Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, April 11th

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12:00AM BBT Ika tells Demetres about her conversation with Kevin. Emily getting ready for bed. Ika tells Demetres that it killed everything in her body to talk to Neda. Ika said she is not sure if Neda bought the story she was telling her. Ika said that she lost her whot on Dre because she initially threw them under the bus. Dre sitting out in the rain by herself in the hot tub are.a Ika and Demetres still whispering in bed.
12:15AM BBT Emily and Dillon go to bed most HG in bed Dillon asks BB to turn the air conditioning on in the blue room Ika goes to the storage room to look for something to eat Demetres joins Ika in the KT Ika tells him that it is ok to not feel safe with certain people in the house Ika said she cannot wait to win the next HOH Ika hopes that Kevin decides to work with William and that they are trying to convince William to get rid of Emily
12:30AM BBT Demetres tells Ika that this is a good week to get Dillon because they have the numbers to do it and it will be harder once there are less of them Ika said her season was not this intense and it must be because of the returnees All other HG in bed Ika said tomorrow they should hang with Karen tomorrow Ika tells Demetres that this game would be a lot harder without him in the game Ika said she is scared of the instant and the double Ika and Demetres study in case the HOH is a before and After
12:45AM BBT All HG in bed except for Ika and Demetres whispering in bed
1:00AM BBT -9:00 AM BBT All HGS are  in bed sleeping
9:15 AM BBT Big Brother has turned the lights on, must be time to get up. Feeds have gone down. Time to get up HGS.
9:30 AM BBT Feeds are still down Feeds come back with most of the HGS in the washroom. Ika is talking to Dillon about schools in her hometown. Ika Emily Jackie Karen and Neda are all applying makeup for the day. Demetres is in the shower. Neda has been called to the DR. Feeds have gone back down. Feeds come back with just Neda Emily and Neda in the washroom still applying makeup. Meanwhile in the HOH Room William and Kevin are still sleeping. Back in the washroom Emily is talking about a singer she thinks is sexy and so hot. Emily leaves the washroom Bruno enters Neda says good morning to him. In the HOH Room William is still in bed. Meanwhile in the kitchen Dillon is at the sink. Karen is making coffee. Back in the washroom looks like Neda is alone still doing her makeup. In the yellow room Jackie is talking to Kevin. Jackie is asking Kevin if Dillon threw them under the bus. Kevin is saying that after the whole Veto ceremony no one talked game to him.
9:45 AM BBT Jackie is telling Kevin that right before a challenge Emily was giving answers. Jackie wonders if Ika will trust her. Kevin says she will further in the game. Kevin is saying Dillon is running around the house being happy. Jackie says Emily is acting very confident. Meanwhile in the kitchen Dillon Emily and Demetres are having a general conversation about a dream she had. Demetres is cooking breakfast Dillon made Emily a breakfast shake. Demetres asks who this person is Emily said Tyler who is a rapper. Emily thinks he is hot and Dillon says he isn’t that hot of a guy. Meanwhile back in the bedroom Kevin and Jackie are still talking about other HGS. They are now reviewing how many of different items are in the house. Kevin asks her how many steps Jackie says there is 21. She also tells him she counted the black circles on the HOH Room door. Jackie says there are 146 balls. Kevin asks her how many pool balls, she tells him she doesn’t know he tells her 16. The total number of balls in the house is 146. Jackie says one year that they asked how many cameras in the house. Kevin says Did they really. He than says he was told there was 78 or 79 cameras. Jackie then asks him what happened on certain days. She throws out day 20. Kevin wonders what Mark is doing? Jackie looks at the camera and smiles. They decide to go get coffee and go outside.
10:00 AM BBT Neda/Kevin/Jackie/Bruno in bathroom. Neda putting on makeup. Karen walks in and Kevin says good morning to her. Karen says Good Morning Kevin Martin. Happy birthday to Bruno with hugs all around. Bruno said he woke up and has more grays already. Karen says just wait. Kitchen- Emily/Dem talking about how to cook omelets. Jackie washing dishes. Dem saying he flipped his omelet perfectly. Jackie not talking, Emily keeps talking. Emily shouts out “GARY” she says she misses Gary, he is so entertaining. Emily wonders what he is doing and Dem says I bet he is not live feeding, Emily says ya he is probably over it. Jackie walks away and Dem asks Emily if he talked to Jackie yet and Em said no. Dem said she is going to be the deciding vote. Camera change to Emily/Dillon HT room. Camera changes back to Em/Dem Emily says she feels bad for Dillon cause if he goes to jury he will be stuck there and can’t see his family. Dem says the reason they want to keep Dillon is because they think they can get him back and Emily says ya I shouldn’t have said what I said. Dem says Dillon needs to..Em interrupts “ Blow some shit up” Dem says ya. Dem mentions the how they don’t want Em/Jackie together and rolls his eyes about Jackie. Dem mentions they are going to say something and he sarcastically says Demetres and Emily are having breakfast, rolls eyes. Kevin comes down and talks about sleeping well. He leaves and Emily whispers he hates me so much (Kevin) Dem says to Em she needs to go to Will and tell him about Kevin so Will can push it to Kevin to keep Emily. Emily says ya maybe he can convince Kevin since he didn’t do what Will wanted during pov. Emily says ya she has to get going, she just wasn’t in the right headspace yesterday. Emily saying what an experience, she was on block twice, have not twice, fell twice. Dem says he fell twice too, once getting out of tub. Kevin comes back in. Talking about the night of the videos and how it wasn’t a fun night.
10:15 AM BBT Neda/Bruno in blue room. Neda complaining about Ika. Neda says she is not Jackie she is not one of those girls you can scream at. Bruno says Ika was looking right at Sindy telling her she can vote for whoever she wants, intimidation. Bruno tells Neda she is not with you. Bruno says Dre asked Bruno last night if he trusts Ika/Dem. Bruno said he didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what to say. Bruno says he doesn’t know the story and doesn’t know what they are saying over there, and he didn’t want to screw things up. Kevin walks in and Neda continues to tell the boys what she talked about with Ika last night. Neda says Ika told her it was mostly Emily campaigning. Neda says she told Ika that every time she walked by it was Ika talking. Bruno tells Kevin that is was bullshit when Ika told Kevin that William trusts him 100%, cause yesterday he didn’t trust you at all now he trust you 100%, no way. Neda telling Kevin Ika came to her last night crying, Neda says she was crying because her game was done. Bruno again says the thing about William not trusting Kevin. Neda says if it is a knockout they have good odds. Neda says this is exactly how her season went. Andrew was running things, they pulled Heather over cause she was being bullied (like Jackie) and Neda won. Neda calls the other side the bullies and Jackie is her new Heather. Neda says Ika is pulling out every desperate measure. Neda saying Sindy is sketching her out too, she doesn’t know. Bruno says he can talk to Sindy. Bruno says he thinks Sindy is realizing Ika doesn’t really like her. Ika laughing in background. Jackie sitting alone in HT room. Back to Neda talking about Ika. Bruno says Ika hasn’t been with them for a long time. Bruno tells Neda Ika talked about Neda’s attitude one day. Neda says it is ok if Bruno/Kevin talk about Neda’s attitude because they have good attitudes, but her! Dillon comes in and gets back in bed. Neda tells him he can’t go back to bed already. Talk turns to the weather. Jackie/Emily in HT room. Emily says she knows in her head if she stays and Dillon goes Emily does have a chance. Jackie asks Emily ‘what did they say about me to you’ because she noticed it has been different between them Em/Jackie. Jackie says she told William she felt like she had a good relationship with Emily. Emily says ya, I really like you Jackie. Jackie thinks they were trying to take a jab at Jackie by trying to pull Emily to their side. Emily says it is so hard because people look at you in the face and say 100% this happened, Emily says she can’t lie so when two different people are saying different things it is hard. Jackie says you have to think what is in their best interest to tell you what they tell you. Jackie says that is the beauty and downfall of this game because people are good at speaking and you don’t know what to believe. Emily says she really does feel really bad, the block gets to you. Jackie says people say she flipped on Dre, girl she flipped on me. Jackie says she thought she had a good thing with Dre/William. Jackie mentions she didn’t like that Dre said she had her vote but Dre was telling Cass the same thing. Emily smirks and says ya, people are telling me that. Jackie backpedals and tries to change subject to Ika yelling at you one day, being your friend the next day. Jackie brings up Ika yelled at Neda. Emily asks “ she yelled at Neda? I missed everything”
10:30 AM BBT Talk continues in HT room between Emily/Jackie. Jackie continues to try and convince Emily Ika hates her. Emily says she was just asking and covering her bases that is why she was talking to her. Jackie says she wants to help Emily open her mind a little more. Emily says ya, I am not good at this. Jackie asks Emily, who did William want out on our veto. Emily says “Dillon?” Emily saying the group will do what William wants. Jackie telling Emily every time she looks at Ika she gets a dirty look so when she walked in on Ika/Will talking Ika did not give him a dirty look she knew something was up. Jackie trying to convince Emily that the plan from the get go was to get Dillon out so their plan wasn’t real to get both of them safe. Jackie basically tell her Emily was always safe so whatever they were telling her was to get something out of her. Emily says to Jackie she really doesn’t feel like she is staying. Jackie doesn’t respond. Emily says she feels really bad if Dillon gets stuck in jury and can’t see his family. Karen/Ika/Dem in WR talking. Iks tells Karen she is doing laundry after her and goes to get her laundry. Meanwhile Dillon comes out to HT room and joins Jackie trying to give Emily advice. Emily is sitting there listening and not saying much. Emily then brings up the same thing is happening to her that happened to Jackie. People are telling both Dillon and Emily they have their vote like they did to Jackie/Cass. Jackie is not getting the fact Emily keeps doing this, Jackie just keeps talking. Emily basically says ‘Mmm, mm” Emily says she has an inkling she is going home. Jackie asks why, is it because of they way our side is asking or their side. Jackie says, be honest. Emily says I have heard Neda is rallying for Dillon to stay. Jackie is trying to talk around it and asks Emily when she felt that, and why. Jackie turns it around they are sketched because Emily sat with Ika for an hour. Jackie says this game is all about perception and says it was more sketchy that hey had the conversation out in the open.
10:45 AM BBT Sindy doing stretches and asks Dem to do them with her, he is shirtless BTW. Sindy asks Dem how is morning is going, he talks about his breakfast. Dem says the same people are always downstairs in the morning and Sindy is one of the one upstairs. Sindy says she purposely tries to be the last one up to make the day shorter. Sindy talking in a high voice about Demetres in his new hair, doing that “mmm mmm Damn” He asks what he should wear today and Sindy says some clothes to make you look nice. Sindy gives him some suggestions about a shirt, says she is going to wear the shirt she suggested one day and Dem said to go for it. Sindy says or don’t wear a shirt at all and giggles. Dem asks who has his red/black shirt and asks Sindy if she still has it. She says ya she has to wash it. Sindy suggests they all wear plaid for Bruno’s surprise b-day party. Sindy says they should have a dance party for Dre’s birthday and have the boys dance for her. Dem starts to take his pants off and kinda stops to wait for Sindy to leave the room. She does and hums to herself. Camera change to HOH and French Connection is speaking French. HT room Emily is still pushing the issue with Jackie that Dillon wants to go him and if he stays he is putting up Kevin/Bruno. Emily is like Dillon is screaming he wants to go home. Jackie says she hopes Emily can take in what she said and chill out for a bit. Jackie says it is going to keep flipping back and forth. Talking about what the pro’s are of keeping Emily. Jackie tries to convince Emily the other side doesn’t want anything to do with her. Emily says today she is going to take it easy and talk to Neda. Emily says she will say sorry and doesn’t like animosity.
11:00 AM BBT Emily continues to talk with Jackie by the hot tub. The seagulls interrupt their conversation. Jackie says every day she is out here she is waiting for someone to get shit it, Jackie says it will be Karen. Emily says Karen was on something last night, she had so much energy. Jackie said she knows Karen dislikes her but Karen is growing on her. Emily says ya Karen is just a character. Emily laughing saying she felt that about Gary, he was just so funny. Jackie saying the cookie thing was so funny and Emily couldn’t stop laughing. So Em asks Jackie will this be the last person before jury. Jackie counts it out and says it would be a nine person jury. So Emily asks if Jackie thinks it will be a double and Jackie says ya. Emily says she does want to go to jury. Jackie said her goals were not be the first person eliminated, get to jury then win. Feeds cut when talk turns to Mark. Neda making a happy birthday sign as Sindy talks to her. Feeds cut on that camera as well.

12:00 PM BBT Sindy/Ika doing makeup. Karen and Ika talking about laundry and doing stuff with machine. Emily sitting talking to Sindy. Jackie/Neda talking in blue room. Jackie tells Neda about conversation with Emily. Jackie tells Neda Emily said if Dillon stays he is going after Kevin/Bruno. Neda tells Jackie not to say anything to them about it. Neda says maybe Jackie was just saying that to scare them. Dillon walks in and game talk stops. Dillon leaves. Jackie brings up her family is coming together for her brothers birthday and she won’t be there. Neda says they just needs Bruno to come in. Neda brings up Ika, says Demetres went up to her and told her not to yell at Neda (according to Ika, I think that was just something Ika said to appease Neda) Neda leaves bedroom. Karen is plucking Emily’s eyebrows. Ika talking to Sindy and telling her she had a conversation with Neda yesterday, telling Sindy she feels bad. Sindy acting like she doesn’t know about anything. Talk changes to lashes. Emily asks questions about lashes, and what each person does. Emily asks how her lashes are like, Sindy tells her she has nice lashes. Sindy and Ika leave while Karen continues to put lashes on Emily.
12:15 PM BBT Neda laying in bed. Sindy/Ika talking in pink bedroom. She telling Sindy her version on the conversation with Neda. Ika says the only person she talks about Neda to is Sindy, so that is why Ika asked Neda if Sindy said this information to Neda. Ika explains why she asked Neda who said Ika was done Neda. Sindy tells Ika she never said that and she even asked Neda who said it and Neda told Sindy it doesn’t matter who. Ika tells Sindy what Neda said about her. Ika really trying to get a clear indication what Sindy said if she did and explain to Sindy all the things Neda has said to her about Sindy. Basically Neda told Ika Sindy has been complaining about her. Ika told Sindy in her mind the only person in the alliance she talked to Neda about was Sindy, and Neda told Ika that Sindy vents about her so who else who she supposed to say. Sindy tells Ika she would come to her if she had issues. Ika tells Sindy why she was a little off yesterday because of it. Ika tells Sindy she felt like she is someone she can step out of the game with and vent and she was upset because she thought Sindy went to Neda. Sindy explaining she was retelling a story of how something happened, and Ika explains to Sindy that Neda did not make it out that way. How Neda is trying to make Ika think Sindy doesn’t like her. Sindy says she is trying to keep the alliance together. Ika says again that Neda tells her Sindy vents about her (IKA) all the time. Ika tells Sindy, how would Ika know the story was retold if Neda didn’t tell her? Ika gets called to DR and Sindy gets annoyed and says “ we are trying to have a conversation Big Brother” Ika leaves and tells Sindy she will talk to her after. Neda and Bruno in blue room. Neda wonders if Dillon told Emily they are keeping him. Bruno says he asked Dillon how he wants to handle it, should he tell people they are keeping him. Dillon says he doesn’t know. Neda thinks the other side is going to get to Sindy. Bruno says he will stay on her. Neda says remind her that Emily threw her under the bus. Neda says F*** Ika/Dre for saying I am trying to flip the votes. Bruno says Ika knows we are on to her. Bruno telling Neda that Dre told him she is closer to William not Ika/Dem. Neda thinks if Ika goes to Sindy and does the same thing she did to Neda and cries that Sindy will buy it. Neda says she is concerned about Sindy and it is only tuesday. Bruno asks where Sindy is. Neda says are you sure Dillon is not going to stay and just go after you and Kevin anyway. Bruno says maybe he will maybe he won’t. Dillon walked in and Bruno immediately switched the conversation to possible if there will be a triple eviction.
12:30 PM BBT Dillon asks Bruno how a triple eviction works. Ika gets out of DR and continues talk with Sindy. Sindy tells Ika that she believes she is with the Six and she really wants this alliance to work. Sindy tells Ika she never goes to Bruno/Kevin/Neda about anything. Ika starts crying, Sindy puts her hands on her and says she doesn’t want her to be upset. Ika tells Sindy she wanted to confide in her but she didn’t know what to do. Sindy tells Ika she really does keep everything she says to her and doesn’t tell Neda. Sindy says we actually have a real friendship outside of this. Ika tells Sindy she talked to Kevin last night, and told him to what he feels is right, and out of all people she felt Kevin was the only one she could talk to. Ika says the whole catty girl thing. Sindy says she doesn’t think that, everyone has trust issues because of being backstabbed before by alliances. Sindy says she is jealous of her relationship with Demetres because she has someone to go to where as Sindy can’t run to Ika and confide in her because their alliance is a secret. Ika trying to explain to Sindy, that Neda is more worried about herself and not the betterment of the alliance. Where Ika is trying to help people understand to do what is better for everyone, not just one person. Ika explains she couldn’t go to her because after Neda said that stuff to her she was scared to trust Sindy. Sindy brings up the point they have known each other longer than Neda and she should come to her and talk to her. Sindy brings up a good point that Ika shouldn’t believe Neda and should go to Sindy and discuss it with her because of their friendship. Sindy says when they stopped talking for that year it really hurt. Ika starts crying and says she does that a lot, and all the friends she has are people that only know her on the surface, when people get too deep she backs away. Emily walks in, gets a hat and walks out. Sindy says the fight they had outside the house was a blessing in disguise because BB would never have put them in the house together because of how close they were, then because they weren’t friends anymore now they are both here. Ika talks about people she will have a friendship outside the house. Ika says she knows she will have a friendship with Dem.Dre outside the house. Ika wants to have another relationship with Sindy.
12:45 PM BBT Sindy/Ika continuing to work out their concerns with each other and their friendship outside the house. Sindy’s biggest concern is that Ika comes to her and doesn’t believe what other people are saying. Sindy says yesterday was such a tense, weird day and every time she tried to talk to Ika it got interrupted. Sindy said Jackie was on her the entire day but never really shared information with her. Sindy says she was just trying to study but wouldn’t really talk game with her. Sindy says Jackie really trusts Neda. Karen comes in with the clean comforter gives it to Ika then leaves. Sindy says to Ika she knows Ika will have her moment, and needs her space, but Sindy says she doesn’t want to have to chase her every time. Ika say no, I don’t want you to do that. Ika explained in her head she was worried and had to work things through in her head, and she didn’t want to say anything to Demetres because she doesn’t want Demetres to question Sindy until Ika works it out and decides how she feels. Sindy tells Ika that Kevin said he never told anyone he was going to use the veto. Talking about Emily getting mad at Kevin. Sindy telling Ika what she said to Emily and how she told her Kevin said he was going to use it. The two continue to talk about Emily/Dillon blow up and hiding food.
1:00 PM BBT Dillon/Neda/Bruno in blue room. Bruno asks Dillon what’s shaking buddy, Dillon says not much. Bruno asks Dillon if he has thought more about what they should say. Dillon tells them to say what they think, they are smart in that regard. Neda whispers to Dillon, you haven’t said anything to Em, have you? Dillon says no. Neda tells Dillon they are going to tell Emily they are keeping her just to keep the storm calm. Neda basically tells Dillon what they are doing. Dillon says he doesn’t want to hurt her but he deserves to be here like everyone else. Bruno agrees, to keep house calm for the next couple days. Bruno saying he just wants Dillon to be comfortable with it. They all agree to lie to Emily and keep the peace. Dillon says no matter what as long as Sindy votes, Bruno says he is going to talk to Sindy. Dillon says he doesn’t think Sindy likes Emily like you (to Neda) Neda says she likes Em!! Dillon doesn’t respond. Dillon changes subject to his messy shirt.
1:15 PM BBT Conversation with Sindy/Ika continue in pink room. SIndy says she doesn’t know what to do, she doesn’t want to make either of them mad (Ika/Neda) Ika explaining how Neda/Bruno were lying to her about keeping Emily so she mad because they are lying to her. These are two people in the alliance that she is supposed to be working with. Ika said Demetres asked her if they are just going to vote a certain way and not tell them so they will be on the other side of the vote. Sindy promises she will tell Ika when she decides. Ika is honest with Sindy that it is probably in Sindy’s best interest to vote with Neda because Neda needs to feel like she is in control and if you don’t vote with her then it will not be good for her (Sindy). Emily walks in and Sindy/Ika give her fashion advice. William/Dre HOH room talking. (French) Dre gets called to DR. Emily laughs and says she heard Ika threw her entire bed in the washer. Sindy says she needs to do laundry, she is procrastinating. Meanwhile in blue bedroom Neda/Jackie talking and Neda is talking about Neda in a nasty voice. Neda says Ika started it. Neda says she is going to call Ika out on her bullshit, she can’t be fake. Neda complaining she can’t find her water bottle and doesn’t want to go downstairs cause slimy people are in this house. Jackie says it is just Demetres lying on the couch downstairs. Neda says ya keeping tabs on people. BB calls Demetres out for napping. Jackie says it was probably Cass that put in in their heads to watch people so they get Demetres to be a dog, Neda thinks Demetres is going to be seen as Ika’s lap dog and it will be embarrassing for him. Neda continues to talk about Ika. Neda says it is not her responsibility to clean up Ika’s messes after she is screaming at people. Neda says Dillon is brainwashed and taking in everything Emily says. Neda thinks Emily is going behind Dillon back. Jackie asks is Neda thinks Ika is telling Sindy to do the same thing and have Sindy hang out with Jackie. Emil in pink BR with Sindy/Bruno talking about what to wear. Ika walks in and Bruno talking about how tired he is.
1:30 PM BBT Will/Kevin playing with William’s stuffed animal while laying in bed in the HOH. William brings up if Kevin knows who he is going to vote for Thursday. Kevin says he thinks Dillon wants to go home, he was crying about his niece. William says he would rather have Dillon go home. Kevin says there is definitely a discussion on his side of the house about who they want to go home, he would be lying if he said there wasn’t. William asking BB for a task to do today. William cuddles up next to kevin and kisses his stuffed animal. Neda/Jackie talking about Sindy and saying it would be really stupid of her to go with the other side. Jackie said Karen doesn’t trust her. Neda says Ika doesn’t trust Sindy. Jackie brings up people voting on each side and Neda says they know it is Sindy as the swing vote. Neda complains that Bruno/Kevin are not doing their jobs, they should be working Sindy. Neda wonders if you can hear anything in the other room and puts a glass up to the wall. Neda thinks Dre/Will are in HOH and Kevin may be in DR. Jackie says she didn’t hear Kevin get called. Neda back to talk about Sindy and Kevin/Bruno not working Sindy correctly. Meanwhile in the pink room Sindy/Ika are continuing to talk. Sindy does say she feels personally keeping Dillon is better but she doesn’t know how to go about it without picking sides. Ika tells Sindy she does need to do what is best for her. Sindy says she has a good vibe with Dre. Ika tells Sindy she needs to vote with them ( Neda/Bruno) because if she doesn’t they are going to do the same thing to her they did to Ika. Ika says she feels really uncomfortable with Bruno and Neaha told her to never trust Bruno. Ika says a couple weeks ago she felt that if she couldn’t win she would be happy with Sindy/Dem or Bruno winning. But now, no way. Ika says the moment the power flipped everyone made Ika/Dem feel at the bottom of the alliance and shut them out. Ika brings up that she kept William from nominating Bruno. Ika says she will go hang out with Karen, she always puts Ika in a better mood. Sindy worried that if she goes either way she is picking a side. Ika says she never felt like there was a side. Sindy says it is you and Neda. Ika says she was not going around picking side and whispering in Bruno’s ear, she is. She knows something is off with Bruno. Ika goes to change and leaves Sindy. Bruno walks in and ask Sindy if Ika is pumping her. Sindy is trying to explain to Bruno what Ika told her and he keeps interrupting her. Sindy relays to Bruno Ika was honest and said Sindy should vote the way that is best for her. Bruno says Ika won’t even look at me and talk to me, Sindy says she feels the same way about you. Ika walks in saying she needs something to change to do to DR. Ika leaves and game talk continues.
1:45 PM BBT Bruno tells Sindy he thinks Ika is just getting caught in her lies. Sindy says Neda and Ika are after each other and they are trying to get us to pick side. Bruno says Ika is talking about everyone. Sindy tells Bruno but she is hearing the same about Neda. Sindy is telling Bruno that whoever she chooses it will not be about picking side she will be picking who is best for her game. Bruno cuts her off and asks he who she is going to put up if she wins HOH. Sindy says she doesn’t know, she would talk to you guys. Bruno is telling Sindy they are trying to get the numbers to go against them. Bruno thinks they are talking for hours because they have so many lies to cover. Bruno thinks Ika/Dem are really in with Dre/William and The Six is their cover. Sindy goes over her talk with Dre last night and how she told Dre not to distrust Bruno just because she doesn’t trust Kevin. Kevin walks in. Bruno telling Sindy that she has Bruno/Kevin locked in. Bruno tells Kevin that Sindy is in to evict Dillon. Sindy tells Kevin that Dre doesn’t trust him because Kevin is using William. Kevin says he really likes him. Sindy says but Neda told her that William is playing Kevin. Sindy says from Ika’s perspective she told Sindy it would be in her best interest to vote with them. Sindy is trying to explain them what Ika said. Bruno is not having it. Kevin is listening. Sindy says she really wants the six to work. Bruno says he finds Ika is putting doubt in everyone’s head about each other. Sindy says Neda is too! Bruno says she finds Ika is working harder at putting distrust. Sindy brings up what Ika said about not trusting Kevin but after yesterday she trust Kevin because he was there for her. Bruno says so she doesn’t trust Neda and me. Bruno says I don’t do anything. Sindy points out he does and tries to explain to him what he does. Sindy explains how Bruno is doing it. When he told Dre that he doesn’t trust Ika/Dem.

2:00 PM BBT Sindy, Kevin and Bruno are talking in the Pink Room about Ika and how they will work with her later. Sindy says that not to blind side anyone. They talk about how their bond is the strongest in the house. Neda talks about how the other side of the house think that she is an idiot. Sindy says that her game has not changed since her season. People just now see how she really plays. In the WR, Dre, Ika and Dem are talking about Jackie. Ika says that Jackie is feeling brave now and she wishes that jackie would confront Ika so she can freak out on her. They say they wish the BY was open. Dre and William are speaking French. Ika tells Dem that Jackie is jealous of their relationship. Jackie is in the WR also and going through drawers. Jackie leaves the WR. Dre continues to speak in French but at the end says Freaking Fake in English. Ika tells them she wants to be the target. William says that’s up to the HOH and she can not choose to be the target. Dre says the moment she is HOH that the house will see Bombs. DRE PLEASE GO TO THE DR.
2:15 PM BBT In the Pink Room Sindy, Kevin and Bruno are still talking about Blindsides. They begin to study possible questions for comps.In the HOH room, Bruno and Ika are talking. Bruno tells Ika about Dre asking him to keep them safe and Bruno said he can not do that. He says he feels like they can not talk. Ika tells him that nothing she said was a problem. Bruno says he feels that at least once a week they have to hash stuff out. He does not want any problems with him and Ika. She tells him everything is fine. He says he does not want to feel like there is a problem because he has no problem. They leave the HOH room.
2:30 PM BBT In the Pink Room the HG are talking about previous comps in the game and review possible comp questions again and what happened on what days. In the WR, Dre, William, Ika, Dillon and Ika are talking. Ika tells Dillon if he wants to stay that he needs to tell Emily so at least that she is clear on what he wants. Dillon says a little part of him wants to stay but he really wants to hold his niece. Karen tells him that she will respect what he wants but the other side of the house has stuff planned. She doesn’t know why there are secret meetings for the other side of the house and that does not jive. Dillon says he will not campaign against Emily. Ika says she understands how he feels but that he WILL eventually get to hold his niece but this house and his relationship with Emily is only here. Ika says they both want to stay really bad which makes it difficult but she wants to do what they want her to do and she will respect their decision. Ika says just to let them know what to do. Ika says it doesn’t matter who stays that she is not going after either of them. Dre says the same thing, They just need to know from Dillon and Emily what to do and who to vote out.
2:45 PM BBT They don’t want to have to lie to Emily if they are or aren’t keeping her. Karen enters to use the WR. Dre says they think they know what they want ( they both want to stay) but if anything changes let them know. They respect and relate to both Dillon better and after getting to know them it’s tough. Dillon says it will be hard to see her leave. Dillon thanks them all for their advice. Karen sits in the corner and listens in to the conversation. He feels like an A hole for wanting to stay and he doesn’t want to hurt the girl. Ika says spend as much time with Emily as possible the next few days and enjoy it. They don’t want her to feel bad or like everyone wanted her out. Dillon heads out and Sindy enters the WR. They all begin whispering super softly about what was just said. Dre exits the WR, Kevin exits the WR, Sindy out of the RR, William says he can’t find his water bottle. Dre enters the WR and sits back down. Ika continues to play with her hair. William heads downstairs to the SR. feeds cut to the Blue room Bruno and Neda talking about the vote. Bruno says be honest and tell them what they plan to do so that way if it is a double they at least have started it off right with honesty. Ika, Dre, and Karen in the WR talking about Jackie and who she would put up. They want to expose her for being a liar and lip flopper again. Sindy has no targets therefore she isn’t trying to win HOH. Dre asks what Ika and Bruno talked about. Dre is called to DR. Ika tells Karen about the conversation and how they need to win HOH. They speculate who Bruno would put up if he won HOH. Bruno enters the WR things get really quiet. They talk about the laundry and maybe eating in a little bit. Neda enters the WR to freshen up her makeup and hair.
3:00 PM BBT The ladies discuss what to eat and say they should have thawed out some chicken and then about Karen’s family. Her Boys and how they used to come see her once a week. Karen the goes over to the Dryer and finishes the laundry and says moms don’t get thank yous a lot. Karen offers to Ika and Demetres for them to take towels and put them away since she just did them. Ika takes them to put them away for all 3 of them. Ika checks in with Emily who is lying in the bed in the Blue room. Ika says she can’t wait to win HOH and put Neda on the block. Karen asks is she acting like all 4 of us are still together? Ika says yes but she’s not really with us she is with them. Karen has some game play and explains her theory of keeping the 5 strong then the Bragade and go after the others in the ‘“6” first then start cutting the Bragade members. Dillon comes in and mentions how everyone is cooking but not sure if its community coking. Ika continues messing with her hair as Dre exits the WR and Dillon leaves from the RR. Bruno Kevin and Neda are angry at Ika according to Dre. They try to make sense of all the Scheming when the other side has the numbers they can decide who to keep. Down in the Kitchen Sindy, Demetres, Bruno, Kevin, Jackie are talking and making food. Sindy tells about a place that everyone wanted to work for “bob’s” Kevin and Bruno head to the SR they are trying to get with Ika and Demetres to study but they are getting the cold shoulder and false information. They are talking about how Sindy doesn’t have to try in the HOH but they want her to so they have a little more safety. They feel they need to redirect her targets.
3:15 PM BBT Kevin ends the conversation with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bruno. Back to the KT they are talking about jobs they currently work or have in the past. Back upstairs Ika is still working on her hair, Karen laying in the corner watching quietly. You can hear the chatter from downstairs faintly. Karen asks has anyone said they are going after me, Ika says no because they think you can’t win anything so you can’t nominate. They reflect on Gary not being here and how different it is without him. They try to have fun with William, they discuss what would happen if they could win the HOH. It just sucks they win and the other side is still getting what they want. They talk about a Double and Instant eviction and the differences. Ika believes this week is Neda’s last of safety that thursday will be the day it opens. They talk about how Ika played last season to now and what is different if she wins HOH. Ika gives Karen is a pep talk about how she can win HOH and she can do damage because she does what she wants and isn’t scared. Ika says after this week will be War, they talk about Jury. Ika says Dillion or Emily will go home and then the next person on the DE will go to Jury. There is no way they can let Neda’s power last that long it is not fair. They discuss why they think Canada voted Neda to have the power and who Canada likes.
3:30 PM BBT Karen tells Ika you are not the same Ika I saw in S2. Based on what was shown Karen didn’t like her and would never have imagined working with her. Karen explains how Bruno has promised to have her back but yet he never comes to her to let her know what’s going on. Laundry finishes and Ika swaps them and then talks about needing to go eat but they are all down there. Ika says when she went in to put the bedding away Sindy, Kevin and Bruno were in there talking about how well they are playing the game. Emily walks in to the WR. Then William enters the WR and they ask where is Dre? Who is in your HOH? Karen says tell them to get out. Ika says everyone in there is stuck on what everyone thinks about them and there are only a few people who don’t care. They are all being super fake and it’s see through. The ladies say Don’t believe your own hype, and don’t drink your own kool aid. Ika says they are all drinking thier own kool aid. Karen brings up all the bad things that have happened worldwide on April 20th. ( Sindy’s B day). Conversation back to what to eat, Ika asks what do you cook at home? Karen starts telling all the things she makes at home and then Kevin enters. Karen explains how she hasn’t seen her Hubby much before she left due to his work so it’s really been more like and month and a half since she has seen him. Ika says she needs to go visit her, karen says but you don’t like the sun. Ika hates the cold but doesn’t mind the sun, she doesn’t mind tanning. They talk about where she goes to go on vacation and feeds swap to HOH room. French connection speaking French. Demetres and Bruno are laying on the couches in the living room talking. They don’t know how Sindy ended up up there. Kevin is upstairs quietly listening to the boys downstairs. Kevin to Flip Will into who they want to get out.
3:45 PM BBT Bruno says they are both calm where the girls get really wound up. Demetres says he doesn’t think it will be a double, he thinks it will be a shoot out at the end. Bruno talks about how they did it at the end of his season too. Dillon comes out of the Dr Bruno tries to say something but Dillon is interested. French connection still speaking in French. Emily heads to the Dr and on her way ask Bruno how his B day is going. Emily comes out of the Dr and walks by the boys still silent. Ika and Karen in WR talking about Cass’s video and Emily enters the WR to freshen up. Neda is out on the couch with Kevin talking quietly. Karen, Ika, and Demetres are upstairs talking about the comforter and how it needs to be put back in the cover. Demetres tells them how to put the cover on and how easy it is. Karen says the fans need a lesson and he should take his shirt off and she is doing it for the fans not for Creepy mom. He asks about his hair. Karen comments on his beard and needing to shave and they need to ask Dr for Shampoo. They discuss Deep Fried foods and how it’s all so good! French Connection still speaking in French in HOH. They WR crew heads to the Pink room and Demetres shows how to put the comforter in the cover. The girls are very impressed.
4:00 PM BBT Demetre, Karen, and Ika are talking about Demetres name and how he is greek. Demetres talks about how when he got his driver’s license, that he was able to drive himself to his golf games and other events. Hie tells how his dad was hurt because he wanted to still drive Demetres. Ika changes the subject of how Demetres cooks food and doesn’t save any for Ika and Karen. Karen says Demetre’s name in a Grecian accent. Ika and Demetres are talking about how they want Dillon out. Sindy, Jackie, and Emily are in the kitchen goofing off and drinking ice coffee in the kitchen.
4:15PM BBT Ika and Karen are talking about how they know what’s really going on. Karen and Ika agree that they miss Gary. Karen tells Ika about how Canadians are very polite and say “Pardon me?” when they don’t understand something. Jackie and Sindy are talking about how Sindy is not on good terms with Will and Dre. Sindy and Jackie agree that they didn’t get taught how to do laundry properly. Sindy is telling Jackie how she was going to be in a pageant but she’s resigned. She tells Jackie how the website still had her name on the list.
4:30PM BBT Sindy soaks and trims Jackie’s cuticles. Jackie tells Sindy that her mom does nails. Emily and Dillon sit in the living room eating. Jackie tells Sindy that she felt hurt when Will told her that she was the bottom of the totem pole on their side. Jackie tells Sindy about how someone says something that it can be twisted and misconstrued. Jackie feels like she has to stay quiet and avoiding people because she doesn’t want someone calling her out on something. Dillon quickly feeds Emily the rest of the yogurt from the bowl. Emily and Dillon cuddle together. Dillon says that it sucks.
4:45 PM BBT Dre and Karen are talking. Ika tells Demetres how they are a possible target because they are a couple. Ika tells Demetres that Jackie is coming after her and him. Ika say that no one else is saying it. Kevin is with Sindy and Jackie. Ika says that Jackie won’t stop until she’s out of the house. Dre and Karen agree that honesty is important.
5:00 PM BBT Karen and Dre talk about Cass and how she wasn’t loyal before she left. Karen and Dre joke about how Gary and Karen were trying to find the huge amount of lunch meat Jackie was stashing. Karen tells Dre how she is in the real life. Karen tells Dre that she doesn’t forgive people. She purges the bad out of her life. Ika and Demetres talk about how the veto is a good way to backdoor someone. Demetres feels like everyone the house can go away.
5:15 PM BBT Karen tells Dre how she has 12 solid people in her life that she can trust. Karen tells Dre that she should find someone with the same root system. Karen tells Dre how she doesn’t let people in easily. Dre tells Karen how she lives in Montreal
5:30 PM BBT Karen and Dre agree that Demetres is a cool person and how his family is cool. Sindy tells Will and Kevin how she got to be a hostess and had to wear a salad shirt for the new salads for her company she works for. Ika and Demetres, and Dre are talking about just being happier. Karen joins and Demetres leaves. Dre, Karen, and Ika are laughing so hard at everything going on. Ika and Dre act out how they will be around people that don’t like them.
5:45 PM BBT Karen tells Demetres how Bruno has been telling her that he would tell her if she was mentioned in conversations. Ika and Dre fool around how they are going to have a good time and try to get Karen to join them by pulling her into the room.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Tuesday, April 11th

5:54 PM BBT- 7:09 PM BBT Feeds Out
7:09 PM BBT Feeds return with all the HG working out in the backyard/patio area Dillon leading them in the work out. Then they all head out by the Jacuzzi to get some air and cool off. Sindy says she was watching and everyone did well she doesn’t know what BB was talking about their stances. Sindy says the feeds will come back and everyone will be lost why they have gloves on. They failed a task so they must wear the Gloves till bedtime they can only remove them to use the RR. They all discuss how they were fighting and who was hitting who and the hardest. Dillon tries to use the lighter to light the cigarette. Using Bruno’s shoe Neda was able to get her head int here to light the cig and then they all took turns lighting there’s off each other. Ika and Dem are inside trying to make something to eat the Micro was a fun task to use. Sindy is trying to open the Dryer but she’s too short and the gloves are too thick. She manages to get it open. She tries to remove the clothes out of the Dryer and sort them. Downstairs Ika is eating and Dre is making something to eat now and filling her water bottle. They all head to the SR and they talk about maybe the Pizza and fruit smoothies. They realize it’s a touch oven so they have to use the elbow to heat up the oven and cook. William and Karen enter the house and the Kitchen Crew realizes everyone else was still outside. Outside Jackie and Kevin try to play a game of pool. They start talking about Dillon and how he was in his element and they loved seeing it. He was right at home. Bruno comes out and laughs at them trying to play pool. Jackie said she had a good talk with Sindy and they don’t plan to say anything till right before the eviction to Emily that she is going home. They feel its the safest bet.
7:30 PM BBT Jackie asks if Kevin has talked to either of them and he says no. She asks if he thinks either would come after him. Emily and Dillon come walking through and laugh at them trying to play pool.  Bruno is up in the WR Sindy is helping him get undressed Kevin needs to help Sindy pull her pants up and he has to use his teeth. Sindy asks Bruno how he is going to get his pants back on. Feeds swap to the SR Jackie trying to get out the door, Karen pushes it open letter her out. Feeds back up to the WR. In the KT all the Hg are trying to help one another to get what they need. Sindy helps Kevin try to remove his mic and his shirt. Bruno attempts to dry off and get dressed. Kevin gets in the Shower, Bruno mentions how hard it is to get dressed. Sindy says I can’t help with your shorts Bruno says it’s his butt haha. Downstairs they are all still working together to try and eat and get beverages. Dre asks if this is till bedtime (the gloves) then we have to wear them till they says goodnight HG. Demetres says they will tell us we can remove them.

7:45 PM BBT Jackie at the bar eating, Karen, Dre, and Ika, at the table, Dillon and Demetres practice throwing punches. Emily lays on the couch talking with them. DIllon wants to watch it back and see how they look when they are boxing. Sindy and Bruno laying in the bathroom talking about how she is waiting till they can take off the gloves before doing her night time routine. Neda comes out of the RR and washes her hands. Jackie enters and Bruno ask how the pool game went they had to come back in. They tell Kevin he needs his Mic. They talk about how sore they will be tomorrow. They talk about how impressed they are that both boys showered. Emily attempts to wet her hair. They all talk about how hard it is with these gloves but Kevin is being a champ and doing his normal life and rocking it. Bruno says that Dillon must have been super pumped when he saw the task, he says yes. Emily attempts to brush her hair. Dillon tells how he helped train a guy from start to championship. Kevis says Backyard is back open. They all try to find their water bottles. Theya ll begin leaving the WR and heading downstairs the Kitchen and rooms. Emily is loving the gloves but doesn’t like the shirt she has on says her boobs look flat then exits the WR leaving Sindy alone waiting for laundry. Lots of laughter from downstairs. Kevin and Jackie back at the Pool table.
8:00 PM BBT Jackie says after talking to both of them Emily would definitely switch sides, Dillon can be reeled back in. Feeds hit the SR and there is Pizza for the HG. They all take the Pizza into the Kitchen area and try getting pieces for each other. Someone makes a comment that Dillon threw all the chili flakes into the garbage they all laugh as they inhale the pizza. Neda makes comments wishing that big brother will give them alcohol. They make comments about how they have pizza all over them and it’s really messy to eat with the gloves on. Everyone tells Bruno” happy birthday.” Dillon in the kitchen trying to get water for his water bottle and the straw keeps spinning around making it hard for him to drink.Demetres, Kevin and Ika find juice boxes and have a hard time putting the straw inside.
8:15PM BBT Dre in the pantry getting ice with the gloves on Ika calling her and Dre whining that she is trying really hard and it’s so hard and the ice is so dirty. Sindy and Neda in the bathroom doing laundry. Dillon walks in and says he missed it and wants to see. Neda tells Dillon when he goes outside to let her know, he says let’s go. She goes and grabs her cigarettes and she head out. Demetres and Bruno are playing pool and Emily decides to go smoke with Neda and Dillon. Ika sitting on the couch with Dre talking about promotions at work. Karen came in and joins the conversation. I think there conversation is fake and made just to be funny because they are acting like the things are happening right now.
8:30PM BBT Dillon and Emily outside and he is trying to teach her how to box and throw punches. She asks him to teach her some footwork, he does. William, Ika , Dre and Karen are in the living room talking about the other side and if they trusts there side. Dre says that if the other side wins hoh they will for sure lose someone. So they decide that they must win the HOH. Karen says that they have this, it’s 4to 1. Dre says that Kevin didn’t use the veto because they were scared Bruno would go up. And that’s what they want. Dre says we want them to be really scared and really stressed.
8:45PM BBT Kevin and Dillon are boxing outside. In the HOH room it’s William, Ika , Karen and Dre. They say that the next hoh is gonna be a luck/skill challenge and it’s gonna be a double eviction. Karen says that it will be quick and will be no veto comp. They say that the first eviction is gonna go home, and the second will start the jury and neda’s reign is over. She will be really worried and will be freaking out. Karen says is very honest and is not a sneak and a liar. He is really upset with Bruno and Kevin because he was supposed to be in an alliance with them and they didn’t back him up. Dre says that the way there group was trying to save Emily and Dillon has proved to them they are the good ones and if he he stays they need to remind him they will be better for his game. Dre tells William that if Kevin is not willing to tell him anything that he is being disrespectful to his HOH. William says that he doesn’t ask him anything, either. Ika says it’s because they have the bigger numbers so he doesn’t have to ask you anything. Karen and Ika tell him that he’s a liar and using him.
9:00PM BBT Demetres comes in and says he’s tired and ready for bed. He says it’s probably gonna be another hour or so. Karen says that dillon is not a vengeful person and this season the nominees are not going back after the HOH who noms them. Demetres and Ika both tell him that if Dillon wins hoh he will go after them. Demetres tells Karen that if Emily stays he’s not sure what side she will be on. They all agree that they need Kevin to vote with them to keep Emily. He says he knows and he’s getting tired of it and he is getting ready to tell him to tell him who’s he voting for or he can go sleep in the other room. Demetres tells William to push William, Karen and Ika chime in and push him on what to say. Karen asks William if he asked him to put up Dillon and Emily, he says no everyone else did but he never told me anything.
9:15PM BBT William and Karen talking about Dillon. They both agree that they trust him not to go after them, William says that he has more doubt at Bruno and Neda. They both say that they are tired of being in the house and the web of lives that they are in. Karen says that the people are only worried about themselves. Emily, Dillon, Bruno, Neda, Sindy and Kevin all talking by the pool table talking about boxing and Dillon starts talking about how much it means to him. Kevin talking to Demetres and Ika about getting the group together tonight. Ika says that the convo will be strange because she can’t stand Neda. She says if she wins hoh, she will put up Jackie and Neda. Demetres says put up Jackie and Dillon and use her as a back door. They say that to get her out will start a ripple in their alliance but will be worse if they go after Bruno, Sindy or Kevin. Ika says that they need Dre to win HOH and then one of them. They say that Karen is all over the place and has loose lips but she’s still loyal.
9:30PM BBT Ika tells Demetres that the vets are the biggest losers in the house. Ika says that she’s not after the money she wants the title. Demetres says he is after the money. Bruno says to win big brother doesn’t mean you’re the best player, she agrees but wants the experience. Karen comes in and asks Ika was wrong. She tells Karen that she hates those people, talking about Neda, Bruno, Sindy, Jackie and Kevin. She is upset, and obsessing and knows they are all liars.
9:45PM BBT Karen says that when Neda doesn’t get her way she will throw a fit and blame somebody else. She says that Neda said that the old lady is delusional, and she is about to show her how delusional she really is. Bruno, Dillon, Neda, Sindy, Jackie, William and and Kevin all laying on the couches and Kevin is telling them a story called “the lord of the rings”. Karen comes over and sits down to listen to the story. Ika in the kitchen heating up some pizza. Demetres and Ika outside talking about golf as he eats her pizza. They both are laying outside and they agree that they like it so much better outside since there is no one else out there. They talk about the weather and when he was in Greece and the weather there.
10:00 PM BBT Demetres said any live feeders out there make a wish to keep safety and wish for Dre to win the HOH Ika said i don’t like working with a big alliance Ika said me what did i do Demetres said we don’t have pencils Ika said i have never hung out with a greek person that i know of Ika asked Demetres what Culture is similar to greek Ika please go to DR
10:15 PM BBT William said you’re famous Kevin said i like to interact Kevin is talking about poker Karen asked if it more poker fans or big brother fans Kevin said the live feeders hate me he said after the game is over he is going to spend a few weeks with the family than he is talking about maybe going on a mini vacation he said then get back to the poker that he misses it William said kevin should tell a store everyday Kevin said the lord of the rings is a good movie Karen said i wonder if they have all your stories saved
10:30 PM BBT Kevin is talking about the Lord of the Ring Karen is taking a nap Kevin please go the DR Karen said these gloves are so heavy i can’t stand them they are so fucken heavy i cant lift them anymore Karen said what is wrong with us people Karen said i can’t stand dry lips Ika said we should so hide and listen to there conversation Ika said i would love for dre to win the HOH Ika said that i love dre thou and Gary was good for the show
10:45 PM BBT Ika said if it was a tie what would have happened Ika said Dre would have been better for our game Demetres said we are not going to feel safe in this house so get used to it Demetres doesn’t want Neda to win Ika said i hate her Ika wants to make ice cream with oreos Karen said Dre hates when he does that Karen said did they ever make you square dance in school the pantry is now open Ika said i should do something to the bed Sindy said it’s loud how do i turn this down Ika said we have each other and we have twitter people that are loyal to us
11:00 PM BBT Sindy is dancing to music Demetres said why you don’t like the Cream Ika said oh look there is the moon Demetres said it’s foggy outside Ika said is that why we can’t see the star’s with it being foggy out Demetres said the ice cream is all gone Ika said i hate the sound of ice rubbing against ice Ika said is it really all gone that is so weird Ika said i am looking for the yogurt maybe we can put it in yogurt Ika said i don’t eat veal Ika said oh gosh i want to try to open a tangerine Ika said i want to make a sandwich tomorrow Demetres said where would they hide the secret power Emily said you guys looking for a challenge Demetres said are they still doing the lord of the rings chat
11:15 PM BBT Demetres is doing boxing Ika said i think Sindy is in the DR Jackie is doing her teeth Bruno said it’s so nice to wash my hands Ika said your dancing days are over i’m sorry Ika said i am trying to eat Sindy said i probably can peel a tangerine better than you can Sindy said i am sorry Ika said i am not going to hang out with you anymore Dillon said you can’t tell anybody it’s a top secret Kevin and Jackie are going over days Feeds went out
11:30 PM BBT Feeds are back at 11:32 PM BBT Sindy said i will go with you to william Dre is eating a grapefruit Dre asked if it is dark outside Dillon is doing boxing moves Dillon said i used mouthwash it was a challenge Dre said i want an orange to Karen said why there Demetre asked have you taken them off yet Demetres said it’s okay not much longer Neda Bruno Kevin Jackie are going over more days Bruno said it got to be soon to take the gloves off Dre asked what time it was Karen asked who else is popular in Canada Dillon said he was the second youngest to win history
11:45 PM BBT Sindy is doing her Dancing moves Ika said can we have this meeting thou when are we going to have a meeting Ika is talking to Sindy Neda said we got into a big argument about it she is talking about a movie

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