Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, May 3rd

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12:00 AM BBT Dre tells Ika that she has no regrets and will be listening to her gut Ika tells her the only person that she trust right now is her Dillon tells Demetres that nobody expected him to win the comp that he did Dre tells Demetres and Ika that she trust them both and npt to think about the past and work as a group and not individuals Dre said that she had doubts which let Bruno, Kevin and Sindy get in her head easier.
12:15AM BBT Dillon tells Karen that Demetres told him that everyone thinks that he is Ika little puppy Demetres and Kevin playing pool they discuss getting votes to keep Ika in the the house this week Demetres tells Kevin that if talks to her tonight to not take anything the wrong way since she is upset that Demetres said that people perceive him as Ika puppy Dillon tells Karen that William told him he nevers wants to be on his bad side BB goodnight HG sleep well
12:30AM BBT Ika wants to go outside to clear her thoughts and wants Dre to go with her Demetres tells Dillon that Kevin was trying to justify putting them on the block Dillon said they are in a good spot and need to get the rest of them out and then battle it out Demetres and Dillon talk about professional fighting Demetres goes to bed Dre is eating waffles and Dillon is having a smoke Dre joins Ika in the HT area
12:45AM BBT Dillon, Ika and Dre in HT area listening to sirens Kevin studying in the HOH room by himself Ika tries to talk to Demetres about people saying that Ika is controlling his game Dre talks to William about why Kevin didn’t put Dillon up has replacement when he would be a bigger target than Jackie
1:00AM BBT Demetres said it has been a tough day Ika and Demetres lie in bed together BB goodnight HG sleep well Ika tells Demetres that she shouldn’t be upset that he has individual things since it good for a finally two speech Demetres said he has been talking more this week because he wants Ika to stay and next he will go back to the way he was before he said this the first time in the whole game he has been in a position that he needed to do this Demetres said they will be in a tight spot next week if they win because they will piss people off
1:15AM BBT Ika asks Demetres if he is worried about talking to her about things that she is going to get upset like she did today he said that he is not because he knows she wouldn’t really be that mad at him Demetres said it’s weird how all of sudden everyone is worried about how they are being perceived in the game including himself Ika said looking back on Demetres HOH she does feel bad that maybe she was being selfish by saying we all the time when it was his HOH Demetres said that never crossed his mind
1:30AM BBT All HG sleeping except for Ika and Demetres they are whispering to each other in bed Ika goes to bed in the HN room but comes back to give Demetres and kiss and apologize again for getting upset today Demetres said he couldnèt imagine getting evicted and not having a chance to get back in the game
1:45AM BBT Ika said up until this point she is ok with all the decisions that they have made and she is not sure what to do this week if they should trust Kevin or not Demetres said they are not in position right now to take path they need to get her safe first but ika thinks they should go after him this week Ika said she does not like Kevin at all Ika think that Kevin made a deal with Dillon and that is why he was not the replacement nominee Demetres said if it is a double he will have a hard time not putting Kevin on the block Ika said she is very scared
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
7:30 AM BBT All HGS are still asleep but Dillon who is doing his laundry. Cameras are on the Have Not Room and Demetres sleeping.
7:45 AM BBT Cameras are still on sleeping HGS.
8:00 AM BBT All cameras still on sleeping HGS
8:45 AM BBT All cameras on sleeping HGS
9:00 AM BBT Big Brother has turned the lights on. Looks like it is time to wake up HGS. Feeds have gone down for wake up call. Feeds come back with Karen saying she has a headache and is in the kitchen with Jackie. The rooster has crowed to wake up the HGS. Dillon tells Karen the hot tub area is open but he isn’t going to go in it. The only camera working is the one in the hot tub area where Jackie is sitting by herself.
9:15 AM BBT Jackie is sitting out by the hot tub deep in thought, there is no cameras on the other hgs. Dillon has entered the hot tub area. Jackie asks him if he slept outside or got up early. He says he got up super early. Jackie says today is her boyfriend’s birthday and she normally makes him breakfast on his birthday so she is going to make breakfast for the rest of the hgs. Dillon gives her boyfriend a shout out. In the bedroom Dre and Ika are in the bedroom Demetres joins them and feeds go down with Ika saying she looks malnourished . All feeds have gone down. Feeds come back to the hot tub area with Dillon and Jackie sitting there. Jackie is saying May 3rd it is a long time to be away from home. Jackie is saying that her boyfriend’s friends will probably take him to a bar tonight in their hometown. She says tonight is topless bull riding there. She says she did it once, Dillon says he has always wanted to but has never been to one. Jackie says it is fun, but she would never do the topless one. Dillon says he rode a real bull when he was a kid. Meanwhile in the bedroom Dre Demetres and Ika are talking. Ika is saying that never in her life has she ever wore clothes that hid her legs, she says she has no self-esteem. Dre says how did you feel in the dress you had on yesterday. Ika says she needs to fix her self esteem as she can not live like this. Demetres says he doesn’t care what she says he thinks she is beautiful and he loves her butt. He tells her she doesn’t need to hid. He tells her they need to lie down relax and find her self esteem. He tells her after today is over they will get regular food in her and she will feel okay. Dre has left the room, Demetres and Ika are lying down on the bed hugging and kissing.
9:30 AM BBT Meanwhile in other parts of the house Karen has gone into the hot tub, Jackie is sitting there but there is no conversation between them. Dre has reentered the bedroom telling Ika that she is going to have a shower because she woke her up to early talking about her self esteem. Demetres is going to make some sugary slop for her. Ika says she can’t believe her friends are leaving her when her self esteem is missing. Dre says lets go find it. They have entered the bathroom where Jackie is. Ika is looking at herself in the mirror saying no one should like this. She is telling her legs she is sorry. Ika says she is in a real life crisis. Dre says she has low self esteem issues herself yesterday. Dre says you need to snap out of it. Ika says how. Dre says once you realize it the next step is to deal with it. In the hot tub area Karen is by herself enjoying the hot tub and the sun. In other parts of the house Dre is saying she almost tripped over nothing. Ika and Dre are heading outside. Ika says she heard Dre and Demetres talking about her low self esteem. Dre says no we weren’t we were saying we have to move forward. Dre says good morning to Karen. In the kitchen Demetres is making sugar slop for Ika.
9:45 AM BBT Ika and Dre are talking about Ika gaining her self esteem, she says it made her a better mother, student everything. Dre says when she came into this house she had a good view of herself, but after being in here with people you don’t like and can’t get away from changes you. Ika said she found this morning she was making yesterday all about herself which was wrong. Dre tells her she finds we are in a place that makes us do things that we would not do in our normal lives. The feed goes down. Ika and Dre are still talking about how Ika feels Karen is sitting there trying to enjoy the sun. Ika is saying she doesn’t care what people think about here but how it affects the people she cares about. Meanwhile in the kitchen Demetres is still making Ika’s slop Kevin is getting something to eat himself but there is no conversation. Demetres is telling Kevin that he slept well last night as he was so tired when he went to bed. As there is no conversation happening in the rest of the house we go back to the hot tub area where Ika and Dre are still talking about Ika’s low self esteem disorder is affecting her. Ika says she knows when she is being petty, she said yesterday she did not know she was playing the victim card til after she played it where normally she knows it. Karen has been told to put on her mic. Dre says the reason you have doubt is because you are thinking about something that you didn’t address. Dre says you realizing what you did, that he needs to feel okay with that. Dre says you only lost a little Ika asks her how she makes it okay she will feel better. Dre says your legs look okay. Ika says no they are not, Dre tells her she understands how Ika sees herself differently than she sees her. Ika is going to have a shower and try and get her self esteem back. In the kitchen Kevin says Good Morning to Ika and Dre. Ika says she is having a low self esteem day. Kevin says have a high self esteem day. Kevin says maybe it is the slop. Ika says I must have low self- esteem as I am sitting with Kevin. Kevin asks Ika to go somewhere to talk to her.
10:00 AM BBT Kevin and Ika talking in the BY. Kevin is telling Ika that he calmed Will down after her talk with him last night. Kevin tells Ika that she needs to assure Will that she won’t go after him and he should be okay. Ika says the only person she’s bashing Kevin to is Dillon. Kevin says he told Dem he can use his name as a target, too. Ika tells Kevin that Karen, Dillon and Dre are targeting Kevin, but Will, Ika and Dem are not. Kevin says that he’ll talk to Will and try to smooth things over, but Ika needs to be nice to him for one day. Ika reiterates that Dre wants Kevin out, and she told Ika that if she wins he’s gone. Ika says that Karen told her she’s voting to keep her, and Ika thanked her, but she doesn’t believe her. Kevin tells Ika that he knows she’s having a rough day, but she needs to be nice to William today. He says he’s going to tell Will they talked and have reached an understanding, and he wants Ika to talk to him today and say much the same thing. Kevin says once he’s sure they have Will’s vote to keep Ika, he’ll work on him to put up Karen and Dillon if he wins HoH. Ika singing Dem’s praises on being able to leave the past in the past and see things logically, whereas the rest of the newbies play too emotionally. Talk turns to Dem’s 4 hours out of the house yesterday and how he can’t speak about it. Kevin says if Karen and Dillon are F2 he won’t be able to stand it.
10:15 AM BBT Ika joins Karen and Jackie outside by the hot tub. Karen says she’s so weak from her time on slop. She feels bloated and weak. Karen says that they’re going to gather in the living room and read the rule book later because there’s nothing else to do. Ika tells her that’s not a good idea because then she wouldn’t be able to say she didn’t know not verbally abusing people is in the rules. Karen says she wishes they could spend all day in the sun, but they are losing the BY in two hours. Ika complaining about the amount of weight she’s lost. Karen says that she was 115lbs once, but it was too much work; now she eats what she wants and exercises more. Ika says she’s lost 10 pounds in the house and she wants them back.
10:25 AM BBT Dem joins Kevin at the pool table and tells him that Jackie is making her campaign french toast. Kevin says he’s going to go check it out, and tells Dem he talked to Ika about William and they’re good. Kevin leaves to go inside, and Dem and then Dillon head to the hot tub area and the feeds cut at 10:30.
10:32 AM BBT Feeds back and group at hot tub discussing the rule about verbally abusing people. Karen mentions that Kevin came out and they got the warning about having to go in. Talk turns to the Highway to Hell and how Karen is always worried that Bruce won’t make it. Meanwhile, in the pink BR, Ika and Dre are talking about how having low self-esteem is a disease. She says it affects how you parent, how you view yourself, and how you isolate yourself from everyone. She talks about herself as a teen parent, and how she suffered low self-esteem, and how difficult it was. She says as her self-esteem grew, she became a better mom. Dre tells her she is very self-aware, so she’ll be okay. She tells Ika that Gary, Karen and Ika are drama-filled. Ika is offended that Dre has lumped her in with Gary and Karen.
10:45 AM BBT Ika says that she talked to Kevin about the William situation. She says she’s unsure if Kevin is overplaying Will’s problem with her, but he says that he’ll talk to Will about it. Ika says that Will has been protected all game by Kevin and Dre, and if he was on the block against Karen, she’d vote him off. Dre says because of her association with William, she takes the heat. She asks Ika if she thinks Kevin will try to distance himself from William now, and Ika says that won’t be possible any more than she could separate herself from Dem at this point. Ika tells Dre that William is the deciding vote this week in the fact that Karen and Dillon will follow his lead on the way he votes. Ika says that the only people who would benefit from her staying are Dre and Dem. She says William and Kevin are her targets but she gave Kevin a one-week deal and she’ll honour it. Dre says that Kevin is not influencing Will this week, and if Kevin says he is, he’s lying. Will feels he has the power this week, and he’s not listening to Dre or Kevin. Dre says that no one wants to be on the wrong side of the vote this week. Dre still assuring Ika that she is voting to keep her this week.
11:00 AM BBT Karen, Dillon and Dem talking by the hot tub. Karen telling Dem she doesn’t want to work with Jackie, she’s never wanted to work with Jackie. She says they’ve carried her along too long already, and they can’t let this keep going on. They all agree that Jackie’s wheelhouse is mental comps. Karen again saying she doesn’t remember anything, and hasn’t studied a damn thing.
11:02 AM BBT Feeds cut briefly. Dem, Dillon and Karen still talking about past comps by the hot tub. Ika telling Dre that Will will choose Kevin over Dre every day because you can’t reason with him. Ika telling Dre that William has spent the last 8 weeks looking for a rose. Ika says if she wins HoH she’s got a speech for everyone. Dre says Ika needs to be nice to William today or no one will be able to save her. Ika says she can’t talk to him because it’s so awkward; she wants Dre to be there when she talks to William. Dre says it can’t be orchestrated. Karen comes in and says that Jackie is making campaign toast downstairs. Ika says she’s sorry she is on slop and can’t make them anything. Karen says she’s exhausted and has no energy. Dre says she’s getting some of Jackie’s toast even though she hasn’t campaigned to her. Dre says that Jackie’s bf’s birthday is today and she wants to make him a cake.
11:15 AM BBT Karen on the bed in the pink BR, complaining of a headache and no energy. Dre is trying to figure out what to wear today. Kevin and William talking in the HoH room. William is saying he feels horrible. He says that Kevin looks like a dad in the shirt he’s wearing.
11:17 AM BBT Feeds cut
11:19 AM BBT Feeds back. Kevin explaining to William that it’s better for his game to keep Ika. Will asks Kevin if he should tell Ika that Dillon is campaigning to get Ika out. Kevin says he certainly should tell Ika that. Kevin says from Dillon’s perspective, it’s better to keep Jackie; from Karen’s perspective it’s better to keep Jackie. Will says he wants to confront Ika about stuff that Dre has told him, but he can’t because it would come back on Dre. William leaves to get french toast and Kevin jumps into bed.
11:22 AM BBT Jackie tells Will she made him french toast in honour of her bf’s birthday. Will wishes Cliff a happy birthday. Jackie wants to know when Will’s birthday is. Dillon comes in and Will asks if he disturbed him getting up so many times last night. Dillon says Will was quiet as a mouse. Jackie asks about Will’s illness and he tells her he slept in the bathroom part of the night because he was too sick to leave it.
11:30 AM BBT Dem and Karen back by the hot tub. Dillon joins them and Karen asks if he had french toast. He says no, but that William ate a lot of them. Dillon says that’s a vote they may have to worry about now because Jackie campaigned to William with the french toast. Feeds cut briefly and Jackie has joined them at the hot tub. All conversation stops. Kevin and William in the HoH room, playing with a die and talking about the dice challenge. Kevin trying to explain to William how to figure out how to solve it. Meanwhile, talk at the hot tub area is about the secret veto and how it was earned. Karen thinks that maybe Canada voted on who got it and why. Karen says that she’s on day 7 of slop and she doesn’t know how Bruno survived three weeks on it. She thinks that’s the reason that he didn’t really campaign; he was ready to leave. Karen then explains how she thought there was a second part of the twist and Bruno knew about it, so he wasn’t campaigning. Karen says that Bruno had told her he didn’t like these people, and hadn’t talked to them all game so he wasn’t about to start campaigning to them to save him.
11:45 AM BBT Kevin and William still working on solving the dice challenge in the HoH room. Jackie, Karen and Dem still around the hot tub talking about past HGs from this season and past seasons. Dre joins Dem, Karen and Jackie by the hot tub. Dem asks what’s going on in the house and Dre says nothing. Dre leaves because she’s hungry and Jackie leaves to go sit on the couch by the pool table. Dem decides to head in because that was a long tan. Dem tells Dre if she drinks lots of water and stops eating salt she’ll be shredded. Dre says she’s going to do that.
12:00 PM BBT Up in HOH Kevin and Will are running days after having stacked blocks and playing around in the house. Kevins allergies are going nuts he is constantly blowing his nose. Dre is quietly eating in the KT. Karren and Dillon are outside by the jacuzzi, Karen says he is so lethargic again, no energy only 1 more night in the HN room. Karen says she is going to shower then lay in her bed for 8 hours a repeat of yesterday. She has no energy, Dillon picks at his nails. Dillon says me either nothing in the tank today, it’s been a long 54 days. Karen heads inside Dillon walks around outside. Karen into the Sr to get her Ice for her bottle, SHe heads upstairs and then up to the HOH room looking for conditioner. Dre is in the Pink room making her bed. Kevin and Will discuss Slide puzzles, Karen enters the Pink room and asks if Dre did her sheets, Karen lays down and says that she has no energy to do anything, it took all she had to get her ice water and come up stairs. Dre says good news is that it’s the last day although maybe the hardest. Karen is flustered the Slop diet didn’t help her lose any weight. Meanwhile in HOH WR the boys are playing with slide puzzle made from the yellow blocks and the tp. William discovers his eye is super bloodshot. Kevin explains how to get the puzzle.

12:15 PM BBT Karen and Dre lay in the beds in the Pink room they talk about food. Feeds cut shortly and when they return Ika is in the Shower, Dem is lying in the bathroom in his towel. Kevin and William still playing with block/slide puzzle, Karen is getting in for her shower. The ladies are done in the shower, Ika and Dem using the Mirror to get ready for the day, Karen getting dressed, Ika asks if everyone is outside still and Dem says no that it’s closed by now. They discuss about the Jackie campaign and how it’s pathetic.
12:30 PM BBT The boys clean up the Tp pieces and begin putting the blocks back where they belong. They agree that it was and something to do and better than just laying around bored. Will asks if Kevin will miss the HOH,he says not really he sleeps better in the Blue room. Kevin asks how Will’s stomach is doing, a little better but still sucks. Kevin is downstairs in the Kitchen making a hot beverage. Kevin heads out to the backyard to play pool. Ika and Dem in the Pink room getting dressed, Ika realizes she has to pack all her stuff for tomorrow. Ika wants to talk to Dem about yesterday. Ika says she wants to apologize for yesterday, she says that yesterday was about him and she made it about her. He tries to comfort her and say he understands where she came from he is over it. Ika says that in her real life she isn’t that way and it bothers her. She had a convo with Kevin to explain that Dem made all his own decisions and that he understood because its that way with Kevin/Will and how people perceive it. Kevin feels that Dem is a logical strategic player and not just vengeful. Dem says it was a low moment yesterday but he is over it and moving on in the game. Kevin and Will out on the Jacuzzi getting some sun. Dre laying on a chair getting fresh air. Will says the sun makes him happy.
12:45 PM BBT Demika in the pink room talking, about who they should target if they get HOH. “Final notice the BY is now closed” Will, Dre, and Kevin head inside as the BY is closed. Feeds cut for a moment but when they return Dre and Will in living room talking in French. Ika and Dem still discussing who/how to nom. They feel that William leaves it helps break apart Kevin and forces Dre to rely on Demika. Dem says that if they have to go back on their word they need to make it count. They feel that if anyone but Dre wins HOH they will be on the block. So Dillon, Kevin, or Will need to go next week. They say they need Dre to win HOH and put up William and Kevin but she keeps throwing comps. William heads to the HOH shower and finds Dillon in on the HOH couch listening to music.
1:00 PM BBT Ika nibbles the slop she has while they keep talking about Dre needing to win. Karen is in The WR still slowly getting ready for the day, Jackie is in there doing laundry. Ika and Dem cuddling in the Pink room. Karen gets clothes to start a load of laundry herself. Jackie apologizes she left a chapstick in her pocket and broke in the washer so she is trying to clean it out. Ika heads down to the Dr, Jackie in Blue room Folding clothes. Ika heads upstairs and passes Dre who says she just had a bathroom episode. Ika begins to collect all her stuff and organize it for packing up. Dem says the best way to get rid of Dre is to put her up against Will. If Ika leaves then Dem has no connection to Dre and has to align with Kevin.
1:15 PM BBT Dre and Dillon laying on the HOH couch talking about the votes and listening to music. Dre is willing to Cut William if it means keeping the 4 strong. Dillon says Dre is due for a win. Ika and Demetres are down in the Kitchen, Dem says they should really study soon. Demetres laughs as the last time they studies they were the first 2 out of the comp. Demetres prepares food, ika eats her slop and BB says PLEASE WAKE UP NAP TIME IS OVER.
1:30 PM BBT Jackie, Kevin and William in the Blue room lying down quietly, Dillon and Dre in the HOH room laying listening to music, Ika and Dem still in the kitchen making Dem food and Ika nibbling her slop chip bread. Ika drinking her tea and how the one sport Ika likes is the only sport Dem does not follow. They discuss eating out versus eating at home and what is prefered between them Dem prefers to cook at home and if given the choice he would eat at home. Karen comes down stairs and makes comments about how Dem is making his Chicken and they “hate” him because they are on slop. Karen looks for almond milk and then heads to the Dr. to ask for items. Almond milk, conditioner, baby wipes, baby oil, … Ika continues asking do you prefer questions to get to know Demetres more. Phone calls or text , friday night plans, Dillon heads down stairs and heads into the Kitchen.
1:45 PM BBT Karen comes back and says she needs the oven on, Kevin comes down the stairs, Demetres continues cutting veggies for his meal. Karen teases Dillon that he is making her sandwich that she doesn’t get to eat. Dillon says the Ground meat is out and Dem says yes that he was planning to make spaghetti and meatballs. Karen whines about being hungry and having to eat the slop. They are talking about how when you get a car as soon as you drive off the lot it depreciates and that’s how Ika is in relationships. Ika tries to explain it in a dating term because in the first few weeks you are looking to find something that makes you not want to be with the person. Ika thinks of a few examples of it in her personal life. Dre starts heading downstairs and is shocked to see all the food cooked. Ika tells about a guy who gave her a refurbished old iphone as a gift when her phone broke and it was a deal breaker. She hates when people are super up your butt about messaging back right away but are stockers of your Social media. She hates when she goes out to have fun and they are all up in her personal space.
2:00 PM BBT All cams are showing the kitchen and we have Karen, Dillon, Dre, Kevin, Demetres and Ika all in the kitchen making and eating lunch like a big happy family. AS they are all talking about their personal relationships and they likes and dislike about dating. KAren is saying that Kevin has committed issues with a relationship. What happens when going out for dinner on a first date, who pays? Ika thinks that on the very first date, it should be the man paying and Kevin agrees as long as it doesn’t become a habit to where the girl never helps out. And Dre is saying that over time, the girl should offer to reciprocate or at least offer. But, Dillon also thinks that if the man pays then the woman could at least put down the tip. Ika likes the man that pays a good tip and that is generous. The entire conversation is basically set about who pays and when as someone is dating.. Kevin doesn’t want to be in a relationship where it is only a one way street. Seems like Dre, Ika, Demetres and Dre with Dillon are the only left in the kitchen continuing this conversation. Kevin thinks he is a great partner and tries to be fair with his mate when in a relationship.
2:15 PM BBT Jackie just came down and is headed into the storage room. Kevin doesn’t like to see someone takes advantage of any situation in the dating world. Karen is back in the kitchen as Kevin is putting the prepared chicken in the oven. They do believe that Gary would be the housewife in the relationship. And Kevin wants a equal partner who is educated and driven and works hard as he would too. Jackie is in the kitchen but not part of the conversation at all and as far as William, He is not there at this time. Ika is “hanging” on to Dillon. Karen comments that before dating Bruce, she met someone but then when the person mentioned that he could not afford to get some drinks before heading out, then she was done with him. Dillon would actually commit if he ever founds the one.
2:30 PM BBT Karen believe that Chivalry still lives inside Dillon. Looks like one by one, the HG are eating as it is their lunch time. Ika and Dre ware chatting about relationships as Kevin, Dillon are eating at the big table as Jackie is eating at the counter. Not much game conversation. They are just wondering what kind of comp are they setting outside as the crew has been working and making noise since early this morning. William is upstairs sleeping in the bedroom as Dre and Ika are checking on him. They are asking him if he is ok? ANd looks like he is fine, just very tired. Now, William and Dre walked out of the room as Demetres walks in and he is talking to Ika.
2:45 PM BBT IKa and demetres are now talking in one of the bedroom about the conversations the HG just had downstairs and they have agreements and disagreements about relationships. Kevin, William, Dillon with Dre are down in the living room and chatting about life in general. He is explaining one of the story about his friend who was working on a cruise ship and that the groom was “lost” for a while as there was a wedding that was supposed to take place. The entire crew of the ship was looking for him on every level of this ship. As the cruise ship could not find the person, they had to do an OSCAR alert as if someone jumped off the ship or lost. And apparently the crowd was getting worry as they were hearing that someone was missing from the ship. And finally, the ship had to let the family know that the groom was not found after all the ship has done to find him. Kevin is continuing the story explaining that finally the crew searched for the groom in the staff area and then hours later, found the groom in the linen closet completely drink sleeping.
3:00 PM BBT While the other HG are chatting downstairs, we have Demetres and Ika in one of the bedroom talking as they are cuddling. Ika is reviewing the convo that happened downstairs and it seems like they are on a such different level. Demetres says that his heart is really into this relationship and think that parts of it rubbed him the wrong way. Ika is saying that she understand what Demetres wants and it seemed to be that he doesn’t want a commitment or marriage and usually gets cold feet after a year. And they keep going over and over the dating types conversation they had earlier. Demetres and Ika are talking while laying in bed and he feels bad because he doesn’t want any reassurance from Ika in this relationship as she agrees that this shouldn’t be passed the house as they have such different ideas of how a relationships works. They are discussing about using the veto and not using the veto as the same analogy of him wanting to use it on her but she doesn’t but do on the hand but without saying it. In the meantime, the rest of the HG are in the living room where Kevin is telling a story and it seem like it is about one of friend who knew that she was being prank and won the 300$. Karen and the rest of the HG are sharing stories. Dillon is asking Kevin to go thru the house rules as they feel the need to study or stay awake.
3:15 PM BBT Sounds like William is already starting to read it off as we have Demetres and Ika upstairs under the blanket getting cozy and very close. He is saying that he is feeling vulnerable and doesn’t like to all have these cameras around.
3:25 PM BBT Feeds are down at this time.
3:30 PM BBT Feeds are down at this time.
3:45 PM BBT Live Feeds are off.
3:55 PM BBT Feeds returned with Ika and Demetres still in bed. They are chatting so low that it is impossible to hear what they are saying. Ika says that she is going to let people believe that… Demetres says, “Well, we need to get out there though just so that they can get into that position” and leaves the room.
4:00 PM BBT Feeds are down on 2 views. Two cameras show Ika lying by herself in bed. William and Dre are going downstairs where Kevin, Karen, and Dillon are in the Living Rm. Karen is discussing with Kevin about the layout of the house (if there were no walls). It appeared as if Kevin had a card like the one from BB with a task to accomplish. All feeds go down.
4:10 PM BBT Feed comes on with Karen getting up from couch saying, “Kevin, we have nothing else to do.” Kevin says something about the number is the duration…(feeds abruptly cut) [Different camera angles come on and off before we are able to switch between them.]
4:17 PM BBT Two feeds come on with Ika talking to William in Blue BR. Ika is talking about an earlier conversation of a deal she made with Kevin. Ika wants to work with William and Kevin, and wants Dillon gone. Ika says that Dillon told her that he wants to put up William and Kevin. William agrees with everything and says he says somethings just to make others believe he is voting a different way. The reason Ika didn’t tell William earlier is that she thought William might be upset with her making a deal with Kevin. She wants to work with Demestres as well as Kevin and William. Ika has not told Dre everything.
4:30 PM BBT Ika still emphasizing and further convincing William that it makes sense to have the 2 biggest target couples to stick together. Ika doesn’t want William to tell Dre this conversation. Ika says that Kevin just always states that he wants to keep William safe. Ika does not mind if strong people win–she wants Kevin and William to stick around. Dre said if she wins HOH, she will put up Kevin. Ika says she hopes Demetres, William, Kevin, and herself will make it to Final 4. She feels bad not including Dre but she can not go back on the deal she make with Kevin. Seems like she is trying to cause distance between William and Dre.
4:45 PM BBT Ika makes William promise they want to work together and to go far. They also wants to talk to Kevin. They are each other’s Kings…and with Ika, it’s King and Queen. Ika wants to keep feeding Dillon BS. Jackie comes in and says they just finished reading all the rules. Jackie also asks if they can keep all the clothes they give them. William believes their bags will be checked on the way out. Jackie starts to pack her bags. Jackie says it was easy to fall asleep as Kevin was reading that…. William and Jackie agree it’s boring and everyone is a little grumpy. Jackie talks about how some of the planet lights that are on the bedroom walls are beginning to dim. They talk about except for Kevin’s ride, BB gave them nothing to do today. This is day 55. They go over the recent happenings each day. Jackie is wanting a video from the families; William wants the families to come see them. It was about this time last year when the HGs get to see their families. Two feeds have still not come back on.
5:00 PM BBT Jackie and William talk about things past HGs did. They would do about anything to see family members tomorrow. Jackie wrote a Happy Birthday message using peanuts on her bed earlier to Cliff (back home). All feeds on. Demetres is telling Karen about getting his car fixed. Dillon is asleep on the Living Rm couch; Karen also lying on the couch. Ika tells Demestres about her talk with William. Ika says William is not as dumb as she thought and seems to be onboard with everything to target all the weak people. Ika says that William seemed to be happy to hear things that Kevin said about him.
5:15 PM BBT Demetres says they will figure out their next move when the time happens. For now, Ika feels they are safe with William and Kevin. They go through a couple scenarios. No game talk between William and Jackie; William leaves the BR and Jackie gets back packing. Karen and William laughing and was playing around with a condom William put petroleum jelly on in Pink BR. Karen throws it down near Dillon. They then talk about dirty sheets and what the camera may show on the makeout sessions under the sheets. Karen is sooo hungry! She wants proper sleep so that she doesn’t have the big bags under her eyes for tv. Karen thinks there will be 2 people going home tomorrow. Karen is talking about keeping Ika…talk becomes extremely low. Karen is wondering if it’s a bad plan; Kevin said he didn’t care. It would be good for it to be a 5-0 vote so no one looks bad. Karen hasn’t talked to Dillon today. He has gone back and forth on who he would like to see gone…maybe because he talks to Dre. William and Karen doesn’t really care, but just doesn’t want to be on the back side. They are not sure if they even want to mention anything to Dre. William will vote whatever way Karen and Dillon votes. They don’t want to drag Jackie along any more.
5:30 PM BBT William goes out to see if they found the condom Karen threw down to the Living Rm. It was a dirty condom that was in Karen’s bed! William, Ika, Dillon throws it at each other. William confesses it’s only petroleum jelly that he put on it…not used. Dillon chases William upstairs and slingshots it into William’s face. Jackie is still folding her clothes/packing. William goes into HOH Rm to tell Kevin about it and back to the bathroom area to tell Dre (they talk in French). Ika comes in to listen to Kevin’s music; William and Dre leaves HOH Rm and returns to exchange batteries. Ika tells Kevin about her conversation with Kevin. Kevin is happy William seems to be willing to work as a foursome. Kevin will talk to William tonight emphasizing that Dillon and Karen really does want him gone. They need to make sure William is in. Ika believes William, in that he will not tell Dre about their conversation.
5:45 PM BBT Kevin believes it will be a double eviction tomorrow. Dre is complaining about dirty kitchen with Jackie (eating), Dillon, and Demetres looking on. Dillon and Demetres cleans a bit. Dre loads the dishwasher. Kevin is glad everything fell into place and that they can work together. Ika wants to work as a team and as some controlling dictator. Ika doesn’t think anyone will see this coming; everyone thinks they (Ika and Kevin) hate each other. Ika reminds Kevin of the “death bed”–everyone who sleeps there goes home! Kevin places the rest of the HGs in order of who they would like to see gone. Dillon is a strong competitor, but wonder if maybe Dre would be better to leave first. They agree William is smart, but yet is an emotional player. Ika tells Kevin that Dillon is telling her that she is safe because of him. Ika says she wants to win the HOH so she can mess with people and do an eenie meenie miney moe and say I really am picking those I hate more.
6:00 PM BBT Ika says that Dem told her that he is the most comfortable in the house with who he is working with then he is now. Ika says thank goodness for Dem because he is loyal to a fault and she is happy that she was able to work with him and not with someone who would abuse him. Kevin says that William is making his case and Ika says that he will not beat Kevin in a final two. Ika says for this season they have no choice but to take eachother to the end. William comes into the HOH room and they talk about the condom and how they were going to leave a condom in Karen’s bed. Ika said she is going to try to sneak out of the room so Dillon will not see them talking. Ika says Thank you Kevin for being a logical player. Ika says they do not have much in common but they do make good business partners. They hug, say that they can make final 4 and She leaves the HOH room. Kevin stays in the HOH room. Ika goes to talk to Dem who is downstairs in a chair next to the dining room table. She tells him about her conversation with Kevin. Ika tells Dem that people should not want to keep her. She says that she is playing a very good social game and tells him that he needs to tell them about the game he is playing also. She tells Dem that she needs him to be strong and that she likes manly men. She says she needs him to be confident. She tells him that if they go against Kevin that the entire house will come after them. Dem says they can not trust Dillon. He says they just have to beat Kevin in the end. They talk about the final HOH being endurance and mental/physical. Dem says if they keep Kevin and William that no one will want to take them to the end. He says that Kevin will beat them in the final and that he is the contender to win. He tells Ika that everyone is underestimating her because they think she can not win comps. But that she can and maybe she was not supposed to win comps so people would not think she could in the end.
6:15 PM BBT Ika says that does Dem think that they are a scary duo to the house. They talk about the final POV and Dem says he can not remember what that one has been. She asks who does Dem want in final 4? He says Dre and Karen. Ika says how do we get there. Dem says they need to drag Karen as much as they can because they can beat Karen in the final. Dem says that the house is thinking who they can beat. Ika says they think they can beat me in comps and Karen. Dem says that they need to prepare so Ika is ready to compete. Ika says that they need to get ready for the POV comps and that they need to go over it. Ika says that during this game she never had to worry about playing with Dem in the game. Ika says that people want what they have but they didn’t put in the hard work to have what they have. She says that she knew this whole game that Dem had her back.
6:30 PM BBT In the kitchen, Dillon, Dem, Dre and Ika are in general conversation. Karen comes and joins them. They are making meatballs. In the HOH room, William and Kevin are talking. Kevin says that Ika and Dem would not expect him to put them on the block over Karen and Jackie. Kevin says lets go create some paranoia and what they can do? He says let’s go steal some stuff. He says that Dillon thinks that Dem has a secret power, how can they use that? William tells Kevin that Dem tells him that the people in jury don’t like Ika and Dem and that the newbies the jury wants to win is Dillon. Kevin says that’s a lie. Kevin tells William that Bruno told him that he would vote for Ika or Dem. He said that Neda and Sindy do not respect Dillons game. Kevin says that Dem just wants the target off of him and on Dillon. Kevin says that if Dillon wins they are not safe. If Karen wins that william would be safe but not Kevin. Kevin asks what Dre would do if she won. William says that she tells him she does not know. Kevin says how could she not know who she would nominate if she won.
6:45 PM BBT William says that he has not done anything in the game and calls himself bored. Kevin says that it was good because it kept him safe. William tells Kevin that he feels bad because Jackie thinks they are keeping her. Kevin asks if there is anyway they can get Dillon to take the target off of them? William says at this point it is throwing someone under the bus. They talk about the upcoming evictions and when the double happens that they need to get HOH and win the POV. In the HN room, Ika and Dre are talking. Dre said that she knew this time was coming and that she is having anxiety. She says if Dillon wins it will not be good. She says that Dillon and Karen are telling people what they want to hear to keep people on their sides. Ika asks if Dillon would put them up. They talk about the mistrust that is happening with Dillon and that is stemmed from Bruno. They talk about putting Kevin and Karen on the block and if William pulls Kevin off that Dre’s HOH would be a waste. She says if Karen goes home it’s not a waste. Ika says that she would be screwing herself. Dre says that it’s late in the game. Ika asks why put someone on the block who is not coming ager her – Dre says as a logical game move that William should be on the block with Kevin but if she won HOH that she would feel bad doing it.
7:00 PM BBT Dre says thank goodness they are all now playing. She says that the feels with less people then there are less game play to happen. Ika says the beginning of the game that your social game gets you far but at the end the comps get you far. She says if Dillon wins HOH that Kevin will tell him that he made a deal. Ika asks who needs to go first to get them into a final 3. Dre says that she feels that if Kevin leaves that William is an addition to their team. Dre says that William can be reasoned with if Kevin is gone. They say if Dillon wins HOH then there is a good chance that he will put Ika and Dem because he is an emotional player. Karen would put Kevin and Dem or Dre and Ika because she would get out strong physical players. Dre says she is fascinated by the people in the house. They talk about the bonds that people have in the house and in the end people have to choose. Ika tells Dre that Kevin will win against anyone in the house because of his friends in Jury. Dre says that he will leave. Ika says that her character in the house should carry some weight.
7:15 PM BBT Ika says that Dre has a very complicated relationship with Dre. That he will not put her on the block but he is not fighting for her. But that he knew that Ika would never go after Dre so he didn’t feel that he needed to. But again he does not listen to her. She says usually when you love them and trust them you listen to them. She says it’s weird. Dre says they just are not on the same page. She says that William cares about Kevin the same way she cares for Dem which is weird because they do not have the same relationship. She tells Dre about her conversation with Kevin. She says that Kevin is very smart and she was impressed. She says that if it would be Kevin, Dre, Dem and Ika they would have been unstoppable. Dre says that William and Kevin has luck. Ika says that Dem is luck also. Dre says really? Ika says yes – he won HOH and it was not his to win but he did. Dre tells Ika that William told her that Kevin told him that he needed space. Ika says that she feels bad because William is being put into a horrible position. Ika asked what Dre would do if William had POV and Dre told him not to use it and he used it anyway she said she would say “bye”. She says she understands that William is a bad position but it was not smart of him to not pull Dre and Kevin together. Ika says that William was focused only on love. Ika says that she thinks Dre’s resentment for Kevin is more resentment for William. She tells her that it is not her or Kevins responsibility to make it work, it was William’s responsibility. Ika starts to tell Dre a story about a person she dated and the feeds go off.
7:30 PM BBT In the dining room, Kevin, William, Dem and Karen are talking and Kevin is talking about people in the house from his season and who they got along with. They continue to talk about different people from past seasons and what kind of games they played. Dre comes into the dining room. Karen is talking about a museum she went to. Kevin talks about his wardrobe and that people laugh at him. He says he knows his wardrobe is not great. He says he does not buy nice things for himself because he has a mobile lifestyle. He loves the tourist lifestyle. But that he will go and buy himself a fast pass to an amusement park. He doesn’t have the newest phones. Dem tells him that he buys phones from the China because the specs are the same because he is hard on phones so he will not buy a name brand phone.
7:45 PM BBT They are still talking about the phones they have. Kevin says maybe I am cheap. I just don’t buy nice things for himself. Karen tells them about her boat and a jetski. Kevin says that it’s ok for Karen to be wealthy. Karen says she isn’t though. She said she takes care of everything they have they treat like it’s new. She appreciates how much it costs and who had to pay for it. She says that she pays for quality and they keep it until wheels fall off because they take care of it. Kevin says buying something that is quality and you spend more for it over time it is cheaper. Kevin says he has simple taste. WILLIAM PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Karen talks about the dinner and how she stared at them eating it. They talk about HN and how long they have been on it. She says they have been on slop for 7 days. William says he has fine taste. Ika says that people who want to keep up with the jones are never happy. She says the ones that are happy married. She says watching rich people’s problems are fun. She says when she watches them on the show and the people you like on the show you find yourself in those problems.
8:00 PM BBT Ika talking about Real HouseWifes and explaining it to Kevin. Talking about the reunion shows and them on social media. Jackie blow drying her hair in the WR. Demetres trying to keep his eyes open laying in bed. Talking about dating life in Toronto. Dillon says when he is with one person that is it. Dre saying it is fast paced because of what Sindy and Gary were talking about. Talk turns to night life, then back to dating. According to Ika it is common to date multiple people in a week to see which one you have a connection with. Karen says it is called playing the field, Ika says it is called dating in Toronto. Ika says it is like Sex and the City. Demetres playing with gummy bears in the bedroom.
8:15 PM BBT Jackie comes out of washroom. Demetres gets called out from BB to wake up and he says he is not sleeping. Kitchen crew is still talking about relationships and dating. Dillon saying at this point in his life he is not scared of commitment but he has a lot going on so he can’t have a think he can just date for a couple months. Kevin says if he told his parents he was dating different girls his parents would not like it. Demetres studying or strategizing with gummy bears in the bedroom. Dillon talking about Niagara, Ika and Dre say a lot of girls will like Kevin in Niagara. Talk turns to Kevin and his goggles and when Dre/Karen were laughing. Karen says who brings goggles to a pool that is 5 ft long.They start talking about all the funny things Karen has said about Kevin. They are all laughing about Kevin’s snack bites for Karen with prunes and coffee. Ika is laughing so hard she almost fell off the couch. Ika talks about how there are so many Kevin and Karen moments.
8:30 PM BBT Karen and Kevin are telling them about the hot tub fight. William saying he was sitting in the middle for some of it. Karen saying she was steaming, Bruno was doing his over the top grandmother routine “ are you ok, do you need anything” then Kevin came in and got down to his underwear to tan. Then Karen went off and they fired shots at each other. Everyone is laughing at Karen and how crazy she went after she went of the block. Karen talking about how paranoid she was because Bruno would not leave her alone. Eventually that day Karen told him to leave, he would leave for 10 minutes then come back. Karen was convinced he was trying to torture her. Talk turns to jury, and if you see a video in jury house. Kevin says no, Demetres says so people could come in and totally lie. Kevin says yes. Kevin tells them what happened in season 3 and how Bruno was pushing his agenda. Karen telling them how Bruno was telling her she had to talk to the jury if she was evicted and Karen said nope, she wasn’t going to do it. Ika explains more what happened with Karen and Bruno’s talk.
8:45 PM BBT Kevin asks Dillon if he had a yelling match with Bruno in the hot tub area, Dillon says yes. Dillon tells them Bruno was cussing at Emily so he told them not to do it. Everyone is just re-hashing past conversations. Dillon saying how they are all blessed because of the returning players and their fan base. Talk about first week and Karen’s HOH.Ika saying they lost of big personalities early. Ika laughing about Dillon stopping in the middle of the night “ this is awesome” Ika talking about the double and fighting with Neda.
9:00 PM BBT Everyone at the table and living room couches talking about things that happened this season. No game talk. They are saying how this feels like their reality now and they almost forget about real life. Demetres just wants some sports updates. Dillon saying they can’t watch the Masters, Demetres says they already missed it. Kevin says it is fun to rehash all the moments. Everyone gets up and moves around. Demetres says his heart was pounding the most when Sindy was standing there trying to make a decision on who to nominate after veto in the double. They all cannot wait to see the double on tv.
9:15 PM BBT Nightly ADL’s getting ready for bed, flossing, washing faces and such. Dillon, Ika and Demetres talking about fight Bruno/Emily got in at the hot tub. Demetres saying on paper The six looked like a money alliance. Dillon saying how he felt like he would walk in and feel like they were having a meeting and they would stop talking, it shouldn’t feel like that when you are part of an alliance. Ika says they felt the same way, Ika says they knew they were at the bottom. Dillon says him and Emily knew as well. Dillon tells Ika/Dem the last thing Neda said to him was get Ika out. Ika laughs and says that is funny because in the pantry she was saying put Karen on the block to send Dillon out and deal with Ika next week. Dre/William talking in pink room. Dre says everyone is annoying her. Talking about Ika, At one point Dre says to William “ are you telling me the truth” William says “ oh my gawd Dre!” William says Ika told him Dre said she was going to put Kevin on the block. Dre says “ I will not put Kevin on the block” Dre says if Dillon and Karen came up to her and says they want to keep her they probably made a deal with them. Dre says Ika is leaving now, she is mad and upset. Dre says “ now she is downstairs solidifying her final four with Dillon. William says he just wants more safety next week. Dre going on about Ika and says you guys can keep her I am going to vote her out. Dre says she is fascinated in this game that everyone is going to keep her in this game because it only benefits her and Demetres. Dre thinks Ika will not put her on the block and she will just not win HOH so someone else can put her up. Dre says she knows that because she did the same thing by letting Kevin win HOH and put them up. Dre says it is a herd mentality. William says do you really think if Ika is gone it is way more better for my game. Dre says the only people that are at an advantage with her staying are her and Demetres. William says I will not take her to the final four, Kevin doesn’t want that.
9:30 PM BBT Dre has flipped and no longer wants to keep Ika, she is going off to Will about Ika. Dre says she wants Karen out because she is going to be carried to final two. Dre says again and again the only people benefiting from Ika staying are Demetres and Dre. Dre says if Ika made a final four deal with Dillon and Karen who do you think she will put on the block, you and Kevin. Dre says she doesn’t care, she is going to vote her out and it is going to be a real turn up. William says you really want to vote her out. Dre says yes, even if I am the only one. Dre says if she stays there is going to be a turn up and I will win HOH and be out for revenge. William looks really confused. Dre says she actually had a debate in her head whether Ika was playing her or not. Dre now saying she thinks Dillon wants Demetres out. She thinks he wants Karen at the end with her. Dre now going off about Karen. She is a fifty three year old women that insults people. William is just sitting there, not saying anything. Now Dillon and Karen are in the storage room, Karen says what are we doing? Dillon says we are voting Jackie out. Dillon says Jackie is going to start winning numbers comps and Ika doesn’t know her days. Ika/Jackie/William/Kevin in bathroom. Ika/Demetres/Dre in pink room studying. Ika says she doesn’t want to leave Jackie alone in the bathroom alone with Kevin and William Demetres says ya that is her plan, to look sad. Demetres showing Dre his studying plan with the gummy bears. Jackie sleeping in bathroom. Storage room-Kevin and William. William asking Kevin if he thinks Ika made a final four deal with Dillon and Jackie. Kevin says yes, well I don’t know if they made a deal. William says he thinks they are trying to get them to go against each other. Dre walks in says something in French, gets ice and walks out. Kevin tells Will they need to go talk in HOH room. Will said Dillon is there though. Ika taking a shower watching what Jackie is doing. Dre is grilling Dillon in hoh. She says promise me you will be honest. She asks Dillon if he made a deal with Ika and Demetres final four. He says ya with him and Dre. Dre then says I am going to vote her out. Dillon sighs and says what did she say. Dillon asks why.
9:45 PM BBT Dre is telling Dillon she is going to vote out Ika, Dre says Ika campaigned to William and told him Dre is going after Kevin. Dillon asks Dre why he wanted to know about a final four. Dre says cause I think she made a final four with Will and Kevin. Dillon says yes, you finally see it. Dillon says tomorrow you are going to come to me and change your mind. Dillon keeps asking Dre what happened. He says ‘are we getting played, how?’ Dre tells Dillon that Ika went to William and told him Dre is going after Kevin. Dre says you don’t need to tell him, if we are together you don’t need to tell him that. Dre admits she said it but is mad because Ika said something to William. Dillon says do you think maybe she only said it on a campaign level. Dre said why me, bitch you are going to be surprised, ya’ll think Ika is the only one that can turn up, You are all going to be surprised. Dre says maybe William is lying to me. Dillon says ok think about it, Kevin tells William to do this. Dre says no, William did not. Dre says she is so f’in pissed. Dre tells Dillon she doesn’t care what he does. Dre asks why are you willing to keep her, he says because of you. Dre is now smiling. Dre says she is going to talk to William tonight and make him swear she said that, and tomorrow morning she is going to tell Dillon. Dillon wants to talk to Kevin right now. Dre says he is talking to Kevin right now, which is wierd because I just talked to him. Dillon says ya, think about that. Kevin is not a dumb person, he is doing whatever he can to take the target off him. Dre is not listening to a word Dillon is saying and is just talking about a turn up. Dillon keeps asking her if she is serious. Dillon says ok so think about it for two seconds, we have this opportunity to take Ika out and we don’t, everyone is laughing at us. Everyone else is in the kitchen. Dre says she doesn’t want a heart, Dillon says we are in big brother Canada. Dillon says ya we don’t have no time for that. Dillon says he likes where her head is at. Dre says she is so annoyed at this. Dre keeps saying I don’t understand why you want to keep her. Dillon says she feels like she can beat Ika but Jackie scares who because she knows everything and he doesn’t know where Jackie’s head is at. Dre again says she is going to talk to William and if he says Ika DID say that then Ika is gone. Meanwhile Ika is putting on lotion after her shower unaware people are flipping back to keeping Jackie. Dre again says will William lie to me, Dillon says not if he swears on stuff. Dillon says Karen will do what he wants.
10:00 PM BBT Ika is the WR area Dillon said this is a charging port Ika said does it come with one Ika said where is everybody down stairs to Dillon are you going down stairs Demetres said it doesn’t sound like they are building anything all day Dillon said are you taking your makeup off Karen said is it to early William and Kevin are talking William said maybe you don’t believe me but i don’t think Dre will put you up on the block William said i am scared to death with Dillon Kevin said it’s weird that they want to keep Ika william said kevin William said he is stressed and Kevin said i am stressed Kevin said i am so tired William said i am to Kevin said all 6 want to keep Ika because she is so good
10:15 PM BBT Karen and Dillon are talking in the WR area Kevin said go talk to Dillon and ask him what he wants to do Kevin said we can’t trust Ika to final 4 Kevin said to William let me look at your back William please put on your microphone Karen said i have really good makeup remover in my bag Karen said i put on fake eyelashes Karen said we are not playing Dre game we are not sending Ika home we are sending Jackie home Karen said Jackie is smart me and Ika have no chance we both don’t study Karen said there is not a lot of loyalty left Demetres said to Ika you are very smart and intelligent Demetres said you never chill here Ika said Demetre i’m hungry Demetres said is there some slop left Ika said i feel so nervous Ika said if i pour Maple syrup on ice am i allowed to eat that Demetres said your not allowed to have condiments
10:30 PM BBT Ika said i am going to get some ice water Ika said there is no more slope Ika said thank god i miss your protein shakes Ika said i just want to eat i am so hungry Ika said look you didn’t eat the pineapple Ika said is it because i didn’t peel it for you Demetres said i didn’t think about it Dre said your almost done just 1 more day Demetres said do you want energy right now Ika said i am going to stir my sugar water ika said you have been so stressed this week Dillon said there is something going on it’s weird William said you seem to look like you are pissed Dillon said because she has a final 2 with William Dillon said weird Dillon said whatever they are talking about is not a good thing Ika said he told me he was voting out Jackie Dre said he wants ika out Dre said i am going to go in and say i want to vote to evict Ika
10:45 PM BBT Ika said where was she at before Dre said the way i am this way you did hide some things from me in the past Ika said the only thing that keeps me in insane is the one person that i have and i know if i leave they will fuck him over Dillon said how long do you think i was sleeping today Demetres put on your microphone Demetres said image if we had a steam room Dillon said ika would be ripping some girls weave out Demetres said we didn’t request the razors did we Ika said my face is so dry Demetres said it’s dry in here
11:00PM BBT Dillon said it’s Super dry in here Karen said if somebody goes to the DR we need trash bags Karen said i need a tea William and Kevin are talking Kevin said we both are going to survive tomorrow do you think in his mind he wants to get rid of Ika William said i don’t think that Dre is going to keep ika is the thing Kevin said i do think keeping Ika is better for your game Kevin said talking to me about anything Kevin said i can’t wait to play video games with my brother Karen said they eat apples or no apples they were still staying up Ika said should i go in there Dillon said this make me red flag red flag Ika said he told me earlier he was voting to keep me Kevin said don’t stress William Dre walks in the HOH Kevin said i am going to talk to Dre do you want to follow me Dre and William are talking french Ika said what am i supposed to say Ika said i am so happy that you were in the room when she did that
11:15 PM BBT Dre and William are talking french Ika said these people are so shady Karen said we are going to evict Jackie Karen said they are getting trapped they don’t think that we talk Karen said i am telling you know i am done talking to them Ika said i can tell when Demetres is stressed out Karen said is she working with Kevin and them Ika said i don’t know Karen said jackie is going home Ika said oh my god they have been playing us the whole entire time Karen said don’t buy into that horse shit Karen said that’s such a lie Dillon said where is she right now
11:30 PM BBT Karen said Jackie is going home William asked Dre are you okay Dillon said it’s so sketchy Dillon said i felt something weird Karen said the morning i had the meltdown do not trust them Dillon said i bring information to her we talk about it Dillon said i always thought that it was William and Kevin Dillon said i can’t believe she tried to convince you to use the veto on her Karen please have your batteries change Ika said they knew that i was hungry Ika said i am glad that you went to karen ika said
11:45 PM BBT Karen and William are talking Karen said i will see you in the morning karen said thank you to dre Dillon said she is playing me and she is playing you guys Dillon said no wonder why you have trust issues Dillon said tonight she was a little to shady


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