Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, October 31st

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, October 31st

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates:
Monday, October 31st

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12:00 AM BBT They wonder what the metal frames that the bed are made from where they came from. Kryssie says she likes the stools. Justin yells that he is so excited to have Chinese food. They talk about the Chow Mein and Lo Mein and how it’s different and Kryssie asks if they can leave the label on so Danielle knows the difference. Justin says when Danielle rambles on that he just gets up and leaves. Kryssie says that both Justin and Jason left her and that she pulled a Neeley and was sitting with her eyes closed. Kryssie says put a menu with Lo Mein on it. They talk about Danielle and that she has a story for everything and that they don’t care what her friends say or the stories she tells. Jason says that she never says that she is wrong. Justin says that he is over pickles because his burps and hands smell like pickles. He says the only had 1 protein and a coffee. Kryssie tells him he needs to keep drinking tons of water and his vitamins. Justin tells Kryssie that the other room can hear her through the hole in the wall. Justin says he heard Monte talking about him every night. Justin says he doesn’t care who they put up as long as it’s not one of them. Kryssie says she is really scared.
12:15 AM BBT Kryssie says the whole time she has beent here she feels guilty because there is someone out there who is better suited to be there than her. She says the cameras don’t follow her and that she wasn’t in the last episode at all. She hopes that she comes across as a decent human being but she doesn’t know. She says for America to nominate her that it would be a slap in the face. She says that Morgan can go because she hasn’t gotten a care package yet. She says it would be great if Jason wins HOH. Kryssie says that Whitney has two people from their side of the house voting to keep her. She asks if Shelby will take their votes away. Justin says that Alex is ruling the other side of the house. Kryssie says Alex, Morgan and Shelby gave Danielle and Kryssie the same story but the only one who didn’t give her BS was Whitney. She said their sentences were rehearsed. Justin says that Whitney is her own person and that’s why she will stay in the house. Kryssie says she wanted to to go bed early but she is wide awake. In the YR Shelby and Alex are talking and laughing. In the HN room, they are in general conversation. Whitney says there is nothing they can do.
12:30 AM BBT Kryssie said that she knew it was coming that one side would have to sell out their own. Whitney said that they know that this week if Kryssie and Justin don’t have a vote, there is a better chance to get Whitney out. Kryssie says she hopes she isn’t on the block tomorrow but she hopes she gets to play. She says she is so upset because she didn’t think that Whitney had to worry because that’s not what they thought was going to happen. Whitney says that if Justin or Kryssie are nominated that she will be really upset. Kryssie says she is tired of people she likes going home. Justin says he hopes that no one from their side is nominated. Kryssie says that then they can focus on getting Whitney off the block. Whitney says that she can’t understand why Danielle thinks she is a bigger threat than Alex is. Justin says that is not her but that Danielle is playing her own game. But that Danielle is telling them only half of it. Kryssie said that she spent all day with her to figure out what she was doing but that Danielle didn’t talk game with her at all. Justin says that it’s not in her immediate best interest to get Whitney out but that Danielle is looking long term. Whitney says if Alex stays in the game, she will win. Kryssie days the only motivation for Whitney to be on the block is that Justin and Kryssie’s vote to be eliminated. Justin says that he thinks that Danielle will flip on Kryssie and Jason but that next week it will be a completely different story. Kryssie says she is stuck on this week and can’t think about next week. Kryssie says that if Alex goes up, then Shelby will go home but that Danielle doesn’t want Shelby to go. She says because she is gone and that Neeley is gone and that she can’t let anyone else be close to Kryssie. Whitney said that when Danielle heard that people were rooting for Whitney it scared her. Kryssie said it has to be hard to know that the people running this thing are against you. She said it kills her because she doesn’t know what her reasoning is for putting Whitney up. Justin says at the end of the day that no one is going to be as open as he is in the house. He will tell you what he thinks. Kryssie says that he is the most honest person in the house. Justin says this is a long term game but that it will work to his advantage because the people he kept it real with will have his back. Whitney says that she is in the worst position because without their votes she can’t save herself. Justin says that they will play the veto to save her. Kryssie says even if they get nominated and come down, Whitney can campaign against Shelby. Whitney says they will vote her out over Shelby. Justin says that they look at Shelby as just a number and that she isn’t a threat. Justin says that Jason will break up Alex and Morgan if he is HOH.
12:45 AM BBT Kryssie says she is worried that the veto will be physical and her hands hasn’t healed yet. They say that the next HOH will be a physical comp. In the YR, Jason, Alex and Shelby are talking about Monte and that he said that he and Shane will run the house. He asks if Monte had a name for them? He told them that they called them Hospitality. Shelby said he wasn’t around long enough. Jason said that if he was there when Monte said he was their leader he would have vomited. Justin comes in and Jason tells him that Monte said that they were their leader. Alex, Shelby and Jason are in the SR talking about people’s body cleanliness. They are talking about Scott and his nails being too long and his hair and his dandruff being really bad and being all over their beds. They are saying to possibly go the DR and talk to them and Jason says it’s a very sensitive subject and something that they have to deal with. Shelby says maybe they should not hang out in the beds so that they don’t have people laying on where others sleep.
1:00 AM BBT In the have not room Justin, Whitney and Kryssie are in the HN room talking about if Whitney goes out that Justin needs to win over Alex and Jason. Justin says that if he wins the veto he will take Whitney off the block and the Morgan Will go up and send her home for sure. Kryssie says that if it’s an intellectual comp she has this for sure. Justin says that if she stays this week she needs to know that the ball smashers didn’t have her back and she says she knows. They talk about Scott and how they wanted him to go home and Justin says he knows he is coming for him. Justin pleads to the cameras to please take Whitney off the block and please put Scott up. In the SR Shelby, Alex and Jason talking about Neeley and her possible lies, like her age and profession. Jason says look at like bronte who was a mathematician and a model and in a commercial or two. They wonder was she a social media famous person? Jason says he doubts it and he says she has multi facets of her and he has seen a few of her different ways.
1:15 AM BBT In the HN Whitney, Kryssie and Justin saying that Danielle is not 100% with Jason and Justin because Danielle came at Kryssie with a final three with Neeley. Whitney thinks that Alex and Scott are working with Danielle and that’s why they are not worried. Kryssie says that makes sense and it explains a lot. Whitney says that if she goes home Justin is in danger and Kryssie says that she down plays her relationship with Justin. Whitney says that the next care package is co-HOH. Justin says that he is going for Danielle because he does not trust her. Kryssie says she does not know what to think, Justin says he just wants to eliminate like four people. Jason comes into the HN room and Kryssie talks to him about Danielle possibly working with Alex and Scott. Jason says it’s possible, and he says that it could have not been America that voted out Neeley and maybe it was Danielle.
1:30 AM BBT Jason tells Whitney, Justin and Kryssie about them complaining about the dandruff thing. They talk about when Scott would go outside when everyone was asleep and he would beg the live feeders to do what he wanted. Jason says that if everyone was asleep that he would definetly get camera time. Whitney says she is going outside to talk to the live feeders and Justin talks to Kryssie and Jason about how they shouldn’t worry about anything right now and they say they feel like Danielle is sketchy. Justin says Danielle is piggybacking but that both sides need those three right now Alex, Danielle and Scott to get out Morgan and Whitney without getting too much blood on their hands. In the kitchen Shelby and Whitney talking about what the misfits are talking about. Whitney says nothing just talking about noms, that Justin is the only one not worried . Whitney says she left because she didn’t want them to think she was with them. Alex is standing in the hall and Shelby tells her what Whitney says. In the Tokyo room Shelby and Alex go to bed. Whitney goes back to HN and lays down.
1:45 AM BBT Whitney says that Danielle told Scott that she is on the bottom of her alliance and that he’s on the bottom of his so that is why she’s going to let him be safe this week , Whitney says that is all he told the ball smashers so that’s all she can say. Jason asks Justin if he’s gonna shower this week? He says no, and Kryssie says she did today and Whitney’s gonna shower tomorrow. Whitney says that Justin should sleep with Danielle and she will put up whoever she wants. They all laugh and says ok he will.


2:00 AM BBT Jason says his hair is a mess, Kryssie says her life is a mess right now. They think that they should cut ties with Danielle and suggests that Whitney wins HOH and puts Danielle up and they’d vote her out. And they figured that by Whitney doing it it wouldn’t have much on their side. Justin says that this plan is fitting together like a huge puzzle piece. They thought that Morgan was going up instead of Whitney. Jason says that Morgan is just telling them the game instead of asking him. Jason says that with Alex and Scott are so close together they need to get out Alex before Scott goes and then they’ll go for Danielle. Justin keeps saying this makes so much sense. Jason says he’s so stressed out he needs cigs and Kryssie says she needs to pee for like an hr. But didn’t want to miss anything. Jason wants ice cream. They are saying that Danielle is a straight gamer.Whitney told them that Alex is after Jason and they are saying that Danielle is playing them all. Now they want to go after everyone except Morgan they want her on their side with them but says they can’t trust her. Kryssie says that She has lied to her face. They are saying that Whitney is a good person and they don’t even know that she’d play both sides.
2:15 AM BBT Jason says he really wants this HOH and will die for it. Kryssie gets up to go pee. Whitney says that if someone comes down from the block and Morgan goes up it’s in the plan with Alex and Shelby and Danielle. Whitney says if she picks her name chip or house guest choice who should she pick Jason says to pick him Justin and or Kryssie they’d all pull her down. They just hope that if Scott is Am. nom that he can’t win at all. Justin thinks that Danielle is talking to Alex upstairs so he is going up to check. They want to know who the Am. nom is and Kryssie said she’d pull off Whitney. Whitney says she’d vote them out. They are wondering where Alex is at right now. Justin thinks she’s in bed. Justin crawls into his spider bed. Kryssie wants everyone in that room right now to swear that they will not lie to her. Jason looks at his arm and sees a vein and Kryssie farted. Kryssie says they’ll probably will wake them up early because of everything going on. Jason is saying that one of them needs to win because no one will be able to win over Alex. Justin says in a Whitney voice what she should say.Justin wants her to spill the beans and lay it all out there and say that they even her own side is going after her.
2:30 AM BBT They are going over the days, lockdowns, sayings, they think that what BB has saying on what days. Like no jumping in the pool, no sliding down the banister, no climbing on the walls. Jason says when he counts days he says the new day begins when they get woken up and change their batteries. Jason says they can’t let Danielle win because she’d take down whomever Am. nom is knowing that it could be Scott and says that she promised him that he is not the target this week. Whitney says she asked Scott if he was nervous and he said no. He told her that he didn’t have the numbers to keep him. Justin is happy that they all got together in the HN room to work it all out they say that with Justin Whitney and Kryssie was made a HN for a reason they think that America put them in the room to work together. Just happy that they now know about Danielle and the things she is up to. Alex is tossing and turning. Alex is up goes into the london room looking for Morgan’s bed. Justin wants to get a successful alliance name. Kryssie says that let them win the comp and eat then they can think about it. Justin says he’s so hungry. Jason had gotten up to get something to drink and came back and they are talking about the whereabouts of Alex they are sending Justin out to look.Justin is searching the house. Jason says he doesn’t feel good about the missing Alex. They are all fearful of what the plan is going to be they really need to win the veto.
2:45 AM BBT They are looking for Alex Jason took the lantern into the london room and finds her in bed with Morgan again. Now they are happy to know she isn’t listening at the wall. Jason was about to go ninja style on Danielle’s room. They are still worried that Alex and Danielle are working together but now they know Whitney is on their side. Whitney feels like she is already the target. Justin leave the HN room to go get a drink of milk. Whitney is saying that being nom. By Danielle that she can’t be the Am. nom. Says that if Morgan got picked and won she feels like Morgan would pull her down over Shelby. Whitney would fight to stay.
3:00 AM BBT Jason says that if Whitney gets to pick someone to play she’d maybe try to pick and save Morgan they feel like she only does what Alex wants. They want to get Whitney safe if Whitney is truly with them. BB is calling out them for talking about production. They are saying that Danielle is not trust-worthy. Whitney feels like she would have been blindsided if Justin hadn’t talked to her last night. They are using her because she is a nice I’m person. They think that Danielle voted out Neeley. And are banking on Scott being America’s nom. Jason feels like Am. gave Shelby the CP for a reason. Alex leaves the london room and tells them to please whisper. Justin is laughing but worried that Alex was just talking to Morgan. They are getting tired and Justin says that it is after 3am and should get to bed now because they have a busy day. They say that they have to talk some more later. Jason leaves the HN room and goes into london room to his bed. Everyone is now settling down. Justin can’t believe that Alex came in there and told them to whisper and Kryssie says to whisper on Danielle’s nuts. They laughed. Justin says he needs a joint. Kryssie says she needs a pizza.
3:15 AM BBT Justin asks if they were asleep yet? They said no. Justin says that he’s glad to be a HN with them and no one else. They said Same. Then all is quiet.
3:30 AM BBT Everyone is asleep. Justin gets up to go to the bathroom, washes his hands and heads back to HN bed.
3:45 AM BBT All the HG’s are sleeping now.
4:00 AM BBT All HGs asleep
6: 00 AM BBT The BB house is quiet as all of the HHG are asleep.
7:00 AM BBT All of the HG are snuggly in their bed.
8:00 AM BBT No one is up at this time

8:15 AM BBT Just a few background noise in the BB house but all of the HG are still sleeping. Jason stirs a bit, but remains asleep.
8:30 AM BBT –  Big brother calls the houseguests to wake up. Morgan is up and getting her mic on. Scott is awake and getting dressed. Jason is awake but still half asleep. Scott gets his mic on. Alex is up and going to the bathroom. Shelby is now awake and getting her mic. Scott asks Shelby if she slept well, she says she did. Houseguests complain about being woken up early. Morgan thinks that something has to be going on. Morgan and Shelby go into the bathroom. They are both asking big brother where whatever is going to scare them is. Alex and Scott join them in the bathroom. Alex tells them that she had to tell LNJ to be quiet at 3am last night. Big Brother tells the remaining houseguests to wake up. Jason gets out of bed, and puts his mic on. Jason goes into the kitchen and complains about being out of cigarettes, he checks the time and mentions how early it is. Jason goes to the HOH room to wake Danielle up. Big brother calls for Justin, Kryssie, and Whitney to wake up. Scott leaves the bathroom.
8:45 AM BBT Alex complains about being up so early. She then says that its because it’s halloween and BB wants them to look good. Morgan curls her hair. Shelby and Alex complain about the noise last night. Shelby says that they just think it’s their show. Jason has a feeling that America’s nominee will be Scott. Jason and Danielle are lying quietly in the HOH bed. Alex and Shelby are sitting in the bathroom as Morgan does her hair. Alex speculates what being woken up early could mean, Morgan doesn’t want to think about it. Alex throws the idea that all the evicted houseguests are going to return, and only one will get to stay by the end of the night. Alex asks where everyone is, Shelby then says “wake them the f*** up”. Whitney wakes up, and joins the girls in the bathroom. Whitney complains about being woken up early, and speculates that veto will be today and then the Halloween party tonight. Whitney brings up the noise from last night, she wonders if they were purposefully trying to keep her awake. Shelby wants to get the America’s nominee ceremony done. Big Brother tells the houseguests the bedroom lights must remain on during the days, and asks Kryssie, Danielle and Justin to change their mic batteries. Whitney leaves the bathroom. Shelby says she had a dream about being in a mall last night, Alex says it would be nice to go to a mall and escape this place for a bit. Morgan says she had a dream about high school. Whitney joins them back in the washroom with coffee and a snack.
9:00 AM BBT Big Brother yells at Danielle, Kryssie and Justin to change their batteries. The girls in the washroom say they should get a penalty vote or nominated since they’re not awake yet. Morgan thinks they got woken up earlier because it takes some people 45 minutes to get out of bed. DANIELLE YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, then BB reminds her to change her batteries. Scott and Kryssie are in the kitchen. Jason talks about BB changing the wake up time. The girls talk about Justin thinking he wasn’t going to be a have not. DANIELLE I’LL ASK POLITELY AGAIN, PRETTY PLEASE? Danielle complains about being awake. Jason says that this isn’t a vacation, and she says that is a vacation. Danielle says that she had a dream that she was in high school. Danielle tells Jason about her dream. Shelby is straightening her hair. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS WITH OTHER HOUSEGUESTS x2. Shelby says that they should wake up the other house guests before they get on their backs. Whitney tells the girls that one of the hair straighteners was left on, and it burned the counter a bit. Danielle wakes up, and comes downstairs. Scott is the only one in the kitchen. Danielle goes to the storage room to change the batteries in her mic.
9:15 AM BBT Alex feels like something weird is going to happen at 10. Jason and Danielle join Justin in the have not room. They talk about their dreams. Danielle doesn’t think that the have not beds are that bad. Jason says he had way worse on his season. Danielle tells them a detailed story about her dream. Justin is still half asleep. The girls in the bathroom talk about Danielle’s speech yesterday. SHELBY PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE. Danielle is lying beside Justin in his bed, and Jason is lying down in another one. Feeds cut to fish for a few seconds, then return and Alex is back in the bathroom. DANIELLE PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Jason thinks that they are now doing the nominations. Justin and Jason talk about veto. Scott joins the girls in the bathroom. Scott hopes the veto comp is an eating competition. Scott and Alex talk about survivor.
9:30 AM BBT Scott talks about the types of candy’s he dislikes. The girls think that they are going to be kicked outside soon. An America’s nominee picture appears on the living room TV. Danielle comes out of the DR and tells everyone it’s time for America’s nominee. All of the house guests join together in the livingroom. Big brother tells them to begin the ceremony. Danielle reads the card, that BB gave her. The America’s nominee is Scott. They are now drawing names for the veto competition. The first name that is drawn is whitney, and she chooses Justin to play in the competition. Jason gets picked next. Danielle chooses Morgan to be the host. Danielle tells everyone the Comp begins at 1 pm. Jason gets a snack from the storage room. Whitney is going to have a shower. Scott brushes his teeth. Jason, Alex, Shelby and Kryssie are in the kitchen. Jason and Justin are in the havenot room talking game. Jason says they need to win Veto and send Whitney home. Alex and Morgan are talking in the washroom, they say that Scott can’t win.
9:45 AM BBT Shelby makes some breakfast. Shelby says that the America’s nominee kinda sucks. Scott says that America threw him a big bone last week so he’s not mad that he got nominated. Shelby offers to make sausages for the girls. SCOTT PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Morgan is in the bathroom doing her makeup. Jason, Justin and Danielle are in the have not room. Jason and Danielle go over where the votes are going. Jason doesn’t think America wants to see the Alex and Scott show. Alex sees that Morgan is putting on makeup, and wonders if she should put some on. Alex and Morgan thank Shelby for the breakfast. Jason makes up a plan to to convince Shelby to cancel out her alliance’s votes, and let them vote to keep her safe. Jason says that his America’s nominee confirms that America doesn’t hate them. Jason thinks that Whitney is the expendable one is their alliance, because Alex and Scott can’t brainwash them.
10:00 AM BBT DANIELLE PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Jason notices that they are now locked inside. The Ball Smashers speculate what the veto comp will be. They pick out some snacks to bring out for the veto comp. Shelby stresses a little bit about the veto competition. HOUSEGUESTS, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS WITH OTHER HOUSEGUESTS. Whitney asks Shelby if she understands why she picked Justin, she says it so Scott stays on the block. Alex guesses it’s the hide & seek comp. Jason comes in the bathroom and guesses it will be an eating comp. Jason fixes hair in the bathroom. Jason thinks that Danielle would DQ herself if it’s an eating comp. Alex asks the others if they think Americas nominee will be done this week. Whitney throws out an idea that the HOH would lose a nominee, and America chooses the second.


10:15 AM BBT JUSTIN PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Danielle comes out of the DR, and she says they have 8 minutes until they have to go outside. Shelby comes into the kitchen and complains about Morgan not telling her what type of peanut butter she wants. Scott is by himself in the bedroom talking to himself. Danielle and Whitney are in the bathroom talking, Whitney then goes into the kitchen. Danielle joins Scott in the bedroom, and they talk about the veto players. She mentions Jason not ever being picked for veto, even in his season. WHITNEY PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM. Danielle goes back into the kitchen. Danielle talks about her diary room session, and gets told to stop. Alex thinks Danielle wants Morgan out since she hasn’t gotten a care package yet. HOUSEGUESTS THIS A LOCKDOWN. PLEASE GO OUTSIDE AND CLOSE THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR.
10:30 AM BBT Jason flips the cushions on the outside couch. The houseguests cover the wet cushions with a towel. Scott walks laps around the yard. LNJ and Ball smashers sit on different couches. The Ball Smashers are watching some birds. Jason complains about not having cigarettes. The birds they were watching are attacking each other. Danielle yells for someone to do something to help the bird. Danielle complains about animals hurting other animals. Kryssie sits next to Danielle, and says she’ll just sit here with her only friend, Danielle says to Jason, I hope you heard that. The girls talk about their DR’s. Shelby says she swears a lot in hers, and Morgan says she gets told to shorten her sentences a lot. The girls complain about not wearing shorts outside because now they’re too hot. The girls start singing a bit of the lion king, and BB tells them to stop.


10:45 AM BBT Morgan, Alex, Whitney and Shelby are sitting on the bench by the pool talking. Danielle and Kryssie are sitting on the couch outside. Danielle says none of their side are going home this week. Kryssie says she is done with the other side. Kryssie says she’s going to try her hardest for the next HOH, and then says that her and Danielle need to just keep passing the key back and forth every week. Danielle complains about the birds attacking again, Kryssie counts 10 crows. Danielle and Kryssie ask Production to feed the fish. Jason tells Morgan about the dream he had about her. Danielle tells Kryssie about her dream. Jason and Morgan talk about a song, and production says PLEASE STOP SINGING.
11:00 AM BBT Morgan says she wants to get her costume. Scott and Whitney are sleeping on one of the loungers by the pool. Jason hints about someone he’s done something with who was on BB. Kryssie complains about being locked outside. The girls speculate the POV comp will have something to do with pumpkin carving. Alex says America failed them. Jason speculates the comp will be a candy eating comp where they get weighed before and after the comp. Jason talks about a girl having eat to a sheep’s eye on BBUK Justin scares the girls sitting by the pool.
11:15 AM BBT Justin walks around singing a song he made up. Morgan lays her head on Alex’s lap, and then Shelby lays down too. Justin talks about Mardi Gras with Danielle and Kryssie. JASON PLEASE ATTACH YOUR MICROPHONE. Jason brings up an idea he had for a have not room, morgue themed with coffins for beds. The girls get off of Alex’s lap, and Whitney sits back down with them. The house guests laugh about Jason sleeping in a sleeping bag in the beginning. Danielle says she hears screaming. Kryssie talks about missing her boyfriend. Danielle and Jason sing a song that Justin made up for her. Kryssie complains that she’s hungry. Shelby says she wants noodles so her and Jason can lady and tramp with them. Kryssie says she’s upset there’s window she can throw herself out of here.
11:30 AM BBT The houseguests talk about some sexual innuendos including the Chinese food they’re getting for dinner. The houseguests try to work out what time it is. Danielle hopes the party to be tonight. Kryssie hopes she made the episode this week, she says the cameras only follow her when she’s doing have not stuff. Shelby and Justin grab some food from the pool table, and then Shelby sits back down with Alex, Whitney and Morgan. Alex says that Danielle hasn’t stopped talking. Alex says that she always puts too much detail into her stories about people she doesn’t care about. Feeds cut to the fish.


11:45 AM BBT Feeds come back, and all 4 cameras are on the Ball Smashers. They are speculating about what Jason would do if Jason won veto. The girls laugh about Danielle’s story, and feeds cut to fish. Feeds come a few seconds later. The girls talk about the type of chinese food they like, and then the feeds cut to fish. Danielle says that the other girls don’t even know her. Kryssie covers some couch cushions so she can lie down. Danielle moves to sit under the sun. Danielle complains about the heat. Jason asks BB what’s taking so long for the veto comp. Shelby tells Jason that if he wins the veto and takes her off, he can touch her butt later. DANIELLE PLEASE DON’T OBSTRUCT YOUR MICROPHONE.
12:00 PM BBT Danielle Jason Kryssie are in the backyard they are talking about movies. Danielle said i hope they are making the house into a haunted house. Jason said he is going crazy without Cigarettes.
12:15 PM BBT Justin stop that . Whitney said it depends on who america puts up.
12:30 PM BBT Jason said Danielle is going throw the competition Kryssie said i’m trying to figure out if i should pee now or wait.
12:45 PM BBT VETO Cut out Veto COMP is COMING up.
1:00 PM BBT Feeds still out saying VETO coming up next. Happy Halloween everyone. The Bb house is haunted. Bb is going to make History they never had BB before on Halloween. It’s time to begin 1 at a time yoga room. Yoga room if you’re playing HOH room if you’re not playing morgan is the host. Kryssie said this is the best scary movie that she is going to get. Kryssie said she is going to have a fest on the Chinese food. Kryssie said she doesn’t care for Shrimp.

1:15 PM BBT Morgan said she facetime her boyfriend twice a day   they are wondering how their boyfriends are doing they are excited to watch the competition.
1:30 PM BBT Kryssie Morgan and Alex are wondering if they will be able to see the competition and they said they heard a scream so they are not sure if it was recorded or a video. Morgan said she can’t wait to see this. Justin is first he has to find the 3 items  and place them in the top chest you will know if you run out of time by the 2 scream you have 15 minutes to search for  They are searching for a Rattle brush Doll.
1:45 PM BBT Scott is next the player to win the 3 times in the shortest time wins the Veto. Scott says oh my gosh. Scott is screaming. Scott said where is the toy chest all 3 items done.
2:00 PM BBT Shelby is competing in the comp. She’s scared Shelby is getting angry finding the toy box. Shelby finished with a time of 5:06.44Jason is up next. Jason finished 2:14.95
2:15 PM BBT Morgan is up. Complete the comp. Finished with a time of 4:51.55.
2:30 PM BBT Danielle is up for the Veto competition. She finished with 1:22.45 The houseguests are waiting for results. Still waiting.
2:45 PM BBT Danielle: Let’s goooo. I’m hungryyy.
Then HOH crew speculate that the party’s probably not till 7:30…
HOH speculating who was fastest.
The players wish they had seen Justin’s.. the non-players describe it to them and they laugh.
3:00 PM BBT Fish. Veto times reveal. HGs head to LR and are sitting on couches. Morgan is standing as the veto comp host.  Morgan will read the results
Time for results. It’s official.
Living room TV says their times are:
Justin – 1:50
Scott – 2:08
Shelby – 5:06
Jason – 2:14
Whitney – 4:52
Danielle – 1:22          Danielle wins the Veto competition. Morgan congratulations Danielle and puts the veto necklace around her neck. BB calls an outside lockdown.
LNJ + Whit & Morgan sit on green couches. Shelby/Alex lay on hammock and speculate whether Dani will keep noms same or take Scott off.
Alex speculates no matter who they pull down/put up, they’re still voting out Scott if he stays up.
3:15 PM BBT Alex: Maybe this will make Danielle and Justin clash… we’re actually in a good spot right now.
Shelby: I’m still OTB.
Alex: No, you’re fine. R u kidding, ur fine…
Shelby: I know I’m fine, but it just sucks.
Alex: Danielle winning is actually best case scenario, because we’re not making the decisions. Danielle is helping us out.
Shelby: It’s gonna be a hard choice.
Alex: Danielle has won two comps, it’s good, because people can’t say “Alex you’re the big threat” anymore…
So I’ll have THAT to use against her…
Shelby: I wanna win something so bad, I hope I can win HOH.
Alex: Don’t freak. Don’t stress yourself out.
Alex: I would think Jason’s gonna be in Danielle’s ear. Danielle probably won’t take down America’s nom. She’ll probably either put up Morgan or leave it the same.
They end up realizing it’s too hot in the hammock area and join the crew on the BY couches.
3:30 PM BBT
Scott says BB will hafta bleep everything he said during comp – Jason says he bets they were surprised by Jason, says if it was a haunted house in real life it WOULD have been a problem.
3:45 PM BBT Outside lockdown is over.
4:00 PM BBT The Lockdown is over. Shelby goes to take a shower and other HG in the kitchen not talking much and eating. Kryssie in Have Not room with Jason to rest and Jason joins her. They wonder if Danielle would take Whitney down. Jason thinks it is a perfect option to get out Scott now.
4:15 PM BBT They talk about the deal she made with Alex and Scott. They think they can pull Whitney to their side as she is getting closer to them. Mostly Justin and Jason talking. (They seem to be turning on Dani) Morgan and Alex in yoga room They talk about screwing up the deal with Alex, Scott and Danielle. Game talk happening on all 4 cams. Morgan, Whitney and Alex in yoga room not talking much and they think Shelby is freaking out right now. Jason goes to HOH room to talk to Danielle who is in the shower about getting rid of Scott. They think Whitney can turn onto their side and she will not go back to the plastics.
4:30 PM BBT Alex, Whitney and Scott in the yoga room not talking much. Jason goes to take a shower. They say that getting rid of Scott will spook Alex as they think they are ride or dies together and are really close (Not really, the plastics all want Scott out) It will weaken Alex and they can easily get her out. The plastics look really sad in the yoga room as they lost the VETO comp to Danielle. They say it was her lucky day. They worry she will use it on Scott. They think their best bet this week is if Danielle does not use the VETO and leaves Scott OTB so they can vote him out. Shelby starts crying worrying that one of the plastics will go home this week. They think they can barter with her.
4:45 PM BBT Whitney goes to HN room where Danielle, Jason, and Kryssie are; Danielle tells her she will not be using the veto on Scott
5:00 PM BBT Plastics in the washroom saying that Danielle is a wild card which scares them and that winning HOH is now not an option at this point. She would even throw it to the other Plastics!
5:15 PM BBT HG get their Halloween costumes and sound really excited to try their costumes on. They have to do their own hair and makeup.
5:30 PM BBT Kryssie starts crying about her costume for unknown reasons. (Could have been too small.)
5:45 PM BBT HG doing their makeup for their costume. Kryssie says something to the effect of asking before being cast if having tattoos would be a problem. BB had said they would figure it out. She is not happy with her costume. 4
6:00 PM BBT Jason and Justin admiring each other’s costumes in HOH Rm. Most still doing their make-up and/or hair in WR.
Danielle – Ms Vampire in sexy plastic dress with stand-up collar cape
Jason – deadly doctor w/blood streaks on scrubs and stitches tattoos
Justin – shirtless fireman with bloody flesh tattoos
Kryssie – creepy doll
Alex – mummy        Whitney – devil
Morgan – witch        Scott – werewolf
Shelby – Day of the Dead character
6:15 PM BBT Everyone getting ready and helping others with hair, make-up/tattoos, or dressing. Kryssie complains on how the only visible skin she has is on her face.
6:30 PM BBT Most HG only need finishing touches to their costume.
Fish. Appears as if BB told all HGs to make their way to the HOH Rm.
6:45 PM BBT Morgan decided against the wig…it was not a pretty sight. BB announces for HG to report for lockdown in HOH Rm. Shelby decided against her wig, too. Jason (and Justin) keep adding more tattoos! Danielle hears them putting out food…for the Halloween Party! Danielle remembers to put on her vampire teeth. Scott, the werewolf is the only one sitting and not moving about.
7:00 PM BBT Jason wants everyone to wrap it up so they can hit the alcohol.
BBOTT 72-hour recap tape – HNs: Whitney, Kryssie, & Justin
Danielle’s Noms: Shelby & Whitney ; America’s Nom: Scott
7:15 PM BBT HGs still in HOH Rm. Most are just sitting around waiting. BB announces lockdown is now over. They wait on each other to walk downstairs. BB left pumpkins for carving on the dining table along with lots of Chinese food and a tub of beers (pumpkin ale) on ice in the middle of the kitchen table. They dig in eating and drinking!
7:30 PM BBT Liz (one of the twins) stopped by the BB House to trick-or-treat. Eating/drinking for all HGs (including HNs). They asks if Justin knew who Jason was before he came into the house. No, he did not know him.
7:45 PM BBT Doorbell rang……a trick-or-treater. It was Lawton (Season 13). They want to see Rachael. Jason talks about others who live in California (Amber and Brittany for instance). They thank BB for such a neat way to do Halloween. Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Whitney go through some of their candy to select pieces/types they don’t care about (e.g., jawbreakers) to hand out to their trick-or-treaters instead giving away their “good stuff”.
8:00PM BBT The house guests are going thru the candy and getting the kind they like and the ones they don’t go by the door for the treaters. They are eating fortune cookies, drinking wine and beer. Jason says that he needs the suckers to help with his withdrawal from smoking. Most of the HGs putting up the food and Justin and Danielle just sitting around talking.
8:15PM BBT Everyone is full and wish they could have music to dance to. Justin talking about BB people that he wishes he could meet. Kryssie keeps burping loud burps. Everyone talking about what trick or treater will come next. Everyone is bored and just talking about random things. Kryssie says that if Shelby does not want the flower in her hair she would like it, most of the girls say that if she would like there fishnets that she could definitely have them. Justin is starting to carve the pumpkin and Kryssie wants to cook the seeds.
8:30PM BBT Justin wants to carve New Orleans on his pumpkin Danielle says she is going to carve a penis. Kryssie says she is going to try her band’s logo. She blames the beer for the nasty burps. Morgan says she knows clay from season 17, that she met him at a bar. She says that she actually is friends with someone that went out with him. She and Shelby says that they would like him to come to the house. Jason  says that they are the only ones who would want to see him and that not even Shelly wants to see him.


8:45PM BBT The HGs are playing never have I ever, looks like it’s between Whitney and a couple of girls. Scott went out on if he had ever masturbated in the BB house, Scott says that it was his last day as HOH. As the winner Whitney says that from now till bedtime if you cuss you have to drop a piece of clothing. Justin says he is not playing, he is doing his pumpkin.
9:00PM BBT They are playing another round of never have I ever and they were gunning for Scott. Shelby won and her prize is that she gives the next treater the candy. Justin is still working on the pumpkin and he say he won’t show them all till it’s done, it’s a surprise. The game continues and poor Danielle keeps cursing and having to remove clothing.
9:15PM BBT Justin is asking for some wine, two times in a row he hollers it out loud. The game continues.
9:30PM BBT Same game going on, with the same kinda questions. Morgan won this last round and her punishment is that the next person that says fu*k has to make a lap around the kitchen. Whitney won the last round and told Danielle she could do the punishment. She says that no matter who cusses that they all have to strip, Danielle takes off her stockings and then she says that she only has 3 items left and will not take her bra and panties so that means only 1.
9:45PM BBT Jason sees that they left them a spirit board so they all go into the living room to check how to play. They are all freaked out. Jason asks if there is any spirits here? The board gets pushed to no, but they say that no one moved their hands that way so it strange that it moved.
10:00PM BBT They are all moving the board around and Justin is freaked out. They are all concentrating to move the board. Danielle asks if there are any spirits there. It moved and Justin stopped touching it. He says it’s against his beliefs. They say because Justin broke the circle they have to start again. Justin goes to the YR and works out. He hears noises like thunder and turns around. He asks why BB is playing with him. Justin goes back out to the kitchen asking if they heard the thunder. Justin goes back and puts his hand on the board. Danielle asks again if there are spirits in the BB house. They all sit with eyes closed. Then they say they have to do the circle again with Justin. Kryssie asks the question again and Justin is looking around, everyone else has their eyes closed. Justin stomach growls and everyone laughs. Because the board is made by BB, Kryssie is going to the DR to ask how to open it. BB is ignoring Kryssie at the DR door. Everyone discusses how the board is to work. Kryssie gives up trying to get into the DR. Morgan and Shelby go into the bathroom and the remaining HG stay at the board and try again. Kryssie asks if there is a spirit in the BB house. The skull moves to Yes. She asks what it’s first initial. No response from the skull so Kryssie asks if they don’t want to reveal its name. She asks if the spirit is there, no response. She asks if the Spirit if it can hear her. A Low voice answers HG HAVE YOU BEEN HAVING NIGHTMARES ABOUT ME? The HG from the bathroom run back to the board. She asks if the Spirit is friendly. Jason asks if T is its first initial. Kryssie asks Why do you want to know about our nightmares? Alex, Morgan, Scott, Shelby and Justin are not touching the board. The Skull begins to move. Kryssie asks again about the nightmares and what they mean? Danielle asks if the spirit is still there? Kryssie asks for the spirit to give them a sign if it’s still there. Jason says preferably wine. Kryssie asks if the spirit has any further questions. She asks if the spirit is friendly. The skull still doesn’t move.
10:15 PM BBT Kryssie asks again if the spirit is still there. Jason says that the skull is off the board so they are going to reopen the circle again. More ppl jump on, they follow the pentagram and the circle. Kryssie asks again if the spirit is there. She asks if the spirit has left. They try again. The skull doesn’t move. Kryssie asks if the spirit has been purposely appearing in their nightmares? Jason says that it may not be moving when there are too much pressure on the skull. So, now just Kryssie, Jason, Danielle have their fingers on it. Kryssie talks to the spirit again and asks if it’s still there. The skull moves off the board so they closed the board. They leave the board and move to the kitchen and everyone is looking for things to eat. Kryssie talks about Regan, the saboteur from season 7. Justin sings that he wants more wine. They talk about light as a feather stiff as a board. Whitney says she never heard of that before. Shelby says they might as well keep playing the board to see what voices BB gives them. Jason goes to check the tunnel to see if its open. Jason says to ask the spirit if he has the number to get into the tunnel. Jason says he can’t believe that they only had 2 trick or treaters. He says that Liz is always good if BB asks her to be somewhere. Kryssie comes out of the DR and says they told her they can’t tell her how to do anything – YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS WITH OTHER HG. Justin is playing with the pumpkin on the kitchen table. Whitney is eating candy and the other HG are back at the board. Now Kryssie, Jason, Shelby, Morgan, Danielle and Alex have their hands on the board. They ask if the spirit is with us.
10:30 PM BBT Kryssie says they are seeking the same spirit that asked about nightmares. Are you here? Do any spirits wish to speak to us? The skull moves to yes and Kryssie says they want to speak to him as well. The skull moves to O, moves to J, moves to D, moves to nothing. Moves to C, Danielle asks what the spirit is trying to tell them. Skull moves to M, moves to Y, Jason asks if it’s trying to tell them his name. Kryssie asks for the spirit to tell them again. Moves to the opening of the circle. Danielle asks what is your name and it moves to M, Moves to Y. Moves to N, moves to A, moves to M, moves to E. Jason says Your Name is What? Moves to S, Danielle asks are you spelling your name? Do you have more than one name? Jason says if it’s a demon we have to get off this board. Jason says Your Name S. Kryssie asks if the spirit is still there. No movement. Danielle asks the spirit again whats their name. They move the board to the floor. They open the board back up. Kryssie says we wish to contact the spirit with the letter S for their name, Are you here? It moves and Kryssie is off it. Spirit if your here will you spell us your name? They decide to move the board to the London Room. They try to open the board again. Kryssie says we wish to contact the spirit we spoke to in the living room are you here? Spirit we have chosen the room we think you haunt the most, are you here? The skull doesn’t move. Then it begins to move and stops on J, moves to S, moves to H, moves to No. Are you the same spirit that sent us the message before? Moves to Yes. Danielle says can you please tell us your name? Moves to R, moves to L, moves to R, moves to L. Are your initials RL?
10:45 PM BBT Moves to No. Jason asks, do you not want to tell us your name? Do you have anything you would like to tell us? Moves to Yes. Danielle says Please tell us. Moves to R, Moves to L, Does RL stand for something? Skull doesn’t move. Jason says write the word of the thing you would like to tell us about. Moves to R, moves to L. Danielle asks is RL the initials of a person? Moves to NO. Danielle asks Does RL stand for a Place? Does Not move. Moves to O, Danielle asks, are you the spirit that has been coming to us in our nightmares? Does not move. Kryssie asks Are you the spirit that asked about our nightmares? Moves to Yes. Scott looks in the door. Jason asks, how many years old did you live to? Moves to 4, moves to 2. Danielle says 42. Are you a female? Moves to NO. Did you used to live here? Moves to NO. Jason asks Do you know why you haven’t passed on? Moves to NO. Danielle asks Do you want to pass on? Does Not move. Jason asks can you see the light? Moves to P. Have you spoken to any of us in our nightmares? Danielle asks are you still here with us? Does not move. Whitney asks spirit do you watch us? They move the skull to the middle. They ask if they need to turn the light off. Kryssie says that BB doesn’t want them to close the board. Jason asks, is there anyone still here with us? Jason says that once they realize they need to look for a light they pass on, that’s how he got spirits out of his house so BB owes him a ghost cleansing fee. They close the board. Kryssie says if you ever heard of the legend if you look through the eye you can see the spirit you were talking to.
11:00 PM BBT They go over the letters that they were given. Jason says he is very sensitive to these kinds of things. They say it feels warmer now and the cold chill left the room. Jason says he used to be very good at knowing the energy. He says it was a man. He talks about when he was at a friends house and he had an 8 year old child and it had the energy of an 8 year old child. Jason says that this may be all that happens. Jason says the first time he slept in the room he heard a man’s voice say nightmares. Danielle says when she slept alone in the HN room she was fine but the first night she slept in that room she had a nightmare she killed James. Whitney says but it spelled out MY NAME. They talk about the home made boards vs the store bought boards. Justin pokes his head in and scares them. Justin says that’s what you get playing with that. They ask Justin to do it with them again and he says NO. Jason says if you don’t want to speak to them they won’t speak with you. JUSTIN PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Jason says maybe they will let them keep the board and they can do it all the time. Kryssie says they might as well cleanse all the rooms. Whitney says that she thinks it stopped because the spirit saw the light. Danielle says she has always wanted to talk to spirits. Justin returns and says that BB asked for the carving stuff back. They talk about watching people’s fingers to see if anyone was moving the board and they say they didn’t move the board. Now they say the room is cold again. Justin yells that if the spirit is still there that he wasn’t messing with it. They tell him the spirit passed on.
11:15 PM BBT They say that Jason hasn’t made out with Shelby yet. Jason goes to kiss Shelby. The room screams and Kryssie says oh my this is happening. Danielle asks Justin and Kryssie to go with her to feed the fish because she doesn’t want to go by herself. The girls in the room try to board again. Shelby, Alex, Whitney and Morgan but only Morgan and Whitney have their hands on the skull. They open the board. Morgan asks Spirit are you here? Does not move. Scott comes into the room. Spirit can you hear us? Does not move. Morgan says Spirit are you here? Does not move. Shelby leaves the room. Alex says I think the spirit is gone. Are there any spirits present? Does not move. Alex leaves the room. Morgan says Spirits if you here give us a sign. Does not move. Morgan says Spirit if you are here give us a sign. Scott sits on the floor next to the board. The skull does not move. Whitney says Spirit we would like to talk to you, would you like to talk with us? Whitney asks Morgan if she can feel it pulling and she says a little bit. They close up the board. Scott asks if they got a response with the big group. They say yes but that Jason says that if it doesn’t want to tell you anything that it’s a bad spirit. Morgan and Whitney take the board out of the London Room and out to the living room table. Whitney says it’s much colder in the room and that she thinks she will have a bad dream tonight. Morgan says her too. They decide they need to change. They go into the bathroom where Shelby and Alex are changing. Morgan says she hasn’t played it before but she believes in it. In the HOH room, Jason, Kryssie, Jason and Danielle talk about Justin’s daughter. Morgan comes in to get her stuff. Justin tells her she looks beautiful. Danielle feeds the fish. Danielle is wearing vampire teeth and goes up to Justin and sticks her tongue out with them. Justin is holding and rubbing Danielle’s feet that she has draped over his lap. Kryssie says oh good someone gets a foot rub and I’ll just sit here and wait to die. Danielle says she is self conscious about her feet and doesn’t like people rubbing them. Justin puts his foot up and says MY TURN. JASON PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE.
11:30 PM BBT Danielle says her HOH TV doesnt work cuz BB cut her feeds to the dining room. Alex comes in to get her makeup. Danielle puts on a green wig. Puts her teeth in and puts on her HOH robe. Kryssie tells her to stroll around the house. Danielle goes downstairs and Kryssie follows her. MORGAN PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. Justin leaves the HOH room and goes downstairs. He slides down the rail. Jason is looking through the candy. Danielle continues to walk around the house with the wig, teeth and robe. She jumps out at Scott and he says “Those Teeth Though” She now has fake ax. Justin puts a tootsie roll in as teeth in and talks to the camera “Do you wanna be my friend” Jason puts a collar on. Scott is walking around the London Room. He lays down. In the bathroom, they are trying on wigs and Justin sings a song about Shi^^y tooth Jenkins. Danielle and Justin blow kisses to the camera.
11:45 PM BBT Justin starts to take off the fake scars he has on his body. The girls are in the Tokyo Room. They talk about when they have to stop eating and if it is at midnight or if it is as long as they want. They talk about scaring Justin with the Hat. They make a plan to wait until he is asleep. Alex is going to hide under a bed and she is going to tap on a pot. And Whitney is going to ask if he heard it. They have a whole plot to scare him. To turn the lights off and cover a lantern so there is a little bit of light. And when he notices the hat then Morgan lets out the witches cackle. In the kitchen the HG are singing PLEASE STOP SINGING. They are looking at the photo wall. Kryssie just realized that the board threw out Danielle and Kryssie’s last initial. SCOTT PLEASE GO TO THE DR. In the bedroom, the girls talk about Scott being convinced there is a key in the house. They talk about Danielle and Justin being close together in the bed. They say if they were in a showmance they would not be getting close to another guy. Alex says that’s what happens when your in a showmance for two weeks.


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