Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Thursday, April 20th

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12:00AM BBT feeds are down. Dillon is sitting on the couch in the HOH room. Ika and Demetres are laying in bed talking about the day. Demetres tells Ika that he’s started not caring what other think about him. Demetres says that it’ll take him a month and a half to get back to where he was before entering Big Brother House. Dillon eats Oreos downstairs in the Kitchen.
12:15 AM BBT Demetres comes out to get a drink of water. Demetres tells Dillon that he’s solid this week. Dillon tells Demetres that it sucks not playing this week. Demetres tells Dillon that Sindy hasn’t even been trying to get votes from him and Ika. Demetres tells Dillon that Kevin and Bruno are going to go hard for the next comps. Demetres and Dillon agree that Dre and Will are totally underestimated.
12:30 AM BBT Dillon and Demetres go to brush their teeth and go pass out. Demetres and Ika talk about Dillon and the conversation Demetres had with Dillon. Ika says she wants to go to bed. The lights go out and Ika asks Demetres if it’s just in her head as her eyes are covered up.
12:38 AM BBT – 12:43 AM BBT Feeds Out
12:43 AM BBT – 2:00 AM BBT All Hgs asleep.
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are asleep except Ika and Dre who are in the washroom starting their day. Ika is putting in her weave and Dre is looking to apply a mask to her face. Ika was saying her weave was slipping yesterday and Dillon was laughing at her. BIg Brother has told Dre to fix her mic. Ika is telling her that last night her and Demetres heard Big Brother tell him to fix him to fix his mic but they have no idea who he was talking to. Dre says they have to win HOH to prove to him that they Ika and Demetres can be trusted. Ika says she knows that. Ika says she doesn’t think she has ever had a weave in this long. She starts telling Dre a weave story, where she didn’t like it after she had paid for it. Dre is applying a scrub to her face. Dre thinks Karen was getting up when Ika came in. Dre says she doesn’t sleep.
7:15 AM BBT Ika asks Dre how her face feels. Dre tells her it is tingling. Ika says she normally doesn’t glue anything in her hair, she normally sews her weave in but she thinks it started coming out because she had glued it last time. Dre asked her why she started to say but Dre said oh yeah. Big Brother Say Ika stop that. Ika says oh maybe because we were talking about the halfway house. Dre asks What is going to be done for Sindy’s birthday. They say it is sad she is leaving on her birthday. The conversation now goes to what they will be wearing today. Ika tells her she has a dress she can wear but Dre is thinking of wearing the scarf she has and wears as a top with her boobs hanging out but she isn’t sure. Ika is saying they don’t want Dillon in that room with them ( Bruno and Kevin). Dre says when she talked to Karen she started to doubt Dillon but after she talked to him she was fine. The conversation goes to William Dre says she thinks he gets the numbers .
7:30 AM BBT Dre is telling her that her and Dillon were just chilling in the HOH and Karen came in and said they are all in the blue room. She tried to talk Dre to going in there. Ika is saying when Demetres was on the block she asked Karen if he had her vote to stay and Karen said OF Course. Dre tells her not to use big words because she doesn’t understand them. The conversation goes back to Ika’s weave and whether or not she should put the last piece in. Ika has decided to save the last piece of weave for when it starts to slide down, she says that is when she will put it in.
7:45 AM BBT Ika says she likes the fact that Dillon doesn’t go out of his way to talk to too many people. Ika says she never should of permed her hair before coming into the house. She tells Dre she had her hair short like hers and let it grow in natural. She laughs when she says when Big Brother says you have 3 hours to get ready, to her that is just to get her hair ready. Ika says Demetres says she ( Dre) is funny. Dre says if her mother sees her eyes so dark she will scream. It looks like Ika has finally finished putting her weave in. It looks like Dre has left the washroom but both cameras are on the washroom so she is somewhere else in the house. Dre is back she may not have left but they were not talking. They are just having a general conversation.
8:00 AM BBT Dre is complaining her feet are cold, she says she is thinking of taking a shower. Dre says Jackie has been public enemy number 1 for awhile. Ika says Jackie has been dodging being evicted for awhile. Dre says she thinks that Cass would say whatever to those people but would have been loyal to those she was working with. Ika says if Gary was still here she thinks that it would be Gary and Jackie on the block. Dre thinks Gary would have wanted to get the other side out before them and she would have been very low on his list. Ika is putting something on her weave, Dre asks her if she leaves that on til it dries. Ika answers yes I don’t put heat on it. Ika says she is glad she has edges in her hair, Dre says Karen says she has no edges. The conversation goes back to clothes. Dre asks if she has any idea what she is going to wear. Ika says no but I have options. Ika asks if Dre knows what she is going to wear. Ika seems to have left the washroom and Dre is trying to get a couple of minutes of shut eye, she still has the mask she applied on her face. Karen and Ika have entered the washroom. Dre says she wants to shower before everyone wakes up. Ika says she showered last night but wants to have another shower today. She says she is going to tie her hair back really tight. Karen is getting ready to jump in the shower. Dre and Ika continue the conversation over Ika’s weave. Dre finally makes her way to one of the showers, Karen is in the other one.
8:15 AM BBT Dre and Karen are in the showers. Ika is cleaning up her mess from putting her weave in. It looks like only Karen Dre and Ika are up. There is no conversation going on in the washroom as Dre and Karen are in the showers. Ika is stretched out .There is no conversation going on in the washroom. Ika is waiting to get in the shower. Ika asks Karen if the water is still warm. Karen answers yes. Karen gets out of the shower Ika enters the shower. There is still no conversation happening in the washroom with the 3 early birds preparing for the day. Karen has started applying her makeup for the day. Dre and Ika still in the shower, no sign of the other hgs.
8:30 AM BBT Dre has gotten out of the shower. Ika is finishing up Karen is still doing her daily routine. Dre has left the washroom. Karen and Ika are still doing their daily routine. Big Brother has told Ika to put on her mic. Karen asks Ika if she did not sleep. Karen says sometimes you just have to close your eyes. Karen says she had a weird dream, Ika tells her she doesn’t want to hear it they need to concentrate on winning this HOH. Karen says she feels in her gut she is going to win it. Those that are awake are busy doing their own thing and not talking.
8:45 AM BBT Karen has headed downstairs to prepare coffee. It looks like Ika is the only one in the washroom, as Dre can not be seen. Karen has gone into the pantry and returned with her water bottle full of ice. She is puttering around the kitchen making ice, wiping counters while she waits for the coffee to brew. In the washroom Ika is still applying her makeup for the day. Dre is not on camera so I am not sure where she is. Dre has re entered the washroom and is continuing with her daily routine. Ika says she is going to go wake Dillon up and say I polished my edges, she is going to wake up Dillon. Dre says you are crazy if you wake him up he is going to be mad. Ika goes into the HOH Room but Dillon is sleeping, so she just changes his batteries. She tells Karen and Dre that he is sleeping. Back in the washroom Ika says she needs to decide what to wear than how she is going to apply her makeup. Karen says it is 9:10 am Ika says that can’t be right as Big Brother would have woken up the other hgs. Karen says that is what the clocks says, and it is close. Karen says at home she gets up at 6 am every morning. Ika says she gets up 6 am or 7 am. Ika asks Dre for her lotion, Dre says the person you are calling is not available. Ika says I want my lotion. Dre says you will have a better chance asking closer to 12 noon. The conversation now goes to coconut oil, Karen says at home she does her shrimp in coconut oil. She says she never knew coconut oil was good for your skin before. Karen asks if they heard a bell last night. Ika says no, the bells are in your head. Karen says I am still your elder. Ika says she is going to pray for Karen tonight. Karen says you should pray for me every night. Ika decides to go down and get a coffee as Karen makes the best coffee.
9:00 AM BBT Ika leaves and just Dre and Karen are left in the washroom. Dre has left leaving Karen alone in the washroom. Karen says she would rather be called petty than mean. Karen says she likes the people who stand up to her she thinks that is why Bruce and her have been married so long. Karen says she misses her husband so much. Ika said he is watching, Karen said he gave her all his lectures before she left, and she is just doing what she wants. She says they call each other asshole but they grew up in a different time where that is normal. Karen says she calls society hyper sensitive because you can not have a different view than them. Karen is saying that when Ika was telling a story about when she was 11 Karen said she could so see that. The conversation switches to Dillon being so nice. Karen says she knows Dillon better now. Ika says she never realized that Emily was nice she thought she was like the other side. Karen leaves to go get another coffee. Ika asks if Dre is sleeping. Karen asks if she could not sleep either. Ika says she woke her up early because of her hair. Karen asks what do you have to do to your hair and does Dre know how to do it. Ika says she just wanted company and she knows Karen would have told her to f-off.
9:15 AM BBT Karen says do you think we have to change into a costume. Ika says she is going to go lay down for a bit. She asks Karen if she is going to lay down for a bit Karen says no I am up. Ika is telling Karen that she will like Sarah in real life. Karen says she really wanted Godfrey to win. Ika says she likes a lot of the people from season 1, she starts listing them. Karen asks Ika if Peter is like her. Ika says no Peter is really nice in real life not like Karen. Ika says Jon will probably not like her because of the Neda stuff. Ika is telling her who she likes from her season. Ika says when you are here that is a shot. Ika says Sarah Henley is so nice and so real. Ika says she likes the realness in people. Karen says that is like her she is real. Karen asks if she knew Tim and Nikki. How about the brothers. Ika says she really doesn’t know the people from season 4. Karen says she liked Cass. Ika says she thought Philip is the better looking one. Karen says when she grew up the Nicks’ were the good looking kid. Demetres has awaken and enters the washroom.
9:30 AM BBT Karen thinks that it is so cute that Kelsey and Philip are still together. Karen says her mance is waiting outside waiting for her. She is not going to have a showmance. Ika says Peter plans the trips to Niagara. Karen says would you say I am nice in real life. Ika says no I find you petty and real. Karen says she was scared of Ika when she entered the house. Ika says she didn’t like Demetres at first. Big Brother has turned the lights on. Jackie has entered the washroom to start her day. In the Have Not Room Kevin is up. In the yellow room Sindy and William are awake. William asks has anyone changed the battery Sindy tells him it is in the bathroom. Ika goes into the HOH to tell Dillon she fixed her tracks, Big Brother tells him to put on his mic and Ika leaves. William and Sindy are both lying in bed, Sindy looks deep in thought William has his back to the camera. Meanwhile in the washroom Demetres and Jackie are starting their routines. Demetres leaves and Bruno comes out of the washroom whispers something to Jackie who says sounds really good. Dre enters the washroom and says Good Morning to Jackie on her way in. Bruno gets told to change his batteries and check with other HGS to change their batteries. The rooster has crowed. Bruno gives Sindy a hug for her birthday, then says to William you can have a hug too even tho it is not your birthday. In the kitchen Demetres and Kevin are starting breakfast. Bruno and Kevin are preparing to make breakfast for Sindy. Demetres and Dillon are preparing their protein shake.
9:45 AM BBT Kevin Demetres Dillon and Bruno are in the kitchen. Bruno is making her fresh juice. As they are all preparing a special breakfast for Sindy in the kitchen, in the blue room Karen and Ika are talking about their boobs. Ika says Karen your boobs feel natural Ika says hers feel like ripply. Ika says she got saline because she was told it was safer. Ika says she got saline because it was safer. She says now she would go with how they feel not safe. Karen says they look natural, she tells her they feel ripply Karen says 2 years is to soon to have another implant. Ika says they feel like hard balls. Karen gets called to the DR and on her way out tells Ika if you had scar tissue you would know what hard balls feel like. Meanwhile in the washroom Sindy and William are up and doing their daily routine. Back in the kitchen Jackie Dillon Demetres Kevin Dre and Bruno are there. Demetres and Dillon are sitting down watching the others prepare Sindy’s birthday breakfast. Dre taste the lime juice that Bruno made her and says it is too limey. Kevin has finished making breakfast. Bruno went to get the banner. Bruno says they are going to bring her down to the kitchen. Bruno has gone to get Sindy and bring her downstairs, they have taped the banner to the kitchen bar area. Bruno is in the washroom with Sindy. Sindy is saying the twist this week is it is a non- eviction week.
10:00AM BBT Bruno said happy birthday sindy Jackie said cheers Sindy said Thank you guys so much Demetres said he was clumsy this am sindy said it my first ever birthday surprize they Ika and Demetres are in bed talking Karen is talking about fried onion burgers Ika said she fall asleep for a bit Ika said oh shut up to Demetres i never asked you i asked karen
10:15 AM BBT Sindy is talking about a pageant in australian Sindy wants to travel more feeds went out they just came back at 10:26 AM BBT Jackie said they probably just ran out of slope Dillon said he was going to make burgers before the eviction tonight
10:30AM BBT Jackie said i just started to build something with Dillon Ika said when the whole thing happen they were trying to push to vote Jackie said i was pushing for sindy to go up Ika said i didn’t start disliking you to jackie Dre said i am going to vote to keep you in and don’t go and tell ika and Demetres Jackie said i am going to be honest and don’t target william and Dre said i want to at least get one person out Dre said i am not going to vote any newbies out
10:45 AM BBT Dre said i love Dillon and the only person i am worried about is William because i was hanging out with Kevin yesterday because i needed a friend Dre said i am voting Sindy out and i am keeping you to stay Sindy Jackie said i haven’t really said anything bad about her meaning Sindy Jackie said what else did she say Ika said we are going to have the whole house coming after us Jackie said appreciate you telling me that thank you
William and dre are talking French Ika said i can’t stand Jackie
11:00AM BBT Jackie is apply makeup in the wr area Sindy they will be mad at you but they are going to get over Sindy said Jackie was 2 face sindy sad they trust me so much Sindy said they don’t want to have the power yet Ika said that Jackie made deals with them 2 dre said it’s too late Ika said she was with them Jackie thinks that they are soiled with her
11:15 AM BBT Sindy is in the WR Ika and Dre are talking Ika said i Want Sindy to expose her Ika said i was so nervous that i probably cut myself ika said it’s sucks to send Sindy home over Jackie Bruno said tonight you will have people in your room again Kevin said it was a hard week in the cave Jackie said you Ika you have to understand Ika said they are slim balls Ika said in order for you to stay here ika said i think sindy will remember more than you will Jackie Jackie said i need a reason to pre swangin you ika said if i didn’t like you i would tell you
11:30 AM BBT Karen said all i have is the game Demetres said you and Dillon get along to Karen asked Demetres have you showered he said his head is itchy Karen said i wonder if i have to iron this Jackie said Sindy was going to put me on the block Ika said they all went sat in a room and they said who their targets are Jackie said it’s so stressful and that wants to be alone Ika said Jackie don’t Cry Ika said that they are lying Sindy said you know i will use the Veto Sindy said Demetres please considering to keep you Sindy said i had the swing vote Sindy is talking about her eviction speech Sindy said i will stop calling you White chocolate with almonds on top Ika said you are a strong girl you are a fighter
11:45 AM BBT Feeds down

11:45 AM BBT- 8:00PM BBT Feeds down
8:00PM-9:00PM BBT Feeds down- Live Show Highlights
Tonight’s show begins with a recap of last nights show. William wins the secret power of Veto, and Demetres vetoes himself off the block. William chooses not to use his veto this week, and Sindy goes up as the renom.
Since Ika was the other choice for renom, she is ecstatic and dances in SR with Demetres. She uses this chance to remind Dillon he can sleep like a baby if Demika win HOH.
We see Jackie and Bruno in the hot tub. Jackie is thinking Demika will vote her out; Bruno tells her she’s safe but not because they want her to stay, because Sindys the target. Dillon comes out and Bruno spells out why putting up Sindy was a bad idea. Dillon expresses how he really doesn’t trust Bruno and he feels Bruno doesn’t have his best interests at heart.
Karen and William speak, Karen tells us she’d love to vote out her nemesis Jackie but she needs to vote strategically (and vote out Sindy to weaken Kevin and Bruno’s game)
Next we see Sindy up in HOH crying to Dillon. (Newsflash, Dillons the wrong person to campaign to. His power’s over.)
Next, Ika talks to the feeders and tells us she’ll always have Dré’s back and Demetres’ as well. She tells us she got farther than last time she played and asks us to tell her kids she loves and misses them.
Sindy catches Ika and Demetres kissing and teases them about it.
Kevin comes out with an announcement from BB- it’s a video with the Paq’s Bros, who won last season. They tease that they’re driving that Toyota until finale. The video gives hints for the POV which is just a huge commercial for Toyota.
Sindy sits with William and starts to spill on Ika. She tells us that she would go after Demika as Ika’s becoming a bigger and stronger player every day. She tells William that Ika was ready to go after him after the double eviction. As William leaves, Sindy tells us that she doesn’t like campaigning like this.
The show comes back to Kevin telling a story about his and Bruno’s game this season.
Ika tells Jackie that Sindy is making the rounds campaigning against Jackie. Jackie tells them if they vote her to stay she’s willing to “move forward with the truce next week” (aka keep them safe). Sindy, Kevin, Bruno and William talk in br. William says he’s willing to keep Sindy but Dre is the holdout and that’d be hard convincing her.karen sits with Ika and reminds her Sindy and the guys are trying hard to get Dre to flip. Sindy makes a plea to Dre offering her jury vote and reminding her that she will always be targeted before Dre, making her a meat shield.
The next segment is a family segment showing Karen’s family and Williams family. Karen’s husband says he gets his kids to set up the feeds because he’s not computer savvy.
Back to the live show where Arisa checks in with the HGs. She shows a funny compilation of their antics which they laugh like crazy at and serves to loosen the mood.
Demetres votes Sindy.
Ika votes Sindy.
Kevin votes Jackie.
Bruno votes Sindy
Karen votes Sindy
William voted Sindy
Dre votes Sindy

Arisa points out that she backdoored Jordan and went home the next week as juror #2. This year, she made a big move, backdoored Neda and is going home the next week as juror #2. Sindy says the double eviction screwed her game. Arisa asks her what Nedas going to say? Sindy says she’s going to say “I told you so” and she’ll be right. Great TV, horrible move.
Arisa comes back and shows us a HG will have an advantage in the next HOH.
This HOH is an obstacle course, with a theme of “150”. Karen gets an advantage, she only has to do half the first component of the challenge. The first component is transferring rocks (150) from one end of a bridge to the other. Show ends.
9:01PM BBT Feeds are back. Dré, Demetres, Ika and Dillon are in HOH.Ika says “guys we did it! One more week, we’re safe” . It appears Demetres won HOH. Karen comes in, and Ika tells her to wash her hands and be exorcised before she’s allowed in HOH suite. Karen leaves to wash up. I can’t help but think if Demika hadn’t won HOH this week, Karen would have flipped her off and told her off. Ika says she has ‘bad luck hands’.
Karen says the suite is so different. The rug changes the whole atmosphere of the room. She sounds like a shill for the Brick.
Meanwhile, Bruno, Jackie and Kevin talk downstairs about the HOH comp. Bruno said his arms just gave out. He says one second could’ve changed this whole result.
Kevin and William talk in bedroom. William says he feels like Kevin doesn’t trust him and doesn’t tell him things. Kevin says he wasn’t working with Jackie at all until this week in the Cave. But he still doesn’t trust her. William thinks Kevin is closer to Jackie than he’s letting on.
Kevin says Bruno and Demetres were in final round of HOH.

9:15 PM BBT Kevin says that he tells William everything. He’s rehashing prior convos and trying to make William feel better. He’s giving a little bit of dirt on Ika to William by telling him Ika called William and Bruno sketchy. William is thinking that Kevin thinks he tells Dré everything. Downstairs, Bruno and Jackie are going over sleeping arrangements . Bruno says how sore he is and how he’d love to take a bath but they’re all up there in the HOH suite. Jackie wants to go to bed (it’s 9:21 local time)
Meanwhile, William says he’s a bad player and going to cry in jury house. Kevin says you’re in a great spot, you’re not going up, you’re not at risk, and you could win this thing. I’m the one who’s going to be at jury house. Kevin asks if they can go to bed yet. Everyone’s had a long day. Jackie comes in so nobody’s saying much.
Bruno comes in . He says he wants to take a bath but everyone’s upstairs. Kevin tells him just to go do it. Bruno think that’ll be a bit weird. Kevin tells Bruno he did well with the discs, but he’ll have nightmares over the kayak. Bruno laughs and says if Demetres hadn’t have gotten that strike… he says he just threw the ball, hoping for the best. He says the disc-golf went quickly.
Ika upstairs with the same group. She tells Dre that every time William gets upset in the game it’s over Kevin. Dillon says he’s a great liar — he’s a poker player. Ika says Bruno’s a bad liar- he moves around a lot. They all agree that Kevin is a great liar.
9:30PM BBT Ika says if the other side won, they wanted everyone to come up, spill the tea on each other, then they’d still put up whoever they wanted, and Ika’s side would be all pissed with each other. She would’ve said “I ain’t got no tea for you, I’m not making a deal with you, so you might as well put me up.” Dillon agrees.
Demetres says he almost asked Bruno if he wanted to make a deal. And when Bruno said yes, he was going to say “just joking”… they all laugh. Demetres says he didn’t want to look like an asshole.
Dré says Sindy did stay loyal and she feels like Sindy threw as little shade as possible. Ika says she’d rather go down with the ship and people she likes than to jump ship.
Demetres says Sindy was in such a great spot. That shows how easy it is to get voted out. It can change in a minute.
Ika wonders why they didn’t start working with Dillon and Emily sooner. Demetres says he knows why; Demetre rehashed the story of when he had to pick a fight with Dillon week 1 in order to stay. He doesn’t mention that was all Cass’s idea.
They all talk about that funny moments compilation. Dre says she thinks Karen’s legit embarrassed of being shown puking. Ika says Dre fell as soon as she entered the house. Dre says she was embarrassed. Demetres says the show is going to be so much fun to rewatch. Ika reminisces about Cass’s and Gary’s evictions, that they were crazy. Demetres says imagine Sindy alone in jury house with Neda. Dillon says they’re going to be bitter.
Ika says that Sindy came to her last minute and spilled some tea , and Ika said , why did you wait so long to spill that tea, I was thirsty!
9:45PM BBT Ika says she feels so lucky, thank god they found Dré and Dillon. Dre is annoyed that Kevin dropped a stack of wood and had to start over and she still lost to him. A song plays and Dillon says “it’s our song” to Dré and they start slow dancing. Dillon starts singing along and gets a “don’t do that” from BB.
Ika and Dré leave the suite to eat. Dillon and Demetres still in suite talking length of the HOH competitions. Feeds to Dré and Ika in upstairs WC. Dre asks Ika if she thinks next week will be a double. Ika says she thinks next week might be an instant. They leave.
Feeds to Bruno/ Jackie/Kevin/ William and Dre in the upstairs blue bedroom.
10:00PM BBT Bruno, Dre, Kevin,William, and Jackie in the bedroom talking about farting and armpits smells on others, and other goofy moments. The house guests talking about the way Sindy left and how she didn’t hug anyone on her way out. They talk about how Neda and Sindy are in the house alone and how uncomfortable it will be at first. Dre says that after they get out she will not watch the show because she does not wanna know. Bruno tells Dre that after the show that she needs to come to Ottawa and they can watch the show together. Kevin mentions that Sindy was evicted on her birthday. Ika, Demetres and Karen in the other bedroom talking about how much Karen and Dillon weigh and how they have been eating so much and have been waddling around. Karen says she is not gonna eat anything else tonight. Ika says she going to ask Demetres for a couple drinks so she can get lit and how she is a classy Christian woman.
10:15PM BBT Ika takes off in dillons shoes telling him and Karen to come downstairs to watch her eat, then Demetres shows up and they decide to eat bacon and some French fries. Dre shows up and hangs out with this group. The conversation turns to food and if they are going to eat or not. In the bedroom it’s Kevin, William and Jackie they are talking about house guests and how long they were on the block, noms and such. Bruno has went to soak in the tub. William is laying with half of his body on Kevin. Bruno in the shower and Kevin comes in and says that he has spoke to her (not sure who she is) and said that if we come after each other all the others are good and we will be out and he replied if you wanna come after me go ahead. They talk about selling Jackie out and if she is pissed at us, who cares.
10:30PM BBT Bruno says that Ika and Demetres against him and Kevin with all the newbies in the middle and no one’s going after them. Bruno tells Kevin he is gonna eat some food. Kevin tells William to trust him and he says he does. He says that he is paranoid and he can’t help it and that sometimes he is even like that with Dre at times.
10:45PM BBT Ika and Dre in the bathroom talking about how Jackie said something about Dre and Ika being safe this week and how they for sure we’re not going on the block, feeds cut out. Everyone in the kitchen, Dillon and Karen saying that they are not going to eat anything tonight. Ika and Demetres off by themselves eating and chatting about silly things they have said and done in the house.
11:00PM BBT William and Dre in the pantry saying that Sindy was saying that Jackie was working with Bruno and Kevin. Dre says that she doesn’t wanna tell Jackie too much because she doesn’t know how she flips. Dre says that if William wants to go far in the game he needs to stay with her because Kevin is a sinking ship. She tells him do what you want but please tell me and whichever it is i will try and protect you no matter what. Bruno shows up to look for food and they try and figure something all will like. Dre says she does not know, she says ya maybe she should talk to Jackie. Bruno has left the building and they talk in French anyway. Bruno and William making a sandwich and Dre eating fish sticks, nobody else wants any. Dillon singing in the house and no one says anything. They are all waiting for the backyard to open.
11:15PM BBT Dre and Dillon talking about putting Bruno and Kevin on the block and how they will be so mad, Dillon making fun saying that they will say come on bro, I thought we were bros. Dre asks who will I put up if I win next week. He says whoever doesn’t go home this week and Jackie. Dre says that she trusts Ika and Ika trusts her 100 percent but there is something holding her back from totally trusting her and she’s afraid of getting screwed over. She says that she would like a final four with them but she doesn’t know. They both say that they would rather put up William and Karen over Demetres and Ika. Dre says that she doesn’t wanna go after them but she doesn’t want them coming after them. Dre says that everything she has planned she planned with Demetres and told her after the fact. She says that everything she did she waited till it all blew up and then came to her and said that she was trying to protect her. Dre says that they have fuc*ed her over. Dre says that every week it changes.
11:30PM BBT Bruno and Kevin talking about how Bruno talked to Ika about them four being the biggest targets and how the newbies are in the middle laughing and how next week Demetres won’t be able to play and they might go after them. Bruno says he might go up and talk to them and throw it out to them together. He and Kevin say look at Dre and Dillion they are in the corner whispering s having a big conversation. Karen, William and Bruno in the kitchen talking about being a have not. Karen and William talking about how she probably embarrassed her family when she was on the show. William says she needs to do the whole experience and be a have not. She says she was a have not for two days and does not wanna do it again. He says he was for 14 days. She says I had enough and you should feel sorry for the old person in the house. He says he does not, while she wants sympathy and begs him for it. Dillon and Dre are talking and as Kevin walks by Dillon begins to sing and throws them all. As Kevin leaves the room again Dre says she hates them all and says she wants them all out. Dillon says he would rather play with her who has been 100% than someone been shady. They work out a plan to have Karen be there third person to drag to the end. Dillon says she will always be loyal to him.
11:45PM BBT Dillon says that they should get the other 3 out and then put Ika and Demetres out she will have William and he Karen and they can then laugh and laugh. They say they do not want Demetres and Ika in the end. Dre says that Ika talks to much and Jackie is way too trusting to fast. Kevin, Bruno, karen and William in the restroom talking about the stride comp. Karen and Bruno were like 30 apart with Karen winning over him. She says that Demetres was killing it. Bruno and Kevin agree that the rock challenge was Brutus and they announce that the back yard is open. Bruno says that he is gonna hot tub. Karen says that she hopes that her winning means that she is a have for the week. Bruno says he has a strain in his neck and hopes the hot tub breaks that up.

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