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12:00AM BBT Ika said that Kevin just wants to confuse them and wants the title of Dr Will Karen thinks that Kevin made the stupidest move by taking Ika off the block and not putting her up instead Demetres tells Karen that Kevin was hoping she would keep Dillon Karen said that Kevin is all about ego Ika said she doesn’t understand why Kevin did what he did and why now he is saying he wants her gone.
12:15AM BBT Karen said she feels bad about Dillon and that Dillon told her that Demetres and Ika will not take her the end she said she knows that but Kevin won’t take her anyway because of his ego he will want to take the bigger player to the end Ika said she is confused by Kevin because Kevin is confused by Kevin Karen said she doesn’t want to talk to Kevin anymore and he looks like a fool Karen said she has been trying to play the game from a fan perspective and when she gets home she will watch it while eating ice cream
12:30AM BBT Demetres thinks what got to Kevin was they never campaigned to him and he has no one to bounce ideas off of Ika said maybe he wanted everyone in the house to think that he was working with Ika and Demetres Ika said that he told her he wanted to take Dillon to the end Demetres doesn’t understand why Kevin did what he did and he screwed up
12:45AM BBT Ika tells Demetres that she is not happy about what he said about Ika game while he is still on the block and walking around comfortable. She said that Karen has a lot of doubt and that they shouldn’t have even spent this much time talking about it. Demetres said they should have shut the down the conversation a long time ago. Karen said she can’t wait to see how this pans out
1:00AM BBT-9AM BBT All HG in bed
9:00 AM BBT Feeds go Down, Wake up Call?
9:20 AM BBT- Feeds Back- Houseguest are getting up. Demetres is in the shower. Ika is getting coffee. Karen and Dillon are out by the hot tub drinking coffee. Kevin comes out to sunbathe. Ika and Karen are in the hot tub talking about home.
9:30 AM BBT Karen and Ika are in the hot tub. Karen said, “You’re asking me and I am new here. Kevin said, “Does that just mean DR?”
9:45 AM BBT Demetres is in the kitchen. Karen and Ika are in the hot tub where Kevin is sitting nearby. Feeds went out; they come up now and then for short period of time and back down again.
10:00 AM BBT Ika and Karen are in the WR area; they both are showering and then getting themselves ready for the day. Dillion is smoking in the HT area. No talking from anyone.
10:15 AM BBT Feeds continue to go out for short periods of time. Ika and Karen are talking in the WR about how she met Bruce while she was in cosmetology school…and got married 4 months later. Karen just realized Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday! Every Mother’s Day she writes a letter to each kid and Bruce saying how she’s proud of them and how much she loves them! They continue talking about being a mother. Dillon sits quietly near the hot tub (he could be sleeping…). Feeds went out at 10:28 AM.
10:30 AM BBT Feeds were out for 10 minutes and then shows Kevin walking upstairs. Ika and Karen are trying to come up with nice things they’ve done for each other. They ask Kevin to join in. They can not come up with many things for many of them. They all agree…the three of them are not nice. However, they can come up with many nice things Demetres and Dillon has done. From the 3 of them, decide Kevin is the worst not nice person remaining in the house. Kevin says he’s going to go tell BB thing discovery. Karen tells him to go tell on himself–”He is not nice.” All feeds out again around 10:34 AM.
10:45 AM BBT Only Karen and Ika remain in the WR. Karen blow drying her hair. They are still talking about how mean the HGs have been. Karen says when Ika walked through the doors on the first day she asked herself, “Why is this demon child on my season?!” Other feeds come on showing Kevin walking around the BY. It appears he is counting the hexagons on the wall. Feeds again down but comes on shortly before BB announces the BY is now closed. 11:00 AM BBT Karen quickly finishes in the WR and runs down to get something to eat (yogurt). Ika complains that Kevin ate her shake after she told him those were hers. He told her he will eat them even more now that he knows she wants them. Can see Dillon come upstairs and head towards the BRs then into the WR to brush his teeth. Kevin went into the HOH Rm. Two feeds remain down; the other two feeds show the WR. Dillon says he wishes that never happened. It messed him up more. Ika says, “Doesn’t it remind you more of why you are here?” Dillon talks more about his home life. Feeds go down again around 11:07 AM.
11:12 AM BBT Feeds come on; all cameras are on the WR. Dillon says there is no point of him trying. It is what it is. He had a good run. He feels like he is going either way. Ika feels as if only Kevin had to do it, Demetres would be going. Dillon thinks Kevin doesn’t care which person is voted out…they both are strong competitors. Dillon says he has a wicked speech prepared; it’s uplifting for Canada. Ika can not believe what Kevin did; he just wants to be the one to say he personally got these strong people out.

11:15 AM BBT Karen comes into WR asking what they were doing…talking. BB calls Ika to the DR. Ika quickly goes to put on her clothes. Karen says that BB did let them sleep in a half hour. Karen tells Dillon about the conversation she and Ika had about being nice. Demetres and Dillon are nice, then is Karen and Ika who is occasionally nice, lastly is Kevin Martin who is not a good person. Karen mentions she needs her hair trimmed and colored–she likes to look younger. Dillon says she does look younger than her age. She is the same age as his mother. Karen states she will not get Botox. Feeds go out for 3 minutes. Dillon and Karen are still talking in the WR. Karen is attempting to trim her hair. Dillon mentions on how JB, his dog, is such a good dog. He’s only 3 years old. Karen still says how she needs to eat some yogurt.
11:30 AM BBT Dillon says there are no words between him and Kevin. When he goes into the HOH Rm it’s only to listen to the music. Karen says she’s going to go get some yogurt and Dillon goes to listen to music in HOH Rm, but is called into the DR. It sounded as if Kevin as taking a shower in the HOH BR. Ika and Karen are together in WR. Ika whispers that Dillon was talking to her on if she would vote to keep him. Karen says she is going to get a coffee and yogurt and will be right back. Kevin sits quietly in the corner chair on the far side of the dining room. [He is wearing 2 different types of flip flops.] Karen is unloading the dishwasher.
11:45 AM BBT Karen talking to Ika in WR. Karen is telling how Kevin is sitting and his expression. She thinks…”haha, we got you again.” Karen and Ika are laughing on how he will also have Demetres to compete against. They talk about how Karen is playing–makes moves as she feels is right and plays like a fan. They relive past conversations and evictions involving other HGs. Karen does feel bad today since Dillon feels as if she turned on him. Dillon is fixing himself a sandwich in the kitchen.
12:00 PM BBT Karen fixes her lashes while Ika gets her curling iron, they discuss how Kevin feels that Ika is going home and she was laughing at how he says he will cry tears of joy when he leaves. Karen says that Kevin thinks karen is the biggest liar in the house and is tricking Ika when really it’s Kevin getting tricked. Karen explains a Gomer Pile to Ika. Dillon quietly eating his food at the bar. He gets a glass of water and leans on the counter. Ika feels that Kevin really did play William the whole season and that it ruined his game and Dre ruined Will’s game as well. Karen says her hair is bothering her and ika says me too I can’t wait to get out and just re do her hair. Dillon heads upstairs and Kevin hollers out asking about something to eat. They say well yea he does it cuz he wants a Jury vote. Dillon lays in the HOH room couch listening to music. Karen and Ika agree Moms get it done and they don’t get credit for all the work they do.
12:15 PM BBT Karen teases Ika because she hasn’t seen Dem in like an hour but it’s been 70 days since she saw Bruce. Ika says she thought her and Dem were being super discreet about being together with each other but Karen says no she heard it from way early in the season. Ika says she is motified and then they tease about nicknames. Kevin walks around the HOH getting ready looking for items, Dillon stays quiet on the couch listening to music. Back in the Wr they are talking about Dre and nicknames and how she wanted to get rid of all the bad and negative. They discuss the things they wish that would have gone different. There were people they liked as people but not gamers. Karen likes Bruno and Ika feels that way about Dallas.
12:30 PM BBT They both really liked Emily and said that she was a nice and genuine girl. They feel Dillon cost her the game. Ika says the week they had Dillon and Emily on the block is the week that caused Ika and Neda to blow up. Ika explains to Karen about how Neda thought she was working with Emily. Ika then tells about what happened with Neda and how the fight exploded. Meanwhile as Ika talks Karen is cutting hairs from her hair.
12:45 PM BBT Meanwhile in the HOH room, Dillon takes the ipod off and starts to rap so feeds cut, Dillon heads to the WR to lay with the ladies. Karen says she has a bad headache, Ika says they need to eat. They talk about how hair is processed and get split ends, then floss how often they go to the Dentist. Karen uses the RR then says she will put on her Jewelry and then go eat something. Ika says she feels she hasn’t seen Dem in hours, she doesn’t know where he is. Karen heads down and Dillon follows, Kevin was in the KT having an allergy attack. Karen rinses dishes and puts them in the Dishwasher while Dillon finds more dishes that are laying around. Kevin exits the SR and heads away from the KT.
1:00 PM BBT All Cameras are on the kitchen. Dillon comes out of the SR and gets some raisin bread and warms it up, Karen said she is thinking of making a sandwich with the bread. Karen adjusts the silverware in the Dishwasher, while Dillon helps prepare the stuff for the lunches. Karen cleans a spot on the bar for them to sit. They finish eating and clean up, Karen said she was going to go brush her teeth, They both head upstairs to the WR.
1:15 PM BBT Dillon grabs laundry to wash the sheets while Karen continues her oral hygiene care. Kevin is in the HOH talking to himself creating a monologue. Using Sprinkles and tweezers in the bathroom Kevin begins to study. HOH comps, days, evictions, Pov’s, etc. meanwhile Ika still in WR curing her hair.
1:30 PM BBT Ika still in WR alone Curing her hair, while Kevin is in HOH WR using sprinkles to remember the days, comps, and evictions. Kevin decides to use the other Yellow blocks to make a barricade that will help alert him to someone coming in. He decides to go make coffee first before going back to studying, heads down stairs and Karen Hollers his name Feeds cut. Karen enters the WR, Dillon in the Blue room organizing clothes breathing very heavily.. Kevin is back in the HOH WR behind his fort. Kevin studying hardcore with himself. He begins studying HN. HOH and POV’s again.
1:45 PM BBT-1:50PM BBT Feeds cut
1:51 PM BBT feeds return for a brief moment, All Hg in the kitchen talking about the task from yesterday. They tease about going through all of Kevin’s stuff to find the Secret power of Veto. Dem called to the Dr. They discuss how no one was ever really going after Will except Dre. Ika explains that Dre says her #1 target was Kevin and now Ika isn’t sure what she said was true. Karen says Dre was always telling people they were scared of Ika when in reality Dre was scared of Ika. Kevin goes upstairs to pretend to be Dre and how she was yelling at everyone to go hide. They all laugh about it. They say they think Karen made a lot of new BB terms #flipflopfloaterville #Karinoia #QueenIsa.. They discuss about Hooterville a city in a show Karen used to watch. Kevin Back up in HOH Wr studying.
2:00 PM BBT Downstairs they continue talking about speeches and past HGs, feeds cut at 2:03 2:07 PM BBT Karen and Dillon are sitting by the rock plant, Karen is removing all the rocks so Dillon can have something to do later. Dillon says Karen you know they aren’t taking you to the end right. Dillon says he would take her if he had the chance. She asks if Kevin has said anything about knowing how the votes are going. He is up there making himself crazy with pots of coffee. Karen tells Dillon about how she didn’t feel good about Kevin or Bruno from week one. She tells about the story of week on the bed, and how she saw how Bruno realized it trying to get back in good. Karen reiterates how many times she has said she needs to send him home.
2:15 PM BBT Karen says Dillon is like Bruce you give the benefit of the doubt and then you are part of the shots fired. Karen says Kevin is a PAB “ Punk @$$ B!tch”, if he wanted Demetres gone he would have put Karen up on the block not Dillon. Karen says she is not going to give Kevin the satisfaction of doing what he wants therefore she is voting out Dillon. Ika comes over and says i’m just waiting on them to call me, do i look okay? They say yes, Feeds cut briefly. They come back and talk about how Kevin is studying so hard for the Pov. Kevin is still upstairs studying so hard. Karen heads upstairs to go file her nails. Demetres heads toward the table with Ika and Dillon, Ika says she is going to bed soon and Dem is clueless. He says so you missed me eh, she says a little. Dillon is in the Kitchen, Kevin comes down and joins him, BB says IKA and feeds cut.
2:27 PM BBT- 2:39 PM BBT Feeds out
2:39 PM BBT Kevin pacing in the HOH WR talking out loud studying. karen , Demetres, and Dillon in the Kt area talking about movies. They ask about aliens, Dem says he has never seen it, Demetres says he isn’t big on movies, Karen asks about E.T., Karen asks about Gremlins, Dem says he has never even heard of it. ‘Silence of the Lambs’- yes. They discuss Jeffrey Dahmer. Compilation videos of old tv shows like the ‘Simpsons’ and ‘Married with Children’ because they are not appropriate anymore.
2:45 PM BBT Feeds cut for a few min, Demetres is cleaning the counter while dillon messes with the stove, Karen still at the bar talking and listening to life stories. Kevin still up in HOH alone counting votes now. There has been 75 votes casted this season. Meanwhile downstairs Hgs are still talking about how mean Kevin Martin is. Karen tries to go over who is nice and not and how she has done so many nice things for others. They begin talking about Hitler and feeds cut downstairs. Kevin still playing with his sprinkles and studying.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, May 9th

3:00 PM BBT Kevin is alone in the HOH suite restroom using candy to figure out the odds. Figuring who he could beat in the finals. The other houseguests are downstairs chatting about life after BBCAN 5. Now Kevin is laying down on the bed tired. Demetres is making something to eat. Dillon is telling a story about miracle grow. Demetres and Dillon are alone in the kitchen talking about Karen behind her back. Feeds go out downstairs. Kevin is playing with his stuffed pig. Kevin said the the stuffed pig has been in the house for three weeks. Same as Dallas. Kevin is sitting by the HOH door having a talking too. Telling his stuffed pig about calling out all the houseguests voting out their friend. Doesn’t want a split vote. Kevin said that he is trying to evict Demetres, but if Dillon goes, he will beat Demetres in the finals. The house is quiet.
3:15 PM BBT Kevin is going through the days remembering who won competitions, who used the veto, and who is evicted. He says that five people did not use the veto. Kevin went downstairs to the kitchen with the others to grab something to eat. Demetres is telling Karen, Dillon, and Kevin that when he is in town, he crashes at his sister’s place. Everyone figured out that this Sunday is mother’s day. Kevin said that he injured himself during the “Baywatch” challenge. Feeds go out.
3:30 PM BBT Feeds still out. Feeds return. The houseguests are talking about animal cruelty in Canada. Feeds go out again.
3:45 PM BBT Feeds return. They are figuring out how much sugar is in a plastic bag. They think it’s 3 cups. Kevins pain is getting better. Feeds out again. They measured it and it’s close to three They want BB to have a final ruling. They are talking about different movies. They are talking about Mad Max movies. They are talking about epic movie. Karen said Kevin and Dillon need to see more movies. Kevin called to the Diary room.
4:00 PM BBT Karen, Demetre, Kevin, and Dillon talking about their favorite movies. Dillon and Karen are talking about movies and doing laundry. Dillon is walking around the house. In the bedroom. Demetres and Karen are using gummy bears to go through days. Feeds going in and out.
4:15 PM BBT Karen and Demetres are still remembering dates in the house. Karen and Demetres are going through nominations, events, and competitions. Demetres is telling Karen what the days have been and what went on. They want to study everyday from here on out.
4:30 PM BBT Karen is trying a new way of learning the days. Dillon comes in the room and said just talking about life. Demetres wants to start a sock collection. Feeds out.
4:45 PM BBT The one thing that Dillon, Demetres, and Karen miss when they get back home is their cell phones. Karen said she is really tired. More tired than at home.
5:00 PM BBT The houseguests are talking about Hockey. They are talking about the Dallas Stars. Karen called to the Blue room. Now Demetre and Dillon are on boxing.
5:15 pm BBT Dillon said the MGM is tinny. Crammed people in.
5:30 pm BBT Feeds out.
5:45 PM BBT Feeds down Feeds returned at 5:51 PM BBT.
6:00 PM BBT Ika said she thinks she is funny. Demetres said i don’t think this steak is good anymore. Ika said she couldn’t find her drink pitcher. Demetres said we have to study tonight. Demetres said can you believe there was only 10 days left? Ika said i hope we win the POV. Ika and Demetres are talking about Dillon’s HOH. Demetres said that they are soft. Ika said it’s because we didn’t deep fry them. Ika said if he wasn’t in this house i would feel so amazing. Ika said i just want him here. Demetres said i like the cheerios. Ika said she is nerves. Demetres said we better have some champagne if that happens.
6:15 PM BBT Demetres is talking about a game board that was in Ika season. Ika said there are no more HN for the season. Feeds are out. Feeds returned at 6:30 PM BBT Ika said Kevin wants to win so bad.
6:30 PM BBT Demetres is eating the wings that he made. Demetres said at least i saw her plan. Ika said it was a dumb move. Demetres asks have you eaten this? Ika said no, it’s disgusting . Demetres said it’s the best part with the skin. Ika said my legs are so skinny. Ika asks Demetres have you seen hurt bay? Ika said i prefer somebody to be honest. Ika said i am always selling cars.
6:45 PM BBT Ika said I don’t tell my friends. Demetres said you don’t want a pity party. Feeds are out
7:00 PM BBT Feeds are down
7:15 PM BBT Feeds returned. They are eating. Karen asked if they watched the video. Karen said is he up there. Karen said he is so obsessed over money. Demetres said he will know everything. Karen said we made it to day 59 that was the coolest shit ever. Big Brother said, Kevin please put on your microphone. Karen is talking about a crushing her dream. Demetres said it’s super nice to have a clean kitchen. Karen asks where is Dillon? Karen is in the WR area. feeds are out
7:30 PM BBT Feeds are down feeds returned 7:37 PM BBT. Karen Demetres and Ika are going over days. Demetres said that the HOH is going to be tough. Karen asked do they ask you that? Ika said he knew all the questions even the tricky ones. Ika is asking karen and demetres questions as they study. Karen asked what are we doing for HOH? Ika said it probably is an endurance comp .
7:45 PM BBT Demetres said there are 16 cheerios . Demetres is telling Karen and Ika about the column that they set up. Ika said is there more 5? They are talking about competitions. Demetres said that this one is going to be hard because it is all spread out .
8:00 PM BBT Karen, Ika and Demetres in the bedroom going over comps and house guests hoping to get the up in the next hoh comp. Demetres says that it’s his goals for the night is to know the hoh/pov’s. They say that Kevin is studying so hard that he will probably go crazy. Ika tells Demetres that he could have won the last pov because he was only behind a few moments behind. Demetres says that if Kevin moves any of his gummies or cereal he will know, but it doesn’t matter because he will have it memorized by the end of the night.
8:15PM BBT Karen going over weeks, who was hoh, noms, pov winners and the evictee. She says you have to remember the double and the triple eviction. Ika says that we need to go over weeks first then all the rest. Demetres agrees and says that we need to walk before we can run. Dillon pops his head into the hoh and asks Kevin if he was hungry and wanted to eat, Kevin says he’s “good dude” and Dillon goes to the kitchen to get himself something. Demetres, Ika and Karen are taking a break from studying and talking about hers and Kevin talk yesterday. They talk about Kevin studying that Kevin was oblivious of the game and the things that he has done. Karen and Demetres say they liked Kevin was in his season but that he is nothing like that. Ika says that they edited him like that he has even said that he didn’t deserve to look that good. They talk about multiplication and they dissolve to get something to drink.
8:30PM BBT feeds down.
8:45PM BBT Demetres talking to Ika about him playing golf and looking at his ex’s snap chat and she’s running around partying. Ika talks about what they will do when they are apart. Demetres Laughs and says she is petty. Ika says she wants him to do things and have fun and to do things together and do things with his friends and vice versa. Dillon in the kitchen eating something, Karen was in the kitchen briefly but says she has to leave and leaves him alone. The only camera on shows Dillon alone. Karen show back up and asks Dillon if he wants to go to the movies? They both laugh and tell Bruce that they are going. They go upstairs and say they need to laundry, Dillon asks if she will iron his exit shirt. (Remember the plan is that Dillon is going home )
9:00PM BBT Dillon talks about a time he had a accident in the water and busted his eardrum and that the doctor said he would be lucky to get 25% back of hearing in that ear if any at all. Dillon asks if anything has changed in the house? Karen says no the snake is still slithering and her and Dillon make fun about Kevin leaving his clothes in there bathroom when he has his own room and own bathroom. Demetres is in the bedroom alone, Karen walks in and they study again about the hoh’s in the house.
9:15PM BBT Dillon in the hoh room moving Kevin’s pegs around. Dillon is called into the DR, cameras back on Karen and Ika and Demetres going over plays. Demetres goes to the kitchen so he can make Ika a fruit smoothie.
9:30PM BBT Ika and Demetres talk about the next hoh and pov. They are nervous and say that they think the pov will be about the days and not endurance. She says that if it is endurance she will hang on for dear life but she doubts it will be. They say that William was a fool and a embarrassment to the season and that he was “lucky” and that is why he made it as far as he did. Dillon in the bathroom doing laundry he is alone so no conversation there.
9:45PM BBT Demetres in the kitchen cooking wings, Ika comes in with some non stick spray he says he has not cooked wings before but they will do this. Ika says she is scared that Karen would change her mind and he tells her not to worry. They talk about going to some award show if they are both still here. Ika and Demetres talking about the weather vs where they are now and where they live.
10:00PM BBT Demetres talks about his boss and if he’s watching and what he would think. He says that he probably is saying how hot Ika is and she says that he is probably saying that she is crazy. Ika says she has to tell him something and then she says she will tell him later. She laughs and says after the show, he says ok. She wonders if that freaks him out. Kevin comes out and gets something and he asks where Dillon is. They say something about studying and how now would have been a great time now. They say well we can study later with Karen , since they are waiting to eat there wings, but Ika says ok but when we work with Karen it takes a lot out of me to keep her on board. Ika says that her and Demetres game is so great because there social game was the best in the house. Demetres says that if we both make it thru this week it was because Karen was selfless. Ika says that again is because our social game. Ika says that if we win the POV next week, then that will tell us if we make it to f2 together.

10:15PM BBT Dillon in the kitchen eating cookies and milk. Demetres and Ika in the bedroom she is putting lotion on her legs and going over the details of some pictures that they were shown.
10:30PM BBT Karen, Kevin and Dillon are in the kitchen talking about drinking a bottle of wine. Kevin leaves the room and go in the pantry to look for something to eat and the others wanna go and see if is looking for the red wine. Kevin says what is up and why are you two laughing? Everything Kevin pulls out Karen says it’s gross! They pull everything out because there is so much stuff shoved under things and Karen asks why are you so paranoid? Dillon tells Kevin not to fall inside the freezer. Kevin has decided to eat fish and a baked potato. Dillon and Karen back in the house just hanging out.
10:45PM BBT Karen says she found out ( guessing from Ika ) that there was a lot of stuff that went on in the jury house during season 3. She runs off to whisper stuff in Dillon ear. Ika is sitting with Karen and Dillon eating lunch meat and cheese. Dillon says he wants to watch a movie, Ika says you already watched a movie. They ask if bb can play clips of the show for them. Production comes in and says for them to stop talking about production.
11:00PM BBT Kevin in the kitchen making his food, he is alone and no conversation with the camera. Karen and Ika talking about big brother people and how some people have get togethers for people in their area. Ika says she doesn’t like many of the people especially from her season. Ika says when she gets out she will not talk to Neda, Jackie, Dre, Bruno,Dallas,and Cassandra. Karen asks do you think that you will feel different when you see Dre? She says no because her move was personal and not game and she would say she loved me and behind my back she was saying that she hated me. Ika says that she told Dre personal stuff that her best real friend doesn’t even know. When Ika mentions her friends name, the feeds cut out.
11:15PM BBT Kevin figures out that the noise that sounds like a screw falling is dillons rock plant settling. Karen and Ika talking about Brendan and Rachel and laughing saying they love Rachel. Ika is called to DR and Karen saying she is tired and is happy that it’s almost midnight. Karen hollering at Dillon if he wants some of the wine that she has. She said it’s like the wine they had earlier, they lied to Kevin and said they had a bottle and drank it all before anyone saw it. Karen and Demetres in the living room flossing. Ika in the bathroom prepping for the DR, Karen going to brush her teeth, Kevin eating, before long Demetres ends up in the bathroom too. They talk about what they would list the house at if they were putting it up for sale.
11:30PM BBT Kevin in the kitchen washing his dishes and pans. Dillon in the bathroom talking to Demetres about someone he was talking to and they were so sure that the earth was flat. And the whole world was wrong and they said it was a conspiracy.
11:45PM BBT Demetres in the bathroom talking to Karen and Dillon about food. Kevin was in the kitchen cleaning. Kevin in the hoh laughing and saying that the other house guests messed with his board and how he thinks that it’s hilarious. Karen and Demetres talking about packing.





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