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12:00 AM BBT Dillon tells Ika and Demetres that he should have won the last HOH and they would not be on the block Ika is mad at Dre Dillon tells them that it was something they said that made him trust them and that is why he didn’t put them up on his HOH Ika tells Karen and DIllon that Dre told Demetres that Ika controls everything he does and that the house thinks so too Ika said that Dre uses the race card all the time BB goodnight HG sleep well
12:15AM BBT Ika tells Demetres Karen and Dillon that they can’t be paranoid around the other HG they can say whatever they want Ika said she feels sick to her stomach and she can’t sleep Karen said they need to go bed they have a big day getting Jackie out and winning HOH Karen tells Demetres and Ika that she has been trying to tell for them for weeks that Dre was lying to them Ika said if Dre wins HOH they are screwed.
12:30AM BBT DIllon said he feels good now that weight has been lifted off his shoulders ika tells karen that the only reason he put her up was to guarantee bruno going home Ika said that Dre kept telling her that she tried to get Kevin to keep them off the block Dillon said Dre hoped they would talk to each other by putting so much distrust between them
12:45AM BBT Ika thinks the reason the other alliance didn’t trust them was because of Dre Ika said that this conversation has aged her 10 years Ika said that Dre made her paranoid Dillon Ika said she would never go up to the HOH and throw someone under the bus
1:00AM BBT Ika and Dillon said they thought that Dre was their friend karen heads to bed Demetres said he can’t stand how confident William walks around the house Dillon tells Ika and Demetres that they can trust him Demetres said they need to play it cool between them and compare notes later Ika said she can’t wait to put Dre on the block
1:15AM BBT Most HG in bed except for DIllon, Ika and Demetres still talking about Dre the lies she has told them and the miss trust she created between Ika said she told Demetres if she won vdeto she wanted to use it on him dillon said he told emily the same thing Dillon said he is glad he saw a little bit of weirdness from Dre because now he know the true her Dillon says goodnight Demetres still talking about Dre telling Dillon that they are voting out Ika this week
1:30AM BBT Ika said she wants to win HOH this week and make Dre think she is safe and put her on the block Ika tells Demetres that he looks more stressed out then she is BB tells twice goodnight HG sleep well
1:45AM BBT ALL HGS in bed except for Demetres
2:00 AM BBT -8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping
8:15 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping except Ika who just now woke up. Looks like Big Brother is turning the lights on to start the day.
8:30 AM BBT All cameras are on sleeping HGS.
8:45 AM BBT All cameras are still on sleeping HGS
9:00 AM BBT All cameras are still on sleeping HGS (9:07) cameras are showing Ika lying down in the Have Not Room deep in thought.
9:15 AM BBT All cameras on sleeping HGS (9:22 AM BBT ) Big Brother has told the HGS Good Morning Time to wake up. Both Karen and Ika are up and Jackie as well. Karen is doing a battery change with all the HGS. Demetres is up as well. Ika and Demetres are in the washroom Ika asks him how he slept. He says it took him awhile to get to sleep, he is still disbelieves. He says Dre is still asleep. Ika is telling him she told Kevin she told William about the deal with him. Karen enters and Ika and her start talking about the events last night, Karen is telling her that everyone starts the conversations and you have to go thru the scenes. Ika says people in this game will say anything you have to base your decisions on their actions. Karen says remember they would have sent you home today.
9:30 AM BBT Ika and Demetres are talking in the washroom Ika says it is clearly not them that have her back. She says when Dillon gave her that hug yesterday she felt it was real. Ika is telling Karen that when Demetres gets stressed he pulls out his hair. She says we are trying to keep our hair and he is pulling his out. Karen is starting her morning routine. Ika says she should go pack. Ika says lasts night she heard someone walking downstairs. Thank God for Karen, she is someone we can trust and we put her on the block to save Jackie. Ika says he needs to have a heart to heart with Karen, she tells him he is good with that. Demetres leaves to go put clothes on. Ika says Good Morning to William. He asks her how she is. She tells him she is happy it is the last day of slop. In the bedroom Dillon is getting dressed for the day. He puts one shirt on looks at it and changes it. As there is no one else in the room we go back to the kitchen where Jackie is sitting and saying Good Morning to Dillon. Dillon heads outside. In the washroom Ika is getting her clothes out of the dryer, she has to pack today. Jackie is telling Karen that she is leaving Dillon’s sweaters here so they can be washed altogether, she tells him she does not want them in the dryer. Karen is out of the shower and folding clothes. Demetres asks Dillon if he was up last night. Dillon says no but he also tossed and turned all night. He says it is all BS. Dillon asks Karen how she slept the last night in the cave. She tells him okay.
9:45 AM BBT In the bedroom Dre and William are talking in french. Dre is talking about Demetres and Ika. Back in the washroom Demetres Karen and Dillon are all doing their morning routine Jackie is in the washroom as well as she passes Dillon they shake hands. There is no game talk as Jackie is there as well. Ika tells Karen she brought stuff up from the cave but there is still stuff there. Karen says I know but they haven’t said to clear out yet tho. William has entered the washroom now as well. Demetres is in Gary’s spot saying call me Gary. Karen says you have to make more noise than that to be Gary. Dre has now entered the washroom. The only one saying Good Morning to her is Jackie. Karen asks if there is a lot more stuff in the Have Not Room Ika tells her her clothes. Karen asks if they said she had to clear it out this second. Ika tells her no. Ika is packing up her stuff Karen and Jackie are applying makeup, Demetres is sitting in Gary’s spot. Demetres says he needs to request razors. In the kitchen Dre is washing her face Dillon is there as well Dre is saying to Dillon that she is not scared of him, she is saying she will just square up, even tho you may beat me down, but I am not going to run. She says I will hold my ground. She repeats she is not scared and leaves the room. Demetres walks in, him and Dillon are now talking. Dillon is telling him the conversation he just had with Dre.
10:00 AM BBT Dillon talking to Dre. He says that he’s confused, she says he shouldn’t be, that he should do what he wants to do, that she doesn’t care anymore. He tells her not to be mad, and she says she’s not and storms out. She comes back in and starts fixing her breakfast. Kevin comes downstairs and he’s going to jump into the ‘3rd bed’ in the pink BR. Dem comes down and asks Dre what she’s making; she replies, “Oats.” Meanwhile, Jackie, Ika and William are in the WR getting ready for the day. Karen and Dillon come in with an armful of clothing. Karen is planning on doing everyone’s laundry today. Karen and Dillon arguing about how many days Karen’s been on slop. Karen goes on to say that they’re not on feeds right now, and a brief discussion of whether or not there are live feeds on Thursdays. Dillon thinks there are, Ika and Karen think they’re not. Talk turns back to how hungry Karen and Ika are, and how they don’t want to eat slop.
10:15 AM BBT Karen says taking her time to put a face on only really happens on Thursdays.
10:18 AM BBT William and Kevin talking in the HoH room. William says he sees things from Day 1 and he feels so confused. William says he wants to vote with Dillon and Karen, and Dre says she doesn’t care, but Will is afraid Ika is going to target him and Kevin or him and Dre. Will says that Ika doesn’t look mad this morning, so he is unsure whether or not Dillon told her that Dre wanted to vote her out. Kevin asks if Dre was pissed that Ika wanted to put him up. William explains that he’s unsure. They go on to say that they think it’s going to be a double. Kevin asks what Jackie’s doing this morning. William says that Karen told him last night that they’re voting out Jackie last night. He says when he went to go to the WR, he saw Dillon, Karen, Dem and Ika talking in the kitchen last night. William says that Ika not being angry is more concerning to him than anything. William wonders if he’s too paranoid. He says he sees all the plans against him right now. Kevin says he has to move his stuff out of the HoH room, and he’s going to move into the pink BR. He confirms with Will that Dre is really pissed with Ika. Will asks if Kevin’s sure he doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore and Kevin says that he doesn’t think they should for the rest of the game. Kevin tells Will if he’s on the block and Kevin’s not and Kevin wins the PoV he’s using it on Will 100%.
10:30 AM BBT Kevin still trying to figure out what happened last night. Will tells him again that he saw Dillon, Karen, Ika and Dem together for at least 2 hours after everyone went to bed last night. Kevin says maybe it was a family supper, and Will says he doesn’t think so. Kevin says he’s going to go move his clothes, and that William shouldn’t stress or panic. Will goes to the WR and finds Karen using her hair dryer on cool to try and cool off. Kevin and Dem are talking in the pink BR. Kevin tells Dem that Will saw them talking last night and Kevin is fine, but Will is sketched out. Dem tells Kevin that they were just trying to ensure they had Dillon’s vote. Dre telling Jackie in the kitchen that she told Dillon she was voting Ika out and she believes that Dillon told Ika. Back to Kevin and Dem in the bedroom. Dem says he thinks they have Dillon’s vote, but they won’t know until the vote. Dem says Dre is just steaming this morning and Kevin says William is worried about it. Kevin says that he’s jumping into the death bed and he hopes he’s not voted out today. Dem is wondering what the HoH is going to be; and saying he hopes it’s not a double. Kevin says the best scenario is for Ika to win the double. Kevin goes on to tell Dem that Dillon wanted Ika out before their conversation last night. Discussion about who will put up who if they win HoH. William and Dre are talking in the blue BR. Kevin and Dem are again discussing what the comp may be.
10:43 AM BBT Dem goes into the WR and tells Ika, Karen and Dillon that Kevin said that Dillon wanted Ika out. Dillon assures them that was before last night. They work out a story to tell the others re: their conversation last night. Ika tells Dillon that they want him to hate. Dem says that the initial plan wasn’t to get rid of Ika once he won Veto; that they were just trying to rop Dem and Ika into their group. Dem says he sits there and plays dumb while speaking to Kevin now that he knows. Dillon says it’s so good that he went to Ika last night. Ika tells him that Dre figured if Ika left, Dem would try to get close to Dillon so she was trying to pit them against each other. Ika says she’s been nice to her all morning, there’s no reason for Dre to be storming around. Ika says she’s upset that she trusted Dre and shared personal stuff with her. Dillon says he wouldn’t have gone to Ika if Dre hadn’t seemed fishy last night.
10:55 AM BBT Karen comes in to the WR and tells Dillon and Ika that Dre is telling Jackie about last night. She says Jackie just told her if she stays she’s putting up Kevin and Dem. Jackie comes in and talk turns to Karen’s false eyelashes. Ika says that she thought hell would have frozen over before Dre turned on her. Dillon agrees with Ika and Karen says she’s known it for weeks. Karen tells Ika and Dillon that Dem talked to her this morning about putting her on the block about Bruno.
11:00 AM BBT Dre and William in the blue BR; Jackie’s packing and Kevin is moving his stuff out of the room. In the WR, Karen, Dillon and Ika are talking. Ika tells Karen that Kevin is moving into the pink BR. Karen’s excited that he’ll be moving into the third bed revenge. Ika wonders if they hate her or Dillon more; everyone thinks it’s Dillon. Jackie comes in looking for her bag to continue packing. She leaves and Ika asks Karen why Dre hates her so much. Karen says it’s because she’s threatened by her. Karen finds Jackie’s bag and leaves to bring it to her. Dillon says that he’s done telling Dre that she’s pretty; she got ugly really fast. Dillon says she looks real as hell and that she’s always told him she’s got him. Ika tells him that if they made F4, she was always worried that Dem would take Dillon over the girls. Ika says the other side hated her because she was always protecting Dre. She says that she can’t believe Dre wasn’t loyal to her. Dillon says he thought so, too, and he couldn’t figure out why they weren’t closer to Dillon; they figure it’s because Dre was working to keep them apart.
11:08 AM BBT Dre was just talking with tears in her eyes saying she swears for the first and last time on her family that she is going in that room and voting Ika out. she doesn’t care if she is the only one to vote Ika out she isnt scared of her. If Dre is the only one to vote Ika out she will explain after the vote when she explodes, she is sorry if it exposes anyone’s game.Jackie talking to Karen in the blue BR. She says that she won’t be putting Karen up if she stays. She asks what is stopping Dem/Ika from turning on them if they stay in the house. Jackie says she knows Karen knows that keeping Jackie is better for her game because they will turn on her sooner rather than later. Karen says she needs to talk to Dillon and leaves. Jackie says she’s so stupid; that Karen is the swing vote right now and that is unbelievable. Dre says that Dillon changes his mind week to week. She says that WIlliam is play The Bachelor. Will had told Ika that if she wouldn’t go for Kevin, he’d keep her. Dre says that Ika told William that Dre was targeting Kevin, and that has caused grief. Dre says that she could have had that discussion without bringing Dre into it. She says it’s true she is targeting Kevin, but Ika didn’t need to tell Will that. Jackie says that she may put up Dillon. Dre says that last night she told DIllon about voting Ika out and he ran to her. If he thinks he can make a better deal with them, he should go for it.
11:15 AM BBT Kevin and Will talking in the HoH room. Will seems to think that Karen and Dillon are going to flip the vote and Ika is going to leave now. Kevin tells him he has to vote with them, but Ika staying is best for both their games.
11:18 AM BBT Karen and Dillon talking and saying they are trying to deflect and avoid questions from the other side. Dillon can’t believe that Dre swore on her family she’s voting Ika out. Dillon says she can’t not vote her out now. Karen says they’ll circle back in a while and decide what they’re going to do. She says not to tell Will anything because he’s running it back to Dre.
11:20 AM BBT Dre and Jackie talking in the blue BR. Jackie says whether she stays or she goes at least she won’t be around Ika anymore. Jackie says she hopes Karen can talk Dillon into saving her. Dre says she can’t even imagine what kind of deal Dem, Ika, Karen and Dillon made last night.
11:23 AM BBT Dem and Dillon speaking downstairs about how he always thought Ika was Dre’s #1, but it is obvious that it’s Will. Dem says it’s good they know about it because she can’t play them against each other anymore. Dillon says he feels so bad for Karen because they were going to vote her out to keep Dre. Dem leaves to go break up a conversation in the pantry between Will and Karen. Karen comes to sit with Dillon and tells him that she told Will she wanted to know who told him to put up Dillon and he refused to tell her. Karen says she told Will she’d have to talk things over with Dillon and they still had to decide. She says that William told her they shouldn’t feel scared and run to Ika and Dem. Dillon is getting angrier and says he can’t even look at Will now. Karen asks where Kevin is and why he’s moving into the pink BR.

11:30 AM BBT Dillon tells Karen he will never doubt her about anything inside the house or in the real world. Karen tells Dillon that they’re not going to leave her alone today, they’re going to keep bugging her. Dillon tells her to tell them that she’s voting Ika out. They agree that’s the best thing, and it’ll be a 3-2 vote against Jackie. Karen asks if Jackie talks to Dillon and Dillon says no. She tells Dillon that Jackie was trying to say that she’ll protect them and Dem/Ika won’t. Dillon says Will keeps looking over at them looking nervous. Karen says Jackie told her she is a smart player and needs to see things clearer. Karen says this is the second time she’s going to be saving Ika. She says that she knows Dem/Ika are a couple and they’re strong, but she and Dillon are strong too and they can be strong together. Dillon says he can’t believe what snakes they are; he knows it’s BB, but c’mon!
11:35 AM BBT FEEDS OUT for Eviction and HOH look for them to return around 9 PM BBT tonight after the Live Show that airs at 8 PM BBT.
8:00 PM BBT Recap & Live Triple Eviction Show
Tonight’s show starts with our usual recap and Arisa teases us of the triple , of which the HG are oblivious (they think tonight’s a double)
We see Demetres Veto himself off the block, and Jackie as the renom. Ika and Dem run some scenarios for her to stay. We see Kevin waffle and admit Ika may make a good meat shield and be good for him to stay. William and Dre also sound amenable to keeping Ika. Jackie attempts to campaign to Dre because she knows Dre was so hot for an all newbie finale. Dre says she didn’t see this scenario coming. Ika campaigns to Will and says she would never put him on the block.[ The newbies are scared to vote out Ika even if it’s a 3-2 because if Demetres wins the next HOH they’re scared he will retaliate by putting them on the block].
We get another jury segment! Sindy and Neda are playing tennis. Sindy is still bitter at Bruno. Sindy says Dre or Bruno should come next. Neda says Bruno or Ika should come next. Sindy is pissed Bruno didn’t give her a sympathy vote. Neda yells at her not to be a bitter juror. Bruno comes in and it’s tense. Sindy won’t take any responsibility for Neda’s eviction. Bruno says he begged her to put up Ika instead, and Sindy said he was on the couch. Where the truth is somewhere in the middle. Sindy is conveniently blaming everything on Bruno- both her and Neda’s evictions.
Arisa is back and reminds us that Demetres won the special Veto where he can take a drive with a juror. We see him pretend to ponder which juror to choose- he chooses Sindy. Sindys at the studio waiting and they hop in. He asks how they see his game and Sindy says they see him as Ika’s lapdog. He did great with the comps but he has nothing that looked like 100% his move. He asks what he could do to get their vote. She says he’d have to do something unexpected, to show he alone made the move.
We go back to the eviction. Jackie with a scathing speech on taking out the queen.ika sounded like she made a threat at Dre. About making a hit for the baddest bitch in the house.
Demetres votes for Jackie!
Karen evicted Jackie!
Dre evicted Ika!
Will evicted JACKIE!!
Dillon evicted Jackie!!
The audience goes crazy with each Jackie vote. They boo at Dre’s vote for Ika.
Arisa tells them it’s a triple eviction!!
Of course the camera is set up for Kevin’s reaction because he was the outgoing HOH last triple, and went out on the last triple. If Demetres goes against their deal and Kevin doesn’t win Veto he’s at great risk to go again since he can’t play for HOH and has no time to campaign.
We are back with a Q&A HOH on Fake Headlines so anyone could win.
Karen, Ika, William are out.
Dre is out!!!! So Dem or Dillon will win.
Demetres wins HOH!!
Demetres nominates Dre, William and Kevin.
In the commercial break we saw that they felt they had to keep Karen and Dillon off the block for saving her, so are forced to put Kevin on the block, but think that both Dre and William deserve to go over Kevin. Ika feels bad for Kevin (no doubt remembers that this is how he went out last time)
Whether they can convince Dillon and Karen to keep Kevin is another story.
It’s time for Veto.
Each HG has 4 puzzle pieces they need to find in a pit (clown shoe style). Whoever finds all 4 first wins POV.
Kevin wins POV!!!!! He hits that buzzer with more enthusiasm than I’ve ever seen. As he falls to the ground, we see an Ika shot of her smiling, happy for Kevin that he got to evade the twist that ended his game last time.
As we come back, Kevin advises he will save himself. Demetres decides to nominate Dillon. (We saw Kevin pull Karen into the pantry and tell her that Demika made a sea with him and then screwed him over so he would be dedicated to Karen and Dillon going forward. He said no point saving Will since Ika won’t save him. He tells Karen they should vote together for Dillon.
Ika saves Dillon
Kevin saves Dillon
Karen saves Dillon
Dre and Will have both been evicted from the BB house!
Back to the show where Arisa is talking to the French Connection. Arisa asks them who will win? William says he’s cheering for Kevin, and Dre says she’s rooting for Dillon. They head to jury as Arisa reminds us to watch live feeds on demand, and vote for the BB awards.
9:00 PM BBT Feeds are back and we see Dillon napping as Karen is talking with Demika. Karen wants reassurance that they would’ve kept her over Dre. Karen wants to know why their faith turned on Dre. Ika tells her it’s when she made the deal with Kevin, and then when Kevin put Demika on the block, Dre dumped them entirely and stopped talking to them. Ika says it’s so funny because Kevin’s expecting a bunch of campaigning out of Demika and he won’t hear it.
Ika tells Demetres that Will won the secret Veto. Demetres says BS. Ika mentions the robot and that Karen saw Will climb out of the wall. Demetres asks if it matters?
Confirmed: Kevin wins HOH and is in Final 4!
9:00 PM BBT- Ika and Karen are in SR where Ika is being super nice to Karen. Ika says she’s so glad Karen is there and she can’t believe she made it to final 5. Karen says she knew she’d be in finals as long as she stayed loyal with a couple. They both feel bad that Demetres is at risk and they should’ve won to keep him safe. Ika says she’s not playing Demetres, she really feels awful for him and he deserves to be in the game. Karen agrees. [karen’s in a solid spot- tight with both pairs]. Demetres is trying to tuck into a store bought lasagne and is having trouble. It looks soupy. Karen’s chopping veggies for salad. Dem asks Ika if she’s having any lasagne? Ika says she likes lasagne from scratch, not store bought (exactly).
9:15 PM BBT- Kevin comes out and takes a scoop of lasagne soup. We hear Ika say how proud she is she’s in final 5. Karen “what about the old person?” Ika says yeah they probably thought you were leaving week 1. We hear Karen talking about purple drank [i don’t think it means what she thinks it means. Karen’s edgy but doesn’t look like she’d be into purple drank, which is a codeine/ sprite / jolly rancher solution]
Kevin says it’s so great to be F5 and everyone has their own personal story of how the persevered and got there. He says to BB that alcohol would be appreciated. They all settle down to eat. The house looks SO empty! As Kevin gets called to DR, Ika says maybe it’s an instant! Dem wonders if they can finish eating first. Dillon says he’s just going to stay packed at all times. Ika tells Dillon his speech was lit. He says they loved it!! (Dillon helped with Ika’s speech). Ika says Dre was fired up. Ika says Dre was making deals against her and couldn’t be trusted. Dillon says action speaks louder than words and she didn’t do shit. Ika says she can’t believe Kevin’s in Final 4, it pisses her off. She says AND in Final 4 the outgoing HOH can play again. Karen is surprised. Demetres says the POV fucked us. Ika says Kevin threw them all out first and then just gazelles back and forth, and I was going one at a time like an idiot.
Demetres says it was lame he didn’t get to play. Usually HOHs get to play [Never in a triple, bud]. Ika says the Final 5 HOH winner is the luckiest because they get to play in every other one. Ika reminds her all his friends are in jury. Demetres says Kevin is well suited to win final 3 comp. He says Kevin is very well rounded. Ika thinks she’s hated by everyone.
9:30 PM BTT Ika now making fun of Jackie, saying she had 55 days to say something but she’s such a coward she had to go upstairs to say the Ika remark. Ika “gurllllll, BYE!” Karen says she can’t wait to see their faces when Will and Dre roll up to jury house. Dillon says Dre lost her mind because she knew she was screwed. Ika says Dre went running right to her for help. Ika says Dre threw Dillon under the bus and he’s the male version of Jackie. Dillon says Dre could’ve lasted longer on Kevin’s last HOH. Dillon wants to know about the “Business Partners” alliance. Ika tells him they just agrees with Kevin for self preservation but there was no trust and it didn’t last. Dillon says William was going to evict Ika but knew she was staying so didn’t want the heat. Dillon says he decided to save her because he and Karen lined up their story last night and every single thing lined up. He says it was obvious they were telling the truth so they decided to keep Ika. Demetres comes back and Ika apologizes again for losing the last HOH. Demetres says he was keeping track and he knows he wouldn’t have won. He said that Ika got further than he would’ve because he didn’t recognize some of the phrases. He seems truthful and not just saying it to make Ika feel better. Demetres keeps saying “if he’s in Final 3 HOH, he has a great chance to win . And if he wins that, he wins the game”. Karen says she was begging for Kevin to go home since the first week. Ika again goes into Kevin’s a threat mode. They all agree. Ika says she wishes he wasn’t there.
9:45 PM BBT camera focuses on DR door. Kevin’s coming out any second. Kevin comes out and asks if anyone wants to see his room? Crickets but they come upstairs. Kevin offers everyone a beer. Kevin cheers for Final 5. Kevin shows photos of Pili and Kevin’s brother. Ika asks for some candy. Kevin tells her to eat everything. Feeds go off. Feeds come back and everyone seems in a good mood. Karen shares her goodbye speech to Jackie, which was pretty rude. Ika says Canada is petty so they like her petty speech. We get to hear audio of Kevin’s friend? who basically repeats everything she said everything she said last time. She mentions how great it was that he survived the triple. Kevin said that video was perfect, she got everything in there. They ask for it to be rewound, and BB does replay it! It’s Pili’s voice. Kevin’s happy for the comment about Canada rooting for him and him having lots of love back home.
10:00 PM BBT The final five make a toast for the house guests. Karen points out that the lady in the video called him “babe” a few times. Demetres says that he can’t believe that this all this is. Ika and Karen both point out that they haven’t got a video at all. Karen says I got a letter but it was so long ago. Karen says that her husband is rooting for them. Karen says that Kevin’s family will think that she is after him everyday. He agrees they will not understand her but he will tell them she is such a great lady. Karen asks if Pili wants a relationship with him, and Ika says yes definitely. Kevin says we need to finish this game and get out of the house before they continue the conversation. He says she is a beautiful great girl but it’s just a not now talk. He mentions that they are both so young and then they start talking about batteries and who won and such and the feeds cut off. Ika asks why didn’t anyone tell me that Dre wanted her out. Ika says that Dre told her today that she was setting her up for a 3/2. Ika says why did William vote against what Dre wanted and Karen says that William wanted to vote with her. Kevin says that he made a final two with Bruno till the end and after he left he had no one else. Ika and Karen say that they thought Kevin was Neda’s #2. He says no, she was closer to Bruno but not him. They all say Bruno was sketchy and talked in codes. Ika says that William was with Kevin and not Dre and Karen says no he was loyal to Dre.
10:15PM BBT Ika says that Dre was resentful to Kevin and will should have tried to piece them all together. Ika says that Dre walked up to them and twerked and said for Dillon to kiss her butt like he’s been trying to all season. Dillon says that Dre said repeatedly I’m not scared of you. Then she stormed off. Ika says that makes no sense. Dillon says that will said that if they don’t vote out Ika all of canada will laugh at her and then Dre said we are keeping Ika and then 2 hrs later she pulled him in the bathroom and said we’re voting out Ika. Dillon says he was so confused. They all say that Dre and will lied about Kevin being safe and he knew better. They all agree that Dre ruined Williams game and it really hurt him.
10:30PM BBT Ika says that William told Kevin he was keeping Ika and told everyone else that he was sending her home. Dillon says that when Jackie said are you keeping me and Dillon and Karen said yes. Karen says that Dre told her this morning that the only person in this house you can trust is Jackie. Karen says “are you kidding me”. Ika says that Dre started asking her questions about if she told William that she was going after Kevin and she just looked at her. She says that she was packing and she didn’t want to start drama with her now. She says that Dre gave her some makeup back that she had, and Ika threw it in the trash. She talks about Dre throwing the last hoh comp and Karen chimes in and said that in a few comps she was not pushing to keep Ika. Demetres says that after the drama with Dre last night he has a hard time sleeping and that he didn’t know she was capable of this. Ika is called to the dr and Karen takes the beer bottles down and the room clears out. Demetres in the restroom and Kevin walking around the hoh room talking to himself. Kevin in the regular bedroom grabbing some clothes. Karen calls up to Kevin that his lasagna is still in the kitchen, he says he will be right down.
10:45PM BBT Karen repeats back to herself that this is the final five and how she can’t believe it. Wow.
11:00PM BBT Kevin, Demetres and Dillon all in the kitchen/living room talking about the house and how hard living in the house is. Demetres says that he can’t believe that Dre blew up everyone before she left. kevin says she only lied on him because he barely talked to her, He says he’s tired and going to bed. Demetres asks about a certain was called. Karen cleaning the kitchen absolutely no talk in the house.
11:15PM BBT Kevin brushing his teeth and Demetres in the shower. Karen in the bedroom just laying there thinking. Dillon still laying on the couch not saying a word.
11:30PM BBT karen in the bedroom listening to Ika cry asking her that if they end up in the end to send her home. Karen says that’s Demetres deserves gone her instead of Kevin. Karen says she is not campaigning and Ika says she is not gonna throw Karen and Dillon under the bus and that she was sorry she was so mean to her in the game and that she is sorry and glad she is still here with her. Ika says Kevin knew all the answers in the comp so good. Karen says that Kevin is so good at remembering this crap. Ika says that he was pretending to sleep and was really studying with himself. Ika laughs and starts to feel better. Karen says that it’s not over and they still have a chance. Dillon and Demetres at the dining table talking about the last comp. they try and figure out how many Oreos that they were eating in the house.( they laugh and say in case that is a tie breaker question). Karen tells Ika that Demetres has done so awesome in all the comps. Karen says don’t feel useless because you worked together to get this far. Karen says that everyone says that she doesn’t belong but she is and she worked hard to get there. She says everyone deserves to be here in the end. Ika says no matter what one of this are leaving and Karen says we have to focus on the pov and we can’t think back, we have to keep on. And be proud of what you have done.
11:45PM BBT Karen says that when Kevin asks what is her campaign she is going to say nothing. The same as last week. Karen says that Kevin wears his game on his sleeve and she sees straight Thru it. Karen tells Ika that Kevin is so full of himself. Demetres tells Dillon that when Ika and him were on the block that Dre said she didn’t wanna work with them anymore and then Demetres won the pov and there she was up Ika’s side. Demetres and Dillon talking about that they are so similar. Demetres saying that he thought William won the secret veto. They both agree that they think William wanted to fly under the radar.

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