Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, April 19th

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12:00 AM BBT Karen says that Will hasn’t talked to her all day. Karen goes to bed a while later. In the cave, Kevin says that a male HG keeps borrowing his shirts, checking in on him. Jackie says that he’s been following him every time. Jackie says to watch for him, whenever he leaves something around. Kevin says to Jackie that he genuinely has feelings for him. Jackie says that it’s jealousy. Kevin asks Jackie what her relationship with William is. She says that it was good until she turned on Dre when she voted against her. She says that she likes William as a person. Kevin says that he genuinely has feelings for him, and doesn’t think they’d go after each other. Kevin tells Jackie that he was going to put up her against Bruno. Bruno comes in shortly after. Kevin asks for information, so Kevin is recalling info about the car. Kevin says that William came in, and asked about a certain shirt, and has done it before. Bruno says that it’s weird to come in there. Jackie says that it might be jealousy. Kevin says that he saw that Ika, Demetri, Dillon, and Dre were comparing notes on the video in the pool area. Kevin recalls what happened in the video.
12:15 AM BBT Jackie quizzes Bruno on details about the car. After Kevin leaves, Bruno tells Jackie that he feels bad for Sindy. Bruno says that Sindy said that she wanted to work with him in their season before, season 3. When the feeds went out, the brothers came on tv and gave the hgs stuff to remember for a future comp. In the kitchen, Kevin and Sindy are talking. They talk about the car and the other prizes. Sindy says that she needs a car.
12:30 AM BBT In the cave (HN room), Jackie says that you shouldn’t get too comfortable in this game. Bruno laughs and says he knows. Jackie says that it’s hard to put the game aside. Bruno agrees, and says that sometimes he forgets, saying that he puts his guard down for some people, but not others. Jackie says that she doesn’t want to talk to people that she doesn’t like. Bruno says that he hasn’t talked to Ika for a few days. Jackie says that Ika will talk to him as soon as he wins HoH. Jackie asks for a favor from the BB gods to keep her, Kevin, Bruno, and Sindy. Bruno says that his game is so bad, saying that his brain is mush. Jackie says that it’s ‘cause he’s on slop and the people around him are shady. Bruno says that when one of them win HoH, they’re gonna turn the house around. Jackie says that she needs to work on her speech. Bruno jokes that she has a lot of experience. Bruno says that they’re winning this week. Bruno says that when he wins HoH, his HN picks are Ika, Demetres, Dillon, and Karen. Jackie says that she’ll first ask for volunteers. In the pink room, Dre is talking game with Ika and Demetres. She says that if she wins HoH, she’s putting up Kevin and Bruno.
12:45 AM BBT Ika says that the other side of the house has slandered her name. Dre says that they’re gonna build the next comp for 2 days. Ika guesses what it might be, saying that they might be running back and forth. Ika says that she wishes it was endurance, but won’t happen since the last one was endurance. She says that it might be physical. Kevin and Sindy are going over the video, in the backyard. Kevin asks about what color shirts they were wearing, but Sindy says that they probably won’t do colors ‘cause Bruno’s colorblind. BB calls Sindy to the DR, while Kevin is doing a battery change. In the blue room, Dre says to William that Ika told her that when the 6 have to go after each other, that she’s the lowest in the pecking order.
1:00 AM BBT William jokes that it would be funny if in the end of the game, that he would reveal this English-speaking person, like William was just a fake personality. They go over the numbers, and Dre says that she trusts Ika, “at least for now.” Dre says that if she were on the block, then it would be a different story. She says that if Ika were on the block this week, she’d keep her. Dre says that she’s going to spend the entire day with Karen, ‘cause she’s annoying and annoys her. Dre says that since the beginning, that whatever Karen says, Karen believes to be the truth. Dre says that Karen sketches her out, and wants to call her out, but says that she can’t ‘cause then she’d know that she’s working with Ika.
1:15 AM BBT Dre says that her pecking order is: Bruno, Kevin, Karen, Demetri, Ika, then Dillon. Dre tells William to keep his guard. Dre says that she would put up Bruno against Kevin so they can’t vote for each other. Dre says that they’ve been her targets since Day 2 ‘cause the fact that they were chill on eviction days, and that annoyed her. She says that she enjoys watching them stress. Dre tells William that he needs to play the game and be strategic. Dre asks if he wants to be an aggressive player. William says that he can’t be aggressive. Dre says that you can’t be a strong player just by taking out strong players. She says that any move can be a strong move. Dre says to William that she feels like he’s not playing the way that he wanted too. Dre says to William that she doesn’t want him to have regrets after he leaves the game, and to actually take risks. Dre says that she wants to take him to final 2 ‘cause he actually likes him. William says to Dre to not take Ika to final 2 ‘cause he hates her and “doesn’t want that bitch to win.”
1:30 AM BBT William says that the game is stressful. Dre says to William to accept that it’s stressful, and to not have regrets in the game. Dre jokes to William to just stay in bed ‘til Week 11. Dre says that she’s going to bed. Kevin, Bruno, and Jackie are chatting in the cave. Bruno says that one of the 3 of them are going to win the game. Kevin joking asks BB give them comps that they can easily win at. They talk about Bruno missing the moment that his little boy switched from diapers to big boy pants. Bruno says that his 4-year old will watch the show, even though he doesn’t know what’s going on. When he goes to Toronto (where the show is filmed), his child will say that he’s going to be on TV. He says that it’s weird, ‘cause when he’s at parent-teacher conferences, his teacher will talk to him about BB, and even his child’s daycare lady will talk to him about BB. Bruno says that if one of them win HoH, they should really do a choreographed dance.
1:45 AM BBT Kevin, Bruno, and Jackie try to think of an alliance name. BB says “Houseguests, sleep well” at 1:50am. Back in the pink room, Karen and Dre are talking. BB is about to call Dre to the DR, but she shakes her head and says “don’t.” BB tells Dre to please fix her microphone. Karen says that a female HG may be going home on her birthday, saying that she went home on her birthday on her season. BB says “Goodnight, houseguests. Sleep well” at 1:55am, then again 3 more times at 1:58am. Dre asks BB to turn out the lights. BB says again, “Goodnight, houseguests. Sleep well.” The feeds go down at 1:59am.
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
8:30 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping Ika is awake but still lying in bed, looks like Ika decided to get a few more minutes of sleep.Ika is up and heading out of the bedroom. Feeds 1 and 2 are still down and feeds 3 and 4 are still on Demetres sleeping.
8:45 AM BBT Ika is missing from bed and somewhere in the house but all cameras are still on Demetres sleeping.
9:00 AM BBT All HGS appear to be sleeping except Ika who is not on camera. Feeds have gone down.Feeds come back with Ika in the washroom starting her daily routine. Karen is in the shower, to start her day. Demetres has joined them, Ika asks him if he is still tired. He prepares to start his day. Dre has entered the room, they are complaining about a smell coming from the washer. Dre says she is going to have a shower. Ika says she had one last night. Ika says Dillon has not been keeping up with his facials. Dre said he was asleep when she went to do it last night. The rooster has crowed to wake the rest of the house. Ika says she went to sleep dreaming about the HOH Dre says that means you are going to win, Ika says no it means you are going to win.
9:15 AM BBT Dre is complaining she needs lotion as her skin is ashy because of Demetres used it all. Both Dre and Ika are laughing. Karen has been called to the DR. Meanwhile in the bedroom William and Sindy are still sleeping. William is sitting up but both have their eyes closed. Still no Bruno Jackie or Kevin movement from Have Not Room. Sindy has been called to the DR. She gets up and starts to head there. Back in the washroom Dre and Ika are talking about a television show. Dre is saying Sindy will not have a bad feeling about everyone, Ika is saying that she did not campaign against her she just said to Dillon that why she should be kept over Sindy. Ika says she hasn’t talked to her since. Ika says she will not be friends with Neda and Sindy after the game as she isn’t now. They just say hi to each other. They are discussing who they will hang with after the show. Dre says they could go see one of Dillon fights, she thinks he would be fun to go out with. Dre says Bruno has asked to come to Ottawa to chill but she says she would go for a BB Event but doesn’t think she would just to chill. She also says she would not chill with Kevin Ika agrees with her. Demetres gets out of the shower and joins them Big Brother calls him out for no mic on. He is talking about how he wants his hair cut. Ika says you should have brought a comb. Ika is combing his hair Bruno enters and starts his daily routine. Ika is told to fix her mic. Meanwhile Sindy is up and out of the DR. William is up as well and heading out to the washroom.
9:30 AM BBT Back in the washroom Karen and Ika are putting their makeup on for the day. Dre is telling Ika to stop with the paper. Dre tells Karen it is too early for her to start this. She is telling Ika to start this stuff at noon Ika says the early bird gets the worm. Ika tells Demetres he looks nice. Sindy is starting her daily routine. In other parts of the house Bruno is walking to the living room where Kevin and Jackie are lying on the sofas. He asks if they slept okay Jackie says she is sore. The rooster crows again. Jackie heads upstairs. Kevin is still on the sofa with his eyes closed. Back in the washroom Jackie and Sindy Dre and Ika are all there but only Ika and Dre are talking. Karen has entered the washroom. Karen asks if they are putting lots of makeup on Ika says no keeping it light today. Dillon has been called to the DR. Kevin has been told to wake up. Ika asks how to get rid of some dark circles. Karen tells her you can’t if you are dehydrated. You need to drink water. Jackie is getting ready to go in the shower.
9:45 AM BBT Dre Karen Sindy and Jackie are in the washroom but no one is talking. In other parts of the house Dillon is in the pantry getting stuff to make his protein shake, in the kitchen it looks like Demetres is making scrambled eggs. Demetres says it is going to be a long day. Dillon agrees with him and says long boring day. They continue preparing their own meals. Back in the washroom there is still no conversation going on, Sindy is applying makeup. Sindy says she does not understand why Karen can’t have fingernail polish. Karen says she wants remover as she is sick of the blue. Sindy tells her you may have to take a fingernail file and file it down. Karen isn’t impressed with that method. Back in the kitchen Dillon is drinking his shake and Demetres is still preparing breakfast Dillon and Demetres are saying they are going to play 18 holes today. Demetres gives Dillon his eggs and is now preparing breakfast for Ika. Demetres asks Dillon if he ever ate a raw egg Dillon says no, Demetres says it taste disguising. He said he had to try it after the Rocky Movie. Back in the washroom there still is not a lot of conversation between Sindy and Dre.
10:00 AM BBT Dre and Karen in pink bedroom. Karen is asking what Ika is upset about. Dre says she’s upset that Sindy is campaigning. Karen leaves and joins Jackie and Sindy in the WR. Everyone getting ready for the day.
10:01 AM BBT Feeds cut briefly. Jackie telling Sindy that sleeping in the HN room is getting worse every night. Dillon, Karen, Dem and Ika in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
10:06 AM BBT Sindy and Dre in the pink bedroom. Dre says she has no idea what plans are as no one is talking to her. Sindy saying she’s always had honest conversations with Dre. She’s upset with Ika because she turned on her after finding herself in trouble. Sindy tells Dre that Ika has been playing Dre all along. She says Ika told her to lie to Dre about who she had nominated. She says every conversation that Ika has had with Dre has been orchestrated. She says that Ika has been playing with Sindy all along and that Ika kept saying she had Dre and William. Sindy says Dre forgives her within 24 hours every time she backstabs her. Dre says she hasn’t been oblivious to what Ika has done. Dre says that she’s never heard Ika say Sindy’s name; she told Dillon to go with his gut. Dre says that yes, Ika wanted to save her ass, but she did not trash Sindy’s name. Dre says she understands the situation sucks and it’s a crappy situation but she still feels like it’s Sindy/Bruno/Kevin as a trio. Sindy says that Kevin and Bruno have wanted to talk to Dre all game and Ika said she wouldn’t listen. Sindy says that if Jackie stays, Ika will tell her that she saved her. Sindy says the trio is willing to work with Dre and William. Sindy says that Ika won’t forgive Dre if she votes to keep Sindy, but the trio would have her back while she rebuilds her relationship with Ika if that’s what she wanted. SIndy says the only time she lied to Dre was when Ika told her to. She says she’s only asking for one extra week. Sindy says that Kevin really likes William and Dre says she doesn’t believe that. Sindy says she’s been so loyal to Ika all game and as soon as she felt she was in trouble she turned on her. She says Ika doesn’t want her to stay because she knows Sindy will blow up her game if she stays. Dre says she’s never been close with Bruno and Kevin; she’s never spoken to Kevin and the one time she spoke to Bruno he lied. She says when you have a little distrust and someone gets in your ear about someone, you believe everything they say. She then says that if Jackie stays again, she’s got another thing on her resume if she makes final 2. Sindy says if Jackie wins HoH, Ika will push her to nominate Dre and Will over Kevin and Bruno. It doesn’t sound like Dre believes her. Sindy says it only takes one person to build distrust, and Dre shouldn’t take that risk. Dre asks Sindy why she hasn’t spoken to Ika rather than just assuming. Sindy says she’s friends with Ika in the outside world, and she knows how she is. She says there’s no sense talking to her because she’s not going to vote for Sindy to stay. She says she doesn’t want to talk to her because she doesn’t want to work with her anymore. Dre asks if Sindy thought that Ika was going to go on the block. Sindy says she did because that’s who Dillon said he was going to nominate. Dre points out that Dillon is easily influenced by Bruno. Sindy says Ika will ingratiate herself to Jackie if Jackie wins and she’ll convince her to put Dre and William on the block. Sindy promises that Ika wouldn’t be able to influence her to nominate them. Sindy says that if Dre wins HoH and wants to nominate her, that’s fine. Sindy says she will vote for Dre or William if one of them makes F2. Dre says it’s all messed up because Neda used to tell Dre the same things about Sindy. Sindy says she will be the target in front of Dre every single time. Sindy says Dre reminds her of herself at 26 years old. Sindy tells her to just really think about it.
10:40 AM BBT Ika goes into the pink bedroom and Sindy stops talking. Ika talks makeup. She says there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. Sindy leaves and immediately Ika asks what she was saying. Dre says that Sindy is campaigning. Ika seems surprised that Sindy is campaigning. Dre says that Sindy wasn’t bashing Ika. Ika says she doesn’t understand why Sindy’s not talking to her because she’s got a vote, too. Ika says she knows what she did; the hate is directed in the wrong place and if anyone should be upset it should be Ika. She says if the situation was reversed, she’d be talking to Sindy. She says when Dillon won, Bruno told Ika he had her, and before the PoV the trio barely spoke to them and haven’t spoken to them since Dem won PoV. Ika says they can’t talk to them because they’re guilty. She says they all thought Ika would be the renom. She says not only did they want her on the block, they wanted her gone. According to Karen, Bruno was leading the charge to get Ika up and out. Dre says her vote hasn’t changed and she doesn’t know what to say. Ika says that if she was on the block, they would be campaigning to get her out.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, April 19th

10:48 AM BBT Karen goes into the pink bedroom and says that Sindy’s not talking. She says if she was on the block she’d be talking to them all. Karen suspects Sindy of using and wrecking her nail file. She says it’s going to be the longest day ever. Ika again complaining about the smell in that room; she thinks maybe someone left something wet in the room.
10:51 AM BBT Bruno, Sindy, Kevin and William talking in the blue bedroom. Bruno is saying Ika’s building a relationship with Karen. Will says he needs to talk to Dre. Sindy says the trio is here to work with him and Dre. WIll says Dre is very close to Ika and he doesn’t think she’ll be willing to vote against her. Sindy explaining to Will how this will be another positive for Jackie’s BB resume if she stays. She says she hasn’t done anything against Will or Dre. Bruno telling Will that eventually Ika and Dem are going to turn against he and Dre. Bruno says this is the last week they have to make a difference in the numbers; if Sindy goes, Ika and Dem have all the numbers. They all work on Will that Ika and Dem were sharing information yesterday, and they have him on their side now. Sindy says she knows how tough this is but Ika has been playing them all game. Kevin chimes in on how Ika has been telling him that Will is playing him. Will tells them he feels like he and Dre are the bottom of both sides. Bruno says that the trio will always be the target in front of Dre and Will. Sindy blaming Ika for her not talking to Will and Dre all game. She says that she knows Dre thinks she’s close to Ika, but Sindy was close to Ika and look where it got her. She says Ika didn’t tell her that they have the numbers to save her, so she’s not planning on it. Bruno preaching that his word is good; they’re all having problems trusting because of what Ika’s told them all. Sindy tells Will that for every point Dre had during their talk, she had a rebuttal. She suggests that Will talk to Dre again because she’s sure she changed her mind.
11:05 AM BBT Ika and Dre talking in the kitchen. Dre tells her that Sindy was campaigning on her strengths rather than bashing Ika. Dre says she asked Sindy what she would do re: the trio if the situation was reversed. Dre knows that Sindy would vote herself out in that position.
11:10 AM BBT Bruno, Will and Kevin in the blue BR. Bruno saying he wishes he would have worked with Will from the start; he didn’t because Ika told him not to. He says it’s never too late to start.
11:15 AM BBT Dre goes into the blue BR looking for Will. To my surprise, Bruno and Kevin stop talking game. Oh wait, too soon. Bruno says he wants to talk to Dre about a couple of things. He says when he was talking to her in the bathroom he was saying people want to keep them apart because they don’t want them to compare notes. He says after that conversation, Dre went to Ika and Ika went immediately to Bruno. Dre says she was aware that Ika was going to talk to Bruno because they had discussed it. Bruno changes tack and says that he wishes that he would have spoken to Will and Dre before but never has because Ika told him not to. Bruno says whichever way they vote, he’s good with that, but he wants them to see the bigger picture. He says the trio is the target now, but what happens when they’re gone? He says that’s why Ika has sucked in Karen and Dillon, to use them to get rid of Will and Dre. Bruno says that if he wins HoH, Ika and Dem will encourage him to nominate Will and Dre.
11:20 AM BBT Feeds cut
11:25 AM BBT Feeds back. Dre telling Bruno and Kevin that she’s known Ika’s game all along. Bruno says that Ika will cut a deal with the new HoH to go after Will and Dre. Dre says that she believes that they give people too much credit. Bruno says that whichever way she votes, they’re fine with it. Dre asks Bruno what he would do if he was in her position. Bruno says that Ika doesn’t need Will and Dre anymore, just like she doesn’t need the trio anymore. He says that they are best friends with Dillon, a guy they couldn’t stand for 37 days. Bruno says that Ika said that she was going to nom Will and Dre if she won HoH. Dre says she doesn’t understand how they all turn on each other so quickly. She asks if they’re telling her that they can’t think on their own, that Ika is their queen and controls them? They all deny that Ika is the Queen. Sindy says that she believed everything Ika told her. Dre asks who would be their target once they have Dem and Ika out. Bruno says Karen and Dillon. Dre asks if they think they can beat Karen and Dillon why they wouldn’t take them to the end. Sindy explains that they come from the season that believes in voting for the contestant who best represents the season. She says she’s proven again and again that she’s been loyal to Dre and Will. She then says that Thursday is her birthday and she shouldn’t go on her birthday. Dre again says she sees the game completely differently than the trio. Sindy says Jackie will have a good resume if she makes it to F2; Dre says that she should use those things. She says she’s not playing the game thinking about who she’s going to be in F2. She plays the game a challenge at a time, and whoever is in the F2 deserves to be, and whoever argues their case the best deserves to win. Sindy says when Will was HoH Ika was all over him; now Dillon is and Ika barely acknowledges Will because she’s so focused on Dillon. Dre asks if they told Dillon to put Ika on the block and Kevin and Bruno both say that yes they tried. The trio then mentioning all the times Ika has sworn on her kids in this game. Bruno says he would never swear on his kids about anything and Ika has sworn on her kids and lied. Sindy asks what Dre’s biggest fear is in her staying. Dre says she doesn’t fear anything. She says whatever arguments Sindy has, Ika has the counter arguments and Dre doesn’t see any difference. She says there’s no value in their arguments. Dre says she’s convinced that Jackie is a lone player, and she’s not interested in cutting deals with anyone, so no she doesn’t believe that Ika would be able to convince Jackie to put up Dre and Will. Dre says maybe her perspective is wrong, but it’s the way she sees things.
11:42 AM BBT Ika Dem and Jackie talking in the dining room. Ika saying they’ve all flip-flopped and she hasn’t. She says once Dem won the PoV Bruno and Kevin stopped talking to Dem and Ika because they were sure Ika was going up. Jackie says she wanted Sindy to go up when Dillon and Emily were on the block because she wanted to keep them. Ika says that in the beginning she distrusted them because they were hanging around Neda but she figured out she was wrong and wanted them both to stay that week, too.
11:47 AM BBT Dre agrees to think about what the trio has said, and leaves the blue BR and heads to the kitchen. Jackie says she needs to talk to Dre and they head to the storage room. Jackie asks if she knows where head is. Dre says she doesn’t care what she’s heard, Dre is voting to keep Jackie but she can’t tell Sindy that. Dre says she wants Jackie to know that Will has never gone after Jackie, and that Dre has one person she wants to get out before she goes. Jackie says she’s good with that. Jackie says she needs one more vote because she has Ika, Dem and Dre. Dre says she can’t tell anyone that, not even William. Jackie says the conversation never happened. Dre says that she’s going to play solo and that’s that. Dre says she will not vote for a newbie until Kevin and Bruno are gone. Dre says she’s going to talk to Will later, and she thinks Karen will vote to keep Jackie, whether or not she says so.
12:00 AM BBT Dre and Jackie are still talking game in the pantry. Dre is telling her that she is not telling anyone else but her what her plan is. Meanwhile in the kitchen Demetres and Ika are talking about when Demetres won the HOH Comp. Back in the pantry Dre and Jackie are still talking about Karen get sketched out. Dre tells her that she thinks even without William Jackie is safe. Dre tells her she just doesn’t want to be on the block if she wins HOH. Dre says she is just going to tell Ika that she agreed to vote to keep Jackie safe this week. They both leave the pantry. Dre is washing up a couple of dishes. Ika and Demetres are sitting at the kitchen table. In the bedroom Sindy William Kevin and Jackie are all lying down no one is talking. In the HOH Dillon and Karen are talking about when they visited the states and some Americans were asking them if we had cars in Canada Do you have running water in Canada. Dillon said this person went to Texas A&M. Karen says it is unbelievable that they don’t know Canada. She says we are their closest ally, and the longest undefended border in the world. They say that some of the northern states know more about Canada than the southern states do. Karen is telling Dillon that she spends so much time explaining that now she is a Canadian citizen but she is also an American citizen. Karen says her husband always defends the Americans. Dillon says the problem is they are not informed about Canada. Karen says her boys always say they are not Canadian but American. Meanwhile Karen and Ika are in the kitchen, Demetres says they are bored. They are looking for a place to hide. Demetres says he would play a totally different game if she wasn’t here. Ika asks him if he wants to go talk to Bruno in the Have Not Room. Demetres says no because he would just lie to him. He is imaging a conversation he would start with Bruno, he says he would say So I understand you have been throwing my name around. He pretends to be Bruno and says no man, but I heard you were throwing my name under the bus. Ika is saying she was calm when just he was on the block because she knew it wasn’t both of them. Dre has joined Dillon and Karen in the HOH Dillon got called out for singing. Karen starts listening to music, and starts to rap, Big Brother tells her to stop, she says she wasn’t singing that it was real life she has a lot of enemies. Big Brother tells them to stop that. Dre starts telling them about her conversation with Jackie. She starts by saying Jackie is looking for Karen, Karen says thats a lie because she found her in the HOH Room and Karen threw her out. Dillon agrees with Karen. Dre says maybe she thinks Karen isn’t going to vote for her to stay because of the fight at the beginning.
12:15 PM BBT Dre asks Dillon if he wants Sindy to go home. Dillon says yes. Karen says Sindy is going because they have the votes unless someone in the block is lying. Karen says Jackie never told her anything. Karen says she told her she wanted to go after the couples. Dillon says Sindy is tighter with Bruno and Kevin. Karen says if it is a tie than Dillon votes. Dillon says he will say I vote to evict Sindy with an S. Dre thinks everyone is going to fight for the HOH except maybe Jackie. Karen has she will be trying to win the HOH . Meanwhile in the Have Not Room Sindy is talking to Bruno. Sindy says if she stays she will be on the block again if one of them don’t win. Sindy says the last thing she wants to do is be there at the voting and not know she is going. She hopes Dre and William come to her in the morning and let her know. Bruno says he can’t believe Dillon the last 2 weeks he has made things hell. Bruno says the game went to shit when William won. Sindy says if they kept Emily she might not have won the HOH. Bruno asks her if she has talked to Ika and Demetres, she says they were hiding in the dining room but when she came out of the DR they were gone. Bruno says if we get Karen they still have only 3. Bruno says we need to get William Sindy doesn’t think William will go against Dre. Bruno says it is not over, Sindy says she thought she had a good pitch, and she isn’t giving up. They think it maybe a double eviction again. Sindy says it won’t be that crazy if they did. Sindy said with Karen getting an advantage it will not be a double. She thinks it might have something to do with taking steps.
12:30 PM BBT Back in the HOH Room Dre Karen and Dillon are still talking about Jackie using Dre’s name a thousand times. Karen says does she have an solid people on the outside. Karen says she has her husband, kids dad on her side no matter what. Dillon says that Jackie told him she hit a friend in the face because she was texting and not paying attention to her. Dillon is now telling them that she told him that when she wanted a cat she yelled and screamed and refused to eat for 2 weeks. Both Dillon and Dre say their parents would have punished them. Karen says she would have gotten the belt. Dillon is rubbing her nose, Dillon asks her if she is getting a cold. Karen says she thinks it the dust from the task they had to do because they had not dusted in that room, and with all that walking and running she breathed it in. Karen is telling them about a time he father slapped her because she said she hated her family. She said she never got hit a lot as a child but she thinks it was a knee-jerk reaction to what she had said. She stated she learned never to talk about her family like that again. In the bedroom Kevin and William are cuddling. Back in the HOH Dillon says nowadays you can’t do things like that. Karen says they did respite care for Child Services, she says it is one screwed up system. Karen says doing that for 2 years she realized that people were in it for the money. Jackie is telling them about a family that she knew who did it, and never took the foster kids on vacation. Karen said what who and Bruce would do is take the kids to the mall and buy them stuff. Back in the bedroom Kevin is telling William that he believes Sindy will go this week he will only have Kevin and him. William tells him he only trusts him. He tells Kevin that Dre is not stupid and knows that Ika will save Demetres over her. He also asks Kevin if he thinks Bruno would take him over Sindy. Kevin says yes he felt on the bottom of those 3. Kevin is talking to William about the fact that him and Dre would be safe because him and Bruno are going after Ika and Demetres and they are going after them. He is suggesting that this would be a good comp for William to throw. William tells him that Dre will not throw it. Kevin says he understands where Sindy is coming from but feels that if Dre votes against Ika would be bad for her game. Kevin tells him he does not need to win this HOH , that he needs too. William says he would be scared if Karen wins, he thinks that she will put Bruno and Kevin on the block and if one of them wins POV he would be the replacement. Kevin says he feels he can really trust William now. Kevin says he wants William Bruno and him in the final 3.
12:45 PM BBT Meanwhile in the Have Not Room Sindy is saying that if Neda was still here she won’t be in this spot. Bruno is saying that Dre said to them that we are giving Ika to much credit. Bruno says is she playing Ika. Sindy says do you think Dre will tell me how she is voting. Bruno says we need Kevin Sindy is going to the washroom and see if she can find Kevin. They are trying to make a plan and need him to see if they can pull it off. Sindy runs into Karen who is once again making ice.
1:00 PM BBT Both Sindy and Karen are in the pantry but not talking to each other. They both are now in the kitchen still ignoring each other. Over in the bedroom Kevin and William are talking about “ The Boy Toy” stuff. Kevin says he was never playing him. He says someone started that. Kevin is telling him that Ika told him not to use the veto as Bruno was going up. William tells him yes that was the plan. Kevin asks if Dillon and Emily knew that plan, William said no they thought Jackie was going up. Kevin says he is glad they are talking it out now. Kevin says if he had used it and Bruno went home he would be pissed. Sindy has joined them in the bedroom, she is eatting William says he has to shower and eat Kevin says the same thing. Ika and Demetres are sleeping and the feed to their room goes down. Sindy and Kevin are talking, she says Dre is telling Kevin about a conversation she had where Dre was involved. Sindy is telling him that Dre wanted an honest answer from them Kevin says he was honest. Sindy is repeating a conversation she had with Dre about not trusting Bruno. She said she explained to her about her and Bruno on her season. She now switches to Ika and Demetres. Jackie walks in and the conversation about Sindy calling out Ika. Kevin says he won’t want to mess with either Sindy and Ika. Sindy says she doesn’t have to raise her voice. Kevin says thats what her and Neda did. Jackie says she is going to start packing now. Jackie is telling her that when she was coming here she was stopped for a spot check there is clips of her sitting on her suitcase to get it reclosed. Sindy is telling her a story about how she got away with not paying for being overweight. She says she just puts things in her purse, than puts it back in the suitcase. Sindy is now telling her how to pack so she can put more in her carry-on. Jackie says you got it down.
1:15 PM BBT Back in the HOH Room Dillon and Dre are talking about what the HOH Comp will be. Dillon is saying Karen says I am going to try my best to win. Dillon says well thats all we can do. Dillon says he is going to drive out to see Karen when this is done. Dre asks him do you think she will still like me if I have to put her on the block. Dillon says yes she understands it is a game. Dre says the only people who haven’t used her or been against her is him and William. He says William maybe now but it is because he is so into Kevin. Dillon says he likes that Dre tells him what she thinks is best for them. Dre says if Kevin and Bruno win they aren’t going to put us up. If Ika and Demetres win they won’t put us up. She doesn’t think Jackie really wants to win but if she does she may go after Ika and Demetres. Dre and Dillon agree that they think Jackie is fake and do not like her.
1:30 PM BBT In the kitchen Karen and William are talking. William says Sindy was talking to him in the bathroom it was because she was trying to get him to keep her. Karen says well she didn’t talk to me, William says maybe because she knows. Karen says it is scary because Kevin could throw them under the bus. Karen says he may keep you but not me. Karen says who is Jackie going after if she stays and wins. William thinks that Jackie will be alone. Karen says she is going to vote Sindy out because she feels that Sindy Kevin and Bruno would do the same thing as Ika and Demetres. Karen thinks William, Dre and Jackie are in a good place. William asks her what she would do if she won HOH but Bruno comes in, Karen tells him coffee is ready. The conversation now goes to Karen farting. Karen says except for getting one knocked out of her she has only farted in the bathroom. She says she is from a generation that does not fart in public. Karen says she was going to make a sandwich, but they decided to have grapes oranges and muffins. Demetres is telling her that Dillon is coming down and they are going to make sandwiches. Karen shows him some good buns for making sandwiches. Big Brother has told all HGS to go to the HOH Room. Demetres is going to take everything up to the HOH Room , Karen has gotten him a baking sheet to put stuff on. She says they should have a picnic basket. Sindy enters and says let’s rush to the HOH Room before they get in trouble. All the HGS are making their way to the HOH. Karen says they brought all the stuff up. Ika tells Demetres that it is too much meat. Demetres tells her they are manwiches not to be confused with sandwiches. Dillon asks if there is anything he can do, Demetres tells him no. All are in the HOH Room but there is not much conversation, most are watching Demetres make his manwiches. Demetres has changed the order he is building the manwich. He is saying when he makes them to take to work he has to build it differently so there is a barrier between the meat and vegs. Ika says she didn’t know that, Karen agrees with Demetres. He says it is an advanced sandwich making class. Ika says he will be sleeping alone. He is putting the spinach on last. It looks like Jackie and Kevin are sleeping. Ika and Karen split one.
1:45 PM BBT Demetres has served Dre and Dillon in bed. William has just covered his head . Dillon says he loves the 3 meats. Karen uses Dre’s lip moisturizer Dre asks Ika where her lotion is Ika says she hasn’t found it yet from where Dre hid it. The conversation is just on general subjects. Looks like feeds are going down. All feeds have just gone down while all HGS are on HOH Room Lockdown.
2:00 PM BBT HG are in HOH room on lockdown. Dillon has his headphones, humming on laying down on the bed and Ika is next to him, Dre is at the foot of the bed. Karen, Dem, William Kevin Jackie and Bruno are sitting on the chairs/couches in general conversation. Sindy is asleep on the HOH WR couch.
2:15 PM BBT Feeds down 2:17 PM BBT
2:30 PM BBT Feeds returned 2:36 PM BBT. HG are out of lockdown. Ika, Dillon and Dre are still in the HOH room. BB tells the HG that Nap time is over and Ika tells Dillon they are talking to him. Ika tells Dillon she wants to win so bad. Ika said can you imagine if Karen won it? They laugh and say it would be funny because she is so paranoid. They talk about HG from previous seasons. Dem joins them. Ika talks about having ashy elbows and knees. They talk about pulling weaves out.
2:45 PM BBT In the HN room, Kevin and Bruno are talking about Dre and William knowing they are not in any danger. They are saying that Sindy has no incentive trying to get them to flip against Ika and Dem. They are saying that they will throw comps to Jackie if they could not win them because they can get jackie to do what they want. They say that they love Sindy but she has been a liability from day one. Bruno says that it’s him, Kevin, Jackie going after Dre and William and that Dre and William coming for them and no one going after Ika and Dem. Kevin says that if Jackie was on the block with one of them that they would go home over Jackie. Bruno says they need to have Jackie feel safe. Kevin says they need to win HOH. Bruno says they have a great chance of winning. He says if they win HOH that it will be a whole new game. They talk again about Sindy campaigning. They say that it’s falling on deaf ears and that no one in the house is going to vote to keep her. They say that Dre has Dillon and Karen and pulling them in with Ika and Dem. They say that it appears that Ika is in control but it could be Dem.
3:00 PM BBT Kevin says that Dillon is flat out against them now. He asks What happened? They say that William could win the game. They also say that Karen could win because no one is targeting her. They say that Dre or Dillon won’t win. They say that the two in the house that will not get any votes to win would be Dre or Dillon. They say if they had to bet on who would win it would be William. And if anyone wanted to break up the pair – it would be to go after Dre. They say that Jackie is not in as bad as spot as she thinks she is but that she is a number when the couples go after each other. Kevin says that regardless of what they say that people will take what they say to twist it to what they think it meant. They say that they can not control Dillon because they are not women. They say that they will never vote for Dillon to win regardless of whoever is next to him. They say that the video from yesterday will be the veto comp. Kevin says that he is in no shape to compete with being on slop and sleeping in the HN room. Bruno talks about how his body hurts because he is sleeping in the HN room. In the storage room, Dillon, William and Dre are there. Dillon leaves and Dre begins speaking in French to William. They continue to talk in French.
3:15 PM BBT In the HN room, Bruno and Kevin talk about how hard it has been the last few weeks with being a HN. They talk about there is a story developing and they come from behind. Kevin says that they are going to come from behind and they just needed to be humbled. Jackie joins them. They bring Jackie up to speed on what they have been talking about with Sindy campaigning to Dre and William. They tell her that they are not campaigning against her. They tell her they were talking with Dre and william and that they said next week that they could get together then Sindy walked in and then she started campaigning and that it looked bad. Jackie says that the only person she thinks that doesn’t want her here is William. She tells them that she told Karen that she will never put her up and that she is not coming after her. They tell her that the vote will be unanimous and that she is not going home. BRUNO PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Kevin says that karen has an advantage in the challenge. They use items to practice comps and who has played in vetos.

3:30 PM BBT In the kitchen, Dem, William, Ika Dillon Karen and Dre are talking about past comps and that they want to watch some of them. Karen says she has a 39 day injury from a comp. They are talking about the difference between being classy, sassy and ratchet. They talk about it being a race issue and the feeds go down. Feeds out at 3:40 PM BBT Feeds back 3:44 PM BBT. In the HN room, Bruno is back and they are still practicing info for comps.
3:45 PM BBT Jackie leaves the HN room to go to get something to eat. They continue to practice. Sindy is sitting alone in the HOH room. She decides she is going to go to the HN room. She joins Bruno and Kevin and watches them practice asking each other questions. Kevin asks Sindy if she has talked to Dre again. She said no. She is talking about what to say in her speech. Sindy said she is going to stay with the Dre and William thing today. Sindy says that William is sick of Ika. Kevin says that maybe he needs to go spend some time with him but Sindy says that they need to give him time to reflect. Sindy says that she wants people to see their trio as an advantage. They said how different the game would be if Dem left the first week. She said that this whole game that Ika has never really been alone. They go back to asking comp questions.
4:00 PM BBT Demetres is called to the Diary Room. Jackie says to Ika that she already packed. Calls herself the master packer. Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy are in the have not room remembering the key events that happened in the house. Bruno is repeating what Sindy is saying. William and Karen are in the bedroom chatting. Karen is poking fun at his dogs imagining they want William to leave. Karen thinks that is funny. Ika and Karen are talking game in the washroom. Laundry is going in the background. Ika said that Sindy is not speaking to anyone and Karen thinks she’s going after her. Karen said that earlier in the day, Sindy gave Karen a awkward hug in the kitchen. Karen said that Jackie and Sindy aren’t talking to Karen but they are to Ika. Karen said the only thing they can do is to win competitions. Ika says that the only way Karen is here is because of Jackie. Ika said to Karen that Jackie owes her a lot. Karen said that if Sindy stays then Karen and Demetres are going on the block. Dre came into the washroom in pain from falling Karen said that no one talks game to her. Dre says nothing while cleaning her glasses.
4:15 PM BBT Demetres is talking to Karen and Ika while running in place. Demetres said that he was running for nothing. Ika is called to the Diary room. Karen wants Sindy to go. But doesn’t care if it’s this week or next week. She knows that Jackie will go eventually. Karen and Demetres saw Jackie go in the HOH room. Karen said that Dillon is getting annoyed. Jackie is asking Karen how to cook garlic. Karen is explaining how to do it. Jackie is cooking the garlic for slop the next two days. Karen said that Sindy won’t go after Kevin or Bruno. She hopes that the HOH advantage helps her. Karen said that she is having trouble keeping her eyes closed. Karen is telling Bruno about clothes she took out of the dryer. Thinks that they are his.
4:30 PM BBT Bruno, Demetres, and Karen are saying what they would do with the money. Bruno said that he wouldn’t tell his kids about the money that would be used for their college education. Bruno said that his wife wanted him to get new clothes for BB. But he wanted to wear the same clothes he had worn in three days. House is now quiet. The dryer is going in the washroom.
4:45 PM BBT, Bruno, William Bruno, Ika, Kevin, and Jackie are eating slop. Bruno said that he doesn’t cook except the shake. Ika and Karen are talking in the washroom. Karen says she never betrayed Ika. However, Sindy is saying that Karen lied. Karen says BB is harder than what they thought. Karen said that lasting longer than Neda is an accomplishments. .
5:00 PM BBT. Karen and Ika are talking. They are figuring out how to get Sindy out this week. Dre and Demetres are in the bedroom chatting. Dre says that Ika annoys her. Demetres agrees. Dre said that Ika will be surprised when she is on the block.
5:15 PM BBT Bruno, Sindy, Demetres, Kevin, and William are taking their kids experience at their first Hockey game. Sindy says that she doesn’t like the prices. Karen is in the pantree complaining about the restroom smell. Demetres is finding something to cook with. Sounds like Pasta is on the menu. Demetres and Karen are making dinner.
5:30 PM BBT Ika and Demetres are on the living room sofa. Ika and Demetres both agree agree that Sindy needs to go. Ika said that Karen kept ragging her to talk to Demetres. Demetres said that him and Ika are both targets considering they are a couple and Ika is a returning player.
5:45 PM BBT Ika and Dre are in the bedroom Ika and Dre say that Karen is making things up. Ika is giving Dre a pep talk and who she should go after. In the blue room the HG, Kevin, William, Jackie, Bruno, Sindy are talking about feeders who watch the Canadian BB. Bruno talks about the BBUSA players he talks to.
6:00 PM BBT In the kitchen, Dillon, Dre, Ika, Karen are making dinner for the house. The HG in the blue room are still talking about previous seasons of BB – they discuss the Jury House from different seasons.
6:15 PM BBT In the Storage room, Karen and Ika are talking while they make juice about Kevin getting into Dillon’s head. Ika says she doesn’t trust him. The both go back into the kitchen. They finish cooking and Ika goes to get Dre. Dillon tells Karen not to give the other side of the house an inch because they will take a mile. Karen says she is sick of it. They talk about only having part of the house eat and that they will end up cooking again later. Dem says they are being civilized eating at the table and getting along like a family. He says that BB is most likely upset because they want him to start a fight but the other side of the house is only campaigning to themselves. Dem, Dillon, Karen Dre and Ika all sit down to eat.
6:30 PM BBT The HG in the blue room are talking about playing video games. They talk about different reality shows. JACKIE PLEASE WAKE UP NAPTIME IS OVER. The HG talk about the running they have to do. Dillon tells them that he will sprint between telephone poles. Dem goes and gets another plate of food. They all say wow you must be hungry. The HG are still talking about food.
6:45 PM BBT The HG at the table talk about food contests. Dem says they are disgusting. Ika can not believe that they eat so much. They talk about different kinds of food you can make with bacon. William comes out and joins Dre in the kitchen where she is cleaning up. DRE PLEASE FIX YOUR MICROPHONE. They talk french to each other. Dre is talking about a Safety Star Alliance. She said that in English. William and Dre join the other HG at the table.
7:00 PM BBT The HG talk about people outside the house they want to party with. They talk about Gary. They say that they never have met anyone like im before. Ika says every time she told him something that she had to translate it and make it all about him. Ika is telling different stories she has about Gary. DEM PLEASE GO TO THE PANTRY. Dem says finally. Dem comes back with a new microphone. In the blue room, Sindy and Kevin are talking. Kevin is rubbing Sindy’s back. Kevin tells her that he really wanted to play more with Dillon in the game and that he didn’t show Dillon enough. Sindy said if Ika really supported her that she would have been the first one to hug her when she went on the block but that she was the last person. Kevin tells her that he will talk to Bruno and that there is not a chance they will vote against her. She says thank you. He tells her to keep pushing with William and that maybe William will convince Dre. Kevin says that it was ironic that it was because of Sindy that Ika was not on the block but now Sindy ends up on the block. Sindy says when she was HOH that if she had more time to talk to Kevin and Bruno that it would have been Dre or Ika on the block.
7:15 PM BBT Sindy says that she will be the second one in Jury and at least she didn’t spend her birthday. Kevin says it’s not over yet. She agrees that it’s not over. She talks about that fact that she could have been shady all season. Kevin says that Sindy had the best game until the double. Sindy tells him that she wishes that Kevin would have told her what they wanted she would have made a different decision. She said that she should have shown her cards to talk to Bruno and Kevin. William joins them in the blue room. Sindy tells them that she is not a HN but they did not offer her any food. She says she will go eat some later when they are not there. William tells them that Karen does not trust Dre. Sindy says if that’s the case then why don’t they vote for her to stay. She asks William if he could convince Dre more. He tells her that he is trying. She tells him if they keep her this week that if he or Dre make it for final 2 that they will have her vote and she will fight for them in the Jury house. She said they can put her up again next week. She says she still trusts them but she says it’s hard being against Jackie on the block. She tells them she only needs 4 votes to stay. She tells them that she has not even talked to Karen, Dem or Ika because why? She talks about her birthday and the way she has progressed every year.
7:30 PM BBT They talk abou the years they were born and the wide range of ages they have this year. In the pink room, Dem and Ika are laying in bed. DEM AND IKA PLEASE GO TO THE DR. In the HOH room Dillon, Dre and Karen are talking about how bored they are. PLEASE TURN DOWN THE VOLUME ON THE MUSIC PLAYER. Karen talks about the laundry she is doing. Dre says she is stressed. That the people in the house are stressing her. Dillon tells her that he thinks they are in a good position. Dre says if you are good with people and you say you are good you don’t have to go back every 5 minutes to make sure you are good. She says that in the house they ask and that makes her feel they do not believe her. She says that she doubts and that she feels bad because she says that when Karen keeps asking her if she is sure about William she doubts. They talk about having back to back HOH and how awesome that would be.
7:45 PM BBT Dre says the last thing she wants Ika and Dem to know that she intends to go after them as some point and that the only person she has told is Dillon. She says that both Ika and Dem are not trustworthy. Dillon says if he stays and he gets HOH again that he will put up Dem and Ika then if one of them gets off the block that he will put up Kevin or Bruno as a replacement and start picking them off. Dre says that if he has a chance to get someone else to do it that way he is not responsible for it. They talk about them both going back and forth and winning HOH back to back and also winning POV. IN the HN room Sindy and Bruno are talking and Sindy is saying that William doesn’t trust Ika and tells him that she told William if he can not trust people why not vote for her. She says when she told him the Jury vote thing that it made him think. And that William says that he will talk to Dre. She tells Bruno that Karen tells Ika not to trust William. She says that she doesn’t know if Karen is waiting for her to campaign with her. She says that when she hugged her in the kitchen that she gave her a look. She thought the info she got from William was interesting but doesn’t know how to use it.
8:00 PM BBT They start to go over days and Jackie comes into the HN room. Karen telling Dre how Bruno went home in 7th place and what happened that week, how he thought he was save but Sarah and Brittany had the power. Dre doesn’t think there is another power and Karen says you don’t know that. Karen tells Dre they told the house on thursday. Dre wondering why Sindy is not campaigning, Karen says she is old not dead and something is not right here. Dre wonders if Sindy just thinks she is not going home. Karen says I just think “ click clack” Dillon says what do you mean “click clack” Karen says she doesn’t even know. Karen wonders if they are plotting in blue room and asks Dillon to go check. Dillon tells her to and Karen says she is not wanted in that room. Dillon thinks it would be funny if she just walked in makes is awkward, it would be good T. V. Karen says she does not need to be anymore awkward. Karen thinks Sindy came out of the red room and asked how her dinner was then walked back in the room just to spy on her. Dillon says what is tomorrow and Karen says she doesn’t know and Dre says “ secret power of veto’ Dillon says he will not nominate Karen. Karen says maybe Canada has it and already replaced the nominee. Karen says she hears Kevin Martins voice in there and it is making her nervous. Dillon says ‘Click clack’ Karen says no, mine is ‘nnnnnnnnnn’ (she makes a automatick gun movement when she does that’ They all laugh. Dillon tells Karen to go in the blue room and ask if they have any towels as an excuse to spy. Karen meets Dem/Ika in the hallway and asks where they have been. Karen thought they were in the blue room, they all walk in the HOH and Karen says ‘False alarm’ Dillon says Kare Bear was tripping, we were fine. They laugh and Ika takes a pic of all of them on the bed. Karen again says all she can hear is Kevin talking and Ika says ok, tell us after this, she wants to get some pictures. Ika tells Dillon he needs to get his HOH picture by the HOH door. Ika says they also need to get some videos so they can get some gifs. Meanwhile Kevin and Will are cuddling in the blue room, Will with his head on Kevin’s lap. Kevin is spilling info to Will, he says ‘Ok , what can I tell you, I already said about the six, and the wise guys that Dallas told him he was in, Cass always makes deals with me.’ Will tells Kevin it was a lie when they said they were not trying to flip the vote and keep Cass, they were. Kevin asks if it is cause Jackie was not good for his game, and Will admits he did want to use the POV on her. Will said Cass was convincing. Kevin said if Will used the POV on Cass, Neda would have put up Dre. HOH room is still talking pictures. Dillon/Ika/Dem/Dre and Karen.
8:15 PM BBT Kevin/Will in blue room, Kevin asks Will how he decided on Dillon/Emily for his nominations. Will said he was not sure what to do, he didn’t think anyone was really coming after him. He said he didn’t want to put up Kevin and most people came to him and said Dillon/Emily, and Kevin says they never came to talk to you. William says they never came to talk to me. William says to Kevin when Gary was there he didn’t talk to him a lot, so he thought he was playing him, Will admits the backdoor plan was Bruno. Kevin said he did go to bed planning on using it but Ika came to him in the morning and told him not to use the Veto because Bruno would go up. Kevin tells Will that morning he was pacing on the bridge because he did not know what to do. Kevin says when he decided not to use it Dillon and Emily were pissed. Dem/Dillon walked in the room to take pictures of this. Jackie/Ika in WR talking, Ika said she is so paranoid (not sure of who) Dem walked in and took a picture. Jackie asks what they are supposed to be doing, Ika says they are supposed to be getting Gifs, Jackie asks what a gif is and Ika explains it. Jackie and Ika walk down stairs laughing and talking. Jackie says she feels that getting pictures in the cave would look funny. Feeds switch to Karen/Dre in HOH. Karen says why wouldn’t Sindy be trying to save herself, Karen thinks this is uncharacteristic behavior of someone that wants to stay and is on the block. Karen says “ you are telling me you are not campaigning and you are on the block” Dre asks do you think she thinks she already has the votes. Karen says yes. Karen thinks Sindy is aloof. Dre says so if she thinks she is safe she thinks she has the numbers, so who are the numbers. Dre says we know Ika/Dem you and I are voting Sindy out, so she will be out. Dre says except if one of us is switching. Karen says so the vote is going to go to a 4 -3, Dre thinks so. Karen asks so Will is going to vote with them. Dre then changes and says Will is going to vote with me. Karen says then it will be 5-2. Dre confirms she is voting Sindy out. Karen says if Sindy does say she is going to tell her she didn’t even campaign and she didn’t think she cared. Back in blue room Kevin and Will are still telling each other things that have happened over the past few weeks. Kevin is basically going through each week and questioning Will about decisions that were made. Kevin says so Sindy wins the tiebreaker and she puts up Dillon and Jackie and we were shocked, Kevin says he told her not to put Will up but she thought she would put up Karen/Dre. Kevin says she totally went against our side, Ika had total control. Kevin says Ika wanted to see Neda go and if Sindy was not going to backdoor Neda she wanted Jackie to do. Kevin is telling Will the nominees were really Ika’s. Kevin says but Canada was cheering, Will mentions you would want to be on Canada’s side. Kevin says now look at what happened. Kevin tells Will that Neda did not like William and Dre. Kevin asks if Neda was not immune would Will have put her up and Will says 100%, he wanted to see her go. Kevin says that is why Bruno and Kevin were so mad Neda left because Neda was a target in front of them. Kevin saying that is why he wanted to win the buzzkill HOH so bad. Kevin said once it was down to him, Will, Dre and Bruno once Dre said ok he knew he could trust her because Dre is not a lier.
8:30 PM BBT Kevin/Will talking about Dillon’s HOH. Kevin said he thought Dillon was going to put up Ika/Dem. Kevin says right after the POV ceremony Ika/Dem/Dillon went right to the pantry. Kevin says are they grabbing a banana, probably not. Will says ya at this point why are they going with him and not me. William says he does trust Dre though. Kevin says ya Dillon is not going after Ika, but he is not playing this week. William says her (Ika) and Karen stress me out, Kevin says ya Karen is crazy. Will thinks Karen is too much. HOH room is still taking pictures and having fun, laughing at them. Karen/Ika/Dem/Dillon/Dre. They are loud enough you can hear them in the blue room where Kevin and Will are. Dillon tells Karen she is next and Ika wants Karen to yell at them. They are doing videos to make Gifs. Ika is the director and is telling everyone what to do. Karen is yelling at them “ Did you guys do your laundry today!” Feeds switch to Sindy/Jackie/Bruno in the living room talking about six packs. Jackie says she would love a tone six pack. Jackie asks Bruno what his heaviest was, he said 200 lbs, he couldn’t even put his shoes on. Sindy says “ oh, now that the camera is on me, can we have a double veto tomorrow, Sindy says she can be Canada’s player, she will totally do that.” Sindy then says “ if you want to see this rivalry then keep us both, then I will bring the sass” Dem walks down so talk goes back to when Bruno was heavier. HOH room Karen tells Ika her theory on Sindy thinks she is staying, and how Sindy asked her about her dinner, walked back in blue room, then walked back out and said stuff, then left again. Karen tells Ika the paranoia was freaking her out. Ika asks so you thought we were in the blue room. Karen says ya and all I could hear was Kevin. Dem walks in and attention goes back to the camera. Will and Kevin still talking in the blue room and sharing information with each other. Kevin says if he wins HOH and he can pick the four have nots he is going to pick Ika/Dem/Karen and Dillon. William says maybe you should pick Dre, they may think it is wierd if you don’t pick Dre, Kevin says I know but I want to put those people on slop. William tells Kevin that he was so mean to Ika when he talked to Dre in front of Ika cause it was in French. William said he called her a fake bitch, false hair, false eyelashes, false boobs. William said everyone was eating and he was saying it. Kevin says he loves it, that is so funny. Kevin says he loves that they can laugh about the plan to backdoor Bruno. Will says you know that is because I thought you were playing me. William tells Kevin he just couldn’t put Bruno/Kevin up when he was HOH because he did like Kevin. Kevin says we haven’t touched the block then he quickly says don’t tell people this because you don’t want other people to know that. Five people haven’t touched the block, Kevin, William, Ika, Karen and Bruno. William says Ika will be on the block next week. Kevin says Bruno hates her. Bruno walks in and Will says Hi Bruno. Kevin says with wax paper they are going to make a happy birthday sign for Sindy and Kevin asks Bruno if he asked production for the bubble tea. BB told them to stop talking about production.
8:45 PM BBT Kevin/Bruno/Will in blue room trying to figure out how to write on the wax paper for Sindy’s birthday sign tomorrow and William says to steal Ika’s lipgloss. Bruno laughs and they say they should take all their makeup and color it. Kevin asks what Ika would do all day, he says she will have to talk to people, all the peasants. Bruno says good night guys and leaves. Kevin asks Will if Dre was nervous when she was on the block with Gary, William says yes she was worried there was a twist and Gary would get voted out and they would tell him he stays and she leaves. Ika is screaming “ I hate you” really loud you can hear her in the blue room. HOH room Ika is telling Dillon he is done and he says he won’t come for her edges.Ika and Dillon are bantering back and forth while laughing. Karen/Dre laying on the bed and Dem on the couch. Ika says she is going to listen to music. Everyone in HOH having a good time laughing and being loud. Dre pushing Ika’s buttons, Ika screams ‘STOOOOOP” she asks Karen for help and tells her they are picking on her. Dre and Dillon laugh. Dre is laughing so hard she is snorting. Kevin is now downstairs in the kitchen with Bruno. Bruno is smelling the cheese and Kevin doesn’t understand how Bruno eats straight cheese without a cracker, Kevin calls Bruno and animal, Bruno says he will just take chunks off it. Kevin says he has a good name for the alliance, he thinks they should be “ the peasants” since Ika calls them by that name. Bruno loves it. Will walks in and Bruno asks him if he eats straight cheese, Will said sometimes. Bruno keeps smelling the cheese. Bruno says today was a hard day. William says he didn’t understand why Bruno didn’t go for the HAVE pass. Will said he didn’t give a shit, if he went to jury as long as he could eat. William says he does not enjoy himself if he doesn’t eat. William says people can judge me (talking about when he cried in the cave after getting slop two weeks in a row) Will said he had the little blanket. Bruno saying the blanket does not even cover him. Jackie is in the kitchen as well, she offers Bruno her blanket, he said no, that is ok. Jackie says she doesn’t even use it. Bruno smells the cheese again. He is putting his hands all over the cheese and putting it right up to his nose and mouth. HOH room still having a good time. Karen says ‘when she gets fired up you are asking for a typhoon to hit you’ Ika says Dillon reminds her of his brother. Ika saying Dillon is coming for her mental health. Dillon says Ika is extra. Karen wants some excitement, she wants Ika to lose it. Karen wants Ika to act like Kevin Martin was the one being mean to her and wants Ika to go off on him, she wants a clap, stomp and yell.
9:00 PM BBT Ika reenacting when she walked in storage room during double eviction and Neda asked her to leave and she said no. Karen said she can not wait to see it, she will probably watch it like six times. Ika wonders how they will edit it because there was a lot of swearing. Karen saying Demetres had a good seat to the show, Dem saying he had a good seat a lot, to the Gary show, Karen asks which one and Dem says ALL of them. Ika tells Karen about the time Gary was trying to rally votes for Cass and he walked by and whispered “ I am lying, walked by the pool” then he said “Disperse” Ika is imitating Gary’s walk. In the cave Jackie is talking to Bruno/Kevin. Kevin tells them he spent time with Will in the blue room and that Ika is getting on his nerves. Jackie is telling how Karen was paranoid and asked her in the bathroom if Jackie was staying- because Karen thought Ika/Dem were in the blue room with Kevin. Ika even told Jackie how Karen was losing it and thought Ika/Dem were talking to Kevin. Kevin says he hasn’t said one word to Ika/Dem. Kevin can’t believe Karen said that. Bruno says he wants to see what is in Karen’s head for a minute. Jackie bringing up when Karen told her she was voting against Mark in week one. Kevin asks them if they like the name “ The Peasants” they all love it! Bruno says Karen is losing her mind and that is good. Jackie says Karen just goes with whatever the vote is. Jackie thinks that Bruno/Kevin should try and talk to Ika so Karen will lose it. Bruno thinks after three days there are already cracks. Bruno says he loves Sindy but they are good. Bruno tells Jackie these are our people and we are moving forward. Jackie says she is still going to talk to Ika/Dem to get stuff out of them. Jackie says she does like Dre, she is straight up, even though she is going after you guys (Bruno/Kevin) Jackie says she feels this is not the type of person she is, because they actually think there is a truce and she actually like wants to like do things with them. Bruno says maybe they will let you win to do their dirty work. Jackie said she feels that Demetres goes hard every week. Jackie says all they have to do is tell Karen that Ika was hanging out with so and so. Kevin says he will go up to Karen and tell her he had a great talk with Ika. Kevin says Demetres tries to be civil but Ika does not care. SIndy talking to Will in the kitchen about Ika. Karen comes down the stairs, Will smiles at Sindy and laughs. Will says Karen was just looking at me trying to see something. William says Karen is stressed out. Sindy wonders why she is stressed out, Sindy says she hasn’t even campaigned to her. Sindy says Karen thinks she is the number one target every week.
9:15 PM BBT Will/Sindy in kitchen talking about Karen’s paranoia. Will laughs about Karen being obvious when she walked down the stairs and she was looking at them. Will says she is really too much. William washes is bowl while Sindy looks on. “The Peasants” Kevin/Bruno/Jackie still talking in the cave. Bruno thinks there will be at least one more double and no one is talking about it. Talk changes to writing on the wax paper for Sindy’s sign. Jackie thinks they should use the Sriracha, Kevin thinks it will smell. Kevin asks Jackie if she has some makeup product. Jackie leaves. Bruno thinks William is switching sides. Bruno said he is not saying anything to him, he is letting Kevin do all the talking. They wonder about Jackie, they think she will be with them. Bruno says they both can’t vote for Sindy to stay. They can only throw one vote to Sindy. Bruno thinks if they both vote for Sindy it will be bad, they want to tell Jackie that one of them is going to vote for Sindy. They think the other side will twist that to Jackie if they both vote for Sindy to stay. Kevin offers to vote against Jackie and let Bruno to vote for the house. Bruno says they are going to tell Jackie one of them is going to vote and see how she feels. Bruno says they don’t want Sindy to go out without one vote. Kevin says ya on her birthday. Bruno brings up how he said to her he would never vote for her, he says the only person he would have voted against her was if she was sitting next to Kevin. Jackie walks in and they stop talking about the votes. They are deciding when to do this birthday thing for Sindy. Jackie says Sindy is just sitting with Karen and William in the kitchen. They want to hang out with Sindy but they don’t want to leave the cave and go in the kitchen. Bruno says “ ok, the peasants’ Bruno says they will turn the queen into a peasant. Jackie says no she cannot be a peasant, she can’t be in our club. Bruno asks who the have nots should be if they get to pick. Bruno says Ika/Dem/Dillon/Karen. They don’t want to pick Dre. Apparently they all think the HOH will get to pick. They want to eat in front of them, cook all day and make the kitchen smell like food all day. Bruno says he will bring the pan of bacon in the have not room and wave it around. Kevin drilling Bruno on questions. Karen/William in storage room chatting. Karen saying she only ate two oreos today. Karen wondering if Will dips them in peanut butter, she says she never does. Will says he likes burnt toast with peanut butter. Karen asks what kind of jelly he likes, grape or strawberry. William says raspberry. Karen says he is the third person that said that. Kevin says she likes grape. Will says he has never seen that, after further discussion he realizes what grape jelly is and he thought she meant grape jam with chunks of grape in it. Ika walks in and Karen says she has a banana every day, but the bananas go so fast because everyone eats them in the protein shakes. Ika is making more grape juice. Ika leaves.
9:30 PM BBT Will/Karen talking about food they like sitting in the storage room. William doesn’t like grape things. Karen thinks she looks haggard and tired. William says he feels like he looks thirty five, Karen says how about me I am fifty three, William says you look eighty five. Ika walks back in and Karen and Ika go through the fridge and find some things to eat. William leaves. Back in the cave Bruno/Kevin/Jackie still studying days. Kitchen crew cooking bacon. Dillon drinking juice, Dem cooking, Karen and Ika hanging out. Karen asks what is in the grape juice and Dillon reads the ingredients on the grape drink mix. There is apparently no sugar so Karen is going to have some. Ika says Dillon loves that grape shit. Talk in the cave turns to who they want to put on slop if they get to pick. Bruno says he is hungry for the hoh and they have to win. Kevin asks ‘Did Demetres play in his third POV competition before or after Gary played in his third HOH?” answer After. Bruno is firing off answers really fast. Kevin asks how they can get Karen more paranoid. Bruno says tomorrow just sit near Ika/Dem. Jackie says no, not till after the vote. Kevin says he is going to wear some of Demetres clothes. Bruno says he is going to play pool with him and wear his clothes all to make Karen paranoid. Kevin says he is going to say to Ika “ tell me about your makeup” Kevin says he is going to be buddy buddy with them, Jackie says yes! Jackie says she thinks Karen will be more pissed off at Ika/Dem. Kevin says he is going to ask Ika if the alliance is still on when Karen is near so she can hear. Kevin says he will make up a name like “ end of the rainbow alliance still on” Kevin says he will say to Ika “ so Karen is still the back door plan, right?” They basically plan to say stuff to Ika in Karen’s earshot to make her nervous. Bruno says Karen will tell Dillon and it will cause problems. Jackie says well they have been causing problems on our side. Kevin quizzes them on how many times people were on slop, and then number of votes for each person. Dre/William talking in HOH. William telling her about some of his talk with Kevin earlier. Will tells Dre that Kevin said Ika came to him the morning of the POV and told him not to use the POV because they are going to backdoor Bruno. William tells Dre he told Kevin that was true, then Kevin laughed. Dre asks if he understood and Will said yes. Will said he could tell he knew, so he couldn’t really lie. Dre says she thinks Bruno knew as well and she thinks Ika told him it was Dre who put the idea in Will’s head. Will aks if they think Ika was the one who put it in Emily’s mind to tell Will that he was Kevin’s boy toy. Dre says she thinks Emily would have told Dillon though. Dre saying Ika said “ abort abort” because she already knew it wouldn’t work.
9:45 PM BBT Dre/William in HOH. William said Kevin told him that Bruno is trusting William but not at 100%. Dre said that is good. William says he feels bad Sindy is going to go home on her bathroom. Dre says but we are not going to keep her just because it is her birthday. Dre says she doesn’t think she will hold a grudge. Dre says remember when I said when I am going to final two I am going with someone I like, her friend. Dre thinks they (Bruno/Kevin) will go with someone they can beat. William says he doesn’t think Sindy is like that, she is pretty loyal. William brings up Ika is not looking at her. Dre says she assumes everyone in that other room doesn’t like her. William says she acts like a kid. William says he feels like Ika is acting like she is in high school. William says when she ripped up that thing of Jackie it was mean, Dre said but I did laugh, Wiliam says Ya i did too, but it was mean. William getting annoyed when Ika laughs. Dre says I know. Dre says she wants to trust Kevin, but she wants to see Bruno go. William says he wants to see Ika go before Bruno. Dre says she feels that she is going to be a replacement nominee.William tells Dre to try and win. Dre tells William she can’t put Ika/Dem on the block when someone else is going to do it. She doesn’t need to burn bridges. William brings up Sindy, and she might be better for him to stay but not for Dre. William telling Dre when Sindy talked to him he thinks she was trying to convince him so he would convince Dre. Dre says she just doesn’t feel like her arguments are strong enough. Dre says she thinks Sindy thinks they are the swing vote, but she is not, Dre says she already made up her mind. In the kitchen, Karen/Dillon/Ika/Dem talking about how paranoid Karen is. Ika telling Karen she needs to stop the paranoia. Karen is talking about if Canada is voting and putting someone up…Dem is saying he is not following. They are trying to convince Karen there is no twist that Canada is going to vote. Ika says Karen will give you the power just so you will stop. Karen says she is getting a complex right now, Dillon says what about, your paranoia. Dillon says they need to hold hands. Ika laughs and Karen says these two cackling hyenas. Dillon says you can hear them in the blue room. Ika laughs again. Dillon says I can’t talk because me and Emily would laugh and cackle all the time. Karen says she needs to do to sleep. Dre/William in HOH talking about who to put on block. Dre saying getting Bruno out is the best decision for now. Dre says then we can decide who we want to stay with. William thinks Karen should go, cause no one is going to put her up. Sounds like they want to put Bruno/Karen on the block. Dre is saying once Bruno leaves Kevin will have no one so Kevin will come to them. Karen and Ika hug Dillon in the hallway as he heads to bed. He walks in HOH and William asks if he wants his bed.
10:00 PM BBT  Dillon in HOH talking with Will and Dre. Talking about looking at his pictures. Dre says Dillon needs to have his moment with his pictures since he won’t have them. Ika walks in with lotion and tells Dillon to put it on, she says Dre should do a spa treatment for him. Dre says she can’t wait until tomorrow, Dillon asks what is tomorrow, Dre says she is going to win HOH. kevin talking to Bruno about his conversation with William that he was truthful with him and they have a big bond of trust with him.  He tells Jackie to leave and let them talk for a minute and to shut the door. Bruno says that if they win tomorrow the game will flip. They both agree that they feel sad for Sindy. Jackie comes back with hot tea and they go over the days. Dre talking to Dillon and William that she wants to win the hoh and Dillon tells her to just do it.  Dre and Dillon talk about his family’s pictures. Karen comes in and jokes around with William. She tells everyone that she has been tons of names today and a few more won’t hurt.  Ika in the shower and Demetres hanging out in the bathroom with her. Sindy and William in the bedroom talking about Dre. Sindy is talking about trying to get close to Dre because she has not ever done anything to her. She says that the only one she needs to worry about is Demetres and Ika.
10:15 PM BBT Sindy says that Jackie is different in the house than she is out of the house. William says that she needs to talk to Dre herself because there is nothing that he can do. William says that to be honest whichever way Dre is voting is the way I’m voting also. Sindy says that she can’t tell what Ika could have possibly said to her. And William says yes, she really screwed you over. William leaves the room.
10:30PM BBT In the bathroom Kevin is brushing his teeth while William and Sindy are in the room just preparing for bed, Dre in the shower. Sindy tells Kevin the situation is bad and you can tell she is upset. Ika tells Dre that they need to get up early tomorrow because she needs some help getting something ready. The girls all except Karen in the bathroom applying makeup and getting ready for DR’s. In the have not room Bruno, Jackie and Kevin talking about giving Sindy a birthday breakfast in the morning. A egg sandwich, limeade, ice coffee and a banner. They all agree that they should get some sleep tonight and will spend time with Sindy tomorrow.
10:45PM BBT Ika and Demetres talking about how Sindy has went around all week trying to get herself off by bashing them and how they definitely don’t wanna be like that to Dre or each other if it was them. They start talking about the days of the comps and such and Dre lays in the bed between them and goes over the days with them. Jack, Bruno and Kevin in the have not room going over days of the comps.
11:00PM BBT Sindy talking about the block and votes and if Canada gets to vote. Bruno says that for sure it will be Demetres and Ika and then now it went awry. Sindy said that it was two days in a row that we went over the situation and then when it come down to it she couldn’t talk to them so she trusted Ika. Demetres and Ika still cuddling on the bed talking about how they have to keep winning. Demetres says that he believes that Dillon, William, Karen and Dre trust them and will do what they want. Ika says that they have the numbers to run this house and need to stay in control.
11:15PM BBT Sindy with Bruno, Kevin and Jackie talking in the have not about some different people in past seasons and last time in jury house and what it’s like there when they go. Sindy says she somewhat had a good time in jury but she definitely was bitter. Sindy says she wishes that they would have a wild twist and have a non elimination week. Calling it a time warp freeze, maybe a black hole and be like frozen in time this week. Jackie and Bruno saying that they are going to flip the house tomorrow.Demetres and Ika in the bed kissing and talking about possibly being in a relationship after the house.
11:30PM BBT Jackie and Kevin in the have not room sleeping. The camera in the bedroom are out, must be something private.
11:45PM BBT Demetres and Ika talking about his parents and how he knows that they are proud of him, he tells about some personal stuff and how he puts his mom through stress a lot. Ika tells Demetres that if one leaves the house before the other that it will be so hard and she doesn’t know how she will do it. He rubs her shoulder and says that they are so small and soft. He says that he thought she would have drove him crazy and he would be sick of her but he’s not. They laugh and give kisses.



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