Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, November 1st

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, November 1st

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, November 1st

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12:00 AM BBT Danielle, Justin, Kryssie and Jason are in the kitchen talking. Morgan, Alex, Shelby and Whitney are in the bedroom. Scott is still in the diary room. Shelby talks about the promises Scott made to America. Whitney doesn’t think Scott expected to be America’s nominee. Morgan thinks it’s weird America didn’t evict him last week. Alex thinks Scott is a mixture of Steve and JohnnyMac from BB17. Alex is uncomfortable that somebody was in her bed earlier. The Ball Smashers discuss the veto comp. Justin sings a song, and Danielle dances around. LNJ talk about runway shows. Ball Smashers talk about carving pumpkins. The girls discuss if Scott already has a deal with Danielle. Alex says she’s been avoiding him. Shelby says she has no deals to offer Danielle. Whitney comes into the kitchen, and Kryssie asks if she’s going to eat again. Whitney says yes, and tells them they should as well. Whitney returns to the bedroom. Alex asks Shelby about her kiss with Jason was, she said it was great. She says she was tight lipped, and didn’t want tongue. The girls talk about Kryssie’s costume breaking. They all have sympathy for her.
12:15 AM BBT Justin joins the girls in the bedroom, and talks with them. Justin tells them that he had a stillborn daughter, he then tells them he wants to get a rose tattoo for her. They say that is sweet. Danielle joins them in the bedroom. Jason and Kryssie come into the bedroom. Jason dances around a bit. Danielle, Jason, Kryssie and Justin talk about Shane’s first kiss. The Ball Smashers listen quietly. Houseguests talk about where all the people were hidden during the Veto Comp. Jason says the comps are getting better.
12:30 AM BBT Kryssie talks about shows her band has put on. Alex and Shelby leave the bedroom, and head to the bathroom. Alex and Shelby discuss who they’re voting out. Alex says that Whitney is very distant right now, but she thinks she might be reading too much into it. Alex says that Scott is better for their game because he’s dedicated to them, and Whitney is more dedicated to Justin. Scott leaves the DR and joins everyone else in the bedroom. Alex says Scott is a bigger target in the house because everyone hates him. Shelby says she’s had doubts about Whitney for a while. Houseguests in the bedroom are talking about wizards and warlocks. Shelby says they need to tell Scott he needs to have more loyalty to her, and downplay the obsession he has with Alex. DANIELLE PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Alex is hoping that Danielle removes Scott from the block so they can evict Whitney. Alex runs into the toilet because she thinks she heard someone coming. Shelby grabs her coat from the bedroom, and Alex joins everyone in the bedroom again.
12:45 AM BBT Houseguests talk about a convict who had an attractive mug shot, and then became a model after getting out of jail because of it. Shelby lays down in her bed. Shelby asks Jason if they can gradually make out more and more every day. She jokes that they have the weirdest showmance ever. Scott goes into the kitchen, and puts all the Chinese food away in the fridge. Justin comes into the kitchen to check the time, and grab some candy. Shelby can’t believe that Jason didn’t get nominated by America for a story he told about a blind girl. Jason says they’re coming for him next week. Jason is happy that Liz came into the house today. Jason tells the story about Lawon self evicting on his season. Scott goes into the yoga room and talks to himself about the game. Justin jokes about giving out his cell phone number.
1:00 AM BBT Scott is now out in the backyard talking to himself, he is telling America his gameplan for the week, and further strategy. He says that he would want to get Whitney out this week and make a final 3 with Shelby and Alex. Kryssie talks about her boyfriend’s band. Kryssie says her album dropped today. The band name is Evil Engine. Justin talks about showing people a good time in New Orleans. Scott joins everyone in the bedroom. Justin says he would pleasure everyone while they’re in New Orleans, and Shelby tells that as he would force himself onto her. Justin explains that he meant food or music. Alex, Whitney and Morgan say they didn’t take that way until Shelby says something. Justin and Jason reveal that they have been arrested, but not convicted.
1:15 AM BBT Justin tells a story about running away from a Police Horse. Jason talks about production sitting them down in the DR to go over all the rules, he says they didn’t do that in his season. Justin talks about how he used to stay at home and get drunk, and then do a bunch of art. Justin tells everyone he used to go to AA meetings. Justin says he’s tired, and everyone agrees. Justin goes to the kitchen. Jason puts on Whitney’s heels. Morgan gets excited because that means they’re her size. Shelby hides her face under her blanket. Alex says she’s going to the bathroom, then heading to bed. Whitney is going to eat something before going to bed. All houseguests except Shelby leave the bedrooms, and Shelby goes to sleep. Justin, Alex, Morgan, and Scott get ready for bed. Morgan and Alex go to bed.
1:30 AM BBT Jason, Kryssie, and Whitney talk about dying hair. Jason asks Kryssie if he can dye her hair. Kryssie and Whitney have something to eat. Jason makes a shout out to Liz, and then throws shade at Julia for not showing up. Scott goes to bed. Justin makes up a poem. Whitney asks Justin about what he does on Valentine’s Day, and he tells a story about seeing his ex GF last Valentine’s Day. Alex wakes Morgan up and asks to switch beds. Jason, Whitney, and Kryssie look through all the candy.
1:45 AM BBT Whitney sets a bucket of candy aside for her and Justin. Jason and Kryssie talk about people having babies later in life. Justin goes to the HN room and lay down. Danielle leaves the DR. DANIELLE, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS WITH OTHER HOUSEGUESTS. Kryssie say she is going to bed. Danielle gets excited about getting to make a big game move tomorrow. Danielle, Jason, Whitney and Kryssie are talking in the bathroom while getting ready for bed. Jason walks around the heels that Danielle got for her costume.
2:00 AM BBT Danielle tells the others about winter boots she has. Danielle is shocked at how long they kept her in the DR. Kryssie tells Danielle that Justin thought she left the DR and went straight to bed without anyone noticing her. Danielle says she will go to and say goodnight to him before she goes upstairs. Jason brings up Scott staying up at night to talk to the cameras. Whitney leaves the bathroom, and heads to the HN room. Kryssie and Danielle go to HN room, Danielle hugs Justin goodnight. Danielle heads upstairs to go to bed. Kryssie and Whitney go to bed. Justin is saying that the have not room is not as cold as it normally is. Whitney says maybe they got rid of all the spirits. Justin is having a hard time getting comfortable. Kryssie tells him to put the blanket under him, Whitney says sleep in the middle. Justin says he loves them all. Kryssie says she loves him too. Justin is talking about how much he ate. Kryssie states that she is glad they are in there together.
2:15 AM BBT Danielle got called out for no mic. She gets Jason out of the London Room and they go up to the HOH Room.Jason is sleeping in the HOH Room with Danielle as she is scared. They are talking about Ouija boards. The conversation between them is about scary movies. Danielle says she is an over thinker, she is talking about Shane and how he is at home and not coming back. Their conversation is on general topics and very mumbled as they do not have their mics on. Danielle is talking about taking Whitney off the block and putting Morgan on the block. Danielle says she wants to break up Alex and Scott. Jason says they is like Big Brother Gold, Danielle says you can’t have a Bonnie without a Clyde. She says her target changed 3 times this week. First she wanted Alex than Morgan than Whitney and now Scott. Danielle ays does Alex really think they are going to do what she wants. Danielle says she is not a morning person so she hopes they don’t come up to talk to her in the morning. She says she is happy that they decided to keep Whitney.
2:30 AM BBT Danielle and Jason are saying they worked for everything they have gotten in this game. Danielle says they are a strong team. Jason says Justin said something and Jason told him No that’s not right Danielle knows what she is doing. They are now saying they are happy America put up Scott and not Morgan or Alex.The conversation now about the veto comp. Jason says Danielle looked like she was saying to the ghosts don’t talk to me I have to find a rattle. She said she was glad she walked into the London Room last as that room scared her the most and she would of been more shook up doing the other rooms.
2:45 AM BBT She says her strategy was to grab grab and run. They both said they seen the little girl which was the scariest. Jason says it was funny they all thought she was a little girl and she was a full grown woman. Jason says he wanted to know which one where real and which ones were not. Danielle says the rabbit guy freaked her out as well as the little girl. Danielle says she didn’t see the horse until she came back into the living room looking for the box. She says that’s when she seen the woman in the living room. Both of them are saying they were scared when they came up stairs because they could hear them downstairs, they thought they were coming up the stairs after them. Danielle says she felt she had to go fast because she wasn’t sure how fast Jason and Justin went and she didn’t want anyone from the other side to win. Jason says you ran thru the whole comp. Danielle said she felt like she was walking. The conversation is still about the comp and where the ghosts were and what they did. Danielle says she never seen the clown sitting at the back of Whitney’s bed. Danielle says she never seen him. Jason is saying that Morgan said him and Justin did it fast. He said Shelby came up looking upset and knew she didn’t do well. Danielle says no one think she is here to play the game. She says that the other side thinks she is stupid and was only here for a showmance. She says she has wanted to be on the show since she was 10 years old. She said Scott made a stupid move sending Shane home and not her. She says that is why you don’t make personnel moves on Big Brother. She says Shane had good ideas but she would tell him to pull back. Jason said he told Scott that Shane would be nothing without Danielle but Scott was set on getting Shane out. Danielle says if Shane was still here he would be her right or die, but she thinks it worked out okay because it is now the core 4 of them.
3:00 AM BBT They are talking about how Neeley joined them. They think that she didn’t like Shelby or Alex. Alex because she controlled Morgan so she felt she could not control Morgan herself. The conversation is continuing but it very hard to hear. They are talking about Alex not being able to see during her punishment comp. They said Paul told her she won’t be able to see. Danielle says it was like her and the LNC and her and Shane. Jason says yea you would of lost your focus. She said yea now she is focused on just the LNC. She said Shane did everything to advance them both. Jason said that he was a great guy. Danielle says she feels that if her and Shane did not get in a showmance he would of gotten far in the game. She says she feels bad about that. Jason says if she wants to leave here and they get married they can make little mixed babies. He also said she can get her little house. Jason and Danielle are talking about how much Shane was a really good guy. Jason says he has watched BB for a long time. Danielle says that Shane would have lasted so much longer than he did if they didn’t have a showmance. Jason says that Danielle and Shane can now figure out how they feel for each other and can go and get her little house that she always wanted. They are talking about Neeley’s game play and said she did an ok job. She always wanted to work together with Danielle because they are both African American black women and she knew that they were both very strong players. She says that with Shane leaving she felt like she was apart from the group and Neeley acted differently around her after Shane left. She felt like they put her in there to have a showmance with Justin.
3:15 AM BBT She felt like her and Justin were both to opposite from each other and she really didn’t have a thing in common with so that was why she was liking Shane. She felt like her and Shane connected better.They thought that Justin was going after Shane and Danielle out of jealousy because she didn’t pick him. They feel like everything happens for a reason. Jason is saying that everyone just needs to go at sometime. That they had to play that much harder because of the showmance. Danielle says that she wants to see the expression on Alex’s face when she takes off Whitney. Danielle feels like no one in the house really knows how to play the game. She says that Alex thinks that her and Danielle are the number 2 threats in the house. Danielle says that she really wanted to enjoy the fact the 2 of her friends that are on the block were able to eat and have a great time. And wants to shock the other girls’ faces when their lights light up and Whitney is safe and comes off the block and they are all on the block together. They are talking about the rows they are in on the memory wall and how Kryssie’s row has Shelby on it but they can get rid of her and Kryssie can be all by herself. They want to even out the walls by getting rid of all them. But Jason says that he is on the wall that Cornbread and Monte and Shane were all on and Jason doesn’t want to be the next one gone. 3:29 AM BBT Danielle is talking about someone she liked and we got fish tanked the come back to the HN room all sleeping. While they are talking about the guy.
3:30 AM BBT They go back to the HOH room to talking about how its a good thing that the party is over and no one is there to jump out and scare them.They are hearing a noise Danielle thinks that its the air but is paranoid about the noise. They are quiet.
3:45 AM BBT They are asleep now. Everyone is asleep now.
4:00 AM BBT All houseguests are asleep.
5:00 AM BBT All houseguests are asleep.
6:00 AM BBT All houseguests are asleep.
7:00 AM BBT All houseguests are asleep.
8:00 AM BBT All houseguests are asleep.
9:00 AM BBT All HGs sound asleep.
9:45 AM BBT All HGs asleep.


10:00 AM BBT Jason and Danielle moving a lot in the HOH bed but all HGs still asleep.
10:09 AM BBT  BB gives the ‘Wakey, Wakey, Houseguests’ message. Reminds them that HGs must be awake and the lights on and to change their batteries. No one budges. BB says, “Good morning, houseguests. It is time to get up for the day.” Scott wakes up and rolls over and says, “Oh, God.” BB reminds HGs that they need to get up and go change their batteries. Alex and Scott get up and turn on the lights. Scott then head to the storage room to change his battery. Alex comes into the storage room.
10:15 AM BBT Morgan, Shelby, Scott, and Alex in WR. Jason goes to the storage room to change battery. Jason then goes back to the HOH room and turns the light on. Shelby is saying that she had too much candy and Chinese food last night. Morgan and Shelby are talking about if they got a buzz last night or not. BB reminds HGs to change their batteries. BB tells Justin to get up. The girls in the WR are talking about their costumes. Whitney heads to storage room to change battery. BB says, ‘Thank you, Whitney.” BB tells Krissy and Justin to rise and shine. Whitney goes to WR.
10:27 AM BBT BB says, “Kryssie, Justin, you’ve to be kidding me. The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.” Jason and Danielle still laying in HOH room. BB tells Danielle to please change her battery. She’s says ok but doesn’t do anything. BB tells Danielle to not obstruct her microphone. She doesn’t move. Kryssie is up and changing clothes in HN room. Shelby, Morgan, and Alex take the towels outside to wash them. BB says that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Krissy tells Justin that she is turning the light on. Kryssie goes to storage room to change battery. Morgan, Alex, and Shelby say they are going to lay back in the bed. Justin comes out of HN room and goes to replace his battery. Whitney is sweeping the kitchen. Danielle comes down from HOH room and goes to replace her battery. BB says, “Danielle, thank you very much.” Danielle heads back up to HOH room. Alex and Morgan are in bedroom talking about how they think Danielle will take Scott down and that she is stupid. Shelby joins them and Alex asks her if she is going to go to talk to Danielle or not. She says she is sure she isn’t going to use it on her and that is nothing she can say to make Danielle change her mind. Kryssie comes out of HOH bathroom and tries to talk to Jason. She said that she ate too much last night. Alex, Morgan, and Shelby are talking about the party last night and how it was surprising to see the trick or treaters. Alex said that the twins are way prettier in person than they are on TV. BB tells Jason to not obstruct his microphone. BB tells Jason, Krissy, and Danielle to remove all obstructions from the window. Jason stays in bed and the other two clean up a bit. Danielle tells BB to tell the bitches to clean up the house.
10:45 AM BBT Girls in the bedroom still talking about the party last night. They said that are glad that no one from the game came back into the house. Scott goes to HOH room and asks if he can speak to Danielle. He says that if she chooses not to use the POV on him today that he is pretty sure that he is going home. He said that he thinks that Morgan will vote him out. After he leaves, she says she doesn’t care and that he is still going home. Jason asks if it would be smarter to put Morgan up and Alex would vote off Shelby. Danielle thinks this might be interesting as it might create a rift between the girls. Morgan says that Scott was in the DR for almost an hour last night. Shelby says he takes a long time with his DRs. They begin talking about who Danielle will pull off if she does. They are talking about America’s Vote and Morgan says that America probably loves Whitney. Scott joins the bedroom group. Morgan said that she excited that she gets to keep her shoes from last night. Whitney thinks that they get to keep the whole outfit.


11:00 AM BBT Kryssie asks Jason if he slept in the HOH last night. He said that he was asleep in his bed and that Danielle came to get him because she was afraid that something was going to happen. She said she wasn’t sure that they closed up the Quija board the right way and that BB was going to mess with them in the night. Morgan, Shelby, and Alex left the bedroom. Shelby said that Scott was picking his toenails so she had to leave. They said he was bugging them so they had to leave. Scott and Whitney were talking about the vetos. Shelby says that Justin is sleeping. She tells BB to give him a penalty nom so they can get him out. Shelby says someone needs to have the hygiene talk with Scott. BB says, “You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HGs.”
11:12 AM BBT Shelby says that Scott really bugs her. She says that Alex is much more patient with him than she is. Morgan says maybe he bugs other people alot, too. BB calls Whitney to the DR. Krissy is telling Jason that she really loved yesterday’s comp the best. She says that she hopes BB will incorporate this into future seasons. BB says, “No napping, HGs.” The girls say. “It’s not us. It’s probably them upstairs.”
11:15 AM BBT Hg’s are getting set up for the Veto meeting.
11:30 AM BBT House is quiet. Everyone is enjoying the day.
11:45 AM BBT Just small talk in the house. Everyone is up and getting the day going.


12:00 PM BBT Last minute prep going on for the Veto meeting.
12:15 PM BBT Jason chatting in HOH room. Some houseguests sleeping while others eating.
12:30 PM BBT The houseguests are trying to find something to do. Getting ready for Veto meeting. Alex, Morgan, and Shelby chatting in the Tokyo room.
12:45 PM BBT Little over 15 minutes till Veto Meeting. The POV Meeting is about to start in 5 min.
1:00 PM BBT Meeting is now. Veto meeting over. Danielle uses the Power of Veto to Save Whitney. Morgan becomes replacement nominee. Everyone is talking about what happened at the veto meeting.


1:30 PM BBT House Guests under lockdown.
1:45 PM BBT HG’s under lockdown. Just small talk.
2:00PM BBTLockdown over.
2:15 PM BBT Danielle is telling the LNJ what she told Morgan her reasoning was for putting her up as a replacement nomination. Justin tells her that when she is talking in the HOH she should try not to be so loud because Scott was in the bathroom downstairs listening to them talk in HOH. Alex is telling Shelby and Morgan that this next HOH is going to be so nerve racking. They think Whitney made a deal with LNJ to nominate them if she wins HOH. Alex says that voting out Scott is going to suck and asks them how she should tell him that she is going to have to vote him out. Danielle is talking to Jason about swimsuits. Alex, Morgan, and Scott are in the bedroom talking about what Whitney did in order to get Danielle to take her off the block. Alex says that if they are picked off and only one of them is left in the house with LNJ that she will go insane if it is her.
2:30 PM BBT Shelby, Alex, Morgan , and Scott are talking about who they would want to have in final 3 and what happens when you are evicted. Kryssie, Jason and Danielle are hanging out in the backyard. Kryssie is suggesting that they try to work Shelby to let them vote.


1:30 PM BBT House Guests under lockdown. Alex/Scott/Whitney/Shelby talking in yoga room about movies. Morgan and Alex talking. Alex tells her to relax. Morgan is trying not to cry and says she’s p*ssed
1:45 PM BBT HG’s under lockdown. Just small talk. Alex & Morg alone in TokRm. Alex says that Whit had to sell them out to save herself. Shelby arrives. Morg repeats to Shelb that Whit had to sell them out to save herself. Shelby says she knows but they kinda knew it was coming. Shelby says Scott asked her to cancel out Whit’s vote. Shelby said she’s OTB, too & she has to keep herself safe & wants to remind Scott. Alex, Morgan and Shelby discussing what they think Whitney promised LNJ for her safety. Morg says its a shock bc she was expecting Scott to stay and come off the block. Alex says she knew bc Whit was calm. Shelby points out that it sucks now bc those 3 have to win HOH and wont even have #s if they do. Says odds are against them. Morgan is convinced that Whit threw Morg under the bus to save herself.
2:00 PM Lockdown over.  Morg asks Danl for a chat and asks Danl what happened bc she thought their deal was good? Danl explains 2 Morg that she was playing a defensive game until she knew Am. nom & it shifted to an offensive game when Scott was Am nom. Danl also explains Am. handed Scott a package in nomin. Danl but Scott went against Am. & voted out Shane so now Scott’s OTB .  Dani tells Morgan she is not her target. It was to ensure Scott gets out. Morgan says it all makes sense now. Dani says she is already in bad with America and doesn’t want to go against their nom. Danl says that now Morg isnt in a position wherein she has to choose btwn Scott, Whitney & Shelby. Morgan thanks Danl. Chat ends. Morgan downloads her convo w/ Danl to Alex/Shelby & starts by saying that she doesnt totally believe Danl. Says it doesnt make sense.
2:15 PM BBT Danielle is telling the LNJ what she told Morgan her reasoning was for putting her up as a replacement nomination. Justin tells her that when she is talking in the HOH she should try not to be so loud because Scott was in the bathroom downstairs listening to them talk in HOH. Alex is telling Shelby and Morgan that this next HOH is going to be so nerve racking. They think Whitney made a deal with LNJ to nominate them if she wins HOH. Alex says that voting out Scott is going to suck and asks them how she should tell him that she is going to have to vote him out. Danielle is talking to Jason about swimsuits. Alex, Morgan, and Scott are in the bedroom talking about what Whitney did in order to get Danielle to take her off the block. Alex says that if they are picked off and only one of them is left in the house with LNJ that she will go insane if it is her.
2:30 PM BBT Shelby, Alex, Morgan , and Scott are talking about who they would want to have in final 3 and what happens when you are evicted. Kryssie, Jason and Danielle are hanging out in the backyard. Kryssie is suggesting that they try to work Shelby to let them vote.
2:45 PM BBT The LNJ are discussing Whitney and her loyalty and if they can get Shelby to let them vote. Justin is working out. Alex, Morgan, and Shelby are chowing down on the candy. Justin says he will somersault into some pussy and does a swan dive movement. Kryssie says is that on the Have Not approved foods list? LNJ are talking about grilling Friday night so this week’s and next week’s Have Nots can all eat. Whitney is outside with LNJ. Morgan tells Alex that she would think Jason would want Whitney out. Morgan says Whitney is in a good position with everyone in the house. Alex says that if Kryssie wins they are 100% screwed. SHELBY! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Alex tells Morgan that it is going to make her look bad voting Scott out who she has a known alliance with. Morgan tells her that she better not vote her out. Alex says she is surprised that she was not the replacement.
3:00 PM BBT Morgan, Alex, and Scott are hanging out in the bedroom eating candy. The LNJ are hanging out with Whitney in the backyard. Alex tells Scott to talk to Danielle even though she will probably lie to him. He says that he feels like she still honored her HOH deal with them. Alex says that the house feels more divided than ever. Alex says that it is so obvious that deals were made and she thinks people should come out with it already.
3:15 PM BBT LNJ is just hanging out in the backyard talking about the haunted veto comp. Alex, Morgan, and Scott are in the bedroom sitting in silence. The other houseguests are hanging out in the backyard. They feel like Whitney is the only person on the other side of the house that is trustworthy.
3:30 PM BBT Morgan is talking to Whitney on the hammock. Whitney tells her the deal she made with Danielle. That she would vote Scott out if Danielle took her down. Morgan says that she doesn’t know what to say in her speech tomorrow since it is only Whitney and Alex voting. Morgan and Whitney discuss when they think Shelby will have to announce who is going to get to vote. Shelby and Alex are complaining about Justin and his singing and overall personality. Outside Whitney and Morgan are also discussing Justin and who he is loyal to. They discuss who Jason is loyal to as well and how they are more worried about him winning HOH. Morgan says that she thinks Kryssie is more emotional and easily swayed. They say that Justin is a physical and a mental threat. They say he is good at life. Whitney tells Morgan that she feels like she owes Danielle and that Danielle feels like she owes her too.
3:45 PM BBT Whitney says that she thinks Danielle will be America’s Nom this week. They say that they are scared of Jason, but that he is really nice. Whitney says it is time to smash Scott’s balls. Alex is talking with Shelby about messing with Morgan and Whitney with the Spirit Board. They say they are going to plan a fake message and mess with them.
4:00 PM BBT The Plastics are talking about the veto and Morgan asks if they want to play the Spirit Board later. They start talking about food. Danielle starts eating food in yoga room alone. Scott sees her and they have a chat. He thanks her for not nominating Alex this week and for upholding the deal. She tells him she didnt really make a deal with Whitney and felt that her alliance had to fight hard compared to the other side of the house. She said no one really talk game with her till she became HOH. She is not afraid to make big moves and she is here to play the game. She explains why she pulled Whitney down instead of Scott so that she didnt upset America and become a target next week. Kryssie talks to the plastics in Tokyo room  about food and restaurants.
4:15 PM BBT Scott appreciates her great moves this week and hope the house sees her in a different light. He thanks her for upholding the deal and he leaves. Once he leaves, Justin enters and closes the door. He starts shouting out to people. They start talking about the food Dani is eating. Scott joins Kryssie and the plastics in the Tokyo room and they continue talking about food. Justin tells Danielle that they just need to keep on winning to stay safe. Danielle thinks she will be America’s nom next and become another Have Not but Justin disagrees as she saved Whitney. He thinks Alex would be America’s Nom next. He starts reminiscing about his hometown New Orleans. The plastics and Scott decide to play with the Ouija Board and try to make it work. They think it’s haunted and still don’t know if they should believe it or not. They all wait for Alex to come back from the WR to play. Morgan asks are there any spirits here and everyone puts their hand on the something in the middle. They continue asking if a spirit is here and to give them a sign. Only Scott, Morgan and Whitney are playing. They then stop and say it was a weird feeling and that they felt some tugging a little a bit. They think that the spirit might have left them. They start speculating about some supernatural demon.
4:30 PM BBT Shelby in the kitchen alone asks Whitney if the board did anything but she says NO. They wonder who is in the yoga room with the door closed. Whitney thinks it is Justin and Danielle. Scott in the LR by himself talking game to himself. He wonders how he can get himself to still stay safe this week. Morgan and Alex start whispering about Whitney after she leaves and hope that she continues to keep them safe if she is HOH but they are worried if she does win. Scott in deep thought in LR and worries that Kryssie would make it to the end. Says it would be disgusting if she did. He hopes America continues to support Alex when he’s not here and that she needs some help. He wonders how he can get into the golden door in the LR but has no idea. He thinks it might hold some secret power. He tells America he had a good run but just wants to somehow open the golden door. He reaches his hand inside the mailbox beside it and finds a spring. He tries to knock using the handle or doing something with the spring that could open it. It looks like a part of a pen. He is desperately trying to find a way to open the door.
4:45 PM BBT He starts searching the LR and says he is going home if he doesnt find a diamond power of veto. He experiments with the spring but eventually says that it is nothing. He is upset why he trusted Danielle to take him off the block. He says that that was a blindside for sure and does #blindside. Shelby, Morgan and Whitney go back to the Ouija board and start playing with it again. It actually moves and they start saying the letters…B..J… they ask if it is the spirit’s initials. They continue to ask it questions and the stone piece continues to move. Scott continues searching in LR and hopes the plastics can keep together strong. Danielle, Kryssie and Jason in yoga room. Dani tells them about her convo with Scott. They just want to see who Alex is most loyal to after he leaves. Justin enters LR and hugs Scott as Scott knows he is going to go home tomorrow.
5:00 PM BBT Jason tells them that there is still plenty of big fish to get rid of but Scott was not that big this week. Kryssie says she will continue following Whitney around and that she kind of traps her in the HN room so she warms up to them more. They don’t think she will flip on Justin. They continue talking about Whitney flipping on the Plastics. They know she is not stupid. They want Justin to continue being close to Whitney so the plastics don’t take her away. They say she owes them this week. All the plastics in Tokyo room while the LNC are in the yoga room; They wonder what the HOH comp is. They start telling other people about what they discovered and that the spirit’s name was BJ. Alex and Shelby in WR talking about who moved the stonepiece for the Ouija Board. Shelby swears it wasn’t her and Alex knows Morgan would not move it so they know it is Whitney. (Alex doesnt believe in the board) They know they cannot trust her. 5

5:15 PM BBT Danielle doesn’t think Whitney would flip on the plastics yet and are not quite sure at this point if who she would nominate if she won HOH
5:30 PM BBT Nothing much going on. Just some chit chat
5:45 PM BBT HG lowering the awnings outside and Scott goes to sit on the hammock by himself. The plastics and Kryssie in WR  having general chit chat about hair. Kryssie goes to take a shower as the other girls do their makeup. Scott on hammock outside chats with Jason who is riding the bike and tell him to keep Alex safe. They talk about who is gonna vote who tomorrow.
6:00 PM BBT Scott and Jason are talking while Jason rides the bike. Scott is saying he is confident the votes will be for him to go. Jason is telling him that you never know, but he will meet lots of people outside the house. Jason says he needs to get through next week to beat his Day 43 record. Jason says that America’s play for the care package and putting him as AN is a testament to how good of a game player Scott is. He said America saw it as a certain way to get him out. Jason tells him that he hopes Alex gives him her vote, just for respect reasons. Scott says he already told her it is ok to vote with the house. Justin comes out looking for his flip flops. He says “The ghost took ‘em, bra!” Jason continues to talk to Scott about being voted out and how it is better to go out with class and mending fences, rather than angry and calling people out.
6:15 PM BBT Jason says that he told Scott weeks ago that Danielle is the stronger player and it might be a little bit of Karma points that she is the one getting him out. Scott says he did make a lot of mistakes and Jason tells him everyone does, even Derrick had a couple of slip ups, even though he was basically flawless. Jason and Scott talk about past season and the UK seasons and which they thought were the best. Jason says that their season is a bit of a hybrid, with the America vote and everything. Jason says all of this is a one of a kind experience, but you can’t buy your way in, so enjoy every moment. Justin said that they will probably get a cake with the memory wall for the party. He said last year, Austin ate his face.
6:30 PM BBT Jason tells Scott that if people are talking trash to him when he leaves and it starts to impact his mood or feelings, then stop reading it. It will do nothing good for him. Scott says he has been ready since he was 10. WHITNEY, PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE.  Jason tells Scott at least he won’t be a have not next week! They talk about other sites and how people follow and talk long after the seasons are over. Jason goes inside and Scott lays in the hammock and talks to America about how he made a big mistake every week. Alex comes out and talks to Scott. She asks if Jason is being nice to his face. He tells her that Jason said that it would be nice for Alex to give him a vote, but he told Jason he didn’t care. He also tells Alex that Jason still has her number because he thinks she’s dangerous because she is loyal. She tells Scott she is so sorry, but she has been working with the girls since the beginning and she is scared to go against them. Alex says she wants to let Whitney know that Jason is out to get her. She wants Scott to tell Whitney and he says he is willing to throw Jason under the bus since Jason has been doing that to him. They want to tell Whitney that Jason is her biggest threat. Alex wants him to talk to Whitney but not to mention her name. Scott tells her ALex you have to vote me out. This is a part of me getting you as far as possible.
6:45 PM BBT Alex said he and Monte are really fantastic people- the way they handled themselves going out. Scott says his last hurrah will be to convince Whitney that Jason is out to get her. He said he is going to tell her that Jason has said she (Whitney) is the biggest threat to him winning the game and Jason is the reason you went up on the block- he approached me about it. Shelby comes out and Alex tells her they are reminiscing. She is giving selective or false info that they were talking about. Morgan also comes out. Scott says he was a stubborn ass the first week, so he is sorry, but he is happy to have played with them. Scott tells them to study and not to be lazy, like he was. He’s giving a next HOH pep talk. Danielle, Kryssie and Jason are getting ready in the bathroom for the party. Scott, Alex, Morgan and Shelby go inside and say 5 minutes. There are pumpkins on the table. The girls start talking about how good of a guy Scott is and they wish he would have voted out Kryssie week 1. Shelby asks if Scott knows Whitney flipped. Alex says Scott thinks she did what she had to in order to save herself.
7:00 PM BBT They start saying it smells like pizza and Alex is clapping. They are talking about how the alcohol last night was bad. — CUT TO RECAP—-
7:15 PM BBT The houseguests get pizza for their party. Also chicken, salad and pasta. Everyone gets to eat.
7:30 PM BBT Cam 4 Diary Room Is Coming Soon
Q1- Yesterday was the first Halloween in BB. What was your fave part of the day?
Q2- What obstacles have you faced since the last DR session?
Q3- How do you feel about the noms for the week?
Q4-Who do you think is your biggest threat of the game?
Q5- Who are you most loyal to right now?
Q6- How scary was veto comp?
Q7- How does veto outcome effect your game this week?
Q8- Do you want to win next HOH and how important is it?
Q9-  Are you planning on making any changes to your gameplay?
Whitney is first- 1- eating all the Chinese and the sushi. I am a have not, so I ate rice and chicken and best week to be a have not
2- I was up on the block, I played in Veto comp and blew it. Then, today I was taken off the block was the 1 person who I thought was my first case scenario. It was such a roller coaster this week. I know I have to say whatever I need to.
3- It is kind of sucky that Shelby and Morgan are up, but we have the care package, so me and Alex are the only ones voting. We will be voting Scott. We need to smash his balls
4- Alex, and that is hard to handle since I have no one to talk to. I don’t personally trust Alex. Her relationship with Scott is a huge threat to the game and to my game. Alex and Scott are probably the reason I was nominated in the first place. I’m in a corner with Danielle and the other side this week. If Alex is going to turn on me, I need to turn on her first.
5- Justin. Since I have been a HN with Justin, he has let me in on stuff. I have made moves I didn’t think I would have to this early. Like maybe turn on Alex. It is complicated. I will be curious what happens with HOH.
6- I love scary stuff and Halloween. The comp was pretty scary, it was a crazy mind game. You couldn’t see anything and I over thought it.
7- I thought Danielle winning would not be good, but she pulled me off the block and I am forever grateful for it. I did not see that coming. It has been a complete 180. The person I thought I had no relationship with pulled me down. I am happy it turned out that way.
8- I want to win and it is a numbers game right now. Danielle pulling me down puts me in a weird position. I am still with the Ball Smashers, but I feel like I owe her in the game. I feel like Alex is my biggest threat, but I don’t know if I am ready to nominate her. If it comes down to me and Alex in the comp, I will fight hard. I don’t want her to turn on me before I turn on her.
9- I told you my whole BB life story. Hopefully, we can all stay loyal to each other. I am in a sticky situation. Please America, give me a sign to let me know you are here. Come Friday with the care package  and I dont win HOH, help me out.
7:45 PM BBT  Kryssie is next.
1- We are in the middle of our halfway party. I’m a have not, so I am eating like crazy. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It was weird to not be out partying. My favorite was watching the veto comp.
2- Making sure Danielle stays on the up and up for our side of the house and making sure she wasn’t trying to take out Whitney. Being a have not with Whitney was helpful
3- I tried to get rid of Scott last week, but no matter who goes, it is fine. Someone needs to go home every week (buuuuuurp).
3- Strategy wise is Danielle. Luckily, she likes me. She is incredibly smart and a decent competitor. And Justin, his social game is the best that BB has probably ever seen. I am not going to not try to get to the end with someone like Justin, though. Justin and Jason are my boys.
4- Jason is my ride or die and Justin is my number 2. I would love to see us in the Final 3. They never make moves just for themselves. I am loyal to Danielle, too.
6- Had to make sure she was still playing for our side, not just herself.
8- I want to win every comp I play. It is important every week. Now that we hit the halfway point, I need to win as many comps as I can. I need to make sure we keep power in this house.
9- no, I would love to take Jason and Justin to the end. I am not scared they will beat me and if they do, I would rather lose to them. I don’t like messing with my loyalties in the game. I want to do it with my integrity intact.
8:00 PM BBT Jason in the DR talking about the veto comp, he says it was a lot of fun and maybe he’s funniest part of the day. He thanks the two trick or treaters. He says he did a lot of gaming, offense and defense this week and went pretty smooth this week. He feels good about the noms, and he says that he was trying to work a deal with Scott and Alex and at the same time Danielle was too. He says he has to win a final four HOH to be able to make it to the final three. He says Alex has brainwashed his side of the house, and he says that he has to watch his sides because all of them are very smart. Jason says that the veto comp was pretty scary but the scariest part was the fear of not knowing. He says that Danielle did the right thing and that if she would have took Scott off the block it would have helped Scott and Alex keep ruling the house. He says that Whitney has flipped sides but he’s anxious to see if she stays that way or if she will go back the way she was. In the DR it’s Justin, he says that his favorite part of the day on Halloween was since he was a HN his happiness was he got to eat. He says that he has struggled with his side that he should try and keep Whitney safe. He thinks the noms are good now that Whitney is safe , asking as his sides safe it’s all gravy. He says his biggest threat is alex and she is physical and manipulating. He says he is most loyal to Whitney, Kryssie and Jason. He thinks that they could ride it to the end. He says that the veto comp was pretty scared , he was petrified. He says that he’s from New Orleans and is aware of spirits and stuff. He says that he wanted to take down Whitney after winning. He says that Danielle won and wanted to save Scott but Jason helped to get it in her head that Whitney being pulled off was better for the game.
8:15PM BBT Alex in the DR, she says she loved her Halloween party and it was so much fun. Her big highlight was getting to meet Liz. She says that she feels like her alliance is about to crumble. She thinks that she is feeling pretty scared and she feels like if she doesn’t win the HOH she might be in trouble. Alex says that her biggest threat in the game is jason and he’s willing to do whatever to get to the end. She is loyal to Morgan and Shelby, she is really grateful for both of them.
8:30PM BBT  Danielle in the DR she is talking about her noms.  She is happy with her choices and either way someone from the otherside will go home.  Saving says that he loved the veto completely. Scott says that Jason is not going after Whitney she needs to know Jason is lying he says that Jason is using everything Scott says and flipping him to make Scott look bad. Scott sending kudos to Alex and that she is playing the game and that he is grateful for keeping him over Neeley and that he’s okay if he goes home this week and he says that at least he kept Alex safe another week. He says that the other side is playing spin doctors and cannot be trusted.
8:45PM BBT Scott says that the veto comp kinda sealed his faith and he will probably go home. He says that he wants to win the HOH comp but he knows that he won’t be there and he will be evicted and going home. Morgan next in DR, she says she loved the party and the comp was awesome but not happy that Danielle won. She does not know why Danielle took Whitney down and why she put Morgan up, she thinks that Whitney might have flipped and is working with Danielle. She thinks that Whitney is in a great position and is possibly working with Justin. She is the most loyal to her sister and she is worried she might stick with Scott. She says her thought in staying in the house is to try and get Whitney to keep her safe. She says she wants to win HOH and she wants to get a care package. She says that she really needs to win and she begs for a care package, she says she needs to win.
9:00PM BBT Shelby in the DR she says her fav part of Halloween was the costumes and the Chinese food. She says that the biggest obstacle is that she sucks at comps. She hates being on the block but they are going to have let Scott go. She say that she does not trust Whitney, she says that she understands why because they were going to vote her off she just beat them to it. She says that danielle winning the veto thru a wrench because hers side was gonna get rid of Whitney and keep Scott. But when Danielle took her off that ruined the whole plan. She is taking Justin , Jason and Kryssie vote so the rest will do the damage. She says she for sure wants to win the HOH and prove that she can win one.  Scott in the BY talking to the cameras about his stay in the house. He is talking bad about Neeley and the LNC and says that he thinks that Monte is the only one that has been evicted that will accept his friends request so far. He says that he was sorry to Shelby and Alex and that he has made mistakes in the BB house. He says that he has to tell Whitney that they must stay solid with the girls. He apologizes to his friends and family that he thought he had a good reason to do it.


9:15PM BBT HGs talking about mulan and Danielle says she is a princess, Jason thinks she is transgender. In the Tokyo room Morgan says that she is going to eat less, Alex says she’s gonna eat as normal because there is so much good food available. Whitney , Alex and Shelby wanna get changed and open the spirit board.
9:30PM BBT In the BY Scott is still pacing around the whole yard and talking random comments about what he’s done in the game but mostly what they haven’t. He says that they ruined his game when they voted out Cornbread over Kryssie and that they would have the four horseman still in tact and they would be good. He says that he thought Jason is more cunning and ruthless than he did his last season. He says he should have realized he could not trust Jason. In Tokyo Alex, Shelby and Morgan are talking about Whitney not being trustworthy and how she flipped on them to keep herself safe and that she can’t be trusted now. The girls say that the LNC are in the kitchen talking about Neeley and that she has a couple of unappealing wigs and that she had when she took her makeup off she looked like seal. The ballsmashers say that it is really mean and they shouldn’t be saying stuff like that. They decider to think of a way to prank Justin. Scott still in the BY rambling about his stay in the house.
9:45PM BBT ballsmashers talking about why Danielle took Whitney off and that if she wins the next care package she would have a great advantage. Morgan says that she would not be able to deal with her being HOH, veto winner and then care package. They get aggravated and then talk about pranking Justin. Scott comes back in and sits on the bed and listens.
10:00 PM BBT Morgan carries Shelby on her shoulders out to the KT with a black sheet and witch hat trying to scare Justin and Jason. Justin tells the girls about when he almost kicked and punched Kryssie when they first came into the house because he woke up and forgot where he was
10:15 PM BBT Kryssie has the hiccups Morgan Alex Whitney Jason Justin are giving her advice on how to get rid of them Justin tells them about how he would get his whole class in trouble when he was in school and the whole class would get the paddle
10:30 PM BBT Justin talks about what it was like when he was growing up he said that all his best friends are gone. He asks Alex about what she does for living Jason out on the hammock by himself talking to the cameras
10:45 PM BBT Shelby, Alex and Morgan move to the rec and they complain about Kryssie and Justin because they find them annoying and they are now starting to realize the people they can and can’t live with Shelby also complaining how BB lets the other side of the house nap all the time Alex said that Jason told Scott that he wants her out of the house because she is a threat and everyone likes her
11:00 PM BBT Morgan said if one of them wins HOH they need to work together instead of everyone wanting to go after their own targets Shelby said next week Whitney will have to pick a side and that she is going to get caught in a lie Shelby said this is the crappy week even with winning the care package Alex said they need to win HOH this week or their done
11:15 PM BBT Alex and Shelby join Scott in the BR talking about how Whitney said that it was Jason that took her off block Alex wants to call him out on it before Scott leaves so she has him to back up and that Whitney needs to know how much of snake Jason is Scott said that Jason is trying to twist the story to make it seem like it was Scott that wanted to make a deal to get rid of Whitney to keep him safe Scott said they approached him with the deal they need to get Whitney back on their side and they’re hoping this will work
11:30 PM BBT Scott said that they definitely need to get Whitney back on the their side or him staying last week was nothing Scott said that it wouldn’t matter who Jason was up against he would vote him out every time Alex wants them all to sit down tomorrow to tell Whitney the truth but she doesn’t know if she will even listen to them Scott said that Danielle orginal plan was to get out one of the girls that has not gotten a care package Scort told them that they need to treat Whitney good and not be mean to keep her on their side
11:45 PM BBT Scott said that Jason is dangerous because he has learned how to play from some of the best players Scott tells them that it would be a good thing for the group to get Whitney back because it get’s 2 care packages back on their side and if she doesn’t turn on them he will be watching from home devastated Alex said that Jason is driving her crazy and that he needs to go Shelby said they need to win HOH but she is nervous because they don’t have numbers



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