Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 28th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 28th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 28th

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Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 28th

12:00 AM BBT Jason talks to the fish. Jason and Kryssie wish there was a veto competition instead of just putting Justin and Morgan head to head. Justin turns off the light in the Tokyo room and gets into bed. Kryssie worries about what happens to the fish at the end of the season. Jason watches the fish. Jason talks about the pets that have been in the BB House. Jason yells at the fish for attacking each other. Kryssie makes a comment about Jason spending 5hrs alone in the HOH room everyday. Justin puts on his hoodie and then lies back down.
12:15 AM BBT Kryssie and Jason are in general conversation. They leave the HOH room, and go downstairs. Kryssie goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and Jason goes to the storage room to grab food. Jason goes upstairs to bed. Kryssie goes into the toilet. Kryssie leaves the bathroom and heads to the Tokyo room. Kryssie gets into bed. All houseguests are in bed. Jason turns on the HOH TV for a few minutes, and then lays back in bed. Jason goes over the day. Jason closes his eyes and quiets down.
12:30 AM BBT All houseguests are in bed.
12:45 AM BBT Justin repositions himself. Jason gets out of bed, and goes to the bathroom. Jason gets back into bed.
1:00 AM BBT Jason is in bed complaining of his stomach hurting. Justin gets out of bed goes into the storage room getting a medicine. He leaves the storage room heads into the WR sits on the bench starts talking to the camera’s about the flautas and the brownies. He says he is not feeling good. Jason is tossing. Justin sitting chewing on some ice. Justin is walking around the WR saying he doesn’t want to sit on the toilet. He says do not eat queso late at night. Then he ate cereal with milk right after. He says what was he thinking. Justin goes gets water. Jason says his skin is so hot and it’s hot in the HOH room. He is saying that the HOH room is not a luxury it is torture. He says the bed is very uncomfortable to sleep in. Justin gets back into bed. Jason kicks off the comforter. And is tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.
1:15 AM BBT Everyone is asleep. Justin and Jason are seeming to be having difficulties sleeping tonight.
1:30 AM BBT All the HG’s are sleeping
1:45 AM BBT All the HG’s are sleeping
2:00 AM BBT All the HG’s are sleeping.
3:00 AM BBT All the HG’s are sleeping.
3:30 AM BBT Everyone is asleep.Jason is talking in his sleep but it can’t be made out to what he said. Something about balloons being blown up?
3:45 AM BBT Everyone is sleeping. 3:52 AM BBT Something got knocked over and woke Jason up. Not sure what it was. He sat up and looked around then went back to sleep.
4:00 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping
5:00 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping
6:00 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping
6:45 AM BBT Justin got up, went to WC, and then returned to bed. All Houseguests appear to be sleeping
7:00 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping
9:00 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping
9:30 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 28th
10:00AM BBT HG are all sleeping. We await BB wakeup calls. Morgan is asleep in London room. Jason is in HOH. Those are our camera angles. Justin and Kryssie sleep in the Tokyo room.
10:01 AM BBT Good Morning HG There are fresh batteries in the SR…… Jason Kryssie Morgan go change batteries. BB thanks each one. The comment this morning;HG did you know that bing cherries were first developed in Milwaukee Oregon? Morgan and Kryssie hit WC. Justin hasn’t gotten up. Jason goes to bed.Mumbling to himself about his family and dreams. Morgan Checks out back hits the KT for water then goes back to bed. Justin has changed his batteries and everyone goes back to bed.
10:15 AM BBT The lights are all on and everyone is back in bed.
10:30 AM BBT The HG still sleep in bed. Justin does some wiggling arm moves like break dancing and gets up heading to the WC. He uses his mouthwash checks himself in the mirror and does his hair.He heads to the BY. He shouts out Good Morning World. He starts to talk to feeders. Good morning people. Any day above ground is a good day. Justin heads back inside to KT.He wanders back and forth finally opening the frig. He can’t figure out what he wants then states I’m going back to sleep.
10:45 AM BBT Justin gets back in bed. All HG are in bed. BB hasn’t said anything since 10:01 am.
11:00 AM BBT All HG in bed
11:15 AM BBT All HG in bed. But Justin is awake and thinking. He rolls over and returns to sleep.
11:30 AM BBT All HG sleeping Kryssie is a little restless..
11:45 AM BBT All HG are in their beds sleeping. The house lights are on BB woke them at 10:01am. They changed batteries and went to bed. Morgan is up.She heads to KT.She starts shoving food in her mouth. Then makes coffee. Kryssie is up.She is going through her suitcase.Morgan gets cleaned up and kryssie passes her in WC. They speak good mornings and head to KT. They both work in KT not really talking to each other.They talk it appears to be Kryssies’ dreams. They talk about caffeine and detoxing.Kryssie please go to the DR.
12:00 PM BBT Kryssie is in DR. Morgan eats in KT. Kryssie comes out saying they will be locked down at 3pm. Kryssie goes up to Jason in HOH asks him to come down, He doesn’t have cigarettes. She then asks him to come down for great Iced Coffee. Jason stays in bed.
12:15 PM BBT sleeping hgs. Lazy day. House quiet.
12:30 PM BBT quiet in the house. Everyone enjoying the day.


12:45 PM BBT lazy day.
1:00 PM BBT finding things to do.
1:15 PM BBT nothing to do
1:30 PM BBT very little happening
1:45 PM BBT Nothing to do.
2:00 PM BBT Jason is talking to Kryssie in the Kitchen. Kryssie said to Jason make eye contact at the customers.
2:15 PM BBT Kryssie is talking about the leftovers. Jason is talking about dunkin donuts the left overs. Morgan is outside in the Hammock. Justin is laying down in bed. Morgan is in the Fridge.
2:30 PM BBT Jason is talking about his skin. Jason said he is gonna suck at pool 1 last time before you lock us out.
2:45 PM BBT Kryssie is talking about recipes. Justin said they normally don’t put your suitcases in there before eviction. Morgan said she didn’t talk to the DR yet. HGS this is a Lock down please go inside. Jason said i hope i see you again to the sunshine. Justin is packing.
3:00 PM BBT Justin said he is winning. Feeds are showing Justin packing his suitcase. Stop That. Justin said he is going to win a quarter a million dollars. Justin is singing. Jason is talking to Kryssie about board games. Jason said i can’t wait to sing on my snapchat again.
3:15 PM BBT Kryssie said that Shelby is a super hero. Kryssie said which is fine i didn’t want that veto any ways. Kryssie said when i think of the word serious i think of Gwen Stefani. Kryssie asked Jason what does she look like. Jason is making Domino’s out of the Jenga blocks. Kryssie said everything is a game we are bored. Morgan is in the kitchen with Jason and Kryssie.
3:30 PM BBT Justin is cooking. Morgan is fixing up her nail polish. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. Jason said nobody uses this melons thou. Kryssie said that is a honeydew. Kryssie said i have been very busy i have yet to shower today yet but it is on my to do list. Kryssie is asking about the bowling alley how they were used balls with people name on it.
3:45 PM BBT Justin said to Morgan why don’t they tell us what is the big deal. Jason said why couldn’t they do soccer. Jason said to Kryssie here catch these. Justin asked Morgan do you have the blow dryer in your bag. Justin asked Morgan do you want to hang out in the Yoga room. Stop that. Jason said what other games can I play with my ball. Jason said I am going to hang out with my buddy “Monte”. Justin said he is feeling good. Kryssie said that Shelby cried a lot.
Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 28thDaily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 28th
4:00 PM BBT Jason tells the story of his night in Vegas after his BB season resulting in a scar on the palm of his hand. He considers it his BB scar since he would have never been in Vegas if it wasn’t for BB. Justin is chilling in the Yoga Rm. Morgan goes into Yoga Rm; Morgan is pacing/anxious…she can’t sit. They talk about different animals/sounds. Justin is not worried; he’s just so bored. One of them might be leaving soon and the other will be in the house for only 3 more days. If Justin remains, he says he will be a complete fool and tell everyone exactly how he feels about them.
4:15 PM BBT Morgan leaves Justin alone in the Yoga Rm. Jason and Kryssie talk about their family/friends letters and what they might get when they get out of the house. Talk goes to taking the SAT/ACT tests. Kryssie did well, especially on the English portion. Jason never too either test because he was kicked out of school. Kryssie talks about how she changed her major so many times.
4:30 PM BBT Morgan is back in Yoga Rm lying down and talking to Justin and Kryssie and Jason still talking in WR. General chit chat bouncing from one topic to another. Morgan leaves the room to walk around. Morgan asks to use HOH bathtub for a bubble bath. Oh course, Jason lets “bikini girl”. Morgan says she might not do her talk; Jason says all the camera will be awaiting for “bikini girl”.
4:45 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason still talking in WR. Kryssie has auditioned for American Idol and Glee. She did not like American Idols’ “cattle call”. They talk about other talent-type shows and reality shows. Justin appears to be dozing off in the Yoga Rm. Kryssie says she seems nervous but they really have no reason since they can’t do anything more…just curious about the outcome. Two feeds are on bikini girl in the HOH bathtub with the water still running in.
5:00 PM BBT Justin goes to bathroom and leaves WR. Morgan is doing her talk on what’s been happening the past couple days. She told her secret about her Alex. Morgan does not agree with Justin and hard to talk to him about anything. She spent Thanksgiving with people a week a ago she could not stand!, but did make the best of the situation and did have a good day and dinner with Jason and Kryssie. Morgan speaks about past HGs and favorite moment events. She has tried to make the best of the situation. Then she goes through some of her least favorite moments.The good has definitely outweighed the bad. She hopes to be in the Finale and receive votes to win! She does miss Shelby! She needed the bath to escape Justin. She hopes the comp is tomorrow and she will win. She hoped the Epson Salt bath would help calm her….she says it hasn’t–she is still very nervous about the comp.
Justin is talking to “Monte” as if he’s sitting right there….on how he misses him and about his rhymes. Justin goes to kitchen. He finds an unusual gadget–a tea squisher. Looks in the cabinets, but gets nothing to eat. It’s more of boredom looking around. Occasionally looks up at camera and talks to the feeders. He goes into pantry and states “what do we have here” and soon feeds go to fish. He complains as to why 5 o’clock tomorrow, why couldn’t it be today. I think BB has delayed their comp or at least delayed it as to when I thought it would take place. 5:15 PM BBT Justin leaves pantry still complaining “why?” and pacing the house. He tosses a pillow at “Monte” to catch. He believes Morgan is in DR. He goes to the phone between the 2 BRs and pretends to talk to someone back home, then back pacing the house. Jason and Kryssie still talking in WR….present topics are about dogs and cats.
5:25 PM BBT Justin makes his way to his bed, sits down, and tells the camera this is no walk in the park, but he would not trade it for the world! Justin, while playing with the cameras, goes to WR to wash face and go to the bathroom again. Morgan is still in HOH bathtub talking to herself going through each day’s happenings.


5:30 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason briefly talk about past HGs and how they’ll not want to hug either of them at Finale. Kryssie goes to the bathroom. They continue talking about HGs.
5:45 PM BBT Feeds show Morgan still in bathtub; Kryssie and Jason in WR talking. Kryssie states the regret she had in doing the wall climbing comp.
6:00 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie sitting in the bathroom talking about the last comp and how they think they did and how their faces looked while playing. They talk about how Justin hasn’t been talking to them and how when they walked into a room they snickered. Jason says he will wait a few days before watching the season. Kryssie says that if she looked stupid or did something funny her boyfriend will wanna watch as soon as she comes home. She says she hopes that the wall comp doesn’t look like she gave up. Morgan comes in and gets ready for something, Kryssie asks how her bubbles and beefcakes session was and she says it was not the same without Shelby. Jason says that whatever comp they do can they leave it up so they can play with them. They talk about the comp with the sword and Kryssie says she would have beast that comp except for her knee. Jason and Kryssie talk about the comp with the grunge bands that they had pumpkins and how hard they were to open.
6:15 PM BBT Justin is  walking in the hallway and sees Morgan working out in the SR, he says “interesting” and Jason asks what is? Justin stands in the hall and watches and then goes away again. Morgan finishes up and just sits in silence, Justin back towards the bedrooms and Kryssie and Jason still talking about nothing in the bathroom. Kryssie and Jason’s conversation turns to the cast and what the production wa shrinking when they cast the house guests.
6:30PM BBT  Jason decides to put his hot wings in the oven instead off the microwave, Kryssie says if nothing else it will take more time. Jason is called to the DR, they make jokes that they are going to tell him not to eat the wings. Jason is only there a split second. As he is waiting for the oven he is cutting and eating the cheese. Kryssie is called to DR and she seems to go in and comes back fast. They have requested a knife to cut cheese, production ignores so they cut the huge block with a butter knife.
6:45PM BBT Kryssie, Morgan and Jason all making food. Justin is laying down in the Tokyo room reading the Bible absolutely no talk in there. Morgan making zucchini boats, she asks if she can try a a wing since she has never had one them before.
7:00PM BBT Jason says that the stove speaks Spanish and cannot believe no one has set it to speak English. Kryssie says she has had it spoke both but she really doesn’t care. They talk about BUffalo wild wings and what they like to eat there and how much they sell and their preferences. Morgan mentions what a burger and there ketchup being sold in Walmart.  Jason says that clay talked about it all the time.  They talk about different restaurants mostly fast food that they like and don’t. Justin still alone reading the Bible.
7:15PM BBT they talk about Taco Bell, Morgan says she hates it and it and  they use horse meat. Kryssie says she and her sister would go there tons.
7:30PM BBT As they clean up their dishes they talk about how different stores sell furniture and the difference between high dollar and IKEA and Walmart. Jason talks about things he gets on clearance and does a revamp and makes it so cute. They talk about the couch in the yoga room and how filthy it is and needs to be replaced or cleaned.  They all talk about it’s just days away of getting out of the house. Morgan says that she has not heard any banging outside and she wants to know what it could be.  Jason is upstairs in the loft saying things he wants from the house. Morgan and Kryssie talking about the first night and how glad they were that they had someone to talk to. Kryssie asks if she wants to go over days later so she is ready for tomorrow. Jason says that he wants someone to host the next comp. kryssie wants a puppy. They come up with the combo of Davonne with a puppy. They end up talking about Danielle and Kryssie says she probably wants nothing to do with them after they leave.
7:45PM BBT Kryssie says she is just proud of herself that she made it so far. Morgan says she thought it was gonna be fun , and at times it wasn’t but in hindsight it was. They start talking about the way the house was set up in season 17 and 18 and how the way the house is set up now. They go into the yoga room with Morgan and start to go over days. They all agree that she knows them well but it’s good for someone to quiz you so you don’t get use to doing them in a order fashion. Justin is asleep in the Tokyo room, he seems lonely.
8:00PM BBT Morgan is in Tokyo room still going over days with Jason and Kryssie. They keep talking about different comps and possible questions if there is a tie. Justin still sleeping Kryssie says she can’t wait to see when Morgan and Alex came into the house and saw each other for the first time
8:15PM BBT Kryssie Jason and Morgan going over random questions in case Morgan needs to know it for her comp against Justin They go over how many times Scott twerked in the house and how many pack of smokes there were in the house Justin is awake sitting alone on his bed Morgan kryssie and Jason talking about how Shelby went through 5 different people in the DR Jason said he didn’t even know you could get anyone else
8:30PM BBT HG talking about when there photo shoot Justin in the KT making stuff to eat Morgan Kryssie and Jason talking about things they would like to keep from the house Morgan said she just doesn’t have credit because she is afraid she will do it wrong and wreck her credit Jason and Kryssie explain how to build her credit
8:45PM BBT Jason and Kryssie talk about their credit cards and the points they collect Jason also talks about his first mp3 player Jason said he misses his computer and they all miss having access to google Justin is still cooking in the KT Jason Kryssie and Morgan wonder when everything is going to happen
9:00PM BBT Justin eating in the KT Kryssie and Jason chatting in the rec room BB tells Jason to stop singing Jason gets called to the DR Morgan is in bathroom getting ready to go into the DR she said she asked them for time to get ready before she did her DR session Justin doing dishes Kryssie sitting alone in the rec room

9:15PM BBT Justin eating cereal in KT Kryssie still sitting alone in the rec room
9:30PM BBT Justin reading a book looks like a bible Kryssie taking a shower and Morgan doing her in the bathroom Jason still in the DR
9:45PM BBT Jason is out of the DR and Kryssie is plucking his eyebrows Justin is still reading Morgan sitting in the bedroom with Justin and asks him to to play jenga with her Kryssie and Jason go to the HOH room Jason is taking a shower and kryssie is plucking her eyebrows on the couch.
10:00 PM BBT Jason is singing in the shower and Kryssie says that she feels she needs to apologize to Bon Jovi for his singing. Justin and Morgan are still playing Jenga in the kitchen. They call themselves “Jenga Experts”. As they get the tower higher and higher Morgan calls herself the “Jenga Master”. They made it to 29 levels high before it falls. They attempt to make it to 30 levels. Justin says he isn’t looking forward to being alone in a hotel room. Morgan says that he will be doing press stuff and then Wejd is the finale. He says he does enjoy the Press Days. Morgan says she doesn’t want to see any press interviews or her teasers she did for the show. They both laugh about that.
10:15 PM BBT In the HOH room, Kryssie and Jason ate feeding the fish. Kryssie counts the packets of fish food and she says that maybe they won’t kick Jason out of the room until Weds morning. They are eating the goodies out of Jason’s HOH basket. They are looking at the photo wall and talk about Justin again. Jason says he wishes he could have nominated him. Kryssie says she wants to see Morgan wipe the floor with Justin in the comp. They talk about the comps Morgan won. That she only had to beat 3 people for the HOH and 5 people in her veto win.
10:30 PM BBT Morgan goes to bed. Jason says he will not plan a speech and that he will make it up as he goes along. They are watching the HOH TV keeping track of Justin. They talk about Justin smoking Jason’s cigs. Justin takes a shower. Jason and Kryssie talk about Scott and how he didn’t have a fish named after him. Jason says he wishes a cool PA will bring cigs to the wrap party for him. He talks to the microphone and says this is for you cool PA. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. He laughs.
10:45 PM BBT They make fun of Jason’s laugh. Kryssie tries to sound like it. Kryssie says if she laughs at herself, no one can make fun of her. She says that she had to be that way because of how people treated her. Jason agrees and says that people can’t make fun of him if he makes fun of himself first. Kryssie talks about her body image of herself. KRYSSIE PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Kryssie goes to the DR leaving Jason in the HOH alone. Justin is still showering. Jason watches Kryssie go to the DR on the HOHTV. Jason talks out loud saying that America to save the basement kid. Jason decides to lay down and wait for Kryssie.
11:00 PM BBT Jason is still talking. Justin is finishing up his shower. Jason is talking about Kryssie about being the glue of the LNJ. Jason listens to his music. Jason says outloud to himself that he could actually be the winner of BBOTT.
11:15 PM BBT Justin walks through the house talking to the camera – Hello world, hope you had a good day today. He gets a bowl for some cereal. Jason is in the HOH room singing to his headphones. PLEASE STOP SINGING. Justin sits down to eat his cereal. In the HOH room, Jason is still listening to music but is now reading his letter from home. He is talking but his mic is not picking up what he is saying. He says his comp stats are stronger than anyone in the final 3 with him but is that enough for America? He says Danielle looks so pretty in her picture. BB if you do ever invite anyone back, Danielle and Whitney are your best two. He says Justin would have been a good one until a few days ago. He says if you plan on an all star and you want OTT reps, those two girls are your best. He says he doesn’t even know what real life is anymore. He watches Justin on the HOH TV and comments about him eating cereal. He says that Justin would rather be alone than spend time with them. He says that Justin should show America that he is a good guy but instead he has become a pouting child. If your social game was that strong that he would barge up to the HOH room like he did everyone else but that he doesn’t have booze for him to steal. He says even Morgan would rather socialize with people that have been her enemy the whole game – that should say something to Justin.
11:30 PM BBT Justin says, Maybe Justin was the one who voted Neeley out and not America. He asks why Justin is now wearing shoes around the house – oh yeah, it’s because you aren’t wearing my slippers anymore. Was it a mistake to take Kryssie to the final 2? Maybe, she has been in the DR explaining it for a long time. Maybe I should have just picked Morgan. Oh well, it’s done now. It was my one impulsive decisions. Maybe it was too impulsive to take Kryssie. She is very smart, but has she been entertaining enough? Does she deserve the win? Maybe not. Who knows, if I would have taken Morgan it may have been more screen time. Im probably A super minor character. Who knows, the smartest decision was to bring justin, but maybe I’m the weakest of all 4. I surely hope not. He says the stipend money will mean a lot to him. He left his job twice to come play the game. The first time I got fired and this time Im most likely fired. At least Morgan quit her job to come here, Justin didn’t have a job and Kryssie’s job will let her come back and I could be in third place. Kryssie is going to sell herself as the mastermind. America’s voting – they may not care about who wins comps, it just maybe who they like more. He says people maybe able to identify with Kryssie and her struggles. Morgan won’t identify with anyone because she will be just fine after this. He says that he feels that all three of them won’t have any problems after this and he will go back to being a basement dweller. He looks at his picture on the photo wall and says his ear looks weird. He talks about the other HG photos.
11:45 PM BBT He says that Kryssie has been in the DR for a century. He says that she is most likely making it sound like she did the whole game. He says he would be upset if he got this close to the money and didn’t win it. He pulls the sheets over his head. America I hope you still like me, I hope it’s more than that, I hope you make me the winner even if you hate me. I just need this money. The bragging rights seemed much more important He says his hair has gotten really long in the house.He looks in the mirror and picks at his face.


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