Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th
Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th

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Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th

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12:00AM BBT Jason is talking about the bank with Kryssie. Jason and Kryssie said that they are excited to see everyone that has left.

12:15AM BBT Justin is putting on his socks. Kryssie and Jason are talking about movies. Justin is in the Kitchen cooking. Justin is eating.
12:30 AM BBT Jason and kryssie are talking about lotion. Kryssie said to Jason i don’t know how to pronounce french words. Justin is in the kitchen eating and talking to cups.
12:45 AM BBT Jason Stop that. Justin is talking about fishing.
1:00 AM BBT Justin said he has real people back at home. Kryssie told Jason to slap it.
1:15 AM BBT Justin said it’s cold out there. Justin said his shorts are hole but they are his favorite. Justin said it doesn’t get cold like that in his city he don’t know if he should stay out there. Justin said this is there new Orleans winter. Justin is playing pool. Justin said a bb bomb fire. Justin said he listens to little rascal.
1:30 AM BBT Jason said the comforter is trash. Jason said bb asks you to do something just f***en do it. Jason said Kryssie had a easy road everybody wanted to target you. Jason said Morgan you are here because of the twist.
1:45 AM BBT Jason said thank god Justin is not on the TV Verizon. Justin is in the kitchen Jason said now you can’t sleep Justin because you slept all day and you don’t feel comfortable chilling in the HOH room. Jason said he has a better resume. Jason said he had a lot of struggles in the house. Justin lays back down. Jason the bedroom lights must be on. Jason said i can’t wait to be away from him.
2:00 AM BBT Looks like all hgs are calling it a night and going to sleep.Jason says he hopes he has the dream about the sexy boy and not being kidnapped. He says he needs to sleep and get these people out of his head. Jason says he is still too stressed out to sleep. He wonders what Justin has been saying to the feeders. There is a loud bang like a door slamming, Jason sits up in bed and asks Big Brother if they were slamming doors and making scary noises. Justin is lying in the Tokyo Room making hand movements but not talking. Jason asks Big Brother if they are still making noises. Production says you are not allowed to talk about production. Jason says okay as long as it is you guys. Jason is now talking to the fish. He is asking the one they named Jason where he is sleeping at.
2:15 AM BBT Kryssie and Morgan are asleep. Jason is awake and watching the fish in HOH Room. Justin is lying in bed thinking and strumming his fingers in the Tokyo Room.

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th
2:30 AM BBT Jason still tossing and turning in HOH bed. Justin still deep in thought in the Tokyo Room. Kryssie and Morgan asleep. Jason starts to sing, Production says please stop singing. Jason says sorry Production says Thank you. Jason says it is way to hot in the HOH bed, he says it would be hard to cuddle with someone in this bed as it is way to hot. Looks like Jason is going to try and get some sleep. Justin is up and roaming thru the house. Justin went to the washroom, production asks him if he washed his hands, Justin does not answer but heads back to bed. It looks like he is going to try to go to sleep.
2:45 AM BBT All hgs are asleep but Justin who is still tossing and turning but trying to go to sleep.
3:00 AM BBT All hgs are asleep but Justin who is deep in thought in his bed.
3:15 AM BBT All hgs are asleep but Justin who is still awake but in bed.
3:30 AM BBT All hgs are asleep but Justin who is still just lying there staring into the cameras.
3:45 AM BBT It looks like Justin has finally joined the rest of the hgs and is asleep.
4:00 AM BBT Looks like Justin still can’t sleep like the other hgs are, he is lying in bed.
4:15 AM BBT All HGs are asleep. Justin is still trying to settle in.
4:30 AM BBT Justin is struggling with sleep, eyes open, staring into space, as the other HGs are already there.
4:45 AM BBT Justin appears to be trying to sleep; he’s not there yet. The other HGs are asleep.
5:00 AM BBT Justin has finally fell asleep. All HGs are sleeping.
6:00 AM BBT At this time, we have all of the HG in bed sleeping.
7:00 AM BBT All of HG are sleeping, no game talk.
8:00 AM BBT Nobody is up, they are still all snuggly in bed.
8:45 AM BBT ‘Twas Saturday morning, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!
9:00 AM BBT The BB house is still quiet! All HG asleep still! Kryssie gets up and goes to the bathroom. She shuffles back to the Tokyo room.
9:15 AM BBT Kryssie is snuggled back down into bed, and the rest of the houseguests continue to sleep.
9:30 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house.

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th

10:00 AM BBT All HGs asleep.
10:13 AM BBT BB gives the wake up call reminding HGs to rise and shine, change their batteries and turn on the lights. Kryssie gets up to go to storage room to change her battery. All others still asleep. Kryssie heads back to bed. Morgan and Justin get up and go to change batteries. They don’t speak in storage room. Justin goes to WR. BB tells Jason to change his batteries. Jason gets up, turns on the HOH light, and heads down to storage room. Justin goes back to Tokyo Room and turns on the light and crawls into bed. BB tells HGs thank you for your cooperation. Jason goes back to HOH room, goes to restroom, and then gets back in the bed.
10:30 AM BBT All HGs back asleep.
10:45 AM BBT All HGs asleep.
11:00 AM BBT All HGs continue to sleep. Talking his sleep, Jason says, “If that dream is any indication, I am going to kill Justin.” He then says, “I’m too real for no chill.” He keeps talking about Justin and talked about how he never washed a single dish. He said that being a germophobe is no excuse. Not sure if he is awake or saying all this in his sleep.
11:13 AM BBT BB says, “Good morning, HGs.” Morgan says, “No.” Jason gets up and curses the bed. He feeds the fish. Then he says that hurt his leg so much. He asks camera if he should go bikini tan. He says there is nothing to do in this house. He misses when there were a bunch of people to talk to. He says he misses cigarettes. It helped him have conversations with others. He says he can’t believe that he gave so many cigarettes to Justin and now he is acting like an asshole. He said he is never going to New Orleans to see Justin.
11:22 AM BBT Morgan gets up and goes to WR.
Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th
11:26 AM BBT BB calls Jason to the DR. He runs to the bedroom to get some clothes to put on. He says that every time he is called to the DR, he is naked. Morgan is eating breakfast in the kitchen. Kryssie gets up and goes to WR. She says good morning to Morgan. Morgan tells Kryssie that they are on lockdown. Kryssie and Morgan talk about how far they have made it in the game and that it is almost over.
11:45 AM BBT Morgan and Kryssie talk about what all that they packed and didn’t use. Kryssie said she was pretty sure she would be voted out early so didn’t bring alot of clothes. Jason comes out of DR. He asked if they were locked in. Jason tells them that he had a strange dream. Kryssie said that she wonders if there were any Black Friday casualties yesterday. They talk about when they went shopping on Black Friday before. Kryssie is called to the DR. Jason and Morgan talk about what might be going on outside now. Morgan wonders if they will get their block passes for this last safety ceremony. Justin is still asleep. Jason is telling about the production last night playing with them and the camera by zooming in. Morgan said she will be happy to never see a camera again. Jason says that no one is actually watching while they are sleeping. Morgan said that she thinks Shane was put into the show for Shelby. Jason says the ones that they try to force a showmance on are the ones that don’t do a showmance.
12:00 PM BBT Kryssie is in the DR. Justin is still asleep. Morgan is silently filing her nails in the bathroom. Jason is laying in the HOH bed and talking to himself periodically. Kryssie comes out the DR and goes into the bathroom and starts talking to Morgan. Kryssie says that she had to look good enough for the DR. Morgan says something about a lockdown. They say they are hoping that it’s for something important. Morgan says something about only 3 more days. Kryssie leaves the bathroom and goes to the kitchen. Morgan follows her. Jason stretches in the HOH bed and makes a noise of a dieing cat. Kryssie asks Morgan what he favorite music. She says she love country, Britney Spears, but she hat rap. She says is not a music person. They continue chatting about music and festivals.
Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Saturday, November 26th
12:15 PM BBT Justin is still laying in bed, in the HOH room. Justin is still sleeping in his bed. Morgan and Kryssie are chatting in the kitchen about music, festivals, and concerts. Kryssie says that in the studio that layer the singers voices to make it sound fuller. Kryssie says that there is certain band that she will buy all their merch. Kryssie also that at their last show that they sold out most of their merch. She Also says it’s strange to sign a picture of herself. She says she thinks why do you want this. And sorta laughs. Morgan is telling Kryssie a story about something she did on campus. Kryssie says that she saw something that says something that there are always people from high school that think that could be famous rappers. Morgan then says that she has two friends from high school that think they can be rappers. Then she makes face like they aren’t good.
12:30 PM BBT Jason is still in the laying in the HOH bed. Justin is also still sleeping. Kryssie and Morgan are in the kitchen chatting about music and joking. The topic gets changed to how rebellent they were when they were younger. Kryssie says that when she was 18 she moved out and that she didn’t want to be in her parents house any more. She then said like a year later she moved back into her parents house. She also says that that she told one of her family members to say with your mom as long as she will let you. Morgan tells Kryssie that when she was younger she told her parents that she was going to be emancipated. She says that her Mom says that she can’t. Then Morgan says that she told her that she was still going to try. Kryssie tells Morgan that your children will be worse than you were. Now Morgan is tell Kryssie a story of how she set her two best friends up and that they are still together, and they are probably going to get married. Kryssie says that she has a hard time making her relationships work, so she can’t match make. Jason stretched again and made a noise like a dying cat. All cameras switched to Jason. Jason is still in the HOH bed completely under the covers. Almost 3 mins later they re-show the cameras to the girls in the kitchen. Kryssie is telling the story of how she met someone her current boyfriend. She says that she was seeing someone when she met him. She says she wanted to leave her old boyfriend but couldn’t because she said didn’t have the money and she had cat. She says you can’t just leave when you have a pet. Morgan says Yes, to confirm that she understands.
12:45 PM BBT Jason is still laying down/ sleeping in the HOH room. Justin is also still sleeping in his bed. Morgan and Kryssie are still chatting in the kitchen. Now they are talking about relationships.
Jason gets up from bed. Leaves the HOH room. Goes down stairs. Then head to the DR. Kryssie tells a story about when she broke up with a guy. Then he friend told her she can move in with them and she can bring her cat. Morgan says she wanted a guy that she can do the boring stuff with. Kryssie says that she likes to have guy she can go grocery shopping with that will make it fun. Morgan jokes about a guy that she was seeing when she was younger only because he was the only option because she lived in a small town. She rolled her eyes. Kryssie says you live you’re learn. Morgan ask Kryssie if she will get married to him. Kryssie says she does want to get married someday. But she says that they feel like you only get married if you plan to have children.

1:00 PM BBT Jason is in the DR. Justin is still sleeping. Kryssie and Morgan is chatting in the kitchen. They are now chatting about weddings and marriage. Jason leave the DR. Jason yells “Okay everyone please join me in the living room for a big announcement” after a few moments Justin comes out of the bedroom and sits down.
Justin starts reading the card. “House guests as the winner of the final hoh competition i have automatically secured my spot in the big brother over the top finale. My last responsibility of hoh to bring one of you to the finale with me, since america will be voting among the final three houseguest that means you will competing against this person i bring for the quarter of a million dollar prize. Um I have been trying to weigh out smart endgame decisions. Where i could possible win, verses keeping game long loyalty. So basically that is what it comes down to. So i choose Kryssie.” Kryssie smiles. Justin and Morgan clap. Jason continues “Since you will be joining me in the final 3 please come join me up here.” Kryssie joins him and hugs him. Then continues “That means you too will be competing Morgan and Justin. Against each other for the other final comp of the final comp of the season. Win you will be going to finale night loose you will be going home.” Justin goes back to bed. Morgan and Kryssie go back into the kitchen and continue talking about music. Jason went back upstairs to the HOH room. He asks to himself or the cameras “Now what do we do.” He grabs a snack from his basket and sits down on his bed. Then starts rambling to the cameras. He asks if we like Kryssie and if he made the right choice.

1:15 PM BBT Jason is laying in the HOH bed. Morgan is in the Kitchen playing with her nails not talking. Justin is in his bed. Everyone is quiet for a while. Kryssie returns to the kitchen and continues chatting with Morgan. Morgan is telling Kryssie about his plans for christmas and new years. Now they are talking about halloween. Morgan brought the conversation back to christmas. She asks Kryssie about her Christmas tree. Kryssie says she has a black tree with silver decorations. Then she says that last year she was so broke she couldn’t buy anybody anything. She says that she made a Kryssie-Mass like a month later so that they could afford to get people gifts.
1:30 PM BTT Justin is in bed. Jason is in bed. Morgan and Kryssie are in the kitchen chatting. Currently they are talking about holidays. Morgan says she can’t wait to find out what is happening in the world. Kryssie says she is curious about the weather. She says on her weather app she has every city she ever lived in just in case. Kryssie tells Morgan that her thermostat stays on 62. She says it nice in the summer but not the winter. Jason is talking to himself. He says that he is so entertaining even tho he is in bed. “Jason talk to him self.” The girls are still talking about weather. Kryssie says she likes storm chasing shows. Kryssie jokes, I rode a tornadoe. Then she tells Morgan about a dream she she had with a tornado. She says she looked it up and it means that she has no control over her life. Morgan tells Kryssie that she finally is having dreams with people out of the house. Kryssie says she keeps having dreams about how she keeps losing her phone. Morgan says she uses her phone for EVERYTHING. Kryssie changed the topic to how she lost 40 pounds by changing her diet. Morgan says she is surprised how bad things are that are supposed be good for you. They are now talking about an app they have for weight loss.


1:45 PM BBT Justin is asleep in his bed. Jason is laying in the HOH bed. Morgan and Kryssie are chatting in the kitchen. Currently they are talking about food, calories, and healthiness. Morgan says she like Kale salads.
They just continue talking about kale. Morgan says she like spinach dip. Kryssie says that you can make kale chips. Morgan says that would be good. Kryssie says that Kale is actually super supper good for you. Morgan says it can be dry. Kryssie says that you have to remember to take the stems off because you can’t really get thru them with your teeth. Kryssie and Morgan talk about how to make something. Kryssie says she likes mashed potatoes but she doesn’t like the carbs in them so she makes cauliflower mash and it tasted like mashed potatoes.They are now talking about squash and other things you can substitute for other foods. Morgan says she can’t wait to get out of the house and cook. Kryssie says that she drives an hour away to go grocery shopping. She says it saves them about $200 week to shop an hour away. Kryssie tells Morgan how her boyfriend is allergic to soy. She also says that he does not cook in the microwave or non-stick pot and pans.


2:00 PM BBT Kryssie says that it’s been good for her health as well, but he will still eat junk food. They talk about food, and Kryssie said that one time for a Thanksgiving, she was in charge of the cheese. Morgan says that she likes blue cheese, but not blue cheese dressing. Morgan says that she misses going to restaurants. They talk about various stuff they miss doing out of the house. Kryssie says that she’s going to do a complete 180 after she gets out of the house, saying that she’s been so lazy. Morgan says that before BB, she would always use her phone, but now, probably not. She says that she misses phones, but doesn’t. Kryssie says that she’s missing a part of Instagram. Morgan wonders how the week will go, since their last live DR was Friday. Morgan says that she would feel so much better if she knew what the next comp is. They both discuss what questions they may ask, and go over days.
2:15 PM BBT They discuss when they played veto. Morgan said that one time she thought that her chip wasn’t in there. Kryssie says that one time she and Jason went through the chips ‘cause they didn’t think he was in there. Morgan says that they may ask what was in the care packages (the small items, other than the prize). BB calls Justin to the DR. Morgan is talking to Kryssie about something, but her mic needs to be adjusted, but BB hasn’t said anything. Kryssie asks what day they got the couch. Morgan suggests they might bring up what days there were fights in the house. Morgan says that they might ask about one tiny detail and she might not know. Kryssie says that one thing she noticed is that on the backyard table, there’s a Halloween reference with the jacks and lanterns. Morgan brings up Justin, saying that he thinks people turned against him. Kryssie says that they’re still playing the game.
2:30 PM BBT Morgan and Kryssie talk about Justin’s attitude. Kryssie tells Morgan that her fight with Justin started when he asked her to run days after not talking to her for 2 days. Kryssie says that Justin is the textbook definition of a floater. They’re talking about him taking HGs stuff, not participating as a have-not, and disregarding Jason after he helped him after he got sick.
2:45 PM BBT They keep complaining about Justin. Morgan says that he’s a hypocrite. Jason wakes up in HoH, and is about to put on his last patch. He says that it’s been 5 weeks since he smoked. He says that the spring in the bed is a really big problem. Morgan and Kryssie complain about Justin saying how he said that he’s going to use the money. Morgan says that she’s ready to go back to normal life, saying that she’s usually busy. Morgan called to DR. Kryssie gets something Tokyo and asks Justin how he’s doing. Justin ignores her as he’s reading his letter.
3:00 PM BBT Jason says that he had 8 people target him in the game, and had the steepest game to run. He says that he did everything for himself, except when he got help from America. In the London room, Justin reads the bible. Jason says that he thinks he’s getting 3rd. Jason wonders what Shane and Danielle are doing right now. He says that the odds are 7 that they’re together right now. He says that the odds of Cornbread watching the season is 5. Jason leaves HoH. Morgan is making spinach. He asks Morgan “What are the odds…” questions. She gives 1/10 that Cornbread’s watching. She’s not sure if Monte’s watching. Morgan wonders what are the oddds that Shelby brings a boy to the wrap party. Jason says 1/10 ‘cause you can’t bring anyone. Jason says she’ll bring a PA. Morgan tells Jason that Shelby threatened BB not to give her a female PA. Jason says that you spend the night with a same gender PA.


3:30 PM BBT Jason asks who HGs would bring as dates. They’re making themselves leftover Thanksgiving dinner. Justin goes to bed.
3:45 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie say that miss Whitney in the house. Kryssie says that she misses the way she said “what?” Jason wonders if anyone has any Twitter beef with any of the HGs. Kryssie says that there needs to be Dirty Monte Instagram. Jason says that someone needs to get on that. They talk about when ovaries hurt. Jason says that he heard that people have sex on their period. Kryssie says that sex on your period is more enjoyable than regular sex. Jason finishes eating, and wonders what to do to kill time. Morgan reminds them that it’s last picture day.
4:00 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie are eating leftovers from Thanksgiving. Justin asleep in the Tokyo room. They discuss how Justin is acting so weird. Jason says that Justin doesn’t need to be their friend anymore that he only wanted attention and now he has it. Morgan is painting her nails in the bathroom. Jason goes up to the phone booth in the HOH loft and pushes in numbers and says Big Brother let us in the Paris Room that would be something fun to do today! Jason is looking at the decor “Planes, trains and automobiles” hanging on the wall of the HOH. Kryssie joins him. Kryssie asks him to show her where the Paris room is and he shows her and tells her that it doesn’t seem like the phone works.
4:15 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason are now in the HOH room. Morgan is hanging out in the Yoga room and Justin is in the Tokyo room. Kryssie says that it is cold under the covers so Jason farts to warm it up. Kryssie dies laughing. Morgan is studying days and numbers. Jason and Kryssie discuss how Justin thinks they have turned on him. Kryssie tells Jason that Morgan told her that Justin is convinced that Head to Head comp will only be physical since they are both good at physical.
4:30 PM BBT Kryssie tells Jason that Morgan told her that Justin told her that his parents own a shopping mall. Jason says that Morgan needs the money more than Justin. Jason says that Justin doesn’t seem to work that he just seems to hang out with bitches and get drunk. They call Justin ungrateful, spoiled, entitled. Kryssie tells Jason that Justin told Morgan that he can’t wait to be done with Big Brother so he doesn’t have to see any of them again.
4:45 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason are discussing how Justin comes from a wealthy family and how he doesn’t deserve to win the game. Kryssie says that the only reason Justin is still in the house is because she voted to save him. They discuss how Justin has not done anything this whole game. Jason is pissed about this new info about Justin. Jason says that he feels played.
5:00 PM BBT Jason says that if Justin stays over Morgan that it will be so miserable in the house. Jason and Kryssie are chillin’ in the HOH room together in the bed. Morgan is asleep in the Yoga Room. Quiet evening in the BB house. Kryssie says that she can’t wait to hug a dog when she gets home. They discuss their stipend and if they have to pay California state taxes.
5:15 PM BBT A quiet evening in the house.
5:30 PM BBT Houseguests are all napping in the house. Jason snoring.
5:45 PM BBT Everyone in the house is sleeping.

6:00 PM BBT  Everyone is sleeping.
6:15 PM BBT All houseguests remain asleep.
6:30 PM BBT Kryssie jumps up out of bed. Jason says “You snored!” Kryssie said that’s because I didn’t sleep. Jason said when you snore that means you slept well. Jason tells Kryssie about his dream with his teacher doing the live chat and Justin hugging on Kryssie and still not talking to him. The teacher said he wasn’t relevant on the show (this was his dream). Kryssie says if Justin did that, he would get punched in the ding ding. She goes down to straighten her hair. Morgan wakes up, too. Kryssie asks her if she got a nap and she said she was thinking/ dozing. Morgan goes right back to the yoga room and lays down to sleep. Kryssie is in the bathroom. Kryssie uses the hair dryer and it wakes up Morgan. She goes to the kitchen. Jason comes down. He goes in the room with Justin but neither say anything.
6:45 PM BBT Jason says he has not had cigarettes in 4 weeks. He is on the last day of step 2 of the patches. Morgan comes in the bathroom in workout gear. Jason tells her about his dream. Jason tells a story of a girl who didn’t know him handing him money to hold while she jumped in the pool and she never got it back. Jason says it is hard not to be lazy at this point. Jason says send all the alternates in to fill the house. Morgan goes into the yoga room to stretch. They talk about if there will be a live audience for the finale. Morgan is working out.
7:00 PM BBT Jason says probably one of his friends bought the feeds and they will all watch together. He asks BB if Davonne can come to the finale. He said his mom will want to spend time with him and he just wants to talk to boys. Jason talks about his mom and dad and all feeds go to Morgan. BB tells Kryssie to stop that. Jason and Kryssie talk about beds and wanting to buy a new bed. Kryssie said she recommends everyone live with someone before they get married.
7:15 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason go into the have not room. They are talking about what things were there or modified from past seasons. Morgan is reading the yoga board. Justin stirs a bit in the Tokyo room.
7:30 PM BBT  Justin is sitting on the edge of the bed. He goes through the kitchen- he and Jason say hi- and goes straight to the bathroom. Justin stays in the bathroom, washing his face. All houseguests are in the kitchen. Justin is at the sink, but not talking. They talk about the Liz and Julia twist and how Alex and Morgan are posed differently. 15
7:45 PM BBT They talk about being chosen for BBOTT. Morgan says hers was like in the middle of the season. Every time Kryssie talks about being subscribed to AllAccess, they tell her not to talk about production. Json says they gave him free feeds to talk about AllAccess, but they did not give him one without commercials. Justin is cooking. They talk about the show DeGrassi. They then talk about Glee and the character who actually died.
8:00 PM BBT Now they are talking about the show Glee. Jason says that they had a glee choir at his school. Jason says that he has been doing theater all his life. He always plays tiny tim. Justin tells Morgan that he doesn’t like the way her brocoli smells. He says that it smells like you’re not suppose to eat it. Jason says that in the 5th grade he got to play a part in a play and he was paid for it. Justin is in the storage room grabbing something to eat. He is going to back some cookies. Kryssie tells them that you can get special days off work if you’re a certain religion.
8:15 PM BBT Justin is cleaning. While the others sit at the table and talk. Justin takes a seat and begins to listen to what Jason is talking about. Kryssie tells them about the time she was able to play at a skate park while people were skating around them.
8:30 PM BBT Jason tells them that he was in the hoh room dancing around to Rihanna in his undies earlier today. Jason tells them about the time he was arrested. Jason says that his brother did a lot of crazy stuff and was never arrested or anything. Jason asks Kryssie what she’s doing. She says eating a cookie. He says the package is a rip off since it only holds four cookies.
8:45 PM BBT They begin to give people their snapchat. Jason says that he follows everyone back on snapchat but he plans to unfollow everyone once he gets back out. Kryssie tells Jason about the time that she met her favorite actor. 14

9:00 PM BBT Jason is with Kryssie in the kitchen. Kryssie complains about the smell coming from the stove. Jason tells her everything should be off. Now Kryssie and Jason are talking about the time some houseguests were fighting in the house. Kryssie says that she’s going to go and rewatch the u.s seasons. Jason says in the U.K. they get episodes everyday. So you get 70 episodes per season. Jason is telling her that the UK brings in extra people.
9:15 PM BBT Jason is telling them about the the twists that the UK season has. He said one time they voted people out in pairs. He said that they had to randomize the veto picks because it was too easy to backdoor people. He tells about the time that they had the wheel. Jason says that it is important to not try to sell yourself too much because you will get tired of trying to play your character.
9:30 PM BBT Kryssie says that she told her boyfriend that if she wins on this show she will buy him the rest of his mohawk. Because that stuff is expensive and costs over 12 grand. Now he is comparing his comp wins to someone else’s. Jason says that he didn’t know that he was going to be the only returner in the house making him a really big target. He said in his other season it wasn’t split so he didn’t have to work with only one side of the house. He says that he feels like the other side of the house wanted Danielle really bad. So when he saw that it was a chance that he could go he was told the others that he’d rather be a pawn than a target. Kryssie says that she played right into Danielle going home. Kryssie says that she agrees with Morgan. That america has watched the show and knows who they like already. Jason says that you have to trust somebody in this game. It’s not all about lying.  In the Yoga Rm. Justingis working out. He says to himeself, “I’m stuck in the house with three women”17
9:45 PM BBT Morgan is sitting in the room reading her letter from home. In the yoga room Justin is working out with the workout ball. Now the camera has cut to Kryssie cutting her nails. Morgan just walked into the bathroom where Kryssie is. Kryssie asks them if it is almost 10. Morgan says normally she can barely sleep 8 hours but in the house she can sleep for 10.
10:00 PM BBT Justin and Morgan are in the Tokyo room in general conversation. Kryssie is in the bathroom clipping her nails. Morgan and Justin continue general conversation about festivals that are going on back at home. He invites Morgan to his restaurant.
10:15 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie are in the bathroom – Kryssie is straightening Meech’s extensions and Jason talks about Justin not truly being their friend. Kryssie agrees. Morgan goes to bed and Justin re-reads his letter from home. Jason reads the ice cream container that he is eating out of and tells the camera that they can send him free ice cream from the company. They talk about selling the extensions on ebay or that Kryssie will wear them to events. She says she is going to put them in her shadow box. Kryssie puts the extensions in her hair. In the London Room Justin tucks Morgan into bed.
10:30 PM BBT Justin tells Morgan about a conversation he had with Kryssie and that she told him that his fate is in his own hands. He said that he wanted to say something mean but he just walked away. He tells Morgan that they will win. They say that there is something that BB has not told them yet. They talk about the wrap party and that it is right after they announce the winner. Justin says that he will need to take a hit on her inhaler before the comp. He says he feels it will be a physical comp. Morgan says that she didn’t hear BB build anything so she isn’t sure what the comp will be. They talk about the HOH comp and that Jason whipped them. In the bathroom Jason is spraying a pumpkin with purple glitter hairspray JASON STOP THAT. He stops and puts the spray away. JASON THANK YOU. In the London Room, Justin turns off the light and Morgan goes to bed. Justin goes into the bathroom and sees what they were doing, he can not breathe because of the hairspray so he leaves and goes to the kitchen for a bit. The hairspray isn’t drying on the pumpkin so Jason is going to use a hair dryer and wonders if it will cook the pumpkin. They say that hair spray will not dry on a pumpkin.
10:45 PM BBT Jason is still trying to dry the pumpkin with the hair dryer and Kryssie is still straightening the hair extensions. Justin is taking a shower. Kryssie looks for a place to keep the extensions. Jason goes to the DR to request more patches for tomorrow. Kryssie and Jason look in the mirror at Jason’s back and the scars he has and the ones that are healing. They think about what they can do because they are bored. They go up to the HOH room for Jason to brush his teeth. Kryssie lays down in the HOH room and watches the Fish. They talk about the freebies they get as HOH and that Jason didn’t get stocked. He complains about the toothbrush. Kryssie says she will get a new toothbrush out of the storage room before she leaves to have one for her new life.
11:00 PM BBT They talk about the pictures they will take with the HOH camera tomorrow. Kryssie says he needs to take one in the HOH robe and one with their toothbrushes. That they need to take a commemorative Shelby photo and that Justin most likely will not get out of bed. Kryssie says that he will not talk to her anymore but will talk to Jason because she had a fight with him. Jason says he had it coming. They talk about Justin telling Morgan that they pander to the camera’s and Kryssie says that they don’t do that but Justin does. That if they did pander to the camera it was in a group. He says talking to and pandering to the cameras are two different things. Jason talks about that Justin says that they do a show for the cameras but Jason says that if anyone does that it is Justin. They talk about Scott would have died to stay an extra week. They talk about people being willing to do what they are doing for free. Or that people would pay to live in the BB house. JUSTIN PLEASE STOP SINGING. They talk about Justin having his Thanksgiving shot for TV and that he hadn’t lost the comp yet and was still in good spirits. Jason says that Justin played too long to study and cram now to win. They talk about them bouncing stuff of each other to study and that’s how you win. They talk about when they will do the comp, either Sunday or MOnday but they say that no one will want to come to work to set up the comp especially on a Holiday weekend. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kryssie says she hopes that it happens sooner than later because she s ready to see what the next phase is. Kryssie says that it’s all Justin says that he can not wait for this to be over and she says that it’s something she isn’t wanting it to be over but that she is excited to see who wins. They talk about Justin landing in an alliance that took care of him and helped him through the game. None of his strategy was his or side alliances were real and that’s why it didn’t work. They talk about him not winning the comps and that it’s laying back and letting it happen. Jason says that Justin let stuff happen around him. And that he will have to stand at finale night and convince others that he played the game. That America will judge. Kryssie says that she would stay up until 3 am every night to talk strategy and make her alliance ok. Kryssie says that they all ended up together because they were defaulted to each other. But that Justin let others play the game. That his style of game was asking people if they were good. Jason says that Morgan is one half of a twist. He says that yes they were a twist but it really didn’t harm their game because they were not an obvious sister pair.
11:15 PM BBT And that they had their number one together and that they were two players in one which wasn’t a hard game to play and that Morgan didn’t really have to play until Alex left the game. Jason says he isn’t afraid to bring Justin to final 3 any more because of his game and the fact that America will see that his game was not played well and that they will not see him as the underdog. He says that Kryssie was the Jamboree glue and made everyone on the same page. Jason says that he was also glue when Neeley was straying from Kryssie. Kryssie talks about the fight with Neeley and that no one was fighting for her when she fought for everyone. Jason says that he didn’t have anyone fighting for him either when Monte put him up. He talks about the plan with Danielle making her a target even though it didn’t work, he fought for it so Shane could stay. He says Morgan and Justin didn’t do things for themselves. They talk about Jason carrying Kryssie because he won comps and they were a team. Kryssie talks about that she was the one behind the scenes talking to everyone. She talks about the house wanting Jason out but she talked to them to get Danielle out instead and then she made the final 3 deal with them. That’s how Danielle was voted out. And Jason says he knows that he was close to going that week but Kryssie’s deal was that Jason was safe. Kryssie says that she knows she doesn’t deserve to win over Jason. Kryssie says that Jason was telling people that she was their groups best strategist and that she told him to stop it. She says that it was nice of him to say that but Jason says that it was true. Jason says that he is actually the best strategist and that it was good strategy to make people think it was her so they would go after her instead of him. Kryssie says if she takes second place that he better be first. They talk about the other side of the house and that they were all good until week 4 when their side of the house came into power. Jason says that no one talked to him from the time Monte was in power until Jason won the veto. Then Danielle came to him and then Monte tried to get Kryssie out and then he got Shane to his side. Kryssie says she enjoyed three wheeling Shane and Danielle’s showmance. Jason says that Danielle was more tolerable when Shane left.
11:30 PM BBT Kryssie says that Danielle was not ready to play BB but that her social game was lacking and that if she ever came back that she would play it differently. Jason says that she just doesn’t get along with people. Kryssie says she would love to see her come back in 3-4 years. Jason says he wouldn’t want to see her back. That BB only go back so far to bring people back. He says next year will be all newbies. Jason says the reason why he was on OTT was that people wanted to see him but they tried to see how many people would pay money to watch him. He says he tried to play a more organic game and not force anything. Kryssie asked if Alex or Scott talked endgame with Jason. He says that Scott did and that he said that he would take Jason to final 6 but no farther. He knew that he had to win because no one else would take him to the end. Kryssie says she would have taken Jason and he says that he would have picked Morgan and let Jason and Justin fight it out. He says if he thought that Kryssie would slaughter him that he wouldn’t have picked her. Kryssie says that she won’t slaughter him and Jason says that they would both slaughter Morgan. Justin says you only get one shot at this game. Kryssie says she isn’t playing the game worried about who you take to the end, but that you keep your commitments. Jason says if America wants Justin to win, that the votes will be divided if he goes. Jason says that he was loyal to his alliance. That he didn’t have loyalty to Justin because he was not loyal to him. Jason says he would have never picked Justin over Kryssie because she was his number one. He says that he didn’t want to be emotional at the end and picked his best friend – but that’s what he did. Kryssie says at the end she would take people that she wouldn’t be heartbroken if they won. They say they would be pissed if Justin wins. Jason says that he would be ok with Kryssie winning but not so much Morgan. Jason starts to talk about last season’s wrap party and that they had to put people in a closet. All 4 feeds go to Justin in the kitchen. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. When feeds return to the HOH room they are talking about Justin separating himself after they all said that they said it would be fun to be in the final 3 together. They talk about the argument with Justin. Jason says that when he argues that he doesn’t remember what he says. He knows the points were valid at the time but he can not remember and that he didn’t want to do that with Justin. Kryssie says out of all the people that she was the closest person in the house to him. Kryssie says she liked Danielle over Justin because she can win comps. But when she said she was taking Jason over Justin that he thought she would take him. But now he has shown his colors. Then that he tells them he has a final 2 with Morgan and that he has been running the house since the beginning. Kryssie says that the night of the double eviction that their plan was to use Justin because they knew that Kryssie would protect him and they didn’t think of it at the time because they all thought Shelby was stupid but in retrospect they can see that they used him.
11:45 PM BBT Kryssie talks about the final 3 plan that the girls approached her with that got Danielle evicted and kept Jason safe but that Justin made a deal with the girls. Justin has been cooking in the kitchen the whole time and is now sitting down to eat. They talk about Neeley and that they talked to her about evicting Monte right up to the day he was evicted but that Neeley wasn’t feeling Danielle. Kryssie talks about a conversation that was in the YR and that Morgan was telling Shane to stay away from Jason and not to trust him. Kryssie says she feels bad about Neeley and Whitney being evicted. Kryssie says she worked a lot with Whitney in the game. Kryssie says part of the art of persuasion is to win someone’s trust and that Jason didn’t do that at first with Whitney



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