Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, November 29th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, November 29th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, November 29th

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12:00 AM BBT Jason gets back in bed and talks about Kryssie and her DR session and how people are perceiving what she is saying. He says the LNJ wouldn’t have developed without him. Justin is reading the bible in the Tokyo room. Jason’s threaten to drag Kryssie because he thinks she is dragging him in the DR. Jason thinks that America already has their mind met up, and their speeches won’t matter. Jason thinks the only people who will vote for him is the people who didn’t watch this season. Jason makes a clicking noise with his bottle cap, and apologizes because it was annoying. He goes back to making the noise. Jason talks about Shelby. Jason complains about Kryssie being in the DR. Jason tells America he will do whatever they want if they vote for him. Jason makes a shout out to Topaz and Ika from BBCAN. Jason calls for BB alumni to help him win.
12:15 AM BBT Justin continues to read the bible. Jason talks to himself. Jason thinks that Kryssie is trying to get sympathy votes by complaining about coming in third. Jason talks to the cameras. Jason asks where Kryssie is. He then says he will just go to bed because he thinks she’s trashing him in the DR. Jason wonders why he brought Kryssie, he is convinced she will beat him in the end. Jason yells at the cameras to leave him alone.
12:30 AM BBT Justin is still reading. Jason has his face covered by his pillow. Jason talks to himself about needing money for himself, and his friends. Jason complains about Kryssie being in the DR still. He thinks she was going over every week in there. Kryssie leaves the DR, and Jason gets excited. Kryssie goes to the HOH room. Jason asks Kryssie about her DR session. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS WITH OTHER HOUSEGUESTS. Jason tells Kryssie about him thinking she was the mastermind of this season. She says she’s just stupid. Jason tells Kryssie about what he did while she was in the DR. They are in general conversation.
12:45 AM BBT Jason asks BB if they should dress nicely tomorrow. YES. Jason tells her to pull out a dress. Kryssie tells Jason about the dresses she has. Kryssie says she might wear sweats to finally, she doesn’t think her dress will fit. Jason jokes that Kryssie planned to be nominate more because of the amount of dresses she brought. Jason and Kryssie talk about the outfits she’s worn on eviction nights. Jason compares Kryssie to the cartoon Dilbert. Kryssie jokes that she’s getting an ab workout from laughing. Jason makes faces at Kryssie, and they both laugh.
1:00 AM BBT Justin is still reading. Kryssie and Jason are in general conversation. Jason talks about production hating Shelby, he thought they liked her because of how long her DR’s took. Justin goes to the bathroom. Jason complains about Justin not trying to be social with him when Kryssie isn’t around. Kryssie says Justin finally says hello back to her now. Justin is now back in the Tokyo room. Jason and Kryssie are in general conversation. Jason talks about the sister twist, he thinks he should have picked up on it quicker. Kryssie complains about Alex trying to manipulate her.
1:15 AM BBT Kryssie and Jason talk about how Alex rarely talked to them. Justin grabs some candy. Jason thinks Alex got too into the game. Justin says he’s going to sleep, and he hopes the world had a good day. Justin says he is thankful and grateful for the experience. He turns off the Tokyo room light, and goes to bed. Jason complains about his braces not fixing his teeth. Kryssie and Jason look at the memory wall photos. Jason and Kryssie wonder what Alex and Shelby’s DR’s were like after they made an “alliance” with them. Jason rolls around on his bed, Kryssie laughs and asks him what he’s doing.

1:30 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie make jokes about Ghostbusters. Jason and Kryssie joke around with each other. They talk about different fetishes. Jason tells Kryssie about what he prefers in a guy. He looks for a nice looking face. Kryssie and Jason talk about their exes. Kryssie gives Jason a pep talk on getting guys. Kryssie jokes about Jason dying alone.
1:45 AM BBT They continue to talk about relationships. Jason talks about guys he’s met on Tinder. Kryssie bugs Jason about him constantly interrupting her. They talk about dating again. Jason says that he will get drunk, and let his date lead him wherever. Kryssie jokingly says that he is easily abductible. She tells him to respect himself on the first date. Jason talks about guys asking for nudes as soon they start a conversation with him. Kryssie encourages Jason by saying that will find someone eventually. JASON PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE. Jason tells Kryssie about his Tinder photos.
2:00 AM BBT Kryssie and Jason are talking about buying a shirt that says buy me a lamb bone and I’ll Marry you. Jason says that he’s profile is so basic. Jason noticed the camera directly above him is right on him. And ask’s it to zoom out. It didn’t listen. They are remembering the first time they were allowed in the HOH room. Listening to Frank Ocean. Kryssie says she doesn’t know what Frank Ocean looks like she rather a man looking like Mike. Kryssie says Paul’s beard is really nice. Jason feels like full beards would feel weird during sex. Kryssie says she likes the feel of the novelty of a beard wants to just touch it but then over it. She likes being able to see if they have a butt chin. And loves D. Snider. She says that he has a butt chin. And love that beards are not a turn off. They are talking the guy in the HN room for the scaring VETO comp he said that it was nice but to long. They are talking about Austin’s beard. They are talking about Pantara. They are talking about other bands. Kryssie says that Jason’s music knowledge is trash and Jason laughs and says you’re trash they both laughed. They are talking about Wikipedia and how you can look up anything. Now they are talking about his gray beanie and how Urban Outfitters is so expensive. Jason says that he’s thirsty and wants water. Kryssie says that she has created a monster in Jason. And Jason goes down to get water. Kryssie says she has messed up the couch so much and gets up to fix it then she says she is not going to stay up there that long. Jason comes back into the HOH room and Kryssie is in the bathroom he asked her if she was pooping in his toilet and she says no she was peeing in his toilet. Jason was singing OH MONTE, AND WISE PUPPET COUCH. Jason asks Kryssie for the lotion for his feet. He says he is tickling his feet.
2:15 AM BBT Kryssie is just wanting the night to hurry up so that they can find out who will be in the final 3 they are discussing who’d they rather Justin or Morgan. Jason is singing a song about Justin and candy. Jason is saying that Justin is just walking like he is cool and even when he sleep walks its cool. They are talking about the fish tank light is out. They are asking BB about why the light is out. And says that the fish looks different in the dark. They are talking about how Justin is in the kitchen singing and dancing. Justin is in the kitchen making popcorn and eating candy. Jason says that this is the Justin Show. That that’s all he does. Sing, Dance, sleep and eat. Jason is talking to the fish and says they really look different with the light went out. They are talking about Kryssie wants to take a train home and Jason says that BB wouldn’t let her do that. They are imagining little people on the train that is in the HOH room and them having little penis’. Jason is playing with the train. And looking at it. They are talking about batteries. And if they are re-chargeable. Kryssie sees Justin still in the kitchen and says why won’t he go back to bed, Justin is singing Christmas songs and BB tells him to STOP SINGING. And the camera’s go all on the HOH room. The camera goes back to Justin and he says he was making it snow with the popcorn then he laughs and says now I have to pick up this snow. Justin goes into the WR washes his hands and all the camera’s back to HOH. Jason and Kryssie talking about how they are wanting Justin to go.
2:30 AM BBT They are talking about how they want Morgan to be in the final 3 with them and Jason says that Morgan will be in 1st place Kryssie says why? What has she done? She is saying that Morgan hasn’t played the game until week 8. Then when she finally won HOH it sent her best ally out the door. Kryssie says she wanted to be at the end with people who she knew she could truly win or lose against. With a good game. They are talking about how people are either loving Justin or hating him. They say that Morgan knows this game. She has been studying. Justin in the kitchen is making something to eat. And talking to the camera’s. Justin says that even if he goes home he really isn’t going home but at least he will have his phone. Justin says he laughs at the face of danger. He says his middle name is DANGER. Justin is making Ramen. Jason is eating candy and donuts. And still talking about Justin and his game play. Jason is talking about carrying a backpack and a carry-on. Kryssie is saying that Mike should bring an empty carry on so that she could put more stuff in it after the show. They are talking about the voice of Tommy Pickles. She is saying that she is hot. Justin is still making his Ramen and talking to it. Kryssie is talking about the Simpson’s and Family Guy and American Dad.
2:45 AM BBT Justin is singing to his food. Kryssie and Jason still talking about shows. Kryssie is yawning. Jason is talking about his neck muscles being sore. They are talking about how tomorrow’s forecast of the gray sky is gonna clear up and the blond is a smilin’ and the bad weather is on the way out. Talking about Scott and all of his catch phrases. They are talking about sugar. Jason eat so much sugar. That’s why he is still up. Kryssie is looking at the fish. She is tired. She says she needs to put chapstick on and go to bed. Justin says that if he is going tomorrow that Ramen is the last meal in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE. Kryssie leaves the room and asks Jason if he wants the light out and he says ya. Jason is brushing his teeth in the dark. Sees the camera above him and says that is my peeps watching. Justin adds other seasonings to his Ramen and says nothin’ wrong with adding a lil’ extra flavor to your food.. And says that the cayenne pepper is hot. Along with the soup being hot. He adds Lays potato chips. Justin says shout out to Danielle for the noodles. Jason says now he has to pee. Washes his hands and complaining about his dry ass hands. And gets into bed. He is talking about how he hopes that he can get some sleep and then asks BB if he has to move out tomorrow. Then says how it gets so hot in the HOH room. He is laughing at how Kryssie tries to do his accent and says that she is the most. Now he is looking at the fish called Divo.
3:00 AM BBT Jason is talking to the fish. Justin is still eating chips and his spicy soup.Justin says he can’t eat it any more. Dumps the rest and washes his dish. And singing. He is saying that he made it way to spicy. He has a heavy hand. Now he is eating more candy. Justin says that he is way worse when he has the munchies. Gets some water. Heads into the WR/bathroom. Washes his hands and singing in the mirrors. Then says bye to the room. Justin says now he is going to sleep. He says he is gonna eat one more Krackle in memory of Shelby. Justin heads into the Tokyo room and gets ready to lay in bed. He says Thank you Lord. and gets into bed. Jason is still watching the fish. Jason sees that Justin has finally left the kitchen to bed and says now his balls itched. Then he laughed and rolled over.
3:15 AM BBT The House is becoming quiet for the night, Jason and Justin are now settling down in bed. Jason and Justin still awake but quiet.
3:30 AM BBT House is quiet. Justin is restless. Jason doesn’t seem to be able to get comfortable. He is either hot or cold. But is tossing around a bit.
3:45 AM BBT Kryssie is tossing around a bit. Justin just got up and is headed to the bathroom. He washes his hands then heads back to bed.
4:00 AM BBT All HGs in bed. There is still movement from Kryssie and Justin.
4:15 AM BBT Justin appears restless. All other HGs asleep.
4:30 AM BBT Justin still moving around in the bed. Other HGs asleep.
5:00 AM BBT Justin still moving around. All other HGs asleep.
6:00 AM BBT Justin up to WC and then goes back to bed. All the Houseguests are sleeping
7:00 AM BBT Jason is tossing and turning quite a bit in HoH but seems that he and all the other Houseguest are still sleeping
8:00 AM BBT The house is dark and quiet and the HG’s are all tucked into bed..


8:45 AM BBT –
9:45 AM BBT All HG’s are sleeping..
10:00 AM BBT Waiting for Wake up calls.HG asleep
10:06 AM BBT Good Morning HG it’s time to get up for the day. Please change your batteries Kryssie goes to SR and changes Batteries.Kryssie thank you Morgan changes batteries. BB thanks her.Justin is up in SR now. Justin Thank You Jason in HOH has not moved. Jason please change your batteries!! He mumbles at BB but comes down to change them. Morgan and Justin head to WC BB thanks Jason. Everyone returns to bed with the lights now on.
10:15 AM BBT The lights are on. Batteries have been changed and all HG are back in bed.
10:25 AM BBT Rise and Shine HG. Jason grumbles WHY  you didn’t make Justin get up yesterday. I thought Shelby was your favorite but now it’s Justin. He farts. That’s how I feel about JUstin. Justin and farts. I hope MOrgan wins. I think Justin is an asshole and don’t deserve it.
10:30 AM BBT HG are sleeping. Morgan in London room. Jason in HOH. Kryssie and Justin in Tokyo room.
10:45 AM BBT HG are in bed the lights are on and BB has woken them but they are all still asleep Buenos Dias HG.
11:00 AM BBT HG all in bed.Wakey Wakey HG
11:15 AM BBT Everyone is in bed. Jason has been restless. Morgan is up in London room. Morgan gets some clothes  and heads through KT to WC.She brushes her hair then wanders back to KT to make coffee. She is grossed out by the garbage can.She puts some food together and eats.
11:30 AM BBT HG are in bed. Morgan is up and eating in KT. Morgan gets ready for the day.
11:45 AM BBT Jason is asleep in HOH. Morgan in WC getting ready. Kryssie and Justin in bed. Most houseguests are asleep. Justin and Morgan preparing for their final competition.
12:00 PM BBT Inside the house, everyone is quiet. Everyone but Justin is up and getting ready.
12:15 PM BBT Jason is up listening to music.
12:15 PM BBT Everyone is doing their own thing in the house. Very quiet.
12:30 PM BBT –
1:00 PM BBT Feeds still down.
3:15PM BBT Feeds back. Everyone is getting ready for tonight’s competition and eviction. Everyone but justin is up.
1:30 PM BBT Justin made something to eat and went back to bed.
1:45 PM BBT Justin and Morgan are gathering their belongings. Jason and Kryssie are hanging out in the Kitchen. Kryssie is talking to Jason about Chicago.
2:00 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason are talking about parallel parking and driving tests. Kryssie says her car is almost old enough to drink. They discuss buying a new car and how dealerships charge you all kinds of fees. Justin is showering. Kryssie and Jason are going to decide to wear.

2:15 PM BBT Jason wants to wear a tie but doesn’t know how to tie it. Kryssie says she doesn’t know how to tie a tie but she says Morgan probably knows how. Then Kryssie puts it on and ties it. Morgan emerges from somewhere as live feeds were on fish. She is now seen packing in the Tokyo Room. Justin is finally out of the shower. Fake Monte is still sitting on the eviction couch. Kryssie and Morgan discuss the late night DRs. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS WITH OTHER HOUSEGUESTS! Kryssie says she doesn’t know what they are talking about she has never been to the diary room. Kryssie goes into the storage room where Jason is ironing his shirt. Morgan says she is so nervous.
2:30 PM BBT Kryssie tells Jason that she hopes Morgan pulls this one out. Jason says he does too, but it is out of their hands now.
2:45 PM BBT Kryssie is ironing her blue dress. All cams go to Morgan eating a bagel in the kitchen. Justin goes running to the bathroom. Morgan says I guess he needs to pee. Jason and Kryssie discuss serial killers.
3:00 PM BBT Morgan is studying in the bathroom.
3:15 PM BBT Morgan is doing her hair and getting ready for tonight’s Head to Head with Justin. Kryssie and Jason are planning their outfits for tonight too. Justin comes into the Tokyo room to talk to Jason and Kryssie. Jason tells Justin that Big Brother agreed that Kryssie should dress up with him.
3:30 PM BBT Jason says that he is sometimes attracted to girls, but that he is not interested in them sexually. Kryssie is talking to Morgan about making shoes.
3:45 PM BBT Everyone is starting to get dressed for the Head to Head comp and eviction tonight.
4:00 PM BBT Everyone getting themselves ready for this afternoon/evenings events. Justin went to Tokyo Rm, read his family letter, and knelt to pray.
4:15 PM BBT The girls and Jason still in WR doing their hair and make-up. They talk about modesty. Justin is in kitchen eating an apple and heads to the bedrooms pacing the floor. Justin confirms with Jason, getting dressed, that today is Day 63. Jason comments how his shirts are slightly tight since he has been working out. Morgan comments how his pecs looks great. Justin ends up helping Jason with his tie.
4:30 PM BBT Kryssie putting her hair up (comments on putting off getting dressed); Morgan trying to get a spot out of her jacket. Morgan is left alone in the WR. She stares at the ceiling using her fingers going over days and/or for counting something. She stops when Justin comes into WR. Kryssie debates upon what dress to wear.
4:45 PM BBT Jason uses a hair drier to dry his pits. He realizes he will probably be outside with a coat on anyway. Morgan goes to kitchen to check the time. They are ready and pacing the floor. At the last moment, Justin goes into Yoga Rm for some more meditation or praying he ends by singing a couple bars of a hymn. They talk on the poses production wanted them to do during their photo shot. They are waiting…..

5:01 PM BBT Previously, on BBOTT recap show. Morgan won HOH, Justin got last care package, Kryssie and Jason nominated, Jason won final POV and saved himself, Shelby was the only replacement available. She revealed her secret and evicted. Morgan tells her sister twist. Jason won final HOH of BBOTT maneuvering the correct balls up the wall. Because Jason sees Justin as the most charismatic person this season, he will bring Kryssie with him to Finale 3 and hope Morgan beats Justin in the last comp. Justin shunned Thanksgiving and the other HGs. Jason did bring Kryssie to the Final 3 with him. Do or Die/Head to Head Competition will be between Morgan and Justin.
5:38 PM BBT Live feed comes back as Jason reads the competition rules….matching photos with clues (“End of the Road” is the name of the comp). They are all in the BY.
5:41 PM BBT Competition begins…. Two minutes into the comp and Justin seems to be out of breath and greatly slowing down. Seven minutes into the comp Morgan has all the photos at her board and places them; she is correct and the comp is over. Justin still had to retreive 2 photos for his board…and the ones he did have were not placed in the right frames.
5:52 PM BBT Justin says his goodbyes and leaves the BB house.

5:54 PM BBT BB called them into the Living Rm for an important message from Julie. Morgan sits with “Monte”. Julie: “Hello, Final 3!”  Tomorrow at 4 PM BBT they can present a speech as to why they should be the winners of the quarter million dollars. Julie leaves. It’s hard for them to believe they have made it! Fish.
6:00 PM BBT They retrieve the champaign from the pantry. Jason pops the cork! Morgan says how this is just like the first night…but there are only 3 of them! The Final 3 toast to OTT! Jason recalls his memory of entering the BB house. Morgan says that she’s so glad that they don’t have to remember a single more thing. Kryssie says that they are probably laughing at them for remembering the phrases. Morgan says they were trolling them. They talk about the comp, saying it’s kind of like the spiderweb. They talk about their fake final 3 deals. They complain about Justin. Morgan says that he was talking bad about her in the backyard, but after Morgan said that she was in the BY also, he says that he was talking bad about everyone else. They talk more about Justin. Jason says “one of us is going to be rich.” Kryssie says that it would take her 15 years to get that much. Jason says that he’d be happy with $50k. Morgan jokes that she’ll be happy with the stipend. They talk about how they’d like a stylist for finale night. Kryssie says that BB wouldn’t let her wear sweatpants to the finale. Morgan says that she already has her dress picked out. Jason says that there’s 3 groups of friends: the ones who you hang out with at the club, the ones that you’ll invite to dinner, and the ones that would sleepover. Jason says that Justin won’t be able to watch the episodes ‘cause you need a sense of humor to watch them, saying that BB will make fun of you.

6:15 PM BBT They continue to talk, and Jason brings up that this is the first season that the live feeders get to watch them exchange batteries, the morning wood, etc. Jason recalls during his season, during the 3 minutes of the wakeup music, he quickly talked to Becky about game, to take advantage of them not being on the feeds. Jason notices a QR code on one of the pillows, then Kryssie brings up that they had QR codes on their bands’ flyers that would give them a free download, then talks about their band. The conversation goes to Britney, then Ariana Grande and her imitations. The conversation goes to Michael Jackson. The conversation goes to the HoH bed. He says that it was the sheet, and that someone must’ve washed it when they weren’t supposed to. They talk about the sleeping situation starting with Day 1. Jason talks what order he would’ve put the HGs come in. Jason says that Neeley would’ve come in during Da’Vonne’s season, but Day took Neeley’s place.
6:30 PM BBT Kryssie starts talking about Neeley’s age, thinking that she may be looking into the industry. Morgan says that she looks a lot older than she is. Jason says that he was thinking that even though he might not win, he might get a date or hired. Jason says that Alex’s bed is cursed, saying that it sent people home. Jason brings up the various house themes. They talk about the final comp and their muscle strength.
6:45 PM BBT Morgan wonders how the game would’ve gone without the America’s Nominee twist. Jason wonders if they’ll ask the evicted houseguests to ask questions and who they would’ve voted to win, even though America would be voting for the winner. Morgan goes back to recall her game. Morgan recalls Monte’s comments, saying that she didn’t put it together ‘til after he left. Kryssie says that he’s pre-antiquated. Morgan says that Monte probably wasn’t expecting all of this and the live feeds. Jason says that that’s why BB tells you to watch previous seasons. They talk about saying that a lot of stuff gets taken out of context, so watch what you say. Jason says that he’s glad that there’s the minute-rewind button, so when someone online posts a timestamp, you can see what went on before, so you can get the context.
7:00 PM BBT They ask about Neeley, and which season her and other HGs they auditioned for, and when they were in Land Before Time and Prison. After Jason goes to bathroom. Kryssie and Morgan talk about saying bye to their boyfriends before getting on the show. Kryssie says that she hopes their loved ones will be there. Morgan says that she wasn’t thinking about that ‘til she said it. Jason returns. Morgan wonders if they’ll get timers, and how long they’ll have for pleas. Jason says 2 minutes.
7:15 PM BBT They joke about Whitney’s accent and the way Jason says stuff. They talk about the difference between HGs fake laughs and real laughs. Kryssie says that the air feels less heavy, since the game is done mostly, and with Justin gone. They start talking about their live DRs. Morgan wonders if Justin talked game in his. Morgan says that she’s looking forward to a few HGs DRs, and maybe Scott’s, just for pure enjoyment. Jason gets in his PJs. Jason goes to make a pizza, while Morgan heats up some mac and cheese, and other Thanksgiving leftovers. Jason says that he’s glad that it was Morgan. Kryssie says that if it was Justin in the finals, it would be so awkward.
7:30 PM BBT Kryssie says this is the most relieved she’s been. Morgan says that this is the very first season of OTT! Morgan says that she’s glad that Jason was in the house instead of Jozea. Jason thanks America. Jason says how Jozea was in his season. Morgan says that she’s surprised that Justin took it so well. Kryssie says that she heard him throw down something, but tried to ignore it. Morgan says that this last 2 weeks was very telling of Justin’s true character. They then continue to talk about Justin.
7:45 PM BBT Kryssie says that one time when she used the word poor, Justin got mad at her, and said that she doesn’t know the meaning of poor. Kryssie says that he was wearing $500 sneakers. Jason says that Justin brought up his son, then they talk about it, but BB tells them to stop that. They stop talking about that, but keep talking about him. Kryssie says that his coping mechanisms are shit. Morgan says that his social game is shit, and threw away his game. Morgan says that he would flirt with her one week, then ignore her the next. Kryssie says that he was going back and forth between her and Danielle.
8:00 PM BBT Jason said his half way point was when he made it further then he did the first time around Morgan talks about when Jason made the fake final 5 deal with them Jason said he thought they would either cry or come out fighting Morgan said that was the maddest she had been all game they talk about how they had to get Neeley out when they did Kryssie said she wanted to keep justin over Whitney because she knew she could get Justin to be loyal to her but Whitney had a mind of her own that is why she came to them in the first place
8:15 PM BBT Jason said Scott was like the Steve from his season except steve wasn’t has awkward and came on too strong Morgan said he wanted a showmance really bad All HG agree that Danielle will probably not like them because of the things they have said about her Jason said that Shelby was very angry at Whitney when she flipped Morgan said she was too but wasn’t surprised that it happened because she was so close with Justin Kryssie said that Whitney told her in the HN room that her entire alliance wanted Jason out and they all wanted to take her to the end of the game Kryssie said she feels bad for having to evict Whitney Jason and Morgan sid they don’t feel bad since they made it to the end
8:30 PM BBT Jason finds Twix hidden that Shelby had hid on him for taking their pineapple Jason said he had the best hiding spot in the london room under the bed because it took 2 people to get to it Morgan said that was where Shane was hiding the pop Morgan and Kryssie hope that Justin is back to the person he was before this week but Morgan thinks he is going to be difficult Kryssie said that Justin told her he wanted to go home right away and not do any press Morgan said he was also asking this week if they would fly them home and bring them back for the finale she no they would keep them here in a hotel  Kryssie said she feels lucky to even be on BB Morgan said that moment for her was when Alex left Jason is taking a shower
8:45 PM BBT Morgan tells Kryssie that she always tried to always keep someone in her alliance that were bigger targets Kryssie said that is why Danielle and Shane work well for her she was able to fly under the radar Kryssie said that her alliance wanted her to go after Alex when she was HOH but she wanted Scott out instead Morgan said she wishes they would have opened their eyes to Shane that he wasn’t as good as Scott made him out to be Jason joins the girls back in the KT
9:00 PM BBT Kryssie and Morgan think that if Whitney had made it through the double eviction America would have saved the final 4 veto for her Kryssie said Whitney never won any comps Morgan said she could never figure out what comp Whitney would be good at Kryssie thinks she would have been good at mental comps Jason lying in bed Kryssie joins Jason in the bedroom Jason said he hopes that he doesn’t have to go in the DR because he is tired Kryssie said she wouldn’t mind going to bed early Kryssie discuss what she should wear for the finale night She can’t decide between her yellow or red dress
9:15 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie talk about how Justin didn’t want to take any of his mementos  from the game Jason said it just goes to show he didn’t appreciate the experience they tell BB if they have extra bug shirts they will take them Kryssie hopes they fly their love ones out Kryssie said she is going to try and take whatever happen gracefully
9:30 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason lying quietly in bedroom Morgan is in the DR Kryssie said she wishes she could go to sleep now
9:45 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie sleeping – Morgan is still in the DR
10:00 PM BBT Kryssie wakes up and takes her dishes to the kitchen.  She cleans the coffee pot and gets another pot ready.  She puts away some clean dishes and heads to the bathroom. She returns to the kitchen and continues washing dishes.
10:15 PM BBT – Jason still asleep, Morgan still in the DR.  Kryssie is making Coffee Milk.  Kryssie asks Jason in the Tokyo Room if he wants her to cut the lights.  She tells him that Morgan is still in the DR.  He says that Morgan has to explain the whole comp.   That she has to take everything step by step.  Kryssie says that they will not have Justin’s step by step explanation of the comp so they only have Morgan. Jason tells her that they have another door in the DR where they can bring a HG back to record a DR session. She tells him about the Ice Coffee that she made.  Jason says now he wants the game to hurry up.  Kryssie says she doesn’t want to go to bed in case they call her to the DR.  Jason says get comfortable but not ugly.  They talk about Justin leaving some things behind.  Kryssie says that he just wanted to get out of the house and leave it behind.  They talk about missing being in the BB house when it’s over.
10:30 PM BBT Kryssie says she knew she was safe but today it was real.   Jason says he has two points that sets him apart from Kryssie and Morgan.  Kryssie says that this final 3 gives any one of them a shot at winning.  All depending on what America thinks.  Jason says he thinks voting is already open.  Morgan comes out of the DR.  Kryssie says she thought Morgan left.  They ask her what took so long – when she starts to tell them BB says YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION.  Morgan begins to unpack her suitcase.  They say that there is nothing to do tomorrow.  Kryssie suggests they set the timer and practice their speeches.
10:45 PM BBT  Morgan gets ready to take a shower.  Jason and Kryssie are in general conversation about what they are going to wear tomorrow.  Jason talks about crying and that he never usually cries but he has cried in the house.  They talk about Fan Art – Jason yells at the camera that he loves Fan Art and says Make Me More Fan Art.  He talks about some Fan Art that he has.  Kryssie talks about if people look up her on Social Media they are gonna find a weird picture with her finger in her nose.  They talk about Justin and how he told them that Kryssie was messing with his fate.  She says that she thinks that Justin was only nice to her so that she would take him to the end because no one else would.  JASON PLEASE GO TO THE DR.
11:00 PM BBT Morgan is in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Kryssie is in the Tokyo Room laying down and Jason is in the DR.  Morgan is talking to the camera but has not put her mic on yet so it’s hard to hear but part of it was that people need to vote.  She goes to the Tokyo Room.  Kryssie and Morgan talk about their speeches.  They talk about the wrap party and if they will have family there.  Kryssie says she wishes that Mike would be there.  Morgan says that Alex will be there for her family.  They talk about the speeches again and Kryssie says she is going to forget.  Morgan says she is going to bullet point it all.  Morgan returns to the bathroom to brush her teeth.  Morgan says goodnight to Kryssie and Kryssie tells her that she killed it and that she is proud of her.  Morgan goes into the London Room and does a dance on the bed.  She jumps on the bed and lays down shaking her hands and feet in the air.  Kryssie is rehearsing her speech.  Morgan looks at the camera and says Hey, I’m in the Final 3.  I’m so happy I memorized all those days.
11:15 PM BBT Jason comes out of the DR and says he talked a lot of crap about her.  KRYSSIE PLEASE GO TO THE DR.  Morgan does a dance about being in the final 3 and she turns off the light and gets into bed.  Jason is in the kitchen getting a glass of water.  He goes to the photo wall and looks at the pictures.  He is talking but his mic is turned down so it’s difficult to hear what he is saying.  He goes back to his bed and lays down.  He says that he is so close.  He says if this was a Jury, that he thinks that he would win.  That Kryssie and Morgan were never really anyones targets.  He said he was a target and yet he still stands.  He talks about the Krackle, Pineapple, Final 5 Alliance issues.  That he was far more entertaining in the house. He talks to the feeders who watch far too many feeds.  He says the BB Basement Gnome needs to be rehomed.  He says he wants to win to say he did it.  He wonders if the grocery store will take him back if he doesn’t win.  He talks about being popular and if he is more or less popular than Kryssie or Morgan or if he falls in the middle.  He says if he gets this close and ends up losing.  He says that Kryssie will talk in her speech about how she did everything but he says that she couldn’t have done anything without him and Danielle winning comps.
11:30 PM BBT  Jason goes over week by week what he did in the house. Morgan is asleep in the London room.  Kryssie returns from the DR.  He asks how much crap she talked about him.  She says all of it.  Kryssie goes to the bathroom.  Jason says that it must be weird with only 3 people to watch.  He says he knows what he wants to say in his final speech but that he is not eloquent in speaking. Kryssie comes back and asks if he wants to stay up and talk a while or if he wants to go to sleep.  He asks what she wants to do and she says she wants to stay awake.  Kryssie finds a pair of large hoop earrings and Jason says they are Neeleys.  They talk about farting and Jason says that he thinks the cigarettes caused him to fart different.  Kryssie says she is interested to hear the science behind cigarette farts.  Jason says that Kryssie is the only one he knows from Chicago.  And that Shelby is the first person he knows from Az.  They talk about where they are from.
11:45 PM BBT  Kryssie says she is afraid of her speech tomorrow.  Jason says she will be fine but that he will mess his up.  He asks what she is wanting to say that she can’t fit into the time allotment.  They begin general conversation. Kryssie says that she proves she was loyal to Jason when she saved from Jason.  And Jason says in week 9 he saved her. They talk about their alliance names from Jambalaya, LNJ and the LNC.  They talk about some of the meals they made from slop.


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