Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, April 12th

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12:00 AM BBT Up in the HOH room, Ida and Sindy having a long talk. Ika Tells Sindy- The minute Bruno felt he was under fire and Neda felt her power was coming up, they turned on me and Demetres. Sindy Tells Ika, You know I wouldn’t be okay with them ever saying that about you two . Ika says, I know you are pretty tight with them. Sindy says, I’d tell you. Ika says, I don’t think you would. You would want to keep the peace. Sindy Tells Ika, I don’t agree with them if they were ever trying to say you and Demetres were the head of the snake. Ika says, We honestly didn’t do anything wrong. Sindy says, You didn’t. Ika says, I don’t get why people are treating us like we did something wrong . Ika Tells Sindy, Neda is the type of person that, when she doesn’t get her way, she tries to make whoever doesn’t agree with her look bad. Ika Tells Sindy, I don’t feel like I should have people within the alliance questioning me and plotting against me. That’s bullshit . Ika Tells Sindy, I wish I let his (Bruno’s) ass on the f**king block is how I’m feeling right now. He really hurt my fucking feelings . Ika Tells Sindy- She (Neda) is the toxic person that will ruin this alliance. She will cause mistrust . Ika Tells Sindy- She (Neda) wants Jackie to win that HoH cause she wants me on that block with Demetres.
12:15AM BBT Ika said that she tried to apologize to Neda all she was ask her why she told Emily the things she is Neda and Bruno talk about needing to smooth things over with Demetres and Ika But she is scared to do it Ika tells Sindy that she has asked Kevin and Bruno who they are voting for they said they don’t know yet but Neda did tell her that she is voting to keep Dillon BB goodnight HG sleep well HG are still wearing boxing gloves
12:30AM BBT Neda Dillon and Emily go out to HT area for a smoke having to wear the gloves is making it difficult Bruno and Kevin play pool while Demetres watches them they complain about how hot the gloves are and Bruno thinks once they are lying down in bed they will be able to take them off Bruno and Neda discuss how they know that Ika wants to smooth things over with them after Demetres got mad at her Demetres Sindy Emily and Dillon join Bruno and Neda in the HT area
12:45AM BBT Sindy asks BB if they can give them some poles and she would teach everyone how to pole dance Neda talks about when they lost a task in her season Bruno says goodnight and goes inside Emily and Dillon share a smoke Ika talk to Demetres about her sister BB keeps repeating Goodnight HG sleep well HG agree they should start heading to bed
1:00AM BBT HG eat pizza before going to bed Dre tells Ika that she doesn’t care who goes they both could go and she would be happy but she thinks it is better to keep Dillon The six alliance meets in the By to discuss who should go this week Kevin said that he doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with William and that Emily has been acting very sketchy this week Bruno said that if Emily stays she will definitely put two of them up Kevin said that Dillon is very pissed off with him Ika said that Jackie will definitely vote with them
1:15AM BBT Ika asks them why they lied when she asked them yesterday about who they were voting out and they said they didn’t know but they did know the whole time Neda said she was afraid to voice her opinion because she did earlier in the day and was yelled at Bruno said they have something amazing but he doesn’t want anything to be weird between them BB goodnight HG sleep well Ika complains to Sindy about Neda and that she was not yelled at yesterday she thinks they want Dillon to stay so he will come after them Ika asks Kevin if he told Emily and Dillon that her and Demetres are the head of the snake and need to be taken out he said that it is not true Ika said this week she has definitely felt at the bottom of the six alliance
1:30AM BBT Ika tells Sindy that she has never liked Neda or Bruno in this game Ika keeps going over Neda lying about being yelled out the table Ika said it had nothing to do about her opinion it was about Neda’s attitude
1:45AM BBT All HG in bed except for Kevin and William in the HOH room Kevin tells William that he has never talked about him in a disrespectful way Kevin asks William why people think that he is taking advantage of William Kevin said it sucks and wishes there was something he can do about it Kevin tells William that he cannot tell him where everyone else votes are going just like he wouldn’t tell him everything about his alliance Kevin said it was the worst day ever
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still asleep
8:45 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping, but Jackie who was up but has now returned to bed.
9:00 AM BBT All HGS are asleep. Feeds have gone down
9:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with William and Kevin waking up. In the yellow room Dillon is up and all of a sudden an alarm goes off. Dillon has been called to the DR. Meanwhile in the HOH Room Kevin and William are trying to get a couple more minutes of shut eye. In the Blue Room Ika and Demetres are also trying to get a few more minutes of shut eye. Big Brother has just told the HGS to wake up or be prepared to face the consequences. Sindy is telling Ika that Jackie and Karen have already had showers. Sindy is planning her day, stretching and doing laundry so far. Sindy is singing Good Morning. Ika says someone is in a good mood. Demetres says they are going to ask you to do battery change every morning. They are talking about viagra. Demetres is asking Sindy and Ika if it works that fast. Sindy is talking about some research she heard about doing birth control for men. She is saying that after 30 days the research stop because men were complaining about mood changes, eating habits. Ika laughs and says just like women but men can’t handle it. Sindy says it is only fair if I can take a pill to stop my eggs you can take something to stop your sperm from leaving your bag. Demetres says like shot blanks. The conversation continues with Sindy talking about condoms. The feeds go down.
9:30 AM BBT Meanwhile in the HOH Room William and Kevin are still trying to get a couple more minutes of sleep. William asks Big Brother to please turn up the ac. In the kitchen Dillon and Emily are having a general conversation. Dillon says Emily is smart. She thanks him, he leaves the kitchen and Emily is cleaning the blender stating that it is gross. Kevin is talking to Neda telling her that Sindy said she is going to vote with them. Neda is saying to him we have to figure out who we want to put on the block tomorrow if we win. If we put up Ika they will all vote to keep her. She says yea we have to figure all that out. Meanwhile back in the kitchen Dillon is washing a couple of glasses. 2 of the feeds are still down and the other 2 are on Dillon washing glasses and the top to the blender. On closer inspection of 1 of the glasses Dillon found some spots so back to the sink to rewash it. Jackie has entered the kitchen , looks like she is going to make fresh coffee. Dillon has entered the pantry to see what Emily is up to. She said she put some flax in their shake as it is good for you. Emily and Dillon have joined Jackie in the kitchen.
9:45 AM BBT Emily says she mixed it up today. Jackie asks her what she put in it she lists the stuff she put in. Chocolate vanilla almond milk flax seed and banana. Emily asks Dillon if it is still too thick for him as it is good for her. He tells her no. Jackie asks how long everyone was up last night. Emily says she doesn’t know but Big Brother told them Good Night 3 times. Emily is saying they should ask if they can keep 2 pairs of gloves. Jackie tastes the shake and tells Emily that it is one of her better ones. Jackie says she is just going to clean today. Emily agrees and says we should have a house cleaning day. Meanwhile in the bedroom Ika and Demetres are joking around in bed and the feeds go down. Feeds come back with Ika saying Sindy is sitting in a good spot as everyone likes her. Back in the kitchen Bruno has joined Dillon and Emily. He is trying Emily’s shake, he offers to top up theirs. He tells Emily it is good. Emily and Dillon are now talking about a lady rapper who is really good. Dillon asks Big Brother to play MIA bonus track. Bruno says it is really good. Meanwhile in the HOH bathroom Dre and William are talking about who to evict. Dre is saying that she thinks they should keep Dillon. She is telling William that Bruno lied to him. Dre says we need to get everyone in a room and talk it out. She says if they really wanted to keep them safe Kevin could have used the veto on them. She says Bruno telling them that Dillon is after Jackie and Karen is a lie. Dre says she is going to make mistakes as she has only played the game once. Dre says if she Ika Demetres Karen they are safe. William is saying he doesn’t care if people are saying he isn’t playing his game. Meanwhile in the bedroom Sindy is talking to Ika and Demetres are talking Sindy is saying Jackie is trying to convince her to keep Emily, Ika said that that is Neda in her head. Ika asks Sindy why is everyone but her telling them that Dillon isn’t coming after them. Ika says they are all lying.
10:00 AM BBT Ika is still upset about the conversation with Neda last night. Sindy is saying she feels like she’s caught in the middle. Sindy says that she doesn’t care who leaves as she has no real connection with Dillon or Emily. Sindy is saying that Ika’s shortness with the 6 is what is causing the issues. Ika says they can’t have a proper discussion because they’re all liars. Sindy says the most successful discussion they had was in the HoH room when Neda wasn’t present. They all spoke and exchanged ideas. Sindy says the problem is they are trying to portray they’re on opposite sides, so communication is at a minimum which is causing suspicions. Sindy is trying to convince Ika to smooth things over with Bruno because they still have a lot of people to get out. Sindy explaining that she refused to not include Ika and Demetres in the decision on who to keep.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Wednesday, April 12th

10:15 AM BBT Ika asks for confirmation on who is suspicious of her. Sindy says that Kevin agreed with her and Ika deduces that it’s Bruno and Neda. Sindy says it’s because the week of tensions has caused confusions and questions. Sindy tells Ika that her conversation with Emily caused a lot of concern because it’s not normal for her to talk to Emily that long. Ika tells Sindy that she’s told everyone about the entire conversation.Sindy says that the 6 is convinced that Ika and Dem are voting with Dre to keep their relationship with her strong. Sindy says she’s the deciding vote this week and she doesn’t know which way to go. Ika asks if things would be better if she called them out when they’re lying to her rather than just mmhmming. Sindy says it probably would be better. Ika asks who Sindy is closest to in the 6. Sindy says that she thinks she’s closest to Ika.
10:25 AM BBT Dem asks Sindy to explain how keeping Dillon is best for their game. Ika says they believe they’ll be able to pull him in once Emily’s gone. Ika asks Sindy who’s running their alliance. Sindy says she feels Neda is more aggressive than Bruno. Dem says from their perspective, Neda is calling all the shots and they’re all just being her minions. Ika asks why they keep doing stuff to keep the 6 safe when no one trusts them. Ika says that Dillon is liable to target her and Dem. Sindy again says that she feels like she’s in a bad place no matter which way she votes. Ika says that she doesn’t feel like she’s in an alliance anymore. She says it’s all stemmed from Neda not getting her way. She says Neda approached them about the vote, Ika said she wouldn’t vote against William. Neda said that without their votes, they wouldn’t have enough, and that’s when she sucked Jackie into voting with her putting Sindy in this position.
10:30 AM BBT Dem and Ika still trying to convince Sindy on how Neda is ruthless and will turn on them all to better her game. Ika says that they’ll regret evicting Ika over Neda if the day comes. Dem leaves to take a shower and Ika asks Sindy if she should just leave the 6 and join with the other side. Sindy says she doesn’t want to see that happen. Ika asks if they’ve already been ostracized from the group; she wants to know if they’re going to be nominated. Sindy says she doesn’t think that is an issue yet. Sindy says that she doesn’t think the 6 is over; that there’s just a mistrust due to Neda. Sindy says that once Dillon and Emily are gone, things should settle down. Ika says the sneakiness of the way Neda handles things sets her off.
10:45 AM BBT Ika tells Sindy that Dillon told them he wants to stay. Ika tells Sindy she’s okay if they keep Dillon. Sindy asks her if she would feel like her vote to keep Dillon would be a vote against Ika; Ika assures her no. Sindy, in tears, saying she doesn’t want Ika to feel like she’s picking sides. Ika tells her she loves her and would hug her if she wasn’t naked under the covers. She gets Dem, fresh out of the shower, to hug her for them both.
10:50 AM BBT Karen and Bruno talking on the outside couch. Bruno tells Karen that she should dissect everything she hears. Karen says that she knows someone in her room who talks to lots of people who’s working at odds with him. Karen says she won’t say the name, Bruno says he knows who she means and agrees with her. Karen says she doesn’t want her name attached with ‘that person.’ Bruno wants to win HoH to prove to her he’s loyal to her. “It kills me that you thought, even for a second, that I would put you up.” Karen says they’re living in a house of liars. Karen says she doesn’t want Bruno running what she’s told him back to the others. He says that he hasn’t told anyone anything she’s said; he trusts her and he wants her to trust him.
10:55 AM BBT Karen on a rant about Jackie to Bruno. She says Jackie spends all day every day running from one side of the house to the other spreading rumours. He finally tells her to stop pointing at her or she’ll figure out who she’s talking about. Bruno says that if Jackie wins HoH she’ll nominate Ika and Dre. He tells her that the replacement nom won’t be her because Jackie would make it William or Dem because they’re Ika and Dre’s #1’s.
11:05 AM BBT Emily joins Ika and Sindy in the bedroom; talk turns to how Ika needs to gain weight. Ika says she needs them to stock meal replacements for her so she can get her curves back.
11:10 AM BBT Ika and Sindy alone again in the pink BR. Ika says maybe Sindy should let Neda believe that she’s against Ika; Sindy refuses to do that. Ika says that she was nervous about Sindy being in the house and Sindy says she was worried, too. They agree they’re happy that they clicked this season. Ika says that she’s not an emotional player, and that’s why she doesn’t speak about her children in the house. Ika says she hopes that Sindy wins HoH because that’s the only she’ll feel safe if it’s one of the 6. Ika says that Kevin is going to take a lot of heat this week.
11:15 AM BBT Karen with Dem in the kitchen giving him instructions on how to fix the eggs and grilled cheese he’s making for Sindy and Ika. Karen, Dem and Will in the kitchen. Dem called to the diary room. Karen says their workout for today will be eating lunch. Dillon, Kevin and Emily in the backyard working out with the boxing gloves.
Dem, Will and Karen eating and chatting in the kitchen.  Karen doing dishes. SIndy and Ika ‘prepping’ in WR. Sindy upset that she’s not going to get a chance to shower. Will, Kevin in the kitchen. Dem, Bruno, Dillon, Emily and Neda outside. Neda asking Dillon if they have to ‘return all of them.’ I think they’re talking about having to turn the boxing gloves in to BB. Kevin asks if all of Dillon’s fights have been in Canada and Dillon says yes, they’re trying to build his name here. Dillon is saying that he doesn’t care if it takes 4 hours, he’ll meet with every fan who wants to meet him. He says he doesn’t party after a fight because training is far too strenuous and his body needs to recover for a couple of days. More talk about Dillon’s career.
11:45 AM BBT Dre, Will, Karen and Sindy in the kitchen. Small talk. Kevin, Neda, Dillon, Dem, and Bruno outside smoking and talking Dillon’s stats still.  Karen complaining to Will and Dre that Ika is using all her eyelash glue. She says she’s no better than Gary. 3 min warning the Backyard will be closed. HGs are locked inside Sindy returns from the DR and enjoys her grilled ham n cheese. She offers a bite to Emily and she takes all the Ham so Sindy offers her the rest of the ½. Demetres making a protein fruit smoothie at Sindy’s request. William is washing dishes, Dre sitting finishing her meal at the bar.
12:00 PM BBT The Kitchen crew discusses plays and musicals. They then discuss the time and think that BB let them sleep in a bit since all the wake up calls were so close together and it’s already Noon. Upstairs in the WR Dillon and Bruno are showering Neda is getting ready, Emily is laying in Karen’s corner watching the boys shower. Dillon likes the smell of something in the shower. Downstairs back in the Kitchen Demetres and Sindy are messing with the Blender as its not working properly. Sindy thinks maybe they can put it in the pantry and have it fixed, Karen says you can’t fix those, Demetres puts it on full blast and tries. It doesn’t do anything to help. Karen heads out of the Kitchen and upstairs, William finishes Dishes and leaves the Kitchen, Sindy and Demetres keep working on the Smoothie. Once they have their cups they head out of the Kitchen and then Kevin enters. Sindy and Jackie in the living room talking about Sindy’s bedtime routine and how she slept last night. She thanks Demetres for the smoothie. Jackie says she is going to try to eat healthy all day. Up in Blue room Neda is laying down, Bruno and Dillon are getting dressed after their showers. Ika is up in the WR with Emily, and feeds back down to the living room. Jackie said she showered 2 times today once cuz she was gross from yesterday and then again after working out. They talk about when Sindy was evicted last time she played how they zoomed in on an asian family and it wasn’t even her family. Feeds cut meanwhile upstairs Emily and Ika are laughing about when Gary did Ika’s makeup. Demetres wants to do Ika and Emily’s make up Feeds cut. They come back after a minute. They agree anything eyelash related he won’t do she will do herself. Jackie and Kevin sit at the table and talk, Sindy heads upstairs and feeds cut.

12:18 PM BBT Feeds cut They return and Karen is in the WR getting ready for a shower, Sindy is folding her clothes. Demetres is commentating as he does Ika’s make up. Jackie and Kevin are talking about Baby shoes that she almost bought to be prepared while buying items for the house. A prank she played on her cousin about being pregnant and how her aunt and cousin reacted. Kevin wants Kids but not right now. Jackie says she has pressure to have babies because she is in the longest relationship outta her siblings. Kevin wants to be Uncle Kevin and be able to give the kids back after he spoils them. They talk about Toy Story and Finding Nemo how there is always more adult humor and every time you watch it you hear/see something else. Back upstairs in the WR Demetres is working on Ika’s eyebrows.
12:30 PM BBT Dre enters the WR and asks what’s going on Sindy explains she comes by and looks and comments how well he is doing. Ika keeps telling him just do what you think let him be let him do what he wants. Demetres keeps combing through all the make up trying to figure out what to use and where. Karen enters the WR again and takes a peek at the make up. Sindy is still quietly watching and giggling to herself. Jackie and Kevin are still downstairs talking about the brain and how she lost memory and she can’t remember anything. Kevin says he can remember his first memory of a goldfish and it jumping out of a bowl. Karen tries to get Demetres to take his shirt off to finish the make up. She suggests eyeliner and Ika yells at her about helping him and she keeps mentioning things he may or may not have added. Demetres tries to do the eye liner after some nudging from Karen and Sindy. Sindy takes her clothes to the room, Karen’s face shows just how “well” he is doing. Emily is fresh out the shower. Emily comes by and compliments the job Demetres is doing. Dre comes in and says the BY is closed, pulls up a seat and watches. Emily said she is going to try and get Dillon to do her Makeup. Dem says it’s not as bad as he thought but it’s not near as good as Ika can do for herself. He then covers it by saying it’s hard to make Ika look bad. Dre says for someone that knows nothing about make up he is doing a great job. Demetres says he thinks he is done he went for a soft natural look but Ika asks about contouring.
12:45 PM BBT Demetres grabs the contour kit and realizes there’s an instruction manual on the bottom and goes back to using something he just used to finish the product. Emily enters the WR again and begins to lotion her legs. Jackie and Kevin talking still Jackie loves pigs. Dre is called to the DR. Jackie said as a kid they played all kinds of sports till they found what they liked. Sindy is back in the WR cleaning her face, Dillon comes by and takes a look at the make up artist at work. Feeds change to Neda and Bruno in the Blue room talking about how Ika was last night at the meeting. Bruno shares that Ika and Dem were whispering and it’s them 4 against the rest of the house they are trying to pull Karen in. They speculate that next week is a double and if its Dem and Ika on the Block that they will vote to keep Ika and so it will be hard to get rid of her. Ika said it’s been a stressful season and that some of the weeks should have been really easy. They run ideas of who to nominate if they win HOH this week. They are concerned about Jackie and if she will flop. They talk about needing to study today and that Kevin needs to come meet with them so they can talk and study. Bruno says Dem wants to talk with him today and Bruno doesn’t want to get him in trouble because Ika got after him last night. They are concerned about trying to warn Demetres about Ika but he tells her everything. Neda says that here concern is that Dillons target went from Dem to Bruno because yesterday showed how strong he is. Neda says we can’t be afraid to throw others under the bus that what is going on and everyone needs to in order to get further in the game.
1:00 PM BBT Bruno is concerned about saying too much and not having the numbers. They are worried about not winning the HOH and losing more numbers. Neda feels Bruno and Kevin will be the noms if the other side wins. They keep running numbers and votes. Ika’s make up is done, she’s dressed, Dillon enters the Blue room and they say how the skinny little guy are the ones to look out for not just the big guys, Dillon says he doesn’t even fit in ½ the comps Dillon has to head to the DR. All feeds cut. 1:03 PM BBT
1:10 PM BBT Feeds return Demetres, and Bruno in Kitchen , Emily, evin, and jackie at the table eating/talking. Dre,Ika,Sindy Ika in the WR getting ready. Dre is waiting on the Dryer, Karen says her leg is finally healed 30 days!! Neda heads downstairs to talk with Kevin and Emily, Dillon is in the Kt area too. They talk about social media and how a specific person watches Kevin’s social Media. They then talk about shows and the characters the people play. Upstairs they are discussing what they need to ask the DR for and how Ika needs to eat more. SIndy heads to get dressed leaving Ika and Dre alone they are talking quietly about how sindy told Ika what the “6” is supposed to be doing. Ika says they just need to win HOH and then put Neda and Jackie or Neda and Bruno. Dre says anyone but us. But it’s been confirmed that Bruno does not like her or Dre. Dre says let’s vote to keep Dillon and try to get someone to vote with us so we can. Ika said that when she admitted that she wasn’t going against William that’s when she showed her cards and made the line stronger. It sucks for them because Dillon is already back in with the other side and Emily would have the plan to play that they were friends and really just be on the ika side. William enters the WR and they let him know that even Kevin is voting to evict Emily. William says he already confronted Kevin and knows and that the other side doesn’t even trust each other. They warn William that unless Kevin wins he can not protect William. They want him out over Dre because he has connections. Ika says that if anyone on the other side wins it will be Ika/Dre Ika/Dem or Will/Dre on the block Karen is safe and will not be on the block. Demetres comes in and begins watching the makeup process as Ika is redoing it. Dre still doesn’t understand why they were trying to get Ika/Dem to vote with them. Dre says she is giving them too much credit and she is done, She doesn’t want to give a unanimous vote. Ika tries to explain that they want them to feel included even though they are not. Dre asks are they trying to confuse us so that we don’t know who to trust. Jackie enters the WR to get clothes from the Dryer that are Kevins and then start her laundry.
1:30 PM BBT Conversation in the Kitchen is still about general life plays books and movies. Dillon and Emily sitting at the bar, Kevin doing dishes. Karen asks about using HOH restroom. Dre says she wants the shaving and waxing stuff to prep for tomorrow. They talk about Dryer sheets and how Dem had to remove several from his Hockey bag last year. Jackie leaves the WR. Ika tells Dem how to Blend the foundation on her skin. They talk about the type of make up and where it goes. Karen and Dre plan to do a load of laundry together after the sheets are done. Dre has dark circles around her eyes and she doesn’t know how to fix it she already put a lot of make up. Ika asks are we doing a 5-4 vote or unanimous vote, Dre says Unanimous and Ika ask why do they always get their way. Feeds cut, meanwhile downstairs ( Feed 1&2) Dillon and Emily have moved and joined Neda and Bruno on the white couches sitting silently. Neda is called to the DR. Dillon tries to mess with Emily and BB tells her to fix her mic. Kevin is about to tell the Story of “Return of the King” lord of the rings. Kevin says he wants to tell the story but he is busy doing other stuff like dishes. There are 7 HG in the living room waiting on him to come tell the story. Demetres says he was due for a good nap, Dillon keeps hollering at Kevin to come start. Dillon does the previews while Kevin prepares to tell the story.
1:45 PM BBT Kevin enters the Wr to use the RR. Ika, Dre, and William still in WR whispering inaudibly. Ika continues her makeup while the other 2 watch. Ika said if she wins HOH and Neda doesn’t go home she will be pissed. Dre says she will probably only watch the 1st episode and nothing else she doesn’t think she could. Dre says maybe a year later but she doesn’t even know if she will do that. Kevin begins prepping for a shower. They discuss if they think Gary is watching feeds and joke about his phrases. They discuss how no one likes the Bus but the subway isn’t too horrible. William asks if the water is Hot and kevin says yes. Dre says her back hurts and she is glad that school will be over when she’s out and then she can rest before going back. Ika said she will probably take a few months off work before going back. They thought their life was stressful before coming into the house now they see they had no idea. Ika wonders who her kids like on this season she agrees Dre and William for sure. Dre says her family knows her well and probably knew who she would and wouldn’t work with from the start. Dre says her sister is hard on her and will ask why she did certain things. Ika talks about her hair color and how it’s not Black but dark dark brown, she has to darken the edges. Ika tells about a friend who got married and now is awaiting a blessing child, then more about Nova Scotia.
2:00 PM BBT In the living room the HG on the couch are Dem, Karen, Emily and Dillon. They are talking about movies. Dillon goes to hug Karen and he squishes her on the couch. In the WR, Ika Dre and William are talking while she puts on makeup. They are talking about getting Kevin to change his vote without feeling like William is trying to manipulate him. Ika said it would be nice if the three of them, Kevin, Dre and Sindy could work together. William said that he is not sure Kevin will trust him. Ika says that Bruno can not be trusted but is close with Kevin. Dem joins them in the WR. Dre says if Dillon wins HOH and puts one of them up she said she will explode. Dre says she never has lied to Dillon so if he tells her that he is going after Karen and Bruno and he flips she will blow up on him. She says because they are the only ones trying to save them. Not the other side of the house. William and Dem are no longer in the WR. Dre says that William has to be a little bit smarter. Ika says then they just need to win HOH. Ika says if she wins that Neda is going home. And that Jackie or Bruno will be on the block with her. Dre says that she told William not to put Dillon and Emily on the block but William told her it was not her HOH. She is talking about William’s relationship with Kevin and that if Gary was still in the house that the situation would be different. Ika asks Dre – what do you think. Dre says she is confused. She doesn’t understand the positions with Kevin Bruno Sindy and Neda. She doesn’t know who the ring leader is with them and who they would turn against if they were on the block. Dre tells Ika that Jackie is alone.
2:15 PM BBT Ika asks if Jackie knows they are using her and asks if they can get Jackie – Dre says no. Dre says that she knows she is at the bottom but will try to prove she is loyal. Dre says that when she first came into the house she could see everything better but now it’s confusing. She is asking why Bruno would get so mad at the possibility of them using the POV outside when he was yelling. Ika says that Sindy was not in that circle. She says once Kevin is gone Sindy will feel more comfortable. Ika says that Sindy told her she is jealous of her relationship with Dem. Ika says that Sindy thinks Neda is the one causing a lot of the stress. Dre says that Neda is paranoid and they need to work on that more. Ika says she can not fake liking people in the game. Dre says that the only duel couples in the house are Ika and Dem and Emily and Dillon. She says she loves William and she will never go after him but they are not playing the same game or on the same page. Ika says that she was thinking of ways to keep Dre safe in the game when she was talking with others in the house. Dre says that she would have told her not to try to protect her because she would have rather not have seen Dillon and Emily on the block this week. Dre says she doesn’t mind being a target. That’s why she is there.
2:30 PM BBT Ika says that she is screwing the ones she cares for most in the game by trying to protect them. Dre says well that they know it now. Ika says the only people she cares for in the game is Dem and Dre. She said she only likes William because of Dre but if he went home she would be ok. Dre says if Ika told her to leave the game so she could win she would consider it. And says that’s how much she loves her. Ika says this entire game she has been going back and forth on who she can trust but that she never doubted her relationship with Dem and Dre. Ika says the other side of the house sees her with Dre and knows it’s a genuine thing and are threatened by it. Dre says they need to declare war. Ika says it’s been declared and tells her about the fight by the hot tub last night. Ika tells Dre that she told Sindy in her position that she should go with them because it was best for her game. Ika says then she can bring her in with them later. Ika says that she hopes they know that she has their best interest at heart. Dre says she knows that. Ika says she would rather play the game with people who have their interest at heart. Jackie comes into the WR to do her laundry but Ika keeps in intense conversation with Dre and ignores the fact that Jackie is there. Dre says that she doesn’t care what week they are in, she wants to turn it up weekly and make people rip their hair out week after week but that Ika keeps telling her to pull it back. Dre says she wants to play the game smart but she does want to play. She says she is willing to take that risk and Ika says that she was not ready for her to take that risk.
2:45 PM BBT Ika says she doesn’t want her actions to cause people in the game to suffer and that’s why she is thinking more in this game. Ika says that Dre tames her in the game. Karen joins them in the WR. Dre says she will never do anything intentionally to hurt them. Ika says she can turn it up as long as she stays. Karen says she hates the people in the house and that the sound of Kevin’s voice makes her want to kill herself so she just went to sleep. Karen says that she told Bruno there is a devil in the house and pointed to Jackie. They are talking about the votes and if Dillon tells her to give Emily one vote and Dre says she will go to verify that and that Karen is in a beautiful position in this game. Karen says after watching 22 seasons of BB that no one ever feels safe unless you are HOH for the week and that people are liars. Karen says she will never beleive anyone until votes are cast. Karen says that everyone thinks they are playing a great game but they can’t keep their mouths shut and don’t trust each other so they really are not playing a good game. Dre says she was hoping they would eat at each other before they eat at them. Karen says that they took players that would have been loyal to them and evicted them. Karen says that Dillon hates Sindy and Jackie. Dre says that she doesn’t want Jackie to leave before Bruno and Kevin. Karen says any of them going home before them is a good thing regardless. Dre agrees. Karen and Dre leave the WR and Ika says to put on more makeup. In the pink room, Sindy and Dem go over game wins and Dem leaves the room. Karen comes in. They talk about what to wear and Karen leaves. Sindy changes her clothes. HG PLEASE WAKE UP. Karen and Dre are in the kitchen making food.
3:00 PM BBT In the WR, Ika and Dem are talking about her previous conversation with Dre. Dem tells her that they were in a great place for a full 2 hours on the couch and were safe. Ika says that Jackie can not look her in the eye and Dem says him too. Dem says that they were hitting some points with Sindy by telling her about Jackie playing for herself and not an alliance. Ika tells Dem that Karen says that Dillon hates Sindy and that if he stays and wins HOH that Sindy will go up. But she says that she is not going to say anything about that yet because it’s too early. Ika says they have to try to get Sindy. Dem says that Ika is closer to Sindy than Neda but Ika says that Sindy also trusts Bruno. They go to find Sindy to sit with her. Dem finds her and they go to the WR for Sindy to do her makeup. They talk about Sindy giving massages. They practice questions again.
3:15 PM BBT In the kitchen, Karen, Dem, Jackie and Ika are making food or cleaning up. In the WR, Sindy and Dem are counting the pipes on the wall. They stop when Jackie comes in to get her laundry. On the couch, Kevin, William, Dillon and Emily talk about sex and how long people go. They talk about shower sex and how romantic it is. REMEMBER CANADA IS WATCHING. Dillon says it wasn’t me. Dillon tells them to prepare a dinner and to play on what a woman loves. Emily asks if Dillon considers himself a romantic person. Dillon says he can be. She asks Kevin and he says no. Dillon says that would be a question you ask the girls he has been with. Jackie joins them. She says she will not talk about her sex life.
3:30 PM BBT Dre joins them. Dillon says he thinks foreplay goes a long way. Dillon says he wants Kevin to feel confident in his ability. KAREN PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Karen was using windex on the windows that can only have water on them. Dillon says he is able to control himself very well. He says he makes sure the girl is satisfied before he gets his. Emily has a big smile on his face. William says that a good 3 min is better than a bad 20 min. He says control is everything. In the WR, Sindy, Ika and Dem talk about people they know. Karen comes back from the DR with supplies and hairspray. Karen tells them she was trying to help the kitchen and got in trouble for cleaning the windows with Windex. Jackie comes into the WR with cookies. She offered them to Sindy and Karen and Karen refuses. Jackie take them to the living room and gives them to the HG sitting on the couch. They are still talking about sex on the couch. Sindy and Karen are in the WR. Sindy is still doing her makeup and Karen is doing her nails. They talk about emory boards. Dem and Ika are laying down in the pink room.
3:45 PM BBT Ika talks about Bruno. Dem says that he thinks that Bruno has more of a problem with Ika then with him. Dre comes in and joins them. Dre tells them that BB is tired of her wearing her jacket. Ika says that Dre wears it like it’s her school uniform. Dre says she is cold. They tell Dre to go to be nice to Jackie because she is alone right now. Dre says if she talks to Jackie it will only be for her to feel good about herself. Dre says that Neda and Bruno are sleeping and Kevin is trying to bond with Dillon and Emily so that Jackie is by herself. Dre talks about when she gets HOH and that her room will be clean and she will tell the people who will be left out need to come back and tell her who they want on the block. Dem tells her to take a paper towel and put on the door who is not allowed in the HOH room. HG NAP TIME IS OVER. Ika says she will laugh when she does that and will make herself a bigger target. Dre says that Jackie will put everyone’s name under the bus and then she will pick them by ennie meenie minny moe who will be on the block. She says then they can not be mad at her because they chose who would be on the block. She says she can hope. Dre leaves to go find Jackie. They talk about sleeping and Ika says that they need a night apart and Dem says he can not sleep without her. Ika asks if Bruno would put her on the block or put both of them up. She says one of them needs to be cool with him. Dem says that Neda would talk him into putting them on the block. Ika tells Dem about Sindy telling her about how the other side of the house tells her to vote. Ika says that Sindy or Kevin would not put them up but Bruno and Neda would and possibly back door them. Dem says that if they put people up and they win the veto they don’t have a choice because they won’t have the votes. They talk about Kevin pulling Williams vote.
4:00 PM BBT Dem tells Ika Bruno was still upset this morning and Dem tells ika he should go talk to Bruno and Ika tells Dem she doesn’t want him to go but he needs to. Neda and Jackie and Sindy are eating lunch and talking about cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. Sindy is talking to Neda about hiring a maid to do her house work .Sindy tells Neda she still has boxes all over from when she worked on cruise ships and that she’s a hoarder she keeps everything.Sindy starts talking to Neda about the different jobs she’s had through the years
She use to work on a year book editor. Sindy tells Neda she teaches dance and now she’s on a realty show.
4:15 PM BBT Ika asks Sindy how she was when she was in school and Sindy tells Ika she was very close to her teachers in school and she was pretty popular and did a lot of different things in school to keep busy.Jackie is talking to Neda and studying for the hoh comp.Jackie tells Neda she feels good when she does laundry and cleans the house.Jackie and Neda both say they need a better broom and mop in the house and Jackie tells Neda she’s going to finish counting things in the house.Sindy is talking to Ika about what others think on the outside of how they playing the game .Ika tells Sindy she was told to work with Sindy in the game.Bruno goes to the kitchen to fix coffee.Sindy is talking to Kevin about the movie lord of the rings.Bruno is talking to Neda,Sindy and Kevin about different movies but says he can’t always remember to describe a whole movie like Kevin does.
4:30 PM BBT Ika and Dem are cooking lunch and Ika says she feels full and tired and wants to nap.Dem says he loves chicken and can eat it all the time and Ika says yea cause you can cook chicken so many ways.Ika tells Dem she loves Sindy but once she starts talking it’s always about her and never stops.Dem and Ika are now eating lunch.Sindy is talking about different rated movies to Neda and Jackie .Kevin tells Ika he’s so tired cause he can’t sleep at night and Ika says to Kevin it’s so stressful in the house so they do’tn sleep all that well.Ika tells Kevin she’s sorry it’s been a tough week for Kevin cause he’s on a different side of the house then William is on.Karen and Dre are in the bathroom talking about Dillon and Emily about what they would do if they won hoh whoever stays.
4:45 PM BBT Dre tells Karen thanks for cleaning the bathroom and Karen tells Dre she’s always cleaning it .Sindy is telling a story to Neda,Ika,Kevin,,William,and Bruno and Jackie about a doctor appointment while she was working at the receptionist..Ika goes to kitchen to make some coffee.Feeds cut.Sindy is telling a story about reenacting in a movie production play she was in .Kevin is talking about a bible study and when he was sick when he was like 17 years old and he went to bible camp and Kevin says bible camp was so fun .Kevin tells Ika the younger kids get so home sick when they at camp .Feeds cut
5:00 PM BBT Bruno and Sindy are talking about what Ika told her earlier and Sindy tells Bruno he needs to talk to Ika about everything in last night’s talk when everyone got upset .Bruno tells Sindy he doesn’t want Sindy to get in trouble for voting and Sindy is telling Bruno Ika is upset cause how they were treating Ika .Sindy tells Bruno Ika is upset with Bruno how he’s treated Ika and Dem the last few days .Bruno tells Sindy he didn’t want to Talk to Ika cause she was upset so he backed off Sindy is telling Bruno the conversation she had with Ika and they need to have a open discussion with the 6 and they need to keep together.Sindy tells Bruno Neha told Ika not to trust Bruno in the game before Ika went in the house. Sindy tells Bruno Ika will talk to dre to get the votes to be unanimous on Thursday Sindy  tells Bruno sometimes their personalities don’t mesh but Bruno and Ika need to talk things out but all the 6 need to talk and come together .Bruno tells Sindy Ika and Dem are throwing them under the bus cause they don’t care .
5:15 PM BBT Sindy tells Bruno they need to make a plan and come together to decide what they gonna do going forward in the game and about the vote thursday.Sindy tells Bruno it’s hard to come together the 6 but they have to work together.Bruno says to Sindy if Ika and Dem talk to Dillon and Emily they will cover their butt and throw them under the bus to Emily and Dillon.Bruno tells Sindy she is the peace keeper and they do need to hash it all out with Ika but Ika was upset and ignoring Bruno he tried talking to Ika several times yesterday.Bruno tells Sindy he never knows when a good time is to talk to Ika cause of her moods..Dem is laying on the floor snoring and he’s passed out.BB tells Dem nap time is over wake up.
5:30 PM BBT Neda and Jackie are studying and Cleaning the blue bedroom.Karen is talking to Emily in the bathroom about whichever one stays that Karen does not want to be a target.Karen tells Emily Kevin is playing both sides then Karen asks Emily if she ever talked to Bruno and Emily says yeah some.Karen is trying to get information from Emily about which one will stay and which one will leave thursday.Karen says the other side has the votes so they do’tn need to tell Karen anything.Karen tells Emily Jackie was so close to her and now she doesn’t even talk to Emily anymore.Kevin joins Jackie and Neda in the blue room to study.Kevin is quizzing Jackie and Neda so they can remember everything for thursdays hoh .
Dillon tells Karen and Emily part of him wants to stay and part he wants to go home.Emily tells Dillon she wants to know either way if she is going home.Dillon tells Karen he would put up Kevin and William cause they caused this week to happen and made Dillon and Emily break up Dillon tells Karen Kevin did’tn use the veto cause Bruno could have gone up and that’s his number 1.Dillon says put up whoever she wants to.
5:45 PM BBT Karen keeps telling Dillon it’s all Kevin and he needs to go up.Neda and Jackie and Kevin continue to study for the hoh .Kevin is folding his clothes and putting them away as he studies.Karen is telling Dillon and Emily how mean Neda is and how she’s so negative and doesn’t like Neda.Karen tells Dillon she sees everything and knows when people talk behind her back.Karen says to Dillon she might be a old woman but not stupid.
6:00 PM BBT Jackie, Neda, and Kevin are in the bedroom chatting. Jackie and Neda re remembering key dates just in case it comes up in a upcoming competition. Dillon and Karen are cleaning up in the washroom Karen and Emily are talking in the bedroom. Just small talk. Dillon and Neda re figuring out how to untie a bandana that is in a knot.
6:15 PM BBT William and Dre are chilling in the HOH room talking about what could happen in the game. Dre says she doesn’t know what to do. It’s ever changing. William says he wants to have someone make a big move. Doesn’t understand why people are targeting Kevin. Emily, and Dillon want the camera to take funny pics. But Sindy is hogging it.
6:30 PM BBT. Emily has the camera and is taking pics. Sindy is showing her how to use it. Sindy is taking pics. Emily wants to take another selfie. Sindy is taking pics of Dillon and Emily.
Demetres, Kevin, and Ika are at the kitchen table talking about their next target. Ika wants Dre out next. Then when Neda’s immunity is out Neda is next. Kevin says he has a big heart. Demetres says he has a bigger heart. Neda, Jackie, and Emily are talking about what happened each day in the house.
6:45 PM BBT Neda is doing Jackie’s makeup. Neda is kidding about how bad Jackie’s makeup looks. Bruno says she looks good. Neda is talking about her and her sister. Kevin and Bruno are in the kitchen doing dishes and making coffee.
7:00 PM BBT Sindy, Ika, and Demetres are in the kitchen. Demetres is making something to drink and Ika and Sindy are talking at the island. Most of the house is eating lunch. Some hg’s are doing orange juice shots. Feeds out.
7:15 PM BBT Feeds return. All houseguests are at the table eating. Everyone says “Cheers to final 12” Now they are doing protein shots. Sindy said they want to do this every Wednesday. Now the houseguests are doing grape juice shots. Kevin says he will regret it tomorrow

7:30 PM BBT Jackie, Dre and William are in the HOH suite. Dre and William are talking in french Some of the houseguests are learning to dance. Sindy is teaching them a country dance.
7:45 PM BBT Ika doesn’t want to learn how to dance. Some house guests want to learn how to twerk. William and Kevin are in the HOH washroom. Kevin is taking a bath. Neda says to Dillon that she likes Sindy. Neda says her, Kevin, Ika and William need to stay. Dillon is stressed out.
8:00 PM BBT Kevin, William, Jackie and Emily are in the HOH WR talking about tofu and Hillary Duff, Chad Michael Murray, The downstairs HG are pretty loud but feeds are not showing them. Jackie tells the story of A walk to remember and how it all comes together. Emily and Jackie reminisce about it. Most of the HG are in the living room chit chatting.Sindy and Ika are talking about when she was drunk and how she threw up in a bucket and Sindy is describing what it looked like. Ika is embarrassed because Demtris emptied her bucket. She said she didn’t know she behaved like that. Sindy is saying how Ika was talking in the alphabet and ending each word with sick with and S or im puking with a P. ika said the next day the torture didn’t end for Demtris because they were sick and he was bringing them food and then they decide that they are going to make some soup. William, Kevin, Jackie, and Emily are still in the HOH room talking about movies.
8:15 PM BBT Demtris, Dre, and Ika are in the kitchen Dre is saying how her back is hurting for the boxing yesterday. Dillon and Bruno are talking in the BR about drinking and how easy it is right now to get drunk but normally Dillon can drink alot. Dillion is talking about his job at the bar outside of the house he mentioned every thur they have a live band Bruno mentions that Emily should play there and they are talking about Bruno coming to see Emily play. Bruno also mention he can get the Toronto boys to come and see Emily play as well and Dillon says they would go nuts if they came. Feed switches to Jackie and William talking in the HOH WR they are talking about the show Game of Thrones William mentions he has a hard time watching because they speak french.Ika is in the WR touching up her makeup while Neda has a shower.Dillon is yelling about how much he wants some booze and how if they were all on the outside he would get everyone a bottle. Neda is left in the WR rolling her eyes as Ika leaves the WR. Feed switches to the kitchen with Demtre deep frying some fries. HG are talking about how its been 30 days that they been in the BB house and Demtre says he has more grey hair since being in the house and Ika says that he calls them Ika
8:30 PM BBT Dillon is in the ST going abit crazy from boredom and still yelling he wants to get faded {drunk} Neda, Jackie, and Kevin are in the BR studying they are testing eachother using T or F method. They mention they can’t study the pink room because it looks to sketchy for them to go in there and they need to get Bruno to study that room tonight. Rest of the HG are in the kitchen eating some fries, Jackie says she spoke to Emily in the WR and she says she feels like if she stays she will not be with us and when i asked her who she would put up and she said Demtre and they think that is a lie. Bruno says that Emily hasn’t even spoke to him and feels like she has a feeling that she leaving. Neda says they have to keep making Dillon feel included and let him know they was nothing they could of done and need to push Demtre and Ika as the reason they were on the block. Jackie mentions that emily wouldn’t have a good time if she knew she was going home and plus shit would blow up. Jackie mentioning how William think that he has Jackie and she will vote the way he wants.
8:45 PM BBT Neda mentions that Ika wouldn’t even look at her today and Bruno and Kevin say she has been super nice to them today. Jackie says she wishes there was a way she could get mad at Emily and fight with her before the vote but Bruno says that would be too complicated and telling Jackie that she can tell Emily anytime she wants. Kevin says that even if everyone votes out Emily they need to make it clear that they are the ones that fought to keep him in the house. Bruno says that he is pretty confident in his team and they start studying again. They begin to go over the comp wins and when who played. The prep for a before or after comp and a numbers comp. They discuss days as well.
9:00 PM BBT Dillon, Emily, Sindy and Kevin are down stairs talking over dinner. Karen walks by and laughs with them. Feeds change to the HOH room where Sindy and ? are talking. The mention how Kevin had bath earlier. Feeds back downstairs showing Ika nd Demetres talking in the KT about Neda, Dre is sitting at the bar talking with Will while he walks back n forth. Dillon continues eating and talking with Emily. All cams are on the downstairs crew. Demetres is worried about a backdoor situation that will put him and Ika in danger and the alliance at risk. They head to the SR to put the smoothie in the fridge for later. They make out and cuddle and hug lots. Demetres is having some vitamins. Karen joins the conversation with Emily and Dillon. They begin playing a game of find out info about each other. When they graduated HS, favorite color, favorite old car..etc. Demetres joins the table and the questions game. Ika heads upstairs PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAND NAMES. WILLIAM Favorite flower – Karen says she loves all flowers but her favorite is probably tulips. Up in HOH Sindy and Ika are talking about a conversation with Bruno and Neda from earlier, How Sindy tried to play the middleman between Ika and Neda. They are trying to make it a unanimous vote based on last night’s conversation.
9:15 PM BBT Dillon doesn’t want Emily to know that she is going home and that it’s a unanimous vote. He is worried if Dre goes to Emily to say that she is going home. Sindy says if Bruno had been straight up honest with her ( Ika) that all would have been fine it was just that one day and the cold shoulders and it was off putting. Sindy says that between Ika and Neda they are withholding info from each other and that’s what is causing the miss trust. Sindy says she had to point out that they all need to talk to everyone more and it’s causing mistrust. The downstairs are still having laughs and making jokes. Ika explains to Sindy what the fight with Neda was about. Demetres enters the HOH, and conversation continues. Dem confirms he is the only on that was in the area and that Ika was alone and said nothing about Emily . Sindy reitterates what Neda said to Bruno and her about the Ika fight. Ika is concerned that Bruno is thinking negatively about her and he is concerned that Ika and Dem are leaving the 6. SIndy says they are bad at communication because they are hanging with the other side for the sake of the alliance. Demetres says it’s hard when your own alliance is making lies up about you. They bring up how Bruno can hang with anyone and no one thinks is suspect but as soon as Ika and Dem do its suspect and they are plotting against the 6. Dillon and Emily eating Oreos in funny manors. Emily says her favorite meal is Cookies and milk.
9:30 PM BBT Dillon shows how he drops his cookie in the milk lets it sit and soak up the milk then eats it. Neda, Bruno and Jackie up in Blue room talking, Neda apologizes for just shoving all his clothes into the bag when she cleaned. They continue talking numbers and rooms and studying. Bruno heads to the WR to go count stuff and the girls mention how hungry they are but they don’t want to go down when others are down there. The ladies talk about how they are making Emily think she is staying but they feel bad about lying. They feel Emily hasn’t really tried to convince them to keep her and given them reasons why. Neda tells Jackie they haven’t done a great job hiding their friendship and they don’t care anymore they are the 2 least Fake people in the house. Jackie feels Ika has tried to be friends with her. Feeds swap its Karen and Ika in the Pink room both are planning to change, Ika looking for her Bra and then feeds back to Blue room and right back to pink. Karen explains when she talked to Emily earlier and Dillon thinks says Kevin Jackie or Kevin Neda on the block if he wins. Ika tells Karen she might be the one to help pull Dillon over they are just so on edge if he would go back and say anything. They contemplate telling Emily so she knows, that’s all Emily wants is them to be honest. They feel Jackie is up Neda’s butt.
9:45 PM BBT Karen asked Dillon who was controlling the 6 and Dillon feels it’s Kevin and Neda equally. Karen says that she thinks Dillon does respect Ika and Dre and then if they win HOH it will show that they are true when they don’t put him up. They feel Neda is a drag and always self absorbed. Demetres comes in and Ika teases him about always coming in at funny times. Karen tells Dem that both Emily and Dillon say that it’s Kevin and Jackie they want out. They forgot Bruno really quickly. Ika heads out and the conversation continues with Dem. Dem says that they can’t trust Dillon becareful what you tell them and just get little info at a time. Karen says that Emily and Dillon are making the best of a bad situation having fun but Neda moping around is driving her nuts and she’s safe doing it. Back in the Blue room the girls are still talking. Neda says up until her HOH she trusted Ika because going into the comp it was supposed to be Cass going up and that Ika flipped out after and then backwards week she voted differently too and that’s was the final straw. Neda feels that Ika was playing a perfect middle game.
10:00 PM BBT Neda and Jackie in the room talking about Cassandra and how Ika was telling her everything. Neda says that they should have picked logic players instead of emotional that it would have worked out better. Jackie tells Neda that her and William were the only two left out of all the conversations and they started calling themselves the left overs and then they brought Dre in. In the kitchen Dillon and Emily are talking about how much pizza they ate yesterday. Bruno and Kevin are there and they talk about dairy farming. Emily and Dillon talk about inseminating cows and production tells Canada is watching. Karen and Bruno are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Karen is talking about people not going to bed when they were supposed to and production had to tell them to go to bed multiple times. Neda walks in and says she left her mud peel too long and is scampering to get it fixed. Karen is talking about if they think her husband and kids are watching. She says that her husband is very busy and can’t picture her family keeping up with her.
10:15PM BBT Kevin, Emily and Dillon in the kitchen talking about there feet and toes and what their toes are good for. Jackie and Neda come in and join the conversation and Neda makes some soup. Ika and Demetres in the bedroom talking about how Sindy had seen the fall of Neda and is tired of her trying to rule everyone.
10:30PM BBT Karen and Bruno talking about the past situations with the guests and who should have won. All the guests in the kitchen talking about relationships and different things that had happen with old past guests. Bruno, Ika , Karen and Demetres talking about sleeping arrangements and blankets and the temperature. Sindy says she unpacked all her bags and has some clothes in the drawers. Bruno and Ika says that they are still living out of their suit cases.
10:45PM BBT William and Dre in the living room talking French. Production tells them to stop and they go looking for some good food. Ika and William in the pantry talking about working with William and doing it to stay safe, Ika says I don’t like it but I’ll do it to keep Dre and William safe. Ika looking for some roast beef and cheese to eat. Sindy in the blue bedroom exercising. Neda and Bruno in the bathroom counting things. Bruno says that he talked to Sindy and she is just laying low and she had gotten mad at Neda. Neda says that everyone is always mad at her and they both laugh.
11:00PM BBT Bruno tells Sindy that she is doing good playing the middle of the pack, either way she is good and is safe from the whole house. Kevin, Dillon and Emily come in and lay down and complain about the ac. Kevin asks Sindy if she always stretches twice a day and Kevin asks if she will help him. Dillon and Bruno talking about getting physically hurt during there lives. Dre pops in for some clothes , she makes it quick since Kevin passed gas and the others say it reeks. Demetres and Ika getting some food, sweet food. He gets some almond milk that Ika has never had shetries it and says nope not for her. Ika says she can’t believe that Emily and Dillon are with everyone. Ika says she thought that they had a stronger bond then the two of them. Demetres says no, he thinks that they will break up and they wanna win. Sindy comes down and says that Dillon is coming. Ika says so she doesn’t know that everyone wants her out.
11:15PM BBT Ika said that Dillon was in the bathroom and then Karen said tell me right now if you wanna stay and he says yes I do but don’t tell Emily. Karen supposedly told Ika that if Dillon stays that he’s going after Jackie , Demetres and Sindy. Sindy and Ika both agree that’s a lie. Dre and William in the HOH talking about William’s favorites Cassandra and Gary left at his hand. Dre said it wasn’t all his fault and he says I know but I could have done something. Production tells French connection to stop talking French and they say they always forget. William in the HOH trying to dance and production asks him to turn his music down.
11:30PM BBT Ika, Dillon, Neda and Emily in the bedroom picking out clothes for him to wear at eviction. He has a jacket but she says for him to tuck in his shirt and wear a belt. William and Kevin in the hoh bed, Kevin is saying that he loves Karen. He says he’s kidding and he says that he wants to do his have not with Karen which he knows it will be super hard on her, they both laugh. Kevin says that he didn’t have a good time at jury because he was too cocky and he thought he was going to win. He says that this time he’s good and whatever happens he gave it his best. William starts talking about casting call for season 4 and the camera cuts out on them. Demetres, Ika and Dre are in the restroom laughing at Dre.
11:45PM BBT Ika and Dre in the bathroom and Ika is making fun of Dre and they are laughing uncontrollably. Ika makes it worse and asks Dre why that her best friend is hoh and Dre is sleeping in the common area like a peasant. Dre says that William asked her not to put up Kevin and Dre says that she’s over it and does not give a fu*k. Dillon comes in and asks about a brand of jeans. Dillon and Emily still talking about what they are going to wear the next day. Dre still with Ika talking about William and how she is scared that Kevin is using him. Dre says that William and kevin do not make sense. She says that William liked Gary and then the next day he is saying he likes Kevin.

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