Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, November 23rd

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, November 23rd

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates:
Wednesday, November 23rd

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12:00 AM BBT  Jason says he lived in the back yard.  Kryssie says if she goes and Shelby stays after her sourpuss display today ….  She says she would never beat Shelby in a final three.  Based on stats alone she has her.  Kryssie talks about her past eating disorder, she lost 75 pounds. She use to workout to the point of passing out. She says she got from a size 16 to a size 4 in 6 months. Kryssie and Jason talk about exercise. Jason isn’t wearing his mic, so not a lot of what he is saying is heard. JASON PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE. Kryssie says the mirrors in the house ruin her self confidence. Kryssie says that everyone will see how much progress you made (losing weight), but she only sees how far she has left to go. Kryssie talks about how certain pans, and aluminum foil puts a lot of metals in your body.
12:15 AM BBT Kryssie complains about how she doesn’t do a lot of with her boyfriend, except spend time at home with him. Kryssie goes to the washroom. Kryssie complains about the length of her hair. Kryssie returns and notices that Justin is still awake. Justin sits up, Jason tells him he looks out of it. Kryssie says she can’t wait to play the comp tomorrow, she wants to fast forward past the eviction. JUSTIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Kryssie complains about Morgan being able to compete tomorrow. Justin leaves the Tokyo room. Kryssie tells Jason that Justin doesn’t appreciate the way he talks to her. Jason is upset that he doesn’t say anything to him. Jason is concerned that Justin has been bad mouthing him the entire time. Jason wonders why he is giving Justin a chance to win. Justin brushes his teeth. Jason hopes America will respect game play, rather than just being nice to everyone. Kryssie says that floaters never win, Jason thinks it will be different since America is voting. Jason thinks that the money is more important than a friendship with Justin.
12:30 AM BBT Justin heads into the London room. Jason complains about Justin not understanding his humor. Justin comes into the Tokyo room. Jason is confident that one of them will win HOH. Jason and Kryssie talk about their game moves. Jason complains about being in the house.
12:45 AM BBT Kryssie says that it’s almost bed time. Jason tells her that it’s almost turn off the light and roll around for hours time. Jason hears production behind the walls. Jason talks about how in a past season, people had a fight over a bottle of wine being drank before have nots ended. Jason goes into the kitchen to get some water, and to grab tums for Kryssie. He goes to the bathroom. Kryssie says she’s ready for bed soon. Her stomach is upset because she’s nervous for the comp tomorrow. Jason brushes his teeth, then returns to the Tokyo room. Kryssie says she is proud of the 3 of them for making it to the final 4.
1:00 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie complain about not being able to find creamsicles anymore. Jason starts to sing a Beyonce song, and feeds cut to HOH room. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Feeds return about 8 minutes later. Jason and Kryssie are talking about their preferences in a partner. Kryssie talks about what happened when the first care package arrived. They talk about what they’re wearing tomorrow.
1:15 AM BBT Justin goes to the bathroom to have a shower. Kryssie tells Jason that she predicted on the first night that her and Morgan would never talk to each other. They continue to talk about the first night. Jason and Kryssie discuss who from this season would get invited back into the BB house. They think Danielle and Shelby will. Jason doesn’t think he will ever be invited back. Jason and Kryssie talk about warped tour. They discuss possible career choices for Jason. Kryssie talks about how she’s getting too old to make it big with her music. Jason suggests producing, and Kryssie gives a list of reasons why she can’t.
1:30 AM BBT Justin gets out of the shower. Justin goes to the London room to get dressed. Jason complains about work unions. Kryssie talks about wanting to make her band her profession, she says even if she could tour for 6 months, and work for the other 6 she would be happy. Justin returns to the Tokyo room, and puts lotion on. Kryssie tells Jason about how she’s getting her music out there. Jason talks about a fan buying him a website, and then asks her fans to buy her one. Kryssie gets up to go to the bathroom. Jason and Justin sit in silence.
1:45 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie go over what happened on each day. Justin goes into the kitchen. Kryssie and Jason are in general conversation. Justin goes into the storage room looking for food. Kryssie tells Jason a story about her having a crush on her boss. Kryssie gets upset at Jason for interrupting her story. Kryssie says she is at peace with the fact that she’s not going to win BB. Justin returns to the Tokyo room with an ice cream sandwich. LNJ are in general conversation.


2:00 AM BBT The conversation continues to be about general topics. Jason starts to sing a song so cameras go to HOH Room. Cameras come back with Kryssie saying she is getting comfortable. Justin says he is going to break the ice cream sandwich record. Kryssie says well you have had 3 today are you going for 4. Jason and Justin go to the kitchen, Justin grabs an ice cream sandwich, Jason ice for his water. The conversation goes to Scott being in the sand for 24 hours. Kryssie says Thanksgiving is 2 days day. Justin asks Big Brother for pizza for Thanksgiving Dinner. Jason says no the last pizza was soggy. Justin says I like dry turkey. Kryssie says at her last job they gave all employees a turkey at Thanksgiving. Kryssie is talking about her last job as a telemarketer. She says the company she worked for did good things but it was a money thing with her when she left. She said she was promised more money than they paid her. The conversation now goes to phone scammers.
2:15 AM BBT Justin is complaining that he should not have eaten those 2 ice cream sandwiches but he wants to live life on the edge. Justin is complaining about the smell in the room. He goes to get spray and sprays the room. Production tells Jason to put on his mic. Justin went to wash his hands. Justin is putting on skin creamer and says it smells like gasoline. Justin is saying his skin feels like tennis shoes on a basketball court. Justin is singing a song about the lotion he is putting on his body. Jason is talking but hard to make out as his mic is clipped to his pillow and not on him. Production tells him to put his mic on. He says he is not going to talk until he gets back into bed. Kryssie says she wants to take her hoodie off but isn’t allowed because of her tattoo. She says they will yell at her.
2:30 AM BBT The conversation now goes to the Amish country, Justin says they make their own furniture. Jason says they make everything themselves. Justin asks if he should turn out the light. Jason says no because we are not ready to go to sleep. Justin says how will we know if we want to go to sleep if the light is on. Jason says okay production if you want to yell at us for the night please call Justin into the DR. Justin turns the light out. Jason says if they give letters for Thanksgiving he will give up his to Justin so they can put faces to the 45 girlfriends. Justin says they are all special ladies. The conversation goes to the comp tomorrow, Kryssie says she hopes it is not endurance. Jason says he thinks it will be the day test tomorrow and the veto will be the facts they told us.
2:45 AM BBT Looks like the LNJ is going to try and settle down for the night.Justin and Jason are making strange noises. Jason says he feels bad for Shelby leaves tomorrow because he knows what that feels like. Kryssie says she feels bad every time someone leaves even the people she doesn’t like leave. Justin has said his prayers for the night and is trying to sleep. They are still talking so production tells them to turn the light on. Kryssie asks Justin why he is laughing about his pain. They are all rapping. Production says I said the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Justin is still talking about the bedroom lights . Both Jason and Kryssie join the conversation. Justin starts rapping again but this time Jason and Kryssie aren’t saying anything.
3:00 AM BBT Justin says the time is just going by. There is only us here ya’all. The conversation goes to the upcoming comps. Justin asks how the have nots were picked during his season. He tells him that at first the HOH picked them they they asked for volunteers as the HOH did not want to make a bigger target out of themselves. As they are still talking Production tells them the lights must remain on during the day. Kryssie is commenting on how the word during is said. Justin starts to laugh, Kryssie says you are saying 2 different words. Jason has farted, Justin says Jason you have death coming out of your ass. Justin tells Jason they are going to banish him to the London Room because they can not handle the smell of the farts, for the rest of the time they are here. Justin says 8 days left. Kryssie says not including tomorrow. Justin has left the room, he was bending down doing something on the floor. He comes back into the room and gets into bed. He tells Jason he can still smell his fart. Justin and Kryssie are talking about the different textures in the house make the experience different. Justin says he thinks Jason’s fart smell is staying in the air as every once in awhile he gets a big smell of it. Kryssie starts to laugh and says to Justin you are in the middle of saying something then all of a sudden you get a smell of Jason’s fart and say something about that. She agrees it is making the rounds of the room again.
3:15 AM BBT Kryssie and Justin are still talking. They are talking about Shelby and Morgan not having any faith in Justin putting 2 and 2 together so they thought they could use him. The conversation goes back to the smell in the air. Justin asks for a fan. He than says this is so bad why why why.Justin starts singing and Production Tells them to stop singing. Justin says Jason you always smell different 2nd time around. He says it smells like a geo. Foreman grill.
3:30 AM BBT Kryssie starts laughing and says I haven’t thought of geo foreman for years. Justin says let it all out at once. Jason says it isn’t like I save them up I can’t control it. Kryssie says I try to ignore them and Justin is like what does that smell like out loud. Justin asks him where it is coming from. Jason says I have always farted. Justin tells him but you were in the London Room. Justin says they are just hanging in there. Jason asks him if he is out of Frebreeze already. Justin says I am afraid to spray it. Kryssie gets up to go to the washroom and says the floor is wet from all the frebreeze you have sprayed. Kryssie gets up and tries to prop open a door to try and get the smell out. Production has again told them The bedroom lights must remain on.Justin says this room is Shit and Giggles. He tells Kryssie she can be giggles and Jason is shit. The conversation is still on the smell in the room.
3:45 AM BBT Justin asks if the fan is sucking up air or blowing it out. Jason says blowing out air. Justin says he is in the line of fire. Jason says the real bad ones he was facing the window. Kryssie says please don’t tell him to roll over. Justin says Jason’s farts boomerang us. Jason says you are my friends I share my farts. It looks like they are finally settling down for the night.
4:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
4:30 AM BBT Justin sits up grabs his jug of water has a few swigs…Lies back down and seems to be unable to go back to sleep…plays with his beard as if in deep thought. He gets up, goes to the WR and heads back to bed.
5:00 AM BBT All HGs in bed; Justin appears to be settling down now, though he’s still awake.
5:30 AM BBT Justin finally appears to be sleeping, joining the rest of the HGs in the land of nod.
6:00 AM BBT All Hg’s are sleeping.
7:00 AM BBT All Hg’s are sleeping.
8:00 AM BBT The Houseguests are all sleeping
9:00 AM BBT Houseguests are all asleep
10:00 AM BBT We start this hour with all HG sleeping. Just waiting for BB to do morning wake up calls.Jason woke up and changed his batteries then returned to bed.
10:02 AM BBT Good morning HG it’s time to get up for the day! Have you changed your batteries? Wakey Wakey HG the lights must be on between the hours of 10AM and 10PM. Batteries can be found in the SR. Kryssie gets up changes batteries and goes to toilet.No one else in the house wakes.Good morning HG…..Kryssie turns on Tokyo room light and hits the bed again.Shelby Morgan Justin your mic needs new batteries. Justin sits up and heads to SR Jason covers his eyes and goes back to sleep.Justin is back in bed. Good morning HG.It’s time to get up for the day….. Shelby Morgan please change your batteries. Morgan is up Shelby cries out noooo They complain it was so hot last night. Morgan turns on light Shelby moans and the head downstairs to change batteries.
10:15 AM BBT They return to HOH room. They are now very cold and cry why can’t it be this cold at night. Justin please go to DR. Justin cries out nooo. Morgan brushes her teeth. Shelby please go to the DR. Shelby says no!“No why didn’t Justin have to go?”” Because Justin is the princess!.” Justin please go to the DR. Shelby says,” there ya go.” Justin goes to the DR. Wakey wakey HG. HG remember these are the good old days. Shelby and Morgan mumble about the saying and the days of the season under the covers. Shelby PLease go to the DR. Shelby moans and groans but goes downstairs.
10:30 AM BBT –  HG must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. All HG stay in bed. Wakey Wakey HG. Morgan sits up and tries to start moving. She grabs a book and reads.
10:45 AM BBT Morgan gets up and gets ready for the day.She munches thru her HOH food. She can not take her food when she leaves her HOH position.Morgan goes back to bed looking at her photos.Good Morning HG it’s time to get up for the day. DUH cries Morgan. She sits in bed listening to her music.
11:00 AM BBT Morgan listens to music all other HG asleep.

11:15 AM BBT All quiet on the Tokyo Rm. Morgan listens to music; Shelby zzzzzzzz. Justin rolls over. Morgan gets out of bed starts cleaning HOH by taking dishes downstairs.
11:30 AM BBT Morgan does dishes while all others asleep. Morgan heads back to HOH and studies safety board reciting the evictions. Shelby discusses the safety board and evictions with Morgan. Shelby cuts herself shaving again. She doesn’t feel like putting clothes on. They discuss when they will get kicked out of HOH.
11:45 AM BBT Shelby has showered and gets back into bed. The Tokyo room is asleep. Shelby listens to music. Morgan has showered. They complain about how hot the house was and Shelby goes into her porn dream.
12:00 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby get ready in HOH. Jason, Justin, and Kryssie still asleep in Tokyo Rm. Morgan and Shelby discuss her left over food and what Shelby wants to take. Shelby talks about what she will say to Jason today, and she will help Moran pack when her nails dry.


12:15 PM BBT Jason Justin and Kryssie are asleep. Morgan and Shelby are packing up Morgans thing to leave HOH and Shelby starts to get her bag packed. Jason gets out of bed in just his jockey shorts and heads to KT for water. Shelby laughs at seeing Jason in his underwear. They wander off to pick outfits. Morgan and Shelby was talking in HOH Rm; BB reminded them not to talk about production. Feeds show Tokyo Rm with Justin and Kryssie still in bed. BB announces to stop that! Jason climbs back in bed. Feed goes back to Shelby and Morgan where Morgan is painting her nails.They talk about college campus life..
12:30 PM BBT All feeds go to Tokyo Rm. BB announces a couple times to not talk about production. Jason makes mention how they still have to abide by house rules; Morgan will still be living here. Shelby and Morgan in HOH Rm talk badly about other HGs, especially Kryssie. Feeds again jump to Tokyo Rm where Jason and Justin are in bed. Kryssie is in KT making herself lunch. Meanwhile in HOH Rm, Shelby gives Morgan advice on who to nominate. Ideally, no matter what, it would be nice if Justin is the one voting. They want to see Jason voted out. Shelby, knowing she is being evicted, wants to still talk to Justin on how it’s important to get out Jason out. Shelby will also point out that it was her who kept him around to get the last care package. They think of other things to tell Justin in hopes to keep Morgan safe.
12:45 PM BBT Morgan goes over the days and the saying BB announced during the time they’ve been in the house. Kryssie talks to Jason about her relationship she is in…they laugh a lot. Jason and Kryssie discuss on how they need or don’t need people’s attention…who “commands the room”. They agree this is a game of listening not talking; however, BB seems to cast some mighty talkers! Morgan is downstairs putting some of her belonging away.
1:00 PM BBT Tokyo Rm is rather quiet. Jason did confirm what day something happened so he’s probably going over each day’s events in his head. Morgan is gathering more of her things from the HOH Rm and putting it away downstairs. Morgan and Shelby look at the fish. Shelby was happy to find Dory. Shelby wonders why Dory keeps hiding. Shelby now wants to go tell Jason that just “his” fish died. Morgan and Shelby make another trip downstairs of Morgan’s belongings. Jason, Kryssie,and Justin are still in bed.
1:15 PM BBT As Shelby walks through the Tokyo Rm she says, “Jason, your fish died.” Shelby was gone into the Britain Rm before he replied, “Oh, no! Was he floating?” Kryssie chuckles on how that was a delicate way of telling you. Justin says she was excited to tell you that. Kryssie says Shelby is a heartless, evil person. They are surprised not more fish have died considering who have been in charge of taking care of the fish for the past 2 weeks. The girls are back in the HOH Rm with Morgan listening to music and the other three still lying in bed. Morgan goes through each day’s events, nominations, and comp results.
1:30 PM BBT Morgan brought down her HOH basket and put things away in the kitchen and the basket in the storage room. Shelby and Morgan fixing their hair in the WR then fixing lunch. Shelby says her head hurts from crying so much…. Fish screen comes on.
1:45 PM BBT Jason and Justin lying in the Tokyo Rm begin to look a little alive, but then lie back down. Kryssie is up packing her bag in preparation for the eviction ceremony this evening. Kryssie is called into the DR. Morgan and Shelby eating lunch in kitchen. Justin is at least sitting on the side of the bed trying to get up.
2:00 PM BBT Kryssie continues to pack her bags. Shelby says she has to pee, but doesn’t want to use the “normal” bathroom since she hasn’t used that one in weeks (except for a time or two). Shelby retrieves her suitcase from the storage room to pack up her bags. Kryssie and Shelby are packing their bags.
2:15 PM BBT Shelby is having a hard time getting all of her stuff in her suitcase. Kryssie is reminiscing with Jason as she packs. Justin joins Kryssie and Jason in the bedroom. Justin tells Jason and Kryssie that Shelby is acting like he doesn’t exist. Justin says that they just didn’t know what his care package was going to be and were being super nice to him before he got it.
2:30 PM BBT Justin mentions a daughter that he lost before she was born and he says that she is an angel. Shelby is asking Justin if he is a twist. Shelby and Morgan are bawling in the Yoga room. Jason tells Kryssie that the girls are crying again. Justin tells Kryssie that Shelby told him to take Kryssie to the end.
2:45 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby start bawling again. Shelby says that she doesn’t think she could handle being in the house for one more day especially without being in the HOH room. Shelby says that she doesn’t even like this show and she is crying her eyes out yet this was Alex’s favorite show and she didn’t cry. Shelby goes over her eviction speech. Justin has a bunch of “mics” aka paper towel rolls. Jason tells Kryssie that Justin tells the same stories every day and that he thinks that Justin is doing that for PR for America all day every day.
3:00 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan are going over all of the announcements made by Big Brother and the days that everything happened. Justin says that he loves CBS and if they ever need any commercials or something he is so down and would love to sing. He says he would love to be on a kids show. Morgan is going over the eviction votes for each week. Morgan tells Shelby that she would not have been able to make it these last two weeks without her.
3:15 PM BBT Kryssie is getting ready for tonight’s eviction and HOH competition. Jason says that if he wins HOH he is going to put Kryssie on the block and Kryssie says that she thinks that LNJ should both be on the block. Justin tells Jason and Kryssie about what Shelby said about his twist being that he was a homeless guy and that he stole his bag from someone. Justin says that he has been homeless and has panhandled. Justin says that this is the clearest he has ever felt and Jason says that is because he is the cleanest he has ever been.
3:30 PM BBT Justin says that he is not sure that he wants to start smoking herb again when he goes home. Justin says it makes him paranoid anyway. Justin starts throwing marshmallows at Jason’s bed trying to hit Jason in the head. Justin starts singing a marshmallow song as he leaves the room. Jason says that he misses his friends so badly. Jason tells Kryssie he is so tired of watching the Justin show. Kryssie says she can tell that she has gained weight while she has been in the Big Brother house just by looking at her face.
3:30 PM BBT Justin says that he is not sure that he wants to start smoking herb again when he goes home. Justin says it makes him paranoid anyway. Justin starts throwing marshmallows at Jason’s bed trying to hit Jason in the head. Justin starts singing a marshmallow song as he leaves the room. Jason says that he misses his friends so badly.  Jason tells Kryssie he is so tired of watching the Justin show. Kryssie says she can tell that she has gained weight while she has been in the Big Brother house just by looking at her face.
3:45 PM BBT Kryssie, Jason, and Justin are getting ready for tonight’s eviction and HOH comp. Morgan and Shelby are talking  in the Yoga room. Justin Justin barks like a dog. Justin sings “Cbs Live All Access…” PLEASE! STOP SINGING! Shelby tells Morg can’t wait to post on Alex’s wall. Shelby says she is going to sell her yoga pants that were ruined in the Maize Maze. She says probably some weirdo will buy them.
4:00 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby discuss bringing a flask to the finale party. They decide to start getting ready. Jason is alone in the bedroom. Kryssie is washing dishes. Justin, Shelby and Morgan are getting dressed.
4:15 PM BBT Houseguests are trying to stay busy before the eviction and HOH comp tonight. Jason looks super sleepy. Jason gets the Krackel Bars from out of hiding for Shelby. He tells Justin he is going to try to hand them to Shelby on her way out after eviction.
4:30 PM BBT Jason says that he really wants to win the HOH tonight! YOU’RE THE REASON WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS! Shelby looks like she has been crying all night.
4:45 PM BBT Shelby, Morgan, and Justin are still getting ready. Kryssie is eating a banana and says that it has been so interesting trying to figure out ways to eat bananas in the house. She says that she doesn’t want  people photoshopping dicks in her mouth. Justin starts singing again and starts begging BB not to chastise him. He says he got lost for a minute. Kryssie tells Morgan that her hair looks good and Jason says not as good as Shelby’s.
5:00 PM BBT The Recap is about to start. The HOH is playing.Morgan wins HOH.
5:15 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie on the block. The replay is going on.
5:30 PM BBT Justin completing his final 3 comp. He completes it. Morgan nominates Kryssie and Jason on the block. His compete in veto.
5:45 PM BBT Jason wins veto
6:00PM BBT Shelby is evicted, they tell her congratulations. She asks for being evicted and Justin says for graduating law school. Jason offers mher the krakel. She says smugly that she does not need it because she got candy in the HOH baskets that she actually “won”. They are called into the living room where Julie says that the final HOH winner will get to take a pal to the finale and the other two will battle for the third spot and the loser will go home. Morgan sits down and tells the others about her and Alex being sisters and about Shelby actually being smart. They say that there was possibly another twist and that it was possibly Scott. Morgan says she didn’t know that she was gonna be in the house with her sister until she walked in. She says her mother is a big fan and is probably stressing. Morgan goes to the restroom to change.LNJ talk about Shelby and playing the party girl roll and actually being smart. They all wait for the comp to start, Kryssie tells Jason that when Morgan told her about Alex being her sister she didn’t believe her and says she must not be as good at reading people as she thought.


6:15PM BBT Morgan says that she cannot believe she stayed past the first two weeks. Kryssie asks if Alex is really a body builder and about her eating habits. They all talk about Thanksgiving and Jason is the only one who has been away from his family at the holidays. Kryssie says that the viewers probably don’t believe she’s still here because she is so bad at winning any comps. They talk about Whitney and Morgan’s friendship and that Alex and Morgan’s being sisters was hard on there game play. Justin is in the kitchen while the others sit in the bathroom. Jason asks if they are still building the comp, I didn’t hear an answer and they quickly talk about how they think the rest of the show goes. They all agree that they don’t want separate times. Kryssie asks Morgan what happened when she was looking for the corn.
6:30PM BBT Morgan goes over the story of her 11 min time. Kryssie talks about hitting her head and Morgan says she was tired of not finding it and wanted to look over the top but knows that was cheating.  Kryssie tells her that she is sorry to tell this but it is better that Shelby left because she would have won this. She agrees but she didn’t want to turn against her friend. She knew it was happening. Jason asks where Justin is, Kryssie says he likes his solitude and he was praying before he came to potty. Kryssie says that Shelby was gonna be fine after she gets out because she will make a  ton of money. Morgan, Jason and Kryssie talk about all the  HGs that have left and that they are excited to watch the show when they get out. They are scared of what the company might be. Q
6:45PM BBT we have a screen that says the HOH will start soon.
7:00PM BBT HOH comp is starting, they start on a gameboard answering questions and placing the correct balls in the pockets. They use ropes to maneuvering the balls after they get them all in and they think they are right then they buzz in. The first one with all the correct answers wins. It is called “uphill battle”. It’s kinda like a two by four with two ropes on each side like when Frankie won that comp alone in season 16. With little holes that the balls go into and if they go into the wrong hole they get them out with a pole. Jason doing well, Justin talking under his breath that something is all wrong. Justin is getting frustrated you can tell. Jason is actually running to get the balls if they fall. Jason just won guys.  He did it.  He did it. Yippee.  He’s crying. He does tell everyone else they all did good.  He’s so excited. He tells everyone that they had him scared because he thought Morgan was beating him. She says that she started at the top and that’s why he thought she was almost done.  He is so happy.
7:15PM BBT Jason tells them that he was a twist because America voted him in over jozea.  Morgan said that Shelby told her it was probably gonna be days and everyone besides Jason only had one ball. They are all so happy that the comp went fast. Jason says that he hopes Shelby doesn’t really hate him because he thinks they would really get along in the real world.
7:30PM BBT The LNJ and Morgan talk about the alliance names and how it was in the beginning. Morgan kinda pours out all the info from the beginning about who they were working for. She says that she was glad for her game that Monte left. Morgan says she needs someone to join her for bubble time. Morgan tells Jason that she thought he was broken or something when he rang his bell, she never thought he was done. He says he is very excited because he doesn’t consider him smart and Kryssie says that he cuts himself short. He says he hasn’t changed his nicotine patch, they all laugh and says he won without nicotine how awesome is that. Jason says he is proud of all of them. Jason says he only really hated Monte. Kryssie says that she has never hated anyone.
7:45PM BBT Kryssie and Jason talking about what they might get to eat tomorrow and they would love maybe 2 bottles of wine. Jason says that he wonders if Alex is hating him on Twitter. Morgan says that she is not like that she is not a mean person. They talk about Neeleys age and how they think she was hiding her real age.
8:00PM BBT Jason telling the HG about Victoria from BB16 Jason said when he was going through to get on the show he was told to not lose his accent Justin asks what the rap party is Morgan said that she has told herself that she wouldn’t be bitter if she goes home forth because she didn’t win to earn her spot Jason said that he hasn’t made up his mind yet about who he is bring with him to final three and everyone is free to talk to him
8:15PM BBT Jason talking about his fight with Shelby on day 20 Morgan said that Shelby wasn’t like in the DR and that she went through a lot of producers Morgan gets told by BB to stop talking about production Morgan talking about the differences between her and Alex Jason says that he liked Morgan and Alex just couldn’t stand Shelby
8:30PM BBT Jason telling the HG about how Frankie won the comp that was similar to the one they played today and how Caleb sat out of the comp and Frankie won it by himself Morgan said that she was hoping they would have gotten a host for the HOH comp today HG wonder what the 2nd part of the HOH comp will be Justin is taking a shower
8:45PM BBT Morgan talking about how Justin thought Morgan and Alex looked alike at the beginning of the game they thought someone was going to figure it out Jason tells Morgan and Kryssie that Danielle probably hates him because he had hand in her going home because he made sure to make it look like that she was the stronger one out of the two of them Jason said he can’t take Justin to end because he is to likeable
9:00PM BBT HG talking about the random facts that BB tells them and that they hope they are not supposed to be remember them all Morgan said that Shelby told her that she only had to answer half of the questions when applying to get on BB Morgan said she would never want to compare her IQ to Shelby’s because she would kick her ass Jason talks about his strategy when he was doing the HOH comp
9:15PM BBT Jason said that he is proud of everyone including Shelby Jason said the last time he was on BB he got fired from his Job on July 18th and got evicted on July 30th he said he got his job back but he probably lost his job again when he left to come on the show but at least this time it was worth it and he hopes he won’t have to go back to it Kryssie and Jason ask Morgan about Alex’s boyfriend because she never talked about him Jason talks about a snapchat video
9:30PM BBT Kryssie tells jason she doesn’t think Justin won’t be mad if he takes Kryssie because they have always had a thing Jason talking about the krackle that he hid from Shelby Jason gets called to the DR16

9:45PM BBT Kryssie talking to Morgan about when she worked out with Alex in the BY Kryssie and Morgan said that they miss working out in a gym on a regular basis Kryssie tells Morgan about the gym she goes to Jason is still in the DR they also discuss the food for tomorrow for thanksgiving Kryssie said Jason has been in the DR forever and she just wants to see his room
10:00PM BBT Morgan says that Justin asks for pizza rolls , she says she cannot wait to see what he gets. Kryssie says she can’t believe that there are only four of them and Morgan says the weeks go by fast and the days go by so slow. They talk about how they have only one week left. They say that the weekend goes by so slow because they have nothing to do but because of Thanksgiving the week might be different for them. Kryssie says she has not even thought about her final three speech. She thinks she has not done anything game wise and she needs her speech to be good because she is literally only gonna get 3rd place without it. Morgan and Kryssie talking about how lucky they are to even be here and how they get so upset when they do poorly because of the pressure. They both agree that it’s easier to watch then to do. Morgan says she was never planning on crying or building relationships and then look at her.
10:15PM BBT Kryssie talks about her band and how the record release was. She tells about the interviewing for BB and how she told them and the releases. Morgan leaves the room to go to the restroom Kryssie says she believes that Jason might bring Morgan. Justin says he believes that he will bring Kryssie and he will have to be battling Morgan. He says that that comp was for Jason and he is not worried about it. He knew going in that it was hard and he can’t think that fast. He says that he is really just thinking about going home. Kryssie and Morgan say that they really would like a video message from home or maybe a skype. Justin is just really down and is not worried about it. Justin walks out the room and Kryssie tells Morgan that Justin is at peace with going home. She says that he knows he cannot beat you or I in the finale comp. Jason comes out with the HOH key
10:30PM BBT In the room Jason got a letter from his friend, some drinks and wings. Some candy and ice cream. Underwear and pictures of him and his daddy. They feed the fish. Justin asks if they can drink, Jason says sure if you guys wanna drink I’m down for that.
10:45PM BBT Jason says congratulations to all of them. They are so happy, they say the beer taste so good. It’s called “not your father’s root beer” and they say it’s delicious with some ice cream. Kryssey says they make a cream soda too and it’s off the chain. Jason says that he didn’t know till the last minute was coming and they told him that he could possibly stay a week or up to December. He said he had to get a friend to drop him at the airport, he’s mom was in Aruba on vacay. Jason says that he was voted against jozea and no offense to jozea he was pretty sure he was gonna win that.
11:00PM BBT Justin talks about his time with all of them was definitely so much fun. They talk about gif and Morgan’s face plant when she was walking across the tightrope. They talk about Shelby and her law degree and where she went to school and how smart she actually is. Kryssie is called to the DR and Jason is eating wings and offers them to the others. Justin talks about having asthma and Morgan says she has it too. He says he has almost died from it a couple of times. He talks about smoking a lot of weed and that’s bad for his lungs too. Jason tells him that weeds worse for you than smoking is. Jason says that when he feels like others are beating him he goes into turbo so he was racing thru the comp and he was trying to win so bad.
11:15PM BBT Justin says that they really come up with some really interesting comps. Jason says that they have to make sure that the ground is level and they are all even. Justin is talking about poetry and women and music. He says he loves everything beautiful. He says he likes to keep it classy. Justin says there is like 7 days left. And they explain that he’s in a hurry and they then tell him it’s Wednesday still and they stay till next Thursday.
11:30PM BBT Justin asks if they think that they will go over the questions in a comp. Jason says he does not know and they just have to be ready. Justin is called to the DR. Jason tells Kryssie that he knows that she has an attachment to Justin but they cannot take him to the end because he will beat them all. Jason tells Morgan that he is sorry but he has to take Kryssie and she will have to battle Justin. Jason says he has gotten as far as he can go and the rest is in America’s hands at the end. They think that when he says he’s stressed and all but they think that he really just is homesick. Morgan says that she is glad that they are all on the same page she was going to talk to them come Monday so that she could work with them. Jason says that he hid the fact that Kryssie was his ride or die and he says that he even told Alex week two to take Kryssie for the block since all she does is cry and just see how she was at the photo shoot by the pool. They then talk about Alex and Scott working together.
11:45PM BBT Morgan asks what would have happened if we didn’t have America’s noms. They all agree that it would have been a very different season and would have turned out so different. They talk about Neeley and wonder how and why she became America’s nom and what did America see that made her be put up. They tell Morgan about the argument that Neeley and Kryssie had about her HOH and trying to run it. Jason says he was trying to protect Alex that week.


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