Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

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12:00 AM BBT Dallas tells Neda that if she scratches back this week he will be on her side the rest of the game Emily tells Cass it’s a blessing in disguise that she is on the block or they wouldn’t be talking Gary plucks Demetres eyebrows and face. Neda tells Ika about her conversation with Dallas and that he needs to go this week and they need to get Emily on her side Neda said that Cass is getting close to Dre but Ika feels they have Dre more than Cass does Neda tells Ika that Cass is Sabrina 2.0 she can’t win comps but is good at getting into people’s heads Neda and Ika talk about Cass and how she thinks she has Ika wrapped around her finger Neda and Ika talk to Dillon about getting Dallas out this week and that they will keep Emily this week just to build trust with him.
12:15 AM BBT Ika tells Dillon that her Neda will talk to Demetres. That if they keep Emily this week that he will not go after him. He said that he already said that to him. Ika said it would be better coming from them because they have a softer approach. Gary is shaving Demetres neck. Neda and Ika explain to Dillon he needs to tone it down and lay a little lower because of his size and because he is a boxer is a instance target. Dillon said that he is loyal he is in and outside the game and he will not change that.
12:30 AM BBT Dillon tells Ika and Neda that he just wants to be able to trust someone since Dallas squashed his Gary listening to music in the HOH room Most HG HG in the BY chatting Bruno and Dillon playing pool Ika joins Gary in the HOH room
12:45 AM BBT Dallas telling Cass and Jackie about his conversations today he said that he talked to Bruno and Kevin and they both said that Emily does nothing for their game Cass tells Dallas that when she walked in on Ika Dillon and Neda that they stopped talking and change the conversation Cass tells Dallas that he needs to stay in Demetres ear Cass thinks that Karen will be the swing vote this week Dallas said he feels comfortable with Jackie, Cass Neda and Dre he needs to work on getting Kevin and Bruno on his side He said he is going to talk to Gary and Demetres tonight Dallas talks to Ika about Cass laughing today during Emily speech

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st
1:00 AM BBT Emily and Bruno playing pool Emily tells Bruno she wants to trust Ika that she wants Dallas out this week but the only thing she is worried about is how close Ika and Cass are Bruno tells her he doesn’t think they are and next will be huge Demetres tells Gary they need to get Dallas out of the game Gary said that he was really hoping to get Dillon out this week Bruno joins Dallas in the HT area Dallas explains his conversations that he had with everyone he tells him that has of right that he has the numbers to stay this week Bruno said if everyone else is good he is good Dallas said that Sindy. Karen and Dillon will not vote for him and he is not sure about Gary
1:15 AM BBT Neda and Kevin talking about getting Dallas out this week Neda gives Kevin tips that he needs to talk about his family in group settings and that there group of 6 is doing well this week Neda leaves Kevin asks Dallas which vets he thinks will vote against him Dallas tries to campaign to Gary but Gary doesn’t really want to talk game anymore tonight Dallas tells him the same thing he has told everyone else BB says goodnight HG Dallas said if they let a vet go this week there will be alot uncertainty in the game he said the vets are in his best interest since they have the numbers
1:30 AM BBT Gary asks Neda what she thinks about the vets all doing their own thing Neda tells Gary that she got the same speech from Dallas that he gave him gary asks to not be left behind Bruno talking about him growing up and about the wrong path he was going on
1:45 AM BBT Bruno taking a shower Ika talking to Demetres in the HOH room she tells him about the alliance she had made with the vets in the first 3 days She tells him about Neda and her having each other back and how they brought in Kevin and Bruno and that Sindy and Cass wanted to keep Mark over him
6:00 AM BBT All HGs sleeping

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

7:00AM BBT All HGS are a sleep
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
8:45 AM BBT All HGS are still in bed almost time for the rooster to crow
9:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping.
9:15 AM BBT Sindy is up Neda is getting up. Big Brother has turned all the lights on . Big Brother Good Morning Houseguests time to get up. Battery change is taking place in the Have Not Room. Cass and Ika are talking about Dallas leaving. Cass is telling her she isn’t going to try and help Dallas stayed. Cass says the house is driving her crazy. Ika is telling her that she still has her back. Ika is telling her that Sindy is on board, Dre is on board. Ika says Dre thinks Emily is coming after her. Cass is telling her if she votes for her to stay she will have her back. Ika is saying she isn’t going to talk to Gary as he stated he is going to do what the house wants. She feels that if the house decides to keep Dallas they will have his vote. Ika is saying she doesn’t think Bruno will care either way. Sindy has come in and told them the backyard is open. They are saying they will be glad when the have not thing is over. Ika says 2 more days. Feeds have gone down Big Brother is waking the rest of the house up. Feeds come back with cameras on the Have Not Room. Cass says yesterday she ate the crickets. Cass says the crickets were like pumpkin seeds with little legs and heads.
9:30 AM BBT Sindy is saying she is going to sit in the hot tub today as her back is sore. Cass says she will try the hot tub tomorrow. Ika is telling Cass that Neda is beginning to trust her. Cass says she can’t ruin her game for Dallas so she is going to stay low. Ika says if people do flip what do we do. If he stays we are good. Cass says if he goes the vet alliance is over for sure. Ika agrees with her. Ika says she knows Dallas rehearsed his speech but they don’t think Dillon knew what was going to be said. Cass says she agrees as Dillon got so mad. Cass has been told to put on her mic. In the yellow room Dillon is getting ready to start his day. In the washroom Neda Sindy William Dillon and Karen are starting their daily routines. Jackie has entered the washroom as well. Jackie asks Dillon how he slept. He says it was a tossy turny night. Karen says this house plays with your sleep. She says she is waiting for the fun to start. Neda says you didn’t have fun scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush. Karen says if her husband could see that, she is a cursory cleaner at home. She tells Neda that her father use to say put elbow grease in it her response would be my elbows are out of grease. Neda says yea she doesn’t clean like that either. Sindy is saying she is going into the hot tub today as her back is sore. Big Brother calls Sindy out for talking about the competitions she was in. Big Brother also tells Dillon to stop doing something but he is not on screen. Feeds have gone down.Feeds come back on with Neda Sindy and Emily are talking about diets and food. Sindy is saying she doesn’t want to be skinny she wants to be fit. Emily is saying she gained weight before she came in. Sindy is telling the live feeders she can see her body. Kevin has entered the washroom. Sindy is talking about an Asian female on the internet. Emily is wondering if her family was watching. Neda tells her they are even if they weren’t fans before.
9:45 AM BBT Sindy is asking Kevin if he remembers on their season they thought the dishwasher was broke and the only problem was it wasn’t plugged in. Bruno says he may have used her yesterday as he didn’t know they each had their own packs. He told her it maybe by the pool. She asks him you couldn’t put it back where it belongs. He replies No. Feeds go back down. Bruno and Sindy are in the hot tub. Sindy is telling them she has a phobia about the sides of the pool so she will not be in it. Demetres and Dillon are sitting outside. They are just having a general conversation about personal habits. Sindy is talking about her upcoming birthday. Dillon says he finds it hard in the house as he is a physical person even if it is just hugging everyday he finds it hard. Demetres is talking about getting his haircut and eyebrows done yesterday. They all agree he did a good job. Kevin has joined them outside. Sindy says she washed her towels with her jeans or hers have a blue tint. Emily and Jackie have joined them in the backyard.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

10:00AM BBT Bruno is saying he’ll be 40 soon. Dillon said he had a meltdown when he was 25 as he was in a jail cell. Bruno says he got married when he was 25. He said he dated his wife for 5 years. Demetres says it not how old you are but if you are ready to get married and found the right one. Meanwhile in the Have Not Room Cass and ika are still talking about who gets along with who. Ika and Cass discuss their and others strengths and weaknesses. They agree they have each other backs.
10:15AM BBT After being down for about 4 minutes, feeds come on with Dillon, Sindy, Bruno, and Demetres hanging out at the HT. It’s general chitchat…cruise life. Bruno tried to get onto the Newlywed Game. I learned “gardening” is another word for sex; Demetres had to confirm the meaning of gardening. Cass, Ika, and Karen rummaging through their bags, talking about when to shower in the red BR. Karen can’t wait to get outside. Dallas is cleaning bathroom floor. Karen says how she slept like a log and is feeling fantastic. She is called into the DR. Emily comes in as Karen leaves. They talk on when exactly they will no longer be a HN. Emily goes to “soak up some rays”. Cass is coaching Dallas in HOH bathroom–he is cleaning. Cass says for him to just get along with everyone today, but tomorrow go campaigning hard again.
Demetres is coaching Kevin on how to flip eggs. Dre and William are also in the kitchen area. Dre wants to work out with the rest of them.
10:30AM BBT Sindy divulges her fear of holes (in clusters). It’s weird on what triggers her. It’s not so much of a fear since she knows they won’t hurt her, but a major feeling of discomfort comes over her seeing some things. Bruno comes in and they talk about the disgusting things they had to eat (for a comp?)…sardines, crickets, etc. Kevin and William in the kitchen; in the BY Jackie running laps and Dre on the exercise bike. No discussion…just slapping of Jackie’s feet on the floor. Sindy, Dillon, Bruno, and Emily in HT area when the feeds went down on the HT but camera remain on the BY. Jackie is done with her run; Dre also states she got her heart rate up so stops.
10:45AM BBT Many seem to meander to the kitchen. Karen is looking over Kevin’s shoulder at the stove and then soon taking her food to the HT. Dre goes inside with Demetres on the bike and Gary jogging laps. Sindy positioned herself lying on the BY couches. Demetres stretching out with Jackie and Dre. Can hear several in the kitchen. Karen and Bruno in HT area with Emily and Dillon. General chitchat. Feeds went down. Kevin brings Dillon and Bruno breakfast to the HT Rm…such a nice surprise. Karen’s nickname is Squirt…came from her father calling her squirt since she was always so short. Jackie, Gary, and Dre doing weight exercises.
11:00AM BBT Demetres joins Gary doing walking squats with weights. Gary moans with each squat. Cass talking to Kevin in kitchen. They don’t think Dallas is that worried. Kevin says when they are alone (Cass), he wants to ask her about Season 4. They recall some situations that happened in their season. Kevin and Cass head to the HT to eat in the sun. Dallas passes by and they stop to ask him what he thought about different people in his season. Dallas goes back upstairs and Kevin and Cass leave for the HT. Dallas in bathroom finishing tidying up while talking to Ika. Dallas wants to have a good discussion with Demetres today. Ika tells him they are all okay for now, but things do change. They further discuss how to treat each person for their vote. Jackies comes up to shower. Ika tells her she never works out…especially on slop, she wouldn’t even have the energy now. Since Jackie feels she is among the tallest girl in the house, she asks Ika to help her know what the taller guys might see when she is in the shower. Gary comes up and states he wants to see a difference in his butt. They laugh about won’t seeing results after 1 day. He prepares to do Ika’s brows. Feed went down momentarily.
11:15AM BBT Appears as if most everyone else (except Jackie, Ika, Gary, and Dallas) is out in HT area…Karen, Bruno, Emily, Cass, Kevin, Dillon, Neda, William. Each group has their own conversation going on; no game talk. Do not see Demetres, Dre and Sindy on either camera views. Jackie comes out and lies across the HT cover. Kevin and Karen goes in. Karen is getting Bruno some coffee.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

11:30AM BBT In bathroom, while Gary doing Ika’s brows, they and Dre talk about other hgs and how real they are. Gary appreciates Dre’s honesty. Karen comes in announcing how beautiful the outside is…she is exciting for the bright, sunny day. Sindy comes by and looks as if she is ready for the outside as well. Jackie asks Demetres in the kitchen if he feels if it was real or if it was fake. I believe Dallas made an announcement to the house last evening in an effort for votes. Afterwards hgs wondered if it was fake. Dallas has made comments today that he would not put it out there in front of the entire house and Canada if it was fake. It’s a real as it comes. Demetres is weighing out his options in that he does not think Dallas is coming after him, but they both agree that he is a big competitive especially over Emily. They continue the convo in the BY by the pool table. Jackie keeps trying to think what would be best for her game. Demetres admits he did consider putting up Jackie and then would campaign to keep her. Demetres says basically do whatever you want…no one seems to care. Jackie goes to hot tub. Dallas and Demetres goes to pool to talk. Dallas again says how yesterday was 100% real and that he plans on chilling today. He reiterated on what he would do to keep people safe. Dallas hates how people are saying it was staged; he had nothing to do with the flip. Demetres says if he does get sent home, it will be because you once positioned yourself with Dillon. Dallas wants to prove his loyalty and then build from there.
11:45AM BBT Rather quiet around the HT. Bruno had said it was really weird driving in a car following his season on BBCan. Bruno removed HT cover for Jackie; William prepares to join her. Sindy and Demetres talk on BY couches. Sindy feels as if he has no one at this point. Demetres feels that Sindy is the only one who has changed up her game considering all the returning vets. Sindy thinks it’s her same game, but this time it was just different situations so had to do things differently. Demetres says he was honestly afraid of all the vets during the first week. Sindy thinks 15 other people is a lot to handle..with all the little relationships going on. She likes to sit back and have her alone time. Sindy explains why she likes name brand things and the status that comes with it.
12:00PM BBT By the pool, Karen, Neda, Bruno are all sitting by the hot tub in general conversation about television programs they like. Sindy is on the couch doing her nails. Gary is in the shower changing and Ika and Gary are talking about him doing her eyebrows. Ika talks to the feeds about what a bad job he did. She shows Dre and describes how he did it. Gary tells her he will touch them up for her. Out by the hot tub is William, Neda, Gary, Dallas, Karen, Jackie, Demetres, Kevin, Cass, Dillon and Emily.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

12:15 PM BBT Ika is in the bathroom trying to fix her eyebrows. Feeds keep going down. When they return Ika is brushing her teeth and Sindy is in the bathroom washing her face. HG still by the hot tub in general conversation about food. Jackie, Gary, William and Dillon are now in the pool room. Dillon is using the weights and the other three are swimming. Gary is talking to Jackie about doing her makeup. The HG by the hot tub are talking about cats. In the pool, the conversation between Jackie, William and Gary is difficult to hear with no mics. Jackie does a handstand underwater for a good full minute – Dillon stands by the side of the pool watching her.
12:30 PM BBT HG by the Hot Tub are still talking about cats. Jackie and Ika are in the bathroom and Ika is doing her makeup. And Ika tells her about what Gary did to her eyebrows. Jackie goes to take a shower. Gary comes into the bathroom and he talks with Ika about her eyebrows and says her eyebrows need a tail and offered to fix them for her. She agrees. They continue talking about makeup.
12:45 PM BBT By the hot tub – Dallas talks about his life plans. Karen gives her advice and other HG come up to Dallas and give him hugs. He says he feels like he can open up to them. He talks a little bit about his childhood and how it was tough for him to grow up needing support. He talks about how much simpler it used to be compared to now. Inside the house, Dillon is jogging around the large room with a blue hoodie on.
1:00 PM BBT HG are still by the pool – they are talking about riddles. Jackie is in the bathroom putting on a face mask. Ika is still working on her makeup. She talks with Gary more about her eyebrows and how he did them. The HG by the hot tub are playing a 20 questions guessing game. Ika is in the bathroom putting on her fake eyelashes. She hid some of Gary’s makeup and his brushes. She brings his things back and he tells her that he didn’t think her eyebrows were that bad.
1:15 PM BBT Dre joins Gary while he puts on his makeup. She asks Ika if she recovered from her eyebrows. Gary says that Ika is a petty girl and he had not seen petty in person until he saw Ika. He says he is not petty. Dre says she can be petty. House guests are now beginning to come inside from the Hot tub. The remaining HG outside are still in general conversation about previous seasons. They put the cover on the hot tub. They talk about BBUSA and their favorite seasons and the players.
1:30 PM BBT Karen talks about her kids. In the kitchen, Dallas and Demetres are talking about advice he got for BB. Demetres says that Big Brother is a lot different than he thought it would be in both good and bad ways. He says the comps are very tough. Dre and Cass are in the bedroom and Dre tells her that Dillon has talked to her about voting. Cass tells her to casually talk to people about the vote. Cass leaves the room to go workout. She asks Demetres if the bike makes her thighs bigger or smaller. She says she wants to get leaner. He tells her toe more muscle she puts on that the leaner she will get.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

1:45 PM BBT Gary says he wants to have a butt like Demetres. William says he wants a better butt. Gary says he should do squats with him and it will help him. Demetres and Ika are in the bathroom talking. Bruno and Neda are in the bedroom talking about having a vet meeting later tonight. She said she doesn’t want other vets to be left out on the voting decision to vote out Dallas. Neda says that she thinks the French Connection doesn’t want to evict Dallas and she says that Cass is getting closer to Demetres and Bruno says it’s not good. Neda says she can not believe that Cass was throwing Bruno and Dillon under to bus to him. She says they need to be very careful with her. They both leave the bedroom. They go into the bathroom where Ika is telling them about her eyebrows. She said her skin was burning after he did it.
2:00 PM BBT Demetres in the washroom room with Sindy and Ika saying when he is on slop they can terrorize him like he has them. The conversation turns to Ika’s shirt, Demetres feels like he has had a conversation about it before. They leave the washroom and Ika joking says she’s not speaking to Gary after what he did to her. In the Kitchen Demetres and Ika are talking about the dirty counter and spilled oil. Jackie, William, Dallas, are talking in the Pink room Dallas is trying to secure his place in the house with them, while Dre is spraying down the bed. Jackie and Dallas leave and the French Connection begin speaking French. Demetres joins Neda at the table, Ika joins them and conversation is about foods and drinks they like. Gary still on the upstairs couch doing his make up, Karen and Kevin still outside trying to get in some sun talking boxing with Dillon. They talk about how Dillon needs to get the book out and they head inside sun is just about gone. Ika and Neda at the kitchen table and joke about everything she (Karen) touches leaves the house. Maybe she needs a showmance with Gary. Demetres made Ika a cup of coffee as it was ready.
2:15 PM BBT Cass and Bruno are working out in the backyard. Kevin and Emily head outside to the big round chair to talk. Emily says that Cass tried to make a F2 last night even though she (Cass) is campaigning hard against her. Dallas joins the couch across the way and they talk about how to keep entertained tonight. Emily tries to explain a “Jack n Jill” a party for engaged people to raise money for their wedding. They talk about video games and general chatter. Inside at the table same general life chatter. Dre joins them inside they joke about a camera who saw her singing n dancing. Dre says she worked out her arms, can you see more definition? How they scream and get a upset and who yells and who doesn’t.
2:30 PM BBT The ladies talk about the POV comp and how they did or looked doing it. Neda basically admits to throwing the comp by not trying. Karen in the kitchen just cleaning up and Bruno walks by and chuckles with them. Outside Kevin and Emily talk about Dillon how they feel about him and how everyone gave him the cold shoulder after the speech. Bruno and Sindy in the Blue room talking about votes not clear who they are talking about. Emily feels like she is a target because of her friendship with Dillon and Dallas. Kevin says he just needs confirmation that if her or Dillon get HOH they won’t put up Kevin. Kevin thinks he is awkward and Emily says no way. They talk about Karen’s game play and how forceful she can be. Emily feels Dre, Jackie, & William are playing Demetres game for him. Emily says she can’t have Cass around if she stays. Inside the ladies talk about guys and likes vs dislikes.
2:45 PM BBT Emily and Karen in the washroom talking about hair and extensions. Karen shares the hair colors of her kids and them make up talk. Gary joins them and says he needs to find something to wear for the day. Karen and Gary talk about make up and where he will do her make up. Ika comes by and gives a big hug to Gary and finds him using her make up stuff. They have a small spat while laughing. Emily and Demetres out on the loungers talking, Emily asks how much do you trust Dallas? Demetres feels that Dallas would put him on the block but they have made some deals. Emily shares there is a F2 with Dallas/Dillion . Demetres says if Dillon comes to him and says he will not put him up if he gets HOH then he will consider keeping Emily. Emily goes to get Dillon. Dillon says you have my word next week or 4 weeks he is not putting Demetres up on the Block. 100% safety for Demetres if either of them win HOH.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

3:00 PM BBT Demetres says No promises but i have somewhere to lean. They Bring up Dallas’s outburst and how bad it got. Jackie and Cass outside talking about the conversation Jackie had with Demetres this morning. Cass says stay lay low and let it play out that the biggest fear is going against the HOH but they think they have the votes anyways. Talk about who to put up next week if either of them get HOH. The talk is Bruno/Sindy/Karen break up the big power players. They head inside to the pool area to see what’s going on with that conversation. Bruno playing pool by himself while 2 unidentifiable houseguest watch. Jackie heads up to the washroom where Kevin is just headed out, Dre is laying talking with Sindy, Gary still working on his make up. Demetres joins the pool game and talks with Bruno, They feel getting rid of Dallas is best for their game and he still needs is mail alliance to win. In HOH Dallas and Cass talk, Cass tell him to go suck up to Demetres and how the decision he makes is going to make or break his game.
3:15 PM BBT Cass feels like Demetres is super wishy washy and not sure what he wants. They are wanting to offer a final 4 with him and trying to figure out why Emily would stay over him. Cass suggest giving 100% loyalty plea. My HOH is yours, my POV is yours, F2 i am fully indebted to you. The last ditch effort ideas, Dallas heads down to the Pool area and out to the Jacuzzi area for a smoke. Ika, Sindy, on the couch in the pool room, discussing the conversation with Cass earlier. Cass joins them on the couch they discuss their work outs. Dillion and Emily in the kitchen talking feeling confident about her staying. Feeds cut due to singing. Gary finally dressed heads into the kitchen, and then out to join the others in the pool area. Ika, Neda, Karen, Bruno, Dillon, are the votes they believe they have on lock for Emily to stay they need to keep working Demetres so they have his, Dre and Jackie’s vote too.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st
3:30 PM BBT Kevin running laps, Gary joined the ladies on the couch and they talk about the food/slop and who they would make HN if they get HOH. Sindy says she will make Gary one so he can experience it. Ika whines about being hungry and then Neda joins them and conversation goes to clothes. William is outside on the couch too and Dre joins the backside of the couch. They talk about bad words they don’t like. Demetres grabs his pup and joins the couch as well. Conversation about crushes begins. Karen in the Kitchen doing dishes Emily and Dillon playing cats cradle. Dillon lets Karen know they have the numbers. Bruno comes in with a danish and they discuss the types they each like. More talk about dishes and commercial opportunities.
3:45 PM BBT Cleaning in the Kitchen continues, meanwhile outside on the pool deck conversations are about Harry Potter. Emily tries to teach Bruno how to play in the Kitchen, Karen continues to clean. Neda helps to name where all the HG fit into the different houses. Karen says she’s made it 4 days without eating she wants to try to make it 7. Sindy says they won’t let you they will talk to you and make you eating it. Emily and Sindy play the Cradle game. Dillon shows them the Slop bread is done.
3:59 PM BBT “ This is your 3 minute warning, the backyard will be closed in 3 minutes” -BB Everyone goes outside to get the last few minutes of fresh air.
4:15 PM BBT Everyone is enjoying the backyard. Playing pool or working out at the gym area. Everyone is having a good time. Not much going on. Small talk.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

4:30 PM BBT It’s quiet in the BBCAN house. Everyone is relaxing after the veto meeting.
4:45 PM BBT HG on indoor lockdown. HGs sitting in the LR playing games like 20 questions. No game talk on any feeds.
5:00 PM BBT Emily and Dallas are trying to rally to get votes in order to stay. All of the houseguests are relaxing after a stressful week. Most of the HG’s are playing games right now it’s 20 questions. All the hg’s are enjoying the afternoon sun.
5:15 PM BBT Dem & Ika in HOH going thru scenarios of each HG winning the next HOH. Dem rubbing Ika’s belly while they talk. It’s quiet
5:30 PM BBT Ika/Neda/Gary talking in the bedroom. – Gary bringing up keeping Dallas instead of Emily. Gary/Neda/Ika wondering if Dallas will go after Dillon if they keep Dallas. Gary is asking Ika/Neda if they hate Cass. Neda says she was the biggest Cassandra fan last season.
5:45 PM BBT Out in the hot tub, Bruno & Dillion strategizing about who they would want to take out, neither being forthcoming with names at this point. Bruno having alone time with Dillon and helping Em with her speech. In the bedroom, Neda tells Ika/Sindy they all have to stop talking about past seasons/HGs, it’s a wedge between them and the newbies. Neda, Ika and Sindy agree that Gary is scary. Neda thinks Gary might go start shit in the house now thinking he knows it’s Dallas in going home. In the other bedroom, Emily to Dre- It doesn’t make sense to save him (Dallas) over me. He’s detrimental to everyone’s game. Dre is telling Em (without saying the words) that the newbies are irrelevant and the vets are running the house. Bruno says that he doesn’t think Dillion is in trouble next week. The only person who may put him on the block would be Gary but he has to win first. Dre and Emily in the Pink room, Dre says that she is playing it easy and if you don’t want to give me information i’m not giving any to you. Dre says she can’t promise anything but she wants Emily to stay. Emily says the only people who haven’t said 100% is Dre, William, and Jackie. Ika is trying to remind Emily people say a lot of things and do another.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st
6:00 PM BBT Dre says she is going to vote with the house when it comes down to it, Emily says that if she wins HOH then the most logical thing would be to put up people who voted her out. Dre says it’s going to be a clean slate that it will be a 12-0 vote for someone to leave there won’t be votes for and against her. Dre says she isn’t going to give her word for anything because people will say anything, emily asks if Dre told Dallas the same thing and Dre says yes. Dillon and Karen are working out, Gary is on the couch outside, Kevin and Cass sitting at the table outside watching Dallas play pool. Neda, Sindy, Bruno and Demetres up in the HOH talking about a signal. Sindy goes to the restroom in HOH to make sure no one is in there and then to keep the “meeting” secrete if someone walks in. Dre enters the HOH room and heads to the bathroom then Ika comes in for a moment and back out. The new “meet in HOH” signal is grabbing both shoulders for their alliance. Ika and Dre in the washroom and say they are done and Emily needs to go home. Dre is tired of being nagged by Emily about keeping her safe, Ika is frustrated that she keeps trying to talk with Demetres and Sindy always pops up. Emily enters the washroom to freshen up while Ika does Dres eyebrows and her hair again.
6:15 PM BBT They talk about Gary and how Ika has been hiding his make up stuff. Emily leaves and the girls continue talking about her and when she needs to go home. Whispers about who to put on the block next week, Neda comes in, to use the restroom and touches up her makeup. Cass joins them, and decides to do her make up to. Kevin, Bruno, and Sindy in the HOH talking about Emily and how she’s been campaigning, what to do about the next HOH and how to be paired or knock out. This season is completely different they never thought that week 2-3 they would be in a position to feel they had to win in order to be safe. Bruno says Sindy needs to put in a good word for him with the others and Sindy says she’s trying but Cass keeps swooping in making it hard.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

6:30 PM BBT Bruno says his last season he wasn’t worried till week 4, Cam swaps to Karen with feet in jacuzzi and Neda outside talking about the votes get Dallas out. Karen says Dillon and Jackie are a thing and they need to be careful. Karen says Cass is working with Dallas and it’s too early to break up the 5. Karen feels they can get Dre, Gary, William on their side. Karen wants to make it past the next week to make history as a older woman making it past week 3. She is still upset and sorry about the comments that were made earlier on in the game. Karen closes the Jacuzzi they head inside. The both agree Demetres was saved last week by Karen and then he saved Karen this week by not putting her on the block. Karen says she wants to go freshen up but instead sits outside on the couch talking with Gary as he rubs Williams feet. They talk about the first meet between Gary and William and their Gaydar.
6:45 PM BBT Neda and Emily are talking about Cass and they talking about the votes and Neda tells Emily Cass is working hard to keep Dallas.BB tells all hgs has 3 mins and must move to backyard house will be off limits.Dallas is talking to Dillion at the hot tub and Dallas tells Dillion on the outside they can be friends but not inside the house and dallas says to Dillion he had to do what he did to stay in the house and thats its not personal. LOCKDOWN OUTSIDE Emily joins them outside and conversation stops. They ask what she is eating and she says slop then Jackie comes out. Gary, Dre, Neda, Karen and William on the outside couch eating and talking about french words. All other HG laying around outside quietly. No game talk on any feeds.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, March 21st

7:00 PM BBT Dillon heads into the pool area and Dallas tells Cass they have to talk later that Dillion just confronted him about the fight. Feeds cut then return to Cass heading into the pool area leaving Dallas alone in the Hot tub and surrounding area. Jackie hollers “picture time” and everyone is confused they all talk about their make up briefly and then Jackie starts taking pictures. They discuss that they can take pictures but they can’t delete any although they can go back and view what was taken. Sindy explains a little more about what they do with the Camera pictures and how they should make a good group photo.
7:15 PM BBT All 4 cams still on the group taking photos. Taking turns on who is the photographer to get everyone in pictures. They wake Kevin up to take a group photo but no one has gone to get Dallas. They discuss it quickly and someone says they told him and he said he was coming. Gary begins getting pushy about going outside to get natural light and they say they are trying to figure out the camera they are trying to find the self timer. Emily offers to just take the picture because she doesn’t like having her picture taken. Gary gets pushy again about needing a picture with Karen. Ika takes the “perfect one”, Cass/Jackie, Cass/ Karen, Emily on the pool table, William sleeping, they all begin heading out to the jacuzzi.
7:30 PM BBT Photos out by the Jacuzzi continue. Boys, girls, Karen and the boys, more big groups, selfie of the group ( Dillon’s long arms), most of the Hg head back to the patio/pool area where it’s warmer, Dillion, Emily, Ika, Gary, and Cass stay outside to take more photos While Dallas chills in the hot tub. Demetres decides to get in the hottub with Dallas with his boxers. The patio area conversation is about other photos they have taken, and general chatter. Gary and girls head to the patio leaving Dallas and Demetres in the hot tub to talk alone they discuss fights between McGeggor and other fighters. Gary continues to take pictures of himself and others on the patio.
7:45 PM BBT Emily is telling Kevin what his dream meant, Jacuzzi boys are discussing sports. They talk bromance verse a showmance. Who they find attractive and would want to date outside the house. Ika, Jackie, Neda are Dallas’s top 3. They talk about how when you leave the house it’s weird to see other people because you only see these faces for so long. Dallas teases Demetres about his good looks and how even Gary sees him as a piece of meat. Dillon heads out for a smoke. Karen comes looking for the restroom, Dillon points her in the right direction. Dallas tells a story about someone taking a photo of him who didn’t like his game.
8:00 PM BBT9:15 PM BBT Feeds Down (they got a special meal, and Have Nots got to eat)
9:30 PM BBT Feeds came back up at 9:32 PM  Sindy and Neda was looking at a Fish in the Bowl on the Table Feeds went Back Out  Feeds came back at 9:40 PM  Ika and Demetres are playing Pool.  Cass is outside by the hot tub
9:45 PM BBT Gary is laying down   Dallas thinks he is going home this week Bruno is out in the hot tub  and talking to Cass  Dallas said that Demetres told him that Jackie was going to go up and Dallas told Gary to keep that in mind. Dre and William and Kevin were cleaning  William said i could go to sleep right now Kevin said he didn’t sleep last night Dre said that every bed that she sleeps in was dirty  Karen was talking about the Cream they gave her she can’t wait to try it. Gary said his other bathing suit ripped
10:00 PM BBT Dallas, Cassandra and Jackie sitting in full clothes listening to the people in the hot tub chatting about nothing. Kevin, Emily and Dallas talking Africa safaris and what animals are the fastest. Dre walks they and Kevin asks if she is going outside? She replies yes and exits the house. Jackie and Cassandra move t one of the bedrooms and talk about who they trust and that Demetres told them what he wants to do in the game but it seems sketchy and they are not sure who to trust mostly it’s Jackie talking with Cassandra just listening and agreeing. Jackie says she trust Dallas more than Emily and she is gonna try and talk to Emily again without everyone around. In the hottub they say that Emily’s game plan is that if you don’t vote to keep her she is going after you. They all laugh about how petty it is. Bruno says that Emily is trying to hang out with him and it’s very annoying, the rest say yes that they all have noticed how she’s been acting.
10:15PM BBT Karen and Gary in the bathroom talking about dinner and how she loves vietnamese food now. She starts talking about her kids and how they work at the mall and how she would stalk them at work and go by and eat at the food court. Karen laughing and talking about getting a base tan and ready for the rest. Karen asks Gary how old he is and if he’s been married before or have any kids at least that he knows of. She goes on and on about how they get along so well and laugh and laugh.
10:30PM BBT Karen talking about Justin Bieber and the kardashians being so great and how they weren’t given anything and how they worked hard for everything that they have. She wishes Justin would come into the house. Dallas comes in the room where Cassandra and Jackie are and he gives her something to wear that if he goes she has something to remember him by. Cassandra is whispering about what everyone is voting for and he says that it might be close but if they vote for what is best for their game, then it should go well.
10:45PM BBT Dallas telling Gary that he is gonna get the vets together tomorrow night so they can get together. Gary keeps asking where but Dallas asks Gary for advice. In the living room Ika and Cassandra are chatting about being tired and getting in the hot tub. Ika says that they were stupid that they let people get too close to Demetres. They think that they let Sindy shove into a showmance with him. That he wanted a something something with Ika, and she kinda turned him onto Sindy instead and now that might be the reason that Dallas goes home.
11:00PM BBT Cassandra and Ika in the HOH talking to Demetres about who should go home. Cassandra tells him that they have been since day one they have had his back and even had to talk Sindy into keeping him. Cassandra asks him to help keep Dallas and that emily is not to be trusted. He says he does not know who to trust and they say that he should trust them since they are his true blues since day one. He says that Emily is not a threat but the girls say she is coming for them. Cassandra says it’s too early to take him out and. They should wait. Demetres says he sees the pros and cons and Cassandra says she will always put him before Dallas no matter what. Cassandra says that Bruno, Kevin, Dillion, and Emily are all coming after the two girls.
11:15PM BBT in the bathroom Neda is taking to Karen. Neda is saying that they want Dallas to go , Karen says that if the others are smart they won’t go against the house. Karen says that either her or Neda needs to win HOH. Karen says that it bothers her that Cassandra is pushing so hard to keep Dallas. Neda says that if Dallas leaves then Jackie and Cassandra will probably be best friends. Sindy comes in and gets ready for bed and Karen gets ready for bed. Karen makes comments about how much dirty clothes and dishes there are always and Sindy it’s not so bad once the numbers dwindle down.
11:30PM BBT Neda tells Kevin that she has heard from Cassandra and Ika maybe him and Jackie would go up and that she’s heard that it could be Kevin and Bruno. She says that Gary is coming after Kevin also. She asks if Emily has said anything but kevin says he doesn’t ask her much because he doesn’t trust that she won’t tell Cassandra. Neda also says that Sindy is really sketch and Kevin says he can’t talk game to Karen because she will tell everyone everything. Neda says the only thing that Gary does is fish for information. Neda says that Bruno is before Kevin on the hit list, he asks with everyone and she says pretty much. Now they go over who fell off the first comp in what order and the soccer match comp . They say the next comp is gonna be a mental comp and they think this is what it might be about. In the kitchen Dre and William talking in French. Jackie comes in and Dre tells her she was asked how she was gonna vote and she replied that she would vote the way HOH wants and the way the rest of the house wants.
11:45PM BBT Gary, Ika and Demetres in the HOH talking about small talk. Gary leaves the room so he can fix his makeup, but says he will return. He says he wants to shave his whole body in the HOH tub but he promises to clean it up when he’s done. Dallas and Jackie in the bedroom he’s telling her what game he knows if he goes home but if he’s stays he’s gonna put up Dillion and Sindy and his backdoor would be Bruno or Demetres. Cassandra comes in and he tells her also. Jackie says that Dre told her that Emily threatened her to keep her and that if whoever goes against her will be put on the block. Dre and William in the bathroom getting ready for bed.

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