Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, November 22nd


Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates:
Tuesday, November 22nd

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12:00 AM BBT Justin puts the ice cream sandwiches he made in the storage room freezer, and then heads back to the kitchen. Jason finishes putting the cover on his blanket, and then gets comfy. Justin grabs his water jug, then goes into the Tokyo room. Jason and Kryssie complain about the heat in the house. Jason tells BB to turn off the girls AC, and then turn the AC on downstairs. Kryssie wonders who production will talk to after they evict Shelby. Justin goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Justin checks himself out in the mirror. Justin comes back into the Tokyo room. Kryssie wonders if the feeders hate them because all they do is fart. Kryssie and Justin say that they’re proud of each other for making it this far. JASON PLEASE CENTER YOUR MICROPHONE. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Kryssie tells Justin that he’s not allowed to make Jason eggs anymore.
12:15 AM BBT LNJ are in general conversation. Jason pretends to go to sleep, and Kryssie yells at him. Justin goes to grab a napkin. Justin talks about what he wants in his HOH basket if he wins. Kryssie says she can’t wait to take over Morgan and Shelby’s talk show. She calls it “Bubbles and Buttholes”. Kryssie and Jason wonder why everyone thought Shane was so attractive. Jason talks about overpopulation. Jason tells Kryssie and Justin about the open casting calls he went to for his first season, he says there was a lot of crazy old ladies. Justin talks about some of the old ladies he met while out partying. Jason and Kryssie throw ice cubes at each other.
12:30 AM BBT Jason gets an ice cube in Kryssie’s pillow, and then she cries from laughing so hard. Jason complains about the length of his hair, Kryssie tells him it looks good. Kryssie talks about how she use to only date attractive men. Jason jokes that the pretty boys only dated her because she put out. Kryssie looks a little offended. Kryssie asks Justin how he picks up girls on social media. He says he will write poems on girls instagram photos, and leave rose emojis. They talk about body hair.
12:45 AM BBT Justin tells them about how when he first started getting pubic hair, his family made him show everyone. Justin tells them about his family. They make a huge deal over a Jazz Fest that happens in New Orleans. Justin tells them about New Orleans. He tells them about how the laws vary in different parts of New Orleans. Kryssie goes to the bathroom, and complains about the smell of Jason’s fart as she leaves the room. Justin tells Jason about his bike. Kryssie brushes her teeth. Justin says he has an upset stomach, and heads to the bathroom.
1:00 AM BBT Kryssie returns to the Tokyo room. Jason asks Kryssie about her tattoos. Kryssie explains the movies that each Tattoo is from. Kryssie takes her piercings out so BB doesn’t yell at her. Kryssie complains about Shelby’s attitude today. Kryssie rants about Shelby. Jason jokes about using the veto on Kryssie, he then laughs and says I’m not using it on you, or voting you out. Jason and Kryssie talk about their joint birthday party for next year. Justin comes back into the Tokyo room. Jason jokes about BB not caring about them anymore now that he’s back in the room. JUSTIN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Justin goes back to the washroom to grab it.
1:15 AM BBT Justin dances as he returns to the Tokyo room. Justin complains about Jason’s farting. Kryssie and Justin speculate that Morgan threw the veto comp. Justin tells them about how he was laughing the entire comp. They are continue to talk about the veto comp. They start talking about last week’s veto comp. Kryssie complains about having to pack this week. Jason says he misses everyone.
1:30 AM BBT JASON PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE. They go over what happened on each day. Justin doesn’t think he would be able to remember everything. Jason starts pulling on Kryssie’s leg, and Justin tells him to leave her alone. He throws ice cubes at Jason. Jason puts the ice cube in Kryssie’s bag. Kryssie complains about Jason’s farting, and Justin sings a song about it. Jason says that he doesn’t fart in the real world, because he only eats every 3 days. Justin is proud of Jason for gaining weight while in the house. PLEASE STOP SINGING.
1:45 AM BBT Kryssie jokingly tells Justin and Jason to just evict her, so she can be out of her misery. KRYSSIE PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE. Justin leaves the Tokyo room to get more ice. Justin returns. Jason jokingly said Kryssie doesn’t like him, and she was just using him. Jason jokes about voting Kryssie out, and aligning with Morgan. Justin looks into the Paris room, he thinks that the blankets look like someone lying in the bed. Justin turns off the light for the bedrooms. Jason lists off who all slept in the Paris Room. Jason is telling Justin that he may only be getting a sympathy vote Kryssie doesn’t think so. Justin doesn’t think so either. Jason says he got the sympathy vote on his season. BB says Jason PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Justin starts singing about Jason and Jason says that all the songs that Justin sings about Jason suck. Justin hopes that they get music to wake up too. Jason says that they won’t do that this is the season where they don’t stop feeds so they can’t.


2:00 AM BBT Jason is talking about Nicki Minaj. Kryssie wants to know how her band is doing Jason says he can’t wait to hear her music. Jason says he feels like he doesn’t know to much about her kind of music (punk). Jason and Kryssie talking about other kinds of bands that her band is similar to that he’d know. Kryssie says now she wants to her Evil Engine. It’s depressing her she says she misses them. Jason says that he’d give her some money to invest in her music. Jason keeps farting and killing Kryssie and Justin. Kryssie says now she has to pee. Justin is eating candy in the dark. Jason says that he thinks thats a good way to choke. Justin says he’ll live. Jason says just don’t eat Lemonheads. Jason asks BB if they could really get to listen to Evil Engine for Kryssie. Jason really thinks that would be very nice thing to do for Kryssie. Kryssie comes back and says that she can still smell Jason’s farts. Justin wonders when he sleeps deeply does he sleep on his back. They say that Jason needs to sleep outside. Jason says they probably can’t sleep outside. Kryssie says not unless you’re sleeping in the sandtrap. Jason wants to have sexy dreams. Kryssie misses her boyfriend. Jason says that he has to pee anyways and keeps farting. Kryssie and Justin want him to leave as an experiment for him to leave the room for a few minutes and come back he’d smell his own smell. Jason was quiet and Justin thought that Jason was gone and Jason says no he was still there. Jason says that he has heartburn too and needs to take Tums and Justin says to eat a Sweettarts.
2:15 AM BBT Jason finally gets up and goes into the storage room then to the bathroom. Kryssie says that she hopes her boyfriend still loves her when she goes home. Jason comes back into the room and says that he can’t smell his farts just smells warm. Jason thinks that the room needs cooler air. Justin is tapping out a beat and Jason starts singing Hey Mickey, BB says PLEASE STOP SINGING camera’s go into the HOH room to where Morgan and Shelby are asleep. Overhead BB says I SAID PLEASE STOP SINGING. Overhead BB says THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY.
2:30 AM BBT Camera’s still on HOH room where the girls are sleeping.
2:45 AM BBT Camera’s goes to Justin in the bathroom. BB says THE BEDROOM LIGHT MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY. Camera’s 1 and 2 are back on Jason and Kryssie talking about Kryssie messed up her bed. Jason says he’ll help her tomorrow. Justin comes back into the room they are talking about farts. Justin singing WE ARE THE STINKY BOOTY CREW. They are talking about Neeley and says that she really didn’t belong in their group because they keep farting and burping. But they miss her. They are saying that the smell of the farts are curling their hair. Jason is waving to the camera. They are trying to talk like Shelby and saying all the things she talks about. Kryssie says that everyone probably calls Shelby the Bungalow Express. ALL ABOARD. They are talking about her being on Tender. Kryssie says the things she is missing from home. Jason says that she is going to miss him Kryssie says you’ll be in my basement with my BB things. Justin says just come to NO to see him. Justin is missing his girls at home. Justin says that now that Danielle is gone he misses her. Jason thinks that Danielle hates him. Kryssie says Danielle hates the both of them more than her. Justin thinks that with all the plans to keep him he appreciate what they had to do in the end. Jason says he loves Danielle and says he’s sorry for throwing her under the bus. Kryssie wonders why she craves oj at 3’clock. Her and Justin is going to get some. Jason is left in the room alone with his farts.
3:00 AM BBT Jason in the room by himself saying that it’s hot in the room. Kryssie and Justin in the kitchen drinking oj and Kryssie goes into the bathroom to pee, Justin looking for candy to eat. Justin is doing the eating candy happy dance. Justin eating frozen sour punch straws and Kryssie is wondering why he freezes his candy Justin says he freezes all his candy at home. Kryssie and Justin goes back to bed. Justin wonders if you could just imagine that they pack their bags and said that it would be bad luck to have to pack and unpack. Kryssie knows she is staying but knows that they have to pack in a week anyways. They are coming up with names for themselves with their names combined. They are talking about how bad Shelby’s broc. Smelt so bad worse than Jason’s farts. Justin says he likes Danielle. Kryssie says that he’d like her more outside of the BB game. They are wondering if Danielle and Shane will get together. Justin wishes them good luck. They are talking about wanting to see everyone from Shane on Jason says that he really doesn’t want to see Monte. They are talking about how he played his game so hard. They are talking about Monte coming outside with his HOH robe and Davy Crocket hat. And his bug necklace.
3:15 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are talking about dicks that belongs to other people Kryssie says not to even think about her boyfriend’s. Kryssie says that she is going to box all her food themed leggings in her basement. Justin thinks that he liked her Halloween dress should be framed. Jason keeps farting and they are talking about it. Justin wonders why does it comes right to him. He says it just lingers around him. Justin starts singing a song about Jason’s booty. They are talking about Dan Gheesling. Justin is singing about the room being warm with the comforter on. Justin says now he has to pee. Leaves the room running to pee. Jason feels like he sleeps better in the London room. Justin comes back to the room. They are talking about just getting enough sleep just to be woken up to change their batteries. Now they are talking about the camera angles and where they are pointing. They are talking about the people working behind the camera’s and all cameras goes to hoh room and BB says THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY.
3:30 AM BBT ALL 4 camera views on HOH room. Shelby and Morgan are asleep. Overhead BB says JASON TO THE DR. Camera’s goes briefly to the candy bowl and to the Memory wall then back to hoh. 3:41 AM BBT Camera comes back to LNJ being quiet. Maybe they went to sleep.
3:45 AM BBT The house is now quiet. All the HG’s are asleep.Justin went to go to the bathroom. Justin back into bed.
4:00 AM BBT Houseguests are now sleeping
5:00 AM BBT The Houseguests are all asleep
6:00 AM BBT The HGs are all sleeping
7:00 AM BBT All Hg’s are sleeping.
8:00 AM BBT All HGS sleeping
9:00 AM BBT All Sleeping

10:00 AM BBT –  Wakie- wakie house guests!! Movement in the Tokyo room as Kryssie and Jason get up and head into storage room for fresh mics. Jason crawls back into bed, and soon so does Kryssie after a bathroom break. Justin gets up and takes care of his mic and big brother thanks him. Jason shares he dreamed his fingernails fell out and were in his bed and he also found half of a cigarette on the ground and saved it. Still no movement from the HOH room and BB gets onto Shelby and Morgan for not taking care of their mics.
10:15 AM BBT Shelby and Morgan are now taking care of their mics and BB thanks them for it but Morgan just says of gosh..Morgan has a noisy drink of water in the kitchen and then back to bed. Shelby glances outside and say no, heads up to the HOH again. She and Morgan joke about how they will probably have the 10AM lights in sequester as well just to mess with them.
10:30 AM BBT “The only constant in life is change!” Morgan and Shelby start talking numbers and yawn and go back to napping.
10:45 AM BBT Shelby and Morgan muse as to why they’d have to sleep with the lights on… It literally makes no sense. “Did you know that there are 121 marble slots on a Chinese checker board?” Morgan and Shelby talk about how they want to win the next HOH and put Jason and Kryssie on the block next to each other and how lovely that would be. Shelby shouts out DJ’s bagel cafe and wants a hot guy for a back rub, promises not to bang him. They discuss who might come to the wrap party and Shelby says she’s going to bring Slutty Pilot.
11:00 AM BBT “Did you know that more than 14,000 batteries will be used to power your microphones this summer?”
11:15 AM BBT The HGs are all in their beds napping. Morgan and Shelby get up in search of lucky charms. Shelby isn’t happy because someone else got into her cereal, says she’s bringing it back upstairs. They wonder what they’ll make for lunch. Shelby grabs her cocoa puffs and heads up to the HOH to do her hair. Morgan is called to the DR. Shelby gets in front of the mirror and starts her routine.
11:30 AM BBT Morgan comes out of the DR and tells Tokyo there will be a lockdown at 2PM. Morgan heads up the stairs and passes Shelby and tells her of the lockdown and tells her to if she has any stuff down there she’d better get it. Shelby goes into the downstairs bathroom and continues to preen in front of the mirror.
11:45 AM BBT Morgan has joined Shelby in the bathroom, she’s drinking noisily. They wonder how long the lockdown will be, and who the host will be Wednesday. Both girls talk of how their hair has grown out. Shelby wants to ask production if they’ll be out of lockdown by tonight. Shelby wonders if they’ll be at the same hotel for wrap party, says maybe they should split them up by alliance. They discuss the perks of leaving, that they can finally watch the weather and see what it’ll be like. Shelby wants a hot PA for sequester, says she’ll definitely not get a male one though.
12:00 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan are hanging out in the WR. They are just sitting on couch.
12:15 PM BBT Kryssie is in the kitchen making a pbj sandwich. Shelby and Morgan are back in HOH room. Morgan said her shining moment would be getting Jason out. Shelby said she is thinking about switching up her eviction speech. Shelby says they probably won’t send them home just to bring them back for the finale. They will probably stay in a hotel somewhere. Kryssie heads back to Tokyo Room where the other two (Justin and Jason) are still in bed. Morgan begins studying and repeating the BB messages. Krissie and Jason discuss how Shelby is going to go out. They don’t know if she will go out with class or embarrass herself. Jason says she probably has a crazy speech for today. Jason says she can say whatever she wants; it doesn’t matter. Jason gets up and begins to get dressed. Morgan leaves HOH room to get clothes. Shelby and Justin both still laying in bed.
12:30 PM BBT Shelby says she wants a sparkly v-neck like Morgan has. She says they gave her this ugly shirt from American Apparel. She says F U, American Apparel. Morgan says she wonders if Jason is going to give an annoying speech. She then she asks what the maximum times are that she can go to the DR. She says she is going to be in there all day. Morgan says her knees hurt so bad. Shelby says hers do, too. Krissie is remembering the days. Shelby says she can’t wait to never see the hypocrit-e-icks ever again. Cause she has friends in her real life. Morgan says she will probably not ever go to any BB conventions. Morgan is called to the DR.
12:45 PM BBT Shelby moves out to the landing and sits on the couch. She begins picking her split ends again. Morgan comes out of DR and goes back upstairs to join Shelby. Jason and Kryssie are talking about the game and how things don’t always go your way. Jason says Morgan and Shelby don’t understand that. Jason is called to the DR. Kryssie says that the only one from the first week was the kerosene one. Justin said and the Day 13 one. Justin begins counting the days on his hands. Justin heads to WR. Kryssie talks to the cameras and says that she wants to get this veto meeting over with. Shelby is reminding Morgan the rules for chess. She is explaining all the pieces and how they move. Kryssie gives a shout out to her boyfriend and friends. Tells people to add her on instagram. Justin returns to Tokyo Room and he and Krissie start talking the days again. Shelby and Morgan said they have had so many shitty days in the house…more shitty than fun. Shelby says they should tell everyone that she is Morgan’s cousin. They think that is so funny.
1:00 PM BBT Jason comes out of DR and calls everyone to the Veto Meeting. They all go to LR and sit down. Jason and Krissie sit on nomination couch. BB says you may begin now. Jason gives Kryssie a chance to say why she should be saved. Kryssie says she would love it but she says he shouldn’t because he deserves it. She said that he beat her time and shoud take himself off. Jason says he has decided to use the veto on himself. Morgan says since Shelby is the only one that can be nominated that she will have to do the suckiest thing and nominate her. Jason says that the meeting is adjourned. Morgan and Shelby head outside. Justin said that he is so glad that he walked that tightrope. Justin says that his hair is looking wild. He asks Jason to fix it, and Jason said not even Jesus could fix that hair. Morgan and Shelby being playing pool. Jason says that the girls ate all his Twix and took all the cereal. Justin says, yeah, they are petty. Justin, Jason, and Kryssie decide to go outside since they will be locked down in about an hour. Justin says hello to the sky, wind, world, sunshine, and trees. Justin runs around the yard with his cereal bowl in his hand. Justin tells Jason and Kryssie that they have come a long way, so far together, and that he is so proud of them all. Shelby and Morgan just still playing pool. Justin says there are 9 days left. Kryssie says not including today. It’s 10 counting today. Justin said that God is good all the time.
1:15 PM BBT Justin said that they are building something. Jason said it’s probably just a golf cart. He said sometimes they blindfold you and take you in the cart and tell you to hold on. The LNJ are talking about candles. Kryssie says she has made her own candles. Jason says he likes candles alot too. BB calls Morgan to the DR. BB tells HGs to stop singing. They talk about how Danielle was not a morning person. Jason tells a story about Meg and how her mom used to draw a smiley face on a paper plate. He says thanks to them for having him over for Thanksgiving last year. Plane flies overhead. Kryssie says she will have 3 consecutive naked days with Mike when she gets home. They begin talking about the weather and how they hope it’s not snowing when they leave BB.


1:30 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie are talking about other reality shows. Kryssie says she wouldn’t last at all on Survivor. She said she would go on Amazing Race if she could go with Mike and that would they guarantee that she would be with him. BB calls Jason to DR. Morgan and Shelby say they are going to do ‘Bathtime with Bikini Girl’ later. Morgan and Shelby go back to playing pool. Shelby says to Morgan, “Remember when you had a showmance with Monte?” The talk about how that was not true no matter what he said. Morgan said that Krissie’s speech was strange. Justin goes back and lays down in bed. Jason comes out of DR and goes to BY.
1:45 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby still playing pool. Justin laying in bed. Justin gets up and heads to WR where Kryssie is showering. He lays on bench. Morgan comes in to WR, goes to bathroom, and then heads back outside to continue to play pool. She doesn’t speak to Justin. After she leaves, Justin says to Kryssie that he doesn’t know why they hate him so much, but they do. BB says HGs this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door. Morgan and Shelby come inside and start talking about what to make for lunch. Justin is counting on his fingers. Jason joins group in WR. BB tells Justin to please not block the windows. Please remove all obstructions from the window. Jason moves the towels. BB says thank you. Shelby and Morgan making their lunch. Jason and Justin making lyrics and BB tells them to stop that.


2:00 PM BBT it’s a quiet house. Nothing to do. Everyone’s finding things to do
2:15 PM BBT very little going on
2:30 PM BBT Lazy day in the house.
2:45 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby are in the HOH washroom. Shelby and Morgan don’t like the other Hg’s
3:00 PM BBT Lazy day in the BB House
3:15 PM BBT. Quite inside.
3:30 PM BBT. the HGs are blared. Just small talk.
3:45 PM BBT not much going on.
4:30 PM BBT kryssie said to jason you went through the maze ninja fast.
4:45 PM BBT jason asked justin have you have a macaroni and cheese pizza.
5:00 PM BBT Shelby is crying in the HoH room, and Justin and Kryssie are in the dining room. Kryssie says that she’s bummed that they didn’t get messages from. While the girls are crying, Justin says that she wanted one of them to be in a hotel room instead. Justin makes a pizza, saying that he’s a perfectionist when he’s painting, so much so that he’ll stay up all night and his parents will tell him to go to bed ‘cause he gets angry at times. Justin thanks BB for this opportunity, but is missing his family. Justin said that he hasn’t broken down, but tells Kryssie that he’s keeping him sane. He says that when when he’s around people, he won’t show his emotions, but when he’s alone, he gets in his head. After talking about various stuff, Kryssie tells Justin that he’s always the life of the party. He agrees.
5:15 PM BBT Justin says that he’s surprised that time is almost coming to an end. Kryssie says that the finale is a week from Thursday! In HoH, Morgan apologizes for not winning the veto. Shelby cries and says that it’s not her fault. Shelby says that America probably hates her for crying this much. Morgan says that it’s okay to be upset. Morgan says that she just needs to prepare herself for tomorrow. Shelby and Morgan eat chips. Shelby says that she feels better when she eats, and wonders how she stayed thin in law school. Shelby says that they better send their best PA or she’s gonna call 911 if she doesn’t get her cell phone back. She says she’ll flip her shit if they don’t give her her phone back. She would like the tall PA with the glasses.
5:30 PM BBT Morgan says that she wishes she could get her cell phone so she can do her business for her. Morgan says that she imagines that her boyfriend must’ve signed a release, or else she wouldn’t be able to talk about him, then the feeds switch to dining room for a while. Morgan asks Shelby if they can play Jenga after dinner, so she can play with an actual human. Morgan goes over how many times HGs were America’s Nominee and have-nots, and when. Shelby says “fuck you” to Neeley for probably enjoying watching her cry. Morgan says that she’s probably not watching. Shelby asks What are the odds that Neeley’s probably twerking right now? Morgan says 1 to 1. Morgan and Shelby go down to get food. Kryssie says that the only thing they can do in the house is eat. Shelby is struggling to cut with a plastic knife, so tells Morgan that she’ll just wait ‘til she’s done.

5:45 PM BBT Morgan says that she hopes Clay doesn’t host the HoH comp tomorrow. Morgan is called to the storage room. She says that she asked for a bible. When she comes back, she asks why they can’t have books and magazines. Jason says that on season 1, they would communicate by pointing to words, so BB caught on and says not. Jason, Justin, and Kryssie go into Tokyo. Kryssie bitches about Morgan saying that she hopes that Clay doesn’t host the HoH comp. She says that she’s tired of her. Jason tells Kryssie to start a fight. Kryssie says that she hates that Morgan isn’t playing the game, even though she said that she’s been wanting to play for a long time. Jason wonders why they think Clay would host the HoH comp, saying that they would only ask BB icons. Jason says that the misfits and Whitney didn’t fit in with Shelby, Morgan, and Alex ‘cause they have a personality.
6:00 PM BBT Kryssie, Justin, and Jason lying in Tokyo Rm chatting. Shelby and Morgan in kitchen fixing veggies and steak dinner.
6:15 PM BBT Jason straightening out the duet cover for Kryssie. Justin and Kryssie lays back and eats cookies. Morgan and Shelby still fixing their dinner. Jason now says that he feels like he only can sit in bed now that they are locked in. Justin out in the kitchen reposing or creating more foil people statues.
6:30 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan take inventory of what all they have the pantry. Shelby discovered Kryssie has a smaller suitcase than hers. Shelby and Morgan making chocolate chip cookie bowls by molding the dough on the outside of an upside down cupcake tin, then will bake. Shelby made a comment that their fun surprise was not that fun today! They take a break and play a game of Jenga.
6:45 PM BBT Jason uses a lint roller and cleans Kryssie’s duvet. Jason talks about whether BB will continue BBOTT type online series and the chances of them being on another show. Kryssie thinks her chances are 1 in 10…depending upon where she is in her life. The Jenga game continues. Jason has completely delintified the duvet and returns it to Kryssie. They ask for the vacuum again from BB.
7:00 PM BBT The cookie cups come out of the oven. They are still very soft and try to tear off pieces to patch up some of the holes in the cups. Jason is tidying up the entire Tokyo Rm by making all the beds. Admist their patch work, they break off and eat pieces, lick their fingers, and continue patching. They are allowing the cookie cups to cool, so back to Jenga. Jason lies on top of his bed. The Tokyo Rm is quiet; Kryssie and Justin seem to be dozing off. Jason goes out to ask Morgan if he can go listen to Queen B.
BBOTT Daily Recap. Jason won Power of Veto. Jason used it save himself and Shelby had to be nominated.
7:15 PM BBT Justin and Kryssie talk. Justin wants her and him to be the Final 2. Kryssie feels as if she is getting it worst now from Jason because Danielle is no longer around for him to pick on. Kryssie justifies it by saying it’s just the way Jason is. Justin is stressed out needing to with HOH! Justin goes over the more recent days in the house. Shelby and Morgan go up to HIOH Rm where Jason is already there listening to iPhone music, Live Diary Room sessions coming up.
7:30 PM BBT Kryssie and Justin talking in WR. They wonder what the girls are saying to Jason; they hope Jason is a better person and not flipping on them. Jason in the HOH Rm are coaching the girls (especially Morgan) on life after BB. Might be surprised what you hear others say about you. Shelby says right now she is bitter. Morgan is called in for her DR session. Justin wants the next HOH more than anything thus far!
Morgan DR session: She has to win HOH and/or Veto to stay in the house. She will be alone once Shelby is voted out this week.
7:45 PM BBT Shelby talks about how she would not be good as a bachelorette. She can not fight for the attention…she has to have the attention from the beginning. Shelby tells Jason  about a dream she had since being in the house.
Justin DR session: He’s been himself throughout the game. Positive thoughts equals positive outside when it comes to Jason winning veto. You smell good, you do good…they all had their perfume on! He doesn’t think he has made any huge mistake that jeopardized his game. Justin is thankful every day, and thankful for everything.
Jason DR session: He thinks he is in good with Kryssie and Justin but need to figure out how Morgan will be integrated this coming week with the other HGs and if Kryssie and Justin do have plans on cutting him. Voting this week is simple; Shelby would have wanted him out so can’t take a chance with her being Final 4 or 3. BB is a “what if” game. He sees his first mistake was not handing the “bug” to Monte….however, overall more positive choices made than mistakes.
Shelby and Morgan talk about their past experiences being in the BB house. Morgan thinks this late in the game should be comps about the days or how well they know other HGs….not crawling through a fricken corn maze!
8:00 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan goes downstairs. Shelby realizes her DR session will be last. They laugh at their cookie dough bowls they tried to make.
Kryssie DR session: She is super proud of Jason winning veto. She is thrilled to see Shelby gone this week. Kryssie blames the pants she wore in the last HOH comp for the reason she lost and that Morgan is now going to find out what it feels like to have a friend go home on you HOH Shelby is up next for her live DR session Shelby said that there is no strategy this week since people are already telling her goodbye and that if wasn’t up against Kryssie she probably would have won the comps to get her to the end Jason winning veto was her worst case scenario and that it would be stupid for rest the house to keep her since she has won the most comps except for Jason but she said most of Jason wins were crap shoots and that she couldn’t use her lawyer skills to argue with them to keep her She blames america’s nom and care package making it hard to really play the game
8:15 PM BBT Shelby said that she mad she had to shoot a thanksgiving promo today and had to say that she was still in the house for thanksgiving even though she knows she won’t be that she will be sequestered in hotel She said she will be revealing to the HG tomorrow that she is a lawyer and that she would be very thankful if she passed her bar exam DR sessions are now over Kryssie is crying because her worried about her boyfriend being alone for thanksgiving Jason tries to reassure her that they feel more alone but there family and friends can see them and hear them Shelby and Morgan eating dinner in the KT
8:30 PM BBT Kryssie said she is going to wake up early tomorrow and eat all the steak before Morgan and Shelby Kryssie talks about what she is going to wear tomorrow night for eviction night Shelby and Morgan are cleaning the KT after they finished eating dinner Jason Kryssie and Justin talking about movies Morgan and Shelby are now sitting in the HOH room
8:45 PM BBT Morgan in HOH room looking through a book about different languages Shelby going over her eviction speech Shelby tells Morgan that she needs to sell to Justin that he would win in the end against her and that it’s crazy that Kryssie thinks she can win and she has made moves in the game and that if Justin tries say that him getting his veto this week counts as a comp she said it doesn’t count since he didn’t compete against anyone else
9:00 PM BBT Shelby talking to Morgan about when she first came into the house and thought you voted for who you wanted to keep safe Justin and Kryssie making food in the KT Justin said he is nervous because they are so close to the end Jason talking to himself in the london room he said his best chance is being against morgan and Kryssie for the final 3 and that he needs to win the first part of the hoh comp he said that Justin likes to play the sympathy card that he is struggling but Jason says that he is not because he has a lot of expensive clothes He said that Justin didn’t start anything and that he latched onto everyone else and that he never had to be stressed out he pretend to be but never really had to be like everyone else was
9:15 PM BBT Jason said he will have to use Morgan as a weapon on Justin he needs to tell her that he will win because he nice Jason said he is here to win and not get second place and that the gaming never stops Jason goes and joins Kryssie and Justin in the KT Morgan says she has to win tomorrow because she doesn’t do well at the veto under pressure and that she hopes it’s physical with mental because that it was she is good at Shelby tells her if it is not something she is going to win then to try and sabotage Jason Morgan tells Shelby that Alex would have done really well if it would have been a regular season of BB
9:30 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan about how they wanted to keep Monte because of how loyal he was and that the most interesting eviction was Neeley because they had no idea who was going home that week Justin said that being the BB feels like they are the only ones left alive in the world Morgan goes to take a shower Shelby said she is going to listen to Morgan music while she takes a shower Justin Jason and Kryssie eating in the KT
9:45 PM BBT Jason kryssie and Justin talking about how they are going to put each other in their phones Shelby is still listening to music in the HOH room Jason tells them that with this version of BB people see everything unlike the regular BB Justin is helping Jason make his food Justin said that Morgan and Shelby threw out a muffin tin and he thinks it’s because they didn’t want to clean it
10:00 PM BBT  Jason comments on Kryssie’s hair and that she has had 3 different hairstyles today.  Justin is cooking and Jason is eating.  They are talking about the comp tomorrow.  They talk about the comps they may do and how they will be dressing.  Jason says they are the ugliest final 3 in BB.  Jason says that Justin is raising the pretty factor and thank God Kryssie has breasts. Jason says they are the ugly squad vs the pretty hair squad.  Jason runs down the final 3 groups and says they are attractive.  Justin says they are all beautiful.  They talk about Nicole and how she sorta looks like Alex with a different nose.  Kryssie says that Jason doesn’t think of Alex as attractive because he thinks she is a dbag.  Jason says in Mass that he is attractive.  Kryssie say she is a Chicago 6/7.  She said she was never fatter than when she landed in California.  Everyone here is skinny and starving.  She says that she knew coming in that she was not going to be as attractive as the other girls.  They tell her that in her picture she is very pretty. Justin says he looks loaded in his and that his is photoshopped.  They talk about the other HG photos.  Jason says that BB likes him in pink prints and bright to say he is a raging homosexual.  Kryssie says that in her picture Shelby looks like a topless toothpaste commercial.  Jason says that he told Shelby the first night that she was a hooker.  They say Danielle looks like she is older than she really acted in the house.
10:15 PM BBT  They talk about the photos that have blatant photoshop.  They say that Whitney and Danielle look older in their photos.  Kryssie says Justin looks like the bus driver that is bringing everyone to the house.  Jason says that Justin is the twin twist based on his picture and half his picture is the high  brother.  Kryssie says no way because he walks around topless and has the same scar.  Jason says that’s what makeup is for.  Jason says he asked Johnny Mac for veneers teeth and he said no that they were not good for you.  Justin says that he has perfect teeth already and doesn’t need to spend money on them.  Kryssie says everyone looks older when their pictures go black and white like Cornbread looks like someone’s grandpappy. She says that Monte looks like he is on work release, no shade to those who are on work release.  Justin says that Morgan is in the middle of a cheer in her picture. He says he is convinced that Neeley is old.  Jason asks who they think is cutting up the most on the outside.  Kryssie says that Danielle is most likely.  Jason says that Scott is on the Internet street.  Kryssie said he will not vote for her because he hates her knee.  Justin says that Scott loves Jason.  Jason says that Scott was all about game.  Kryssie says that most likely that Scott hasn’t met people like them in the real world.  Justin says he loves Danielle.  Kryssie says it pained her to vote her out but that she made promises to them.   Kryssie says she will get a tattoo “Jamboree” on her wrist.  Kryssie says she can not wait to see everyone’s pictures in black and white except them. Justin says if they can not pull off the final three that they suck.  He says he has been killing his brain studying so hard.  Kryssie says final eviction is one week from tomorrow.  Justin tells Jason to go check on the girls to see what they are doing.  Kryssie says that once Shelby knew she wasn’t going to win that she doesn’t care about Morgan.  Kryssie says she hopes the comp is a timed one with a buzzer.  Jason says that they don’t do it because of malfunctions.
10:30 PM BBT  The HG in the kitchen begin to quiz themselves on days in the BB house.  Shelby comes down for water.  She says she doesn’t fit in her dress anymore.  Justin says her butt looks good.  Shelby says her butt will no longer be there by the wrap party so say goodbye to it.  She goes back to the HOH room.  In the HOH room Shelby and Morgan are talking about the things they like to eat.  Shelby says she misses her life.  Morgan says she can’t wait to pretend to have her life.  Shelby talks about her time in law school.  Morgan talks about how Jason says they will like each other outside the house.  Morgan says that she doesn’t think so.  Shelby says it has nothing to do with the game, but just because he isn’t a nice person.  Shelby says that Jason tells them that he is a different person outside of the game but she says that it’s the stuff he has been doing, it’s not that he wanted her out of the house.  Shelby says they must have forgotten that they wanted her out of the house week 2.  She thinks that they thought she would be an easy person to get out when they wanted therefore they didn’t get her out.  Morgan talks to Alex in the camera.  Morgan asks Shelby not to watch the first episode without her.  Shelby says they can make it a drinking game and can drink when they are embarrassed.  They talk about the HG that have or could have had a twist.  Morgan says that they would have been good on normal big brother.  They always need a bikini girl.
10:45 PM BBT  They talk about Justin and that they think he is entitled and doesn’t need the money because his family must have money.  They talk about him sleeping through wake up and not wanting to do things.  They say a great twist would be that Justin is a random homeless guy.  Shelby says that Kryssie’s twist is that she is a tube of toothpaste.  Morgan says that there will be memes with Kryssie and a tube of toothpaste because of that.  Shelby tells BB that she wants a bottle of Rose delivered to her room.  Morgan says that she just wants wine, no food.  She wants to drown her sorrows.  Shelby says she is leaving JoJo with Morgan.  Shelby says that they will most likely make her watch a movie with a PA and if he is not hot don’t send the PA and that she wants funny shows, her phone and she names food she wants.  She wants music and her keyboard and sheet music.  Morgan says that she just needs to stay.  Shelby says that she doesn’t want to stay if she can’t win the money.  She says if she could run around with Morgan in the comps and tell her what to do she would stay.  Morgan says that would be a great prize to be able to keep a buddy in the game. Shelby says she is requesting a cute PA.  Morgan says to have her run through the meeting.  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION.  Downstairs in the Toyoko room Jason is using the vacuum.  Justin asks if he will vacuum the couch and Jason says why doesn’t Justin.  Jason says he doesn’t like to work. Jason takes the vacuum to the storage room to empty it and he can’t get it open.
11:00 PM BBT  Jason is putting up the vacuum.  Kryssie comes into the room from getting changed for bed.  Jason says the girls upstairs are making a lot of noise.  The feeds follow Jason around from the bedroom to the storage room, to the bathroom back to the bedroom.  Kryssie says that she wishes she could replay the comp, actually replay all the comps.  Jason says that it’s easy to play the game from home.  They talk about Alex and her eviction dress and her eviction speech.  They talk about a zit on Jason’s face and that they are going to pop it in the HOH room because he plans on winning.  Kryssie says that he needs to pop it even if Morgan wins and that he should pop it while she is reading her letter.  They talk about letters they would get and the kinds of pictures they would get if they got HOH tomorrow.  They talk about who would write to them and then the feeds go to the HOH room where Morgan is in bed and Shelby is walking around.  Shelby gets into bed and tells Morgan she can’t wait to ask Justin if he is a homeless man.  Shelby quizzes Morgan on the days in the BB house.  All 4 cameras are still on the HOH room.
11:15 PM BBT  The girls continue to quiz and all cameras are still on the HOH room.  They begin to talk about Scott being a nerdy debt collector.  Shelby says he was picked because he has OTT in his name.  Shelby says she will miss looking at her picture on the board.  She says that she thinks BB wanted her to win because they put her picture in the middle and all the pics around her are black and white. Morgan says that if she couldn’t win, she would want Shelby to win. Shelby tell her no, she would pick Alex.  Morgan says that Alex went home two weeks ago and she is still here.  Shelby says of course because the only other people you can choose from are Justin, Jason and Kryssie.  When the feeds go back to the HG downstairs, they are quizzing each other. Kryssie says she doesn’t care who wins the HOH as long as it’s someone in their room. If they don’t, she will burn down the storage room.  They go back to quizzing.  Kryssie says there are only 2 BB comps left this season.  She says if Jason wins them both his stats will be unbeatable.  They go back to quizzing.  The girls in the HOH room turn off the lights and get ready for bed.  Kryssie asks Jason if the feeders hate them because they are up talking crap every night.  Jason says they have nothing else to watch.  He says that the girls never stay up late and that they give people things to watch, even if they hate them that people are obsessed with watching.
11:30 PM BBT Kryssie says she misses her boyfriend.  Jason says he misses boys.  She says isn’t it nice to miss something?  She says she misses her boyfriend putting her socks on.  She talks about her boyfriend’s toe socks.  They talk about Danielle and the sandals she would wear that they teased her about wearing her daddy or Jesus sandals.  They talk about casual things.
11:45 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie are the only two awake.  They are in general conversation in the Tokyo Room.  Kryssie tells Jason that he can’t die because she won’t get a vote.  They tease that BB would say that Jason’s last words were I choose to evict Kryssie.  She just tells him not to vote her out tomorrow.  If he does she swears (and gives him a dirty face).  Kryssie talks about her profile description of herself, Jason says his includes he is a BB 17 Pre Jury Flop and he will add that hs is a BBOTT Looser.  Kryssie says she is going to hashtag LNJ.  They talk about Jason’s pants and that they are women’s pants because they have a heart on the tag.  He says that he thinks they would be pants that Kryssie would like.  She says she would never wear them because they are silky and have elastic around the ankles.  He wonders where he found them.  Jason says that his stomach has gotten bigger.  Kryssie says they all have gained BB lbs.  They talk about vacuuming and she asks if she needs to do it again.  She says Justin likes the vacuum noise.  Jason says that Kryssie is like the Jamboree Mom.  She says she would rather be the queen.  He says that after this people will call her mom.  Kryssie says she is not the mom type in case it was not established.  They talk about the London Room light being on.  They say that Justin clothes are still in the London room.  Jason says he never even lives in there so why are his clothes in there?  Kryssie says the dressers are nicer. 15
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