Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Thursday, December 1st


Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Thursday, December 1st

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12:00AM BBT Jason is talking about the Bar. Kryssie said she sleeps with her mouth open sometimes. Jason is talking about the Finale 2 Deals. Feeds went down at 12:11 AM BBT
12:15 AM BBT Feeds are Down
12:30 AM BBT Feeds Just came back for now.  Kryssie said she loves Dr Drew.
12:45 AM BBT Jason said i just stood outside in my Underwear. Jason was talking about Garlic.
1:00 AM BBT Kryssie and jason are talking about their instagram accounts Kryssie said i am going to stalk you. Kryssie said she had to go to grab a coke Zero.
1:15 AM BBT  Kryssie said to jason you didn’t care about me. Kryssie said jason speech was mean. Jason said play some music for us and the live feeders can deal with the fish for 3 mins. Kryssie said she misses her band.
1:30 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping Jason is saying if i win i would be the 4th Reterney to Win. Kryssie said she loves Rachel Riley
1:45 AM BBT  Jason said it’s Hot in here   all HGS are sleeping. Kryssie and Jason said i hope tomorrow i hope i get passed out.
2:00 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie both seem to be having a hard time getting to sleep on their last night in the house. They seem to be nervous about the finale. Jason says tomorrow will be a dream come true or a dream crusher. Kryssie says Isn’t making it to Finale 3 a dream too. Jason says yes but now they have done that. They are talking about what they are wearing tomorrow night. Kryssie says she is over the beds, and just wants to go home and sleep with Mike. Both are complaining that the house is really hot. They say it is all the lights. Production says The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.
2:15 AM BBT Jason wonders how Morgan sleeps. Kryssie says Morgan told her she tossed and turned most of last night. Jason is up and looking at the memory wall. He has come back to bed. Jason says Monte scared the shit out of him. Kryssie laughed and said now he has scared 3 of us. She asks Jason does it feel weird that Justin was here just yesterday. Jason says just yesterday it feels like a long time already.
2:30 AM BBT Jason says he is annoyed with himself because he is still awake. He says he is giving himself a headache thinking about sleeping. They are now talking about songs that Kryssie would like to do. Jason says he doesn’t like Rock Steady. Kryssie says she liked that album. The conversation is now about different bands and singers.Kryssie says she can’t believe she slept in this bed with Shelby for a week and a half. Jason thinks Shelby was built to be a lawyer. She was smart and a terrible person. They don’t think Shelby will talk to either one of them after the show.
2:45 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are still awake and just talking about general stuff. They are trying to go to sleep again.
3:00 AM BBT Morgan is still asleep, Jason and Kryssie are trying to sleep.Jason and Kryssie are still awake. Kryssie is saying she is hot but her feet are cold. She also said she wants orange juice but there is none.Jason says he threw out some protein shake as it expired November 10th. Kryssie says all she has done is toss and turn, Jason agrees and says him too.
3:15 AM BBT It looks like they have all settled down for the night.
3:30 AM BBT -8:00 AM BBT All hgs are asleep.
8:15 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping in their beds, the house is dark and quiet in the last hours.
8:20 AM BBT Jason is out of bed and using the restroom and washing his hands then back to bed.
8:30 AM BBT All HG’s are sleeping..
8:45 AM BBT All HG’s are sleeping..
9:02 AM BBT Rise and shine HG’s!!! Jason and Kryssie get up to change their batteries. As they move around they discover that there is a problem with the lights- it’s making a loud noise when it’s turned on. Morgan gets up and starts to move around the downstairs bathroom. She looks outside and exclaims how cold it is outside! They are all excited about it being the last day, Jason says that it’s the last battery change. Morgan takes a noisy drink. Jason says OMG one of us is going to be rich before the end of the day! Kryssie says that she would ugly cry, Jason isn’t sure what he’d do. He remembers Steve’s ugly cry and says he’d try to avoid that.
9:15 AM BBT Morgan is brushing her teeth in the washroom. She goes into the kitchen and gets a refill of her drink. Jason says he hopes they are getting locked up so they can actually do or build something for them tonight. Morgan comes into the Tokyo room and cuddles up in a bed, they all joke about trying to warm up their blankets before they have to go outside. Jason says he’ll take his blanket out with him it’s not like he’ll have to wash it or use it again.
9:30 AM BBT -9:45 AM BBT All HG’s are sleeping..
10:00 AM BBT The HG’s are tucked into their beds awaiting the last day in the Big Brother house! Jason is called to the DR. Hgs enjoying the last few hours in the house. Jason and Kryssie are chatting in the backyard.
10:15 AM BBT The house is quiet. BB Producer talking to the Final 3. Feeds go to fish. Feeds back. Final 3 was informed about the live audience.
10: 30 AM BBT Everyone chatting on the sofa in the backyard. Final 3 talking about past houseguests of the OTT season.
10:45 AM BBT Everyone is relaxing. The final 3 enjoyed a nice breakfast.
11:00 AM BBT Everyone is quiet. You can hear production in the background.
11:15 AM BBT The lockdown is over. Morgan called to the Diary Room.
11:30 AM BBT Not much is going on. Kryssie is still mad at Justin for not enjoying the experience.
11:45 AM BBT The final 3 are packing.
12:00 PM BBT Morgan is in the bathroom doing her toenails. Kryssie continues packing. Jason talks to Kryssie while she is packing. All 3 are preparing for the finals tonight at 5 PM BBT.
12:15 PM BBT They all continue to make general talk while packing and slowly getting ready for the night. Jason goes to iron his shirt. Jason is nervous and his stomach is messed up.
12:30 PM BBT Jason continues to iron his shirt for the night. Morgan is doing her nails in the kitchen. Jason goes to take a shower.


12:45 PM BBT Kryssie brings Jason a towel, because he forgot to get one before getting in the shower. Jason comments that the camera is on him in the shower. Kryssie says that is because you are in there yelling. She asks if they should throw Justin’s toothbrush away. He says maybe just leave it. She said Justin doesn’t care about any of his things. They have made several comments about Justin not being there for the experience, only wanting the money, or not caring about anything. Kryssie goes into the kitchen to eat, Morgan is in the bathroom doing toes. She says she is not worried about winning or losing, she is more nervous about tripping or not finding Julie when going on the stage. Jason says he tripped over his bag the first time, so he’s no longer worried about that, he already did it. Jason says he is so excited about everyone, even Monte. Morgan wonders if Neely will have new hair. They are excited to be leaving, but not quite ready for the real world. They like to be paid for doing nothing. Morgan says she is ready to take a month off to see people and then go back to work in about January. Jason says they have to go find jobs. He says if he wins, he will have money to move, but will still need a job. Jason talks about what Liz and Julia did with the money- bandanna items in LA.
1:00 PM BBT Jason is out the shower. Kryssie is eating in the kitchen. Morgan is just lying on the bench in the bathroom. Jason jokes that Kryssie was supposed to cut his shirt, she’s a bad friend. He says “maybe I shouldn’t have picked you and let you fight for the end.” He giggles, but she seems annoyed by those type of comments. Jason asks who was the worst with microphones and they all say Neely.
1:15 PM BBT Kryssie washes her face, Jason shaves and starts getting dressed.


1:30 PM BBT Jason and Morgan talk about how they quit their jobs or told their parents before coming. Morgan says she was just sketchy with her answer to her job about why she was quitting.
1:45 PM BBT They continue just passing the time until the show tonight. Jason says his friends thought he was leaving for the Amazing Race. He says Amazing Race has a low stipend, and Survivor’s is high, because you are basically dying. Jason talks about how much he smokes on the outside. He says that on his season, there was red carpet in the backyard for finale and Jeff does interviews and gave them all gifts. He got a hat with a microphone on it, like the rat street boys. They talk about how old Jeff is.
2:00 PM BBT Houseguests are trying to find ways to pass the time before they need to start getting ready for the finale. Morgan and Kryssie are tweezing their eyebrows and Jason is sitting up in the HOH loft for the last time this season. Jason says “For real can we go into the Paris room today?” No response from Big Brother. Kryssie and Morgan discuss if they will have Press tomorrow and if someone will be doing their make up.
2:15 PM BBT Morgan is going to contour Kryssie makeup. Kryssie is cleaning out her makeup bag. Morgan is choosing which lashes she is going to wear. Morgan has started doing her hair. Jason is still upstairs in the loft and Kryssie how now joined him. Morgan goes into the kitchen and gets an apple to eat.
2:30 PM BBT Houseguests are just waiting around for the time to pass. Morgan and Kryssie discuss missing gum. Morgan is starting Kryssie’s contouring makeup. Kryssie tells Morgan that she loves doing special effects makeup and that she was so disappointed that they didn’t get any liquid latex for Halloween.
2:45 PM BBT Morgan is doing Kryssie’s makeup. Jason is laying in the bed. Morgan has Kryssie put some mascara on and she loves her makeup! She says that she looks like she has a life. Morgan puts some false lashes on Kryssie.
3:00 PM BBT Morgan is loving the makeup job she is doing on Kryssie! Kryssie thanks Morgan for doing her makeup. She says that if she comes in 3rd place she wants to at least look awesome. Kryssie asks her if she is going to do Jason’s makeup too and Morgan says might as well. Kryssie says we are going to look so pretty! Kryssie is going to freak when she sees her makeup!
3:15 PM BBT Kryssie says, “Oh my God! I don’t even look like me!” Kryssie gives Morgan a hug. She says she looks like a lady and she has cheekbones. Kryssie goes looking for Jason so she can show him her makeup. Jason is trying to sleep to pass time so he doesn’t pay either of the girls much attention. Morgan starts doing her own makeup now. Kryssie says that she feels like she is getting ready for a first date or the most important day of her life.
3:30 PM BBT Jason is doing his own makeup. Morgan didn’t ask him if he wanted her to do his. He never said anything to Kryssie about her makeup looking good either. Morgan is still doing her own makeup. Kryssie is doing her hair. Fake “Monte” is just chilling. HOUSEGUESTS! REMEMBER TO ENJOY YOURSELF TODAY! THESE ARE THE GOOD OLE’ DAYS! They all jump and then laugh. Jason says that his HD Powder makes him look like a powdered donut and that he should have waited to put his eyebrow stuff on until after the powder because it looks like dried semen.
3:45 PM BBT Jason is vacuuming. Kryssie is still doing her hair.
4:00 PM BBT Kryssie and Morgan are getting ready for the Finale. Jason said i guess i will have to put my bags in the Storage room.
4:15 PM BBT Jason asked Morgan to help him put his bracelet on.
4:30 PM BBT Kryssie asked Morgan are you going to take the dry shampoo that alex left. MORGAN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE.
4:45 PM BBT Morgan said we have 10 Mins Feeds Went to the Fish Be  right Back Feeds are back Jason thought somebody was in the house last night.

5:00 PM BBT Jason said he is the Final bb HOH They are doing a flashback. 10 HGS has Departed only 1 HGS can win a quarter of a million dollars which HGS did America Vote to win. Julie said Good Evening i am Julie Chen. first up jason Jason was Voted in by America and i was the only Veteran. Jason was talking about the Alliance that they made up. They Showed Jason Family. Kryssie is up Next Kryssie was talking about her Alliance and how Alex was her servant all week. They  showed Kryssie Family And her Boyfriend
5:15 PM BBT Morgan is Left she played the game with only her Sister in the HOH she didn’t realize that her sister was going to be in the house. They Showed Morgan Family Jason Kryssie or Morgan and Jason They All had to vote previous guest. Julie said Please Welcome back the Previous guest. Neeley you where the Fourth person evicted i was wondering if your game has changed. Scott said he was Surprised that the sisters were playing a game. Julie said for the record Morgan And Alex is full blooded sisters. Monte i want to turn to you congratulations that you are in final 3 Whitney said she didn’t see that coming that Shelby was a Lawyer not a Waitress. Julie said to Jason why do you think you made it so far this season compared to the BB17 Alex said she was scared to target Jason. Morgan said she is Proud of her sister Morgan said hey sister i love you and miss you julie said Morgan and Alex was not close to each other but now they want to stay close. Julie asked Shelby about the DR. Shelby said was it was fun . Julie is showing some of the DR highlights. Scott said we need to have another showmance in here besides Shane and Danielle.
5:30 PM BBT Julie said some you have potty mouth. Julie said parents i am sorry. Julie said here is another dance of the salsa dancing to Justin. Julie said tell us the truth was that for you to win America. Justin said he was just in the Moment. Shane said coming into the house i didn’t have a strategy. Danielle said it’s an official we are in a Relationship we are doing good i am definitely is making a trip to North Carolina Julie said A show of hands who voted for Jason and Kryssie and Morgan. Justin said he didn’t vote if he had a chance to vote he would have voted for all 3 of them. Julie is showing there Pleads for the Vote. Jason and Kryssie and Morgan.
5:45 PM BBT Morgan and Kryssie and Jason said thank you america i am so happy that it is over  Jason and Morgan and Kryssie i am happy that the votes are closed. 1 of will have none kryssie you are now evicted from the house. Kryssie was 3 place. Julie said to Kryssie do you want your Name. kryssie said you should’ve have seen all Survivors that i kept. Kryssie said it was about Experience. Kryssie said she was super homesick she almost didn’t do it because of her anxiety. Julie was talking about the final 4 with the Thanksgiving fight. Julie said to Kryssie are you to keep in touch with the other HGS. Julie announces Morgan is the winner of Big Brother OTT! Morgan looks shocked and they both run out. Everyone is celebrating. Julie ask morgan how she feels. Morgan says she is shocked. Juli says that the regular season will happen in the summer and she will see us in the summer. Davone comes on stage and hugs Jason. The families come on stage and are all hugging and celebrating with them them.
6:00 PM BBT Black screens for about 40 seconds then to fish. 6:04 PM BBT Big Brother: Over the Top might be over, but if you’re not over the season, relive your favorite BB:OTT moments via the Live Feed archive.


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