Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Thursday, April 6th

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12:00AM BBT Dre studying with Ika in the HOH room Dillon and Emily playing pool in the BY with Jackie Neda and Kevin hang out in the BY Ika tells Dre that she doesn’t think Neda would not put her up right away and that she wants to keep Dillon and Emily in the game because they would put her on the block Ika said that Canada gave the immunity to the most boring bitch in the house HT Neda Gary and William talk about what the next HOH will be Sindy joins Dre and Ika in HOH room and studies with them
12:15AM BBT Ika leaves HOH Dre tells Sindy that the house is too stressful Jackie and Emily discuss what they want to wear tomorrow Jackie really wants to wear jeans Jackie asks Emily to go over all the videos with her Emily says that Mark was very hot in his video and she didn’t realize that when he was in the house Jackie was surprised she didn’t notice Bruno Dillon and Kevin sitting on the couches in the LR William and Gary talking in the BR Gary they need to be the ones to put Kevin on the block because it would hurt and Gary thinks that Kevin is hurting his relationship with WIlliam He tells William to not work them
12:30AM BBT Demetres and Emily playing pool he said tomorrow is going to suck he doesn’t really want to stand up and evict someone Gary tells William that he wants him to know that he can trust him no matter what he hears he said that it is going to get messy near the end of the game and people will crumble Gary asks if William thinks Jackie next week he said he has no idea Gary thinks it might be a waste on Jackie they agree that it needs to be someone that is coming after them Gary said his biggest target in the house is Neda and William is Dillon they try to figure out when Jury starts they study for the HOH comp Demetres gets called to the DR BB calls him by mistake and calls Dillon to the DR
12:45AM BBT Demetres joins Ika and Dre in the HOH room and starts going over the videos with them Dre said we got this Demetres said he is there for moral support Gary tries to study with Ika but he keeps messing up and she doesn’t want to study with him because it’s going to screw her up All other HG hanging out in the LR
1:00AM BBT Neda, Bruno Kevin Emily Jackie and Dillon go over the videos Jackie gets called to the DR Ika, Demetres and Gary studying what they saw in the videos Gary said he good with the scripts he said that he didn’t study the colors because Bruno is color blind but William said that they might because bee didn’t care about his english Gary finally convinces Ika to go over the videos with him she didn’t want to because he was confusing her BB Goodnight HG sleep well HG start getting ready for bed William says goodnight to everyone Jackie tells Dillon that her brain is killing because of all the studying
1:15AM BBT Neda tells Jackie and Dillon that Dre and William need to go because they will end up sliding right through to end of the game Kevin joins them Neda confirms with them if they are good and know the stuff from the videos for tomorrow BB announces again to the HG goodnight sleep well Neda tells them how how she is remembering the video details Neda asks if she they think for the tie breaker that they would have to add up all the temperatures they saw Emily tells everyone goodnight
1:30AM BBT most HG in bed Dre and Gary getting ready for bed Gary said he can’t sleep too much going on in his head Dre goes to bed Gary in the bathroom by himself everyone else in bed
6:00 AM BBT All HGs are sleeping
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are asleep
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still in bed sleeping.
8:15 AM BBT Big Brother has turned the lights on and off.
8:30 AM BBT All HGS are still in bed sleeping.
8:45 AM BBT All HGS seem to be sleeping late this morning
9:00 AM BBT All HGS still sleeping. Rooster should sound soon
9:15 AM BBT All HGS are still in bed. Big Brother has turned the lights up again.
9:30 AM BBT William is up and moving in the Have Not Room. Bruno and Emily are awake. Emily is saying she was up til 3:42 am studying when she finally stopped. Emily is reviewing the clips they seen yesterday with Bruno. Emily is going back and forth about the clips and what they are saying. The clips are about the evicted HGS. She said she could only remember Cass drinking wine and eating berries. Bruno says he did see St.Johns’ New Brunswick not St. John’s Newfoundland. He said he fell asleep watching it. Bruno tells her if she wants to practise to come and get him and they will come in here. They say good morning to Karen. She asks them how she slept. Bruno asks if the have nots can eat. The cameras are both on Karen in the living room. You can hear Emily and Bruno upstairs but can’t see them. In the yellow room Neda is still sleeping lying down and Kevin is sitting up with his eyes closed. Meanwhile in the washroom Jackie is putting on her make up for the day. Bruno is preparing for his day. Emily is applying her make up for the day. Ika is in the shower. Jackie is doing a battery change for the whole house.
9:45 AM BBT Meanwhile in the bedroom Bruno has entered and is talking to Kevin asking him questions about the clips. Neda has joined the conversation saying Dallas’s clips is St.John’s Newfoundland not New Brunswick you have to listen how Dallas says it. Neda is asking them if Cass had her wine in her right or left hand. Kevin was called to the DR. Bruno asks her what Dallas said as he has no clue. Dillon is also in the room stating what he remembered. Neda asks if you remember what he was wearing. Neda asks Kevin to repeat the last lines of Dallas’s and Cass’s. Neda has been called to the DR. Neda goes to the DR. Bruno is still asking Kevin what Dallas said. Bruno is trying to remember the total amount of degrees. Dillon and Kevin think Cass had her wine in her left hand. Bruno passes Demetres and asks him how he slept. He answers not bad. Meanwhile in the washroom Emily, Jackie, Neda and Karen are still applying their make up for the day. Neda has asked if anyone else is waiting for the shower. Meanwhile in the HOH Room Demetres is starting to prepare for his day. Bruno is walking around downstairs cracking his knuckles.
10:00 AM BBT Jackie/Emily doing ADL’s in WR. SIndy sitting in bed. Gary still sleeping, Karen sitting in bed. Silence in the house. Ika walks in bedroom, talks to Sindy. (can’t hear what they are saying, they don’t have their mics on) Gary gets up. Ika asks Sindy if she is going to stretch. Karen says it is hot in there, Ika says she is cold because she just took shower. Talk turns to videos from last night. Karen says BB got them up at midnight, 3am and 5am to show them videos. Sindy said she was sitting there thinking she didn’t remember Mark’s video, but they didn’t get it. Ika asks Karen if she remembers the videos. Ika studying with Karen, telling her about the videos. Sounds like Ika knows them pretty well. Karen asks questions to clarify. Sindy just stretching and listening. Ika continues to go through each video. Sindy joins in and the three review and continue to study. Gary and Demetres in SR. Gary looks at Demetres and says why. Demetres says it is a numbers thing and he doesn’t want to surprise Gary. Gary says “ Demetres you don’t have to do this” Demetres says he will tell Gary if anything changes. Gary gets mad, huffs, says “ You told me 100% on the couch” and storms off to the bathroom. Kevin is shaving. Gary jumps in the shower. Jackie/Neda doing makeup. Dre leaves the bathroom. Gary is sighing, just standing in the shower. Back to Karen/Ika/Sindy in bedroom. Karen asks Ika if it reminded her of raising babies, getting up all through the night. Ika said ya that is the part I hated the most. Sindy stretching, telling the girls she didn’t stretch last night. Gary is out of the shower already. Neda is still applying her face. Gary sets up his spot for shaving. No one is talking.
10:15 AM BBT HOH room, Demetres is listening to music, deep in thought. Karen/Ika/Sindy in bedroom studying days now. Trying to figure out what day it is and the date. Camera in HOH is zooming in on Demetres slowly, then it pans out and does it again from another angle. Back to bedroom, Sindy still stretching, Ika still sitting there in her towel. Ika asks Karen if it is healthy to wake up every day with hate in your heart. Karen said no it is not. Ika says she wakes up every day not healthy. Ika says people blame her. Karen says she gets it, but that is her whole life, certain people either they like you are they hate you, some people disguise it better than others. Karen says or if people think they can get something from you they fake it, and if they realize they can’t get something from you then their true colors show. Ika says in this house people appreciate fake people over real people. Karen says it is like life, why do you think politicians get elected, because they tell people what they think they want to her and it is all fake, that is why the wrong ones get elected all the time. Karen has no idea what to wear, either a skirt or the blue dress she wore the first week. Ika said the blue dress was very pretty. Ika mumbling about fake bitches. Karen said we don’t have to do the regular thing today so we have more time to get ready. Ika says she thinks two people are leaving today and Karen agrees, Karen said she has said that all week. Sindy done stretching, Ika leaves to go do makeup and hair. Emily/Dillon whisper studying in living room, talking about Cass’s LA video. Apparently Cass said she was in bed drinking wine and eating berries and Dallas was in St John’s New Brunswick. Bruno in HOH with Demetres. Demetres saying what a bust this week has been. Bruno says someone had to win it. Demetres said a little piece of mind. Demetres telling Bruno she was talking to Dre and asks what Will would do if he won and Dre rolled her eyes and said Will is not going win it, he is too busy chasing Gary around. Demetres brings up how Will was first out during the comp where they had to remember the play. Demetres and Bruno start studying the videos.
10:30 AM BBT Emily and Dillon, sitting on couches talking about Karen shuffling last night. Emily says last night she was sitting looking at the screen and Gary got in front of her and she couldn’t see. Dillon said Gary doesn’t even need to know them. Dillon says last night Demetres tried to mess him up, Emily thinks so too (with studying) Dillon says or he is not that smart. Dillon now making noises, Emily tells him “that was sick, do it again” HOH Dem/Bruno still studying. Demetres says he doesn’t want to go out there, and see Gary cry. Demetres says he put Dallas us, him and Ika were swing vote for Cass and now he has to evict Gary. Demetres says the rest of the house wanted to keep Cass. Bruno says ya, they all say no but they wanted to say yes. Bruno saying a lot of people didn’t like her though (Cass) Demetres telling Bruno every Thursday has been stressful. Dem says he feels like he has had three different people giving him the same look. “Why are you sending me home” Bruno brings up you can’t look at it this way. Bruno says he is just straight up, he says yes or no so people leave him alone. He says if people think they can get you they will put the effort in. Demetres mentions he thinks he could control Gary more, as much as you could control someone. Bruno says but you have Dre though, Dem says no, Ika does. Demetres worried about Dillon/Em/Jackie. Demetres believes Dillon would put both Ika/Dem up but he doesn’t think Emily or Jackie would. Bruno trying to make it sound like Jackie winning would be a good idea so she would put up Dre/Ika and they could get rid of Ika. Demetres says he rather have one of them (The Six) to win. Bruno says ya worse case scenario. Bruno’s birthday is this week so he really wants it. Demetres bringing up Ika is good but sometimes she has to vent. Bruno says he understands. Bruno says there are a lot of us fighting for it, and he doesn’t want to see Dem/Ika on block ever but if worse case happens as long as it is not both of them Dem/Ika they control the votes. Kevin walking upstairs. Emily/Dillon still flirting on the couches downstairs. Demetres hopes for a twist he says it sucks “ here is your HOH you have to vote out one of two people that aren’t coming after you” Bruno talks about how he thinks William is playing ,he says he doesn’t care what Dre says. Bruno says if he wasn’t trying he wouldn’t have come so close in challenges and won that POV.
10:45 AM BBT Dem mentions if the comp is a knockout “ you guys” are in a good spot, Bruno says “ we are all together, it’s not you guys” Dem explains he means that Ika/Dem are not considered with the other members of The Six. Bruno trying to talk around it and say if they start talking them out (Emily/Dillon/Jackie) they will go after Bruno/Kevin/Sindy etc.. so Ika/Dre/William have to do it so they other members of the Six can stay in the comp. Kevin walks in HOH and studying begins with Bruno/Kevin/Dem. Kevin asks if they guys think there will be any videos this morning. They do feel like there is more missing. Kevin repeating information about videos out loud. Dem asks if any of the videos with town had times and Kevin mentioned Cass’s. Kevin thinks it might be an A/B question. Kevin doesn’t like it if it is a true/false buzzer cause you could just hit it randomly. Bruno leaves to iron his shirt. Kevin says that after Gary leaves there are 12 people so as long as they win this HOH they will have the majority. Kevin says he hopes Ika realizes how much he appreciates what she has done. Dem says ya she does. Dem says that is what makes her…Kevin says so valuable, cause she can flip votes. Dem says ya. Kevin says he understand why she doesn’t feel appreciated. Dem says granted Ika did start this feud with Jackie. Kevin says that is why she is such a good alliance member because she will talk about the shit you don’t want to talk about.
11:00 AM BBT More studying. Everyone agrees they will not ask about colors because Bruno is colorblind and that is not fair. HOH, Dem tells Kevin he told Gary he is going, Dem says he can’t look at him, he is going to cry he loves Gary. Kevin says ya it is the shittiest spot. Dem says ya I signed up for that, I hung on that thing. Kevin says ya now it is time for us to win this one. Kevin says he is nervous, not a bad nervous just Thursday nervous. Dem says if you are going to study with Ika, talk to her about hot/coldest place. Dem leaves to go have breakfast. WR Ika/Sindy/Gary doing makeup. Ika/Gary arguing about makeup and getting their makeup back from each other. Jackie doing her hair, William showering. No one talking. Ika goes over to Gary’s section and arguing continues, Gary tells Ika to use Emily’s brush. Jackie called to DR. She leaves promptly.

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Thursday, April 6th

11:15 AM BBT WR-Sindy/Ika/Gary doing makeup. William showering. Jackie comes back from DR to continue work on her hair. Sindy and Ika talk about how big her lips look. Bruno asks Jackie about the videos, you can hear them in the background. Jackie says she woke up this morning and almost forget them. Then their mics cut out. Neda walks into bathroom, sprays her hair. Ika asks her if it’s dry shampoo and Neda says yes and passes it to Ika. Ika sprays her hair. Feeds go down.
2:00 PM BBT Feeds went dark around 11:22am this morning and will probably remain down until after the eviction show which airs at 8pm. Feeds should resume ~9pm this evening.

8:00PM BBT BBCan Episode 11, Eviction Show highlights:
Recap of last episode shows Demetres, Ika and Emily in F3 on a crazy endurance wheel. Demetres pulls out a win.
Demetres continues to grovel to Ika for a jokey comment she took the wrong way during the HN chip video.
Gary continues to have hope he can stay because he’s friends with Ika, and Demetres did promise him he’d keep him safe. Ika says if she put her foot down she knows she would control Demetres’ vote.
The HG get to see a video challenge revealing the odyssey contains clues to find. The clues are barcodes with numbers. The numbers have to be in a specific order. The video shows Cass. Neda is full of eye rolls and catty comments. She says Cass is literally the villain of the season. Gary puts her in her place “oh honey, you have no idea who the villain *really* is” Yaaas!
Arisa reveals us Demetres has the sole vote to evict. Demetres stands and votes to evict Gary.
GARY has been evicted from the BBCAN house. Gary comes out , and we see a few goodbye messages. Ika and Karen in particular had heartfelt messages.
Arisa reveals this HOH is about a screening the HGs were subject to all last night. All evicted HG were in short clips in different cities with info on the screen. This HOH is a Q&A competition.
6 HG make it to tiebreaker.
WILLIAM WON HOH!!! Will the 6 dupe him into throwing up Dillon and Emily? Or will someone finally take a shot at the Six?

9:00PM-10:45PM BBT feeds down
11:00PM BBT Bruno, Jackie, Emily and Dillon talking about where to sleep. Emily says she wants to sleep anywhere but in the bed with Dillon. Jackie and Bruno in the restroom brushing there teeth. Jackie says that before she goes to bed she’s gonna check on Karen and make sure she is alright. Sindy comes in to clean her face and Bruno asks about Karen and they say that she’s asleep. Bruno says he’s going to bed too.
11:15PM BBT Most of the house guests either in the bed or brushing teeth absolutely no chats happening. Dillon is outside smoking , he has no shirt on. Production asks him twice to put on his microphone and he just keeps smoking.
11:30PM BBT Dillon in one bed whispering to Emily that he wants to hold her and be close. He says he’s not mad at her, he’s frustrated because he really wants her. Bruno shows up in the kitchen getting a some water. In the HOH bedroom William and Kevin in the bed chatting. William just in underwear being very flirty. Kevin and William laying in the bed talking about who voted for who and Kevin had his leg laying across Williams leg. On the stairs Bruno and Demetres talking about how they feel like William is smarter than they thought. Karen Is in the bathroom and Bruno says he is going to have to use the HOH potty. Demetres says open the door very slowly and they both throw a small chuckle. Kevin tells William that everyone on his side was sad when William won but will said it’s all good, it’s a game. He feels like if it was not tv and the prizes that everyone will get along.
11:45PM BBT William and Kevin still laying in bed talking about there two votes for nomination last week.

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