Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Thursday, March 16th

9:00 PM BBT Sindy and Jackie getting undressed after the HOH and eating snacks. Dre and Emily are talking about that they hope they win at least one comp and that they are not really sporty. The guys are talking about Demetres being the HOH and how they can’t believe they allowed themselves to lose the comp. Dallas and Dillion feel like they will be the ones going on the block. They say they are the biggest guys and did the worst. They discuss who will be have nots and how some beds will open up for the others.
9:15 PM BBT Ika,Sindy and Neda are talking about trying to keep Bruno and Kevin safe. They give shout outs to mark’s parents because he’s such a nice guy. They are saying that Gary and Cassandra cannot be trusted and that they wanna back door Netta and don’t trust Ika. They all agree that bigger picture that mark eventually had to go. They are talking if they think Dillion is a smart move but they think that Dallas is with Cassandra. The girls want Dillion and Emily because they say that they are tired of her cackling. Jackie, Dre and Karen are in the bathroom talking about have nots and how many they think will possibly be have nots.

9:30 PM BBT Karen is doing laundry and she is kinda telling Gary without saying it that the house is kinda dirty already. Bruno and Jackie laying in the living room talking about possibilities and how they really liked mark and that if he would have spoke up and tried he could have possibly stayed. Cassandra is talking and saying that she felt the house was all against her and that she likes Jackie and she really wants to work with her. She is talking to Kevin and she tells him she felt like he turned against her also. Cassandra tells Kevin that mark said that the two of them were secretly working together. He denies it and says that they were just friends. He asks Cassandra how they can get back to trusting each other, she says she is good and she’s glad that they talked about it. She tells him that he can show his loyalty by telling her everything and not keeping secrets.
9:45PM BBT Neda, Karen and Demetres in the kitchen talking about no hard feelings that Karen had put him up. They talk about the house trying to flip and where the lines are drawn and what side they are on. Dillon and Emily in the bedroom talking about how he felt like his ball was switched and replaced with a ball with a one on it. Production tells him to stop and he says then y’all should have not switched my ball. The feeds go out and when they return he talks about for sure going on the block and that he has to win POV. Dillon says that he doesn’t need the money and that he’s only here for the experience and he can’t possibly stay in the house without her. Dillon is getting emotionally and looks to be possibly crying a bit.
10:00PM BBT Bruno and Emily playing on the couch flinging a headband back and forth. Cassandra and Kevin talking on what they’ve been doing in life outside the house. Cindy and Neda talking about the boys. They stop when Ika comes along telling them about her discussion with Demestres. Demestres still has his doubts about Bruno. Karen in bathroom tells William “what a day!”…eviction and then right into HOH! She did not hear many of the discussions happening upstairs. Karen says they made Big Brother Canada history by sending home a male for the first eviction. William leaves to take dirty bowls back downstairs to the kitchen.
10:15PM BBT Dallas and Emily say that they want to go back to the Blue Room. It has been way to hot on where they are now. They discuss who are the possible Have Nots. Bruno is going up to get ready for the hot tub; Dallas is already ready. Bruno talking with Kevin in the bedroom says he thinks it’s unusual that Dallas thinks he’s going on the block with Dillon. He thinks it could be a plan of Cassandra and Dallas as a way of him playing in the POV Comp but then backdooring one of them (Bruno or Kevin). Feeds went down. Cassandra in the other bedroom asks Ika what’s going on. Cassandra believes Neda dislikes her. Ika is saying no one likes them and that after this week they need to build better relationships….they have to like Neda.Cassandra is throwing the veterans under the bus. Cassandra also thinks Jackie is loyal. They agree they have to keep good relations with the “French Connection” alliance…they will be numbers for them.
10:30PM BBT Two camera feeds are down. Two cameras are on Cassandra and Ika in the bedroom. Cassandra thought the public voting to be warped until Jury would have been her. They talk about other houseguests on who they want to work with or who they can trust. The other cameras are on Dre and Dallas in the living room. They rehash discussions with other houseguests leading up to the voting. They both feel Karen is so over the top, jumps to conclusions, and twists the words she hears.
10:45PM BBT Cassandra is awaiting for Ika to bring Neda back into the bedroom with her to discuss their differences. Before they went in, Ika filled Neda in and said to just go with whatever Cassandra said. They tell Sindy she can not go with them for the discussion, but be assured that Neda/Ika still has her back. After entering and during the discussion Cassandra says she feels the 3 of them (Cassandra, Neda, and Ika) are the most powerful people in the house. Cassandra believes there are lies out there about her. They talk on how the votes went. They agree with keeping open communication between them. Jackie enters and joins their conversation. They speculate what might happen as the game unfolds, such as someone returning to the game.

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11:00PM BBT Cassandra comes down to the kitchen. She asks if she can have one of the chicken breasts and sees the salad Gary made. Feeds went out. Neda, Sindy, and Ika talking in bedroom on who they thought would win the HOH. They also discuss the things Cassandra said to Ika and other things they have heard about Cassandra. Cassandra comes back up to eat. She announces that they need to stop being petty and join together for Women Power. Feeds went out for a bit. Many are awaiting the backyard/hot tub to be open. Demetres announces, “Who wants to see my HOH Room!” They have Tequila! Instead of a letter, they have a video….the sound is not working. Feeds went down; when they come on again, the video is playing. It brings tears to his eyes. The video replays since they missed the first part. Bruno and Emily also crying a bit. Demetres starts the Tequila…and passes it around!
11:15PM BBT They begin looking at the his photos. Jackie began sobbing and leaves the room with Ika. Camera zooms in on Dillon crying; he tells Neda he misses his mom and niece. Many of the girls give him a hug. Neda tells Demetres it just makes us fight that much harder since now they know what they get as HOH.
11:30PM BBT BB announces the storage room is open. They have a couple pitchers of beer and 2 boxes of wine! …getting ready for cheers and then many are chugging. Now they just need the backyard open. Ika notices the BY opening…eventually a half dozen or so make it into the hot tub area. Dillon is still sobbing missing his niece, while smoking and two fisting it. He says he would do anything in the world for her, mother, and grandma. Neda announces she is sad, happy, and drunk–all at the same time. Bruno is in the hot tub. Bruno believes that if everyone behaves themselves with the alcohol, they will get it more often.
11:45PM BBT The majority of the hgs are sitting around the kitchen. Ika is cooking, and Karen talking about social media and Skyping. Demetres says his mother Skypes with family overseas at least once a week. Feeds went down shortly after BB asked them not to mention brand names. Jackie, Dre, and William up in bedroom happy they have alcohol. Dillon is back in the kitchen and still sobbing mentioning his niece. Kevin is bringing around the box for everyone to exchange their batteries.

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