Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Thursday, November 24th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Thursday, November 24th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates:
Thursday, November 24th

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12:00 AM BBT Justin talks about the size of the men in the BB house manhood. Morgan asks BB if they’re going to call her to the DR, she wants to take off her makeup. Justin wants BB to give them each a bottle of wine. Kryssie calls Jason’s dad attractive. They ask him about his pictures, and Jason tells them about them. Morgan says she has no idea what she wants to do with her life, and Justin talks about what he was doing at her age. Justin tells Morgan about his fishing talk show. Jason sits on Kryssie’s lap. HG’s talk about their BB photo shoots. Morgan goes downstairs to take off her makeup. MORGAN PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Kryssie hopes that BB will fly everyone down for the Finale.
12:15 AM BBT Justin complains about the shampoo giving him dandruff. Justin makes call-outs to his family and friends. LNJ eat the wings that were in Jason’s basket. Justin talks about his sexual history, he talks about the STD’s he had. Justin and Kryssie tell Jason they’re proud of him for winning the HOH. Jason tells Justin he’s sorry for saving Kryssie and not him, but all he has to do is beat Morgan. Justin jokes about having an alliance with Morgan. Justin thinks that Jason would beat Morgan in the end. Jason takes his wings and dip downstairs to the fridge. Kryssie empties the HOH room garbage. Justin makes a shout out to New Orleans. Kryssie takes Morgans lemonade.
12:30 AM BBT Kryssie and Jason go back up to the HOH room. Kryssie says Jason had a really good letter. Justin leaves the HOH room. Kryssie says Justin is pissed, she thinks it’s because she said she would’ve saved Jason. Justin goes to the bathroom. Jason tells Kryssie his strategy for the HOH comp. Justin tells the feeders he loves them, and jokes about being bad at the comps. Justin brushes his teeth. Jason thinks that Justin is playing America more than he’s playing with them. He wonders how much of him is the real him. Jason thinks that him and Kryssie will get 1st and 2nd if Morgan’s in the finale with them. Kryssie talks about her thinking that Morgan was lying when she first said her and Alex were sisters. She says production even asked her about it. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kryssie says she wants to go back and watch the first day to see Morgan and Alex’s reaction to seeing them in the house. Jason thinks that every past HG had a twist.
12:45 AM BBT Jason wonders how Jozea would’ve done in this season. Justin brings up the fact that he was recruited onto the show. LNJ agree that being in this house has felt like a lifetime. They agree that Morgan was only Ball Smasher (besides Whitney) that they liked. Justin and Jason agree that Shelby played a good game. Kryssie wonders what she missed in the real world. She regrets coming here if she only gets 3rd place. Jason says that week one he was the underdog, Justin disagrees because America voted him in. Justin talks about the alliances he made in the house. Justin is confident that he will win the game. Kryssie hopes she wins, but is prepared to get 3rd place. Justin says he was the underdog because he didn’t know how to play the game. Justin says that this has been a phenomenal experience.


1:00 AM BBT Morgan leaves the DR. Morgan puts on her PJ’s. Justin hypes himself up for the upcoming comp. Justin leaves the HOH room, and joins Morgan in the bathroom. Jason complains about the way Justin was bragging about his game-play. Justin thinks that Kryssie would’ve made him safe over Jason. Justin brags about his gameplay to Morgan. Morgan takes off her makeup. Morgan and Justin talk about the way that this week is going to work. Justin is excited to get to the final 3 and beat Jason. Morgan tells Justin she will have no hard feeling towards Justin if he beats her. They talk about the sister twist. Jason is still complaining about Justin. Kryssie is worried she will look like a floater to America. She feels like she didn’t do anything this season. Jason goes back to complaining about Justin. Morgan asks Justin if their alliance was real, he says it was. Justin and Morgan say Kryssie is in the best position.
1:15 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are still complaining about Justin. Morgan goes into the toilet. Kryssie and Jason go downstairs. Jason joins Justin in the bathroom, and Kryssie goes to the storage room to throw something away, she then goes to the Tokyo room. Morgan comes out, and is getting ready for bed. Jason leaves the bathroom, and complains about Justin to Kryssie. Morgan says she’s going to bed soon. Morgan leaves the bathroom. Justin leaves shortly after her. Kryssie is going to have a shower before bed. Justin is in the kitchen, and Morgan heads to the bedrooms. Justin joins Kryssie in the bathroom. Morgan turns off the light, and gets into bed. Justin and Kryssie talk about gameplay. Justin tells Kryssie he thinks he can beat Jason, she wishes she had his confidence. Justin asks if Jason is mad, Kryssie lies and says he isn’t. Kryssie gets into the shower. Justin says he’s focused on getting to final 3 to beat Jason.
1:30 AM BBT Kryssie doesn’t think she will win because final 3 was handed to her. Kryssie complains about her money situation, and Justin says everyone in here is if they’re in here for only $1,000/week. Kryssie gets out of the shower. Justin says he’s going to workout. Justin puts the empty bottles into the storage room. Justin goes into the yoga room to workout. Jason complains about Justin to Kryssie in the HOH bathroom. Jason is mad at himself for letting Justin be arrogant.
1:45 AM BBT Justin is still working out in the yoga room. Jason and Kryssie still complain about Justin. Jason thinks they owe him nothing, and he owes them everything. Jason says all Justin has done is make food the entire time. Kryssie tells Jason that Justin is upset that Jason and Kryssie are playing the poor card. Jason says it’s because he’s not poor. Jason is sick of being nice to him, for him to be ignorant to them. Kryssie and Jason say this is the richest they have ever been. Kryssie and Jason get into bed. Jason continues to complain about Justin. Jason hopes that Morgan beats him. Kryssie says she probably will because she thinks faster than he does. Justin goes into the Tokyo room.
2:00 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are lying in the HOH Room. They are talking about Kryssie feeling that America won’t give her final 2 if she is handed final 3. Jason says he is giving Kryssie the final 3 because he is loyal to her. Kryssie says in a way she would like to compete to get final 3 but is worried that she won’t win the comp and end up going home. Kryssie says she can say she belonged to a big alliance where every member thought they were her number 1. Kryssie says but her main loyalty belonged to Jason. She says she never told Justin they had a final 2 deal. Jason said he knows now. Justin is in the Toyoko Room saying his prayers. Back in the HOH Room Kryssie tells Jason that she thinks Justin sometimes he just doesn’t realize what he is saying. Jason says he feels that Justin has used everyone, but that all he really did was use everyone. Jason says he got a care package by default. Jason says he has been talking about getting rid of Justin for a couple of weeks. Kryssie says I know you have been talking to me about it. Jason says he thinks he is better than us does he not think he is better than Morgan. Kryssie said Shelby told Justin today to make sure she took Kryssie. Jason said that is not why I took you, we don’t know what has been going on and you may beat me. Jason tells Kryssie they have all been saying that about her, they all wanted to take her because they all felt they could beat her.
2:15 AM BBT Jason says it almost seems like Scott told him what to do. Kryssie says look how well it worked for Scott. Jason says America didn’t like that. They are now looking at the fish. Kryssie says the girls had them on a schedule. Kryssie says she suspected that Shelby was smart but not a lawyer, but the Morgan thing she just didn’t believe Morgan when she took her aside and told her about Alex. Kryssie says she told her she never told Shelby to see if she would tell Shelby. Kryssie says she is bummed out with how Justin handles pressure is not good. Jason turns on the television to see if anyone was up. Kryssie says you weren’t up here a lot when I was HOH, just with Neeley. Kryssie says she told Justin that Danielle wanted him out of here during double eviction. Kryssie says her reason for keeping him was to piss of the girls.
2:30 AM BBT In the rest of the house Justin is walking around from the washroom, kitchen and Tokyo Room. Jason says only 1% will watch and see what happened to night. They think that Morgan will beat him. Kryssie and Jason are going over the days Kryssie says Good Ole Days was not 33, or 34 day she thinks it was 31 and gives her reasons. Kryssie thinks that Justin is smart but he doesn’t work well under pressure with questions. Jason figures they will be watching it. They figure the comp will be questions. Jason says he thinks he would be able to beat Shelby if she was here. Jason says Justin thinks he is a charmer, at first Jason says you could not charm me out of a paper bag, but then he says but he did fool us for awhile. Kryssie says the people that are going to be voting know what he has done and not done. Jason says they are smart and are die-hard fans, not just from this season but from all seasons. Kryssie says after this talk to night you can save me if you want. Jason says you saved me, so this is my way of paying you back. Kryssie says they made a deal on Day 2. Kryssie asks how do you think they will do it. Do we make final 3 speech or will we have questions. Jason says he feels he doesn’t need to prepare anything because he knows what he did all season. Kryssie says she hopes they give a heads up.
2:45 AM BBT Jason says he feels better with Morgan because she came in with as a twist, he adds that she isn’t going around saying pick me. Jason is talking to the cameras saying you can’t see in the washroom where Kryssie has gone. Justin is walking into the washroom downstairs. He is putting cream on. Kryssie asks Jason if she is interrupting his music, he says no. She says we have a whole week of awkward silence. Jason agrees. Jason says Justin told him once that this is a dry run for him for the television version of BB. Jason says when he left season 17 he never thought he would be called back. He feels he is humble and grateful. He doesn’t think that Justin is really humble at all. Jason says he is probably being super bitchy. Kryssie says tries not to ruin CBS Thanksgiving but if it is still bothering you on Friday go for it. She doesn’t think Morgan can handle him going JROY. They are now talking about the sheets, they don’t think the silk sheets are a good idea. Kryssie jokingly says to Jason maybe you can get a job with BB as the Sheet Police.They are now looking at the fish. They found the one they named Shane, Jason says he is lying flat. Jason says Shelby tried to play the poor card with him. In the Tokyo Room Justin is giving shout outs to New Orleans and going over the days by himself.
3:00 AM BBT Back in the HOH Room Jason says you don’t sleep with arm hair in your bed. He is looking for a tag on the sheets as he wants to tell them they make shitty sheets. Jason is telling Kryssie that the night that Shelby and him slept in the HOH bed she was way over on the other side, he didn’t think her head was even on the bed. He said that he thought she felt so uncomfortable with him in the bed that he should leave. Kryssie is telling me about a skirt she saved up for 3 months to buy as it cost $180.00. She says she really likes vintage clothes but can’t afford the real stuff. Kryssie asks Jason if he ever put toothpaste on his pimples, he says no so he goes to the washroom and puts toothpaste on it. Jason says it is bleeding thru it. She tells him to put some tissue on it. Jason comes back into bed and says I look like a unicorn. It is still bleeding so Kryssie tells him to go squeeze it in the mirror and get it all out. Back in the Tokyo Room Justin is talking to the feeders. He is saying he is still here in the Big Brother House saying he is just chillin’. He is asking for pizza for Thanksgiving and some wine. He says he wishes Whitney was still around. He says he doesn’t think he will talk to any of these people again. He says he doesn’t care for Jason that he is a terrible person inside and out. He says he likes Kryssie. He says he is the underdog because he came into the house not knowing anything about the game. He says he is going to beat everyone in the house. He can’t wait to get back to New Orleans and thinks he is going to have a better Christmas this year. He says he really appreciates us all, this is the longest he has ever been away from home.


3:15 AM BBT Justin thanks CBS and Production saying you guys do a helluva job. He says you all are beasts and you ain’t from the east. He says this experience has been crazy. Justin wishes he could talk to his brother and sister and everyone else he misses the most. He says he misses his fishing pole the most. He says he has to spend Thanksgiving in a house with people he doesn’t care about. He thinks Morgan is a sweet girl and loves Kryssie. He says he doesn’t like them saying they are poor as they don’t know what poor is. Back in the HOH Room Kryssie and Jason are still talking about Justin saying he did all this. Jason says Justin has been nothing but everybody’s puppet. Kryssie is telling him that she did a video on How to Read People for the company she works for. Jason says BB always says he is a bagger but he does more than that. Jason starts saying they asked him to talk about bagging groceries in his DR. Production says You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other hgs. Kryssie says she is the starving artist. Kryssie says she would like to win it but if she loses she wants him to win. Jason says I would like to win, but I don’t think I deserve to win. Jason says you don’t know what America thinks, he thinks they may think that this is not real Big Brother so your comp wins don’t count. Kryssie says you won 3 more than me.
3:30 AM BBT Jason tells Kryssie you have done a lot. You have been super loyal to me. Jason is telling her that he sold her out in week 2 because I told Alex to put you on the block, then you get the care package and saved me. Kryssie is saying that Morgan and Shelby didn’t buy the deal she tried to throw you under the bus, but they told Justin they didn’t believe her. Jason says he always wanted to name an alliance called Bad Bitch Central. Kryssie says sure Jason says BBC is now official. Kryssie says sure you offered it to Danielle first but she’s not here so now you offer it to me. Back in the Toyoko Room Justin is still talking to the feeders he is singing I have to fight my way into the final 3 but it doesn’t surprise me because I knew if I didn’t win today. He is now telling production how great they are. He says they gave him great snacks. He says if they call him back to please make sure there are some loose single women, he will have sex with all of them so that would make good television. He tells them he will do OTT again but not the television one because he could not be away from home for 4 months.
3:45 AM BBT Justin is saying he could not do 3 weeks of slop so that is something they will have to discuss. He is telling production to please make sure there is hot single women on there with him. He says he will come back even though $1000.00 a week is really cheap, he says if he wins he will come back next year. Justin says he has had some really good memories in here, he says he is up here talking to himself but that is okay because he is use to that. Back in the HOH Kryssie and Jason are talking about a cd Kryssie heard about belches burps and farts. Kryssie says she knows how to play that song to vomit noises on the piano. They are now talking about a character in a show that was just for 1 show, but he stays. He is a character in South Park. Jason tells Kryssie she didn’t throw the comp, he has seen seasons where people wrote down zero. He tells her that he seen a season where 1 person wrote zero and another person wrote 1. Jason says Did Morgan forget to add in shipping? He says he isn’t good at math but maybe she isn’t either. Kryssie says Justin has been studying by just remembering what they say.
4:00 AM BBT Kryssie asks Jason if the reason the lights are still on is because they’re still awake. He says that may be the case. They decide they may as well sleep as it will help the time pass quicker. Kryssie thanks Jason for allowing her to share his HoH bed. They turn off the light and go quiet. Justin is still away in the Tokyo room, lying in the dark, occasionally talking. He says there’s no way he’s going home.
4:15 AM BBT All is quiet and dark in the house. Justin quietly singing from time to time.
4:30 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB House.
4:45 AM BBT All HGs appear to be sleeping now.
5:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
6:00 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie in the HOH bed stirred a bit, but all is quiet in the BB House.
6:15 AM BBT Everyone is sleeping. Justin is snoring; I’m sure Kryssie is happy she is in the HOH bed with Jason (vs in Tokyo Rm w/Justin). I assume Morgan has the Britain BR to herself (feeds do not show her).
6:30 AM BBT Everyone sleeping.
7:00 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping
8:00 AM BBT Everyone is asleep..
9:00 AM BBT All HG’s are sleeping..


9:13 AM BBT Wake up call! Justin gets up to take care of his mic first, then Morgan, followed by Kryssie and Jason who had to be gotten onto by BB. All go back to their beds after re-micing, BB reminds them to leave the bedroom lights on.
9:26 AM BBT House guests are called to lock down in the HOH room. BB tells Justin to put his mic on. Kryssie tells Jason she’s back as she comes up to HOH. Morgan comes in and asks them how they slept and if they got hot. Jason says he wasn’t really hot. They wonder where Justin is and Jason says he’s pissed at him. They wonder why they are locked in the HOH room. Everyone cuddles in and tries to get some more sleep.
9:45 AM BBT The HOH room is quiet and everyone is napping while on lockdown.
10:00 AM BBT All HG’s are napping.
10:15 AM BBT Everything is quiet in the BB house as HG are taking a nap while still locked down in the HOH room. BB comes in the speaker and says lock down is now over and the hg are now free to walk about the house and justin is now going downstairs and see all the Thanksgiving baskets on the table he giggles to himself and now Morgan comes out and says OMG kryssie you got your wish we get to cook out own thanksgiving dinner and says everyone is going to have to supervise everything she does. Morgan now says it is all from their families and they also got letter and Morgan is already crying before reading the letters.they now realize they got recipes from past HG. Jason is now reading a letter from BB wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving and that all the recipes are from past HG and and family. They suggest justin goes first and he saw naw and walks away. Morgan is going to go first. Her family is telling her how proud they are of her and they are traveling to visit her grandma and wont be the same without her. Kryssie is going next, her letter is from her boyfriend and he is telling her how much he loves her and he is so proud of her and she is a inspiration and how much support her has and he knows that everything is she is going is going to forever better their lives together. Jason letter is from his mother she is telling him that she is misses him and is very proud of him and he is playing very smart and loyal and very entertaining. She is proud that he quit smoking and hopes he continues when he gets home and hope he also continues to work out at home.

10:30 AM BBT Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan are going through all the baskets of food and just still hasn’t returned to read his letter. Jason yells at Justin to come read his letter and Kryssie says she is going to go talk to him. Kryssie tried to talk to him but he is not interested in reading his letter out loud. Justin now says thank you to BB for all the thanksgiving stuff and he loves them and rolls back over and closes his eyes. Kryssie says we need to figure out what is going to take the longest and then do that first. Jason says the turkey will and he is reading the instructions. HG are putting food in the fridge and organizing which they are going to do first
10:45AM BBT everyone but Justin are very excited about having something to do today and thrilled about their letters. Justin is still laying in bed by himself. Jason goes to talk to justin, BB told justin to pls put on his mic. Justin says to feel free to make the turkey and Jason says we need you for that if we are having turkey then you need to make it cause it’s his recipe and nobody know how to do it and he says OK but to put the turkey in the fridge.
11:00 AM BBT HG are still in the kitchen very excited to get started making Thanksgiving dinner. They are going through all the recipes. Kryssie is re reading her letter to herself and crying.Jason and kryssie is reading the instruction how to make the turkey. Justin says he really isn’t interested in making the turkey. He seems very down today and doesn’t want to participate in making Thanksgiving or anything to do with it. Jason and kryssie don’t seem very impressed. Kryssie mentions that before they start they need to make sure the kitchen is spotless and sterilize the sink. They both get started on doing the dishes while Justin went back to lay down.
11:15 AM BBT Jason is still shocked that his stuffing and chicken liver in it. Morgan i sweeping the floors while Jason does the dishes and Kryssie takes her nail polish off so flakes of it don’t fall into the turkey. Justin is still in the BD laying down alone. Jason mentions he is glad that his letter yesterday wasn’t also from his mother
11:30 AM BBT HG are just chatting and cleaning up the kitchen. Jason asks BB for smokes for thanksgiving and BB comes on the speaker and says NO. Kryssie is trying to figure out how to make Justin’s recipe for the turkey she wants to ask him about it but he has no interest in anything to do with thanksgiving. The BY opened up and there is a oven back there for them to use. Kryssie says she is very nervous about making the turkey and jason jokes that if they all die then Justin will win by default. Kryssie is taking the Giblets out of the turkey and it is grossing her out.

11:45 AM BBT Kryssie is injected the turkey with spices while Justin still sleeping Morgan is helping prepare things as well as Jason..
12:00 PM BBT Jason is cutting the onions, celery while Kryssie is still preparing the turkey and Morgan is helping out any way she can. Justin is still in bed not helping anyone. They are making sweet potato casserole from Whitney’s family. Jason is working on green bean soup casserole. Morgan is having a good time licking the rest of the whipped cream out of the bowl before she tosses it. Jason is having difficulties using the can opener. He broke the handle.Trying to open up the can of sweet potatoes. Kryssie is still trying to rub seasonings on the turkey. And says turkey’s are gross and messy. And tells Jason and Morgan see what I will do for you on this special day. Jason feels bad that he couldn’t open the can to honor Whitney. Morgan was helping Jason and got it figured out and opened before he could. Morgan asks if this would be the time they can sit and reminisce about past house guests and past memories.
12:15 PM BBT Kryssie is finally got the turkey in the oven now she is helping Jason and Morgan get other things done. Kryssie is going over everything they have left and making a mental list. They still have to make Neeley’s mac and cheese. Jason seems a bit confused about what kind of sugar was needed for the sweet potatoes. Jason asks if he should do a little bit of both walnut and pecans pieces into the mixture. Kryssie says to him why not lets party. Jason told Morgan he bets that her family’s dessert table would be lit. Morgan says ya pretty much what they make. They talk about Alex and if she joins in with eating all this kind of food Jason says Alex eats a turkey quesadillas.
12:30 PM BBT They are kind of sad for Justin and not sure why he is acting like this and not wanting to even read his letter from his mom. Morgan says her mom would spank her if she wrote her the letter she’d better read it. They are making Scott’s casserole recipe. Jason is trying to butter the baking dish and says he doesn’t want to get messy with the butter. He says only will get messy if he’s making $5000. Kryssie and Jason are hoping that no one is watching them mess up. Jason is trying to open the can of corn and still having issues with the can opener. Kryssie asks who wants to be my helper and take out the garbage, Jason says hey at least I can do that. Then he scratched himself with the can he was fighting with earlier.
12:45 PM BBT They were talking about Shelby whining all the time and Jason says sorry Morgan and Morgan says it’s ok she’s there. They are getting ready to make the mac and cheese and the potatoes for the mashed potatoes. Morgan says the desserts are all done and ready to be finished. They are preparing Danielle’s mashed potatoes. Morgan is doing the brussel sprouts and asked if they wanted bacon added and they both said oh ya gotta have bacon. Kryssie is gathering the rest of the items they didn’t use back into the storage room. Kryssie found garlic powder and was very excited. Kryssie checked on the turkey and says it’s starting to looking like a turkey.
1:00 PM BBT Kryssie is starting Neeley’s mac and cheese. Jason is in the fridge gathering all the stuff Kryssie needs. Morgan is cutting the bacon. Jason is trying to grade the cheese. They are talking about how Neeley really didn’t cook she ate healthy. Kryssie says she wish she did. Kryssie is adding the Velveeta cheese and Morgan asked her if that was the kind her and Danielle loves. They are talking about how much food they are making and feel like they will be so full and Morgan says that’s how you are suppose to feel eat sleep then eat some more. They are talking about Festivities. And a Seinfeld episode. Now they are talking about how in only a month it will be Christmas and what they plan on doing. Morgan says she’s giving her family gift cards and Jason says he takes his family shopping and have them shop for their gifts and take them out of the store and take them home so he doesn’t have to wrap or mail anything. Jason says he has something huge in his nose and says now he will have to wash his hands. Morgan is cooking the bacon and it is splattering all over her. Kryssie says maybe you should turn the heat down.
1:15 PM BBT They are talking about how they hope that Shelby was able to fly back home to be with her family today. They are talking about how Shelby needs to hurry up and find an apartment so that Morgan can move in. She says she will needing a place to stay. Jason is sampling the cheese he is grading. Says it’s an interesting smell of cheese. BB just said to Justin GOOD MORNING. Jason and Kryssie are working on the mac and cheese. Morgan is still working on getting the brussel sprouts mixed. Jason is putting the clean dishes away. Morgan is washing more of the dishes.
1:30 PM BBT They are trying to figure out the oven space for everything. Kryssie says she is scared of the extra oven they got that in the BY. Jason is scared of it to he says BB please don’t sue me if I blow up your house. Kryssie and Jason is mashing the potatoes. Morgan is getting ready to make the stuffing. Kryssie is getting ready to make the gravy. Morgan is about to finely chop an onion. Jason asks Kryssie how do you know when these potatoes are mashed. Kryssie says do it by site. They are talking about adding cheese to the potatoes.


1:45 PM BBT They are working on the turkey livers and gizards and Jason is getting grossed out while Kryssie is adding it to the pan to boil them. They are looking for something to put the mashed potatoes in. They are wondering how long to cook the gizards. Kryssie asked Jason to fill both bags that has the chunked bread in it so they can soak the bread. BB told Justin to get up. The rest of them are talking about what Justin told Jason that he didn’t care about any of them and feels like he’s been the underdog this whole time. Jason says that he told him that Justin is mad that he won’t be going to the end to win the whole thing. Kryssie asks Jason if he thinks that the outside oven should be ok to use now and he is like um I have no idea what 350 should feel like but it’s warm. They are working on Jason’s meal that his mom sent. He is trying to cut and peel the chorizo. He says to his mom this doesn’t mean that he is now helping her with next year’s dinner.
2:00 PM BBT Jason says that Alex would self-evict if they had to deal with chicken liver. Kryssie is unsure about a recipe, saying it says to soak bread in water. Jason talks about Michelle from season 10 eating pigs feet and enjoying it. Kryssie is unsure about adding water to bacon grease. Kryssie is reading a recipe, and says that BB didn’t do their part yesterday. Kryssie says that she’s unsure about the turkey, so will leave it in ‘til 2:30, or later since they kept opening up the oven. Kryssie says that something they’re making smells like dog food.
2:15 PM BBT Kryssie is squeezing out water out of the bread. Jason says that at home there’s usually no food. Morgan says that her mom’s the same. The bread water is ready. Kryssie takes out something, and Kryssie says that it smells like dog food. Jason says that it looks like dog food. Kryssie looks away from the bread water, and accidently drops a third of the bread. Kryssie says that the water looks murky. Jason says that when he drove his Honda Civic, his brake was broke, so he had to keep using his emergency brake.
2:30 PM BBT Jason gets up, but sat too long cutting meat, so he’s waiting it out. Jason talks about something about Jackie from his season, and brings up when Julie Chen said that they’re bringing back a fan favorite, he says that no one liked that season. Jason later jokes that people are updating that they’re wringing out water from bread and other stuff. Morgan goes to get food out of the outside oven, but it needed more time. Jason tells them about a friend of his who would demand a lot of stuff.
2:45 PM BBT Morgan takes out a pan of mac & cheese, and lets it sit. Jason is zesting an orange. Kryssie stirs in the “wet bread” to make the stuffing. Kryssie takes out the turkey and puts tinfoil on top of it. Jason helps out Kryssie by putting in the bread as she’s mixing it. Kryssie says “this will either be the best thing ever or really gross.” Morgan comes in, and Kryssie asks if looks like food. She says that it looks interesting. Jason tastes it, then lets Kryssie taste it. She says it’s good.
3:00 PM BBT Jason says to BB to give them wine. Jason says to get up Justin, but Kryssie says that he doesn’t deserve to eat since he didn’t help. Jason and Kryssie move the turkey to a pan. Kryssie takes a few bites of the chourico, then lickes her fingers. Kryssie starts to make the gravy. Kryssie asks if she should dress up. Kryssie says that she’s upset and pissed at Justin. BB says “Buenos dias.” Jason says that he’s ignoring them with headphones, saying that BB would usually take away headphones ‘cause then HGs would ignore BB. Jason says that Justin didn’t even read his letter from home, saying that it’s rude to his family.
3:15 PM BBT The brussel sprouts are done. The conversation goes to Shelby, wondering if she’ll watch the show. Morgan says that she said that she won’t. They thank Cornbread for the cabbage, but don’t use it.
3:30 PM BBT Jason changes his nicotine patch. Kryssie’s sister forgot the nuts in her bread recipe. Kryssie says “Oh, Monte. Your recipe is trash.” As they’re clearing up the table, Jason gives Justin his letter in case he doesn’t want to read it in front of everyone. After Jason leaves, Justin wakes up.
3:45 PM BBT HGs change before eating. Jason talks in the backyard. He says that it’s nice to have the twists, hopes Shelby got to go home to Arizona. He hopes Morgan beats Justin, but hated Justin being arrogant yesterday. He says that they helped Justin out. He says that no one was running him this season. He says sorry to the people that he screwed over. He says that he hopes all of this wasn’t for nothing. He says that he hopes that people are compaigning for him, ‘cause he says that his mom only has her 4 Facebook friends. He says that he couldn’t hide and not be himself, just play his heart out. He thanks Big Brother. He says that Justin is maybe upset that he’s going to pick Kryssie over Justin. He says that Kryssie is his #1.
4:00 PM BBT Morgan and Kryssie are in the bathroom chatting. Justin is in the bedroom reading his letter. Jason came inside and starts talking to Justin bedroom. Jason is looking through his clothes. Jason leaves the bedroom. Justin is now looking at the envelope the letter came in. Morgan leaves the bathroom. She heads to the bedroom where Justin is. Justin compliments Morgans sweater. Justin gets up off the bed and starts looking in the mirror. Kryssie is in the bathroom doing her make up. Jason is now in the bathroom with Kryssie and they are chatting. Jason is joking about what he should wear. Morgan yells to Kryssie “Kryssie your bread looks good.” Morgan says that she is going to check the storage room for wine. Morgan looks and there is none. Kryssie says to Jason that they are probably mad that not everyone participating. Justin goes and sits down at the counter. Morgan joins Jason and Kryssie in the bathroom. Jason is talking about hats. Morgan is flossing. Kryssie is now brushing her hair. HG’s go quiet for a minutes then Kryssie says something about the worst curl job ever. Jason and Morgan say there isn’t any one to impress here, but the many people watching. Morgan leaves the bathroom and goes into the kitchen. Morgan looks at the mac and cheese and says it looks good. Then one of the HG’s said that Neeley made it. Jason leaves the bathroom and joins Morgan and Justin the kitchen. Morgan and Justin are talking about previous HG’s. Kryssie yells from the bathroom “Are you guys waiting for me? Im sorry” Morgan says “No you’re good.” then continues talking to Jason about past HG’s. Current past HG that they are talking about is Clay.


4:15 PM BBT the houseguests are starting to eat. Justin has sat down to eat. They complimented Jason on his cultural dish.
4:30 PM BBT They are still eating. Talking randomly about their families. Justin and Kryssie are over by the fridge and sink making plates. Kryssie loves the food. Jason that he follows everyone
4:45 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie says that Justin is homesick and doesn’t like the holiday. They are saying that Jason tried to say that he ran the house with scott. But Jason says that Scott never ran the house. Jason says that Justin is the king of the one week alliances. Jason says that Justin is acting entitled. Jason says that the only season Justin watched was the one where Derrick and that he thinks he has played the game like him. Jason says that Justin can’t make it to the end. Jason says that he has leeched off the others throughout the entire game. Morgan says that he didn’t follow the rules for the have nots she says that he has two of his friends left and she has none. Morgan says that people will see the way that he acting. Kryssie says that they just swapped Justin back and forth all season. Jason says that Justin is the reason why Neeley went home.
5:00 PM BBT Justin is sitting in the room reading the letter from his family crying. He wipes his tears away. In the kitchen Morgan is washing dishes talking to Jason and Kryssie. Jason asks BB if they will let them keep the knives.
5:15 PM BBT Jason gets called to the diary room. Now Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan are putting away the food. Jason takes the knives to bb. They ask BB if they want some of the leftovers. BB tells them no.
5:30 PM BBT Kryssie and Morgan are cleaning the kitchen up. Justin is lying on the couch twiddling his fingers. Morgan is about to eat a dessert.
5:45 PM BBT Kryssie asks Morgan if she’s happy that Shelby is gone. She says yea. It sucks because she had to put her up. But she knew that if she made it to finale night that she’d go home. Jason says that there was no way that any of them would win against Shelby. Now they are all sitting at the table eating.
6:00 PM BBT Morgan, Jason, and Kryssie eating a Thanksgiving meal. Justin is missing home. Everyone is figuring out what the comp might be. Justin is alone in the Tokyo room.
6:15 PM BBT Jason, Kelsey, and Morgan are talking in the kitchen. Justin is alone napping and missing family. The houseguests are figuring out what comp is coming up or part 2 HOH. Kryssie is full.


6:30 PM BBT Morgan and Jason are doing dishes. Quiet in the house.
6:45 PM BBT the hgs are celebrating thanksgiving. Morgan and Kryssie are chatting in Tokyo room.
7:00 PM BBT Kryssie tells Morgan she really hope she wins vs. Justin and offers to help her study to win. Morgan says she is confident. She would win in a mental competition and hopes it isn’t a crapshoot. Morgan says again she doesn’t appreciate Justin’s entitlement, and he wishes he’d respect the rules. They discuss Justin’s recruitment and Morgan says he applied to Masterchef. Kryssie says she loves Justin as a human being, but from a game perspective she is tired of him. Morgan agrees he would be awesome outside of the game. Kryssie says she’s has been biting her tongue a lot. Kryssie says everybody in the jamboree had her as their #1. Kryssie. Doesn’t think Justin did anything to help her throughout the game. Kryssie doesn’t agree that Justin played that great a social game when Morgan brings that up. They say Justin has developed an inflated ego and thinks he deserves to win this game. Kryssie says their side needed to make sure they had the smartest strategists while Justin sat on the sidelines and didn’t do anything. Kryssie/Morgan think they hear people in the storage room and speculate they may be getting wine. They don’t wish to share. Any with Justin and think he’ll run in to get it if BB makes an announcement. Morgan says Justin took a lot of wine from her and Shelby. Kryssie says Justin definitely wasn’t grateful thankful and blessed on the day he should’ve been the most. Morgan laments.
Justin didn’t put on a chefs hat on or help with the cooking at all. Kryssie again says they will have to drink that wine really late if they’re going to do it without Justin. Talk returns to letters from home.
7:15 PM BBT Kryssie and Morgan are chatting in Tokyo room. Kryssie is talking bike riding.  Kryssie and Morgan hope there is a studio audience on finale night. Kryssie asks Morgan to do her makeup that night, and  Morgan agrees. Kryssie says she wants to look great if she finishes 3rd. They talk about what a tremendous accomplishment it is to make finale night. Kryssie can’t believe after all this time she would be fine if Justin were to be eliminated.
7:30 PM BBT Everyone will be shocked with what happened in the outside world. Justin is working out by himself.
7:45 PM BBT Justin says he has a Instagram. No twitter or facebook. Justin is talking to the live feeders. Justin says thank you to Big Brother for the Thanksgiving dinner. Justin finished working out. Justin called to Diary Room. Kryssie tells Morgan that she was bulking right before Big Brother and that her time to cut was when she got there, but it was just too hard.
8:00 PM BBT Kryssie and Morgan are waiting on wine to show up in the storage room. Kryssie and Morgan are talking. Kryssie says that she has major vehicular anxiety because she has been in a lot of wrecks. Morgan tells Kryssie that it doesn’t snow really in Texas and even when it does that they close all the schools and everything. Jason is trying to sleep in the HOH room.4

8:15 PM BBT Morgan and Kryssie talk about the winter. Morgan and Kryssie talk about the cost of living in Austin. Kryssie says that she has social anxiety.
8:30 PM BBT All cams are in the bathroom where Justin just finished showering. Morgan and Kryssie are still talking. Now they are talking about airports. Justin tells Kryssie that he feels like the game is pretty much over. Kryssie says that he still has the Head to Head comp. He says he knows. Justin tells Kryssie that he knew that Jason wasn’t going to take him to the final three, but he doesn’t blame him because he didn’t plan on taking Jason either. Kryssie seems to be taking a nap. Justin is just walking around the house.
8:45 PM BBT It is a quite night in the Big Brother House. Jason is sleeping in the HOH room, Kryssie is sleeping in the Tokyo Room and Justin is wandering around the house. Morgan is doing laundry. Justin asks Morgan if everything is over on Monday as in comps and she says that is what they are thinking, but you never know.
9:00 PM BBT Justin tells Morgan do you remember that bed? We slept together in that bed for the longest time. He says Oh Whitney and Morgan says that they will see her in a week. Jason and Kryssie are awake now and everyone is in the Tokyo Room socializing. Jason is telling them all about his dreams that he has while he was sleeping.3
9:15 PM BBT Jason is talking about other television reality shows. The houseguests are all reminiscing about past houseguests that came and hosted comps. Conversation switches to the Thanksgiving meal they prepared together earlier today.
9:30 PM BBT Houseguests are all hanging out socializing in the Tokyo Room. Huge period talk between Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan.
9:45 PM BBT Houseguests are just socializing in the Tokyo Room. Kryssie tells Jason that he is going to live in her basement or she is going to kidnap him and giggles.
10:00 PM BBT Morgan went to bed in the London room and Jason and Kryssie talking in the Tokyo room and Justin seems like he’s trying to sleep. Kryssie talking about her boyfriend and her band and how upset she was when she left him. Jason talks about the way the public perceives people in the house, he says that he was a nice guy in his last season and with this one he came in as “I got enough friends”. Justin left the room to get cereal and he’s back but not saying a word. Jason and Kryssie are talking about the way the house is laid out and the placing of the have not room.
10:15PM BBT Jason and Kryssie are talking about the catch phrase that BB has pre recorded and how many they have and some are cut off at different spots. Justin goes into the kitchen to put his bowl up and Kryssie says that Jason is making the right choice and that he is doing good about being loyal to her because she has had his back since day 2. She says he deserves this and that no one has carried him to the end. Jason says that Justin acts like he gave birth to us and we have done nothing. The two of them laugh. Justin comes back and the talk stops. Justin lays down and Kryssie says he is really quiet and she worries about him. He says I’m just living in my own head and that it’s all good. He lays down and covers his head. Jason has left the room already. Kryssie gets up and tells him that she hopes he finds some comforts in his thoughts because she doesn’t like to see him like this. Jason comes back in with a turkey hat and a pie hat. Kryssie says she is going to change her pants since she has a visit from Aunt Flo. While Kryssie is gone Jason tries to have small talk with Justin but Justin only answers him with vague responses and keeps trying to go to sleep.
10:30PM BBT The only ones talking are Kryssie and Jason they talk about random topics. No game talk they seem a little bored. Jason has been talking of farting and smoking and he’s just woke up after his nap and he seems to be up for a while. He says he’s gonna go shower and feed the fish. Kryssie asks him to bring her toothbrush when he comes back down. Jason talking about Audrey and him and Davonne and the fight and the possible f3 but that Audrey was so head strong and she blew up her own game. He says that Davonne was probably proud of him and that he was definitely proud of her in season 18. They talk about how long a real season and as he starts talking about getting kidnapped , the camera takes us to a sleeping Morgan. Jason talks to Kryssie about he’s not scared of anything but he doesn’t have a real good personal connection because people don’t get his sense of humor. They talk about if they will fly family members out for the final two people.
10:45PM BBT they talk about traveling and there cell phones and what they carry when they fly. Jason says he has a Nicki minaj backpack that’s leopard, snake and pink. Kryssie starts talking about tattoos and what she plans to do next. She starts whining about her band and how she wants to do a show. They talk about animal movies and “old yellar”, kryssie says she’s never seen it. They laugh and talk about outhouses and duvets.
11:00PM BBT jason thinks that he might have been cast because he was gay and that he is snarky and that they were looking for someone that was those two things. Kryssie says that he needs to eat his wings tomorrow before he eats any leftovers because they will not stay good that much longer. Jason says he wonders if season 17 people are proud of him and that he made up with them all. The only one he has had a problem with was James and they are going to talk it out when he gets out of here. He talks about Davonne in season 18 and the fact the whole house did nothing but sleep.
11:15PM BBT Kryssie continues to complain about terrible cramps. He says does it feel like someone scraping on your ovaries. Maybe like carving. Jason says he has never carved a pumpkin and they talk about the pumpkins being finally gone and that they lost possession of the carving kits. He says he is sore after the working out.
11:30PM BBT Kryssie said is the heartburn from me to Jason. Jason said i was afraid to cook it. Jason and Kryssie is talking about Chicken liver. Kryssie said do not fart in the pumpkin before i go home to Jason. Kryssie said was talking about the whitney sweet potatoes. Jason said big brother we need new Can openers. Kryssie said I taught Monte how to use a can opener.
11:45PM BBT Kryssie and Jason said i am going to get a jamboree tattoo


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