Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Thursday, April 13th

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12:00AM BBT Dre tells Ika that she is not ready to go the mile for someone that is not going to the same thing for her Dre tells Ika- The fact that he (William) keeps telling me “my HoH”, sometimes it annoys me. I feel we didn’t make a group decision. Dre says, On my HoH, I would want my people there. I would want us to discuss. Ika says He (William) wasn’t about that. Dre tells Ika- He (William) is telling me “on your HoH, why would you put Kevin?”. I love him but he is just annoying. Dre tells Ika- I feel like the reason why sometimes people fail is they are thinking too individually.
Dillon tells Karen that she never has to worry about him ever saying anything to anyone Karen said that good since it is so hard to trust people in the house Emily tells Dillon about how her ex would tell everyone about her extensions. Karen says You didn’t say anything that I said, right? Dillon tells her, No. I swear. You don’t have to worry about me ever. Karen tells Dillon- I need you guys to trust that we have something. These people are all f**king liars and sketchy as f**k
12:15AM BBT Most HG in bed Ika and Demetres talking in bed Dillon watches Emily fix her extensions and curls them with a straight iron Ika tells Demetres about when a time she was out drinking and how she had a dream that made her pee the bed
12:30AM BBT Emily still curling her hair while Dillon watches and they chat Ika still talking about peeing the bed All other HG are in bed Emily and Dillon get ready to go to bed
12:45AM BBT Emily talk about if ground beef is good for you are not Ika and Demetres still chatting in bed while Ika plays with his hair Dillon and Emily kiss goodnight before heading to bed because it will be there last night in the house together
1:00AM BBT All HG asleep except for Demetres and Ika chatting in bed
1:15AM BBT Feeds Down
7:00 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping
9:00 AM BBT Karen is up and heading out of her room to start her day. Karen is the only one up. In the pantry the fridge has been chained shut and all food items have been removed Meanwhile Karen has jumped into the shower. Ika has joined her in the washroom. Ika asks Karen how the water is. Karen tells her good. Ika is now preparing to have her shower. Both ladies are in the showers, there is no movement thru the rest of the house.Karen is out of the shower and starting the rest of her morning routine. There is still no movement in the rest of the house. Ika has asked Karen to pass her one of her scrubs Karen does.
9:15 AM BBT Jackie has now entered the washroom to start her day. Karen has left the washroom Karen has re entered the washroom and continuing her morning routine. Big Brother has turned all the lights on in the bedrooms. Jackie has gone back to bed. Big Brother has just said Good Morning HGS Time to get up. Ika has finished in the shower and is now continuing her morning routine. Karen is now heading downstairs she is heading to the kitchen to prepare coffee. Karen has gone into the pantry and just discovered that the fridge is chained, the freezer is empty. She says We are all on slop you have to be kidding me. She realizes that there is no ice either. Karen has gone back upstairs but Karen is telling Ika that all food is gone, the fridge is locked. Both of them head downstairs. Ika tells her that Emily thinks she is staying. Ika asks Big Brother what are you doing to us. Karen complains that she already has a headache. Karen says what did we do now, this mother is mean. Karen asks Jackie and Emily if they want their day ruined, she tells them all food is gone. Emily says yesterday we warned a lot about our mics.
9:30 AM BBT Ika asks Emily what she is wearing today. She tells her jeans a shirt and heels. Karen asks them if they can survive on mayo as there is only mayo and almond milk in the small fridge. Ika thinks maybe Canada voted and put us all on slop. She says we will be told why we are being punished. Jackie enters the bedroom and tells Dillon that we are all on slop. Dillon asks why she says she doesn’t know, it could be anything. Jackie asks him how he feels about today. Jackie says Should I tell Emily before or wait. She decides to wait and talk to someone else. She says she could not fall asleep last night. Demetres and Bruno enter the washroom. Karen says I don’t know what you guys did to make our angry parents but me on slop. She is talking to Big Brother saying I cleaned your house yesterday. You don’t appreciate anything you are a spoiled brat. Meanwhile in Neda has joined the others in the washroom to start her day. The rooster crows and Neda says that is why we are on slop.
9:45 AM BBT All the Hgs are awake. William and Kevin are waking up in the HOH Room. Meanwhile it looks like Dre is trying to grab a couple more minutes in bed. Looks like Sindy is trying the same thing. The rooster crows again for the second time. Meanwhile in the washroom Emily says she has heard the rooster nearly 3 times every day. Karen says it isn’t fair we all are getting punished because some do not want to get up were first awaken. Neda says my own parents don’t punish me this much. Karen says she hasn’t been punished in over 40 years. Karen says as a fan you don’t think slop is a big deal, but in the house it is worse. She asks Neda if they were punished a lot on her season. Neda says she thinks we are worse. Meanwhile in the kitchen Demetres and Ika are talking. Dillon has finally gotten up and is moving around Dillon says good morning, he is asked if he just woke up, he replies no. Ika is telling Sindy everything is gone from the fridge. The rooster has crowed for the 3rd time. Sindy has been told to put on her mic. Sindy says we have been bad the last couple of days with the mics breaking napping and the Canada is watching, so she gets it why we are all on slop. Ika says she isn’t so angry about it. Sindy agrees that we have been bad the last couple of days. Ika says maybe only the HOH can eat. Emily says she was going to put natural peanut butter in her bag just in case.

9:55 AM BBT Bruno, Neda and Jackie getting ready for the day in the WR. Dem and Dre in the kitchen. Everyone talking about them all being on slop for the day.
10:00 AM BBT Sindy, Bruno, Emily and Ika in the pink BR talking about Bruno’s weight and age. Bruno says he’s ‘almost 40’ (at 34) Bruno leaves and talk between the girls turns to crying. Emily says she’s cried more in the house than she’s cried in the last five years. Ika and Sindy agrees. Karen comes in whining about being on slop; Ika tries to calm her down.
10:05 AM BBT Karen, Neda, Dillon and Bruno in the WR. Dillon is trying to figure out how to work the steamer. Bruno asks if the feeds are off all day; Neda says no that they’re on in the morning. Karen is upset that she’s going to be on cam today acting like a brat about being on slop.
10:15 AM BBT Most HGs getting ready for the day in the WR; Ika and Sindy stretching in the pink BR. Kevin tells Will they’re on slop. BB begins to call out Will and it cuts away. Kevin and Dre in the kitchen. Kevin getting slop.
10:25 AM BBT Still nothing happening in the house. Small talk in the kitchen between Bruno and Dre.
10:30 AM BBT Ika and Dem talking in the pink BR. Ika telling Dem to get out of this room so he can’t get cornered by Emily about her leaving. Talk then turns to what Dem should wear today. Ika and Dem go down to the kitchen to join Bruno, Kevin and Dre. Talk again about why they’re on slop. Bruno says Arisa will tell them during rehearsal.
10:45 AM BBT Bruno, Ika, Dem, Kevin talking about how Gary was a perfect character for the show. They’re trading funny things he said. The conversation turns to the slop vote, and then to how he was horrible at remembering things and studying with him was impossible.
10:55 AM BBT Emily and Dillon sharing a last bowl of slop together. Dre still cleaning the kitchen. Karen watching them eat, she says once she’s starving, she’ll choke some down but maybe she’ll just starve today. Karen says this is the best weight-loss program she’s tried. Dillon jokingly says that he hopes BB keeps them on it for weeks. Karen points out that they can and Dillon quickly says it was a joke. Karen says the last day she spent on slop almost made her self-evict. She says she’s not joking when she says she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to make it for a week.
11:00 AM BBT All cams on HGs in/around kitchen. Copious amounts of small talk.
11:15 AM BBT Dillon, Sindy, Neda, Jackie and Emily in the WR. Dillon rubbing Sindy’s neck, and discussing Emily’s birth control as she packs up her stuff from the WR. Dillon grabs Emily’s sleep mask and asks if he can keep it. She says if she leaves he can. Talk turns to music lyrics.
11:25 AM BBT Karen and Bruno and Jackie talking tv shows in the kitchen; Dillon and Emily packing in the WR while Ika puts her face on and Dem prepares to shower.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Thursday, April 13th
11:30 AM BBT “Live show in 4 hours; HGs nominated for eviction must have their large backs in the storage room in 3 hours.” Emily says she wishes they could go for a smoke. She then asks for help with her speech. Dillon says his will be nothing but shoutouts. Then he says he’ll pretend to be a surfer. Neda and Bruno in the kitchen counting/comparing counts on items around the house. Karen joins them and talk turns to the connections between players in the house. Talk then turns to social media and privacy settings.
11:40 AM BBT Bruno and Karen alone in the kitchen. Karen is saying she doesn’t know who’s supposed to be leaving. Bruno says he doesn’t know, that if he hears anything he’ll let her know. He asks if she’s going to be good to play the HoH and she assures him that she will be hungry, but she will try her best.
11:42 AM BBT Feeds cut.
12:00 PM- 8:00PM BBT Feeds down since 12:00PM

Live Evict Recap
Tonight’s show starts with a recap of the POV ceremony. William, Emily and Dillon were surprised Kevin didn’t use the Veto. Kevin went to hug William and William tells him “ F*ck you” as they hug. Kevin and Bruno “suspect” Bruno will be the replacement nom.. was it Ika who foiled this plan? Kevin goes upstairs and tells William he chickened out. William feels screwed but needs Kevin’s vote to evict Dillon. Emily goes up to tak to her alliance, and Neda and Bruno start turning on her and accusing her of being selfish just for wanting Kevin to use the Veto. She asks for their vote and everyone is silent with no eye contact. As the house self implodes, this next HOH will be critical.Bruno patches things up with Dillon to keep him as both an ally and a meat shield. Neda tells Dillon he doesn’t even have to campaign. Next segment opens with Dillon teaching the HGs how to box. After analyzing BB tells them since they suck so hard, they had to wear boxing gloves until bedtime. Then, as the Core Six talk strategy, William and Dre bust them and are sketched out to see Ika and Demetres talking game with the supposed “other side”.
Arisa finally gets to the first eviction. Dillon and Emily give their speeches. 5 votes gets it done.
Bruno votes Emily.
Sindy votes Emily.
Neda votes Emily.
Jackie votes Emily.
Dre votes Dillon.
Kevin votes Emily.
Karen votes Emily
Ika votes Emily
Demetres votes Emily
EMILY has been evicted from BBCAN by a vote of 8-1.
Arisa asks Emily if Dillon didn’t win the game, who she thinks deserves it most. Surprisingly, Emily says BRUNO.
We hear the goodbye speeches and Karen’s is perfect as usual.
Arisa tells the HGs they are having a double, Neda’s immunity is over (while the audience roars with happiness)and that the next evictee will be the first jury member.
The next HOH starts with a Before and After Q and A.
Kevin and Sindy go to tiebreaker.
SINDY is the new HOH.
Sindy nominates DILLON and JACKIE. Even though the 6 had pretended Jackie was one of them (and to a lesser extent Dillon as well) but the fact that she spared Karen, Dre, and William should give Jackie a clue.
XPOV has the HGs trying to manoeuvre around a series of rope knots. JACKIE wins. Who will be the replacement nom?
Sindy is contemplating backfiring Neda! Neda is arguing with Ika in the storage room.. calls Ika trash.
Jackie obviously uses the POV on herself.
Replacement nominee is Neda as the audience goes absolutely BANANAS!! Neda spends her entire speech trashing Ika. While the audience boos so loud we can barely hear her.
NEDA is evicted by a vote of 7-1.
The audience is ecstatic. After each vote!
Neda comes out crying and shaking. She’s visibly shaken and upset at Ika and herself.
9:00PM-10:00PM BBT Feeds down since 12:00PM
10:00PM BBT Sindy is reading a card for the instructions. Each round someone is out and will possibly take all night. The person at the end will be the new HOH. The name of the comp is “buzzkilled”. No conversation except for that they think it will be a late on. Someone says that they are hungry and Dillon is breathing heavy. Dillon tells big brother that if they dangle 5k in front of him he’s gonna take it and give up. He brags and laughs about being pretty cheap.
10:15PM BBT Dillon is acting like he is so thirsty and wants everyone to go with him into the house so they can grab food and water but no one trusts him. Big brother puts a bunch of waters out for them. Some of the guests near Dillon ask if they can be moved because he won’t shut up and is literally just talking just to talk. He asks if he can empty his bottle and pee in the bottle.
10:30PM BBT Karen and Demetres talking about Neda being a mastermind and he hadn’t seen a person so good since Darren S16. Demetres and Dillon talking about how long they think it’s been. The cover where the water was is lowered and maybe will open again later. They wonder what will happen if they get locked in? Karen burps and laugh and goes on and on about how nasty and dirty it was but it was her.
10:45PM BBT Dillon tries to tell some jokes but they are childish and no one falls for them. Karen, Demetres and William are doing shout outs, just a bunch of silly talk amongst the guests. Karen talking with William about French fries with gravy and cheese and pizza. Karen complains about the pizza and how it’s old and cold before they get it. William and Demetres laugh and tell her that’s kinda ungrateful. Karen is complaining about being bored and how this kind of endurance is horrible and she will have to take like a couple of days to get over this.
11:00PM BBT The timer comes on and it’s a countdown .. first person out is Demetres. Karen still talking and using the fu*k word like it’s candy.
Sindy tells them Big Brother thought you may be hungry after a day of slop. Dinner…Chinese food and beer will be available for the next hour. Big Brother opens the door and shows them the food. Sindy and Demetres go inside and get food and tell them what there is. William says it smells good. 11:15PM BBT Karen says can we go and make a trip and put food on , she talks to Dillon about going. Some of the others say Karen wants to go with you, and she says no! I don’t wanna go. Dillon asks Demetres to chug a beer for him.
11:30PM BBT Sindy tells the others that there is cold beer available but the only one eating is Dillon. Karen says her knee is killing her and William about his leg. Sindy tells Dillon that she will put some sweet and sour near the edge so he can get to it fast , she also talks about how delicious it is . Karen and william say it smells and sounds amazing. Karen complaining about Sindy talking about the food and she would like to shove it up her fu*king nose.
11:45PM BBT Big Brother told them the food and beverage was only available during the next 30 min, but no one moved. Dillon has gone 4 times and gotten egg rolls and chugged down one beer. Kevin has ran twice and gotten one egg roll each time. Sindy tells the others that there’s more spring rolls and crab balls. Sindy tempts Will with an eggroll.

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