Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, May 10th

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12:00AM BBT Demetres and Karen talk about how Jackie was coming after her for no reason. Ika looks for something to eat in the SR. Karen tells Demetres that she will try to make the best of any situation. Karen tells Demetres a story about a donkey. Karen and Demetres talk about how sexy the outfits have been this season. Ika ask karen why Kevin is moping around . Karen said he figured out what was going on that Karen is voting to keep Demetres.
12:15AM BBT Karen said she feels funny.  She thinks she ate too much suga.r Ika said they need to find another way to study because the gummy bears are not working for her. Ika wonders if Dillon said something to Kevin HOH room. Kevin talking to himself.  He says that if tomorrow the house is voting to keep Demetres , then he will try something with Karen.  He has nothing to lose.
12:30AM BBT Ika is trying to make a board to help her study Ika asks Demetres what is up with Kevin Dillon is asleep in bed Karen in the BR getting ready for bed Karen joins Ika and Demetres in bedroom and studies using gummy bears
12:45AM BBT Ika still cutting letters out to help her study tomorrow they will go over the POV and make sure they know everything so them they can beat Kevin Karen goes to bed
1:00AM BBT Ika gets ready for bed and Demetres goes down stairs to fill their water bottle Ika helps Demetres with the pimples on his chest Demetres said she cannot wait to get back the gym when he gets out ika and Demetres get into bed and talk about their family growing up Ika tells Demetres that she remembers a lot about her younger years and not much about her high school years
1:15AM BBT Ika tells Demetres that she likes him more and more each day she said this relationship has been different than any other one she has been in and maybe that is why she is not as scared Demetres tells Ika what he will say when asked about their relationship outside the house he said he will tell them he has true feelings for her but for their future they live very far apart and will have to see what happens
1:30AM BBT -8:30 AM BBT All HGs sleeping
8:34 AM BBT Karen gets up, makes her bed and heads to the kitchen to make coffee. She changes her batteries, gets ice and refills the ice cube trays before heading to the WR.
8:45 AM BBT Karen is the only one up; all others still sleeping. Karen sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.
9:00 AM BBT Karen is up and getting ready for the day (I assume, she’s not on cams.) Everyone else still in bed.
9:03 AM BBT Lights on and cams off.
9:15 AM BBT Feeds back. Dillon called to the DR. Dem sitting on the edge of the bed, after organizing the battery exchange, saying he doesn’t want to go back downstairs. He and Ika discuss his showering habits. He says he showers three times a day when he’s at home. He says guys stink, and he likes being naked and wet. He leaves to bring the battery box downstairs and Ika gets dressed and makes her way to the WR. Karen out of the shower, Ika into the shower. Dillon gets in the other shower. Dem goes to make omelets.

9:30 AM BBT Karen, Dillon and Ika getting ready for the day in the WR. Dem alone in the kitchen making omelets.
9:45 AM BBT Dem finishes eating his omelet and starts making Karen’s on the only active cam.
9:48 AM BBT Karen telling Ika in the WR that she hopes the editing shows that Kevin was prancing around like the king of the house only to show them defeat his plans in the end. She leaves to get a coffee. Ika cam talks about working with ‘stupid Kevin Martin’ before Dillon comes in. She goes back to applying her makeup.
10:00 AM BBT Dillon and Dem talking in the kitchen about Dem’s week as HN. Ika and Karen in the WR talking about Bruno. Karen says she doesn’t like him as a player, but she likes him as a person. She says it’s like he’s two different people. Ika says that the reason the awards show is so important to her is that she didn’t make it. Karen talking about how they’ve made F4; she says Dillon had said it to her earlier in the week, and he was counting his chickens before they hatched. She says he made F5, she’s made F4. Ika says for the number of people who have left, the number of big personalities, they’re lucky to have made F4. Karen says there’s one more that has to go, the slithering snake in his natural habitat. Ika says it’s bizarre the number of times Karen was able to predict what was going to happen. Dem comes in and asks if Bizarre is a rapper; the girls shut down that line of conversation. Ika complaining about Dem watching her put her makeup on, she asks Karen to make him stop. Dem says she made him put her makeup on one day and Karen says she’s knows; it was really bad. Dem gets in the shower. Ika complains about Sindy giving Dem instructions when he was applying her makeup and that sets Karen off again about how much Sindy talks, and how it’s always about her. Karen goes on to say she can’t believe that Sindy keeps track of everyone she’s slept with and is happy to share that information with everyone. Karen says the idea of boasting who you’ve slept with is unnatural to her. Feeds finally cut on them, leaving us with Dillon lying on the couch breathing heavily as our only feed.
10:15 AM BBT Feeds back in the WR. Karen and Ika talking about the different dating apps. Karen says when you’re on Tinder it means you’re DTF. Ika says she’s not on any of them; that they’re geared towards younger people. She says that her grandmother raised her that she should be able to walk into a room and no guy has anything to say about her and she’s carried that with her through her life. Talk turns back to makeup. Karen says last night Kevin was trying to tell her that Demika was one of the strongest couples in BB history. Karen told him that they are the strongest couple; even stronger than Jillian and Emmett. Karen says she resisted telling him she’s been with them since the beginning. She says that they are the power couple she was hoping to align with. Talk turns to whether or not Bruce is coming to finale. Karen says if he doesn’t, she’s not going to Niagara. She’s worried he’ll be bored the day they have to do press; Ika says, “I’ll tell you what happens that day.” and feeds cut.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds back, and Karen is talking about makeup again. Ika says she thought Dre had a crush on Dillon. Karen says that Dillon thought Neda had a crush on him and she was jealous of Emily. Dillon figures he reminded Neda of Big Jon. Ika says that she wishes she had trusted Emily. Karen says that trusting Emily and Dillon helped her make it through the season because she had Dillon and Emily on one side of the house and Demika on the other and Bruno keeping her posted about what was happening. Meanwhile Dillon is talking to BB in the kitchen area saying how he wishes they could go outside to break up this boring day. “It’s 30 feet away and you can’t make that happen. It’s unbelievable.” Kevin comes downstairs. Dillon says he feels like he’s been up for hours and it’s only been an hour. He says it’s going to be another long day in the shitbox. He asks Kevin if he can listen to music and Kevin says it just died and he should bring it down. Feeds cut on them.
10:40 AM BBT Dem, Ika and Karen in the WR. Dem (wrapped in a towel) says he’s just going to air-dry. He says Neda has been in jury since day 34; almost a month. Karen says every week she’s getting more bitter; that she is waiting for Dem or Ika to walk through the door. Ika says she thinks she really wants to see her. Karen says Ika’s rival was Neda and hers was Kevin Martin. Karen says she’s been visualizing evicting Kevin, just like he’s visualizing evicting ‘one of us.’ Karen says one of her anxieties before entering the house was people touching her stuff. She says she’s not a good sharer.
10:45 AM BBT Ika saying she feels bad and that she feels like she’s giving Dem hope where there is none. (Dem is sleeping on the bench in the WR.) She says she can’t wait until they’re out of the house and they can talk freely. She says there’s lots she wants to tell Karen but there are people watching. They both go into the pink BR to get dressed. Feeds cut briefly and Karen is saying she’s got a bad story to tell Ika once they’re out of the house. Karen again talks about how she doesn’t like people touching herself. She says that one of the worst days was when the people from the tour came in and they were frozen and she couldn’t tell them not to touch her or her stuff. They talk about how that episode will air tonight. Ika says she couldn’t believe Sarah came in…and feeds cut.
10:52 AM BBT Kevin in kitchen working on his breakfast.
10:54 AM BBT Feeds back in pink BR. Ika saying, “In real life, she’s very very nice.” Ika saying she (don’t know if it’s still Sarah) took jabs at every one of them, except Kevin. That’s why he feels like he’s the king. Karen talking about all she had for her to pick on was her age; Ika says she hates when people talk about a woman’s age. Feeds cut on them again. Kevin still preparing his breakfast in the kitchen.
10:58 AM BBT Ika telling Karen she thinks people think Karen is brave. Ika says she complains every day about the costumes she has to wear. She says if they do one closeup on her butt, back fat and cellulite she’s going to die.
11:00 AM BBT Ika asks, do you remember when dre said emily threatened her, do you think that was a lie? Karen says yes that she feels Dre was trying to be maniacal. Dem comes in and lays in the bed in just his towel. Says the washing machine woke him up this AM. They both say then need to do laundry, Karen heads out to go folds her laundry. Ika asks if Dem is tired he says you never get enough sleep. Ika folds her clothes while Dem lays there talking, Kevi down stairs alone eating breakfast. Karen enters the pink bedroom fully dressed talking with Dem about studying.. HOH, POV, who was on the clock, the votes, HN, Ika getting dressed while they study.
11:15 AM BBT Dem Helps Karen make acronyms to remember the study info. Feeds cut a moment and now Dem is up getting dressed. Karen reminds Ika that she is not on the block she doesn’t have to pack today, Ika says I know but I want to pack, but they both say they would rather be packed. Being packed shows you are not totally comfortable. Ika says how superstitious the two of them have made her they go back to studying. Karen talking Pov’s while Dem helps to correct her. Kevin has finished Breakfast and is now sitting in the corner drinking his Coffee. Ika says after she eats she wants to come back up and study and Karen says ok it will be all day she needs to be rapid fire and she isn’t there yet. They briefly take a moment quiz each other. They talk about laundry a moment. Karen points out that they haven’t practiced who hosted the comps. Karen and Ika head to the Wr, Ika putting clothes in, aren says we just gotta keep going over it. Ika heads back into the room and talks about the bed being a mess, Ika tries to put lotion on while Dem tries to Cuddle. Ika says she is too busy for Dem today she has arts and crafts to do today. He steals a few kisses from her, and asks what would he do without her in the house. Dem says they will be studying all day. Ika says she needs to go eat and then begin working on her arts and crafts, she needs to do something when she studies. Karen enters the room and says he is sitting below us cuz he can hear us when we talk at a normal level. We have to talk low, Ika heads down to the Kt area.
11:30 AM BBT Kevin asks Ika what she is up to, she says she is going to eat and do laundry, asks where Dillon is and Kevin says he doesn’t know. Kevin says the Final 4 award show will be fun, it’s been a dream of ika’s. The Final 4 will be awesome. They say how it will be one male returnee, one Female returnee, One male newbie, one female Newbie. It was an awesome season. They discuss who they think will be the host for the awards as it’s usually Gary. Kevin gives Ika and Dem credit for the strong game they have played. They both say they feel bad for Sindy in the alliance as she was the glue and everyone should have trusted her but no one did. Kevin said he and Bruno were buds but had the agreement that at some point they would have to cut one another to get farther, Ika says her and Dem never went there it was always the 2 of them. He did have the 100% loyalty with Pili though. Ika keeps cooking as they talk, they discuss something they did yesterday for Finale night. Ika says of all the vets that walked in, she is not surprised that Kevin is there but she is surprised she is there. Kevin says this season he has done just about everything. He admits that he was able to get into Neda’s but not hers. Ika tells Kevin the conversation that ruined it for her and him “thank you for that advice” in week 4 from Kevin to Ika. Kevin says that social game he sucked but everyone likes Ika/Dem.
11:45 AM BBT Ika explains how she and Dem didn’t trust Dre as much as the house thought they were all close. She explains where things made her shady and how Ika couldn’t let Dre see that but she felt that way for a long time. Ika and Kevin discuss how they wanted to work together but there were other things in the way, Dre and Bruno. Karen and Dem Break up the Study session for a bit, Karen heads to the WR, Dem clears off his bed. Karen heads down to the Kitchen area, Kevin tells Karen about the BB awards show and Karen is all nonchalant about it. The ladies both head to the SR where ika tells Karen what the Convo has been. Ika says Kevin is still lost as to the fact that Karen is a major reason Ika and Dem are still here and that they will both be here next week. Karen exits the Sr and Ika stays looking for more to eat. Kevin and Karen are talking about the Award show and how both returnees are all about it. Dem heads down the Kitchen area too, the only one missing is Dillon who has been missing all morning. Karen brings up Jeffrey Dahmer and Feeds cut.
12:00 PM BBT They discuss how Neda is responsible herself for not having fun. Dem and Ika in the Kt cooking, Kevin still sitting in the corner, Dem says if he as asked back he would do it again next season or Amazing race but not in like a month. Dillon heads downstairs and joins the kitchen people. Karen comes by and mentions that ika says she sucks but atleast she won a task and the first HOH ( it was given to her) She heads to the pink room then back downstairs. Ika talks about the comps she won in her last season and how she hasn’t won anything this season. Ika throws a jab at Kevin “just goes to show you don’t gotta win comps to stay here unless you are you Kevin.” Ika says she threw a few comps. Karen comes back down and asks if Ika made a whole pack of chicken, she says yes it said best by 5-9 so she didn’t want it to go bad. They Discuss Sindy throwing a comp and how mean Neda is. Kevin DR. Ika offers to share the Chicken with Karen. Dem and Ika at the kitchen table talking quietly. Karen swaps laundry, Dillon lays on the couch in the living room. Ika and Dem talk quietly at the table while she eats her chicken. Karen comes down and hollers at Ika for not closing the baby wipes they are drying out. Dillon and Karen in the SR Karen is Ironing Dillon’s jacket, Dillon says that today is a shitty day, there has been days that he wanted out the house so badly but not now. Dillon says Kevin hasn’t said anything to him since 2 nights ago. Dillon asks Karen if she saw Kevin’s Sprinkle thing she says yes.
12:15 PM BBT Ika and Dem at the table talking about their games, how Dem has done so well, a social game and won comps, but Ika only had a social game. They feel they are the 2 most deserving people in the house. They then discuss a past season and the instant eviction. Dillon heads up to the Blue room to put the jacket away then to the Wr, Karen heads up to the WR, Ika alone at the table silently.
12:25 PM BBT-12:30 PM BBT Feeds cut
12:34 PM BBT Ika and Dem at the Table talking about wife and marriage material how sweet someone is, feeds cut aback out for a few moments. Dem is talking about Jp, Kevin is in the Kitchen, Dillon and Ika sitting at the table with Dem. Ika DR. Karen joins the table in place of Ika, Karen says that after living with him, Kevin is nothing like his season 3 Character. Karen asks do people’s opinions about players come from the DR? Dem and Kevin say ya that’s where you can be yourself and it’s not game play. They talk about past season DRs. and who was good in the DR. They discuss Dre and her game and how rude and crappy she was at one point in the game before a HOH. Dem says that Dre was manipulating and Dem thinks she was sly about it but Karen says no I saw it. They discuss how Dre acted the day she was going home before knowing she would be on the block.
12:45 PM BBT “ The tourist Group” ( the people involved in the task from Monday airing in tonight’s episode) roasted Jackie. They talk about how well Jackie could play when she needed to win. Kevin says that Jackie was actually considering not using the POV that she won when Neda was replacement and went home. Karen heads up to change her top but BB says STOP THAT Karen. The boys talk about Golf and Karen just sits at the table listening. They discuss 2 irons as it’s not common anymore and how Dem loves his makes amazing shots with it.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, May 10th

1:00 PM BBT Dem is talking about how he used to play Golf competitively but is glad that it’s all recreational now. They say how they don’t even know who won the masters this year ( Sergio Garcia in playoffs against Justin Rose) Karen brings up the Indy 500. Dem says he has never been able to get into watching NASCAR. Karen points out the big ol table with no one at it.. There’s 12 chairs and 5 Hgs left. Dillon says the house that lies built, slithering and Beyond. Dillon says every time they sit for a ceremony she yawns, Dem says it’s a nervous thing, He used to do it all the time. Dillon says he does yawn before fights, they all start yawning talking about it. They talk about comps and when they did or didn’t play and wish they had played. ( lots of building in the backyard) Dillon says how cool/nice would it be to go outside scale of 1-10, Dem says 6, Dillon says 10, Karen says it’s not happening, he refuses to ask Kevin. They talk about JK Rowling and how she went from living on welfare and food stamps in her van when she wrote the 1st harry Potter and now is a billionaire. They talk about the Universal Studios Harry Potter world.
1:15 PM BBT They begin talking about theme parks and rides and where they are all at and the coolest rides. They talk about a mall with a huge boat and submarine and it used to have a dolphin show now it has sea otters. Karen asks don’t you remember the big scandal with the West Edmonton water park. There were 6 families who came forward about mistreatment, but it happened in a mall. Dem says that there is a full amusement park inside the mall, there is like 20 rides, 2 large roller coasters, water features. The same people who own Mall of America are supposed to own this mall in Canada. Karen gets up to make a sandwich and will share it with Dillon. Dem says he wants to hang out in the area for a few days after the season is over. They begin talking about sports the Blue Jays specifically. Karen hollers to Dillon his food is ready. Dem is telling a story about how he built something and climbed up the building and tried to reach Terminal Velocity. Dem and Dillon head to the Bar area to eat, Ika comes out of the Dr, Karen is called back into the DR. They go back to roller coaster conversation with Ika.
1:30 PM BBT Dem says what things he wants to do after the show, Blue jays game, Hockey hall of fame, a CNTower ( it used to be the tallest freestanding building in the world), Sky walk outside the tower, Canada’s wonderland, Raptors in the playoffs? Ika calls him a tourist. Karen exits the Dr. and joins the Kitchen Kevin is the only one missing now. They discuss the aquarium, Karen says he needs to go to Niagra on the lake, Niagra Falls. They tease Ika for not knowing that Canada is super huge for Hockey. Ika heads to the Wr to potty, Karen heads to Brush her teeth, Dillon follows her upstairs, Dem is alone in the Kitchen. Dillon asks so tomorrow is a 2-0 and he’s okay he has made peace with leaving. Karen says he is not letting Kevin decide and force her vote. Dillon joins the ladies in the WR. They explain to Dillon the reason it’s going down the way it is. He says he is powerless and it sucks but he knows it. Dillon says Kevin told him yesterday when he walked through the door he left his morals and integrity at the door. Dillon says Kevin swore he would take Dillon F2 and he knows it was a lie. It’s just hard Knowing how bad he wanted out of the house at times and now that it’s time he doesn’t wanna leave. Dillon says he has nothing to talk to the Jury members about. When he hits the Jury house all the game talk is done.
1:45 PM BBT Ika tells Dillon how Kevin admits to trying to be a snake and it didn’t always work. Ika wanted to change the persona of a good game player and have fun and not be so stuck in the game. Karen gets help to change her shirt. They joke about how Dillon was going to buy 2 pair of lours Vuitton when he won his cash. Karen says Ika your clothes are done in the dryer. Dem enters the Wr asking where Dillon got his floss pick he says in his room offers him one Dem says no. Ika and Dillon agree there are a handful of people who they will never talk with or hang out with outside the house. They discuss Kevin’s glasses that he lost and how they are missing more than ½ the season. Dem heads into the Pink room alone, sits on the bed, and stares. Karen freshens up her brows and make-up, They talk about how they have had a chance to fool Kevin and how he tries to make deals with everyone. Dillon says “Kevin is a lying sack of Shit” they keep talking about Kevin and how people weren’t believing Karen.
2:00 PM BBT Karen and Demetres as well as Ika are chatting together about putting each other up and how the game has been played so far. Demetres says that people need to stand by what you say. Demetres says that Kevin told him that everyone threw him and Ika under the bus. Ika says that Karen is a riot by the way she doesn’t put up with other HG and that she doesn’t understand Kevin’s logic on his game. Karen thinks that it is because of her that ika and Demetres are basically safe and didn’t want to say anything to Demetres so he would not get false hope. They are talking about one of the HG was very competitive and very schedule when she has something in mind. They are all walking out of the WR at this time and are going into one of the bedroom in order to get some “learning” time for the next comp. In the meantime, we have Ika getting stuff out of the storage room and is headed to the kitchen to make something to eat.
2:15 PM BBT Ika is telling Kevin that she does not want anything from him, no food, no nothing from him, not even a sympathetic smile. NO other conversation is taking place between them. Kevin is in the SR searching something, not sure what but he is looking all over the place. Kevin is saying that he is surprised how Dillon is giving up so easily especially for him to be an athlete and that the others are fighting to stay in the game. We have Ika trying to make a protein shake as Dillon is walking into the kitchen area and then helps her with it. Ika is saying that they are spoiled in the house as they do not have to go out and do any groceries shopping or anything. While, in the background, you can hear all the noise BB is making to get everything set up for the next comp. Dillon took a glass of the shake and is telling Ika that it is pretty delicious. In the upstairs bedroom, we have Karen and Demetres reviewing all the dates and everything that has been happening in the house since it has started. Demetres now understand how paranoia can take place in playing this game and how Dillon has been flip flopping throughout the season. Karen is saying that they have dragged Jackie too long and that after being on the block 4 times, it was time for her to go.
2:30 PM BBT Ika and Dillon are downstairs chatting a bit while eating his shake. Dillon is saying that a couple of girls liked him while he was in Michigan. And we have Kevin walk into the kitchen and setting up to make a fresh pot of coffee. No more chats from anyone else. Back in the bedroom, Karen and Demetres talking. Karen is saying how she was able to realize who was actually true to their alliances and who was fake. Demetres is saying that it bothered Bruno a lot if people did not like him and that how hard some of the HG were playing the game. Dillon is saying that he moved to Florida when he was about 15 yrs old and had to learn really quick how to be street smart as he had to live in the ghetto and that he used to live in a large trailer. Demetres is saying that when him and Ika were put up on the block, they did not freak out. HE believes that leaving Kevin out of every conversation was the best move and how he likes to throw everyone under the bus.
2:45 PM BBT In the Living room area, Kevin with Ika and Dillon are all chatting together but not game. Dillon is saying that asking hotel manager to see their presidential suite or junior suite. They are discussing how some hotels can be very dirty and in nasty. Ika says that one time, she ended up staying at a cheap hotel and how awful it was that she used a blanket to cover everything just to lay on the bed. Dillon is mentioning that he also had to stay at a bad hotel because he was so broke. His girlfriend was also leaving with him there and that things did not work out as she thought he was cheating on her. And to her, it didn’t matter what he was doing, she did not trust him talking to other girls. Demetres and Karen are still chatting together about all of the events, conversation that has taken place and that he is telling her that she needs to do her thing just to go as far as possible, and here, we go again… Karen is patting herself on the back for being 53 yrs old and making it so far into the game and truly believe that they are things she did to make sure she has a right path to make it far. She is also saying that she almost turned against Ika and Demetres but s very glad that she didn’t.
3:00 PM BBT Kevin is talking to Dillon about Poker and how much he loves the game then camera goes out but comes back shortly as they continue to talk poker. Dillon and Kevin are realizing that there is about only 8 or 9 days. Dillon is asking what happens when you leave the house so KEvin is telling him that the HG gets to talk to Irisa and at a certain point, BB will ask you to talk to a psychiatrist to make sure you are ok mentally after your eviction before being sent to the jury. With that information, Dillon gets up, washes his glasses to return back to his seat. As today is day 61 and still counting is what Dillon mentioning to Kevin. Ika has returned back into the bedroom where Karen and Demetres are. Karen was saying that when she was put on the block one time, she went and sat having no reactions. All 4 cameras are showing the bedroom. Karen was wondering how she was above Jackie and she played the game. Karen is saying how she went off on Kevin for being put on the block.
3:15 PM BBT Ika leaves the room and heads downstairs to clean up the glasses and from there, into the storage room, opening the freezer and fridge but ends up taking the box of cereal out. She is munching in the kitchen all by herself, while Karen and Demetres are talking in the bedroom and their conversation is turning around Nada, Kevin and Bruno. Ika is returning upstairs. Ika with Demetres and Karen are studying. They are talking about the dates for POV and HOH and who was playing and the Have Nots. Ika is using cereal and tin foil to study with Karen. Dallas was the first one gone. And who were the Have nots and in what order and using acronyms is the easiest way to remember.
3:30 PM BBT They are going thru the order of who went out and what the votes were. They are saying that week 6, sindy went home. All cams are showing the bedroom where Karen, Demetres and Ika are studying and how was put on the block each week throughout the season. Demetres leaves the room shortly after to get more foil to use for their review.
Counting each week and who was on the block.. Who went home on week 5 and they are questioning each other back and forth in order to learn all they need so they can win the next comp. Ika and Demetres with Karen are going week by week with every comp to make sure they do not forget anything that has happened in the house since the season has started. Karen is laughing that it will be only 3 person playing in the next comp and that Kevin would need to win the final veto in order to win and get to at least F3.
3:45 PM BBT Karen is saying that she is not a strong player and doesn’t see how she would win the next comp and how excited she is feeling now. Karen is saying that both Ika and herself are so weak and she is mentioning that it could be a repeat of week one and could be making a deal to win hoh like she did before at the beginning of the game. They are discussing that what options Kevin has if he wins POV. Ika is saying that Demetres can have a big ego in the game. Ika thinks that Demetres should give her the HOH if it is them only left on the comp. She is calling him and Ass****. She thinks Demetres should just throw it to her as he has already won so many. They are all realizing that it all comes down to the Veto this time. They are thinking that William will be the swing vote on the jury and may favor Kevin if he is F2. Demetres, Ika with Karen are going over and over the dates and all the comps that has been played and what were the names of each competition.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, May 10th

4:00 PM BBT Karen, Demetres are going over the dates of who went who and backwards week. Feeds out. Feeds return. Demetres, Ika, and Karen are remembering dates. Not much else is going on. Karen is downstairs to use the restroom. Kevin is upstairs alone in the HOH room. Karen is cleaning the freezer.
4:15 PM BBT Karen is waking Dillon up. Naptime is over. BB tells Karen and Dillon to stop talking about production. Karen and Dillon are talking about splitting the vot.
4:30 PM BBT Karen said that Kevin is proud at the way he’s playing the game. Dillon said that he won’t hang out with Sindy after the show. Karen says to Dillon that he is funny. He doesn’t believe her. Dillon said he had a dream playing softball. Dillon and Karen call Kevin evil. BB Called someone to DR. They are having veal for supper. Dillon found a spider in the kitchen. A tiny spider. Feeds out
4:45 PM BBT – 5:00 PM BBT Feeds out
5:00 PM BBT Feeds out Feeds back. Ika is sleeping and Karen is cleaning the house.
5:15 PM BBT Karen is leaving the bedroom. Ika and Demetre are in the bed remembering days. The house is quiet. In the living room, Kevin and Karen are talking about family.
5:30 PM BBT All of the houseguests are in the living room chatting about their family. Not much else is going on. Karen is talking about Arlington Cemetery in Virginia and the War one memorial. Kevin called to the DR. The houseguests are just lounging around.
5:45 PM BBT Kevin is in the HOH room alone walking around. Feeds down Feeds back at 5:58 PM BBT
6:00 PM BBT Ika and Dem are talking in the pink room. Ika said that they are two different players. Ika said it’s stupid to throw her game away for some guy. Dem asks that if she feels like they are not playing as one anymore – she says no. Dem tells her she can feel anyway she wants. Dem says he doesn’t want this HOH to break them apart. He said that is why he is studying for POV cuz if he loses the POV then he doesn’t deserve to go any further in the game. Ika said when it gets to final 4 that everyone thinks about themselves. Dem says that he is thinking about the end with her. She said she does not believe him. He said does she think that he will take karen? She said that he should do what is best for him. Dem said that if this relationship is one sided that she needs to know that he will do his best to take her to the end. Karen comes in and tells them that there is a 7 min timer for bread and that they are going outside for an hour. Karen leaves – Dem says that regardless if it’s good for his game that he is taking her to final 2. Ika says she doesn’t understand why he is turning it around. He said he isn’t but she can feel however she wants. When she says that whatever is best for his game to him it means they are not good. He said he is letting her know where he stands. Dem leaves the room and Ika closes her eyes lying down. PLEASE WAKE UP NAP TIME IS OVER. Ika says geez BB – you don’t want me to live. She runs down the order of evicted HG. Karen yells for her to come and eat. Ika grabs a jacket and leaves the room. Downstairs in the kitchen, HG are preparing food. They take their plates to the dining room table. Ika is still in the WR.
6:15 PM BBT Ika says that being in the house is tiring – that she forgot how tiring it is. They talk about a joke that they played on Karen for $10,000. They talk about Kevin and Sindy being a possible showmance. Kevin says no thank you because he wants to stay in the house because she is a black widow in the house. They talk about Jackie and how she went crying and Karen talking to her about it. They talk more about Jackie and feeds go down at 6:25 PM BBT
6:30 PM BBT Feeds come back at 6:35 PM BBT – HG are outside and they are talking about Cass and Jackie and that there was a situation that happened after a competition when she had a melt down. They talk about Jackie and the alliances she made and that when the HOH changed she was flipping and was happy when she was not on the block. Ika talks about a time that Jackie walks in on her and Dre and asks about being thrown under the bus to Kevin. And that Ika got all of her friends out of the house. Kevin asks if Jackie ever fought back to Ika and they say no. Karen does say that there was a situation where Jackie interjects with a conversation with Karen and Iak where she said that Ika been mean to her. Ika says she was mad. Kevin said that after that Jackie ran to him and told him. 6:45 PM BBT They say that they think Jackie is like that in real life. Feeds go down at 6:50 PM BBT. Feeds return 6:54 PM BBT. They are talking about how the game would have been different if there were different HOH’s and if different HG would have been evicted. Karen says that this season had 80 different alliance names and not one of them made it to the end. They talk about Mark and that he would have done anything that Kevin and Bruno would have told him to. Dem talks about how it would have been had he been evicted first. That he would have been the butt of jokes for years. They talk about Survivor and a contestant that was on the game twice and evicted both times first.
7:00 PM BBT Ika said that she would rather not be in the house at all then go out of the house first. They say that they always remember the first HG voted out from previous seasons. Ika said that she was disappointed in vets in this season because they didn’t have fun. They said that the birthday party was more like a funeral. Dillon said that he cried at the birthday party as soon as Bruno opened the box. He said he cried too much this season. Dem said that he cried with Dillon’s mom came. They ask Kevin is there would have been a showmance with him and Mark. Ika said she cried more in this house then on season 2. They talk about Dillon’s dog Jake coming in. They say that they knew it would get to him. They talk about Gary leaving and Ika said she cried in the DR. Dillon said in hindsight that they should have kept him but Dem said that if he did stay that he wouldn’t have done stuff for them. They said after Gary left that William got HOH which made it ok. They were happy when William won because if they sent home Dre that William would have put them up.
7:15 PM BBT They talk that there is no right or wrong way to play the game. That everyone plays differently. Kevin says that his word in the house is no good. Dem says that he has stuck to his word. Kevin says that he would do anything to win the game. They talk about Bruno being shady. Kevin says that they all were shady in the game. Ika said that she really doesn’t know what Kevin did for the first half of the game. Dem talks about Neda getting mad at him for the whole house vote. He said he didn’t care for her after that. Kevin said that him and Bruno knew that Dem and ika would always choose Dre and William over them. Ika tells Dillon that he was in the right alliance. Dillon says “I was?” Dillon and Ika talks about Bruno — that Bruno told her that Jury management was important. They talk about the Beauty and the Beast alliance on day 5. They talk about the “Leftover Alliance” Karen says that there was too many alliances. THIS IS YOUR 15 MINUTE WARNING THE BACKYARD WILL BE OFF LIMITS IN 15 MINUTES. Kevin said he was proud of his alliance names. Kevin says that Gary had a final 2 with everyone. Ika said that Gary never said final 2 but that he was working with her. They ask if he did that in season 1 and no one talked about it. Dillon says that Gary made a final 2 with Emily and then 10 min later made a final 2 with him. Dem says making an alliance with everyone is the same as working with no one. Karen says that Gary told her that he was lying with everyone except her and she knew that he would have stayed with her. Dem said that all he wants is a fake final two – is that too much to ask? They talk about a Bragade alliance.
7:30 PM BBT Karen said that she didn’t talk to Neda and Sindy after day 5. They say that some people wanted certain people out of the house to get further in the game. They said they never realized that. They talk about slop cookies and Gary calling someone thin. Feeds go down at 7:41 PM BBT
7:45 PM BBT Feeds return at 7:53 PM BBT. Dillon is in the blue room and going through clothes. Ika Dem and Karen are in the kitchen. Dem tells Ika that he didn’t know how shady the house was after hearing all the alliances. Ika said she had no idea they all existed. Karen said she knew. Dillon joins them in the kitchen. Dem tells them that Cass told him that they could be a team and that Dem would be the brawn and Cass would be the brain. Ika and Dem go into the storage room. Dem asked Ika if she believes that people were more loyal to the other side of the house then them. Ika said that she is glad they were loyal to each other. Dem leaves the storage room and Ika grabs chicken wings. Ika tells Dem and dillon that it is one thing to lie but if your lies don’t get you to the end. She said maybe she is just blind but she didn’t see it. Dillon said that he hopes that it is either Dem or Ika in the final 2. They say that Kevin is giving himself way too much credit.
8:00 PM BBT Dem and Dillon talk about when Dillon put Dem on the block. Dem said that he deserved to be put up. Dillon said that he would have looked like an idiot if he didn’t. Ika said that Kevin wants a villain edit in the house and Ika said that he has not done anything to deserve it. Ika said that the people in the house that she hated Canada also hated. She said if he comes in saying he is a snake that he has embraced it. Karen said she meant it and wasn’t trying to be funny. Dillon says that Kevin is not being himself in the house and that how he was in season 3 isn’t close to how he is now. Karen said she liked him on his season. Ika said that she asked him that he is acting this way in the game is on purpose and he said yes. They say that he thinks he has all the jury votes. Ika says that William is in Jury with others telling him that Kevin really cares about him getting him to vote for Kevin. Ika calls Dre a bitter player and that she will give her vote to Kevin because of it. Ika says that she never played this game with Kevin. They say that Kevin is upstairs right now diagramming everything with Skittles or Sprinkles. Karen says that he is having fun.
8:15 PM BBT They talk about how the POV show will end and making it a cliffhanger to make people want to watch more. And that the episodes usually end when the box closes or when the veto is given and Karen thinks they will end it before that. Ika says that she hates victim people and those who cry for attention and karen says that she does too. She said that Bruce told her that she will feel bad when she watches it back and sees her beating them up. Kevin is in the HOH room studying. Ika talks about the Jury house and how people hook up. Feeds go down at 8:25 PM BBT.

8:30 PM BBT Feeds return 8:42 PM BBT. HG are still in the kitchen and are talking about Neda and her talking about John from her season. Feeds go back out at 8:43 PM BBT.
8:45 PM BBT Feeds in the HOH room return at 8:47 PM BBT and Kevin is studying. Feeds in the kitchen return at
8:48 PM BBT and the HG are talking about Bruno. They say that they didn’t feel bad with certain evictions. Dem said he felt bad for everyone who got evicted pre jury. They say that William really didn’t deserve to be evicted. Karen said that Ika was a lot different this season then she thought she was. They eat the chicken wings that Ika made. They are talking about Queen’s Language. Kevin joins them in the kitchen. Dillon says that there is no one else like Ika in Canada. Karen uses the word Unique. They talk about first impressions.
9:00 PM BBT They talk about spray tans. Ika talks about Karen giving everyone names. Dillon is telling about the 9-11 attacks. They are discussing how some people were able to call family members. Feeds downstairs go out Kevin is still upstairs in HOH WR studying with his pig and Sprinkles. Kevin finds some of his sprinks in the Jar are not good/ broken. Feeds return and Dillon is telling more about the Pentagon and the attacks. Dillon tries to explain how money is rotated and how the banks control the recession and how the families own the money and wealth and the Government is always in debt to the families that started the Federal reserve’s.
9:18 PM BBT Dillon says the only reason 9-11 happened is so the Government could get the whole country behind a war against terrorist. Ika asked about the Boston Bombing and Dillon says “terrorist” and it’s for Oil and money. Why do we always target the one part of the world and not anywhere else? Oil and money We never talk about Africa where genocide is and caused so many problems. Ika says she didn’t even know about Africa because no one talks about it she thinks it was gone. They discuss Donald trump and his ban and how stupid it was. Dillon Ika Karen and Demetres are in the washroom they are flossing. Karen is saying she needs all their cell phone numbers so that when she thinks of random stuff she can text them. While they are in the washroom preparing the the night Kevin is in the HOH Washroom studying the days and speeches that people have made, the order the other hgs were out in certain comps. Back in the washroom Demetres is in the shower. Dillon Karen and Ika are still doing their nightly routine. They talk about watergate and Ika is asking questions. Karen says it’s just deception.
9:45 PM BBT Dillon talks about oil and how we are running out, Karen talks about more power, more money and how it’s all for the government. Dillon talks about how if we all stopped buying gas for one day that it would ruin them, Karen says the next day they would raise the prices. Ika is in the bathroom asking questions about the government and Demetres is in the shower. Karen is talking politics and government with Dillon chiming in from time to time. They start talking about medical and car insurance and how much it is, Dillon says that he doesn’t know why you would have to pay more for car insurance just because your car is red. Dillon talks about fighting at some of the casinos and other places that want him to fight there. Dillon says that it’s crazy that Kevin stays to himself. Ika says that he wants it like that. Ika says that if Kevin, Bruno and Neda were on the block they would throw each other under the bus and that they are so not loyal. They say that when Dillon was hoh they drove him insane. Ika says that they tried to blame things at that part on Dillon. Ika says that they threw out Karen’s, Dillon and jackies name, because Karen was everyone’s f2. That Dillon was a liar and they were going against Jackie because they knew that Ika and Demetres hated her so much.
10:00 PM BBT. Ika says that Kevin and Bruno would go between the two and try to turn against Karen, Dillon and Demetres and. Dre. They were floating between the two. Karen finds a card that talks about there toothbrush instructions. Demetres says he knew early in that Kevin and Bruno could not be trusted. Demetres and Dillon talking about how Kevin is a worthless pos and that he’s lying. Kevin is in the kitchen makings some food,he alone.
10:15PM BBT Ika talking about going clubbing and Dillon makes a comment about getting a bbcan5 tattoo. Demetres says he’s down for it but he talks about how his last one hurt him. Demetres talks about how bad his last one was he says the girl did a bad job and how he had to go back and get Simone involved. Dillon and Demetres talk about pain and how he reacts. Ika says she’s hungry and Karen says she smells bacon. Kevin is in the kitchen making food.
10:30PM BBT feeds down.
10:45PM BBT Ika sitting on the bed back at work with her study guide and eating chips. Demetres in the bathroom with Karen, she is talking about Ika and Demetres going to F2 and Karen says that it won’t be good because Ika wants to win and it won’t be good. He says if he has a choice he’s taking her, he says they both have a good chance and he’s ok with that. Karen says that it won’t be easy for some of the bitter jury but he isn’t there for them and he shouldn’t worry about it. Karen says it’s a toss up and she doesn’t know how they all feel till she gets there. Karen says she can’t believe that she will be the F3 with him and Ika.
11:00PM BBT Karen goes on and on about what a great feeling this is. She says she has anxiety in a lot of these comps and she says she knows she looks so stupid in the comps. She again says that Kevin has played a stupid game and that she really wants him to go out the door. Demetres says that the hoh tomorrow only makes sure he is in the final 3. He tells her that the pov is the one in power. He tells her that the hoh and pov winner will guarantee there spots. Karen tells him he cannot sacrifice his spot and cannot let someone else(Ika) win, he has to try and not give it away. Demetres says that he can tell there will be a fight tomorrow. Demetres says he would never ask her to let him win, and that she hasn’t but he knows she wants it. Karen talks about Jon and Neda and how he didn’t take her till the end and how she still stayed with him. Karen tells Demetres about her conversation with Kevin about him and Ika being a big power couple. She says she said he was the best power couple and Kevin had backtracked and said well one of them. She makes it sound so much ruder than it was. Kevin comes in and Demetres and him talk about where he’s lived before and home. The conversation goes to cell phones and texts they will get when they turned their phones back on. Karen talks about how she grew up in the US and she moved to Canada since 1995 from Arizona and has never adjusted to the cold. Ika comes in to see what everyone’s doing. Demetres and Kevin are talking about work and how the finale is like a week away.
11:15PM BBT Kevin is talking about losing stuff and trying to find his glasses. They tell him that they aren’t falling for it and think he was looking for a special twist or a special immunity. Karen says the only thing I have down is being guilty of messing with your head. He says yes Karen I agree you sure have messed with my head. They all laugh. Demetres is going to bed and he says to himself that he has a horrible feeling about Ika and that she can’t even look at him. He moves her study stuff and lays down for sleep. Ika and Karen in the bathroom talking about going to bed , Ika asks Karen questions about the hoh/ pov plays, and says she was studying but needed some help with Dre and William. She goes away and Ika goes to the room.
11:30PM BBT Ika, Karen and Demetres take off their mics and lay down for bed. In the hoh Kevin is working on studying and no talk at all in the hoh room.
11:45PM BBT All houseguests in bed except for Kevin who is in hoh alone studying for the comps. He can’t even play in the hoh so he’s prepping for the whatever the pov brings because he will be literally “fighting for his life”! Kevin coming downstairs to make something to drink, he does a shout out to Canada. And says he is going to miss this place. He disappears into the DR briefly and is right back out.

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