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12:00AM BBT Kevin get called to the DR Ika and Demetres whispering to each other in the bedroom Kevin is back from the DR and goes into the HOH room Kevin studies and explains to the live feeders how he is studying for the next pov comp Demetres tells Ika that he has never thought of what people might think on the outside Kevin takes a break from studying and is sitting on the couch in the HOH room having a drink and talking to the live feeders about how Karen walked by the HOH room and heard him talking tomorrow when she walks by the HOH room he say that he doesn’t want a split vote and use her hate towards him to get her to change her mind.
12:15AM BBT Kevin said he will also say that he wanted Dillon out this entire week he is hoping that out of spite she will vote out Demetres he said if he goes out 4th he will hold his head up high he has but his heart and soul into this game Kevin brushes his teeth Demetres and Ika are lying in bed and whispering to each other Demetres rubs Ika arm as she falls asleep Demetres apologizes to Ika for having to down play her game for him and he never wanted to be that person and if he wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be here
12:30AM BBT All HG asleep except for Demetres and ika still whispering in the bedroom He tells Ika that if even if he has take second place he would be leaving a happy man he just wants them to be the last 2 leaving the house demetres said he scared to find out what it will be like after the show
12:45AM BBT Demetres and Ika still whispering and kissing in the bedroom while the other HG are sleeping Demetres tells Ika he likes her because she is the best of both worlds Ika tells Demetres that she was also worried about making the decision and affecting his game
1:00AM BBT Ika said that she hates when your given names in the house Ika thinks that it is cool that there relationship is fully documented Demetres tells Ika that he is surprised that he even had the guts to talk to her out of the fear of getting rejected Ika said that she hates showmances she said her favourite showmance is Emmett and Jillian Topaz and Alex are the ones that made her never want a showmance
1:15AM BBT – 7:52 AM BBT ALL HG in bed sleeping
7:53 AM BBT Karen awake and heads to WR.
8:00 AM BBT All HGs except Karen sleeping.
8:08 AM BBT Karen in the kitchen pouring coffee, makes her way upstairs and joins Ika in the WR. Karen asks Ika what they were doing last night when they got told to go back to bed. Ika says that she wanted bacon and Dem said he’d go make it for her, and they immediately got told to go back to bed. Karen says that she was trying to sleep, and they kept getting blasted; “it’s like living with two seventh graders.” They laugh about Karen telling them not to talk to her last night because she didn’t want to wake all the way up. Apparently she told them, “Good night, houseguests!” Karen says she’s used to sleeping with noise because she raised kids, and her bedroom is in the basement. She says she was prepared for the noise, but she wasn’t prepared for the construction that happens while they try to sleep. They discuss the differences between girls and boys.
8:20 AM BBT Karen and Ika make their way down to the kitchen to get more coffee. Ika talking about her kids’ friends. She says she lives in a very Jewish area. She says her son’s best friend is jewish and his mother had a child out of wedlock, and they became very close friends because of it. She says that Ethan has now moved away, but they make sure the kids still spend time together. She says they’re 10 years old now, but they’ve been best friends since they were 1. She says that they couldn’t be any more different, but they love each other. Karen then asks why they don’t allow women in the NBA.
8:30 AM BBT Karen says her son got her to be a fan of MMA. She says Dillon hates MMA but she loves it. Ika asking if parenting gets easier as your children grow. Karen lies and says that once they’re seventeen you worry less. Karen talks about a car accident her son was in; he wrote off a brand new car by hitting a tree while driving with a tea in one hand and a doughnut in the other. Karen says that IBC writes off vehicles with very little damage. She circles back around to boys do reckless things and Ika should be ready. Ika talks about being a first-time mom, not eating properly, down to 98 lbs when she stood up with the baby and passed out. She says she came to and there was blood everywhere. The baby had split his lip in the fall. She says her friend’s mom told her to stay with them for a few weeks while she got her strength back. They talk about how tough it is to be a first-time mom.
8:45 AM BBT Karen and Ika in the showers on the only feed. Karen, out of the shower, makes her way down to the pantry, grabs another coffee and heads back upstairs.
9:00 AM BBT Ika still in the shower, Karen starts applying her makeup. Ika finally out of the shower, Karen singing Bruce’s praises. He always tells her the truth, but he makes her feel good about herself. Karen and Ika talk about diets; Karen says she’s tried them all and her body weight has been more stable the last 10 since she quit dieting. She says it’s about portion control and a well-rounded diet. Ika talks about what her diet was like in Jamaica; lots of unprocessed food, and she still prefers to eat like that. She says her mom is overweight, but her dad’s side is very tiny. Karen says that Ika probably has a good metabolism. Ika says that she can’t eat when she’s stressed. Karen says Ika’s not starving herself; Karen has lived with her for 60 days and can attest to it.

9:15 AM BBT Karen says life is too short: eat the ice cream, drink the Bailey’s. Ika says that’s the alcohol she had down for her to receive if she wins HoH. Ika says Dem was outside last night listening to Kevin talk, he realized how lucky he was to be with Ika and Karen all season. She says Dem said people think she’s mean, but she’s really one of the nicest people he knows. She says Dem just figured out how horrible most of the HGs are. Karen says that it’s about time he figured it out. Ika says yesterday Dillon was on the couch and told Dem that he had dragged Ika all the way to the end. Karen says Dillon told her that she was lucky to have been with them all season to get to the end. Karen talks about how you have to be fake nice to some people to ensure your safety, but she never lied in the house. Karen says Bruce always tells her some things don’t need to be said; she disagrees. Karen says after today they’re officially in the F4. She says she’ll probably cry from embarrassment at the finale. She says she hasn’t represented her family well. Ika says people love to hate them. Ika says they played their game and never lied to each other and they’re at the end.
9:30 AM BBT Karen says that on night one, she swore to Ika on her kids’ lives and here they are at the end. She says the others all spent the game lying and they’re all gone. She says she knew Sindy was a liability from the get-go. She says she never spoke to Sindy or Neda because she can’t be that fake. Ika says there were times where they thought Dem was the nice one (which he is) and Dem would have to tell her to be nice to that alliance. Ika says one of the reasons they’re still there is because they let people target them without befriending them. Karen talks about how scary Dallas was in the house and how Ika said she liked him and Karen told her she could like him in person, but he was a nightmare as a player. Ika says that he’ll apologize to Karen at the finale; Karen doesn’t think so.Ika says she’s the most-hated person with the jury; that they all trashed her on the way out. Dem comes in with the battery box; Karen says they already changed theirs and Ika says she hasn’t. Talk turns to the differences between Ika and Dem; Karen tells Ika she should watch Green Acres as it depicts her and Bruce and Ika and Dem’s relationships. Karen talks about how there’s always enough jobs in the world if you want to work; and how staying on the same road is not always the best path. She says all five of her family members have been born in different cities. She says she and Bruce call themselves gypsies. She says she did everything she could in the real estate arena, so there is no challenge left. She says part of the excitement is the challenge presented, and once you’ve conquered it there’s no sense staying. Karen says there is a long list of people who have betrayed her; Ika says she’s met a few of those herself. Ika says that she learned about truly fake people after season 2. People had a preconceived notion of what she’s like because of it.
9:45 AM BBT Karen says Ika is like her; once you’ve been burned by someone, you just write them off. Karen says she’s Ika 21 years in the future. Ika says it’s different if someone hurts you by accident; she will look past it once. Karen tells Ika to always trust her gut; she’s going to go through pain in her life that the journey isn’t always easy. Ika asks what Karen was most afraid of when she was 32. Karen says caring for her children; making sure that she could provide and protect for her children. She says that Bruce shared those goals. Karen says you will always protect your children no matter how old they are. There comes a time where you have to know that you’ve done your best and they need to live their lives, but you will always want to protect them. She tells Karen that she’s 4 years away from her oldest moving out and Ika says she’s not ready of that. Ika says she’s afraid her kids will leave and she’ll never see them. Karen says there’s no one more fiercely loyal to her than her sons. Karen says, no matter distance, family is all you have. Ika asks Karen if she should forgive her mom, and Karen tells her unless it’s reciprocated she shouldn’t. Ika says her mom robbed her of her childhood and Karen says maybe they should have this conversation outside the house and feeds cut.
9:55 AM BBT Dillon and Dem in the kitchen. Dillon has made a shake for them. Rooster goes off to wake Kevin.
10:00 AM BBT Karen and Ika still applying makeup in the WR. Karen talking about how she managed to get Dillon to turn on Kevin. Karen says she likes Kevin as a person, but not as a player. Karen talks about how they trusted each other, and how people thought they could pit them against each other but she’s not like that. Ika agrees with Karen that this is a social game more than a physical game. Karen says the people who engage in the bs manipulation are the ones who go home. Ika says that’s what happened. Karen says she looks back at the jury and thinks Sindy shouldn’t have been playing both sides; had Sindy stayed with them she would have made it further. Karen says that Sindy was plotting against Ika the entire time. Ika says they never turned on anyone until they turned on them. Talk about how loyal they were even to people who were working against them. Ika talks about how she used Jackie to trick Kevin into thinking he was working with them. Karen says some of the worst times were the family dinners. Talk about Kevin and his desire to get them out. Karen leaves to go get something to eat, leaving Ika alone in the WR.
10:15 AM BBT Dillon and Dem talking in the kitchen. Karen asks if they would like scrambled eggs. They say they would. Dillon talking about helicopters. Dillon says he was close to buying a yacht, moving to Greece and renting the yacht out. He explains it would be essentially operating a hotel on the water. Dillon says it’s an awesome idea. Dem talking about all the nice yachts he’s seen. He says he saw Madonna’s boat and tried to get on for a tour but was shut down. Dem talks about the worst hostel he stayed in; Dillon says he could never stay in one. Dillon leaves and Karen and Dem talk about how nerve-wracking today and the rest of the game will be. Karen says she hasn’t said it to Ika, but they don’t stand a chance against Dem. Dem says it depends what it is.
10:30 AM BBT Dem says that in the beginning, after the first HoH, he thought Karen and Sindy were getting so close, until day 5 when Sindy dropped Karen. Dem says they’re going to get out of this house and not believe a word anyone says. Dem says his weakness in the game was he believed the best in everyone when he came in. He says if he and Ika hadn’t hooked up he’d have been lost. Karen also says it’s because Ika is the loyal person she is. Dem said people were lying and scheming before they were even on the block. Karen says they had a strong alliance and they turned on each other and that shows they won’t make it far in life because of it. Karen says Dillon is loyal but he gets caught up in the bs because he wants to believe in the good. The eggs are ready and Karen calls Dillon down and offers Kevin some. They all sit down to eat. Dillon says a part of him is excited about this evening. Dillon turns the talk back to hostels and Dillon says he just doesn’t understand why someone would choose it over a hotel. Dem explains that it’s a lot cheaper, and you get to meet all sorts of people. He explains how in one hostel he met a girl from Edmonton, and they toured the city together. He says he also met a girl from Whitecourt. Kevin says he’s been there when he was tree planting. Dem says he used to hate it, but that was when he played hockey against them.
10:45 AM BBT Karen and Dillon in the WR. Karen says that she’s not going play this game as a snake, that he’s still going tonight unless Ika changes something and she doesn’t know why that would happen. Dillon goes in the shower and Karen goes to the pink BR where Ika is studying. Karen tells Ika no one played in the same number of PoV’s and HoH’s. They start naming who won how many. Dem and Kevin talking downstairs; Dem saying he can’t wait to get back to the gym. He says how Sarah roasted him, but she was pretty on-point. Kevin tells Dem if he wins-out, Dem will have the most wins in BBCan history. Dem says he’s just going to take it one at a time. He says he didn’t think he’d get as lucky as he did when he walked in. He says some comps just came at the right time. The both agree they didn’t think Dem had won the Toyota challenge. Kevin says he hasn’t played an amazing game by any means; Dem says so much of this game is timing. Kevin says the triple was the perfect time to throw him up. He says that day was crazy going from 8-5. Dem says that they were saying they were going to save Kevin but in hindsight he wouldn’t have had the votes.
11:00 AM BBT Kevin and Dem talking in the kitchen about past comps. They agree that the game has been fun. Kevin points out that the last time someone other than them has won a comp was day 43. Dem says they make up a lot of the winners for sure. Kevin asks Dem if he’d do it again, and he says he would because he’d regret it if he didn’t. He says he would play it differently than this season. They talk about the differences between BB and Survivor. Dem and Kevin agree that $100K tax-free would be nice. Kevin says that it wouldn’t change his lifestyle, as he’d just invest it. They agree the Toyota 86 would not fit in in Edson. Dem agrees that he’d probably invest it as well, but he’d probably spend about $25K of it as it’s just money.
11:15 AM BBT Ika, Karen and Dillon talking in the pink BR. Ika says how the others tried to get her to turn on Dem and there’s no amount of money that could get her to do that. Dillon says that it’s that kind of trust and loyalty that’s going to get them to the end. Ika again explains how they used Jackie to suck Kevin in. They all agree that William saving Kevin with the secret power of veto truly saved Kevin. Karen says how angry she is/was with Kevin for how he played William. They all agree that Kevin wasn’t loyal to anyone. Kevin is in the kitchen. Ika said we were comfortable with people coming after us. Kevin and Dillon are talking. Ika said they might have us change. Demetres please go to the DR. Karen said Kevin hasn’t fought. Karen said i am so glad i have not made any deals with him.
11:30AM BBT Karen said i can’t wait to see it on tv Karen said i wonder what the viewers thought you got 4 hours until eviction you have 3 hours to pack your bags and put it down stairs Karen said no matter what i will bring it to my grave karen said that better been in the footage about blood on his hands feeds are out
11:45 AM BBT Feeds Down  ( Live eviction show tonight at 8pm Est on Global)
11:45 AM BBT-9:03 PM BBT Feeds Down ( Live eviction show tonight at 8PM EST on Global)
8:00 PM BBT (Live Eviction show Recap) Kevin used the POV on Ika and replaced her with Dillon. After the POV ceremony Ika tells Kevin that his HOH Rm was messed up (by Demetres and Ika before the ceremony). Since she was taken off the block, Ika apologizes and goes to straightened up his HOH Rm. Everyone is shocked that Kevin used the POV; if he didn’t use it, others were going to vote out Ika. Karen and Ika plan to vote out Dillon–despite Kevin’s plan of ultimately taking out Demetres. Dillon and Demetres remain on the block.
8:15 PM BBT Dillon is afraid Karen might flip on him and vote him out. They all are sketched out with Kevin looking at everything around the house. Paranoia spreading throughout the house! Kevin, Karen, and Dillon on a movie date in the backyard–with popcorn, soda, and candy! Ika now tells Demetres that Karen might vote him out; Ika is devastated and frustrated that she doesn’t have a hand in voting out someone.
8:30 PM BBT Seems like Karen’s vendetta against Kevin is stronger than the love for Dillon. Karen has a heart, but also would like to screw Kevin! Jackie joins Neda, Sindy, and Bruno in the Jury House. William then walks in…followed by Dre–last week was the triple eviction! The Fake Mission is played so the HGs can watch. The HGs laughs when they also get to see the Rewind, Freeze, and Fast Forward Mission.
8:45 PM BBT Dillon and Demetres give their speeches and on to voting. Ika and Karen both votes to evict Dillon. Demetres remains in the house. “Big Country” leaves the Odyssey. TV show ends as the Solve for X Competition is underway (the equations are made up of the HGs in what capacity they played that week, such as HOH, nominees, POV winner, etc). Ika solves the first equation, and Demetres answers the second equation correctly. Who will be the new HOH? Kevin, Karen, Demetres, and Ika are the Final 4 of BB Canada, Season 5.
9:00 PM BBT-9:25 PM BBT Live feeds remain down.
9:25 PM BBT Feeds come on with Ika laughing on how Kevin was slithering around. Kevin is heading upstairs with Karen and Ika in the kitchen. Kevin said he told BB that he put the veto necklace around the enemy’s neck because they (Karen/Dillon) wanted to send her home. Karen tells Ika that is a lie. Demetres is in the pantry looking for something to eat. No more bacon. Karen says how she was a nervous wreck today. Feeds go out again at 9:29PM.
9:33 PM BBT Feeds back on with Karen and Demetres in the kitchen. Ika and Kevin still talking about slithering around. Ever since Day 3 Karen says she could not trust Kevin. Kevin says the days of untrustworthiness was on Day 6. Kevin says he is going to bed….and announces they have only a few more shots to get him out! He goes to slither up the stairs. Kevin is in the WR, and we can still hear Ika screaming about Kevin Martin…playing around. They all make their way to the HOH Rm, where Demetres–THE NEW HOH–offered everyone another round of shots. Karen has mentioned that Tequila Katie is coming out in Ika. Kevin says it’s an understatement to say that Karen does not like him. They all take another shot–Final 4! They all talk about how weird relationship each has with Kevin. Ika doesn’t like him because of Kevin’s jury friends.
9:45 PM BBT Kevin tells them that he feels that Ika/Demetres has played a slightly better game than him, but there is a little more of the game left. Kevin respects their game, but still wants to win if he wins his way to Final 2. Kevin feels that if it wasn’t for the Secret Power of Veto (Thanks, William!), he would not be here now. Kevin is truthful in saying he would have preferred Demetres out over Dillon, but there was not that much of a difference in them. They talk on how far they have made it. Karen wants people who played the game well to win. The ones remaining played to win; Dillon was playing for second place. They talk about going on The Amazing Race. Ika and Karen have something to tell Kevin…but they will wait until after the POV. Kevin knows he has to win to stay in the game. Karen and Kevin expect to be put up on the block. Demetres jokes on doing the Gummy Bear thing (like Tim did last year).
10:00 PM BBT Karen, Kevin, Demetres and Ika all talking about how they are all about the game but that it’s so cool that they can get along like adults. Karen says she cannot play bb again, she is too old and it’s mentally draining. Ika says she agrees but. Kevin and Demetres say that they will come back and play if asked and Ika makes fun that they can work together. Ika talks about when she left last time she was liked but she really felt like a joke and that people hurt her. Kevin asks what’s happening next for demika? He asks about amazing race and she says no, Karen says she will do it with Demetres. She says she doesn’t eat rats and roaches and power bungees! She says that black folk don’t do stuff like that. Karen asks if Kevin has just checked on his pig? He says he gave it back to big brother, Karen says that she told Dillon to hold it for ransom and she says “it was all my idea”! She tells him that it is so possible that Dillon has it. Ika asks Kevin if he likes her more than Jackie? He says yes, Karen says what about me? And he says no. Karen asks what did I do, Ika says what about Demetres and he says that he really liked Demetres and then they all give him hell. Karen starts being mean and saying as she smiles that she likes him out of the house and that he gets a good edit and is so mean. Ika is bragging about how her and Demetres trashed her room.
10:15PM BBT Karen says she tried to go in his room and the door was locked and what was he doing he smiles and says that he was doing nothing. Demetres laughs and says he is the sneakiest person he knows. Ika says he does it on purpose to mess with them. They ask Kevin are you the same person at home as you are in the house. He says he is a little different, but it’s the cameras and mics and such. They say that Bruno is a different person than he was in the house. Karen and Ika still going on about how much Kevin likes others than them. Kevin says Jackie played a poor game and he feels sorry for her. He says she had a hard time and no one liked her. Kevin says that he makes shots at Karen and even when he doesn’t it must seem like it because she gets mad. Ika says she thinks Karen really does like him and she gets mad that he doesn’t like her.
10:30PM BBT Kevin, Demetres and Ika talking about when they sent Bruno home. Ika and demetres bragging about how they got Dillon to work with them. Kevin says that he is okay with the way the game went because he is in F4. Karen comes in and shows the house pretending that Ika and Demetres are married and pregnant And ask if Kevin’s wife or husband is joining them.
10:45PM BBT. During the tour she mentions that the one bed is bad and they should steer clear and Kevin lays down on it and relaxes. They all sit down on the outside of with hoh rooms and talk about the kids that Ika and Demetres will have. Kevin was missing and they ask where Kevin is. Kevin is in the blue room putting up some clothes and then to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Karen goes into the bathroom and talks with Kevin about how close her and Ika were and she was more with her than with Dillon. She says Dillon was more honest and sweet but she was Ika since day 1. Kevin tells her that he thought Karen was closer to Dillon. Kevin gets pulled to DR and Karen tells Demetres and Ika what they said. The three talk about how dumb they think he is.
11:00PM BBT Karen says Kevin thinks he played a better game but he did not play a better game then the three of them and again she says that she can’t believe he likes Jackie better. She says he is only saying that to hide how much she played him and then says it’s ok because all of Canada can see it. Ika and Karen taking their makeup off. Karen says that Kevin is unaware of Karen’s and Ika’s relationship and Karen says that he tells me over and over again that she looks so bad on the show. They say that he’s trying to justify himself in the game. They say Kevin got tricked and that Karen screwed with his mind in the game and that he’s trying to convince himself otherwise. Ika says that if Kevin would have put Karen up would have ended up Demetres out because Ika wouldn’t have let Kevin’s deciding vote to send Demetres home. She wouldn’t have let Kevin do that. Kevin comes in and says goodnight and the girls mention where Dillon is and if he goes straight to jury or in a hotel. Production says to stop talking and they start talking about make up. Kevin laying in bed kicking himself about not putting up Karen. He says that it potentially bad for Karen’s game because Ika and Demetres will not take to the finals. He says that he has to win pov and that he will probably look at this as a regret and that it wasn’t his best move. Production Calls him to dona battery switch for the house. Kevin in the pantry talking to himself about how bad his last move was. He says that Demetres and Ika are better at this game then he but if he can win the pov and take Karen to f2 he still has a chance. He says he would feel so much better if Dillon was here instead of Demetres. He finally says that if Karen would have went home instead then he would have two big guys instead of two women who can’t and don’t win anything. He didn’t know!
11:15PM BBT Karen and Ika in the bathroom talking about movies and Demetres shows up and tells Ika she is probably next in the DR. She asks if there is any food left because she is hungry. They talk about Demetres eviction speech and how it was good, Demetres says he had to work hard not to cry. Demetres says that it’s only six more days till the end and it will be bittersweet to leave. He and Karen talk about future career changes they both will start and production tells Demetres to change his battery. Kevin still in the pantry and he comes out when Demetres shows up for battery.
11:30PM BBT Kevin and Demetres in the pantry talking about how Ika makes big brother a great show. Kevin asks about his future with Ika, he says he’s not sure. Demetres tells him that they live pretty far apart and that they are way different. Demetres says that Karen has played a very good game and Kevin says I can’t see it because I can’t see what she’s done because I haven’t worked with her. Kevin asks if it’s a fair assumption that he, Ika or Demetres would be the winner. Karen walks in but they only are talking about this last comp. they start talking about how they have been putting each other the past 4 evictions and are both still here . Karen in the kitchen alone, Demetres walks out and says he doesn’t know why Kevin is sitting in the pantry. Karen Says that it’s probably so he can hear them talking. Demetres says I doubt it and what is there to hear? They talk about having something to drink and Kevin laughs and tells Karen he is broken and tired. She laughs that she is old and tired, she says she can take a lot of mental crap because she is strong especially if she doesn’t care about people.
11:45PM BBT Karen talks about fighting with Kevin and the argument out by the hot tub. She says that he took off his pants and started sunbathing and she says that started it. Karen talks about calling him a slithering snakes. She goes in about disagreeing with him and how his generation has different opinions of people her age. He said that he has learned and grew from that. She says she has tried to get along with him and he says he has too. She says that she shouldn’t have to try that hard, but if it doesn’t work then send them home. She says that if people don’t like her or whatever than who cares. Kevin says that he is genuinely worried about his pig. Demetres says that it’s so weird how much he loves it. Karen tells the story about how “she told Dillon to ransom the pig”. She then talks about how she washed and dried the pig. Kevin says piggie is on his face book, and how he should open his own account.


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