Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Friday, November 25th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates: Friday, November 25th

Daily Big Brother #BBOT Live Feed Updates:
Friday, November 25th

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12:00AM BBT Justin is Asleep Jason is in the HOH in the Shower.
12:15 AM BBT Jason is shaving his face. Jason said lets see whats on Tv. Jason said Justin pissed off Kryssie.  Jason is feeding the fish.
12:30 AM BBT Jason said I hope I beat them all. Jason said I can’t believe Justin slept all day got up and eat Mac and Cheese and turkey and didn’t help out . Jason said i thought Justin was a chef but i guess not. Jason said Justin didn’t make a deal with him. Jason said Shelby didn’t lay in bed all the time Jason said that he can beat Justin. Jason said he misses his fish. Jason said why am I never on season with cute boys. Jason said Monte was not Cute.
12:45 AM BBT Justin got up for the bathroom.
1:00 AM BBT All HGS are Snoozing
1:15 AM BBT All HGS are Snoozing
1:30 AM BBT All HGS are Snoozing
1:45 AM BBT Justin has got up and made himself sandwich. Jason is talking to himself in the HOH . He is upset that Justin would not help them all day and now is downstairs cooking for himself.
2:00 AM BBT Justin is still in the kitchen cooking and eating. It looks like Jason has gone back to sleep. Both Kryssie and Morgan are sleeping.Justin has finished eating and is now going back to bed.
2:15 AM BBT Justin is settling in for the night. All other hgs are sleeping
2:30 AM BBT All hgs are now settled in for the night.
3:15 AM BBT All hgs are still sleeping. Justin is having a hard time going back to sleep.
4:00 AM BBT All HGs in bed; Justin restless but not speaking.
4:15 AM BBT Justin still restless; all other HGs sleeping.
4:30 AM BBT Justin gets up, uses the WR and heads back to bed. All other HGs still sleeping.
4:45 AM BBT All HGs sleeping; Justin still restless.
5:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping.
6:00 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping
6:45 AM BBT Kryssie awakes, uses WC, returns to bed. All the Houseguests are sleeping
7:00 AM BBT All the Houseguests are sleeping
8:00 AM BBT We have 4 little HG all tucked into bed.
9:00 AM BBT All HG are asleep.
10:00 AM BBT All the HG’s are asleep. Wake up calls are coming soon.


10:01 AM BBT Wake up call. Kryssie is the first to get up. BB says Kryssie, Thank you. Morgan is up next. Kryssie and Morgan says good morning. BB says Morgan Thank you. Kryssie heads to the bathroom. Morgan goes into the WR. Jason is up. Heads downstairs. BB says Jason Thank you. Morgan and Kryssie talk about what they may be doing today. Jason heads back upstairs. Kryssie goes into Tokyo room turns on the light and gets back into bed. Justin is up. Jason back in HOH room and in bed. Talking to the feeders about his dreams. Then asks BB if they are just talking with Julie or do nothing again. Jason is talking about Justin and how he is still upset. And the things he has said to him and wants to call him out in one of his speeches. Morgan is in the London room back in bed. Justin in the WR. Justin goes back into Tokyo room and back to bed. Jason gets up and feeds the fish. He says his butt cheek is still sore. Jason thinks this season’s HOH room seems bigger than the one in his season. He is concerned about the sheet on his bed. Jason is saying that he has no one to talk to everyone went back to bed. He is saying that Justin must have thought that Jason was gonna take him to the finals and thinks that Justin is pissed at him.
10:15 AM BBT Jason is talking about how Justin would not have done that for him if it was switched. BB says The only thing constant in life is change. Good morning HG’s it’s time to get up. Jason is going over the things he has done or what he should have done in this game and saying how everyone else’s game moves are basically all due to him and the first week. If it wasn’t for him Late Night Jamboree would not have come around. Saying that Kryssie’s game was a puppeteer for Justin. Morgan had a advantage playing with her sister. Jason is talking about the twists and how everyone had something they came into the game with. And how America voted him into the game. But he is still mad that Justin thinks that Jason should have carried him to the end knowing that Justin would not have done the same but would have chosen to take Kryssie or Morgan. BB says BUENOS DIAS HG’s. Jason is wanting a luxury comp but feels like that won’t happen.


10:30 AM BBT Justin, Kryssie, and Morgan still in bed. Jason is in HOH bed talking to himself. Someone is snoring either Kryssie or Justin. Jason is wondering if Morgan is the only one up wandering the house but feels like she wouldn’t be back in bed. Knows Kryssie and Justin went right back to bed. Jason says how Justin didn’t read his letter because of emotional day anyways but feels like his mom would be upset at him. BB says GOOD MORNING HG’S. Jason says to BB what are we going to do. He wants something fun. He says no clowns Kryssie would freak out. But still wants to do something other than just lie around and sleep all day.
10:45 AM BBT All the HG’s are in their beds being quiet and or sleeping. Jason moves and says punk ass sheets.
11:00 AM BBT All the HG’s are still sleeping. BB says BUENOS DIAS HG’S. No one moved.
11:15 AM BBT All the HG’s are asleep. BB has tried several times but still no one moves. Morgan is up comes out of the London room puts on a sweater and goes to the kitchen. She is making a pot of coffee. Morgan is putting away the clean dishes. Morgan gets a piece of Kryssie’s bread and goes into the storage room.
11:30 AM BBT Morgan in the kitchen she has fixed herself some breakfast. Everyone else is still sleeping. Morgan steps outside and says she could bikini nap. She goes back inside to eat some more. Morgan finished her breakfast and heads into the WR to do her nails.
11:45 AM BBT Morgan is in the WR she took off her nail polish and washed her hands. Now she is filing her nails. Morgan goes into the kitchen drops off her cup and goes and gets bathing suit and goes into WR brushes her teeth. Kryssie is now up and moving around. Kryssie heads into the kitchen and looks out the door and heads into the WR. Morgan now has her swimsuit on and see’s Kryssie standing there waiting to use the bathroom. Morgan puts in her contacts puts on her shades and deodorant lip gloss. Morgan tells Kryssie about her dream. They are talking about the dreams they’ve had in the house.
12:00 PM BBT Justin is still sleeping. Kryssie is in the kitchen eating. Morgan went outside and is getting ready to lay on the hammock. After a few moments Morgan is laying in hammock talking to a pinata and Shellby.
Kryssie leaves the kitchen and heads towards the bathroom. She Goes into the restroom. Jason was still in bed. Jason is now throwing clothes on and leaves the HOH room. Goes down stairs and heads to the DR. Morgan is calling the pinata Jojo. She is asking Jojo if she knows what the girls are doing.Kryssie goes back into the kitchen.Jason joins Kryssie in the kitchen. Jason tells Kryssie that BB told him that his laundry is delayed. Jason is watche Morgan for a moment and continue chatting with Kryssie about how she is hungry Morgan is whispering to Jojo. It sounds like she is going over dates and people. Jason leaves the kitchen to get fruity pebbles. He then returns to the kitchen with his fruity pebbles. Kryssie whispers to Jason “Morgan to me how they found him. He told morgan, but he didn’t tell us.” Jason asks “How did they find him?” Kryssie response was something about master chief’s then continues with “Somehow thru the grapevine he ended up here.” Jason says with everything that we did for this kid. Then says something about that they don’t have a vagina. Kryssie says “I have a vagina.” Jason says “Yay, but yours isn’t one he finds obtainable.” Jason continues with “I’m starting to losing respect for him.” Then they start talking about a dream Morgan had about Kryssie. Then Jason tells Kryssie about the dream that he had.


12:15 PM BBT Justin is still sleeping. Morgan and Jojo moved from the hammock to the shaded side of the pool and lays down. Kryssie and Jason are still in the kitchen chatting and joking. Jason finshes his fruity pebbles and they go quiet for a few while Jason washes dishes. Jason walks back over to where kryssie and the bread is. They talk about the bread.
Kryssie and Jason are confused. And ask BB if they are talking to us. They says because they are not talking about it. Jason asks/ says “Maybe Morgan is talking to Jojo.” Jason checks with her. Morgan says “I am talking to inanimate object but not about that.”
Jason fixes his mic. Kryssie and Jason continue talking. Morgan continues to whisper to Jojo.
Jason says “It is attached!” Kryssie and Jason are talking about the comps and final four. Then they start joking about the bread. Kryssie goes to the bathroom. Jason says he is going up stairs. But he goes outside.
12:30 PM BBT Kryssie is in the bathroom. Justin is still sleeping. Morgan and Jason are outside talking about past comps. Kryssie leaves the bathroom and goes back to the kitchen. She refills her water and goes upstairs. Kryssie Climbs into the bed and lays down. Jason tells Morgan about his dream. Then Morgan tells Jason about her dream. Kryssie is watching the fish. Jason and Morgan are joking about how they need to anxiety meds and not trust anyone they ever met. Now they are talking about Justin and how back and forth he is. Morgan says that she and Shelby had no choice but to try to team up. Jason says that he is too arrogant. Morgan agrees and says “That he kept saying he ruling the house.” Jason says “No one really ruled this house.” They continued with that he doesn’t really win anything. Kryssie looks like she fell asleep in the HOH bed. Now, Morgan and Jason are now talking about how Justin wouldn’t read his letter. Morgan says that he thinks he is so entitled. Morgan says that one minute he acts like he has got it all; then says that he’s got to take care of his family. They both say that you’re cant play both sides.
12:45 PM BBT Kryssie is resting/sleeping in the HOH bed. Justin is still sleeping in his bed. Morgan and Jason are still outside talking about horrible Justin is.
Jason and Morgan start lowering the awnings. Kryssie gets up and heads down stairs and goes outside and says “I want to help but i don’t know how.” Jason says “Yay that’s what they all say.” Kryssie then says “ You said you were going up stairs to i bleached myself in the HOH bed and you never came.” Jason says “Yay, i wanted to fill Morgan in on what happen.” Now Morgan, Kryssie, and Jason are now talking about Justin; and how he hates Jason now because he told them that he would take Kryssie not him.”
Jason says i am going to go lay down now. All three went back into house. Morgan went to the bathroom. Kryssie and Jason go upstairs and starts talking. They are talking about how ( in Jason’s words ) Justin is being ass hole. Morgan leaves the bathroom and goes back out and lays out by the pool. Morgan is whispering about facts. Jason says to Kryssie “You can’t be with wealthy side that he is rich, then the act poor to the poor side house.”


1:00 PM BBT Justin is still sleeping. Morgan is laying out by the pool going over facts that BB has said. Kryssie and Jason are hanging out and chatting upstairs in the HOH room. They are talking about Justin and how crazy he is being. Jason says “We could beat him” Morgan just asked Jojo “Are you hot? I feel like you’re burning.” She then moves the pinata out of the sun and continues the BB facts. Jason says that Justin is a social floater. Jason says that he hopes that Morgan wins against Morgan. Jason says that he would rather lose to you or Morgan then him. Jason says that its bull shit and F him because Justin didn’t get what he wanted. He continues with “You didn’t give me shit, bitch” Jason is a bit heated over Justin being rude about his (Justin’s) letter. Kryssie said that Justin told he and Morgan that he could read his letter once Jason left the room. Jason and Kryssie go quiet. Morgan continues her bb facts. A few moments later Jason says something about feeding them. Jason then asks wonder if we are doing anything today. Kryssie asks something about Julie. Then they start talking about what they might put into the live show. Jason asks “Wonder if they will show Justin being an ass and us bad mouthing him.
Jason says that he is going to talk about him in his DR. He also says “He is such a F*cking child” They continue with all the names they have come up with for Justin. They says that Justin thinks that he is on BB so that he can be a tester for some future show. Kryssie says that that only proves that he is only here to be famous and being on TV. Justin says sarcastically says “It’s the Justin show.”
1:15 PM BBT Morgan is still laying by the pool going over bb facts. Justin is still asleep. Jason and Kryssie are still upstairs laying in the HOH bed talking about how angry they are at Justin. Jason says he better not come upstairs. Morgan gets up and pulls the chair back to be in the sun. She lays back down. Morgan says “Hey big brother are we going to have live chat-” stops and then says “If you could let me know that would be great.” Jason and Kryssie continue talking about how angry they are at Justin. Morgan asks “Jojo what are we gonna do today?” pauses then says something about painting her nails and live DRS. Kryssie says “He doesn’t even deserve to even smell the wine cork.” Kryssie says that if you’re where really home sick you wouldn’t have thrown ever HOH comp. Morgan says “Julie i really want to talk to you. But you’re probably at home with your family because you have a life. And you’re not stuck inside this house” She pauses then says “ Jojo we can play jenga later.” Morgan gets up. Drags the chair closer to the pool. Morgan says that she wants to go to the hammock. She then walks over to the hammock and plops down on the hammock.
1:30 PM BBT Justin is still in bed. Morgan is laying out on the hammock. Jason and Kryssie are still talking about mad they are at Justin. Morgan says “It’s hot.” she jumps up and heads back into the house. She reenters the house and goes into the kitchen. She gets a piece of bread and butters it and eats it. She walks out of the kitchen and heads towards the bedroom. She grabs a sweater. Then goes to Storage room. She complains to BB about the amount of produce they gave them. She grabs a few things and heads back to the kitchen. Morgan Says that she is going to play pool as she goes to the bathroom and uses the restroom. Justin and Kryssie continue to complain about Justin. Morgan leaves the restroom and washes her hands and leaves the bathroom and heads towards the bedrooms. Morgan grabs some clothing and heads back to the bathroom and goes into the restroom part to change. Kryssie says that the night that Danielle and Justin got into it, Justin told Danielle the only reason she had a baby with was because the baby daddy is a pro ball player and she wanted to get rich. Jason said something about him being dick. Morgan comes out and heads towards the bedrooms. She grabs an arm load of clothes and takes them to the washer. Jason and Kryssie are now talking about him quitting smoking. Morgan goes back inside for a moment and grabs her drink. She says “Alright, i wonder how good i can get a pool by myself.” Morgan sets up to play pool. Kryssie and Jason talk about Justin’s strategy might be to stay in bed until monday. Then they change the topic to past comps and what day they happened. Morgan says “I need to practice (more)”
1:45 PM BBT Justin is still in bed. Morgan is playing pool and talking to herself. Kryssie and Jason are still upstairs laying in the HOH bed talking. Jason and Kryssie are talking about justin. Currently they are talking about his ADD. They go quiet for a minute. Then Kryssie says that week two that she was told that she was going to be the pawn all season. Jason says that week 2 is a bit early to choice that. They go quiet for a few moments and they start talking about final four and needing two questions. Then they go quiet again.a few moments go by and they go back to talking about Justin. Morgan is still playing pool. Justin and Kryssie start and stop talking, when they do speak it goes right back to Justin. Now they are talking about how they wanted Danielle out as a person not a player. Morgan says “This is the stupidest game ever.” A few moments go by and she says “I quit, I quit.” But continues playing. Kryssie and Jason go quiet again. Morgan says “If i don’t get the 7 ball in i’m going to quit.” She misses and says “Okay it’s a sign.” She then puts down the pool stick and goes inside. She goes into the bathroom with something she got from the storage room. Morgan is now painting her nails.


2:00 PM BBT Justin is still sleeping. Morgan is painting her nails. Not much going on. Casual day. Very little going on. Morgan, Jason, and Justin laying in bed in the Tokyo room. Morgan is laying down in the backyard.
2:15 PM BBT Kryssie is upset at Justin.
2:30 PM BBT Kryssie is mad at Justin. Kryssie told Justin not to talk to her ever again. The house is now quiet.
2:45 PM BBT Morgan is happy that Kryssie and Justin are fighting. Justin is in the backyard playing pool.
3:00 PM BBT It’s a lazy day in the house. Justin is venting his anger to the feeders. Kryssie is talking to Jason in HOH room about Justin.
3:15 PM BBT Kryssie is venting to Jason. Kryssie is fuming. Kryssie want’s to talk about Justin in live DR.
3:30 PM BBT Jason want’s Justin out. Everyone is getting ready for the live DR’s
3:45 PM BBT Morgan and Justin talking in the backyard. Justin is explaining his invention.Morgan talks about how she would go back to school if she had the money. Jason and Kryssie are in the bathroom talking about fruit snacks.
4:00 PM BBT Justin and Morgan are talking about how everyone has their minds made up in America about who they are voting for. Jason says that the happy go lucky Jason is gone now, that he has to fight for his life to be in the final 3. Morgan says that “they” said that Morgan was in the house for tv time. Jason is mad at Justin for not taking him instead of Kryssie to the final 3.
4:15 PM BBT Jason says that Justin read the letter when Jason was not around. Justin says that he read it alone and then let Kryssie and Morgan read it. Justin says that he doesn’t have to talk to them and doesn’t have to pretend, he only has to look out for himself. Jason says that he is glad that he was pretending all the time, and Justin says he wasn’t, and heads to the back yard. Morgan is still sitting out there. Morgan and Justin put down the shades. Jason goes to the bathroom to talk to Kryssie as she puts on her makeup. Morgan works on laundry.
4:30 PM BBT Big brother has made an announcement to clean. Jason and Kryssie are working on cleaning the bathroom. Justin walks into the to Tokyo room.

4:45 PM BBT Jason and Kryssie continue cleaning bathroom and talking about past houseguests who did pranks. Morgan is talking about how Justin acted blowing off Thanksgiving and acting arrogant.Kryssie and Jason talk about how they are not hungry and may eat after they work out. Jason tells Kryssie that he will help her with her upper abs if she works out with him. Kryssie is painting her nails and talking about her band. Morgan is on the exercise bike. Justin is also working out.
5:00 PM BBT Kryssie is talking about how she was reminding Justin how they felt when Shelby was acting like an asshole when they were trying to film a tv spot? He said yes, so she went on to tell him that he acted that way on a grander scale for the whole day. They say that respect the fact that Justin does not agree the original proponents of what Thanksgiving was founded on, but that he also signed up for the experience and the Big Brother history of having a show run over Thanksgiving, and that others would love to be in his place in the house. Kryssie says it is so disrespectful and entitled and shitty, and that she is disappointed in herself by creating the monster that they dealt with yesterday. Jason agrees that they definitely created the monster. They talk about how there is no way to not swear during the live DRs this week. They talk about how Justin says that he is the best and always has been, and that he will be the best at Big Brother by making it effortless. Kryssie says that she can’t believe that Justin basically walked off a comp yesterday. She says that Justin sat up in the bed and said, “Yo, BB, could we have some alcohol?” She explains that she and Morgan looked at each other.
5:15 PM BBT Kryssie says that if she leaves the house and he stays for the final 3 then she will be so livid. They talk about how Justin said at some point that he wasn’t going to sleep in the bed with a man because they would try to ‘get his booty’. They discussed how they are not pandering, but that they hope that America is judging them based on who they are. Morgan is doing kettlebells. Justin is doing curls with hand weights.
5:30 PM BBT Kryssie: anyone who has gotten a good night’s sleep in the Big Brother house does not deserve to win. Jason cleans hair out of the shower.
5:45 PM BBT Kryssie and Jason are talking about how Justin talked about how $1000 a week is ‘no money’ to him. They talk about how he has been saying he is too homesick to do anything. They are talking about how he said clinical depression runs in his family but that he purposefully circumvented that on the psych….fish. Straight to Justin and Morgan working out and talking about how cool New Orleans is. Morgan says that all her friends went this past year for Mardi Gras. Morgan continues her workout. Kryssie prepares Jason to put on a face mask and not get his hair caught in it. Morgan comes in from her workout. Kryssie asks how her workout was, and she answered that it was good. Kryssie says that she does muscle group by muscle group. Jason says that he doesn’t know what he does. He says he just does what other people yell at him to do.
6:00 PM BBT Very quiet in the house right now; Justin alone in the KT having a drink, Morgan showering, and Jason & Kryssie talking about Christmas presents in WC lounger. Jason says his mom kept a strict budget $100 at Christmas. Kryssie says she can tell she’s getting old from getting housewares like a crock pot.
They talk about the condition of spending on something “fun” instead of paying bills. Talk turns to epayments and direct payment purchases. Both Kryssie and Jason prefer using cash. Kryssie uses interac so rarely that her card gets flagged each time.
6:15 PM BBT Jason’s peeling off a facial mask while Justin stares and Kryssie cringes. Morgan comes out of the shower, and Kryssie asks her if she always blowdries/straightens/curls her hair and she says yes, that’s why it’s so dead. Morgan asks Kryssie how often she dyes her hair. Kryssie says about 2 months. They both agree they’ve never let their roots go this long. Justin walks by to change his shoes. Jason talking about being in charge of arranging sections of a retail store.14

6:30 PM BBT Jason talks about calling a customer about a product 6 months after the fact, netting him a cool $200 tip. Kryssie and Jason talk about stores like TJ Max where each store has totally different merchandise. Kryssie compares them to thrifting.
Talk turns to the Live DR and why isn’t it on the hour instead of 7:30? They wonder if the days will change for the last week. Jason says he thought the questions would be more specific and there would be questions from the public.
6:45 PM BBT Jason asks the girls what they’d do the first day they got home. Morgan says she wants to spend time with friends. Talk turns to her missing her flight to LA because BB booked her out of the wrong city. Jason says he doesn’t live too far from NY. Justin finally emerges from the shower.hes fiddling with his beard at the mirror. Morgan talks about using false lashes sparingly. Jason says Neely used them new every time.
7:00 PM BBT Talk turns to America’s Next Top Model. Morgan says she loves Tyra and does her hair styling like Tyra suggested. Kryssie says she’ll always love Adrienne Curry.
7:15 PM BBT The LNJ decide to roll to the Tokyo room so they don’t have to be fake (to Morgan). We get the 15 minute Live DR countdown. Kryssie says she’s been spoiled by Netflix and now won’t start to watch tv shows until they’re finished so she can binge them. Jason talks about being in sequester during bb18 finale. Morgan comes in and awkwardly sits on a chair. Everyone’s really just waiting for DRs to start.
7:30 PM BBT JASON is first called to DR. Confidence to win? Everyone has played very different games but he hopes people respect his game . He hopes he can win but isn’t someone who counts his chickens before they hatch. He’s thrilled to have won Part 1 HOH. He knows how critical it is to choose the right person to bring with him to finals. His experience he would give a 20/10 since last time
was so short and he still would rate it a 10/10. He loves this game. Favourite moment from the season …is hard to pinpoint, but some of his wins are favourites, and when the krackel war began. Worst moment was planting the seed to seal Dani’s fate. He doesn’t want anyone at end who was previously evicted (what a scary question!) he thinks himself, Kryssie and Morgan would be his best shot. He feels Justin used him and hung him out to dry. He hopes America will see him as a deserving winner and hopes we enjoyed this season.
Next up is JUSTIN. How confident is he that he could win? He feels good about the win if he gets to finals but is scared of the next comp. plan to be chosen to be picked by the winner? He has no strategy because he knows for sure Jason’s taking Kryssie. He says he’s been through a world of stress in his life but BB has been the most unique experience of his life, missing simple things like bodies of water , getting a call from grandma. Favourite moment was Whitney birthday. Least favourite moment was the double eviction because of being on the block with Whitney and today’s fight with Kryssie. Who would he like to be here of previously evicted is Whitney.
What are you thankful for, kryssies down to earth, Morgan is peppy and Jason is up front. Last DR and he’s totally down and all alone. He’s now crying. Stress is getting to him.
7:50 PM BBT KRYSSIE is next. Confidence in winning? She feels anyone can win, Jason’s played a hell of a game. She was glad to see Jason win the last HOH and it was a blowout. Her plan to advance to finals is to stick to the deal she made at the beginning of the game. She thought for sure she would get cut at the last minute and never been cast. She hasn’t expected to have been apart of and now make it to the end is crazy. She rates it 12/10. Her favourite moment was Whitney birthday. That was the only time sides didn’t matter and the plastics didn’t act cliquey. Her least favourite moment was Justin’s display yesterday. She knows he’s homesick but BB wanted them to make recipes and read letters and participate and can’t be bothered to do anything except lie in bed with cotton balls. She is so pissed because she thought they were building a great relationship and she really takes it personally that he never participated.
8:00 PM BBT Kryssie says that she appreciates Jason and Morgan for being great sports about not being home for the holiday. She thanks Mike for sending her the letter. Morgan enters the room. Morgan says that she’s so excited to be here. She says that she never thought she would make it this far. She says that she thinks she can win if she wins another comp. She almost won as many comps as Jason. She can’t be upset about him winning since he won it fair and square. She says that she’s had so many highs and lows in the house. And will probably have a hard time trusting people outside the house. She says that her favorite moment from this season would be winning her first veto, winning hoh, getting her care package. Her least favorite moment was sitting on the block with her sister. She says that she’s doing this for her sister since it was her dream to be there so she has to finish strong. She says she is thankful that Jason is loud, that Kryssie cooked the turkey, and that Justin likes to cook too. She says that her plan is to
8:15 PM BBT The live diary room sessions are over and the camera changes to the kitchen where Jason, Justin, Kryssie and Morgan are about to eat. Justin is making bacon. The others are eating leftovers. Justin isn’t talking to anyone in the kitchen. He’s just making a pizza. The others are talking about the recipes that they were given. Kryssie says that she is going to keep the one for the mac and cheese that Neeley sent.
8:30 PM BBT Jason Morgan and Kryssie are sitting at the table eating. Kryssie and Morgan both say they both tried to bring in melatonin. Now everyone is cleaning up their dishes in the kitchen.
8:45 PM BBT Jason compliments Morgan on her dish washing. Jason gets called to the storage room. Justin comes into the kitchen to check on his food.
9:00 PM BBT Now Morgan and Kryssie are talking about the different ways they show they’re upset while Justin silently walks around in the background. Kryssie tells her about the work that she has put into her album. Kryssie is talking about her band mates and how she has to trust them to make good choices while she is away. Jason is upstairs in the hoh room talking to himself.
9:15 PM BBT Jason sits in the bed staring at the fish. Kryssie is saying that they had to get a house in order to have their own space. And a house with a basement. She says she lives by the road and it was perfect because you couldn’t hear a thing. Kryssie mentions how Natalie had playing cards last season.
9:30 PM BBT Kryssie asks them if any of them have played spit. It’s a card game. Now kryssie is talking about different little toys they’d have growing up. Kryssie tells her that she can make a bunch of money off her doll collection. Kryssie says she thought Ginger Spice was a bad ass since she had done porn. 3
9:45 PM BBT Kryssie says that she knows someone who makes six figures a year but they are not happy. Morgan mentions going back to school.
10:00PM BBT Kryssie and Jason are talking with Morgan about their jobs and how they don’t think that they could work a 9-5 job because it doesn’t fit with their personalities. Jason laughs and talks about how people recognize him and he’s embarrassed of his crappy going nowhere jobs. Jason says that after the show you will get nice people following you and also possible death threats because you hated or were mean to their favorites in the house. Justin walks by but does not stop to talk with them. Justin is in the restroom trimming his fingernails, he’s alone and not talking to cameras. Jason says that he tries to at least send a emoji to let people at least know he saw there post but he cannot answer everyone because they are too much. Kryssie talks about getting pics of penis on social media and that Morgan needs to be aware that there is so much craziness out there. Lots of talk of social media and things that they are in the web.
10:15PM BBT Jason and Kryssie ask Morgan what Alex is like on Facebook and Instagram and she says sorry Alex, but she is so boring. They all laugh. Jason says that they wonder what Shane and shelbys are like. They laugh and say that Shelby is talking about crime and clients and news. Jason say he wants to follow Neeley and her dog, they should be exciting since he dog was famous before she came on the show.
10:30PM BBT the talk is just about followers, Kryssie in the video of her waiting on that family where she was rude and how it went viral.
10:45PM BBT They talk about past houseguests and the way that they might perceive things while in the house , how they talked about names they were gonna be called on Instagram and if they said the names prior to leaving that someone also is using that name already.
11:00PM BBT Jason says that they cleaned the restroom and they really wanna wash towels. Jason is talking about people from past season that he would want to see come back. He mentions Annie when she was the saboteur and she left before she could anything.
11:15PM BBT Jason is going to shower and Kryssie is gonna go change. He says that if she is not sleepy to come up and visit when she’s done. Morgan is asleep in the London room. Jason is getting ready to shower in the HOH restroom. Kryssie comes upstairs and lays in the bed and waits from him to get done.
11:30PM BBT Kryssie and Jason are talking about the random things that production are playing and that maybe it’s to mess with there heads for the last comp. Jason says maybe anything is possible. Kryssie feeds the fish while she waits for him to finish showering. Kryssie is looking at the fish and she cannot find her fish. Jason says he saw her this evening, they both take a look but they can’t find her. Finally they find her and she was just hiding. Kryssie talks about nothing, her period, her cycle and just fish. Jason just brushing his teeth and getting on his underwear. Jason is laying on the bed now too talking about the fish when he was on BB 17. Still talking about the fish
11:45PM BBT Kryssie says she wonders what time everything will go down tomorrow. Jason makes assumptions and they go over how the battle works. They both say that they hope Morgan wins and they both agree that they don’t care anymore because Justin is really acting up this week. Kryssie talks about pogs and how she had to explain them to Morgan she asks Jason if he’s familiar with them. They both talk about where they are from the weather is bad and they have a lot of indoor recess and played a lot of board games, cards, pogs and Pokémon. Jason laughs and asks why they never cast cute boys and how it’s so a shame that Shane was the cutest and was the only one. They laugh and talk about Monte and who would have cast him. They say that Shelby was smart and they are really happy for all her accomplishments but she was still a bit*h to them in the house. They go in and the subject goes to Justin and some of the personal things he has said that might have not seen like a good thing to viewers. Partying, drinking and multiple girls. Kryssie talks about what she would do with the money. Then Jason follows with what he would do.


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