Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, May 2nd

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12:00AM BBT William taking a shower and Dre takes the towels on William Dre and William talk in french to each other Karen and Ika tak about how good BB has been this week giving them food William brushes his teeth Karen said she just wants to call her kids and her father and that they are same people they were when you came in Ika tells her that people in your life will treat you different.
12:15AM BBT Ika tells Karen Demetres and Dillon about the after party and that the fans will be all over them they talk about how many days they have left Ika said it’s sad to think about it because she likes being in the house Ika said if she could listening to 3 songs a day she would be in a better mood while on slop.
12:30AM BBT Feeds Down
12:45AM BBT Feeds back Kevin, Dillon and Demetres playing pool Kevin goes to bed Dillon and Demetres keep playing pool
1:00AM BBT Dillon gets frustrated paying pool
1:15AM BBT Demetres tells Ika about when he caught underneath a golf cart when it flipped over Ika said that everyone will have bad things to say about her and not Demetres but she doesn’t want them to anyway BB asks them to close the sliding door to the BY Ika said she shouldn’t have had the coffee because she is not tired now
1:30AM BBT Feeds down
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still asleep
9:00 AM BBT Feeds have gone down looks like it is time to wake up HGS.
9:15 AM BBT Feeds are still down ( 9:19 AM BBT ) Feeds come on with Dillon and Karen walking upstairs heading to the washroom. Dillon has been called to the DR. In the washroom Ika is doing her makeup and talking to Karen and Dre. Karen is asking if there is any toothpaste. She asks Dre if she gets called in to ask for toothpaste, conditioner and toilet paper. She asks Dillon if he has gone outside already. Ika is telling Dre the cost of some of her makeup. Karen asks Dillon if he slept well, she says both her and Ika did not sleep well because it was cold in the have not room. Demetres gets out of the shower and is told to put on his mic. He tells Ika the shower is hot and nice.
9:30 AM BBT Meanwhile in other parts of the house Jackie is in the hot tub,and Dillon is out there with her but there is no conversation. As there is no conversation there lets head back to the washroom. Ika is telling Dre something but she is whispering and can not be made out. Dre is saying she does not want William to be hurt, Ika is saying Kevin doesn’t really care about him. Ika says she has seen Kevin close hand and his feelings for William are not real not even close. Ika says it is hard to talk to him, Karen joins the conversation saying people will eat cereal in front of them. Ika is trying to colour her hair. Karen says she has to go down there to get coffee. Ika says she would eat dry cereal all day if she could today. Ika says she thinks Kevin is not lying right now, Dre says she feels for William right now, Ika says William was being honest with his feelings. Big Brother tells Dre to fix her mic. They continue talking about Kevin and William. Ika is saying it is not Kevin’s fault William never had a boyfriend before. She says William is a kid who is in love which makes Kevin look bad.
9:45 AM BBT Ika is saying that William is not all that innocent because of his boyish looks. She says she thinks Kevin cares about William because William has had his back. She says we can not keep saying that Kevin is evil that William has to take some of the blame. She says it is not Kevin’s fault that someone is more into him than he is in him. Ika says she can not blame Kevin anymore. She says Kevin is not that much older than William. Dre says she can see that. Ika says she feels a bit bad for Kevin as he is being honest that he doesn’t feel the same way. Ika is telling her about Kevin and Pilar, she is saying Kevin fell in love with her on the show, they lived together, she said she has seen them together and it was like a movie. Ika says it is not like William is in love with Kevin but has a school boy crush on him. She says it is easy to blame Kevin because he appears older than William but he really isn’t, he is only 2 years older which isn’t much. Ika says that is called life. Dre says she can’t talk to William about Kevin because he just denies it. Ika is explaining something she witnessed between William and Kevin. Ika says Kevin will always look like the bad guy and it really isn’t fair because William is a full grown man. Karen yells to Dillon asking if he has his suit on as they are heading to the hot tub. Meanwhile in other parts of the house Karen and Dillon are talking about Demetres trip outside the house. Karen says she can’t wait for Demetres to come back and have story time with Demetres while he tells them what went on, during his break from the house. As nothing else is going on, Karen has been called to the pantry by Big Brother. As there is nothing else going on in the house we go back to the washroom, Jackie is washing her face Karen comes in with toothpaste but says there is still no conditioner.
10:00 AM BBT Ika is saying she is not saying that William is not entitled to his feelings but Kevin is too. Dre is saying that William tells her that she is annoying, she said she told him I’m annoying because I am telling you the truth. Ika says William says he knows it isn’t true but he is saying and acting jealous if others get close to Kevin. Ika says William always acts the hurt one and that is not true. Ika says she use to say Kevin is bad but he really isn’t. Dre says I am not mad at Kevin I just feel bad for William. Big Brother tells her to fix her mic again. Ika says everyone in this house has feelings, Dre says she stopped feeling that Kevin isn’t using William, but now I just feel bad that William is so hurt. Dre says she sees Kevin really cares about William but I do see how William is making Kevin look bad. Out in the Hot tub area where Dillon and Karen are talking, Karen says Ika and Dre were up in the washroom plotting but she doesn’t know what they were saying, she says Ika is being nice to her today so she is going to milk it for today and Wednesday. She is telling him that she said if she is on slop next week she is going to kill herself, because that is how I talk. Karen is saying that William came to here yesterday, he asks her if she said she would put him and Kevin on the block. She said he told her that eventually we have to put our friends up, she says she knows that came from Dre. She said she never said William’s name but she would probably put up Kevin and Dre. Dillon says if you me and William vote out Ika she is gone. Karen tells him that William is scared of Dre because she is so loyal to him to vote against her. Karen gets told to fix her mic.

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10:15 AM BBT She asks what is wrong with it. Dillon says he is voting Ika out. Karen says she is split, she wants to vote Jackie out because she doesn’t like the way Jackie is playing but on the other hand gamewise Ika needs to go because she is good. She says she realizes that they are only nice to her when they need her. She says all the work she put in trying to build trust is gone. The conversation goes to having solid people in their lives. Karen says she didn’t come into this game with friends so she doesn’t think she will leave with them. Dillon says he will leave with 3 friends Dallas Emily and her. Karen says for her it is Dillon Gary and William will be friends. Dillon says they all talk trust and loyalty but there is none. Karen says in season 4 the brothers were on the block in week 1 and they won. Who was on the block week 1 here who did we keep. She thinks Demetres could win if he is still there at the end. Dillon says this is so crazy right now. Back with Ika and Dre in the washroom Ika is saying she can not enable William anymore and she can’t let Dre do it anymore. Ika says she wants to tell Kevin she is sorry, calling him the bad guy. Ika tells her everything that we say gets out even if it isn’t aired as there are a lot of live feeders. She says she doesn’t want to be responsible for what can happen to Kevin in the real world because of everything we have said in here. Ika says I know what will happen when we leave this house where you don’t. She says Kevin is not a bad person on a person real level. She says we have to tell him we are sorry. Ika says we need to talk to everyone and tell them we need to talk this out even tho it isn’t game. Dre says she has been done with this for the last week. Dre says we have victimized William more than we should have. Ika says we have to tell William that Kevin cares but not that much. Ika says she has seen Kevin with Pilar and how he acts with William is not even close. Dre said yesterday William came to her and today she is going to tell him that she thought about it. She says it is like when we had to talk to Dillon for him to stop doing up to him so he could change it. Dre says we are not bad people but maybe some people in this house don’t want to say when they are offensive. Ika says this is a social game and it is your appearance in this house who you are who is the bad one, victim, beatiful one, the mom. It is all how you are seen in the house.
10:30 AM BBT Back in the hot tub area Karen is telling Dillon that William needs to vote out Ika, they are screwed. Dillon says if William votes to keep Ika him and Kevin will be on the block. Karen says we can’t tell him because he will run back and tell them. Karen says Bruno wants her and Kevin to stay in the house. She also says she has lived a year for everyday she has been in the house. Dillon is getting out of the hot tub, Karen says we have nothing to do in the house, she says there is nothing on the agenda. Karen asks him to tell her what he does in his normal life. He says get up eat goes to his mom’s maybe work out or help at the bar or picks up his niece and does something. He says he feels really blessed. Karen says she does too, she has a wonderful husband great sons . She says we will have been locked up with people who we do not like for 60 days. She asks where the delete button is here. She said she told Bruno that she has dumbed herself down coming in here. Dillon says the same thing. He says he came into the house thinking he won’t last past week 3. Karen said Neda got played hard in here, he said he hopes he doesn’t come off the first couple of weeks as stupid. Karen says she asks her husband if she was nice. He said no you’re not.
10:45 AM BBT Karen says she doesn’t give people a second chance at breaking your heart. She says her husband lets them back in and gets hurt again. She says her husband is going to get a medal when he gets into heaven for living with her. She says she only became a citizen a few years ago. She is telling Dillon about a town that got audited by the province. Back in the washroom Dre and Ika are talking about telling Jackie she is sorry. Dre says she is going to tell Kevin she is sorry now but when she watches the show she will text him again and say she is sorry. Ika says she isn’t going to tell Jackie she is sorry again Ika is telling Big Brother that she will always love him. She tells Dre that she misses it already. Dre says how can you say that when you are still here, she says because she knows what it feels like. Ika asks her when she is done if she could tell her if her hair looks darker. Jackie has joined Karen in the hot tub. Jackie is telling them how much some courses are. Karen says that no one should pay for an education. She tells them that her son gets student loans and gets good marks and works hard. She thinks her son will move to the states when he is done his education. Jackie says she asks her customers about their jobs to try and figure out what she wanted to study.
11:00 AM BBT Karen asks who is looking out for the future. Jackie says her last term in school was fun. Jackie lists what her subjects were. She says at first she wanted to teach at high school but than decided she hated high school. They are talking in general about the education system in both Canada and the US. Karen says it is no different. Karen says after 21 years in the real estate industry she can’t get a job as an appraiser because she doesn’t have the piece of paper. She said even tho they call her, and she can do their job better. Jackie is telling her about her father and his job. Meanwhile in the kitchen Ika and Demetres are talking to Kevin she is telling him that she talked to Dre this morning and now Dre wants to tell him she is sorry for what she has said about him. Ika is telling Kevin that it looks bad for Kevin, Ika says Dre thought that Kevin is coming onto William but that is not the case. Demetres is called to the DR. Ika says Kevin seems older even tho he is only 2 years older. Ika says she thought that Kevin was using William for his image. She tells him that everyone in the house has called William that poor boy. Kevin says he didn’t realize the whole house felt like that. Ika says we both know that things that happen in this house follow you for years. She tells Kevin that she told ask Dre to talk to William and tell him that he is ruining Kevin’s life outside the house. Kevin tells Ika what happened at the hot tub area that Karen asks him if William is the Pilar for this year. Kevin says he said no. She tells him that William told Dre that Kevin belittled him. She is telling Kevin that he needs to wait til after Dre talks to William. Kevin says he is worried how Canada sees him she says everyone in this house has called William the poor boy and she thinks because that’s how they seen him in the house that is how Canada sees him.
11:15 AM BBT Ika tells him that every time William has been upset in this house it has been over him. Kevin says like the rose thing. Karen walks in and Kevin asks her how is the hot tub. She says it is fine. Ika has left the kitchen and Karen and Dillon are there with Kevin. Kevin says they have been talking about how things are seen by Canada. Karen says it all depends on a good edit. Dillon says he has been worried for awhile. The feeds have gone down.
11:30 AM BBT Feeds are still down.
11:45 AM BBT Feeds are still down.
11:50 AM BBT Feeds come back with Karen and Ika talking about being on slop. Karen says she was one of those people that sat at home saying what is wrong with these people don’t they know what they are on national television. There is not enough makeup to cover this much ugly. But now I know it is because they are on slop. Karen is telling her to pull it together. Karen says those real housewives have makeup artists, don’t eat slop and sleep on the floor. Karen says look there is one layer on, and no difference. They are talking about how scared the rabbit was of Ika and how funny it looked on tv. Ika is calling him Devil bunny. Karen says she had a rabbit for 9 years. Ika asks her if her rabbit had red eyes. Karen says there is no difference on her makeup. Ika is telling her to dab it, Karen says there is no dabbing I have 21 years on you. Ika is no helping her with her makeup. Ika is looking for a bigger brush after she dabbed makeup on Karen. She told Karen to spray it with water. Karen says it is getting worse. Karen says no one wants this ugly. Ika tells her to stop. Karen says how can you look this ugly on television. She thinks tomorrow will be worse.
12:00 PM BBT Karen says she wants to be there when Ika comes up on Dem talking with another girl thinking Ika will “drag a B”, Karen says that the guys will be too scared to say Hi to her. Ika says she tries to be nice when a guy hits on her because she has brothers and she knows it takes courage. They briefly discuss when Demetres will be leaving today for his trip. Ika heads to the Pink room where Dre is, she says that she is thinking about when she was on the block with Gary and was out round 2. Ika says the pressure is different and then they talk about the puzzle they just did and how Dre got it in like 13 min, Dem in 12 and Ika in 24. Dre says her performance doesn’t represent her and she normally doesn’t every loose and she is a sore loser. Conversation switches to the convo with Dem between them individually to help repair their relationship.
12:06 PM BBT- 12:20 PM BBT FEEDS OUT
12:20 PM BBT William and Karen are in the WR laughing. Will says he wishes it was him not Dem leaving, Karen says no she would rather rip her toenails off than listen to Sindy. They will have way more fun here today. Karen continues to get ready for the day and Will goes potty then says something about his poop. Karen responds with ewww you were actually looking at them you saw them, He says he always examines them, feeds cut briefly, WIll is in the Shower and Karen is asking about how often he goes to the Dr. karen says that Will is a hypochondriac. Will continues to wash up, while Karen does her make-up. Ika and Dre are down in the Kitchen talking about who would put up who and how to keep them safe. Jackie heads upstairs to the room, Ika called to Dr, Dre in SR.
12:30 PM BBT Karen heads back into the WR says she found 3 towels beside Wills bed, he says they are not his. Jackie brings one into the WR as well. They tease about someone framing Will. Jackie heads back downstairs, Karen heads out the WR, leaving Will alone to shower. Dre and Jackie are talking in the KT. Dre is just having breakfast and she has a period and Jackie thinks hers is coming in the next 24 hours too. Dre says BB do we have a task today, She doesn’t want to be laying around all day. Jackie thinks that they were able to sleep in till 9AM. Dre says she woke right up when they first said GOOD MORNING. Dre says she is quite happy she hasn’t been a HN, they all go over who has done it and how many times. Jackie said it’s so much easier being a HN being able to eat, the SLOP is the worst part of being a HN. Dre asks how is the outside she wants to go out and get some air, Jackie says she will go with her, Karen enters the Kt area. They ask how she is doing she says shitty, they comment how pretty she looks and look good feel good. The way Jackie is sleeping is causing her ab pains. “Tuesday may 2 day 53 the day Demetres gets to leave the house.” -Jackie Dre thinks he is going to try to pitch to her and to get her vote. They think she is the best open minded person. They talk about Kevin, and how at first Dre thought Kevin was using Will but now there is real feelings and she feels bad about it. Jackie said the other day Karen made a comment about William is your Pili and Kevin was like umm no. Jackie gasps and says she thinks she hears the car Feeds cut meanwhile in the Pink room William is digging in a bed for something. Then back in Blue room finishes getting ready speaking French to himself.
12:45 PM BBT Kevin heads into the WR, Dillon heads Downstairs into the SR , William heads outside then back inside. Karen is looking for maple syrup in the kitchen area, William brings food out, Dillon and Kevin play pool. Dre and Jackie still outside talking about when Will was HOH and the backdoor plan, Jackie feels that Ika is trying to put distance between Will and Jackie. Dre says the only time they were mad was the vote thing. They feel that they have the same targets but couldn’t work together. Dre tells Jackie her biggest downfall was that she went around spilling the Info when she was mad. They discuss if Kevin were to be gone could the 3 of them work together for a little longer, 2 solid votes. At this point it’s not longer what the HOH wants anymore it’s what the house wants. It’s too close to the end to play with a pawn.
1:00 PM BBT Dre says that everyone still isn’t sure where they are voting and it’s hard to know right now. They don’t like Karen and feel she needs to go soon. They feel Dillon s going back n forth and it’s not helping his game. They don’t know where his head lies and who is really there with you. They feel they could vote out their allies but not put them on the block. The boys are still playing pool. Dre says if you have no integrity in here then you lose it outside the game too. Dre just wants it to turn out the best. Dre says Dillon has an open mind and willing to consider things. Jackie feels at this point that Ika is telling everyone what they want to hear and so she is lying to someone. Dre feels that the one down fall is that Jackie has spilled t and played both sides. Dre doesn’t think she will know where the votes are so she can make a decision. Pool game over, Dillon relaxing on the couch with William. Dillon says it’s a bad day for Karen, Will says she was so pissed he doesn’t know what she was saying. They discuss the votes, if ika stays they( Demika) win HOH Dillon feel it’s kevin/Will or Dillon/Karen on the block. They are worried about keeping Jackie too. It’s either 3-2 or 5-0 vote. Will feels it’s best for Jackie to stay, he says Ika still hasn’t tried talking to him yet. Dillon says he agrees better for Will and Dre and Dillon and Demetres if Ika leaves.
1:15 PM BBT They feel it’s early to make a decision as a lot can happen in 2 days and they suspect a double eviction this week. ( It’s actually a triple). Ika and Karen in the Pink room talking about “her” turning. Ika feels Will would put up Dem and Ika, Karen says no he is too scared to put up Ika or even vote against her. Ika says that she hasn’t spoken to William, and that for Ika to leave Jackie needs Karen, Dillon, and Williams vote. Karen doesn’t like Jackie’s game and is contemplating keeping Karen. Ika explains that even Dre didn’t speak to her once on the block until Dem won POV. Karen says Dem is a strong Smart player and can win lots of the comps. Karen explains that Karen, Dillon, and Kevin are at the bottom of the house while Ika, Dem, Dre, and Will are at the top. Karen feels that no matter what Dre will never vote against her. Ika says that Karen was never the target when Dem was HOH and they talk about the deal Kevin made with Dre. Ika explains how Kevin was getting blood on his hands and then the thought process they had. Karen says the Family dinners are part of what makes her sketched and leary about Ika.
1:30 PM BBT Ika says she can’t come in here and play Jackie’s game throwing someone else under the bus, she is going to come in here talk to Karen and ask for honesty and just know she isn’t going to be blindsided. Karen keeps hinting at why she will vote for Jackie to go home but not saying it. Ika says she discusses with Dem as HOH options but all decisions are his alone. Ika promises that if she is HOH Karen will not touch the block. She shares the Sindy vote and how she helped rally to get her out. Meanwhile Dre and Will in the Kt talking in French. Jackie sits at the counter near them. Ika keeps bringing up so many examples how she has kept Karen safe on many occasions. Ika says I do what I say I am going to do and you can see it and actions show it. Dillon and Kevin playing another game of pool. They tease about all the noise they hear from the BB crew building and they say it’s going to be a circus. Ika and Karen still in pink room discussing what the Risks are. The Boys head out the Jacuzzi area and they discuss how intertwined the names are. Kevin says hopefully I showed you by keeping you and Karen safe.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, May 2nd
1:45 PM BBT Kevin says people feel he is threatening because he can win stuff but socially everyone wants to vote him out. In the last 48 hours Dillon has dropped down the line drastically and they don’t know how. Kevin asks what is Jackie’s pitch to stay. Kevin admits that he has tried to play BB but there’s people who have done it so much more. Dillon says Dre has been going back n forth on if she wants to keep ika or not. Kevin opens the Jacuzzi ½ way and steps in, 23 more days of BB. They say something about a hint to Big Moves not a lot of twists but it’s been a good season. Ika and Karen are still in the pink room talking Dre and Will come in and join the conversation about Bruno. They talk about how Bruno didn’t like anyone in the house and how his pitch to stay in the house was that “Karen is the most dangerous player, no one is voting her out so she will make it to F2” Karen tells about how much Bruno tried to be near her and talk to her. William joins the boys outside, Kevin says Demetres is out with the windows down with the World. They discuss how empty it is in the house with only 7 people there right now. Kevin says Dem is gone for 3 more hours. In the pink room they discuss how the game makes you mental. Ika says she is going to go get food, Karen says she’s going to pee and get tea she’s weak from the slop. Dre and Ika leave the pink room.
2:00 PM BBT Ika says that Bruno’s hug towards Dre looked so fake. Ika says that she is so happy that he is gone. Dre agreed. Karen says that Bruno said on the last day she hurt his feelings and said that she disrespected the brand. Karen says she loves the game she says he called her The Gallum Ika says she wants some tea. Karen says she has to pee. Dre and Ika left the room. They are talking about Dillon and how Dre is getting better action from her hot water bottle them him. Dillon leaves the pantry goes into the Kitchen and sees Dre there and looked at her, Ika joins them getting coffee. Says she’s hungry Dillon says she’s hangry. Ika says that the coffee doesn’t look fresh so she is making a new pot. All in the conversation in the kitchen is quite. Dillon is looking for something. Meanwhile in the HOH bathroom Kevin is washing his hands and sees Ika and Dre. Ika says she wants to talk to him no game talk she just wants to apologise to him for having him think a bad way about her, and others.She says that Will is trying to making him look bad. Dre says she apologising to him as well. They are coming to him to tell him about feelings he may have with Will outside of the house. Ika says that Will may feel like Kevin degraded him. Saying that Kevin’s actions towards him and others making them feel discusting. Ika thought Kevin only is playing a hard game (putting on a show for Canada). Dre feels like she is close to Will and sees Kevin is making Will feel bad. They are saying that the Pillar conversation is hurting Will’s feelings. They say that he is very young and Kevin is younger. And Kevin needs to go talk to Will about what is going to happen outside of the house/game, with His feelings
2:15 PM BBT The girls say that Kevin needs to be honest to him so that he doesn’t get the wrong impression of him. And get upset to find out there is not going to be any further feelings outside of the house.
2:22 PM BBT-2:26 PM BBT Feed down
2:26 PM BBT Feeds back to Kevin still talking to Ika and Dre apologising, Kevin says that he really needs to go talk to Will. Dem just came back from his ride. They asked him how his ride with Sindy he says he can’t talk about what they talked about but the moment he left Dre says that Ika says she missed him so much Dre says even BB says stop that… Dem is saying that it was a very fun ride. Dem asks how the house is while he was gone thought everyone would have flipped. Kevin is telling Dem what they were talking about. Ika gets called to the DR and leaves the room.
2:30 PM BBT In the Kitchen, Karen, Dillon and Will talking about going into the hot tub. They are talking about all the banging coming from outside, being so loud and Will says he can’t believe there is a lot says must be something big. Karen says she wants to go outside. Dillon and Will leave the Kitchen to sit on gray couch. Dillon hopes that they won’t be making a bad decision Thursday. Will agrees. They are talking about moving forward in the game needing to move on it’s only week 9 and it’s coming to an end and they don’t want both Ika and Dem at the end. Will says that if they are still there at the end people will vote for Ika/Dem. They would win. Dillon says with Ika leaving they wonder what Dem will be like. Dillon says if they don’t take the opportunity to get out the strong player like Ika. They are trying to plan out what they should do in the votes. Will just doesn’t want to piss off Kevin, Karen or Dillon off. So he’ll do what he has to do. Dillon says that either one of them has to win the HOH. Will asks Dillon what he’d do if he won Dillon says probably Dem and Jackie if she is still here. Will feels like there are a lot of DR’s this week, everyone is being called except him. Dillon says that they just need to get things done this week like a power move. Will says that Sindy, Neda, and Bruno will laugh at them if Jackie walks into the jury house, Dillon says even Canada will laugh. For the fact that they got rid of Jackie over Ika. Dillon says the rest of the house will regret it if they keep Ika.
2:45 PM BBT In the Pink room, Ika joins Dem and Dre they are talking about how she saw Dillon pull Will on the couch and she thinks that they are talking getting rid of Ika instead of Jackie. Ika says that she has to make a deal with Kevin and she needs to go after Dillon. They need to work on Will’s vote. Dre says that Will will do what ever everyone else will do if Ika stays. Dre says Will is scared of Ika. Ika says that Dillon is paranoid about Ika staying they’d come after him and If she goes Dillon will feel that much closer to Dem. They are saying that they need to break up Dillon/Will. Camera goes to Will and Kevin in HOH room talking about what feelings they have for each other in and outside of the game, Kevin tells Will that he only likes to cuddle and have fun, he says that he wanted Will to know how he felt. Will says that no he knows how Kevin feels. Everyone else sees them as a showmance and they weren’t feeling that way. Kevin says that he doesn’t want to lead him on. He says that he is trying to get the 2 of them to the f2 and that was it.
3:00 PM BBT Kevin is telling Will that he doesn’t want Will to feel bad. Camera goes to the Pink room where Dem and Ika are talking about his feelings when he left the house and having to come back to so much more game talk. He feels like no one in the house likes him and wants to get rid of him as soon as he is alone he’d be next. Dem says that they just need Ika to stay. And that way they can get to the end and win. Dem says he really likes Ika’s dress and she is just looking at him and he said don’t analising him. Dem says he wants to go eat something and leaves Ika in the room alone. She says “that’s weird. “ Camera goes back to Kevin and Will in the HOH room. They are talking about how Will had feelings for Kevin but he wasn’t sure what the feeling were yet. Kevin says that Dre is really looking out for Will. Will says that he is happy that Dre will be a best friend back home. Kevin says that the pool thing yesterday was the best thing so far that has happened in the house. Says it was really fun. Will thinks that Kevin will have a lot of tasks to do. Kevin says maybe but maybe not that much. Then that awkward silence in the room between them.
3:15 PM BBT In the Kitchen Ika and Dre are talking about Dem ride with Sindy and Dre thinks that she wouldn’t have been able to talk much. Ika says that she could have told him that her view of the other houseguests towards him. Ika says that when Dem left the room she felt weird about the conversation. They think that Dem left the room because he has feelings for her that he is just afraid she is leaving that he wants to distance himself from the situation of maybe feeling bad. Kevin joins in the Kitchen he says that he talked to Will and what he feels. Kevin thinks that the feeders didn’t see it that way. He just wanted to come clean about his feelings and didn’t want it to get out of hand. Dre was just worried for seeing Will feel for Kevin and how Kevin felt without talking to him. Ika says that when she talked with Karen they were talking about the words they use could mean something else. Ika just wanted to talk honesty with Kevin. Dem and Dillon are talking about the votes and thinking it may be a double. Dem says he will be so ill if Jackie ends up winning the whole game. With all of her scheming and playing the game the way she is. Says that they’ve been played as an ass. They wonder how their games are being played.
3:30 PM BBT Dem says that Ika wanted Jackie on the block over Dallas and he says no he really wanted Dallas gone first. They are talking about how the double works, and how the votes go.

3:32 PM BBT-3:38 PM BBT Feeds down
3:38 PM BBT Feeds back to Karen talking to Jackie Karen wonders who it might be that won the Secret Power of Veto. They think it was Kevin who won it. They are talking about when Neda and Sindy left that they heard the audience was upset when they left. Cameras goes to the Pantry where Kevin and Dem are talking about Dillon wanting to be closer to Dem as soon as Ika is gone. Kevin says that they want to slander Kevins name to the others to make it seem like they aren’t working together Kevin is eating. Dem leaves the room. Camera goes to Karen and Jackie talking about Bruno and things he said. Karen says that he didn’t campaign to much other than to Ika and Dem. But says that everyone flipped on Jackie. Jackie says that it just sucked that no one came to her and sit and discuss plans because of no one wanting to lose. Karen is talking about being on slop messing with your body and game. They got told by BB that the backyard is closing so They moved conversations back inside. Karen goes into the HOH bathroom looking for toilet paper. Camera goes to kitchen where Kevin and Dem are making things to eat. BB calls out to make sure all doors are completely closed so Kevin goes to close it. They are back talking about now they are going to be down to final 6. Dem thought that his game was going to be chill but now says it’s not now he was pulling out his hair due to the stresses. They say that Karen can just chill her game and so can Dre. Dem says that the minute you start feeling comfortable thats time to go. Ika is talking to Dillon in the Blue room about their game. Dillon says that he’d rather be beat then to be backdoored. Ika agreed. She is telling him that she is just wanting to play an honest game and says that some are not playing it that. Ika tells Dillon that she wanted him to know that when Ika and Dre were talking to Kevin it wasn’t about game but it was just them talking about Will and how he was feeling towards Kevin and Dillon says he now believes her because he saw Kevin then come get him to talk. They are talking about where game votes should be from others.
4:00 PM BBT Dillon and Ika are chatting in the bedroom. Ika said that she has a hard time reading William. Ika said he doesn’t talk game much to her or anyone. Ika and Dillon said that anyone can win except William. If william wins. Her and Dillon are on the block. Ika said that William is built like a girl but strength like a boy. Ika said that William told Dre that Kevin degrading him because of his age and looks. Ika is going to talk to William shortly. Ika tells Dillon that as long there is no double eviction, they should be ok till the final four. Ika said that when you’re on the block the house is telling. Dre told Ika that if she wins HOH, she will nominate William over anyone else. Ika said that this is the longest she has been in the house. In her season week four was the week she left. Dillon compares jail to the Big Brother house.
4:15 PM BBT Dillon and Ika are going to miss the house. They can’t ever go back. If they do, it will look the same. Demetre is talking about the car he won in the veto competition. Says he doesn’t know what he would buy at the Brick. Demetre is making something for dinner. Demetres enters the bedroom with Ika and Dillon. Dillon said it’s his new favorite spot in the house. Someone called to the diary room.
4:30 PM BBT Demetre, Dillon, and Ika are talking about what competitions they would like to win. Demetre wants the HOH room back. They think this week it’s a instant or a double eviction. In reality, it’s a triple eviction. Demetre said they are due for a mental competition for head of household. They are now looking at the globe in the bedroom. Demetres said he’s cold today. Ika said living in the BB house is like rent. Demetres said he doesn’t get free drinks all the time. Ika, Dillon, and Jackie are making steaks for some of the houseguests for dinner. Dillon said he doesn’t know what to do with his life. Jackie tells william no oil feeds cut to pantrey. Ika is called to the Pantry. Jackie is laying in the living room on the sofa.
4:45 PM BBT Some of the houseguest are making dinner. BB told kevin to Wake up. Naptime is over. Karen heard the word French fries and wanted to kill someone for them. Wishes she could fall asleep. She is freezing because of the shakes. Wishes she was dead. Really hungry. William tells Karen how he got through slop. He said he drinks a lot of coffee and ice coffee. Karen has trouble eating slop. Says she’s been eating it since Thursday. Calling slop garbage. William said he had trouble eating slop. Was eying for a slop pass in the HOH competition. Karen said if she would have known that the first three out were have nots, she would have stayed longer. BB tells Karen that she needs to fix the microphone. Jackie is alone in the bedroom.

5:00 PM BBT Not much going on in the house. Dillon and William are talking about Karen not loving the slop. Dillion is in the kitchen making something to eat. Dillon said that the slop has gotton to Karen. She’s losing it. Dillon and Dre are going to make Mashed potatoes for dinner. Jackie and Dilon are eating alone. Demetre is called to the DR by Big Brother. Ika feels bad for Karen. Says she is dramatic. Ika said that Dre and Dillon need the full big brother experience and try slop. They said no.
5:15 PM BBT William is talking about what some foods they have in France. Talking about the waffle. Quiet in the house. Not much going on. William and the houseguests are cleaning up the kitchen. .
5:30 PM BBT Ika and Dem are in the bathroom talking about the working for the votes to keep Ika .Ika is telling Dem about her conversation with Karen and that Bruno told Karen to not trust Ika,Dem and Dre.Kevin is in the hoh room studying and talking to himself about William and Kevin thinks William is so hurt and he has to go talk to him so he doesn’t put Kevin up on the block.Kevin says he has to survive the double thurs.Kevin says if he can get to the final 6 he has to win to keep going nobody wants to take Kevin he has to survive and he can win himself and study better than anyone.Kevin says he has to comp out so he can win the game. Dillon and Karen are talking in the pink room about who would be going up depending on who wins the next HOH. PLEASE WAKE UP NAP TIME IS OVER.
5:45 PM BBT Karen says she gets that notice from BB and she is not sleeping. Dillon says he wonders how many times BB has told him to stop singing – Karen says at least 200 and Dillon says that should be a question. They talk how often Sindy would sleep and never get called out. They talk about if Dem said anything about what Sindy said on their outing today. They say that Sindy isn’t going to say anything. Karen says that today Ika was burying her today and that Bruno said that Karen said that they were going to get out and what a horrible person she is. Ika was telling Karen all about what Bruno said – Karen said that the tapes will tell the truth. Dillon said that it would be hard to believe that Bruno would have said that. Karen tells Dillon that Bruno told her not to trust Dre. Karen asks if Kevin really thinks he is being a smart player right now? Dillon says yes and that his game play has been translucent. Karen asks if he thinks they are that dumb? Karen says that it appears that he is working with everyone. Karen talks about Ika high fiving Kevin in the bathroom yesterday that William told her. Dillon says that he is not 100% about it. Karen says that Dem doesn’t even talk to her anymore. Karen says that Ika asked if she was going home. And Ika said if it changes she needs to know. Kevin walks into the room. They talk about Kevin working to plant trees. In the WR, Ika Dem and Dre are talking about a replacement nom and that it would be one of them. Ika says that Dillon flip flops too much and she doesn’t want him to be HOH right now. Ika tells Dre that Dillon says that William has to go and that there would be a way to make Dre do it. Dre says the only way she would do that is if William was putting them up. Ika said that the people that need to go up are Dillon and Kevin. Ika tells Dre that she needs to talk to Dem and she gets up and leaves the WR. Dre says she doesn’t know why Ika said they need to talk and Dem said that she just wants to make sure they are good in case she leaves. In the HN room, Jackie and William are talking. Jackie is telling William about Ika and that Ika did tell Jackie that she would put him up. William says that Ika has not talked to him about anything. Jackie says that if Kevin and William are on the block together that she would vote Kevin out but what he thinks Ika would do in the same situation. He said that he thinks it would be kevin – Jackie said she feels they have an agreement. He asks her if it is just a feeling or if she heard something? She said that she thinks he would go back to tell Kevin. William promised he wouldn’t – she tells him that she heard Ika and Kevin talking and that she heard kevin say “if that happens we will be exposed” and that Ika said that “we have eachothers backs” Jackie says that in the end she feels that Ika would vote him out over Kevin. Jackie tells him that both Karen and Dillon said they are voting Ika out. William said that if he hears that everyone is voting for someone that he would not give a sympathy vote. If he does it would be for Dre or Kevin. He wants her to know that. Karen comes into the HN room to exchange batteries. Karen overhears them talking about the conversation that Jackie heard about the convo with Ika and Kevin as “Business Partners” William tells Karen it’s not what she thinks and that he doesn’t want her to go to Dre. William yells out that he swears this is not what you think. Jackie says that she wants to build more with him and Dre and she knows that people have already built their foundation but she knows that she would go further with them than anyone else at this point. They leave the HN room. William goes off to find Dre. He tells her what happens in French.
6:22 PM BBT Will, Dre, Karen, Dillon, and Kevin in the Pink room sharing stories about some of the Hg’s that have left. They discuss the morals conversation with Neda/Emily about sleeping in the bed. Ika and Demetres are in the HN room. They are talking about their choice to work together and he does not regret it that he would do it again. Ika says it seems like it bothers him. Dem said that it’s not the people that are bothering him and it’s actually how it looks on TV and that they are making him look like an idiot. Dem says that he has been talking to Kevin and he can see it on his face. His intent was to come into the house and for people not to see him as being smart. Ika says that Kevin told her that Dem is a logical player and more so than he thought. Dem said that he thinks Kevin is respecting him more. He said it makes him feel better but that it could hurt in the long run. Dem says he is not mad at her. Ika gets upset about him getting an HOH and she said that she just wants to know how he wants her to vote. She said she sees he is worried about how people think he is playing. She tells him to do whatever he wants her to do. .
6:30 PM BBT She said she knows it bothers him and Dem said it’s not her fault that people see them in a certain light. She tells him if he wins HOH then she doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, just to tell her how to vote. He tells her he wants them in the end. He says what’s good for her game is good for his game. That he would do what’s best for both their games just like he would expect her to do it as well. Ika said it’s annoying that she has to constantly tell them that they make decisions together and she has to tell Dre over and over again too. Dem says that she does not have to reassure him. Dem said that other people are not going to be around to see anything. Dem says in the end they both have very good cases. Dem asks if Ika wants him to leave and if he is mad, she said she is not mad. Dem tells her to trust him that he would not change a thing. He wants her to keep doing what she is doing because she is good at it. Just like he would not stop winning comps. That they make a good team. Ika said she is annoyed because every single time she needs to have the same conversation with Dre and validate the way she is playing. Dem said she does not have to validate her. He asks her to give him her hand. She lays there with her eyes closed under the blanket. Ika said that she is sorry if he feels his game is not respected. Dem said if anything it’s him because he has been playing dumb the whole game. Dem says now that his winning mental comps people are freaking out. But that they make the best team and they are a super player. He says if they both get to the final two and will ask what decisions he made and ask Ika why she didn’t win comps. He says that it’s getting down and that if he gets in power and he had to take a tight player out.
6:45 PM BBT He will do what’s best for his game if it was against Dre and Dillon that he would take Dre out but that Ika’s best interest will be in mind. That there is no one else he wants to sit next to. They just lay in silence. In the pink room, Dillon is talking to Karen, Dre, Kevin and William about a story that Sindy told him when she was working in the walk in clinic with a woman with snakes in her stomach and being on scare tactics but that they never showed it. William appears to be sleeping. They say that Dillon’s story was still shorter than Sindy’s. Dre said she can not believe that she did not hear Sindy’s story. Karen said she would walk out when she saw that Sindy was telling the stories. Dillon said that he loved hearing it every time. Karen said that Dem was supposed to get more accurate details from Sindy today. But they say that those stories were on repeat when Sindy was in the house. They keep talking about Sindy and her stories and how long it took her to tell her stories. They talk about the Tuna cans and that they should have send some to her with Dem. Jackie asks Kevin if Sindy told her stories in Season 3. Kevin said not that he remembers her doing. He said she was relaxed this season. Dre says that she wishes she could have heard Sindy’s stories. They say that Dillon left too many details out and it made it shorter.
7:00 PM BBT Back in the HN room, Ika and Dem are talking and Dem tells her that he is not going to change anything. Ika says that she is not saying he is. Dem says he is trying to think of what he did. He said if only one of them gets to the end and about voting from Jury. Ika asks if they hate them that much. Ika said that means that Kevin has the most friends in jury and will win over them so he has to go. Dem said they would win over everyone else except Dillon. Ika says what did he do? Dem said that people in Jury would vote for him. Ika said that Sindy could have told him things to get into his head. Dem said if there was one person they would take to the end if it wasn’t eachother, that it would be Dillon. Ika says that the house is bitter and looking for reasons not to give the win to them. She tells him not to buy into it because they don’t know his strategy. Ika says that Dem is super smart and that he has been right about everything in the game. She said there is no rule how to play the game. That she should not change the way he plays. She talks about Neda and John in their season and that Neda is cocky thinks that Ika is playing her game but it’s not true. She says their relationship is not a dictatorship and that they talk and make decisions together. Dem says that when they are making decisions that Ika isn’t telling him what to do and that they struggle making decisions. Ika says that the other players are jealous because they can not believe that two players can play the way they do and not run their own agendas. Ika said she didn’t come to the house to play someone else’s game. She said her connection with Dem was not planned. Ika said that she doesn’t want Dem to think that she is thinking about herself. Dem said he doesn’t. That he doesn’t have any other connection with anyone in the house. And that he has to take Ika’s word on Dre.
7:15 PM BBT Ika said that she was just annoyed because Dre has been insecure a lot. Dem takes his shirt off and says he is doing it for the fans. Dem talks again about the final 4 and the choosing what’s best for their game. He says that people are trying to get him off the train of thought that he has been on and that Dre was trying to get him to make a decision that was not good for his game. Ika said to be honest that she does not like anyone in the house. Ika said that it makes her nervous that Dem tells her that Kevin sees that Dem is not stupid but that he is just playing it. She tells him to keep playing the way he has been playing and not to change. Dem said that he knew people were seeing him as a dumb player but now Kevin sees he is not. She tells him to do what’s best for his game. He says that the two of them is the best for his game. Ika says that it’s the first time in the conversation that he was trying to think of things that he has done without Ika so that he could tell people and it made her feel bad and that she would never do that to him. He said he didn’t want to make her feel that way and she said she doesn’t care because it’s his game. He says if he started to do do stuff to keep her and now is the time to start. He said he has always been “this is what I can do for you” but now he is lying to make people make bad decisions to keep her. He said the best for his game is to keep her and she said if that is the best then ok. He said sorry. She said it’s his game. He said we are a team. Ika said that it sounds like he is trying to convince himself of that. He said if she leaves he is screwed because he can not play the game without her. Ika said that everyone is getting in everybody’s head. She leaves the HN room. She talks out loud and tells him to play his game and leave her alone. She goes to the kitchen and continues talking. Saying that he is listening to people being stupid and to build a case for your game and that she will build a case for her game too and that everyone can go screw themselves. She goes upstairs and says she is going to crash some parties. She goes into the Pink Room. Dem stays in the HN room. Ika tells them in the Pink Room that it is empty. They ask Ika if she is going to Niagra. She says no she doesn’t think she is going. She tells William that fans go to take pictures. William says he does not want to go see girls. Kevin tells him he will get a lot of boy attention. William said he hopes they are hot and that he will go then. Karen says if her husband comes then she will go otherwise she will just be there with all the young players. Kevin tells them how they are put up in the hotel and that they will get their own rooms with their friends. They talk about that they get their own section in the bars. But that there is one night where they get just players.
7:30 PM BBT Kevin says that during the day they do tourist things. Ika said that this season is a crazy season because there are returning players and that there will be a fan base there. Kevin says that the last time he was overwhelmed. Ika said she already feels that way and she isn’t out of the house yet. They say that it’s annoying when people tell them what they did in their season and what they should have done. They say that American BB players also come down to show support. They talk about American players that they know and who are nice. They talk about some of the things that past BB players have said on live feeds and they cut the feeds at 7:35 PM BBT. Feeds return 7:38 PM BBT. The feeds come back in with the HG telling William that there will be plenty of gay guys for him in Niagra. Ika says she has never seen him glow as much as he is now. Ika tells William that the previous players are also fans and are on the ride with them. She tells him that they get bombarded with a ton of questions about their game and all the things that they did. She says she just wants to relax. They start to talk about the finale and what happens and the feeds go down again at 7:41 PM BBT
7:45 PM BBT Feeds come back at 7:54 PM BBT. They are making fun of Ika and her hand clapping when Sindy put Neda on the block. Kevin says that when Neda told him that Ika was trying to back door her, that he looked right at Ika. She asks Kevin what he was thinking and if he was scared. He said that as long as he was not going on the block that he was just going to sit there with his green water bottle. She asked if people could hear what was happening in the pantry. Kevin says yes that it was loud. Ika said that she didn’t think Sindy would do it and that she thought that Sindy would put her up. They talk about that night. Karen said can you imagine watching that episode? She says that she kept saying to herself not to let Sindy see her.
8:00 PM BBT Ika said that it was raw because it was not planned. Karen said that it was the biggest move in BBCAN history because no one expected it. Ika said that during that time it was like a whisper and then Kevin shooting her that look. Dre and Dem in the Kitchen discussing that Ika has been manipulating Dem. Dre didn’t want to believe it but it has been brought to her attention more than once and now it’ in her head so she wants him to know the information. Dem said it was an eye opener and he needs to just stick to what he knows and not listen to anyone else. William heads down towards the Kitchen speaks briefly to Dre and heads back up. Demetres says it’s so hard not to turn off the game in his head right now. Dre nibbles and Dem heads to the SR. Dre tells him to quit thinking he is going to wear himself out and make up things in his head that aren’t true. William back in the KT and speaking French with Dre and then Dre and Dem head up to hear Ika’s stories.William and Dre end up in HOH talking French, Dem heads to the Pink room, In the Pink room Ika talks about Neda who wants to be someone everyone likes. Ika says she knows that there are people don’t like her. She says she feels like if she gets caught up on people liking her – and not everyone is going to like her. Karen says that is life. She said not everyone in life will like you. Just worry about the people that are with you. Ika says that if she comes into the house and no one likes her but she is herself she is ok with that. But that if she comes in and is not herself and then people like her then she doesn’t know who she is. At least she can sleep at night. Kevin tells Ika that at the start that she scared him but not so much anymore. She says she is sorry. Ika says she is not so bad once you are used to it. Karen says that she is always the Bitch that she is. Karen says that Dem said that he was in the bed with a girl who didn’t like him. He said that Ika didn’t go out of her way to make him feel like that. He knew that out of all the people that she could have bunked with he wasn’t her choice. Ika says She tries to let things go out so that it doesn’t build up so she makes little jabs. They talk about Neda and that she did blow up with her. Ika said that when they first got in the house that she did want to work with her and that she thought she would be different. Ika said to Kevin that she did hang with her and Kevin said that he had only seen her a few times before this. Kevin says that Canada is petty. Ika says that you can not please everyone and that’s why they have different people in the house to entertain everyone.
8:15 PM BBT Dem said it was weird seeing Sindy so he can not imagine what the jury house would be. Kevin asked if they talked about jury. Dem said that they were not allowed to. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. Kevin laughs and said that Sindy got evicted on her birthday. He says after she was evicted and then he saw the Happy Birthday Sindy on the table. They talk about Dem asking if they could throw that away. In the HOH room William and Dre are talking about Ika and she tells him that her chances of winning are slim but not to underestimate her that she can still win. Dre says that they need to think game now and is it in their best interest to keep Ika. William said that it is not best for Dem. Dre asks over Jackie? William said that jackie has never done anything against them. She asks if she is still with Kevin and Will tells her that Jackie would put him up. She says if Ika is gone and Jackie wins hoh that if she puts Dem and Dillon on the block and if Dem wins HOH, who would she put up? William says he thinks Karen. Then she asks who Dem would vote out if Kevin and Dillon were on the block and who would vote to keep who. Then Jackie would be the deciding vote. Will says if Ika stays and wins HOH. They say she would do Karen and Dillon. She said she will not put Kevin, her or Will. William asks if Dre knows something about Kevin and Ika. He tells Dre that ika has not talked to him. He says he wants her to come to him but if Ika does not that he will go to her tomorrow. They talk about who Dem will target if Ika leaves. Kevin tells Ika that she did some petty stuff in the house. He talks about hiding his shoes and Karen says it wasn’t the first time someone hid them. Karen says that Bruno and Jackie had frustrated her many times in the game. Ika tells a story about a argument with her and Jackie. Ika said someone gave her brave juice and that she had drank someone that morning. Ika said she said something about her hair and Kevin said that Jackie said she came back at her about her weave and Ika says she never said a word and they ask Karen because she was there, and Karen says she knows nothing. They talk about Bruno and Dillon and some of the other fights that happened during this season. Kevin asks
Ika about the fight with Sabrina last time and as she starts explaining the feeds go out.
8:30 PM BBT Dre and William talking about there game and listening to the iPod. William just makes a comment about the viewers. Dre makes a couple of comments in French and is called out, then they hum and are called out again. So they go back to French, really trying to push it. Karen and Kevin talk about Sindy and her story talking and how long she talked about really nothing. Ika says that Sindy will like to overtalk the conversation. Ika says she fishes for compliments and that it was her plan to keep her as her friend in the house by just complimenting her. Karen says she one time told them about every body she has ever dated in her life starting with high school. Demetres says something about there time together today and production shuts it down.
8:45 PM BBT dre and William talking in French while the other cameras are off line since they are talking about stuff we’re not suppose to hear.
9:00 PM BBT Karen talks about the time Dallas was on the block and how he stirred things up and announced the different alliances and the plans people had in the house. Karen says he never said anything about Ika and then again production cuts them off
9:15 PM BBT Karen still talking about other house guests and how some of them wanted Sindy out because she drove them nuts. They talk about Gary sleeping with frozen vegetables and how noisey he was and how dramatic he was. Dre and William come in and they talk about making food. William wants to make lemon chicken and Kevin says that he doesn’t want that. Kevin asks about if Ika had tried out for season 1? She says yes but she didn’t make it and she was glad because looking back she made it to the next one and that was the best one in her thoughts. Dre says that she tried out for season 4 and didn’t make it and production asks again for them to stop.
9:30 PM BBT Ika asks William if he will keep her safe. William asks if she wins who would she put up? She says that she gives her word she will not give Kevin on the block. Ika asks who is his partner and he says that he is close to Kevin and Dre. Ika says that he is safe and she gives her word that she will not put him, Kevin and Dre up
Next week if she wins hoh. Ika calls Jackie a liar and he says he he doesn’t feel like she would lie to him but he doesn’t feel like he can trust her. Dillon and Dre laying on the bed talking, she says she is hungry and needs to cut her hair because it’s getting too long. Kevin and Dillon making steaks and mushrooms for themselves. Karen eating slop and Dre making something but not sure what.
9:45 PM BBT Demetres is in the bathroom flossing after he has eaten his steak. He jumps in the shower, he’s alone so no game talk.
10:00 PM BBT Ika and Demetres are talking Dre please go to the DR Ika asked Demetres do you want to put clothes on Demetres said what about this rumor with us kissing on day 6 Ika said Jackie started it Demetres said i am telling you that has changed Demetres said i didn’t know that Dallas stayed in our bed Jackie said it’s nice out ika told Demetres you can play your own game Ika said that the people that i’m working with always are questioning me ika said that is fine you play your game Demetres said i am playing my game Ika said i will play my own game and i will get myself off Ika said i don’t need you to say anything on my behalf i am fine Ika please go to the DR Dre and William are talking french
10:15 PM BBT Dre and William are talking french Demetres said do you want me to go down there to Ika and Ika said nope i’m fine Karen is talking about her husband Dillon and Karen are talking Karen said i didn’t know if he was really was watching Dillon said that why the feeds are good Dillon said a lot of people watch the feeds Dillon said i hope they do mexican food on the 5th Karen said it would be fun
10:30 PM BBT Karen said if bruce doesn’t come to nigeria i wouldn’t go Karen said if he doesn’t come then i am going home Dillon said there is plenty of stuff to do in toronto Karen said i would like to meet the BB family that i didn’t meet Dillon said i wonder if my mom is going to go to niagara Dre please go to the DR Dre please stop talking about production Karen said i am hungry Karen said how are you holding up Feeds Down
10:45 PM BBT Feeds Down Feeds returned at 10:49 PM BBT Demetres said i am starting to eat better today i feel like junk Demetres said that this stuff is not that heavy Ika and Karen are talking Karen said that is not who i am Ika said are you worried Karen said no because he has my heart
11:00 PM BBT karen said that’s what she is doing playing with his emotions Demetres said it wouldn’t be surprised if i already watched it Jackie said it’s creeping up Jackie said i think by the end of the week Dre said tomorrow is another day Ika please go to the DR Karen said to william are you going into the hot tub Karen please go to the DR Dillon and Demetres are playing pool Ika and Dre are in the WR
11:15 PM BBT William and Kevin Ika said dre you’re my girl you know i can tell you anything Dre Ika said the way he sat there and said to me Ika said i know you don’t like kevin whatever is better for your game kevin said ika is really a bad liar kevin said i know 100 that jackie is going to put me up Kevin said if you can make sure that ika doesn’t put us on the block
11:30 PM BBT Karen and Dre are talking Karen said i really came up with some good ones Demetres and Dillon are playing pool Dre said i can’t believe that he brought goggles Karen said he eats whatever Kevin and william are talking Dre said i am going to remove my makeup and Karen said i am Karen said we gotta do 1 more redemption challenge Ika said i am going to try to eat because i am hungry Kevin said if dillon wins i feel like it’s me and you William on the block Ika and Dre are out by the pool
11:45 PM BBT Kevin said that Dillon loves Dre Ika said that she doesn’t trust people that much Ika Kevin said i wonder if we go to ika and make a deal with her if we keep her and tell her to put up Dillon and Karen Kevin said i feel good with Jackie right now Kevin said let’s sleep on it and talk to ika tommore


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