Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, April 18th

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12:00AM BBT They are sitting in the circle awaiting for Dem. Dem brings in a tray of glasses/beverages including a pitcher of….ice cold water (pretending to be vodka). The feeds went down right at midnight. Did BB notify them of alcohol in the pantry? They can only hope!
12:15AM BBT After 15 min, feeds back on. Several agree that The Bridge kinda reminds them of a VIP Lounge. Karen, Bruno, Kevin, William, and Sindy in the Bridge with Dillon walking in and out. Jackie comes back in and sits down. Ika and Dre coming back down from upstairs. I believe it was Ika who thanked BB for the music. They go to The Bridge and feeds go out again (12:21) momentarily. Dre thanks everyone for coming…and appreciates the dinner and everyone dressing up. Cheers and glass clinking. Sindy says they are at the grand opening of The Bridge so trying out different drinks on them. They talk about the pronunciation of gyros. Dem talks about the tradition of smashing plates and doing shots at family parties. The tradition is more of everyone having fun and no one will be doing the dishes tonight!
12:30AM BBT Dre says that for her birthday she would like everyone to tell a story..under 2 minutes. Can be about a celebration, an inspirational story, anything. Karen says how her family just choose any numbered candles to go on the birthday cake. There are times someone really like 7 years old might have the numbers of 83 on their cake. Sindy talks about calling for a ride. They had a problem finding each other for the ride and ended up making random friends. Kevin’s story was about playing in a chess tournament and this younger player chokes on a Jolly Rancher. Jackie, being like 12 years old, tells of when she was Charlie Brown in a play “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Bruno tells of how he proposed to his wife. She loved working puzzles so he had a 200+ piece puzzle created of himself on one knee holding a sign and ring. Everyone laughs on how no one will be able to top that story! Ika speaks about how her girlfriend at a photo shoot was surprised when her boyfriend proposed.
12:45AM BBT William talked about the time he liked being on stage and then noticed he walked into the middle of some performance. It was embarrassing to him. Dillon went to a bar with the Rolling Stones and then hung out with them during their concert. He knows them through mutual friends. Dre talks of the time she went to a club with a friend. The friend’s zipper broke that held the front of her dress together. They tried to fix it, but ended up they had to leave. The feeds go out momentarily when they go to sing Happy Birthday to Dre. They recall more on fun times in the house and call out some pickup lines. Dem and Ika goes to the kitchen to fix french fry appetizers. Dillon brings out the empty glasses and is referred to as the Bouncer. Karen, out in the kitchen, tells Dillon she’s going to get her water out of the HOH Rm and go to bed. She tells them goodnight and off she goes.
1:00AM BBT Dillon comments to Ika on how Dre’s dress is very flattering on her. He comments with a bit of alcohol, he will hit on about anyone. Feed flips to Kevin and Jackie in the Blue BR. They have already changed their clothes. Jackie says she’s not sure what to think. Kevin says him and Bruno were both extremely angry that Sindy put her on the block for the double eviction. Jackie is confirming that they were not aware that she was going up. Kevin assures her they did not have time to talk to her about anyone. Jackie says it’s now hard for her to fully trust anyone. The downstairs feeds are down. Dem comes in for battery exchange. Bruno also comes in to change into more comfy clothes. Jackie and Kevin also includes him in their conversation of Jackie’s concerns. Bruno still denying that the 6 were ever a real alliance. Jackie wants to build something with them from this time forward. William walks in and they change to figuring how many more days of being a HN–3 more days.
1:15AM BBT Sindy and Jackie taking off their makeup in WR. Sindy thinks they will have a task tomorrow–for what Karen calls “Task Tuesdays”. Ika is taking the fries out of the hot oil. Dre, William, Dillon, and Dem are enjoying the fries! Dem removes the fish sticks from the oven and realize they made way too many. They thought more people would be up and around. Kevin and Jackie came down for a bowl full of…Slop! Sindy is getting a pep talk from Bruno. Cindy says every time she is up for eviction, she always voted out. Bruno tells her to say and do what she has to do. Jackie comes in to floss/brush teeth and eventually bed. Dre, William, Dillon, Ika, and Dem still in the kitchen. They chuckle on how the cover charge was a little high for only 3 songs. For fixing so much food, the 5 of them will probably polish it all off! Ika comments on how the club meal is pretty good.
1:30AM BBT Dem talks about bodybuilding. Jackie and others pass by the kitchen telling them goodnight as they head to the cave. William heads to bed. Sindy is still in the WR. Appears as if she has been crying. Feed cuts to Kevin, Kevin and Jackie in the Cave. Bruno tells them that Sindy will fight til the end. Jackie honestly comes out to say that she was pissed at them (Bruno/Kevin) and that the other side of the house does believe she is no longer with them (Bruno/Kevin). They agree on the 3 of them working together, and Jackie asks for their advice if she should stop talking to the other side or to continue to get info. She lets them know that Dillon wants them (Bruno/Kevin) out. Kevin says to continue talking to get info. Jackie spills everything she knows to them. She confirms Dillon is working with Karen. She says Dre is 100% sure that William would choose Kevin over her; Kevin feels as if Dre would be William’s first choice in keeping safe.
1:45AM BBT Sindy is talking to Dillon in the HT area. Sindy explains that she nominated him just because others said he was after her. He did not like being nominated 2 times back to back. However, Sindy says that she was never after him. Dillon says that people say dumb things to take the target off themselves. Dillon says Bruno and Kevin has been playing him since Day 1. Dillon says that Sindy isn’t really a target, but just an easy choice since she put him up earlier. The choice was between her and Ika, but he felt that with Ika, he would make more enemies. Sindy is not sure what she can do to save herself. BB tells the HGs goodnight. Dillon is unsure who might be voted out. Sindy is likable, and many people dislike Jackie. Sindy is wondering why Jackie is acting so comfortable. Dillon doesn’t have an answer to that. Jackie is still telling everything she knows from weeks ago. Bruno even mentions the past alliance he heard about–the Bra-gade (which included Cass, Karen, and 2 other vets). Both conversations are not providing new information and much of it repeating…the feeds go out at 1:55AM.
6:00 AM BBT – 8:59 AM BBT all HGs sleeping
9:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping. Big Brother has turned the lights on in the bedrooms.Ika is missing from her bed and Karen has just gotten up. Looks like Ika is doing a battery change but feeds went down.
9:15 AM BBT Feeds come back with the rooster crowing. Sindy is up and heading downstairs. Demetres asks Dre if she is hung over from all that water last night. She laughs he says he is a little foggy today and not ready to deal with life. Dre has been called to the DR. Meanwhile in the Have Not Room looks like Bruno is having a hard time getting mobile today. In other parts of the house Karen has gotten out of the shower Jackie is heading in, Demetres is waiting Sindy is starting her daily routine. Demetres is telling Karen How busy is day is going to be. She asks What is he doing He tells her first pee make coffee, she tells him coffee is made so he says okay drink it, then hot tub, she says he can do towels after hot tub. Big Brother tells Karen to put on mic. Dre is out of DR and starting her daily routine. Jackie is getting ready to go in the hot tub. Bruno has finally gotten mobile and is starting his daily routine in the washroom. There is no conversation happening everyone is doing their own thing. Dre grabs a towel from the bedroom Sindy is in there making her bed, no words were exchanged.
9:30 AM BBT Outside in the Hot Tub area Jackie is there by herself. Back inside in the kitchen Demetres and Karen were talking but Demetres says he is going to shut up because he isn’t sure what he is talking about. Demetres tells Sindy it is nice out, so she went to get her sunglasses. Karen joins the boys in the kitchen saying she is putting little makeup on and going to lay outside. Demetres and Dillon are going to make a protein shake. Karen tells them not to use all the ice. They are going to make shakes and are adding stuff to make it like yogurt natural peanut butter and oreo cookies. In the living room Kevin and William are trying to wake up. Big Brother tells Kevin to fix his mic. Dillon is watching Demetres blend their shakes. Meanwhile outside by the hot tub Jackie has been joined by Sindy but they are not talking. Meanwhile inside the house Karen and Dre are in the washroom. Karen is saying she is putting a suit on as it is that nice a day out. Dre and Ika are talking in the bedroom, Dre is telling Ika that some of them will be cool with her after this. Ika says she never would have thought that strangers in this game would have her back than people who know her. Ika says she doesn’t feel sorry for Sindy at all. Dre says she doesn’t either.
9:45 AM BBT Ika is telling her that after Demetres won the POV Kevin and Bruno haven’t talked to either of them since then. Ika is telling her that Dillon and Sindy came in from outside Sindy was crying and went to DR and Dillon sat with her. Ika is saying that she told Dillon that he can’t trust them, he says that is what they say about you. Ika says she sees the 3 of them ( dre Demetres and her ) have each others back. Ika says she finds it strange that complete strangers don’t question her but people that know her do. Ika is talking about people in the Big Brother Family who she likes and who she doesn’t hang out with. Karen says some people are fake, they are talking about social media after the show. In the hot tub area Dillon is having a smoke Demetres is relaxing in the hot tub, Bruno is relaxing in a chair. Apparently Demetres thinks the hot tub is doing weird shit. No one out there is really talking. Back in the bedroom Ika Karen and Dre are still talking about past HGS. She says out of 4 seasons of BBCAN she considers friends. Karen says there are people outside of the house she will not be friends with. Ika uses Neda and Kevin and Sindy as examples who use their brands.
Back outside there is still no conversation. Ika is saying the reason that they ( other side ) feel shitty is they are trying to play them but Canada. Ika says this is just her opinion. Karen says if you can’t give me the time of day for 39 days in the house unless you are on the block don’t try to talk to me outside the house. Ika is telling them about Sabrina and how they all turned on her.
10:00 AM BBT Ika telling Karen she is a huge Sabrina fan, Neda led the charge against not talking to Sabrina. Apparently Neda would get mad if anyone talked to Sabrina. Ika tells Karen and Dre they would like Sabrina, Ika said when she gets out of the house she is going to reach out to her. Karen says she judges people by how they treat her. Ika saying the people from her season she has the most respect for was Kenny and Sarah and Kenny didn’t even like her during her season. Karen talking about how she likes Emily and she is a good person. They talk about Dillon is a good person too. Ika saying he is big and aggressive but he has a soft heart and the others took advantage of him. Karen agrees. Will is there too, Karen asks if the girls have talked to Will, he says no. Karen brings up she guesses they don’t care who goes home. Ika brings up they will probably talk tomorrow. Dre puts on some lotion and says it is probably super nice outside. Ika says Dre’s party last night was lit, Dre says she is hungover. Ika says she is a little groggy, she needs to eat something or she might throw up. Ika says Dre had a cute guy hitting on her last night, Will questions, you mean Dillon. Ika laughs and tells Will they are just joking, they are pretending what it would be like if they really did go to the club last night. Ika saying how they have to pretend to be other people. Dre bringing up Sindy is pretending a little and sarcastically says her and Sindy are best friends. Ika listing all the people that hate her, Bruno,Sindy, Jackie just dislikes her. Dre questioning why they are mad, it is just a game. Ika mentions those are there words “it is just a game” Dre saying their convincing game was weak, their talking game was weak. Dre says they need to be mad at themselves, there is no one else they can blame. Ika brings up she doesn’t want Dillon to think he made the wrong decision. Ika says if she wins hoh “ Oh my god!” she says can I just win something. Ika talking about Dre and her on the ledge during first HOH comp. Karen walks in with her bathing suit on. Dre says “ All right Karen,oooooh mamacita” Dre says Karen looks sexified. Ika says Karen looks good. Karen says stop that. Karen laughing ‘they’ are mad cause they didn’t get their way. Karen jokes “oh, that is what you wanted me to do, you shouldn’t have talked in code, oh I am old and delusional,ohhh when you said that couple I thought you meant Sindy and Kevin” Karen walks out and Dre says she is so funny but she has got to go. Ika and Dre both laugh. Ika mentions Sindy has to go and she will probably try and talk to her. Dre says I think Kevin/Bruno see their things are crashing because there is only two of them. Ika says they are going to try hard for the HOH and try and rebuild. Ika thinks Bruno/Kevin will try to win hoh, get Dillon and Jackie back and go after Ika/Dem/Dre. Ika laughs, these people hate me, why do they hate me Dre. She says because you are beautiful. She then says it is probably because they got outsmarted and didn’t expect it, thought they were the smart ones. Ika starts to talk about a message Kenny left her before they came on the show and feeds cut.
10:15 AM BBT Karen in the kitchen making breakfast. Will comes in. Karen says there is no yogurt. Ika talking about this season the vets had an alliance day one, before week one ended all the day one alliances were over. Ika says for her in her mind it was over when she saw how they treated Dallas, even though he was going home show him some respect. Apparently Kevin was sitting there playing with his nipple ring while Dallas was pouring his heart out to all of them. Ika said she walked away and broke down. Ika couldn’t believe they treated him like that. Ika says she looks at how people treat other people, Ika says Dallas was pouring his heart out. Ika thinks he was hurt by Kevin and Dallas the most because they had an alliance called the wise men. Ika said she respected Cass more because she fought for Dallas, the only problem is Cass was so stressful. Ika thinks the way Cass campaigned for people would drive them to go home. Ika says at that point she was done. She tells Dre when Dallas was downstairs pouring out all the seasoning she was sitting there laughing, she was there when he was doing it. Dre agrees she liked Dallas and Cass. Ika says his eviction was the hardest one for her, because he fought so hard. Ika said she was worried if she did vote for Dallas to stay he would run right back to Bruno/Kevin because he has a good heart and he would forgive them. Meanwhile outside Kevin/Dillon/Karen/Bruno sun tanning. Dre and Ika continue to talk about Dallas. Dre says there was a little part of her mind wondering if Dillon would go back to Bruno/Kevin but they don’t think so. Ika continues to mention how Dallas’s eviction bothered her the most because he was done dirty. Ika says at one point Dallas was sleeping and Dallas thought he was staying, her and Cass walked in and woke him up and told him to get dressed and come downstairs and Neda was there, so they had to tell him to come and eat but they were about to tell him he was going home. Dem walks in and Ika tells him what they were talking about. Dem agrees they went back and forth. They are all sitting around in white towels. Dem saying it is not as warm outside so he is going to do some stuff and then go back outside. Talk turns to what to eat and Ika asks about omelets. Ika says she wants an egg white omelet, Ika says I know it sounds kind of ‘Boujiee” Dem has no idea what it means, and they try to explain it to them. Ika/Dre saying it is kinda stuck up, like she is better than people, Dre says it is someone trying to act or be something you really aren’t. Overall they aren’t 100% sure what it means and Dem says I get the gist of it ‘egg white omelets, boujiee’.
10:30 AM BBT Sindy laying outside on couches with Bruno. Bruno says they need two numbers that is all they need. Sindy says yes but what two. Bruno says Ika/Dem pushed for you to go up. Sindy brings up they pushed for us we pushed for them. Bruno tells Sindy she needs to stop forgiving her. Sindy says I can’t just go up there and freak out. Bruno says he doesn’t think they will vote for her but he could be wrong. Bruno says it may be smarter to go up to Dre and William but they may run back to her (Ika) Someone is coming so they stop the game talk. Bruno tells Sindy they will meet in the cave after, no one goes in the cave and he leaves and goes to the hot tub where Dillon, Karen and Kevin are sun tanning. Karen is talking about Niagara Falls. Dillon says he brought his niece there. Meanwhile Dre is helping Ika put her dress on. Ika wants to cut the bottom of the dress off and make it into a crop top. Sindy walks in and her and Dem talk about the temperature of the shower. Dem says it is warm. Dem sighs and says he should start, Ika questions him “ the laundry” he says he should brush his teeth. Ika tells Dre to loosen the sides of her bathing suit bottoms to make it look sexier, Dre says no her butt crack is too high. Dre says she wants to eat and Ika says ya are we going to make the egg whites. Dem says they don’t have anything good to make omelets with, Ika asks if they have cheese and Dem says ya ham and cheese. Dem says when he bought that shirt he never thought he would wear it. Now he likes it, Dem says people at home make fun of him for wearing tight shirts, but he doesn’t care. Ika laughs she is going to be seen in her Uggs every day. Silence out by the hot tub (except for Dillon’s breathing). Dillon decides he is going to take a break, Karen says from tanning. He says yes, they joke about going to play golf. Ika making the beds and complains her arm hurts. Dre wonders if it is cold out. Dillon grabs a smoke and heads back by the hot tub. Bruno is fixing his eyebrows in the mirror. Kevin tells Karen she agrees with her about golf, nine is not enough but eighteen is too much.

1:00 PM BBT jackie heads back in the house and Dre continues telling ika about the conversation. Kevin and Jackie in the Kitchen making slop, Jackie says she wishes they could keep the counters as they would probably be more active if they had them. Kevin wonders how many steps they actually take. “ gotta appreciate the storyline” in the outside world they would be cheering for Karen. Feeds switch to Bruno and Kevin, talking about how William and Dre were targets for Ika and Demetres from the beginning and how Neda was trying to tell them before she left. Bruno says they will tell you they were playing both sides but really on your side but that’s false. They knew Ika wanted Neda out, and Bruno says I will be 100% honest because unless he wins HOH he’s going home next week. Ika swore on her kids lives that her Demetres, Sindy or Bruno is who she wanted to win the game. Bruno says William and Dre are not his targets it Ika and Demetres. Bruno isn’t looking for anything back he just wants to open up to him. William says it’s the first time he is hearing it, Bruno wants to see Will and Dre win over Ika and Dem. He knows his game is over so he plans to tell them everything so they know what’s going on after he leaves. There’s a lot they need to know and he will tell them next week after Sindy is out. William says that Ika isn’t talking to Him much it’s all about Dre and it’s hard to connect because Ika was able to keep them apart. Bruno points out how smart of a player Ika is. Bruno says he would never swear or lie on his kids and Ika did and it’s bothering him. Dillon comes out and they estimate the time about 1. William is headed into the house to get food. Bruno says his back, toe, knees, are all messed up from sleeping in HN. as he heads inside out of the sun since he has been burning. They walk by the ladies and Dre mentions maybe going outside to get sun. Bruno and Will meet up in the SR. Bruno says Kevin really likes Will and he doesn’t wanna see anyone get hurt. They will talk later.
1:15 PM BBT Jackie still in KT cooking, she tells Bruno Good job on the running task, feeds follow william upstairs looking for Kevin, Sindy heads to the WR in her housecoat. Bruno heads back outside with Dillon. Karen, Ika, and William, and Dre in the pink room talking, Karen tells about how she had to use the RR because she’s an old lady. Karen says she needs to eat a hoagi when her chest stops burning. William and Dre have left to the Blue room and William is letting Dre know about his conversation with Bruno in French. Dillon and Bruno outside talking about where they fall in the pecking order if certain people win HOH. Bruno feels like he will for sure be up. Dillon thinks Jackie will put up Ika and Demetres. BRUNO PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Feeds inside to Kevin and Jackie in the KT, talking about a movie Kevin saw. Ika and Demetres are talking in the pink room and cuddling, what are they going to say if they try to campaign to us? Ika wants them to spill the T first then she will be honest and say you wanted me out. They talk about how Dillon and Sindy were talking last night when she was renomed. The other side keeps “trashing” ika about how she is going to do this or that and Dillon made a mistake putting Sindy up it should have been Ika. They talk about how their lungs were on fire. They both hate running.
1:30 PM BBT It bothers Ika that their name is Demika, she thinks it sounds horrible, Ika massages Demetres back. They laugh about how Ika was mopping the floors yesterday and how no one mops anymore. Demetres ask about the Rumba if Ika has one she says no. Sindy comes in and says wow, they try to get Sindy to help out and massage him. Demetres sasy he needs to Iron his shirt, Ika is starving so she is going to make food, Sindy is looking for clothes to wear today. DEMETRES PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Karen is downstairs in the Kitchen making her hoagi, Ika is looking for something to make. Karen offers ½ to anyone who wants before giving it to Dillon, Ika says she will take it. Ika makes some fries to go on side of the hoagi. Karen says her pants feel tight she needs to lay off the meals she is over eating. Feeds cut briefly and come back Karen is in the SR grabbing a melon, Ika is cooking fries, Jackie and Kevin are whipping up more slop, Demetres enters the Kitchen area, IKA PLEASE GO TO THE DR.
1:45 PM BBT The conversation in the kitchen continues around the step watch. Jackie says she does the angel model with kick boxing. At this time, we have Dre and William in one of the bedroom chatting in french. Dre is saying that Ika can be overpowering and sassy towards the rest of the house. BB house is telling them to fix their microphone and to speak in English. Both William and Dre think that Karen can be pushy at time with certain HG and that she believes that she is so safe in the house. Dre is talking about a birthday. William is talking to the viewers and wishing them a good and beautiful day, but that his lungs are dying and that he is still coughing and Dre is telling me that he needs to sat positive. Dre is saying Hello to live feeders as this precise moment.
2:00 PM BBT William and Dre are talking to the feeders and coming up with different user names and talking to them. The HG by the hot tub are Karen and Bruno. They are talking about different places they have vacationed. They talk about the gambling towns getting you there to gamble. In the bedroom, Dre, Ika, Dre are talking about William being confused and stressed. They talk about Dre staying in the HOH room to keep people from talking to Dillon. Dre says that he is telling people Ika is going up to keep them off his back. Dre says after this week that Dillon is in a good spot because the other side of the house has something to prove to him and that their side has his back. They say that Sindy really doesn’t know she is going up and that if she does that she will stay. Dre says that they need to keep Karen on edge in the house. Ika says that she would not be surprised if Bruno wins HOH. Ika says that Jackie told her that Karen doesn’t hate her like the house thinks she does. Dre says that Karen is playing a good game trying to get good with everyone. But they say that Karen will vote a vet out every time. Ika says if she wins HOH that Dillon can kick his legs up and relax. They say that after Sindy leaves that they will be enemy number one and that Kevin will be gunning for the HOH.
2:15 PM BBT Dre says that William is depressed and Ika says all he does in sleep. Ika says that Williams downfall is Kevin. Dre says she is only going to give him information as it goes because she doesn’t want to confuse him and explain it to him in a way he understands and not dictate to him. Ika says that Williams biggest game move will be when he evicts Kevin. Ika says that they need to win HOH this week or they will be going home because they are out for blood. They talk about a twitch Bruno has and that he does it when he is stressed. They talk about comps they did and which ones were endurance and physical.
2:30 PM BBT In the kitchen, Dillon, Dre, Karen, William and Ika are talking about alligators that killed a child in Florida. They then talk about a movies about tigers that were shot and the babies were taken from the tigers and what happened to them. Feeds went down 2:34 PM BBT
2:45 PM BBT Feeds Down – Feeds back 2:49 PM BBT. William and Sindy are talking in the WR about who she can trust. WILLIAM PLEASE GO TO THE DR. Sindy says she really hates campaigning and that it’s too much work. IN the HN room, Jackie, Kevin and Bruno are talking. They say that every time there has been a replacement nom that they have gone home. Kevin says let’s go through each comp and the questions they can answer about the comps. In the kitchen, Dre, Karen, Ika and Dem are talking about the decisions that Karen made being the first HOH. She says that there has never been an older player in BBCA that made it to the Jury House. That they never made it past week 3. They say that it has happened in BBUSA. They talk about the people that are casted and how they get picked. They talk about how they all got picked to be in the house together and what they thought of each other when they came into the house. They talk about the first eviction and Karen says she feels bad but she said she saw him and thought she didn’t stand a chance so she put him up.

3:00 PM BBT In the HN room, Jackie, Bruno and Kevin are still reviewing comps and remembering who played/won and which games and how many they have played and won. In the WR, Sindy is talking with William and telling him what she has been told and who she trusted in the game. She tells him about what Ika said when William won the HOH. Sindy said she thought she was working with Ika and Dem and with William and Dre and that everyone knew it. She says that she had Ika’s back the whole time and that Ika told her that she will always fight for her. But that when Ika knew she was in danger that she flipped it on Sindy. Sindy tells him that she has never lied to them. She says that they can see that now Ika is super nice to Karen and to Jackie. She says that when Sindy leaves that Ika will convince Jackie to put William and Dre up. Because that when Sindy leaves that Ika feels that she can control people in the house. She thanks William for listening. Karen comes into the WR. They all leave the WR.
3:15 PM BBT Sindy goes down to the kitchen where Dem is doing dishes, William and Dre are eating and Ika is getting juice. Ika asks William not to eat fries because he had fries before and that Ika didn’t eat any at all and is just sitting down to eat now. They talk about reusing the oil they made the fries in. William and Dre leave the kitchen and go upstairs. They are speaking in French. In the HN room, Sindy tells Bruno and Kevin about the conversation she had with William in the WR and how she feels betrayed by Ika. She tells them that she told William that Ika won’t put them up but she will get Jackie or Karen do to it. She tells them about the situation with Neda’s eviction.
3:30 PM BBT Sindy tells them that after her conversation with William that in the kitchen William talked to Dre in French and that they went upstairs. She tells them that Ika swore to her that she would always have her back. Bruno said the same thing was said to Neda as well. Bruno says they are playing nice but that Ika is playing dirty. Bruno says that nice is over. They talk about if they don’t win the HOH they can go back to Ika just like she has done with them. Jackie comes in to the HN room. They start to review days. In the WR, Dre and Ika are talking. Ika says she doesn’t trust people. Dre says she didn’t tell the whole story to William. She says the same way they made Dillon feel like he was with their group was the same way she treated them so they are no better. Ika says the hate for her is so strong. Dre says that it’s not the hate, but that they got out smarted. Ika says that they thought that Ika was going on the block so that Sindy is shocked. Ika says that it doesn’t make sense to trash someone who can save you with a vote. Ika tells Dre to be careful of Karen. Ika tells Dre what Karen said happened when she waked into the WR when Sindy and William were talking. That William jumped when Karen walked in and that’s when William went downstairs to talk to Dre.
3:45 PM BBT Ika tells Dre that Karen doesn’t want Dre to trust anyone but her. Dre says that she is annoying and needs to go. Ika says that if Sindy stays she will be with them. Dre says that Sindy isn’t talking to her and Ika says that Sindy needs her vote. HG THIS IS YOUR 15 MINUTE WARNING. THE BACKYARD WILL BE OFF LIMITS. Dre says she didn’t do anything to Sindy except lie. They both laugh about that. Ika says that they need to tell Sindy that if she does stay that she needs to figure out who is real in the house. Dre goes to the shower and talks to Will in the shower and tells him what Ika just told her in French. She pulls the shower door open and William screams and says he doesn’t want to be naked on the feeds. In the backyard, Dillon and Dem are talking about various things. Feeds go down 3:50 PM BBT Return 3:54 PM BBT. Dem and Ika are sitting on the couch talking about Sindy campaigning against Ika and she isn’t even on the block. That the other side of the house will try hard to win the HOH this time. Ika says they need to move to the bedroom so people don’t see them talking on the couch. She goes up to the Pink room. In the blue room, William and Dre are talking again in French. THE FINAL WARNING HAS BEEN GIVEN FOR THE BACKYARD.
4:00 PM BBT In the Pink room, Dem is going through his clothes getting ready to do laundry and is mixing colors with whites and Ika is teaching him about separating his laundry. In the HOH room, Kevin is talking with Dillon. Kevin is telling him that he has done a bad job showing Dillon how much him being in the game has meant to him. That he has always wanted to go to the final with him and that he has a terrible job showing it. But that he is not upset about the replacement nom. Kevin tells Dillon that they are going to use him for the next two weeks and that they are going to get Kevin and Bruno out then will get rid of him. He tells Dillon that when people are at their low moments they don’t care but are right there for the high moments. Dillon tells Kevin that he should have used the veto. Kevin says that he thought there was a bigger issue that they were going to put Bruno up but Kevin could save him even without using the veto. Dillon says that the game is a trip. Kevin says he feels like a lost puppy in the game right now. Dillon asks why. He says that the divide is obvious from the other side of the house. Dillon says the other side of the house is only with him because he is HOH. Kevin says that they were happy that he had given up and was going home. Dillon says that he didn’t think that the votes were gonna be there for her to go home if he put Ika up.
4:00 PM BBT Sindy is trying to fight to stay in the house. Everyone is having a lazy day/
4:15 PM BBT Dillon is talking to Kevin in the HOH bedroom on who should be the target for the week. Kevin is suggesting Sindy.
4:30 PM BBT All the houseguests are trying to make a pitch about who should stay this week. Majority of the house knows the target and is sticking to it. Karen and ika and Demetres is talking Kevin is popping williams pimples
4:45 PM BBT Karen is talking about the Pov Karen said Canada is going to have the vote Karen said don’t kid yourself we know what we are up against karen said i believe sindy put herself in an alliance with the 4 of them ika said she know what she was doing Karen said that Cass was a wild card Ika please go to the DR Karen said one of us wins Hoh hopefully Karen said i think we should send home the boys first Karen said Kevin is good in competitions Sindy said can you feel me plucking these hairs to Bruno Sindy said now you will know how much hair that you had Jackie said that was the only place that had hair on that side Bruno said i like the feeling of the tweezers Bruno said show me thin
5:00 PM BBT Bruno said i actually thought that it would be 1 strip Bruno said oh my god sindy it’s going to take forever Jackie is taking a nap Jackie wake up nap time is over William said but you can shave it to kevin William said what do you want me to do Demetres said see how respectful i am Ika said they hate me because i am not going home ika said if they won that they are going to come after us ika said now what i want i want to make the fruit berries smoothie that is in the fridge Ika said that there is no master mind ika said do whatever you feel in your gut Ika said that jackie has been hanging out with them all night Ika said they are trying to bring her incase sindy leaves Ika said i am scared Demetres said i can see her point
5:15 PM BBT Karen said Demetre you can’t play 2 sides Karen said that is super cute is that a sports bra or take top Sindy and Demetre are in the kitchen making a smoothie Karen said if i say those words that i will never go back on my words Ika said they know it and Burno was gunning for cass Ika said don’t tell dre Jackie said i think ika was in the hoh maybe not bruno said it is crazy and that next week is so crucial bruno said that there will be 9 next week bruno said if you win hoh Bruno said that my short term memory is so bad
5:30 PM BBT Karen is talking about a vote to ika Karen said that did piss her off for a day karen said she is super smart karen said sometimes you’re in the fishbowl that you don’t see it Ika said there you are Karen asked if you made more Ika said to Karen you deserve him to Demetres Ika said Karen Jackie wants a guy Ika asked Karen if she brought anything in the house that was her children Karen said for instate if you Ika Karen Demetres left that it would be a boring game Sindy said i have to fight i have to fight hard Sindy said i have been quiet all season Sindy said there is no protein i don’t know how to use a blender Jackie said to william do you miss it in here Bruno said i am going to try to make a shake Kevin said to Jackie as fast as you can give me an order of all the hgs that was evicted Jackie said go over the speeches
5:45 PM BBT Dre said what am i doing here bruno said slow and study William is eating Kevin asked if the shake was good it’s a slop shake jackie said put cinnamon on top Karen was talking about the survivor finally Karen said that the towels take a long time Ika is eating an oreo cookie Karen said i found my sunglasses Karen said Emily has to go

6:00 PM BBT In the kitchen, Kevin, Dillon and William are talking about people from Kevin’s season. Dillon leaves the kitchen. In the pink room, Karen, Dre, Ika and Dem are talking. Dre say her ankles hurt. Karen tells her to ask for an advil and tells Dre the stuff she asked for. They talk about when the back yard will be open again. Karen says she eats so much food in the house that her pants are getting tight. Karen says that Bruno was trying to get with Sindy, Kevin and Jackie. She tells Dre that they are gonna try to get Dillon’s ear, William and Dre on their side. They are going to decide that Jackie is going and they are keeping Sindy. Dre says they have not talked to her. Dre said that he asked her if there was a chance. On the couches, Sindy and Bruno are talking. They talk about who would be HOH and who they would choose. Bruno goes to change his batteries. In the kitchen, Jackie, William, Kevin and Bruno are just sitting in silence. Kevin and William move to the couches where Sindy is sitting. They talk about food. Kevin is eating slop raw and Sindy and William are grossed out by him.
6:15 PM BBT Kevin and William are wrestling with the food – Kevin is trying to get William to eat it. They call a truce and Kevin goes to throw it in the garbage. Back in the Pink Room, Dre and Karen are talking about Sindy and she said that she didn’t think she could play a worse game than she did in her season but she is. They talk about food and that they eat 5 meals a day and her pants are gonna bust open that they only need to eat 3 times a day. They talk about the comp that they had to keep running and that karen ran to the bathroom and didn’t wash her hands because she had to get back. They talk about their steps.
6:30 PM BBT Ika tells karen inf they leave the room that she just wants to go eat, shower and come back. Karen says she is done with the fake. Ika says that she has never seen two people on the block that don’t talk. Karen says that Sindy is crying and what she is doing is they have Kevin and Will and all they need is Dre and she will stay. She is saying that Bruno is going to try to make a deal with Will and Dre to keep Sindy because that’s the only thing they can do to keep Sindy. Karen talks about going and making the hamburgers. She says if they all pitch in it will be better but that Sindy won’t pitch in. In the kitchen, Dre and Ika are talking about Kevin and William. Dre says they are not cute. Ika is peeling sweet potatoes. On the couch Dillon, Dre, William and Kevin are all on the couch talking about places to golf.
6:45 PM BBT In the kitchen, Ika is cutting sweet potatoes into french fries. William comes in to help Karen make hamburgers. Karen keeps instructing William on how to cook the food. She tells him that his mother would be proud that he is learning new things.
7:00 PM BBT In the blue room, Kevin Bruno Sindy and Jackie are studying comps again. They notice a planet they didn’t see before with rings around it. They go through the veto comps. HG are in the kitchen busy making dinner. Dillon asks Karen if they are cooking like this because Kevin is a HN this week.
7:15 PM BBT Ika is blending juice and lets Dem taste test it. Jackie and Sindy come into the kitchen. Dillon says watch now that they are going to eat a good meal that they will be called to the back yard. Karen says do not jinx it. They are getting the dinner set up so they can eat at the table. Karen is getting the buns for the burgers ready. Everyone is getting their plates put together.
7:30 PM BBT Everyone is sitting around the table eating except for Kevin and Bruno who are in the blue room talking about the other side of the house if they won the HOH and the veto and if they were both on the block who would go home. Kevin says that Dre is scared of him because of his relationship with William. Kevin says he feels weak. Bruno says that the slop has ruined his body. Kevin says he doesn’t feel defeated but just weak. Kevin talks about Season 3 and tells a story about how Bruno and Kevin couldn’t get along. He says that two competitors who couldn’t get along that 2 years later they both had each others back in BB 5. He says their loyalties have never wavered and now on day 39 they talk about Neda going home. They pick themselves up then Dillon gets HOH and within 24 hours two females get in the middle and their closest ally Sindy goes home. Bruno says Sindy winning the double is major then she sends Neda home and now Dillon is going to send her home and that is a disaster. Kevin says they need a new name to represent what happened. Kevin asks how many sins can Dem and Ika commit against Dillon. They go over days that Dem and Ika did things. They say they have been wreaking havoc since week 2. They say what they have done is keep them safe. They say that Dillon’s power is gone because he can not play next week. They mock Ika for hanging out with Dillon and what sacrifice it must have been for her. And that next week she will not have time for him since he can not play. Bruno says the next person who says they want to self evict he will hold the door for them. They say that Dillon is the Canadian Heavyweight Champion and that in comps that he has no focus. Jackie comes in to the room. They ask her how the meal was – she said she had a Slop Shake. They tell Jackie again about Sindy winning the HOH double that Neda goes home. Jackie says that Sindy felt that Ika was closer to her then they were. Then they say that what Ika did was put her on the block. Bruno says he tried to tell Sindy that Ika was using her but she didn’t believe him. Jackie said how can you trust someone in the house that you can not trust outside the house.
7:45 PM BBT They ask Jackie if she is fired up. She says no so they decide on Thursday they will get fired up. They say they need a new name. Kevin says “The Expired Milk Alliance” Jackie says no. Jackie says your brain is actually mush when you are on slop because you can not think and you space out. Jackie says that Dillon is sitting there at the family dinner but he is the bottom of their totem pole. Bruno says that it is obvious to a normal person. They ask each other if they nominated Dillon and Emily. But they said the nominated Gary and Dre. Dillon has been on the block three times. They talk about Dem and who he nominated in his HOH. They can hear the laughing from the kitchen. Jackie says she hates that laugh and they tell her to use it as fuel. Jackie says if she stays she will go back on her word and put them up. Kevin said that if he wins he will let people come talk to him. Jackie asks wouldn’t it be best to put up one of each pair. Bruno says not necessarily. They said that if one of the other side wins they would put Kevin and Bruno up and jackie as the back door. Jackie says unless it’s William because he would not evict Kevin. They hear BB say REMEMBER CANADA IS WATCHING. They say yes, he has done it before, evict him (about Dillon) and he wanted to self evict. They talk about when Dillon wanted to leave that they hung out with Emily thinking she was staying. Bruno says that Dillon feels safer with the other side of the house. Sindy comes into the bedroom. Sindy talks about the dinner. Sindy says that if Ika challenges her that she will fire back that she has 38 days of ammo. Sindy said that she can not sleep in the same room with Ika and Dre because she can not deal with them making out. Sindy tells them about when she caught them kissing before. Kevin says that Ika thinks she is better than everyone. They talk about the things Ika has said about Heather from her season.
8:00 PM BBT William joins them in the room. They talk about previous HG. At the dining room table Ika, Demetres and Dre are drinking smoothies and talking about Dillon’s facial hair. Karen joins them at the table and sits to join the conversation. He asks if Ika likes facial hair she said it depends on the person. Ika said she avoided Dem when he shaved his facial hair off. They thank Karen for doing the dishes. Upstairs in the blue room sneezes galore and silence. Bruno asks if dinner was good to William he said yes very good. They are all talking about being tired, meanwhile the hair talk continues at the table, Ika likes it pricky on the face but not anywhere else. Dillon joins the conversation now and listens in they let him know the questions that have been asked. They ask if Demetres has anymore questions they talk about preferences, Dillion brings up how does a blind man have a preference on porn he can’t see. Demetres is having a hard time coming up with questions and Dillon pipes in with does size matter. They say they can’t answer it because BB will not allow it.
8:15 PM BBT They discuss deal breakers and Bushes.. COnversation gets very uncomfortable so cams swap to HOH WR with Karen listening to music. In the Blue room they continue talking about other HGs and season. Jackie is in there laying on a bed as well. They talk about bottles that should have been kept to play a game. COnversation back on previous seasons and HGs. The question game continues downstairs. They discuss the worst intercourse they have ever had, One nighters or club girls say the boys. Ika asks how long can you go before you release, Dillon says not until she has. They then discuss Quickies. Feeds cut from the table conversation. Meanwhile upstairs they are still talking past seasons, and when things happen. They talk about who they expected to see and isn’t here.
8:32 PM BBT Dillon and Karen in HOH talking about a big rapper that on the ipod. What they will do with the money if they were as rich as some of these people. They want to help others who need a small hand up to get out the ditch and move up, not the places that only give 18% to charity and the rest to pay the pockets of the employees. Blue room speculates about and all Allstars season. They talk about the show “ALL THAT” with the Slim on Nickelodeon. Jackies legs look alot better from the waxing. Bruno says William tell me about a perfect Saturday night for you, at home with a few friends. Kevin says one gay bar in Calvary called twisted, hes been one time with Raul. They tease him about how he says Raul’s name. Dillon and Karen are talking about Bruno and Jackie not coming for them because they are free floaters and they are coming for the leaders which are Ika and Demetres. Dillon says that they are in a good spot and Karen says that they already went a whole week past Neda. Karen says we just need to get out Bruno and Kevin and then Neda. And we will be all six newbies. Karen says that if I am put up you have to win pov and pull me down and he says for sure I will.

8:45 PM BBT Dillon says that Kevin feels really bad because he was disloyal to Dillon and Karen says yes he told me that too and I feel like he’s a wounded animal and he is pouring salt in his wounds. Karen says that she has never spoke game to Kevin and Bruno and she doesn’t trust them no matter what. Jackie comes in and the conversation changes. Jackie tells them that she feels a little sick like a chest cold. She asks if she can Use dillons iPod he tells her use away. She says she would take a hot shower but she waxed her legs and she has to wait 24 hours. Karen tells that she has done it before and how bad it hurts. Jackie says she wishes she was not in slop so she could eat with them. They told her that there last meal was not so great and it was tuff.
9:00 PM BBT Ika and Demetres talking about sex, she says that she does not think they are compatible and he says something about having sex a couple times a day. Ika changes the subject saying something about her and Demetres being on one side and Bruno and Kevin on the other and everyone else being in the middle alone. Dillon and Karen talking about don king and how he met him last year and that he is planning on working with him in the future. Dillon says that he has made 38 millionaires. Karen talks about meeting sly Stallone, Raquel Welch and Minnesota fats. Sindy, Bruno and Dre talking about marriage.
9:15 PM BBT Dre talking about marriage and that she thinks she will instill some of her African culture into her marriage. Bruno talks about his friends and acquaintances and Dre says she really only has her friends and just a few close friends. Jackie is called into the DR. Sindy says that she feels like she trades out new friends every six months. Karen and Dillon talking about Neda not thinking that they were not important enough to need them but they were still In the house and she wasn’t.
9:30 PM BBT Karen talking about how Neda thought she was a delusional old woman and she won against her. Karen says that Kevin was so transparent and we all knew that he was working with Neda. Dillon says that Kevin felt bad and that he is humbled and wants another chance. Karen says do you believe him? And Dillon says no, I don’t trust him. Kevin has told Karen that he was Neda’s number 2. Karen says that after Jackie and Sindy has went against her the last two days that she is afraid of going up and being sent to jury because she does not want to go to jury with those hateful bit*hes. She gets up to use the restroom. Demetres and Ika in the bed talking about stories that Ika says embarrasses her in front of live feeds cameras. He asks why does she hang out with him? She says that he is so fun. She has had the most fun with him and the rest are so boring. In the kitchen Dillon is getting a snack and some water. Karen comes in and makes hot tea.
9:45 PM BBT Dillon stands at the window and says repeatedly to open the back door. Production says to stop that and Dillon says are you serious and repeats that he wants to go back outside. Him and Karen lay on the couch. Karen gets up and starts talk about everyone in the back yard exercising and they were so slow about she was laughing so hard she had to pee. Karen says she has a headache from coughing and Dillon gets called out for singing that he wants to help the backyard open up. Karen talks about hanging out with the Jacksons band after a concert and partied with them. And how she met evil knievel kid. in the bedroom Sindy, Bruno, Dre, Jackie laying down talking about the HOH comp and they were gonna do a Rock Paper Scissors for the have not prize or the money prize and big brother told them no sharing. They say that you can not trade or share a prize. Bruno asks how he first timers if they feel it’s different from watching the show. Dre says oh yes so totally different. Dre says. That the comps look so easy and the real comp is so much pain. They talk about how sometime they are still sore from the last comp and they start a new one.
10:00 PM BBT Dillon said that his Grandma just turned 76 Karen said when was your grandma birthday Ika and Demetres are talking Ika said there is things that i want to tell burno and kevin i am just holding back Demetres said he is such a clutz Ika said there is still a bit of blood there do you want me to clean it Ika said it’s bleeding maybe you should say something to them Demetres said i hope that it is an endurance comp Karen and Dillon are playing pool Karen said what am i stripes Karen said it’s open it’s whatever
10:15 PM BBT Dillon said a lot of options Karen his son hunter never heard of a busy signal at the age of 12 karen said her son said the phone was broken he said mom the phone is broken Dre said we open the thing there was a dirty mattress on the floor Sindy said i wouldn’t let strangers into my home if i am a bad parent Karen said her Son Shane is her 20 years old that is her baby and everybody gets along with him and that everybody loves him Kevin said i love my phone i am on my phone all the time when i wake up i google Karen said so close and Dillon got the 8th ball in the Second round Karen said why can’t you call soldier why is it a opentable Karen said i never know how to do it Karen the Pantry is now open
10:30 PM BBT Karen said I hate that Karen asked if she was solids. Bruno said it’s crazy whole lot of hot poop. Karen said I think I have improved in the last 2 games since Gary left. Sindy was talking about the play list. Dre said it could be a $1.50 for a double decker bus. Bruno asked if the bus has wifi Dillon said if you want to play I will play I am just waiting until midnight to go to sleep then I will be rested. Karen said thank you Karen said we have a pool table at our house but we never play it Sindy said we are out in mid may Sindy said once you know i will help you find a place Sindy said I can introduce you to everyone Said you have to think about your budget
10:45 PM BBT Dre said i am already missing school and that i want to turn up Dre said i love when my friends organize me Dre said i need a bathing suite to go into the hot tube Jackie said does that mean we can go to bed Jackie said i don’t feel good Jackie said that she couldn’t have multivitamins because she is on the slope Dre said i am gonna put my bottom on and go in the hottub Jackie asked William do you know what you are doing far as vote wise Jackie said i wonder if we can go to sleep i am going to check out side i am tired william said he was tired Sindy is out by the hot tub Sindy said i’m scared i don’t want to go
11:00 PM BBT Ika said Karen is telling Dillon things Dre said we had 16 people Dillon said no Hottube Sindy said we can see that star again Dillon said it’s weird that planet winked at me Dre and Bruno william are in the hot tube Jackie said i already showered today i am going to get changed and to go in the hottub Dre asked Bruno do you have a big backyard Bruno is talking about the casino
11:15 PM BBT Kevin said Hello Host guest Karen said are you doing an Dallas Feeds went out
11:30 PM BBT Feeds are down Feeds came back at 11:33 PM BBT William Sindy Dre BRuno are in the hot tub Jackie is out by the hot tub. Demetres and Ika are chatting. Kevin is out at the hot tub. Ika and Demetres are chatting.
11:45 PM BBT Kevin is in the cave chatting with Jackie. Ika said I am hungry. Karen said that is what has caused them their game. Karen said when we win HOH, not if when, Karen asked are you staying down here and eating Bacon? Karen said anything about Dre. Karen said I listen to everything Karen and Ika are talking about the votes


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