Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Sunday, November 20th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Sunday, November 20th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates:
Sunday, November 20th

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12:00 AM BBT All HG are asleep
12:15 AM BBT All HG are asleep
12:30 AM BBT All HG are asleep
12:45 AM BBT Justin Woke up and is cooking something in the Kitchen the other HG are Asleep.
1:00 AM BBT Justin is in the kitchen eating. All other HG are sleeping. Justin said oh man.
1:15 AM BBT Jason and Justin are awake the others are sleeping
1:30 AM BBT Justin is awake and the others are sleeping
1:45 AM BBT Justin is in the kitchen and the others are sleeping Justin goes back to bed
2:00 AM BBT Justin Jason and Kryssie are awake and having a general conversation, Justin says they turned the kitchen lights off as he was sitting there crying. Jason tells him not to worry that he should not worry about it, things will change. Justin says it won’t be so bad if he could just sleep but he can’t sleep in here. Justin says he doesn’t think he has slept soundly because he hasn’t dreamed. Kryssie says maybe you haven’t remembered your dreams. Kryssie is saying she had a dream where they went into the DR in the dark and the comp was to put make up on. She says it gets better she says she grabs the mirror they tell her stop that, she breaks the mirror and they say f**cking stop that. She says then they tell her you have to leave. Justin and Jason are laughing at her dream. Justin says it is terrible you have nightmares about this place. He says he hopes he can get back to normal when he leaves here. Jason says get drunk the first week you are home. Justin says this is the most stressful time in his life. Kryssie says you really can’t understand this unless you live it. Kryssie says we probably come off as ungrateful little bitches but this destroys our lives. Justin says we have come a long way but we have so much more to do. Jason says we have come so far but there is only 3 things left to do. Kryssie says her hands smell like garlic after she cooked, and she washed her hands alot. Kryssie says 11 more days left. Jason says yes 11 days and 3 more things. Kryssie asks if they fly your love ones out. Jason says in the real Big Brother. Justin says if they fly his mom out here she will be crying. Kryssie asks if they will fly out her sister and boyfriend Jason says normally it is 2 of your love ones. Kryssie says at least your mom can watch you on the feeds every 10 minutes. Jason says that is harder on your loved ones because they also hear what the other hgs are saying about you. Justin says my mom will not like Shelby at all. Justin says my dad is the laid back one my mom is the tiger cat. Justin asks if the finale is during the day. Jason says no he thinks it airs on the east coast at 9 pm. Jason and Justin say they just can’t see the girls both being in the finale. Jason says we all have different pasts and we all take something different from it. Kryssie says we have been playing defense since the first week here.

2:15 AM BBT Jason says only 1 more day til veto. Noms are tomorrow than one more sleep than veto. Kryssie and Jason said they went to bed too early their bodies said what are you doing. Justin said he tried to sleep but could not. Both Kryssie and Jason say the last hour they have been singing songs in their heads the last hour. Jason says he has had a scary song in his head for the last hour. Justin asks if they can stay up til 5 like we normally do. Jason says he is surprised they haven’t told them to turn the light on. Justin says maybe they are being nice to us because we are depressed. They start singing and Production tells them to stop singing. Jason says if you leave stuff in the house kiss it goodbye. Production tells them again tells them to stop singing. They are now trying to figure out what cameras are working. Jason says don’t worry Karma is coming. He says this week is Shelby’s and next week is Morgan’s. Jason says all the girls are good at the question ones. Justin feels it is their week. Justin says he is so stressed out about everything. Justin says he is already passed this week already. He says in his mind Shelby is already gone, he is worried Morgan will win next week and they will be forced to pick among each other. Justin says he can’t shut his mind of to sleep. Jason says you have to sleep to keep your mind alert at this point of the game. Justin says do people watch us sleep. Jason says they are die-hard fans who watch the feeds all the time, so yes.
2:30 AM BBT Justin says he doesn’t think he could do this again. Kryssie says why do I want orange juice so bad. Justin says maybe you have a calcium shortage. The conversation has gone to Justin’s body parts. Justin says he didn’t know you could get penis depression. He says he has mind depression and penis depression. Jason tells him they both go together. Justin asks if it will go back to normal. Jason says yes it will. Kryssie says I was going to go for orange juice but this conversation is getting interesting. Jason is explaining how to wake your penis up with one finger. Kryssie says hang on I’m going to get orange juice than you can explain it. Justin and Kryssie go to the kitchen to get drinks. Kryssie says this is like afternoon for us. Justin has gone to the washroom, Kryssie back to the bedroom. Kryssie asks if she should turn the light on, she leaves them off. Justin comes in and Production tells them to turn the light on. Kryssie says it is only 2:30, Jason says they tried to go to bed at the girls normal time and that didn’t work. Justin says he wants the wall or log comp. Jason says no it will be questions, Justin says we have always had questions my brain feels like it is studying for a chem tests. Production tells them bedroom lights must remain on. Justin mentions his DR and Production says you can’t talk about your DR with other hgs. Justin asks Production if they can put some weed in the storage room for them.
2:45 AM BBT Justin is telling them about a time he was stoned, where he thought he was walking and he wasn’t moving. He is telling them he thought he was walking up a wall for like 30 minutes. Both Jason and Kryssie are laughing. Justin says he will never do it again. He said he goggled it after. |He says it was horse tranquil and he was like he survived. He says he will never do it again. Kryssie says can you image Justin taking one on eviction night, they tell him to go cast his vote and he says I can’t I’m sliding. He is telling about a date he went on and the girl slipped him a muscle relaxer at the movie. He says her ex was following her, he said he kept asking her what was going on. He said she was being stalked by her ex. Justin says he is so over doing drugs the only thing he will do now is weed. He says the other drugs make him move to slow or fast and he is over that shit. Jason said he tried mushrooms once and use to have a drug rug. Kryssie says her boyfriend has 2 of them. Kryssie says they are ponchos. Jason says his parents brought him back one from Mexico once. Kryssie said they said here is a drug rug for you. Jason says no they said we thought you would like a poncho.
3:00 AM BBT Justin is now telling them about a time he took mushrooms and started talking to a random lady on the street. Justin says his girlfriend asked him if he was stoned and he said no I’m not but is pupils were as big as his eyeballs. Jason says why did you lie to her. Justin says he doesn’t know why. Jason says when he went home the last time he thought people were staring at him. Justin says he wonders if there is just as many feeders as a normal Big Brother. Jason says then people will know you. Jason says when he did meet and greets the fan base covers all ages from teens to late 50’s. Justin asks Jason if a certain camera is on. Justin asks if people are still in the walls. Production says you are not allowed to talk about production. Justin says we aren’t are we. Jason tells him yes we are. Justin says sorry BB. Production thanks they for co operating. Justin say aah thanks BB I love you all come to New Orleans and I’ll feed ya. Justin says did the girls really looked for the pineapple. Jason says they never clean so they will never find it in the drawer. Justin brings the conversation back to the comps and the questions. He says the questions stress him out. They are now going over days, for good old days and sunscreen, and only life is constant change. Jason says I feel like shooting my brains out.
3:15 AM BBT Kryssie says 46 is both good old days and sunscreen. Justin asks if the girls know this Kryssie says yes. Kryssie says LNJ was Late Night Oldtimers tonight, we all went to bed at 10 pm but all they did was toss and turn. Kryssie is repeating her dreams. Kryssie says we never got Zingbot. Jason says we are not BB we are OTT. Kryssie says BB is in our name. Justin says I can’t be here 4 months. Justin says he his content with this experience buts hopes he never has to do it again. The cameras moves to Justin who is waving to the feeders and saying I should show them my penis but it is not CBS. Jason says there is about 400 people watching. Justin says he isn’t showing his penis. Kryssie says well they have seen your caboose and your pink hairless balls. Kryssie also says everyone has seen your balls they each have their own zip code. Kryssie says on the forecast tomorrow is more orange juice and a pointless ass safety ceremony. Justin is going to the washroom and get more orange juice. Kryssie says she will probably say Jason you are a big threat and Kryssie you are a pawn because I don’t take you seriously. Kryssie does her voice and says tomorrow’s forecast will be us wearing dark glasses lying in bed pretending to be awake.
3:30 AM BBT Justin wishes he could go fishing in the backyard. Kryssie says you can go pineapple fishing. Kryssie says we should wait til one of us wins the veto. Justin says they think I’m a dick, and one of the nicest people in here. Jason says I am the nicest person here, Justin says oh yeah with your attack on their families, states, etc. Justin says Shelby hasn’t had a real conversation with any of them. He can’t remember having one with her. Justin says he walked into the washroom butt naked as he forgot there was anyone else living in the house but him but he had a facecloth over his junk. The conversation is now on how sensitive the mics are Justin says he won’t remember what he says in here. He says he always gives a shout out to New Orleans his parents and his girls.
3:45 AM BBT Jason says at the Meet and Greets the girls come up and want pictures, the guys just stare at you. Justin is telling them about an old movie that was made in New Orleans. Kryssie says she likes the old retro shit. Justin starts singing again. Production tells him to stop singing he does they tell him Thank you. Justin is talking about Geo Clinton who can not play anything but Bootsy Collins was the man. Kryssie says that just made her night. Justin says they always come to New Orleans when it is busy. Jason says they come when it’s busy because that is when they can make their money. Justin says he likes the old stuff as it kinda takes you away. Justin says they have a lot of winning to do. He is asking BB to please not give him a comp where he has to run and read at the same time as he can’t do it. Justin is singing again but stops on his own. Justin says Mom and Dad I love you. Goodnight to all the beautiful people in the world. I am going to pretend I’m sleeping because I can’t sleep. He is pretending he is dreaming. Justin says he can’t dream in this house this is why he thinks it is haunted. Production Tells Justin to stop singing the Meow Mix Tune. He says sorry. He thinks Scott looks like Mr Myers so much
4:00 AM BBT Justin asks what time it is. Kryssie says I don’t know . Justin asks if they want to try and sleep now. They all agree to try. Justin is still talking, he is now trying to go to sleep. He thanks BB for turning off the light. Production says You’re welcome. Looks like they are all going to call it a night.
4:15 AM BBT The HGs are all asleep
5:00 AM BBT The HGs continue to sleep
6:00 AM BBT All the HGs are sleeping
7:00 AM BBT The HGs are currently sleeping
8:00 AM BBT HGs all asleep.
9:00 AM BBT HGs all still asleep.


10:00 AM BBT Camera switch to Justin’s Foil people on counter. “WAKEY WAKEY HG It’s time to get up HG The lights must be on there are fresh batteries in the SR. Morgan Kryssie Jason Justin Shelby please change your batteries. “ Kryssie Justin Thank you.”Morgan and Shelby also get up and change batteries. Now there is a line for toilet.BB thanks Shelby Jason and Morgan. Shelby wonders when they locked them down. They all go back to bed Morgan and Shelby make make small talk in bed in HOH room. Morgan is sitting up looking like she could do something Shelby is back to sleeping. Shelby tells her dream of returning to her college apartment but with all the HG in it. Morgan does some getting ready for the day.
10:15 AM BBT Morgan puts on Makeup but all other HG back in beds with the lights on.Shelby is up brushing her teeth too.Morgan goes downstairs.
10:30 AM BBT Morgan doing her hair in WC. Shelby is up somewhere. The other three are in bed.Morgan gets food from SR and then gets clean clothes from Tokyo room.Shelby is putting on makeup in HOH. Morgan enters HOH and Shelby asks did ya bring a bikini? Morgan cooks up some breakfast.She takes her cereal back to the HOH room. Morgan wonders if BB will get them up at 9am tomorrow to play VETO. Shelby says they would just to mess with us.
10:45 AM BBT Jason Justin and Kryssie sleeping. Morgan reads rules of HOH. You can’t take your food when you leave the HOH position.Shelby and Morgan sit in HOH. Morgan is having period problems.Shelby’s dream is now the topic. Johnny Mac showed up in the dream. Shelby hates piercings on her man. They discuss dad bods and how they don’t like them on their men.They diss on the other HG.They call them gutter people.
11:00 AM BBT Morgan and Shelby talk bad about the other HG. You are not allowed to talk about production. Morgan complains how the others stay up so late. “WHY can’t they go to bed at normal times. Morgan please go to the DR. Morgan comes back with the camera for photo time.”We’ll take more selfies with the sleeping humans.” Morgan puts on her HOH robe and bikini.Shelby takes pics of Morgan and her bikini hardly shows so she looks naked. They delete a shot. They take a shot of her hopping on the HOH bed.Morgan please put on your mic.They take selfies Morgan puts on clothes and BB again asks her to put on her mic.
11:15 AM BBT Shelby starts singing. Please stop singing. Shelby and Morgan go downstairs to take photo’s with the sleeping HG.Shelby and Morgan go to SR to take artsy photos of food. Kryssie is up in KT. They discuss taking photos.Attention HG the SR is now open. The girls thought that BB was going to give them a pineapple. But BB just took Jason’s suitcase. Kryssie tries to clean up so they can take a girls pic.They took a shot Kryssie with sunglasses and a coffee mug in front of her face.Morgan wakes up Jason and Justin.She tells them she wants just one photo. Jason heads to WC. But Justin rolls over and pulls the covers over his head.


11:30 AM BBT Jason is in shorts only trying to wake up for photos. They all head into Tokyo room with Danielle leftovers and sit around Justin in bed for the shot.so they all fet in shot with leftover food and Justin rolls over to join the shot.Jason has a pimple on his back and Kryssie plans to pop it later. All the HG are up in KT but Justin goes back to bed. Shelby is worried about the pineapple and asks Kryssie if Jason took it. She was so excited about the pineapple she didn’t notice the booze that came too. Jason went back to bed leaving the 3 girls in KT making small talk. Kryssie goes back to bed. She lets out a long burp. Morgan and Shelby are out of ideas for pics. Morgan will ask about the pineapple when she turns in camera. Morgan gets a glass of Shelby’s chocolate milk. Morgan takes camera back to DR.
11:45 AM BBT Morgan and Shelby sit at counter and complain that they now have to sit for 7 hours. Morgan makes banana bread. They talk about why they could be on lockdown. Shelby helps MOrgan make Banana bread. Jason Justin and Kryssie are in bed.Morgan says recipe out loud as she gets ingredients.Shelby checks instructions. Jason is telling Justin and Kryssie about a time he went to a walmart that looked like it was closing. Morgan is mashing bananas. Shelby is putting dishes away. Justin says to Kryssie “No, I don’t want your dick.” Then they start talking about 401k’s. Morgan pours half and half into the mixture on the counter. Jason asks “Big brother are we going to locked in all day?” he waited a few moments that continued talking to Kryssie. Morgan and Shelby are talking about different things to bake.
12: 00 PM BBT Jason, Kryssie, and Justin are laying down in the bedroom. They are chatting and joking. Morgan and Shelby are making something in the kitchen. They really aren’t talking that much at all. Kryssie says to Jason “That thing on your back has a huge head on it.” Jason mumbles something. Then Kryssie continues with “I want to pop it.” Now Kryssie is talking about a dream she had the other day. She says she keeps see images from the dream. She says the dream was porcelain dolls floating in muddy water, and it was creepy. They stop talking. Morgan is mixing the stuff in the bowl all together. Shelby walks back into the kitchen. Morgan tells her that this really thick. Shelby says she wants a turn. Morgan gives her the whisk. Morgan starts putting things up. Shelby asks “Is ready to go into the thing.” Morgan says “Yeah, i think we should try it.” They both agree that the batter taste really good. Shelby pours it into the pan. Morgan is wiping down the counter. Morgan then puts the pan in the oven. Shelby sits down at the counter. Morgan looks at the memory wall for a moment. Then heads back into the kitchen. She then starts washing more dishes. No one is speaking. About 3 mins later Morgan says to Shelby, “I am going to go brush my teeth.” then a few seconds later she heads out of the kitchen heading towards the bathroom. As she is leaving she says to Shelby that “By the time they let us out there will be no more sunlight.” Shelby responds with “Naturally” Then the houses goes quiet again.
12:15 PM BBT Jason, Justin, and Kryssie are silently laying down in the bedroom. Shelby is quiet sitting at the counter in the kitchen. Morgan is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Shelby appears to be looking at the memory wall. And for a moment it looks like she is studying it. She looks at for a moment then stops. A few moments later Morgan comes back into the kitchen and says that it smells good. She starts going thru draws. But doesn’t seem to find what she is looking for. She heads towards the storage room. Morgan goes up stairs into the HOH room. Then into the bathroom where she puts something under her nose and chin. Then she gets something else out and applies it to her lips. Morgan joins her upstairs. Moran lays down in the HOH bed. Shelby lays down on the couch. Not saying a word. Morgan reorganizes her pillows. Morgan then says let’s go over what’s happened to day. “House guest its going to be hot out there today don’t forget your sunscreen,” Shelby and Morgan continue they both do it. They are going over everything big brother has told them.
12:30 PM BBT Jason, Justin and Kryssie are silently laying down in the bedroom. Shelby is silently laying down on the HOH couch. Morgan is silently laying down in the HOH bed. A few moments go by then, Shelby stats looking at the wall and jumps up saying “This wall is broken.” Morgan questions “The wall is broken?” Shelby asks “Has this wall always been broken?” Morgan says “No that’s weird.” Then they go silent again. A couple mins later Morgan says “Okay, i think i want to work on what i want to say tonight.” She basically says she is going to nominate Kryssie and Jason for eviction. Shelby says “Perfect.” Then they are a quiet again. Still quiet morgan grabs the head phones and puts them on. About 10 mins of silence then Shelby stands up and says “I am going to go check the bread.” Morgan says “Okay” Shelby leaves the HOH room. Shelby goes down stairs. Checks the oven. Then heads back up stairs. She renters the HOH room. She then says something about 5 more mins. Morgan says “Okay” Shelby complains about being cold then says “Big brother are we going to get to go outside today?” Morgan says “No.” then they go silent again.


12:45 PM BBT Jason, Justin, and Kryssie are still silently laying down in the bedroom. Morgan and Shelby are also silently saying down in the HOH bed.
1:00 PM BBT Jason and Justin are still silently laying down in the bedroom. Morgan and Shelby are also silently saying down in the HOH bed. Kryssie gets up leaves the bedroom and goes to use the bathroom.  Kryssie leaves the restroom. Washes her hands and heads back to the bedroom. Morgan gets up from the bed and leaves the HOH room. Kryssie climbs back into bed. Morgan heads down stairs and goes into the kitchen. She slowly walks towards the oven and checks the bread. Morgan munches on some Special K. The goes to the restroom. Morgan leaves the restroom a few moments later and washes her hands. She leaves the bathroom. Shelby comes down stairs. Both Morgan and Shelby are both in the kitchen. Shelby says you poke it to see if it’s done. Morgan grabs a fork and reopens the oven and pokes it. Shelby says “I wish we had more than  one zucchini.” Morgan agrees with her. The girls are talking about if the zucchini is good and cutting into it. Shelby asks  “ Should i go grab turkey?” Morgan says “Yeah.” Shelby leaves the kitchen and goes to the storage room. Morgan is chopping. Then she rechecks the bread. Shelby returns to the kitchen. Morgan says “I think i am going to give it a few more mins.”  Shelby tells Morgan “Dont fuck up the good ones no matter what you do.”  Morgan pulls the bread out. Shelby says “that probably still needs more time” Morgan puts it back it. Shelby is cooking something on the stove. Shelby ask if Morgan wants to do it pizza style. They both agreed that would be best.
1:15 PM BBT Jason, Justin, and Kryssie are still silently laying down in the bedroom. Morgan and Shelby are in the kitchen, not really speaking either. Shelby is cooking something on the stove. Morgan is chopping something next to sink. Morgan checks the bread again. Tastes it and closes the oven door. Shelby says they can use this turkey for bagel pizzas. Morgan says yum. They go quiet. A few moments later Morgan sneeze. Shelby says “Bless you.” Morgan says “Thank you.” then they are quiet again. Moments later Morgan checks the bread again. The girls start saying different ingredients. Then silence. Shelby silently puts together the zucchini pizza. Morgan checks the bread again. Morgan says “I think its good.” Then they go quiet again. A few mins later they start discussing how long they should cook the zucchini pizza. Shelby says “I will start them on ten.”
Justin does not move. A few moments later he mumbles something. Then a few seconds later says “I don’t feel like talking” Justin does not move.
Justin says “Thank you BB”
Morgan leaves the kitchen.
Shelby starts washing dishes.
1:30 PM BBT Jason, Justin, and Kryssie are still silently laying down in the bedroom. Shelby is in the kitchen. Morgan is in the DR. Shelby paces from the memory wall back to the kitchen over and over. Shelby checks the oven. Shelby sits down at the counter silently. Shelby plays with her hair. For a few minutes. Then stop and stares at the memory wall for a few moments. Gets up and checks the oven. Takes a drink and walks back over the the memory wall and stares at it intently for a minute. Then walks back into the kitchen. Shelby paces the kitchen for a few minutes and stops and stares at the oven for a few seconds. Shelby takes another drink and starts tapping on the counter for a few moments. Then sits back down. She unbraids her hair. Then starts to rebraids it as she looks at the memory wall.
1:45 PM BBT  Jason, Justin, and Kryssie are still silently laying down in the bedroom. Morgan is in the DR. Shelby is still sitting silently at the counter. Shelby gets up and checks the oven again. She walks back to her cup takes a drink. She then walks to the fridge and stares in the fridge for about a min closes the door and stands in front of the oven. Walks aways from the oven and start looking at stuff on the counter by the oven. She then walks back to the oven and looks inside it for a second. Shuts the door and goes back and sits down silently. A few minutes later Shelby gets up and rechecks the oven. She pulls out the the zucchini pizza. Shelby samples a few pieces and walks away from it. She stares at the memory wall for a few moments then walks back to the zucchini pizza and samples more.
BIG BROTHER SHELBY PLEASE GO TO THE DAIRY ROOM. Morgan eats some chips, goes to the HOH bathroom, and goes downstairs.
2:00 PM BBT Morgan drinks water and walks around the kitchen. She checks her baking and asks, “Why are you not cooking?” She dries and puts away dishes. Her baking has now burnt and she pulls it out of the oven crying, “No! Why?! I suck!” She then decides that it is edible. Justin is called to the diary room. Morgan admits to Shelby that she turned the oven on broil and forgot it since she was putting away dishes. Morgan asks what if they had a luxury comp tonight. They agree that it wouldn’t be likely, but still would be nice. Shelby shows the banana bread to the camera and tells BB that this is what happens when they call her to the DR when things are going on in the kitchen because Morgan burns the food.
2:15 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan talk about how they are still hungry, and cut into the banana bread. Shelby compliments Morgan on the bread. Shelby makes a loud gasp. Morgan hurries to the storage room. Shelby says that everything is better and thank you Big Brother, because they gave them Jenga! Kryssie comes in and questions the smell. They tell her about the banana bread fiasco and making zucchini boats. Morgan continues cooking, and Shelby asks if they should play some Jenga when she finishes. Shelby starts setting it up. They wonder aloud where they Big Brother found non-logo Jenga, and wish they had the box, but they agree that they are happy nonetheless. They play a quick game, which they think made 5 minutes. Morgan says that they made the Jenga blocks themselves. “Creative, BB!”
2:30 PM BBT Kryssie talks to Jason in the Tokyo room. He tells her about the dream that he had. It was very strange, he says. Shelby and Morgan continue to play Jenga. Justin talks to Kryssie as she eats in the Tokyo room. Justin says that the best case scenario was for Kryssie would win HOH. Justin says that he is thinking about all the scenarios. He says that he knows Jason wants to win this HOH. Justin says that he wants to win the HOH, and if he doesn’t that he will be stressed out for the rest of the week.

Justin asks if she has been called to the diary room and she says not yet, but she knows it is coming. Kryssie goes into the kitchen and asks if Morgan and Shelby have given up on real Jenga since they are just playing with the blocks.
2:45 PM BBT Morgan says that her block figure is a shrine. Shelby says that hers could be a shrine too. Kryssie says that she is going to be supportive and eat a tiny bite of the banana bread. Jason is trying to think of compound words that could be easily spelled in anticipate of a competition. Jason continues counting letters aloud.
3:00 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby continue to play Jenga. Kryssie, Jason, and Justin are reviewing information in the Tokyo room. Shelby and Morgan go to the HOH room. Shelby asks what if it is a spelling comp? Morgan says that that occurred to her. They start talking strategy.
Morgan says she just had an epiphany. She wonders if they think that she and Shelby just play the friendship game. She asks if what if she is the “hypocridiot’?Jason, Justin, and Kryssie are quiet in the Tokyo room. Shelby says that she loves how Justin slept through his DR session, and asked BB when they are going to penalty nom people. They then start reviewing what happened on each day.
3:30 PM BBT Kryssie says that she feels like her arms have gotten smaller. She and Jason are lying in the Tokyo room. Shelby asks Morgan if they can go through the days again and switch up the evens and odds. Morgan agrees. Back to Justin, Jason, and Kryssie, they talk about Whitney. Kryssie wonders aloud if Winston has proposed to her yet. Justin says that this crazy house makes you have bad dreams and bad feelings. Justin says that he got a bad feeling that something had happened to his brother. Kryssie remembers that he went to the DR asking if his family was ok, that it was week one or week two.
3:45 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan are going over days in HoH, Jason and Kryssie are goofing around in Tokyo. Jason was getting something in his bag, and says “today’s another day.” Kryssie thought he was praying and said “pray the gay away.” A while later, Kryssie compares being in the house to waiting for the bathroom to pee. Jason gets cereal, and chews loud. Kryssie laughs and says that she finds that kind of stuff funny rather than annoying, saying that it reminds her of Danielle. In HoH, Morgan says that she wants pineapple, and Shelby blames Jason for taking a pineapple, and Shelby says that it must bring him such joy. In Tokyo, Justin says that he probably won’t remember his password to his phone. Jason says that the only thing he remembered was his PIN number to his debit card, so he says that if before he left, he put all his passwords as his PIN number. Jason says that one time when he was in the house, a stranger called his number asking if that was Jay Roy. Justin is surprised someone found his number. Jason says that Google is a vast place.
4:00 PM BBT Jason says that there’s no need to campaign at this point. Jason says that out of this house, you can be fake, but in the BB house, your true self comes out, and says that he started to see it. Kryssie says that she saw it on Day 1. In HoH, Shelby brings up strategy for if there’s a spelling comp, saying to grab the Ss first. Morgan wonders if there’s going to be OTEV comp. Shelby asks what OTEV is, so Morgan explains it. Morgan says that if the lockdown continues for a while, then it might be a big comp. In Tokyo, Justin is trying to figure out who Alexis Arquette is. The conversation before was on her. In HoH, Shelby realizes that she could’ve been looking at a bottle of lotion for words.
4:15 PM BBT Justin says that he doesn’t have a Twitter, so don’t follow him. He says that he only has Instagram. In HoH, Shelby says that she’ll give her letters, and Morgan says that she’ll go for the Ss and Ts. Morgan says that Justin would be horrible at that veto. Shelby says that’s why they need to make sure the other side can’t catch on to their plan. They say that Kryssie would be slow at it. Shelby says she’ll hoard the Ss from people. In Tokyo, Jason recalls that Whitney said that on Day 1, Whitney said that she didn’t want to make any decisions, so that’s why he gave her the crab. Kryssie is thankful for the people that found her, and the people that auditioned and didn’t make it. Jason says that there are probably people that hate him that didn’t make it. Morgan returns to HoH, saying that they didn’t want 4th, says Justin wasn’t mean this game. Shelby disagrees. Shelby says that Jason’s probably crying ‘cause she told him that he didn’t know how to read, ‘cause he doesn’t read Harry Potter.
4:30 PM BBT Morgan says to Shelby that she’s going to try to eavesdrop more, then lays on the couch on the balcony. Justin asks what certain days were morning phrases. Shelby comes out a while later. The other side are shit-talking about Monte, joking that he’d go to a gay club. Jason says that he would never do that. Jason wonders there are any K words. On the balcony, Shelby says why she likes the lounge the best. In Tokyo, Jason apologizes to McCrae that they picked him (Jason) and not him (Morgan). and Evel Dick for not doing their shows. Jason asks Kryssie to walk out holding hands.
4:45 PM BBT Shelby and Morgan leave the balcony to make food. Justin says that he found his pineapple. Shelby asks who took it. Jason says that he or Justin didn’t take it. After she leaves Tokyo, Jason says that BB should’ve said that they don’t remove stuff until HGs remove them. Jason and Kryssie go into a tickling fight, and BB tells them to stop that. Shelby notices that the table in the dining room is scratched up. Shelby says that it’s not their fault. Shelby wonders what to do with the Jenga blocks, then suggests to Morgan to hold them ransom for the pineapple. Kryssie asks about the Krackel. Jason says that he had to replace the bag. Kryssie suggests putting the pineapple with the Krackel. Jason says that they need to win the veto. Jason wonders if they still call themselves the ballsmashers, since there’s still guys in the house.
5:00 PM BBT Jason walks to the bathroom, and on the way, notices the chocolate Jengas. Back up in the balcony, Morgan tells Shelby that she just got severe anxiety. Jason asks to play messages from home, so he can see Kryssie cry. Jason says that his parents are probably so over this show. Kryssie says that her family probably stopped watching, and will only notice that she’s been evicted when she comes home.
5:15 PM BBT Jason says that he doesn’t have any male friends. Jason jokingly says that he’s probably the ugly friend. BB tells Jason and Kryssie to not obstruct their microphones. Jason jokingly asks, into his mic, if it’s so they can hear them list reasons why their ugly. Jason and Kryssie are joking around with each other, then Kryssie leaves after a while to get something to eat. When she comes back, she says that ingredients has 11 letters, then they briefly go over how many letters are in words.
5:30 PM BBT Kryssie wonders if they’re gonna fly out their families. Jason thinks they may just fly out the final 4’s families. Jason says that Nicole isn’t the same Nicole from season 16. Kryssie says that manbun is gonna get him a lot of followers.
5:45 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby are resting on the couch on the balcony lounge; and Jason, Kryssie, and Justin are resting in the Tokyo room.
6:00 PM BBT It is a quiet evening in the house as the houseguests wait for the safety ceremony to take place. Justin is making a pizza while everyone else is napping. He tells his pizza, Hey Baby? What’s your ass doing? Justin is cooking bacon to put on his pizza. Kryssie comes out and asks him what time it is.
6:15 PM BBT Kryssie starts putting away the clean dishes. Justin tells Kryssie that he hopes everything works out. He says that this shit is so stressful.  Morgan comes out of HOH and asks what time it is. Kryssie is cutting up fruit. She says that she is going to make a fruit salad. Kryssie and Justin are discussing what the next comp will be. Justin is trying to memorize something.
6:30 PM BBT Justin’s pizza looks yummy! He put the bacon on it and some kind of lunch meat. Kryssie is only eating the watermelon. Justin tells Kryssie that he has to win this next HOH. Kryssie says but first we have to worry about winning this veto. Jason comes out to shower. Justin keeps singing numbers. He starts running from the front door to the slider door. Kryssie mentions that Big Brother has been giving them random facts to remember. Justin says you don’t want none of the Late Night Jamboree plus three and Kryssie cocks her eyebrow and Justin changes it to Jamboree Final Three. Justin is stressing out. He doesn’t want Kryssie or Jason to go home this week. Shelby comes down from HOH and Kryssie asks her if they were kicked out of HOH yet and she says no. Justin says he feels like he is on the last frontier.


6:45 PM BBT Morgan is down from HOH. Justin sings this has been  the longest 8 weeks of my life. Morgan goes back upstairs. Kryssie tells Justin that she wishes she had half of his energy. Justin is acting crazy doing impressions and singing. MONT! MORGAN! PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM! Jason, Kryssie, Morgan, and Just die laughing. Shelby comes down and goes straight to the Yoga Room and covers herself up and lets out a huge sigh.
7:00 PM BBT Morgan comes out of the DR and says Hey everyone! It is time for the Safety Ceremony. Go get your block pass out of the storage room and put them on. I will be making one person safe this week since Justin is already safe from his care package. Morgan goes into the HOH room. She says this is going to be such a hard decision. Should I make Jason safe this week who broke the final 5 deal or Kryssie who broke the final 4 deal or Shelby the only person who has been loyal this whole game. PLEASE MAKE YOUR FINAL SELECTION! Let’s make the decision. Morgan says team longshot. You can hear everyone yell nooooo from the HOH. They all laugh as Morgan comes back downstairs. Morgan says that loyalty is clear at this point in the game. Jason screams I thought we were friends! Morgan asks Shelby if she wants to make dinner. Morgan and Shelby are making their dinner while LNJ have pizza and discuss video games.12
7:15 PM BBT Houseguests are just hanging out in the kitchen socializing. Shelby is being super quiet tonight. Justin goes into the bedroom and shouts out the live feeders, new orleans, and his mom and dad. He is counting down the days.
7:30 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby discuss guys. Justin is hanging out in the bedroom alone. Shelby says that she feels like she is going to go the Bungalow when she gets out and pick up some new dudes. Morgan says she will be her wing woman. Shelby doesn’t like that idea she says that they will all go for Morgan. Jason is in the bedroom with Justin and Jason says that isn’t it a bad omen for Shelby that only her block pass necklace lit up but not her block.
7:45 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby are playing “Jenga.” Kryssie, Justin, and Jason are hanging out in the bedroom. Jason tells Justin and Kryssie that Shelby is productions favorite.


8:00 PM BBT Jason, Kryssie, and Justin discuss past seasons of Big Brother and comps. Morgan and Shelby are playing “Jenga.” Jason is in the room telling the others that they need to win the veto and hoh comp. Jason says that Shelby doesn’t have an inside voice. They are talking about Neeley being the average age of a winner.
8:15 PM BBT Jason is talking about previous seasons. He’s talking about the ages of various the people on different seasons. Morgan and Shelby are in the kitchen eating something. They are now in the hoh room. Morgan asks Shelby if she liked her speech. She mentions looking right at Kryssie at some point during her speech.
8:30 PM BBT Back down stairs Jason is going over days with Kryssie and Justin. Now they are making impressions of Cornbread saying that he sounded like Larry the Cable Guy. They say that they miss Whitney. The Camera switches to the hoh room. Now it’s back downstairs. Justin is singing about singing sending Shelby out the door.
8:45 PM BBT Justin is still singing. He calls her laugh dusty. They all laugh. Kryssie says that she can’t wait to send one of them home. Tomorrow is going to be super intense. Justin tells Kryssie that he needs her to win the veto. She agrees. She doesn’t want them to go into the hoh comp feeling like losers.
9:00 PM BBT Justin gets busted by bb for singing destiny’s child. Jason asks Justin if he had a real alliance with them, if they had a name. He tells them it’s the jambalaya gang. Jason asks Kryssie if she was in it. She says that she thinks so. It’s quiet in the room. Jason went to take a shower. Justin and Kryssie are giving each other a pep talk. He says they have to stay strong.
9:15 PM BBT Kryssie says that she’d love to make it to the end with them. He tells her that if it’s up to him he’s taking her. The camera switches to the hoh bathroom where Shelby is in the room while Morgan showers. Justin tells Jason not to worry about it and that it is three of them against the others.


9:30 PM BBT It is very quiet in the room after Justin and Jason had their talk. They are now both sleep. Shelby is listening to music. Now she is talking to the fish. Shelby says that wherever she lives she will have a bunch of pictures on a wall from her time in the house. Shelby and Morgan are now in the hoh bed getting ready to lay down. She says that she hopes they only call the people on the block to the diary room and not her too.
9:45 PM BBT. Morgan tells Shelby that today they had an eventful day. They are laying in the hoh bed. Jason was called to the diary room. There’s no talking going on. It looks like Justin is in bed sleeping as well. Morgan gets called to the diary room. She says that she doesn’t want to talk about why she had to nominate Justin. It’s now very quiet since Morgan has left.
10:00 PM BBT Shelby is alone in the HOH room listening to music. Kryssie and Jason are in the Tokyo room where Kryssie is painting her toenails. They talk about Kryssie’s feet fetish. Justin comes into the room with a bowl of cereal. They talk about the veto tomorrow and think it may be a group comp. Jason says that Shelby is only good at the comps where they do it alone and not so good in the group. He plans on talking crap during the comp to mess Shelby up. They talk about which cameras are watching them. Justin tells Kryssie she has nice hands. Jason says they are red whore hands. Justin asks why he just can’t tell her she has nice hands. They talk about the food they eat in the BB house and that they don’t eat like that outside. Justin says he wishes he could say that. They review dates and quiz each other. Morgan returns to the HOH room from the DR. She grabs something and walks back out again. Jason, Justin and Kryssie talk about movies. Morgan is now back in the HOH room and Shelby says that she will be called to the DR soon. Morgan says that tomorrow she is going to search for the pineapple. She bets that Jason took it. She says when she finds it she is going to cut it up and leave all the outside skin. Shelby says to put it in his drawer.
10:15 PM BBT SHELBY PLEASE GO TO THE DR. She goes and Morgan is left alone and listening to music. Downstairs in the bedroom they are talking about pictures that are on the internet and Jason tells them that there are people that watch just to log nudity and that Justin must have a lot of nude pics out there. Justin says he needs to win HOH just to get shampoo and conditioner. Jason says that if he wins he needs face wash and Kryssie says if she wins she wants Whitney’s body wash and a picture of Mike’s butt. Jason says they can add it to his as well. They say they are perverts. Justin says he is a pervert, they tell him that he isn’t a pervert, he is just clingy. Kryssie says she has a song in her head, Jason hums it and she sings different words to it. PLEASE STOP SINGING. They talk about weed and Jason says they freak out about it in Texas and Justin says why do people freak out about it because the worse thing that would happen is people will buy out grocery stores. They talk about movies that are about drugs. They talk about what they are going to wear and what clothes they haven’t worn yet. Jason says if he doesn’t win tomorrow then he is going home. Justin says if he wins that he will take Jason off.
10:30 PM BBT They start singing about ice cream. Jason is horse playing with Kryssie and Justin tells Jason his elbows look ashy. Jason goes to get lotion and Justin comments about Jason’s tight jeans. Justin says tomorrow is day 10 and is there any way to speed things up. Jason says this is the shortest season they have ever done. They talk about Shelby being in the DR. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. JUSTIN, JASON YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. Kryssie talks about how she felt that she didn’t deserve to be on the show and that there are better people to do this show. Justin says that she did great and that she is at the end now. Jason said they needed her because she is loyal and no one else in the cast has a soul. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Kryssie and Justin go to the kitchen to get ice cream. Jason stays in the bedroom. Justin talks to the camera. He says he hopes everyone is doing ok out there. Shelby returns to the HOH room. She starts to tell Morgan about her DR session and production says YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS WITH OTHER HG.
10:45 PM BBT They talk about an “episode” they will be doing in the bathtub and what the topics will be. Morgan says she will come up with a theme song. They say that Dan Glysserall needs to be a guest and that they will ask about how Jason wanted to renig on the final 4 deal. They talk about doing product promotion on their show. They are going to discuss items they miss. They talk about what the comp could be tomorrow. Then go back to what they will talk about in the bathtub. They talk about alcoholic drinks and what they like and what is gross.
11:00 PM BBT Downstairs in the Tokyo room the HG are eating. Justin knocks on the wall and says someone is knocking back. Jason says he is hearing things. Jason talks the pineapple. He says he going to chuck in into the swimming pool. Justin says that would make the episode. Jason says he doesn’t do things to make the episode like Scott, he does things because he is a terrible person. Jason and Justin mimic the voice that tells them to head to the back yard for a special delivery. They say that the voice sounds like Mickey Mouse. Kryssie talks about a previous HG who had tattoos and wonders how she got away with not having to hide them. Jason says that they tried harder to get releases for her because it was a televised version of BB. Kryssie says that it’s ok because she is being pushed under the rug and that she can not win. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. They talk about a show on MTV called PopUp Video. Kryssie says she loves the HN blankets. She says she didn’t mind being a HN. They talk about the shakes they had when they were HN and that Justin wouldn’t drink them and he says he almost died. Justin talks about his city and where shootings happen. Most of it is because of drugs.
11:15 PM BBT Justin says he has been held up at least 4 times and he gives them everything. Jason says they would have to shoot him to get his stuff. Justin says that they would shoot him and Jason says then they could have his stuff. He says when he goes to New Orleans that he will have to hang out next to the police horses because he would bring his backpack. KRYSSIE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. She says they talked to her already, what did I do? Justin says they love her nail polish. Justin tells Jason not to walk down side streets when he goes to New Orleans. Jason says he doesn’t even do that in his own city. Justin says there is no where in the world like New Orleans. They move to the Kitchen. Jason says he didn’t hear any hammers outside and that they were on lockdown for nothing. In the HOH room, Shelby is mocking the other HG and says “why don’t you talk to us outside” JUSTIN PLEASE GO TO THE DR. HG YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS WITH OTHER HG. Morgan says it’s funny that Shelby said Jason looks like a Cocker Spaniel. Morgan says she can not wait to know how old Neeley is. She says no offense but she looks old. They say that her references were dated. They talk about how old the other HG were in the house. Morgan looks at the HOH TV and asks if Jason is playing Jenga alone? Shelby says she needs water before they go to bed so she is going to see. Morgan says she is already thinking about breakfast in the morning. They talk about avocados and Pineapples. Shelby says they definitely have a 90 lb slab of fish. Morgan talks to the camera and says that she would really like a pineapple right now but freaking Jason took it. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS WITH OTHER HG. Shelby returns and reports on Jenga. Morgan says she is missing the sunset, the sun and windows. Shelby says instead of mirrors everywhere. She says she can see a flash of light behind the mirrors and says oh yes there are people behind it and not to pop pimples in front of it. They talk about CBS paying for a therapist after this. Shelby says that she will not be able to talk to a therapist because it will be Thanksgiving and no one will be available. Morgan tells her not to talk like she is leaving. Shelby says she misses guys.
11:30 PM BBT Shelby says she sings and whistles a lot in the real world. She wonders if that will be beaten out of her. She talks about her keyboard. Shelby says the day she left she played her keyboard. Morgan says when she was leaving that she went to the wrong airport and that she had to make a lot of phone calls and production was mad at her YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. Shelby says this is supposed to be fun, this isn’t fun. Morgan says she had fun in the house. Shelby says why couldn’t you have put me on a season with hot people. Morgan says that last season it was like that and she is sure it would have been more fun. Shelby says she wants to be there but it’s not fun. Like lawschool. Morgan talks about the moments in the house. Morgan says all they need now is for Kryssie to quit the game, Shelby says no, if they make it to the finale that they need to have someone to take with them. They talk about their speeches in the house, more specifically Morgan’s Bikini Girl Out speech. They make fun of Alex and her messing up about clean fingers in her speech. Shelby talks about asking BB for a dog in the DR. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS. Shelby says then give me a dog. Morgan says or even a gerbil or a turtle. Shelby tells about her aunt and uncle having a turtle and how she feeds it. She says her snapchat it the turtle. Morga says she misses Snapchat and says look me up on snapchat and then she says no don’t. Shelby says she will not make her snapchat public but will have her Instagram public. Morgan tells a story about when she lost her phone and wallet. Shelby goes on to tell her about her stories.
11:45 PM BBT The girls talk about when they broke their phones. In the kitchen, the HG are at the table playing Jenga. They talk about Shelby and why she has a super villain laugh. Jason says it’s because she is a villain. Jason says what happens if they leave the house and they are actually the villains and Shelby is the hero. Justin says oh no. Jason says he is building a Trump Wall out of the the Jenga bricks. Justin says he can not believe that he is elected. They hear shelby yell from the HOH room FU Big Brother. Kryssie says she heard that and Jason says that there are a million people out there who would love to be in the house and would never say that. He says that now that they are the last people in the house that the cameras are always on them so that for sure the feeders saw and heard her say that. Jason says can you imagine if the comp was Jenga and that the game was there for them to practice. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS WITH OTHER HG. Jason stands up and says he has leg needles and Kryssie tells him to move his neck from side to side to get his equilibrium back. They talk about Danielle and her illness in the house.



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