybe it’s time he goes on with their lives. He says that whatever happens tomorrow they should both be proud. Kryssie says that her guy tells her that Jason will win tomorrow and he says he wishes he was as confident.  Jason thanks her for being his sanity and being that person for him in the house.

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