Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Sunday, November 27th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Sunday, November 27th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Sunday, November 27th

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Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Sunday, November 27th

12:00 AM BBT Kryssie said that Alex asked her to save Jason. Justin is in the Kitchen. Morgan is asleep. Justin said shout out to Shelby. Jason said they probably will kick me out of the HOH room on Monday. Kryssie said to Jason do you read the letter every night he is reading the letter that his Mom gave him for thanksgiving. And his letter from Lynette. Kryssie said she sounds great.
12:15 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie are talking about porn. Jason asked Kryssie where does he sleep. Justin is reading his letter.
12:30 AM BBT Kryssie is applying lotion. Jason and Kryssie are talking about farts. Justin is reading a book. Jason said to kryssie you need to eat something.
12:45 AM BBT Jason said nothing about him could be true.Jason said bb you should change angle. Jason said i hope Danielle doesn’t hate me.
1:00 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie said they are going to go to bed soon, Jason said i should have picked Morgan. Jason i hope i can beat you to Kryssie. Jason said he is going to sleep until 11 am
1:15 AM BBT Jason is talking dancing. Kryssie said to Jason you got me bad. Kryssie said i am afraid to move my face. Jason and Kryssie are the only ones awake.
1:30 AM BBT All HGS are Sleeping. Justin got out of bed for the bathroom and crawled back in back.
1:45 AM BBT All HGS are Sleeping.
2:00 AM BBT All Hgs are sleeping.
2:15 AM BBT All hgs are sleeping but Justin who is just going back to bed after being in the washroom, washing his chest.
2:30 AM BBT All hgs but Justin are asleep, he is tossing and turning in bed.
2:45 AM BBT Justin is the only hg still awake, he is just lying in bed and every once in awhile looking into the camera.
3:00 AM BBT All hgs but Justin are sleeping
4:00 AM BBT The HGs are asleep, but Justin is still struggling to get there; he is restless.
4:15 AM BBT All HGs, except Justin, are asleep, but he finally appears to be settling in.
4:30 AM BBT All HGs are asleep
5:00 AM BBT All HGs are asleep.
6:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
7:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
8:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
8:30 AM BBT HG are sleeping Justin makes some mumbles rolls over whispering to himself and stretches falling back to sleep.
9:00 AM BBT HG are asleep Justin and Morgan are restless
9:45 AM BBT HG are sleeping Wake up calls soon.

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Sunday, November 27th

10:01 AM BBT WAKE UP! Wake up call! Kryssie was the first to get up to take care of her battery followed by Morgan and Jason. Morgan exclaims that they are still locked in and Jason says obviously they are building something. Jason goes to use the upstairs bathroom while Morgan uses the downstairs wash room to get ready. Jason back in bed, he’s cold. Morgan brushing her teeth while Kryssie comes in and they talk hair extensions, Kryssie says Meech’s found hair extension is salvageable and she’s wearing it. Morgan is talking about how surprised about how there’s only 4 potential nights left. Kryssie and Morgan are talking about how they are just most excited about seeing their families and how the BB experience is tough but fun.
10:15 AM BBT Kryssie talks about how she plans to get her alliance tattooed on her afterwards. Morgan is straightening her hair and Kryssie says she hopes Meech is OK with her using the extension. Morgan could use a root touch up and Kryssie says at least your loved ones didn’t include that in your letter. Talk of hair coloring. Talk of the 80’s and Kryssie says she was born in the wrong decade. Morgan and Kryssie talk makeup and contour Kryssie says she doesn’t know how to girl. Morgan says she’s excited to do Kryssie’s makeup.
10:30 AM BBT More makeup talk. Morgan goes into Tokyo and grabs some clothes and goes back into the bathroom to put them on. Kryssie finishes her look and brushes her teeth. Jason is still cuddled up in his HOH bed. Kryssie and Morgan get set up to put the extensions in Kryssie’s hair. The girls talk about how it’s a bit boring how it is now, and they try not to dwell in the past. They are surprised that the hair looks a very close match for Kryssie’s hair. Morgan says she can’t believe Meech could forget her hair and how upset she would have been if it’d happened to her.
10:45 AM BBT They shout out to Meech and say her extensions are luxury as Jason would say. Kryssie starts to trim the hair. Morgan uses the restroom and Kryssie finishes up her hair. They both are pleased witht the way the hair turned out Morgan goes into the kitchen and is joined there by Kryssie. They talk again about how exciting it is to be down to 4 days and that they’ll like to be back in their own beds. Kryssie jokes that she’ll probably jump for her mic a few times.


11:00 AM BBT Kryssie says she’s eating the last piece of bread and then going to make another loaf today. They talk about what they can make today for lunch and dinner that will take the most time to give them something to do. Morgan can’t wait to get a coffee drink that isn’t just coffee. Jason comes down and says he likes caramel swirl! The girls laugh about underwear camera time with Jason who is in his tiny underwear. Kyssie takes a picture with the liver leftovers. The girls take selfies. Jason is excited about how normal the extensions look! They need a picture of Jason with his pumpkin. They have fun with the camera and take selfies. Justin is all cuddled in his Tokyo couch. Morgan takes a selfie wearing a hat next to her sister. They all talk about how different the girls look. JoJo selfies.
11:15 AM BBT HOH robe pics. Train pics on the HOH bed. They feed the fish. They wake up Justin to take a Trex picture. They joke about Cornbread and take a picture with his sheets and cabbage. Justin goes back to bed. Jason makes a bowl of cereal and eats it. Jason talks about how proud of Davonne he is and how much further she made it her second go round. Jason says that people from his season sold items for money, and they joke the starting price for the Meech extensions is two hundred. Production gets onto them for talking about production.
11:30 AM BBT They laugh about Alex being the dirty mummy in a past comp. Kryssie takes artistic photos with the camera. Jason wants the speak no evil squirrels.
11:45 AM BBT Kryssie enjoys messing around with the camera. Kryssie and Jason joke about who took the best pictures of pumpkins. They are talking about hair colors. They joke that the forecast for today is laying in bed with things on their faces pretending they aren’t asleep. They are bored and have nothing to do. Sitting around the kitchen table. Kryssie puts the Meech hair in a ziploc. Jason prepares to give the camera back as his hour is over. The girls talk about what color they want to do their nails for finale.

12:00 AM BBT quiet in the house.
12:15 Pm BBT casual day in the house.
12:30 PM BBT. houseguest trying to find things to do.
12:45 PM BBT not much going on.
1:00 PM BBT Morgan playing janga. Morgan is now cooking.
1:15 PM BBT lazy Sunday in the house. Morgan asked Kryssie who was on the block more. Kryssie said Danielle.
1:30 PM BBT Nothing really going on in the house.
1:45 PM BBT everyone enjoying the day.
2:00 PM BBT Morgan and Kryssie are in the kitchen talking about cheating spouses and organic foods. Kryssie talks about a saving plan that she tried. Discussion turns to shopping and different clothing sizes from engagement and wedding pics. Kryssie shares what kind of vintage-inspired wedding dress she would like to have.
2:15 PM BBT Morgan shares what kind of wedding dress she would like to have. Jason came down from a nap and tells about the crazy nap he had. He dreamed that he was in a mansion like in Flavor of Love with a bunch of crazies. Justin continues to nap in the Tokyo room. Morgan and Kryssie agree that they each want an open bar at their wedding. Fish. All cameras to Justin sleeping in the Tokyo room. Back in the kitchen, they agree that they are going to crash Whitney’s wedding if she doesn’t invite them. Kryssie says she is going to wear her infestation t-shirt to Whitney’s wedding. Subject changes to waitressing, and Kryssie talks about how she never got a hugely outrageous tip waitressing.
2:30 PM BBT Jason, Morgan, and Kryssie are talking about Kesha’s legal issues with Dr. Luke. Talk turns to buying bottles of wine at the gas station or liquor store, and how much they pay for the wine. Jason says he goes to the liquor store every day to buy nips. The girls say that they don’t call them nips, they call them travel size or little bottles of alcohol. Jason shares with them what kind of nips his ‘girls’ like. They talk about drinking on airplanes.
2:45 PM BBT They talk about flights with bad turbulence. Jason talks about a tv show. Jason applies his nicotine patch to himself and talks about how he considered not using one for the last few days, but now he thinks that he can’t do that. He says he has changed what time he applies the patch. He pulls his patch out and it is tiny. They talk about how far he has come in his addiction.
3:00 PM BBT Jason is sweeping and talking about his season, specifically about the twins. Justin is awake and also in the kitchen. Morgan is playing Jenga. Jason continues sweeping. Justin is in the bathroom washing his face. Justin goes to the storage room and roots around.
3:15 PM BBT Justin cooks. Jason still sweeps. Justin is cooking eggs. They talk about their pets.
3:30 PM BBT Talk continues about their pets. Jason says he is sweating from Swiffering. Justin goes in and out of the storage room, then to a couch in the living room area.

3:45 PM BBT Jason is called to the diary room. Morgan sits down with Justin in the living room area. Kryssie has gone to the bathroom. She comes back in the living room area and sits down with Morgan and Justin. They talk about who among the houseguests snored. General chit chat continues.
4:00 PM BBT Houseguests are hanging out in the living room waiting for Jason to return from the DR. Kryssie and Morgan talk about sleeping alone and missing their boyfriends. They discuss how weird this experience has been. Kryssie and Morgan both say that they would love to win but they still really have enjoyed the experience.
4:15 PM BBT Morgan and Kryssie discuss how the winner will be announced. Jason comes out of the DR and Morgan is called in the DR. Jason tells Kryssie that the winner usually comes out of the house first. Jason starts cleaning the floor with the swiffer wet jet. Justin is in the Yoga room alone talking to himself. Jason whispers to Kryssie what he was telling America in his diary room session about Justin. He says that he is still really upset about Thanksgiving.
4:30 PM BBT Kryssie tells Jason what her and Morgan were talking about while he was in the DR. Jason and Kryssie are building a “Monte” out of pillows and sheets. Justin is working out in the Yoga room. JUSTIN! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Morgan dies laughing when she sees the “Monte.” Morgan starts blowing up a condom that is to be his head.
4:45 PM BBT Kryssie is using blue nail polish to paint a face on the condom to be Monte’s head. Morgan and Jason giggle together as they look at Kryssie Monte face. Jason grabs a bag of spinach to put next to Monte.

5:00 PM BBT Kryssie’s depiction of Monte is very realistic. It really looks like Monte! Jason says that Shelby was the only houseguest that was in to Monte.
5:15 PM BBT Justin comes out of the DR and is freaking out with the realism of Kryssie’s Monte. Kryssie mimics Monte, “It’s because I won that first HOH.” Jason says, “If you’re a vet you’re a threat!” The houseguests lock down is now over. Justin goes outside to work out. Jason puts Kryssie Monte condom head on the figure that they made out of his clothes and Morgan says that is so creepy how much he looks so real.
5:30 PM BBT Jason says that he kind of wants to eat leftover Thanksgiving again or go work out. Morgan says she may go work out too. Jason is going to go out and wash his clothes. He tells Morgan that Big Brother stained a pair of his jeans when they did his concierge laundry for being HOH. Justin tells Morgan that he has been thinking about everything. Justin says that if he would have known that Jason and Kryssie had an alliance that he would have done things differently. Justin says that he feels really dumb. Morgan tells him that hindsight is 20/20 and you’re still here in the final 4. Justin tells Morgan that he is so ready for this to be over. He says that this is so fake. The people are fake, the house is fake, and everything is fake. Justin says he is so over it and he can’t wait to win and do his fishing seminars. Then he apologizes to Morgan. Morgan starts talking under her breath, “You are so annoying, shut up, go away…” as Justin was talking to the cameras. Justin is still going on to the cameras. He says that none of these people are coming to New Orleans. Justin says that they would never make it in his city. Morgan is just smiling and trying to save face and be nice.
5:45 PM BBT Justin is going on about what he would do with the money if he wins. Jaason is adjusting Monte. Jason is doing a facial mask. Kryssie asked Jason if Justin has spoke to him yet. He says no. Kryssie says that she forced her way into a convo with Morgan and Justin while Jason was in the DR. Jason says that Justin doesn’t need them anymore. Jason discusses Alex with Kryssie. Kryssie asks him if he was the one who told Alex that she was Kryssie’s target the week she was HOH. Jason tells her no. Jason says that Justin chokes on comps and Kryssie says that she hopes this comp is intellectual. Jason says that he thinks Morgan is an overall better player than Justin.
6:00 PM BBT Morgan and Justin are in the backyard working out. Justin is very frustrated, doing a lot of pacing. They both do weights for arm exercises. He tells Morgan she is his workout partner and a breath of fresh air. She says it’s the last 4 days, we are the only ones left. Inside, Kryssie and Jason are in the kitchen. They are heating up food. Morgan comes in and tells them it is finally cold and feeling like Winter out there.
6:15 PM BBT  Jason sits down at the table to eat. Justin comes inside. He looks at the time and walks out the room. Morgan is chopping something. She tells Justin it is for roasted veggies. They are talking about the Monte they made. Kryssie and Jason eat Thanksgiving. Justin fixes some cereal that he says is hard enough to break his teeth. Morgan drops hers vegetables on the ground and Justin tells her to rinse them off. Jason and Kryssie start talking about Pokemon Go.
6:30 PM BBT Jason says they would clean so much if they played music for them. He says BBUK does that. They will play music as long as they clean. Jason goes out to gather his laundry. Kryssie and Jason talk about how they can’t afford certain clothes or afford to go to the movie with their friends. Jason is all bundled up in a hat and sweatshirt and going outside with Kryssie with her duffel bag. Morgan says she is proud of how much she has cooked in the house. Justin tells her she looks like she knows what she is doing. Morgan asks Justin if he cooks dinner at home and he says he eats out a lot. They talk about good pizza restaurants. Kryssie and Jason are riding the exercise bikes. Kryssie says she is ready for the awkwardness to be done. Jason says it shows who he is that you don’t want to be his friend on the outside. Kryssie says she doesn’t think he ever intended to be friends on the outside- he always says “when you come see me”, not when I come visit you. Justin is inside saying he is ready to see everyone. Morgan says she is ready to see Connor and have a big fishbowl margarita. Kryssie is outside coaching Jason through lifting weights.
6:45 PM BBT Justin says “America, if I make it to Final 3, vote for me! And if Morgan makes it, vote for Morgan! Don’t vote for the snakes, they tricked me. They’re tricksters.” Morgan is guessing when comp will be, based on when they lock them in. Justin says he is dying in there. He says he is thankful, grateful and blessed that it is not a normal long season. Justin says he would do it again, but he needs a little break! He says he is tired of Kryssie and Jason’s ass and wants to beat them to rub it in… but he’s not like that…. But he wants the option. Kryssie is lifting weights and it looks like she has never done it. She blames it on her shoulder today. She begins coaching Jason again.
7:00 PM BBT  Justin says that he feels he had to fight to get to the end, but the fact that his people ditched him in the end is the worst. Justin says he protected Kryssie and used his veto on her and never through Jason’s name out. When he found out they were throwing his name out there, that is when he lost trust. He says he has listened to their stories over and over and brought life to the group and they just threw him out. Justin says he doesn’t tell all his stories because they have not experienced a lot of what he has. He says he is just trying to stay positive, at this point. Justin says he will probably not have any friendships from the house. At home, he has one friend and his family. All his friends are dead and gone. Morgan says she was worried she was going to get in a fight in the house. Justin says he is non-confrontational, but when he snaps, he snaps and would be kicked out. He says he is better than that, he has lived and learned and doesn’t fight. He had to fight his whole life and those days are over. He is about peace and love. Justin says he is glad Monte went out because he has a hard time with bigots. Morgan says she realized that she was being judged by being with Monte. Justin says that discrimination exists so much in the SOuth. He says a week before he came, in New Orleans, he was outside a club. The police tackled him, took his money and phone, said he was resisting arrest and were going to taser him. They thought he was a rapist. He never even got his stuff back. He said he stopped driving because he was always getting pulled over, they thought he was Mexican. Then, they would pull him over and it was a whole different set of issues when they saw he was black. He says he is black, but he is a Creole. Morgan says she doesn’t want to believe Monte is a racist, she thinks he is more of an idiot.
7:15 PM BBT Justin tells Morgan he hopes she votes for him, if she leaves. He says you might vote for Kryssie! She says “You never know!”. Morgan washes the dishes.
7:30 PM BBT Justin goes into his room. He then goes to the shower. Morgan is in the bathroom. He tells her he can’t pretend to be friends with people in the house. He says you probably made real friends, though. She says, “Yeah, my sister. But, I will definitely be friends with Shelby outside of here, too”. Morgan goes into the kitchen while Justin stands in the shower, trying to relax. She talks to herself, saying “mmm!”. Jason comes through with laundry. He says he has a spot on his shirt. She says there is a trick to it- like, either hairspray or toothpaste. He goes to the room to put away clothes. Morgan goes outside with Kryssie.
7:45 PM BBT  Jason talks to himself while he puts away his clothes he washed. He says he can’t wait to get home and use some Oxi-Clean on all his clothes. Justin is still in the shower. He turns off the shower, dries off, wraps his towel around him and goes to the London  room to get dressed.
8:00 PM BBT In the backyard Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan are going over their days. They keep going over who made it off the block with zero votes. Also what days they had fights on. What days they had games on. What days people were evicted. What days they had visitors. Now they are trying to figure out if there is any relation between anything else that’s happened in ithe house. Jason asks them how much change is on the table. Kryssie tells him that there are 9. He asks if they have counted the things in the kitchen. Morgan goes on to tell him how many steps there are.  Kryssie and Jason tell Morgan that she’s got this next comp. Jason tells her that Justin doesn’t know half of the things that she knows.
8:15 PM BBT Now Jason and Kryssie are playing pool. Now they are at the washer and dryer getting their clothes out. The camera cuts to someone in the shower. Morgan is in the shower while Jason and Kryssie talk to Justin. Well they are talking while Justin is in the bed. Kryssie is packing her clothes.13

8:30 PM BBT Jason is talking to Kryssie about the time his ex gave him an apple gift card once he finished the show. Now Jason and Kryssie are in the hoh room. He is about to get undressed. Jason has on different clothes. Jason says that Justin walked past Monte’s picture and said something about a vet being a threat. Jason says that it was all good while he was on his side. Now he’s a threat. Kryssie says that she agrees with him. Jason says that Justin expects for people to just give him comps. Kryssie says that if you can tell that you can’t win a comp you should humble yourself and play a better social game.
8:45 PM BBT Kryssie is talking to Jason that about Justin’s care package. She says that they package could have easily been for someone else. But he got it because he was the last person without one. They said it could have been for Danielle or Whitney. It gets quiet as Jason takes his shower. In the bathroom downstairs Morgan is on the bench. Justin tells Morgan that he was pretending to be sleep so that Jason and Kryssie would go upstairs and it worked. He says that he tries to force himself to go to sleep and that he sleep and wakes up an hour later. He says that it is hard not having anyone to talk to. Morgan begins to dry her hair with the blow dryer. Kryssie is in the hoh room talking to Jason as he gets out of the shower.
9:00 PM BBT Jason says that he fussed a lot about the girls not doing their dishes. But Danielle and Justin didn’t clean their own dishes either. Kryssie says that Justin has been disrespecting the game. She says that she was a have not with him and he ate, because he claims he was feeling sick. Jason says that nobody really cheats at being a have not. Jason says that if he could see Justin he knows that production could possibly see him. He calls him the most ignorant person he’s met. Kryssie says that she was loyal to him. Jason says that BB is going to show Justin looking like a fool on thanksgiving. And not show his meltdown. Jason says now he wants to play games with Morgan now since he wants to act like that is his best friend. Kryssie says that she spent 57 days being loyal to Justin. Only for him to be rude and flip on her. Jason says that now all of a sudden Justin is trying to find ways to relate to Morgan, saying that his family own a mall.
9:15 PM BBT Kryssie says that Justin can’t talk to people about being poor because he wears expensive shoes and that he shops exclusively from a high end store. Jason says that he doesn’t say thank you for anything. They are both talking about how Justin is mad at them but is still using up all of their stuff. Jason said that any time that he tried to talk about the things that Justin does in the diary room but they kept changing the subject. Kryssie says that Justin refuses to follow the rules. He lays around with cotton balls in his ears all day ignoring production. Jason says that he wouldn’t be acting that way if he was Justin. Jason says that Justin tries to make it seem like he’s generous, but it’s easy for him to do that because he has the means.
9:30 PM BBT Kryssie says that she is mad that she spent so much time looking out for Justin only for him to not really care about her. Jason says that it sucks that he looked out for him too only to find out that he has said that he couldn’t hang out with him due to his sexuality. Jason says that they let Justin slide with the mean things that he said but they didn’t let Monte get away with things. Jason says that he hates that he let him get away with so many things. Now they are talking about Shelby’s lie. Jason says that he thinks that they could possibly be hosting their own finale. Kryssie mentions that they have four more nights in the house. Jason says that he wants to see the lady who casted him on his season. Kryssie says that she has a list of people that she wants to see.
9:45 PM BBT Kryssie whispers something to Jason. And production tells her to stop. She says that she can’t wait to see her family. She said that in the beginning she felt like she shouldn’t have been there. She says she felt like her spot should have been someone else’s. Jason says that he has people who didn’t think he would make it this far. Now he is commenting on the camera position. Jason says that he is amazed at how good Morgan is at the facts. Jason says that he took two naps and they were in the same spot going over facts. Jason says that he could never turn on Justin because of the way that the others approached him with the idea.

10:00 PM BBT In the Kitchen, Morgan and Justin are playing Jenga and talking about Spring Break. In the HOH room, Jason and Krissie discuss Justin and how everyone in the game kept putting him off, but that it was ok because he can’t win comps. Jason asks what the girls got from Justin (the week Danielle was evicted) and Kryssie says that they wanted her and the only way to her was through Justin. Kryssie asks if Justin thought he was clever by saving her even though she was not in danger at the time. Jason says that Justin must have been oblivious to it. Kryssie says she resigned herself to the fact that everyone wanted to take her to the final because they feel that they can beat her. She says that her stats are not as high as everyone else’s. Jason says that America may not really care about that. She says it’s hard to know if America can see what she has actually done. Jason says that America will know if she discussed it in her DR. She says that there were things she did that no one asked her about in the DR. She wonders how much others took credit for the things she did like some of the things Danielle did was from ideas Kryssie put in her head but if people even know that. Kryssie says she did a lot with scott and a lot with Whitney but she is unsure if anyone even knows. She says she will be furious if Justin is higher than her. Jason says that he will also be upset. They say that they don’t know what America is seeing because they don’t see the DR sessions Justin has. How he acts behind closed doors when they don’t see. Jason says that is very possible that he can win. Kryssie says that makes her heated. Jason says that there also is a possibility that Justin has done a lot of things that they perceive that he has done nothing. Kryssie says she would prefer Morgan win over Justin, even if they brought Danielle back to win over Justin she would be ok. Jason says that Danielle would be a deserving winner. She asks if Morgan and Justin are even sleeping in the same room because she doesn’t want to be petty and take her things out of the room. Jason says that he felt the nicest thing he could have done was not mislead him. Jason says that the least he could have done was waited a few more days to be a jerk.
10:15 PM BBT Kryssie says that him staying up and dragging their names in front of the cameras. Jason says that he doesn’t know that Justin is doing that but Kryssie says she can hear him talking to the camera. To her it says desperation and that he has to pander to the camera. She says every day that goes by that he doesn’t speak to her makes her angry. Kryssie says she is sorry to Jason for being so negative about Justin. Jason says he is at the point where he is not angry because he didn’t come there to make friends. Kryssie says she didn’t either but she did feel she was making friends. She says if Jason dumps her after the show…..He says she can’t get rid of him now. Kryssie asks how many people he will keep in touch with from this season and he says he doesn’t know even from his season there are only 5 he has spent time with. He says he would make the most effort to stay in touch with after the show would be Kryssie, Danielle, Neeley and maybe Shane. He says he will keep in touch with Whitney but he won’t try unless Whitney tries to keep in touch with him. He says that if people want to reach out to him that they have his number and they can text him and he will always reply. He is open to be friends with people. He says he will see Scott at events. Kryssie says she will keep in touch with Neeley as well. He will send tweets to will be Alex and Morgan. He says he is not factoring in Justin at all. Kryssie says she will not waste her breath on him after the show. Jason says that relationships that are developed organically last outside the house. If it’s a forced relationship then it doesn’t last. They both talk about Shane being a wonderful human being. She says getting to know him just for the three weeks was pleasant. Jason says that Justin was pleasant for three weeks too but that people show true colors. Kryssie says this is their first taste seeing Justin afraid. That this is how he acts when he doesn’t get what he wants and he acts like a child. Now that he is forced to play BB he is a jerk. Jason says that he thinks he would get along with Shelby outside the house if it was just in a bar.
10:30 PM BBT Jason says when you get out of the house you see people differently. He says from his season that the people who he thought would be friends were not. They both say they are good texters. Kryssie says she will not give her number to Justin. She said that during their fight that Justin says that he wanted to be friends outside the house. Then Kryssie says that he can not talk to her the last few days they have left in the house. They talk about how long they can each hold a grudge. In the London Room, Justin and Morgan are talking. Justin talks about Jason and Kryssie and how they were throwing him under the bus. He says he is glad how things panned out and now he has a chance to fight his way to the final 3. Morgan says she wants to win the final 3 because she won the way there not because someone took her there. Morgan says she will give it to Jason who whipped everyone to get to the final 3. Justin says that Kryssie knew that people would take her. Justin says knowing what he knows now that he would have taken Morgan if he won. Justin says he has more fans than Jason and that he will win if he is in the final 2 because people think he is a crappy person. He complains about Jason and Kryssie always complaining that they are poor and that they don’t really know what it’s like to be poor. He says now he doesn’t have to pretend to be friends and fake it. They say it blows their minds that it’s almost over.
10:45 PM BBT Justin says that this experience has taught him how to play BB so he will be prepared if he ever came back. Morgan says that if they come back they can play so much differently. She says because of that Jason knew what to do coming in. Justin says that Jason told him that America voted him into the house but that he was not worried about that. Now that he sits back and thinks about it he says he is a fool because he shouldn’t have played along and listen to the things he said. Morgan says once she knew about the final 5 deal being a lie, she said that Jason was good but that she is still pissed about it. Justin says that he felt that when he learned about the plan of the final 5 with the girls, Justin says that he knew that if it blew up in his face that it would make Jason look bad so he encouraged it. Justin says that if he wouldn’t have one the tightrope comp that he would have gone home instead of Shelby. Morgan says depending on the veto but yes. They talk about how America has seen Justin’s butt. Morgan says that America doesn’t mind and that he most likely has a twitter page dedicated to his butt. They talk about their social media profiles. Justin says he has sucked at all the comps but if he comes back that he will know how to play. He says that he has watched 2 or 3 seasons and that this season has been different. Morgan says with the America’s nom and the America’s vote and the CP threw everything for a loop and the person you actually want out of the house stayed. Justin says he didn’t want to win any HOH comps and during the roller ball comp he was giving tokens away. He avoided HOH to stay out of the radar and not make enemies in the house. He says he feels he played a really good game. Morgan says they are all there for a reason. Justin says he knows Kryssie will never apologize to him because she doesn’t think she has to and that she will think what she wants to think and that he doesn’t respect her as a human. He says Kryssie’s fate will be third place. They talk about the wakeup call this morning and that it made Morgan jump. They talk about the voice that was used to wake them up. Justin says he is not into any of the demonic stuff and that he doesn’t watch scary movies but he will with a girl. Justin leaves the London Room to let Morgan get some sleep. In the HOH room, Kryssie and Jason are watching the HOH TV and sees what Justin is doing.
11:00 PM BBT They talk about Justin and how he can not be enjoying his time and that he is always saying he can not wait until it’s over. They say do them a favor and leave a day early. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Justin is in the kitchen cooking and singing. They continue to watch the HOH TV to watch Justin. Kryssie talks about how they busted their butts on Thanksgiving and that Justin didn’t do anything. Jason says that it’s hard to be Justin and that Kryssie will never understand. They tease that Justin has had turmoil in the house to deal with. They go down a list of why Kryssie can’t be like the other HG – why can’t they cook cabbage like Cornbread. Why can’t she do butt stuff like Whitney. Why don’t you have 14 Wigs and bring them here like Neeley. How big are your sandals? Why can’t you bring sandals like Scott? Jason talks about her flower in her hair in her wall photo. She says it’s special to her because it’s for her friend who died and that’s the tatoo she has on her leg and if he wants to go there. The feeds go to the kitchen where Justin is cooking. When they return to the HOH room, they are still doing the why can’t you. Why can’t you have no personality like Alex, you should try to be more boring. Why can’t you be a train wreck like Shelby? Why do you have to make everything about you like Danielle? Jason talks about the bed sheets on the HOH bed and the pillow cases.
11:15 PM BBT Kryssie says she is tired but not tired enough to go to bed. Jason says that’s his life in the BB house. Kryssie says she stayed up way too late last night but she had caffeine yesterday. They talk about working out at the gym. They watch the HOH TV. JASON PLEASE CENTER YOUR MICROPHONE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. They talk about Kryssie being noticed on the show. Justin finishes his meal and is cleaning up the kitchen. Jason and Kryssie talk about music bands. Justin begins eating cereal.
11:30 PM BBT Jason says he misses cigarettes. Kryssie says he has 4 more days then he can go back to ruining his body. Jason says maybe not. Kryssie says there is always pot. Jason calls her ma’am and Kryssie says she is now an authority figure. She talks about when she was serving ladies that were in their 30’s she would call them grandma and it would make them upset. She would offer them meatloaf with gravy because old people love gravy. Her favorite people to come in to serve would be the guys with sculpted beards and she would ask what boy band they are in? Jason asks what he would say to Whitney. She says she would make fun of the age difference with her boyfriend. Shelby she would give a booster seat and a kids menu and say that she looks hungry and not fed enough and if she needed to call someone. To Neeley it would depend on what hair she was wearing. To Shane if his hair was down she would make Jesus jokes and if it was up she would give him a hat with the top cut out to fit his bun. With Alex she would make a crack about the carb content in the food. With Justin she would assume he was high and offer him all of their deep fried foods. To Morgan she would make Barbie and Ken jokes. To Jason she would say he was trash and not waiting on him. She would say what are you doing here little boy where is your mommy and get a kids menu. She says she misses that job every day. They watch the HOH TV again to see what Justin is doing. They talk about the blow up man on the couch. They talk about the photo wall and how they can’t push the buttons with this HOH. Kryssie says she hopes there are comps tomorrow.
11:45 PM BBT Justin is reading his letter from home again. Justin is looking at a book that appears to be a Bible and is reading in bed. Jason and Kryssie are in general conversation. Jason is making faces at Kryssie. She says it maybe the time to go to bed. She makes fun of how Jason talks and tells him to day drawing an orange squirrel. He does and she laughs. She says she is starting to get tired. They begin to watch the fish. Kryssie says her fish hides in the back, has anxiety and is older than everyone, that it truly is her fish.




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