Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 21st

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Monday, November 21st

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates:
Monday, November 21st

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12:00 AM BBT Kryssie offers to make Jason food, and then Justin takes over and starts to cook. Shelby and Morgan turn off the lights, and then get into bed. NO CLIMBING! THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Jason climbed on the table to make the Jenga tower taller. Kryssie talks about how nobody would ever play Jenga etc. with her because she was too ugly, Jason says the same happened to him. Justin cooks up some beef, and Jason has some leftover pad thai. Kryssie takes from Jason’s jenga tower to make hers, and Jason complains that she hates him. Kryssie then says that Jason need her to make sure he wins in the finals. He agrees. Jason thinks Kryssie might be America’s favorite houseguest, she says that’s impossible since Justin lives here. Justin and Jason talk about a musician from New Orleans. Jason burps on Kryssie. Justin hopes the food is going to taste good, he says he put too much cayenne pepper in it. Kryssie goes to the bathroom.
12:15 AM BBT Jason takes a bowl of chocolates to go and throw into the bowls in the living room. Kryssie takes over the cooking. Kryssie compliments Justin on the beef he made, but won’t eat it because she just brushed her teeth. Kryssie is making Justin and Jason a burrito of some sort. Jason wonders if the girls can hear him from upstairs, Kryssie says probably. He doesn’t care if he wakes them up. Justin overlooks Kryssie making the food, and makes a disgusted face. Jason mocks the girls asking them to be quiet, and then says what he’s doing is just psychological warfare. Kryssie says he sounds like Scott. Kryssie finishes Justin’s food, and he thanks her, she then thanks him for the food he’s made her. Justin is eating his food in the living room. Jason is picking up the chocolates, he is hoping that the noise he’s making gives the girls a headache.
12:30 AM BBT Jason finishes picking up the chocolates. Justin can’t finish all the food kryssie made, and he apologizes to her. Jason says he might eat the rest of it. Justin and Jason agree that the food is good. Kryssie asks how they are, and Jason says terrible, Kryssie says she is glad she burned got burned by hot oil then. Kryssie talks about Julie Chen laughing at something she said. Kryssie and Jason tell Justin about the guy who holds the record for hot dog eating. Kryssie and Jason make note that they did nothing yesterday. Justin and Jason talk about their experiences in Las Vegas.
12:45 AM BBT Kryssie and Justin go the bathroom, and Justin says he’s amazed that they’re still here. Justin waves his hands at the camera. Justin sings about them still being here. Kryssie washes her hands. Jason comes into the bathroom. Kryssie goes to the Tokyo room. Justin washes his hands and then brushes his teeth. Justin heads to the Tokyo room. Shelby wakes up and drinks from her cup. Justin talks about how he amazed he is there is only 10 days left. Justin is glad there’s no more game talk at this point. Justin says they’ve been the underdogs this entire time, and Jason walks in and says that will change tomorrow because he’s going to kill the girls. Kryssie asks Jason about his sexual experience with girls. Jason mimics people kissing with his hands. Jason doesn’t think he’s making it to the final 3.
1:00 AM BBT Jason and Kryssie talk about how chill Justin is, and wonder how they get to be like him. Justin says he’s been through some stuff, and bring up that he was sexually abused. Jason brings up that he was too. Jason asks if he had to use that to get on the show. Jason says he kind of lied about it to get on the show the first time. Justin talks about how he’s just learned he needs to forgive everyone. Jason asks if he forgave the person who abused him, and Justin says he did. Jason says he wouldn’t be able to do that. Justin says it will still haunt him for the rest of his life though. Justin talks about the time in his life where he was sucidal, and says he’s just realized that people love him. Jason talks about how he hasn’t been around most of his family all his life because of the person who abused him. He said that his family contacted him after the last time he was on the show to tell him how funny he was. Justin gives Jason a pep talk on just being himself.
1:15 AM BBT Kryssie says she adores both of them, Justin says he adores her. Jason tells her that she’s okay, She tells him not to speak to her. Jason thinks they’re going to kill the veto comp. Jason and Kryssie discuss what they’re wearing for the comp. Kryssie is missing her boyfriend. Kryssie says that when she wins veto she’s going to swing it around everywhere. Jason asks if she would use it on him so he knows that it’s real. Kryssie talks about all the abuse Jason puts her through. Kryssie asks if they ever found out Alex’s last name, and none of them can remember. Kryssie talks about how she’s only here for the money. Kryssie tells Jason not to hurt himself until after the veto comp.
1:30 AM BBT Jason talks about his old MySpace names. Justin leaves the Tokyo room. Jason jokingly threatens Kryssie with the lotion. Kryssie calls for Justin’s help as he comes back into the room. Justin tells him to leave her alone. Kryssie laughs so hard she coughs. She then gets up to go to the washroom because of laughing. Justin and Jason talk about candy. Kryssie turns off the light. Kryssie jokes about mooning Jason, but won’t because of the cameras. Justin prays. Jason farts, and they complain about the smell. Justin tells them he has been praying for them every night since he got in the house. Kryssie, Jason, and Justin celebrate LNJ making it this far. They joke that it’s actually OGJ (Original gangster jamboree).

1:45 AM BBT Kryssie farts, and Jason says he didn’t hear because he wasn’t paying attention. Kryssie says he’s self absorbed. Justin tells Jason he would’ve never turned his back on him. Jason judges the girls gameplay for revolving around controlling care packages. Justin complains about the girls for judging his intelligence. Jason says it’ll all be okay when they destroy them in the veto comp. Justin hopes it’s a physical comp so he can dominate.
2:00 AM BBT The lights are off in the Toyoko Room and Jason Justin and Kryssie are talking. Kryssie says they are bonding, Jason says we have a little bit of each other in their lungs. Justin says it is making it hard for me to breathe. He thinks he has too much lint in his lungs that make it hard for him to breathe. Jason is going over the facts that BB has been telling them all season. Justin says he has lint in his eye and it is killing him. Jason has gone to the kitchen to get a drink. Jason is sitting in bed and jumping up and down. Justin starts humming and says The Late Late Night Jamboree, he starts to sing a song and says I can’t sing it. Jason says is it a real song. Justin is now doing a cheer 1 2 3 Go team Jason says we could bang pots and pans but we may wake them up, Kryssie says that will make them happy. Kryssie says she misses the fish. Justin starts rapping The Fish will be ours, HOH Room we will have the power. Jason says he is going to bathe in tears tomorrow. Production tells them The bedroom lights must remain on. Kryssie starts telling them about a movie. Jason says we will bottle tears tomorrow. Kryssie is telling Jason to shave his butt, she is telling him how to do it. Justin is making up a rap song about Shelby hopefully leaving. Jason is making up a rap song about his farts, he is snapping his fingers to it. Kryssie is telling them about her boyfriend asking her to whistle Somewhere Over the Rainbow while driving. Justin says he loves Mike. Kryssie is now trying to teach Jason had to whistle. Kryssie asks Justin if he can whistle, he starts to whistle, Jason still can not get it. Jason thinks he is going to blow his brain they tell him not to blow so hard. They both tell Jason they love him he just can’t whistle. Kryssie stats laughing as she says no one has ever made eye contact with while trying to whistle and it is funny.
2:15 AM BBT Justin tells him not to blow so hard. Justin keeps asking him if he is trying. Jason says I can’t try if you keep asking me if I am. Production says Please stop Whistling. Justin and Kryssie say we are trying to teach Jason how to whistle BB. Kryssie asks BB to make it cooler in the room so Jason will shut up. Jason is yelling random things. Production tells them THE Bedroom Lights Must Remain On. No one gets up to turn them on. Production says I SAID THE BEDROOM LIGHTS MUST REMAIN ON DURING THE DAY. Jason asks why are you so angry. We will never go to sleep with the lights on. He says they will be quiet. Kryssie starts talking. Production then reminds them the lights must remain on.
2:30 AM BBT They all are quiet at the moment, all house lights have been turned off by production. It looks like they are going to settle down for the night. Guess they didn’t fall asleep as Kryssie is now talking about her home town. Jason has farted and Kryssie asks how they get so loud. Justin says it smells bad. Kryssie asks how it got under her blanket. She jokingly tells Jason you are a terrible friend. Jason asks BB to turn on the air conditioner as the air smells likes farts. Kryssie says it is not their fault. She tells Jason there is something inside him that is wounded. Jason is shaking his comforter out, Kryssie comments it sounds like a bag of popcorn.
2:45 AM BBT Kryssie says she misses Danielle. Looks like the hgs are going back to sleep
3:00 AM BBT All hgs are sleeping.
4:00 AM BBT All Hgs are still asleep
5:00 AM BBT All houseguests still sleeping
6:00 AM BBT All hgs are still sleeping
7:00 AM BBT All HGs asleep.
8:00 AM BBT All HGs asleep.
9:00 AM BBT All HGs are still sleeping. Jason a little restless occasionally.


10:00 AM BBT Yesterday SHelby and Morgan were worried BB would mess with them and get them up at 9 for veto day. BB did not. The HG are all still asleep.No Napping HG Good Morning Hg Wakey Wakey HG have you changed your batteries.Rise and shine HG I SAID RISE AND SHINE Thank you for your cooperation. Kryssie gets up to change batteries. Kryssie Thank you very much Jason changes batteries. Jason thank you. The bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Kryssie hits the WC then heads back to bed Jason is already back in bed. Kryssie turns on the lights she and Jason exchange whispers.Justin Morgan Shelby please change your batteries. Justin thank you.Justin replies Thank You BB. As he changes batteries.He hits the WC. Morgan and Shelby have not moved from HOH bed.Justin heads to bed.Shelby Morgan the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Please change your batteries.Jason apologizes for waking Justin up last night. He jumped up made a crazy speech and fell back asleep. Justin doesn’t remember. Morgan and Shelby change batteries. Jason had crazy sex dreams last night He is worried he may have given the camera shots of him humping. Morgan Shelby Thank you very much. You’re welcome very much. HG thank you very much.
10:15 AM BBT Morgan and Shelby get water and head back to HOH. Jason sleepy talks in TOKYO room.Tokyo room goes back to sleep covering their eyes. Morgan brushes hair puts on makeup. Then climbs back into HOH bed. Jason asks if BB just made a comment on the speakers. Kryssie says no WHY Jason just had a dream that BB announced HG do you know the prices in Texas. In his dream he was about to get cheated off the show.The three misfits talk back and forth from their beds. Shelby gets up to go to toilet.Then right back to bed.


10:30 AM BBT HG all sleeping with the lights on. Justin asks questions about what day it is. Then he makes loud groaning noises.
10:45 AM BBT Lights are all on but no one is up in the house.Shelby drinks some water Jason is restless but they all stay in bed.
11:00 AM BBT It’s 11AM do you know where your HG are? IN BED!!!!!! Wakey Wakey HG.No one stirs but Shelby adjusting her eye cover.
11:15 AM BBT No movement anywhere in house. The HG have all gone to sleep.
11:22 AM BBT Wakey Wakey HG! This time Morgan gets up and goes downstairs.She seems to be cleaning a pan to make some breakfast.Shelby joins Morgan in KT. She is making an omelet with spinach.
11:30 AM BBT Shelby and Morgan making some breakfast in KT. Jason Justin and Kryssie in bed. Shelby finds a fly in her coffee/chocolate milk.Shelby moans about her lousy sleep while munching on Spinach eggs.They clean up dishes. Yesterday Justin made breakfast for everyone. Today they are even throwing the leftovers away. Very selfish girls.
11:45 AM BBT Jason Justin and Kryssie sleep on in Tokyo room Shelby and Morgan clean only the dishes they used. Please clean the mirror above the sink. Just a minute. And Morgan cleans the glass. Shelby goes into Tokyo room to grab some clothing then heads up to HOH to dress and get ready for the day.Shelby brushes her teeth like a mad woman. Morgan has finished dishes and heads up to HOH. Justin lightly snores in Tokyo room. Without the snore we have no proof of life from the Tokyo room. Talking to herself Morgan states OK lets get ready for the comp. So she heads into HOH WC to spray the heck out of her hair.



12:00 PM BBT houseguest preparing for the veto comp in an an hour. It’s quiet in the house.
12:15 PM BBT. Small talk in the house.
12:30 PM BBT houseguest sleeping
12:45 PM BBT. preparing for veto
1:00 pm BBT veto is about to start. Today’s Vero is timed. Justin will start 1st.
Order they will compete & where they will wait before & after:
1 – Justin – HOH room
2 – Shelby – LBR
3 – Morgan – HN room
4 – Kryssie – Storage room
5 – Jason – Yoga room
Kryssie is peeved that she got the SR AGAIN.
3:15 PM BBT Justin in DR. Justin’s reading the rules of the comp. Justin finishes the comp. Justin’s time was 1:35
1:30 PM BBT Shelby is up next. Shelby reading the directions. Shelby finished the comp. Justin beat her. Shelby’s time was 4:35.54
1:45 PM BBT Morgan is up and reading the instructions. Morgan is completing the comp. Morgan finished at 4 minutes flat
2:00 PM BBT Morgan is in the have-not room, eating an apple, saying that she’s disappointed in herself. Justin is in the HoH. Morgan is walking back-and-forth in the HN room, waiting. She says that she’s so pissed at herself. Time for Kryssie. She is reading the instructions. She starts at 2:08:40. She finds all 3 ears of corn, and clocks out at 2:10:46. She clocks in at 2:06.09, and goes back to the storage room. She hopes it was good enough to save Jason.
Justin: 1:57.1
Shelby: 4:36.5
Morgan: 11:00
Kryssie: 2:06.9
Justin is in the lead.
2:15 PM BBT Time for Jason to go. He finishes the maze at 1:31.05. He goes back to the yoga room, saying “oh please, oh please!”
Finishing times:
Justin: 1:57.1
Shelby: 4:36.5
Morgan: 11:00
Kryssie: 2:06.9
Jason: 1:31.05
Jason wins the veto! Jason says “please let me win this or else I for sure go home!” He’s pacing, and says “breathe, seriously” after reading it on the board. He says that he must’ve done that in a minute or minute thirty. He keeps saying “please, please,” then mentions that he’s too poor.
2:30 PM BBT As he’s reading the board, he says “Be yourself, unless you suck, Shelby!” Jason asks himself why he’s doing this stressful shit again. He says to Paul that he might actually be right about friendship, saying that he never thought he’d endorsed the friendship. Jason tells himself to look at the positives. Jason says he never thought he’d be a veto king, and that this would be his third one. Jason says that his knees hurt so much. Jason is thinking about the times, and says that Morgan took a really long time, and thinks/hopes he won.
2:45 PM BBT Jason says that he looks like a crazy person going back and forth, says that James was probably going to write “Hillbilly Asian” on the board, but couldn’t because it’s not PC, and that’s why there’s an H on the board. The feeds go to fish at 2:46pm. The feeds return at 2:47. Morgan reveals the results.5

Jason wins the veto with 1:30. They talk about how they did. Jason says to Kryssie that she still smells good. Morgan says that she was thinking that it was rigged ‘cause she couldn’t find the 3rd ear of corn. Morgan is trying to find the one that she couldn’t find, to show Shelby. Morgan and Shelby go up to HoH. Morgan is crying. Shelby says that she can take him out at the next veto. Shelby starts crying too. Morgan says that it’s going to be hard playing alone. Shelby says it’s only going to be 8 days. Shelby says that she just needs to win HoH and take Jason out. Morgan says that there was no way of beating Jason. Shelby says he’s good at being on his knees. Morgan says that she feels like she dropped the ball on that. Shelby says that there’s no point at campaigning. Morgan says that she doesn’t want to send her friend home on her HoH. Morgan says that she doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Morgan says that this is literally worse case scenerio. Shelby says that she doesn’t want to have Thanksgiving in a hotel room, and says if she throws a big enough tantrum, they’ll do what she wants. Shelby wonders when to tell her secret. Morgan says during the ceremony.
3:00 PM BBT Shelby says that she’s going to go home, get her results, and be an attorney, and BB will just be a spec in her life. Shelby says to get out Jason in final 4. Shelby says to what to go over in her speech, saying that Justin cheated when he was a have-not, saying that he ate chinese food, and that Jason has lied. Shelby says that they got stuck in a house with nicompoops who don’t play Big Brother. Shelby says that she wants chocolate, but doesn’t want to go down there when she’s crying. Shelby says that she hates that stuff was just handed to them. Morgan says that she doesn’t want to be alone, and that she doesn’t want Shelby to be in a hotel room alone. Shelby says that if she throws a big enough tantrum, she won’t have to. They go down to the kitchen to get some ice cream, then go “back to our cave.” In the bathroom, Jason is talking about the order, saying that the bottom is most stressful.
3:15 PM BBT In HoH, Shelby tells BB to not send a male PA to her hotel room, or she’s going to try to bang him. Morgan says that she hopes that she makes it to the finals. Shelby says that she better, so she has someone to root for. In the bathroom, Justin says that he had to stop to pull up his pants. Jason is talking about the bag, so Kryssie says that there’s no way that she could’ve fit all 3 corns in the bag. Kryssie brings up that on her way, she realizes that she took the long way. In the HoH room, Shelby wonders if she should bring up sex trafficking in her speech. Morgan starts crying again. She says that she’s going to have a meltdown if she doesn’t win HoH. She says that it would suck if she didn’t make it to the finals ‘cause she doesn’t want to let people on her side down. Shelby says “2 more nights of these goddamn florescent lights!” Shelby’s worried that she won’t get to see Julie on Thursday during Thanksgiving. Morgan says maybe on Friday they’ll do her interview if not on Thursday. She tells Morgan that she’ll be back at the bungalow soon and will use the show to hit on guys. Shelby says that she’s glad that Jason didn’t do that “eat a dick” thing after winning.
3:30 PM BBT Shelby goes over what to say on her finale speech, saying that the comps that the other side won were crapshoots. Shelby asks how much stipend she’ll get, wondering if it’ll include the days before they entered the house. Shelby says that she could get an apartment, or pay for her law shit, saying that it costs $800 for the bar exam, then feeds cut to the bathroom. Shelby says that it’s fine, saying that she could’ve used the money for better things. She says that she won’t marry poor then. Shelby says that if she fails the bar exam, she’s “going to lose her shit in the hotel room.” She says that all the guys she met before entering the house are still single.
3:45 PM BBT Morgan goes down to get something, and Kryssie asks if she’s okay. She says that she’s good. When Morgan comes back up, Shelby says to try to go for both HoH and veto. Shelby says to put up Kryssie with whoever she wants out. In the dining room, Justin says that the girls haven’t really been any good at the game. Shelby says that if she doesn’t get HoH, to take the bubbles. Morgan says that if she doesn’t win HoH, that she’s going to ask if she can use the bubble bath. They go down to HoH to wash out their cups. Morgan gets some clothes from Tokyo, then they both go back to HoH. Shelby asks if she has her t-shirt dress. Downstairs, Justin asks if he has their t-shirt dress, then Justin says to bring back her pineapple, as a peace offering. He feels guilty and brings it back up to HoH. Shelby says thanks, and after Jason closes the door, Shelby says that she knew that he stole it. As Jason is walking down, he says that they weren’t that appreciative. Shelby starts crying again.

4:00 PM BBT  Justin, Kryssie and Jason are in the kitchen. They are eating around the high table. Jason says it sounds like they are already tearing the comp down. Jason says he was going home the first week. He said Morgan will have no choice but to talk to them now. But, that always happens at the end. The final people hang out because it gets lonely. He said there is no more game to play, but there are more comps to play. He said it is so weird to be alone in that house. Its ok to be alone at home, but the BB house is different. Jason says that the girls will definitely not be doing anymore dishes. Jason and Justin sing about Kryssie’s flautas. They go through the future days- Jason wins veto, day 55. Day 56, he takes himself off. Day 57, Shelby goes home by a unanimous 2-0 vote. Kryssie said she will be sitting on the sofa and Jason says she knows she has nothing to worry about. Jason talks about Season 4 Dave shouting out to his grandma while having sex. Justin says oh no!!!!  I am glad I was really good.
4:15 PM BBT Jason is washing dishes and says he’s not doing the banana bread bowl, that is for them. Kryssie goes to get Tums for all of them. They talk about the spelling comp and good words to use.
4:30 PM BBT  They go lay down in the Tokyo room. Kryssie says Shelby is like the wicked queen in a Disney movie. You can tell somehow they are evil. They talk about Shelby acted like she was too good for something, but it was ok for everyone else. They say, she will now be home on Thanksgiving. They talk about their past work experiences and what holidays they needed to work on. Jason says he gets fired every time he goes to BB, but they always hire him back. Kryssie says they asked her if she was going to prison when she needed to go into the BB house.
4:45 PM BBT Kryssie says that when she gets home, she needs to get back into cardio because she has become a blob in the BB house. Kryssie says after tomorrow, they have single digits left in the house. Shelby is in the kitchen, digging in the refrigerator. Morgan comes in and Shelby tells her she is making a pizza bagel. Morgan says she’s going to dry her hair. Shelby asks her if she wants Hot Cheetos. Morgan says no and she throws them away. Justin was called to the Diary Room.
5:00 PM BBT Shelby takes her bagel pizza and goes to the bathroom where Morgan dries her hair. She eats it and then comes in with chocolate for both of them. All are quiet and Jason appears to be resting in Tokyo. Kryssie comes in and says they are both in the bathroom crying. Jason says they only cried over Alex and now Shelby. They didn’t even cry over Whitney. Kryssie says they were better to Shelby in 1 week than they were the whole time. Kryssie says it is weird that they sit in the bathroom, they should go to HOH. Jason says they didn’t feel sorry for him, so why should he feels sorry for them. Kryssie says she asked Shelby if she was ok, she started crying and said that she just wants to talk to Morgan about it. Kryssie says she doesn’t think she can beat Jason in the end, but she won’t mind losing to him.
5:15 PM BBT Jason says he thinks she might like Alex on the outside world. Jason says he could come in third. Kryssie says there is no way. Kryssie says the jamboree votes will be split. Justin finally comes from the Diary Room. Shelby is called to the DR. Kryssie hands out snacks. Jason keeps saying he wants Kanye and his final speech will be ignorant if he gets it. He talks about how Jozea called himself the Messiah. Jason says that didn’t go over very well. Morgan walks in to get clothes and leaves without speaking. Jason asks Justin if he cried. Kryssie asks if he did his Holy Spirit dance. Jason gets called to the DR> He’s spitting out his candy while he goes in.
5:30 PM BBT  Justin says he was so happy that all 3 of them beat the other 2. He says we did it, we really did it! He says he has to win this HOH. Kryssie says they said it would be down to them and Jason, like always, but she and Justin beat them, too. Justin says this HOH is so important for him. Justin says she is in the best spot. She says she is in the best spot to come in last. He said she will be in the end no matter what. She says that she hasn’t won anything but one HOH. She needs to win more to win. She said she has a good social game, but so does Justin and he won 2 comps. She says she didn’t want to go to the end with people who were easy to beat. She wants to win, not because the others are weak. She said she might win one of these 2 comps. Kryssie says she would hate to go to the end and then be broken up from Jason and Justin at the very end. He says, I know. I gotta win this HOH. It’s so stressful. Kryssie says she wishes they would give her back her belt.
5:45 PM BBT Justin is reviewing days and Kryssie is helping. Justin says the veto comp is really the most important. Kryssie says veto winner is the only vote. She says the coffee worked to help her move quicker today, so she will do that again. Justin says he hopes it all works out. It’s almost over. Kryssie says she was worried about being in the house with Thanksgiving with people she didn’t like, but she is so happy to be there with them. Kryssie says the gamer in her thinks Jason needs to go, but she would never turn against him this far along. The group has been together since Day 1 and has come so far together. Jason comes in from DR and opens his mouth for his candy. Kryssie is called to DR. BB tells Justin to please clip his microphone to his shirt. Jason comes in and says he is so happy the 3 of them are in Final 4. Justin says it is crazy. Jason sings about a lake house and bungalow. Jason says OMG, is she going to sit on the block with that damn pinata. He hopes whoever makes a page for the thing tweets about how much he hates being carried around by her all the time.
6:00 PM BBT Morgan and Shelby in the HOH, Shelby is picking her split ends laying  on the bed and Morgan is just talking about having broccoli for dinner. Morgan says to be honest with her do you think I can win the HOH or veto, Shelby says yes that she can do this. She talks about going out and drowning her sorrows from the game. Morgan asks how she studied  for her bar exams, and if she tried adderall. Shelby says only once and she didn’t like it and that it was a lot of studying for like 16 hours a day and only took a couple of hours a day off on Sunday. Shelby talks about the pictures of them from the comps and how she was morphed with Whitney. She then screams out F*CK you Whitney. She then says she can’t wait to tell them about being a lawyer. She says she cannot see campaigning to stay because they won’t keep her. Morgan complaining about being with the LNJ after Shelby leaves , and Morgan says that she is not going to talk to them and she knows that they are not going to talk to her. Shelby and Morgan being told by BB about talking about production. Morgan says she feels like she is under pressure, and she says she does not do well under pressure. Shelby says she is going to throw a fit for her phone when she gets out. She says she did not sign off that they could keep it away from her when she gets out.  Jason and Kryssie talking about danielle going home last week and Kryssie laughs about her final 3 she mad with the other side.
6:15PM BBT Shelby and Morgan in the HOH and Morgan complaining about all her stuff she has now. Shelby says she will tan and hike because she does not think she will get a job before the rap party.  She said she wants to look good for the rap party. They talk about all the things they will do after they get out. Shelby and Morgan talking about who they follow on Instagram. Shelby says she follows hot guys, and dogs to offset all the girls the guys follow. Shelby says she has lost so much weight since she has been in the house. She says she prefers to hike and eat healthy, even though people talk crap about her not eating. Shelby says that the LNJ were losers in high school and are jealous of them, Shelby and Morgan were not popular  in school even though they were invited to party’s. They say they were invited but were loser  popular.
6:30PM BBT Kryssie and Jason are in the Tokyo talking about laughing and having a good time. They say ball smashers should get over it and enjoy there last days together.  Jason trying to take a nap and Kryssie just chilling. Jason talking about Kryssie coming back and being miserable and watching her. She says if she comes back it will be for all stars, she laughs and says no way. Jason says he can see them bringing back Justin or Danielle or maybe Shelby. Kryssie says you and her as a couple and he says he** no! She says that they can bring Justin and one of his girls, he says no and the camera is back in HOH. They are talking about party’s and going out.  Morgan says she would like BB to give her something from home on Thanksgiving if not everyone at least just her, she says everyone has each other and it will be just her and Jojo in the bathroom. She says she is gonna go preheat the oven so they can make broccoli.
6:45PM BBT Justin sees Morgan in the kitchen and asks what she’s making, she tells him and he says sounds delicious. They start preparing their food to get ready and cook it.
7:00PM BBT they start the BB recap. Morgan says she wishes Justin would realize to get Jason out because if not he will win. Shelby is really stressed about the game.
They all talk about what will happen if they win and they say that they can’t wait to play.
7:15PM BBT the recap is over and as they wait for there food and play jenga during her last day. In Tokyo Jason asks Kryssie personal questions about her female parts. They go over what it could be and that it maybe one of the others in the house. Jason makes fun of Kryssie and they play tickle. You can hear Shelby and Morgan being really loud and screaming in the house. Jason and Kryssie still playing, no real game talk. Justin trying to take a nap.
7:30PM BBT they talk about tickle fights with kryssie and her boyfriend she says she can’t wait to get out and just spends time with him.  Jason says at least you have someone and she reminds him that he can visit at any time. She has a gay friend that he can meet.
7:45PM BBT Justin says he wants to shower but is out of soap and will have to shower with Irish spring Kryssie and Jason are napping as he gets ready to shower. In the HOH Morgan is listening to music and her and Shelby are laying down with there eyes closed too. 11

8:00PM BBT everyone is napping except for Justin but he’s prepping for a shower so talking there. Kryssie finally up and goes into the bathroom she is waiting for Justin to come out of the stall. Kryssie tells Justin that she doesn’t know what she wants eat BB announces that the lockdown is over and they are free to move amongst the house
8:15PM BBT Jason asks BB if they good get celebratory wine Kryssie washing dishes Jason says he is going to go work out Kryssie said she may go with him depending on what he is doing BB tells Morgan and Shelby no napping Morgan and Shelby talking about the next live chat with Julie Shelby said she is going to reveal on wednesday that she is lawyer and Morgan said she will probably tell everyone that Alex is her sister Shelby practicing her eviction speech
8:30 PM BBT Kryssie Justin and Jason working out in the BY Morgan going over how many times she has been on the block Shelby is back to practicing her speech Morgan said they should have gotten Jason out last week but it’s too late for what ifs Shelby tells her it’s better that Danielle went she probably would have gotten the care package
8:45PM BBT Shelby and Morgan talking about who might host the HOH comp this week BB calls Morgan to the SR she said she had asked for a pair of scissors Justin, Jason and Kryssie still working out in the BY Morgan said that Kryssie has accepted third place after the conversation she had with her earlier today Shelby said that no matter happens Kryssie is getting third
9:00PM BBT Jason, Justin and Kryssie still working out in the BY Jason is telling them about what he thinks the next HOH comps will be Morgan said this will be the first thanksgiving that she will be away from her family BB tells Morgan to stop talking about production Morgan and Shelby talking about what they will wear for the finale and the rap party
9:15PM BBT Morgan asks Shelby to wait until she gets out of the house to watch the first episode Kryssie in the KT getting things ready to make dinner Shelby practicing her eviction speech again Justin joins Kryssie in the KT Shelby tells Morgan that she got the best care package Morgan wants anyone else to win HOH except for Jason
9:30PM BBT Kryssie cutting up garlic she tells Justin that she is thankful for him being in the house because she thought it would be a bunch of Morgan’s in the house that she would have nothing in common with them Morgan hopes for this episode that the footage they use was them crying and eating ice cream Kryssie tell Justin that she can’t wait to meet his parents at the finale
9:45PM BBT Shelby and Morgan go down to the KT to get something to eat and go back to the HOH room Jason gets Kryssie to put cream on his back after he got out of the shower Morgan tells Jason that the girls won’t eat with them because they hate them enough to not even eat with them Shelby gets called to the DR Jason telling Justin and Kryssie about when Jeff lost the veto because he threw the clown shoe out of the ball pit and didn’t know it
10:00 PM BBT LNC in the kitchen are talking about past house guests and cooking. They are talking about the girls planning their speeches and things. Jason says sorry about your life. Justin says he wanted to win the comp so that he could take Jason off the block. Kryssie says she was thrilled when she saw the girl’s times. They said the comp reminded them of being at Discovery Zone. They tease Justin and say they can not picture a lumberjack with his kind of hair. In the HOH room, Morgan is listening to headphones with her eyes closed. LMJ are still in the kitchen cooking in general conversation. Justin says that the only people who knew he was going to be on BB was his family and now that he is not answering his phone that they must think something happened to him. Jason says that once one person knows that all his friends will know he is in the house. They all talk about what they can’t wait to do when they get out of the house.
10:15 PM BBT In the kitchen they are discussing movies and Jason is playing with the Jenga game. Justin comes and takes pieces out. Jason complains that he hasn’t even finished building it yet. Shelby comes out of the DR and heads up to the HOH room. Kryssie says she forgot she was in there and thought they had an intruder. Shelby tells Morgan that she requested a picture in the DR. That she was crying and they told her to request it. SHELBY YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS WITH OTHER HG. Morgan talks to the camera and requests that her mom go ahead and schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist that specializes in reality show trama. They talk about other reality shows and which ones are the most traumatic. They say that the Bachelor is only going on dates. Shelby tells MOrgan that she talked about being frustrated in the maze when she was in the DR. SHELBY YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DR SESSIONS WITH OTHER HG. In the kitchen Jason talks about always wanting a Spice Girl barbie when he was a kid and would sneak to his neighbor’s house to play with them. He says his dad would have never let him play with them. He says that even if he did play with them he wouldn’t be any straighter. That parents should just let their kids play with anything they want. In the HOH room Morgan asks Shelby if Jason wins HOH if she thinks they would just let her quit. She then asks if she asks for a Bible in the DR if they would be forced to give her one. Shelby says she didn’t know that Morgan was religious. She says she goes to church when she is home. She says she doesn’t think they can tell her no if she asks for one. Morgan says she needs a haircut. Shelby says that if she would get recognized for being on BB that she would dye her hair but she doesn’t think she will. They talk about Jason being recognized but only because he was on the TV version. They talk about Jason being able to drop his life in a day to come do the show.
10:30 PM BBT Morgan says that when they were in prison that she still didn’t know if she was going to be an alternate. She says she knows that Monte was an alternate and that she wants to tell Shelby how she knows. Shelby asks if the other person was hotter and Morgan says yes. SHELBY, MORGAN YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION. The feeds go to the kitchen. Justin and Kryssie are getting the roasted Garlic out of the oven. They say it smells so good. Kryssie says they are all gonna stink. Justin says he misses his family. They talk about breakfast cereal. They all work on the roasted garlic that came out of the oven. They put it on bread and are all talking about how good it’s going to be – and the gas they will have. In the HOH room, Shelby and Morgan are laying under the covers with their eyes closed. They get up and turn off the lights and go to bed.
10:45 PM BBT In the kitchen they are still making their garlic bread. Kryssie starts to talk about production asking her about the storage room when she was getting ready for the comp. The feeds all go to the HOH room where the girls are asleep. The feeds return to the kitchen and they are talking about a documentary they watched about people who took a suicide coctail who are suffering from terminal illnesses. Justin says he is a very emotional person and it affected him. They talk about movies again. They talk about passing gas and that they need to sleep in the Tokyo room because the London Room has no ventilation. Justin says he always smells it and Kryssie says she passes her gas off on Jason. Jason says he is the dog the gas gets blamed on. They take the rest of their food out of the oven and get ready to eat it. They all say that it’s good. Kryssie tells her boyfriend to the camera that she will make this when she gets home. Jason says that he will eat it at Kryssie’s.
11:00 PM BBT Jason says they have eaten good. That this season is luxury compared to his last season. Justin talks about cooking and that for him that he doesn’t care if he eats just cereal and milk but that he cooks for the HG out of love. Kryssie thanks him for letting her help him in the kitchen. Justin says his head is getting hot from the Cayenne Pepper on the chicken. He tells Kryssie all the spices he put on the chicken and tells her how he made it. Kryssie says she misses cooking for Mike, Jason says he misses bar food. They say they should have gotten wine. Kryssie says they won’t cuz they had it two nights ago. Kryssie goes through the fridge and finds food that needs to be thrown out. They move to the Tokyo room.
11:15 PM BBT They talk about Thanksgiving and that BB will provide the meal that they don’t have to cook. Justinheir hair says it will taste bland. They tease him that the will take the food and put it all back in the oven to make it taste better. They move to talking about their hair and their private parts. Kryssie asks Jason if he is excited about the Veto meeting. He says he needs to plan an outfit. Kryssie says she doesn’t want to sit on the couch next to Shelby. She says if she wanted to be mean she would throw it in their faces to have let her win the HOH and that things would not be like this right now. Jason says that they didn’t get what they want and then went and had a tantrum. Why they didn’t try to talk and save themselves he can’t understand. That it’s a trash way to play the game. He says he doesn’t care if people in the house lied to him because it’s part of the game. He says that’s why he went home in his previous season because he didn’t speak up. Jason says he is a good actor because people believe him. Kryssie says that in customer service that it’s something that people do to deal with people. She says she uses it all the time at the restaurant. Justin says that in his place that there is a sign that says all food is made to order and to be patient. He says that the food is so good so people wait but then there are ignorant people. He talks about the food being award winning and that his dad would be up all night making food. He talks about foods that smell after a while. They talk about this being the first Thanksgiving away from home and that they are thankful they are there together.
11:30 PM BBT Justin says his mom will take it hard when he is not there and that she will be praying for him. Kryssie says that they will have the IPad on the live feeds at the table. Their conversation goes to racism and how people can be ignorant. Justin says that people brainwash their kids to believe certain things. Jason says that’s like Monte and it being his upbringing. Justin says it is still very prevalent in society today. He says that he would get stopped by police when in a car with his friend who had a nice car because both his parents were lawyers. He says he has been a victim of police and that he has dealt with it his entire life. Kryssie says that you miss out so much of your life when you are prejudiced in any way. Jason says now with social media that anything is videoed that it goes live. Justin says he tries to stay far away from it. He says that he has been mistaken for someone else who has done crimes. Kryssie says that if she gets evicted that she doesn’t want to eat Thanksgiving food out of a vending machine in a hotel room.
11:45 PM BBT They go to the kitchen and get cookies. Jason brings his cookie and eats it in his bed. The camera watches him eat it and he tells the camera to leave him alone. Justin comes in as he is talking to the camera and laughs at him. Justin says his cookies taste weird but it could be from all the garlic they ate earlier. They talk about Danielle and the stories she told. Jason switches the comforter insert from a different bed. Kryssie helps him get the insert into the cover for his bed.



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