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12:00AM BBT Kevin in kitchen with Dillon and Karen. Karen asks Kevin if he thinks tomorrow will be the day they watch the movie. He has no idea. Karen wants time beforehand to get looking nice for it. They talk about putting their puzzle together. Ika and Demetres lying in bed. Demestres makes a comment that he is not sure if he will be able to live with it, if he does not win (the comp). They continue to go through different possible scenarios on who might keep who to the Finals. Ika has to win the HOH; she does not know what the comp may be and talks about Season 1. Kevin was in the pantry talking through possibilities of using the POV. He wonders if Ika can refuse the POV being used on her….leaves wondering what the rules are. Karen and Kevin talking about the comp while putting things away in the kitchen.
12:15AM BBT Ika does not see Kevin choosing her in any scenario. She coaches Demestres that he has to win HOH and POV to guarantee his position. He does not believe that Dillon can beat him in back to back comps. A comp yet coming up might be how well do they know HGs. They try to agree on what answers they might give to go with the opposite from the truth…on second thought, they agree it might screw themselves over trying to throw the others off. Ika and Demetres agree Demetres has a better shot of getting to Final 2; Ika is not throwing her game, but being a realist. As Karen comes into the Living Rm, Kevin asks her to tell a story. She talks about one of Sindy’s many important jobs while working on the cruise ship. Karen exaggerates (and makes fun of) how Sindy liked to talk and talk…about herself. Play by play of a day on the cruise ship–one of Sindy’s many stories! Kevin and Dillon laughing! During Karen’s funny story, Demetres goes into the DR.
12:30AM BBT Karen continues telling Sindy’s important jobs saving the groom’s life on the cruise ship. Ika is in bed sleeping by herself. Kevin tells the story of Sindy Starring in the Muskoka. A friend tells her a huge job opportunity at a hospital setting for the next 4 hours, but she was a little apprehensive about it. Demetres walks by and verbally congratulates Kevin (mentioning after his second cooldown); Kevin follows him into the pantry for a quick hug and says it was a tough one and returns to the Living Rm to continue with his Sindy story. Sindy was met by a “doctor” and served as a Patient Intake person at a desk in the front of this “hospital”. She was to record all the important details of patients coming in.
12:40AM BBT All feeds go down soon after Demetres is seen heading upstairs. Too bad we won’t be able to hear the results of Sindy’s job.
12:47AM BBT Dillon joins Kevin in the HT area–staying dry under the little shelter in the room. It’s raining on the HT cover. Kevin states Karen wants to keep Demetres, but as long as Dillon votes against it, they are okay with it since Kevin will have the final decision with his tie-breaker vote. Dillon is cool with it. If in the end Kevin goes to jury, he will plea Dillon to the jury. Kevin believes the jury respects Ika’s game though. Kevin wants to celebrate in the winning of the most recent comp. BB comes on giving the final warning that the BY is off limits. Kevin and Dillon heads inside.
1:05AM BBT Feeds keep coming on and off. Karen brushing her teeth in WR. Ika is walking around in the BR and gets dressed. Demetres is preparing to fry bacon in the kitchen. BB tells the HGs goodnight–sleep well. Demetres sits to think; he sure wishes he won the comp! We can hear Dillon telling Karen and Ika goodnight.
1:15AM BBT Demetres saunders back upstairs to see Ika and Karen. Karen tells Ika and Demetres that she does not want to keep Kevin here. She tears up more saying she feels so bad. She knew it was the W but didn’t say anything. Demetres also knew it was the W, but didn’t know how to fix it. Demetres says that will literally haunt him the rest of his life. Feeds go out again at 1:17AM.
1:20AM BBT Demetres and Ika come downstairs holding hands, They are talking about turning on their phones again. She says Demetres should go since it’s his first time. Ika doesn’t want to face these people again, but Demetres only wants to go only if Ika goes, too. She sits watching Demetres frying the bacon. Demetres says he is sorry since he made Ika’s life difficult. Demetres wants to change the subject,but can’t of anything else to say. Ika is wondering if she should not have come back since this game will haunt her the rest of her life. She was at a point where BB was out of her system–why would she do this to herself again? Demetres is happy she did. Demetres wonders what happened to the fun-loving, positive guy he once was when he first came into the house. Too much stress! to be positive.
1:30AM BBT Ika felt she was an entirely different person this time around. She didn’t even win a comp. They both are upset with the situation they are in. Ika talks about the interviews they HAVE to do, then she wants to get just away. Pre-jury has it’s advantages. She says working all season playing the game and not winning is not worth it! Demetres tells her they did do really good, she adds, “but not good enough.” Ika is still hung up without winning a single comp. Ika feels like they did other people’s work for them, and now they will win. They do not feel Kevin deserves to win. Ika believes Kevin might have thrown the comps earlier but because money was involved, he won. They sit to eat the rest of the bacon. Demetres is positive on what all they accomplished in the house. The best player rarely wins the game. Ika knows she is next to leave–5th place. Both agree that neither one of them will go back and watch the show. They want to, but know it’s best if they don’t. Demetres tells Ika that he loves her name! Ika also likes his name–it sounds like a Greek God.
1:45AM BBT Ika gets a glass of juice ready to take upstairs. BB tells the HGs again goodnight. As they head upstairs, Demetres points out how it’s funny she lost weight while being here and he gained weight. They go to WR to get ready for bed. Demetres is confident that if he gets to Final 2, without a doubt he will win. Karen walks into WR to go to the bathroom. Before long they all go to bed. Two feeds turn off. Ika and Demetres talk a bit more. Ika wonders if Demetres’ family will not like her since she was bad for his game. Eventually, they talk so very quietly most words can not be heard. Ika is reminded to put on her mic. They relive many times in which they helped or hurt each other’s game. Especially, Ika is so down on herself and the idea of always hurting Demetres.
2:00AM BBT The same talk between Ika and Demetres. Ika is so negative and Demetres is trying to cheer her. Who knows how the game would have played out if they were not a couple. She feels she has always let Demetres down every single time. Talk continues for a while between their cuddling/kissing. Feeds cut out around 2:50AM with Ika straddling Demetres. The feeds have clearly been picking up much hammering going on in the BY. Feeds come back on showing Dillon sleeping and of the HOH bed where Kevin is sleeping. According to the feeds, the house is all quiet. I would assume Karen is also asleep. It’s unclear if Ika and Demetres are sleeping yet….?
8:00 AM BBT The HGs are all asleep
8:15 AM BBT Lights are coming on and the feeds cut.
8:30 AM BBT The HGs are up and getting ready for their day.
8:45 AM BBT Dillon and Karen are in the kitchen Karen says that yesterday was exhausting for her. Her back is sore and she is old. She would like to sit in the hot tub. Karen says she used to have to retrieve dummies when she was doing her lifeguard training. She explains how to pull someone in from the water. Ika and Dem are still laying in bed. Karen has joined them in the Bedroom. They are going over how the finale will work. They are trying to figure out when finale will actually take place.
9:00 AM BBT Ika is strategizing with Dem. She says that she is leaving on Thursday and the Dem has to get HoH and put up Kevin and Dillon. She is schooling him on how things need to play out in each scenario of whether she goes or he does.
9:15 AM BBT Dem is saying that Kevin is not going to be happy if he stays. Ika says that if she stays, Kevin will make it to final 3. Ika says to Dem that they have played this game as a team, so now they have to think about which one of them has the best chance to get to final 2. They agree that Dem is the best shot to stay in the house to take Kevin out.
9:30 AM BBT Ika tells Dem that he needs to take Karen to final 2. She says that if Dillon has the chance, he will take Karen as well.
9:45 AM BBT BB calls out to Dillon to wake up. Dillon and Dem are still talking some strategy while laying in bed. Karen is doing her make-up. Kevin is cooking breakfast and Dillon is still napping,
10:00AM BBT Karen is talking about Thursday how that is going to work Karen said but it’s not 2 weeks left Karen said I want to talk to Bruce and my kids I have not talked to them in 57 days Dillon said delicious thanks buddy Karen said I’m sure they want to talk to me as much as I miss them Kevin is talking to Karen about baywatch Karen said you look so young and smaller on season 3 Karen said my kids are bigger than this Ika said I swear to god if I go the jury and anyone of them say anything to me I will rip them a new asshole Ika said that Bruno and Kevin are annoying Ika said season 2 was the best season Ika said William shouldn’t be here Ika said that William was the worst part and that William ruined the game
10:15 AM BBT Dillon said it’s going to look so good on tv Karen is in the kitchen Ika said Kevin is the worst showmance and pele was the worst showmance ever Demetres said his lips are so dry Ika and Demetres are laying down and napping Dillon and Kevin are talking about boxing Kevin said have you ever had a guy throw a fight Dillon said Mike Thompson was an animal Kevin said he was not a nice guy Dillon said he had bad things happen to him when he was growing up
10:30AM BBT Dillon said you have to train to the fullest Dillon said Larry Holmes was his favorite boxer Kevin said you spoke to Muhammad Ali Daughter Dillon said I have about 6 years left Dillon said I only have 12 professional fights Dillon said I had happy career if I were to retire tomorrow Kevin said the last person that slapped me was my mom Karen said I played the mom card a lot Karen said you set yourself for success
10:45 AM BBT Karen said they are going to have fits. Karen said Bruce and I feel very blessed. Karen said I met Bruce when I was 29. I got married 30. I got pregnant on Halloween and had hunter in July. Dillon said I used to say I wanted 13 kids with 14 different women. Dillon said that was a joke. Kevin said I don’t want kids right away. I want 2 kids. Karen said I have a headache and I feel that my head is spinning. Karen said when do you think we will be able to watch the movie? PLEASE STOP SINGING. Karen said have you ever had vertical? It feels like vertical . Karen said Vertical is more common than you think. Karen said I wonder what my Bruce is doing? please fix your microphone… Karen said my neck hurts .
11:00 AM BBT Kevin is laying down. Karen said she is interesting she is not boring. Karen said they look like they should be in a fitness magazine. Karen said I do love to eat ask any of my friends. Karen said we go to the movies today I will change. Karen said gotta love vegas. karen said a house and good kids very bless. Karen said I think you and me on amazing race would be good. Karen said for sure I can run. Feeds cut out
11:15 AM BBT feeds returned Ika and Demetres are in bed. Demetres said why do you feel bad? Ika said I should just stayed at my job. ika said I can’t get up physical move .Ika said just me sleep the entire day. Ika said you should eat something to Demetres. Demetres said I’m going to make some food if I make some bacon will you eat it? Demetres said you should talk to her feeds are out. feeds returned ika is crying. Karen is massaging. Karen Ika said thank you so much karen, I am happy that it’s you and me. Demetres is in the kitchen. Ika said Kevin don’t care. Demetres is in the WR. Karen said Demetres has our best chance to get Kevin gone. Karen said they have not been alone I have been with them.
11:30 AM BBT Ika said go away Demetres. Ika said we don’t want to leave Dillon and Kevin alone. Karen said Dillon can’t win anything. Karen said we are telling Dillon that he is saying. Karen said the POV is so hard. Karen said you have been honest this entire time. Karen said I have never made final 2 deals with either of them. Karen said Kevin is the problem and you are the only one that can take him out. Karen said I did know who the people are that was going to be targeting me. Karen said i know who should win this game. Karen said i know who played the best game. Ika said Karen there is still one more. Karen said i have 1 more job today and that is to clear him out of the house . Karen said it’s the hardest thing is your ego.

11:45 AM BBT Ika told Karen you look good in the swimsuit. Karen you said that west coast doesn’t watch this show. Ika said that they do at different times. Karen said I didn’t want to look laughable. Ika says Kevin will go home. Ika said we are the biggest targets in the house. Demetres asked Kevin did you guys go outside yesterday and what was it like? Kevin said it was rainy. Demetres is cooking bacon. Ika said he needs to win the veto to take out Kevin.
12:00 PM BBT Ika and Karen in BR talking about Neda and how much she mistreated them. Demetres frying bacon with Kevin looking in that direction from the couch. Frying bacon without a shirt on…using high heat–not the smartest thing to do with all the oil popping. Kevin and Demetres backs are sore from the comp. They say this house tears you down. Kevin adds,”no wonder we fight.” More comp talk and all feed go out momentarily. Ika talks about other people from her season and how they are in real life. Karen knows people in here has to do what they have to do, but then she looks deeper into their hearts and can figure them out. She dislikes most people in the jury! Demetres comes into the BR with bacon and spring rolls for himself and Ika. Karen said that many of them tried to fake being nice to her; Kevin can not be nicer to her now–but it’s all fake.
12:15 PM BBT Ika, Demetres, and Karen does not know if Kevin knows that Dillon has a Final 2 with Demetres. Demetres does not want to throw Dillon under the bus yet since he needs his vote. After Ika leaves, Demetres says that he can see Dillon voting him out. Karen will not be happy if that happens. Demetres feels that Dillon will be in the Final 3 no matter what. Karen has tried to drill it into Dillon’s head that Kevin is untrustworthy. Demetres is playing out different scenarios with Karen. Ika is in the WR getting ready to shower. A while ago Dillon had asked Karen if she is really trying in the comps. She has always tried her hardest, but that showed her that Dillon has not given his all. She does not respect people like that. Except for one comp when Neda was HOH, Demetres says he has tried his hardest.
12:30 PM BBT Karen leaves Demetres alone in the BR. He, too, leaves to take the dirty plate back to the kitchen. Karen talking to Ika in WR. Karen says she has no chance against these guys. From Day 1 she wanted to get all the big guys out early. She feels like Kevin is using her speech that she made in her first HOH saying wanting to be here with the people who are playing the game. She calls Kevin and others a liar. Ika thinks others will take Karen. Karen says they all are trying to play each other. They also talk through different scenarios while Karen folds towels and Ika starting with her make-up routine. Karen leaves. Demetres is seen going into the DR. Dillon is listening to music in the HOH Rm (appears could be asleep); Kevin lays on bed after showering and getting dressed. BB wakes up Kevin and Dillon. Kevin leaves to go to DR (I believe Demetres is still in there.)
12:45 PM BBT Karen comes downstairs and chuckles how someone has again cooked more food–”We are the cooking family!” Dillon soon comes down and Karen and he comment on what time it is. Karen says her stomach was hungry. She remarks, “When isn’t she hungry?…when she needs to get into a Baywatch swimsuit! Outside of that she is eating ice cream sandwiches and Oreos!” Different feeds keep going down for short periods of time. Feeds show Ika applying make-up and Karen eating at the kitchen bar. Dillon is sitting at the far end of the dining room table before sitting at the kitchen bar munching on the leftover bacon while Karen is once again cleaning up the dirty pans left behind by others. Again, some of the feeds are down.
1:00 PM BBT Dillon gets up and walks around, and Kevin comes into the kitchen and helps himself to the few spring rolls and bacon. All feeds go down. Feeds come on 9 minutes later. In the kitchen, Karen is telling Kevin a real story about a company making it big. Kevin states for every success story like it, there are thousands of failures. Kevin is questioning if Cola started as a cleaning product; she assures her the start was from a pharmacist. They are talking about Coke (but not saying the name); her story was how it started with a $500 investment and now known around the world. Kevin mentions “the blue one” (Pepsi). Karen can not stand “the blue one” and feeds are cut again. Meanwhile in the WR Ika is still wrapped in a towel putting on her face.
1:15 PM BBT Karen is talking about her aches and pains from the comps while her, Kevin, and Dillon and lying around in the LR. They talk about going into the pool and getting something out–must be a part of the comp. Karen keeps saying that she just didn’t want to look stupid and laughable. Dillon says how BB is so good to them. Karen wants to know in what aspect. Karen feels like she should always have a handicap in all these comps. She does not tee off from the men’s tee. They say Karen’s advantage in this most recent comp, was to wear knee pads. They knew she would not be able to get over the wall without crawling. Karen felt as if the dummies should have been in proportional to individual’s body weight. Dillon doesn’t like that idea; Demetres comes down and he agree with Karen. Karen makes mention that that is why she like him! Those dummies were heavy! Demetres heads back upstairs. Feeds go out momentarily when they mention the GoPro (brand name) that was a part of the comp. Feeds again periodically coming on and off.
1:30 PM BBT Feeds come back with the 3 still in LR; Dillon making noises making Karen laugh. Kevin appears to be sleeping on bench under the stairs. Ika is now dressed, but still in the WR doing her hair. Demetres talking about the movie they will see and who plays in it. Ika says she really doesn’t care! Demetres still wishes he won and it was him who choose who to go see it. Ika says that Kevin is not thinking right. He should be keeping them and getting rid of Dillon. Demetres knows that he knows no one is planning to take him to Final 2. Demetres says that he is banking that he will win the comp to make it there. Ika thinks Demetres needs to talk to Dillon about keeping him. The POV ceremony has not happened yet; Demetres doesn’t want to push too early. They leave to chat in the Pink BR. Ika wants to know what Demetres is thinking….he doesn’t know what to say to Dillon. But there is still time.
1:45 PM BBT It’s somewhat quiet in the LR. Kevin is a awake and goes into DR. Dillon only saying a little with his eyes closed, then snoring. Karen picks up the conversation about Pamela Anderson. She is Canadian and wonders if maybe they will meet her at the movie preview. It sounds like Dillon keeps falling asleep with saying a few words to respond if asked a question. Ika and Demetres back lying in bed. Demetres tells Ika about the red dress he likes on her. Ika likes to torture Demetres when he misbehaves…early in the game she wore the red dress to spite him. Demetres felt like that is something he will never have. Ika says it worked then. They talk how they do not want Kevin to win. Ika talks about the comps she should have won–Demetres replies with a “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, but they didn’t.” Ika discounts any thought of Demetres going to Jamaica with her. Ika thinks it funny of her going to Greece. There are not many blacks in Greece.
2:00 PM BBT Demetres looking for something to eat in the store room. Ika and Karen consoling each other. Karen is crying. Karen talking about Dillon making fun of her and she is upset she hasn’t won when she tries so hard. Ika is telling her she only has one more thing to do to say she has done everything in this game. She only has to win a pov. Karen keeps saying she wishes it was different. Ika saying she didn’t think she would make it past pre-jury anyway. Karens says it just drives her crazy that someone is playing for second and they are there over Ika/Dem. (She is talking about Dillon) Ika says Kevin did not play a better game than her, she says Kevin and Bruno did not convince her to keep them in the house but she was able to convince Kevin to put up Jackie. Karen says how can he be that dumb, Ika says maybe I am just that good. Ika is now crying and she tells Karen “I played a really good game Karen’ Karen tells her just because she goes does not mean she is defeated. Demetres walks in with a drink and asks Karen if she wants one. Karen says it is a sad day and they are just scheming to get Dillon to go. Karen is saying they should tell Kevin that they are keeping Demetres and would he rather have two big guys or one big guy coming after him. Demetres says that he would just tell Dillon that he will go up unless he votes to evict Demetres. Ika says what if Kevin takes me off and puts Karen off to make sure Demetres goes home. They all stop for a second and Ika says is he that smart? They all decide they need to keep their mouths shut about keeping Demetres so he doesn’t do that. Karen brings up that Kevin never said he was going to keep the noms the same and Karen says maybe he will do that to make sure Demetres goes. Ika says if Kevin really wants Demetres to go he will take Ika down and put Karen up. Ika says we don’t know if Kevin is that smart, Karen shh’s Ika. Demetres says well it is out of our control. Karen says we will find out tomorrow. Karen said it is so risky because if we try to get Dillon up there he will catch on to Karen’s loyalty and it will screw everything up. Ika talking about how Karen tells Dillon what to do, he didn’t play a good game, Karen played the game for him. Ika/Dem/Karen keep running scenarios for POV.
2:15 PM BBT Ika keeps saying Kevin is not smarter than she is. Karen tells Ika to say to Kevin that she is upset and it is hard to know your game is coming to an end. Karen telling Ika/Dem saying they are at the top and everyone is trying to take them down. Karen tells them when she was at the top in the real estate game she didn’t understand why people would try to do that to her and Bruce told her that people always want to take down the people at the top. Karen telling Ika she goes into that jury house and snap her fingers and be her! Demetres says they are just mad because we dismantled them, he tells Ika if she was them she would be mad at herself too. Ika doesn’t think people know that game she has played, Karen says they do. Karen asks the jury or the fans in Canada? Karen says based on those applause Canada knows the game you are playing and they want you here. Karen tells her this was her redemption season, you took down the ego’s, Canada lived for that. Karen says Neda couldn’t have been on a better painted white horse that she rode in on and sat on for six weeks and then fell. Sindy and Bruno where Neda’s followers. Dre used you. William was played for two people that used him and that was disgusting. Karen talking about Kevin and how disgusting he is to her. Ika tells them they need to sit there and think of different scenarios
They are now talking about whether Dillon would tell on Karen to Kevin. Demetres thinks he would, that he is just like Jackie. Ika saying Kevin is a very emotional person, Karen says he wants to be likes where she doesn’t care if she is liked. Karen says with certain people I don’t want to disappoint but with others I don’t care. Ika says she thinks it is Canada, he wants Canada to like him. Ika says when they played him with the Jackie thing he was embarrassed. Ika says Kevin will not rest until one of them leave. Karen says in the kitchen Kevin was comparing himself to Demetres like baseball stats and he thinks he is better than Demetres.
2:30 PM BBT Karen/Ika talking about Kevin. Demetres laying there joining in once in awhile. They think Kevin wants Ika gone more. Karen says in his mind Kevin thinks he is at the same competition level as Demetres. Karen wonders why Kevin was fighting so hard during POV, because he has something to prove. Karen says he is HOH he is not in jeopardy of going home. Karen says Kevin keeps getting played, he got played when Ika/Dem convinced him to put Jackie up and he got played during the Sindy deal. Karen says we have a delicate balance to not set off any alarm bells. Karen said she is not even going to talk about Demetres. Karen keeps questioning why Kevin fought so hard in POV and Ika keeps going back to taking Ika off and putting Karen up so Demetres will go home. Ika tells Karen during the awards show she has to give Ika a toast, Demetres says he will. Ika says she is so mad about Dillon going to final four and he flip flopped all season. Karen says we hate flip flop floaterville. Karen says I never flip flopped, not one time. Ika talking about how when Dillon told her in front of Kevin she should have congratulated him on his POV win, Karen says that is not something you say in front of Kevin, Ika says if you are my friend you say it in private. Karen gets called to the DR so she goes to fix her makeup. Ika/Demetres kiss. Demetres telling Ika the only reason he thinks Kevin will not take Ika off is because there is a slim chance we both stay. Ika says no, if he pulls me off and puts up Karen, you will go home. Ika is reminding Demetres that he has a better chance at getting to final two than she does because he will likely win HOH and POV in final four. Ika says what sucks more, you leaving then me leaving at final four or me leaving and you making it to final four.
2:45 PM BBT Ika saying that John blew all his winnings from season 2 and now he is working as a server. Ika says John/Neda rented an apartment that was $2000 a month and blew all his money. Demetres says he would never do that, he will invest it or give some to his Dad. Feeds cut. Camera on kitchen where no houseguests currently are. Kevin comes out of storage room and is in kitchen whistling to himself. Ika/Dem whispering. Ika telling Demetres that Canada likes him, Demetres say they like me because of you. Demetres says they likeus because we are not that typical shomance and it did come off extremely genuine and they appreciate the work I put in! Demetres says he masterminded the mastermind, he reverse psychological the mastermind. Ika says she just wants to gains some of the weight she lost and Demetres tells her don’t worry he will fatten her up. Ika says Karen thought all of my ‘upsets’ were valid, Demetres says ya I know, because she is just as crazy as you are. Ika says why didn’t we protect Karen all season. Talk turns to everyone knowing Demetres had feeling for Ika, at least all the girls and Gary. Demetres says the guys don’t see the way I look at you, girls see that. Ika says so Sindy had to have known. Demetres says Sindy is too busy thinking about herself. Ika says she did confess to Gary one time. Gary told her that Ika/Dem have something beautiful and pure. Gary told her that he didn’t want to be in a season where he was the third wheel again. Ika says she told Neda and Neda told Dillon and Dillon thought him and Emily where the Jillian and Emmett of the season and that is why Dillon wanted to target Gary. Demetres says he wants to play again but when he walked in here didn’t know what he was doing.
3:00 PM BBT Ika/Dem back to kissing. Demetres asks how she is so flexible, Ika says because she is all bone. Demetres says he can feed her. They flirt for awhile. Kevin and Dillon talking in the kitchen while cooking. Ika saying how while they were going on the block they were imitating people, they are just funny. Ika says she got a crazy person edit, Demetres says that is not an edit Ika, that is who you are. Ika talking about when she cried. Ika talking about how much of a pain she has been to Big brother over the past few days, not wanting to wear wardrobe. Ika tells Demetres he remembers the time he came in the have not room and was ranting about doing what was best for his game. He apologizes. Back in the kitchen Dillon and Kevin eat their sandwiches. Kevin does a shot of the flavor shot. He says he likes it better than the purple drink. Kevin asks Dillon if he saw the new Jurassic Park movies, Dillon says oh ya, the one where they make the park. Kevin now asks if Planet of the Apes is a good movie, Dillon says yes all of them are. He thinks that is more believable than Jurassic Park. Ika/Dem talking about what they would say to the jury when they ask questions. She says you don’t have to come to Big Brother and play the game by yourself. Ika says this is the time when people like us would turn on eachother but we sat and discussed it. Dillon and Kevin talking about the effect mentally being in the house comparing it to prison. Dillon wants to hug his dog so bad. Kevin says he is not going to go back to work until he feels mentally ready. Dillon says he will probably take at least a month off. He can’t wait to see something real.

3:15 PM BBT Ika talking about what she did different for each person. During Dillons HOH she knew he had a big heart and she had to make it hard for him to put her up over Sindy. So Ika stuck to Dillon day and night. Ika then says with Sindy she gave her compliments and attention when no one else would. Demetres says you have to create a profile on each person. Ika says Sindy’s profile was she wants to talk about herself and compliments. Neda thinks she is the smartest person and wants everyone to stroke her ego. Dillon wanted loyalty, family, 100. Demetres asks what about Bruno. Demetres says Bruno’s profile should say “ Do not trust at all” Ika says she made him feel like she had a soft spot for him and played into it. Demetres talking about something that happened with Dillon, when he was going into the DR and give Jackie’s goodbye message Dillon told him to say “ flip flop floaterville” and Demetres knew everyone was doing it so he went in there and gave her a really nice goodbye message. Ika tells him that was smart. They laugh about it and BB calls them out for talking about production. Ika talking about the first day she met Demetres and she didn’t like his hair. Demetres and Ika talking about the first night and how he thinks Dre saw her and wanted Ika to be her #1 and he took it away from her. Demetres left the bedroom to get some more to drink. Ika tells him to come back.. Demetres goes downstairs and talk about the movie they are going to see. Karen tells him that Kevin/Dillon had lunch without her. Karen tells Dillon to be nice to her today. Dillon says he is always nice. She says you better be. Demetres goes back upstairs. Karen and Dillon whisper, Karen asks Dillon to tell her his points of view. Karen says Kevin is getting in your head, it is that final two deal. Dillon says there is no deal, the only way for them to get to the finals if they have to take Dem/Kevin out. Karen says they will keep going after each other. Dillon says it is too late for that. Dillon says he can beat Kevin, they don’t need him to beat Kevin. Karen says two against one is better. Dillon says then I have to get him out too (Demetres). Dillon says the best way for them to get to the end Demetres going this week and Kevin going next week. Dillon says they need him, her and Ika in the final three. Dillon says the only way for him to win this game is to get Demetres out this week and Kevin out next week. Dillon says it is not about loyalty and alliance anymore. Karen said she never had alliances, she had relationships. Karen says who is the biggest threat to win this game, Dillon says Kevin.
3:30 PM BBT Karen and Dillon continue to argue over what to do this week. Karen tells him the mission was to get Kevin out then go after Demetres/Ika. Dillon says if you think I am going to keep Demetres right now it is ludicrous. Dillon says he was throwing the veto and taking it slow, if he would have went full force he would have beaten Kevin, he can beat him. Karen says you have only won one veto can you win it. Dillon gets annoyed, he says winning that veto was not smart for his game yesterday. Karen asks Dillon if he thinks Kevin will use the veto or keep it the same. Dillon says he will keep it the same. Karen asks him if he trusts Kevin and Dillon says it is not about trust anymore it is about doing what is best for your game. Karen says she wants to get Kevin out because she knows if he gets to the end he will win the game. Dillon tells her this vendetta needs to end. Karen says if Kevin stays he will win the game. Karen tells him she doesn’t want to talk out in the open and she has to brush her teeth so for him to come upstairs. Dillon tells Karen that yesterday gave him a lot of confidence because if he wanted to win the veto he would have. Karen tells him he should have. Dillon says he didn’t want to come in this game and be the big competition beast, he is threatening enough. He says Kevin underestimates him already and during the comp he was three pieces away and instead of putting his pieces away he sat there. Dillon says he is one of the best athletes in the house, him and Demetres. The only way for him and Karen to get to the finals he needs to get Kevin/Dem out before the final three HOH. Dillon says next week he wins POV Kevin goes home and it is him, Ika and her in the final three and he feels confident he can win it. Dillon says what if Demetres doesn’t win it next week than all this is a waste of time, but the best way for him to get himself to final three and them to final two is to get Demetres out. Karen says Yes for your game but she needs Demetres here to get Kevin out. Dillon says you would rather keep Demetres because he deserves to win. Karen says I would rather keep two guys to go after Kevin because he has every flipping vote in that jury. She says she needs two guys to get out the guy that does not deserve to win this game. Karen says two is better than one. Karen brushes her teeth and the Dillon/Karen argument take a break. Kevin is in the kitchen putting dishes away. The TV screen says POV CEREMONY TODAY. Demetres walks in and asks Kevin if he saw the tv. Kevin says ‘OH SHIT” Kevin says that is so weird that it is a day after. Karen back to arguing with Dillon. Dillon says what is the difference if Demetres won then he stays if Kevin wins they Demetres goes home. Dillon says I am not thinking about anyone else winning this game other than me winning this game. Karen says I can appreciate that. Karen says I am doing the same and I am thinking about getting the person out that has guarantee to win this game because of the bitter f’in jury. Karen trying to make Dillon think that Demetres would not necessarily take her to the end because people would feel sorry for her. Karen says think this one out, BB jury votes on bitterness, do you think they are going to give it to Demika.
3:45 PM BBT Dillon says no, they will vote for who had the best game. Karen says Kevin is betrayed at an underdog and the jury likes him the best. Dillon sighs. Karen says listen, Kevin has the final say in the vote. So you and I are not going to vote the same so he will get the final say. Dillon says he has a chance to get a stronger player out and he has been thinking about it for three days. Karen brings up the fact during the triple Demika could have sent him home and they didn’t Karen says you were the stronger player but they kept you, because you are a better ally than enemy. Karen is trying to convince Dillon they they need Demetres to better their odds to get Kevin out because he will win if he makes final two against anyone in that house. Meanwhile Kevin is doing dishes and Demetres is talking about Dwayne Johnson being cool, he says there is no one that doesn’t like that guy. He says anyone that doesn’t like the rock, he is not okay with. Kevin goes upstairs. Dillon and Karen are still arguing. Karen tells Dillon she doesn’t want him to tell Kevin anything she is saying. Karen says he is not trustworthy. DR LEAK 3:51 pm Ika is heard. Producer says “ so you kinda rule the house” and Ika says ya, ya I do. Feeds cut. Feeds come back Karen is telling Kevin he can’t win if Ika is there in the end. Kevin says she is but Demetres is the biggest comp threat and the comps he won. Karen is praising Ika (Kevin has said he will take Ika down with POV and Karen is trying to convince him Ika is the biggest threat) Karen asks him if he is going to keep the noms the same and Kevin says yes. Kevin says Demetres is an animal, Karen says they are going to say Ika is the brains.
4:00 PM BBT Demetres comes into washroom. Dillon asks Kevin if they are testing the speakers in the backyard for the movie, he says yes. Karen talking about getting popcorn and candies and maybe a sundae bar. Kevin asks them if both Ika and Demetres want to stay. Karen says yes. She tells Kevin that Ika thinks she is going home thursday. Dillon says he doesn’t understand why it is so devastating to everyone, we are blessed to be here. Karen says you are telling me you want to go out with nothing but a good game. Dillon says in his eyes he has won for being on the show for this long, 20 episodes on prime time. Dillon wants to make some money too. Karen says everyone comes in here and you are playing for first but honestly she never thought she would make it to fifth position, but once you get so far you just want to finish it. Dillon says you want to finish first but chances are slim, Karen says you have to play for first. Dillon says he is not tucking his tail and rolling over. Kevin says there is still game to play. Kevin says at the start of the week he thought Demetres was his biggest threat and Ika Wong, Karen says is a feather in your cap. Dillon says he feels if they get Ika out Demetres will crumble and be broken down. Dillon gets called to the DR. Kevin again says to Kevin that at the start of the week he though Demetres was his biggest threat to winning the game.Kevin asks Karen if she thinks Demetres was making more of the decisions. Karen and Kevin talking about they have no deals and Kevin says he has no allies in this house. Karen thinks she is going before final three. Kevin says if someone wins veto they are voting him out. He thinks no one will take him to the end.
4:15 PM BBT Kevin asks Karen if you were Kevin Martin who would you target, Karen says Ika is going to give you the biggest run for the money. Karen is telling Kevin about all the stupid moves everyone has made during the season. Kevin asks Karen if she would vote against DIllon, she says she thought she wouldn’t but she doesn’t know now. Kevin asks Karen who he should get rid of. Karen says you have got two people. Karen tells him Dillon is going to make it a tie so Kevin can be the deciding vote. Karen is telling Kevin it will be a tie vote over and over in this conversation. Karen just tells Kevin she is not with Dillon anymore and she thinks Kevin has a final two deal with Dillon. Kevin keeps asking questions to see where Karen’s vote is going to go and where Dillons will go. Karen basically assured him that Dillon will vote out Demetres and she will vote out Ika and it will be a tie vote. Kevin has no reason now to use the veto. Feeds cut at 4:25 pm
4:30 PM BBT -8:30PM BBT Feeds down
8:37PM BBT Feeds back. Demetres / Ika and Karen are all laughing and so excited. Ika says Karen is a witch. OMG Kevin must’ve used the Veto to save Ika.
Confirmed: Kevin saved Ika and put up Dillon. Even after Karen admitted she might vote Dillon out. Ika and Demetres are still in shock. Karen tells them she knew it. She says she spilled the tea. She says how the weak people who don’t deserve it always get to finals, and the strong people who deserve it most end up leaving 3rd and 4th. Karen cares more about it being a good season for fans than actually getting to finals. She keeps saying how it was her dream to be Shelly to her Jeff and Jordan (Demika). Ika says she can’t believe Kevin used his veto on her when she told him to stick it up his ass.
Meanwhile Kevin is downstairs sipping a drink, speechless.
8:46PM BBT Kevin and Dillon are both sitting, speechless. Dillon goes to Karen and asks her not to flip on him. Karen says you think he won’t? Dillon says you’re to only one who can keep me safe. Karen leaves. Dillons a dead man walking.
Kevin is upstairs now calling someone petty. He’s talking to his stuffy. Kevin tells himself they didn’t expect that. Karen comes in and asks what he was thinking. Kevin says he thinks it’s 4-1 and he still has to fight for himself. HE WAS NOT FOOLED. He says he knew they would vote out Ika but he wants Ika in final 4. Karen asks if he wanted make Karen make the strike and he says yes. She says she could tie it and make him to make the move. Karen asks if he’d prefer Dillon or Demetres in F4? Kevin says he pleads the 5th, and says it’s in Karen’s hands. He does say if it was a tie he would send out Demetres so if Karen wants Dillon to stay she needs to save him.
Ika comes upstairs to help clean off the honey. She says she feels bad for her speech since he used it on her. Kevin says it was good TV. Kevin reminds Ika he knew it was 4-1 since the triple and knows he has to win out. Ika says Dillon’s fuming.
9:00PM BBT Demetres is upstairs with Ika and Kevin. Kevin says he knew since before the POV that he was going to save Ika. Demika says they would’ve been easier on the speeches if they had any inkling. Demetres says his was cocky too. Apparently Dem said “you beat me once, you won’t beat me again, don’t use it on me”. Kevin said it was solid. Kevin asks Dem what he thought Kevin would do. Dem says he thought Kevin might use the Veto on Ika and put up Karen.
Ika and dem says the Dillon was lying about giving Kevin a tiebreaker. But they both would’ve voted together. Kevin says he could tell Dillon was lying. He says Karen tried to pitch that would add to his resumé (breaking the tie) but Kevin is showing that he shows what’s up and Karen actually had no influence over his decision whatsoever.
Ika and Karen now downstairs with Dillon. Ika reveals everyone is against Kevin and Kevin is bothered Dillons not in his corner. Karen pretends she heard her name [in the KT with them in the HOH suite???]. Dem reveals that Kevin knew from go that he was going to make that decision. Why would he listen to someone who’s been vitriolic to him all season. Showing that Karen had nothing to do with it. Karen shrugs it off, and says she’s going to sweep up. Dillon says show much he likes meal replacement. Ika tells him to stay out of them- BB brought them in for her because she wasn’t eating. Ika in the SR alone says she feels so bad and is speechless for the first time.
Demetres wonders why Kevin didn’t just put up him as Dillon right away? Dillon is acting like he knows he’s going. He says he’s glad he made it so far. Dillon wonders what the jury house is like? Karen says she’ll be right after him. Dillon says he knows he’s getting sent home and he feels like an idiot for not trying during the Veto. He says Kevin wanted him comfortable. Karen is feeding into it even though she knows it’s a lie and that Kevin would vote out Demetres. She’s trying to pit Dillon against Kevin.
9:15PM BBT Karen is trying to take all credit for “dismantling his game”. Karen says it’s all about the money to him. Dillon says that’s what the game is, but he’s going to try to trash him to everyone at jury. Dillon says he doesn’t want to talk to Dre or Jackie (he moans) Ika reminds Karen it’s the POV winner who sends the person to jury with the only vote. Karen says she would never come back. She says she hasn’t talked to her kids in 58 days. Ika says more than that because of sequester. 69 days.
Karen reiterating Kevin needed a big move and Dillon, you’re his big move (not Demetres? Please) Karen’s playing to Dillons ego. Dillon says, get the champ out. Karen says that exactly right. As Karen and Dillon go upstairs, Demika is downstairs and Ika says she feels bad for Karen. Demetres says Canada hates us now. Ika says for sure. They both say how mean they were. Ika says he honestly does deserve final 3. Demetres agrees. Dem says Kevin knew he was gonna use Veto for several days. Ika says if we hang out with Kevin, Karen will get mad and won’t give you her vote. Demetres says we just got caught up in the game too much.
9:30PM BBT with everyone around, Ika suggests they go to the pink room. Ika feels bad for calling Kevin a coward. They get to pink room to talk alone and Karen’s already there.
Feeds switch to Kevin in the tub . He says Demetres deserves a good shot of winning the game. “He’s an animal”. He says if he put Karen up he couldn’t rely on Dillon to make a logical move. He’d probably keep Demetres just to f with Kevin’s game. He laughs as he says the four of them are in a huddle with shock wondering what just happened. He keeps saying how hilarious it is, that Ika made 2 rude speeches and wouldn’t talk to him for 4 days, and he still used the Veto on her. Kevin says Ika and him would never sit beside each other. They think he’s stupid. He say in 3, both him and Ika would take Karen. He says it’s getting fun, there’s no more deception he can just do whatever he wants. He says even if he loses and gets 4th or 3rd he’s had fun and a great time. Last time he was depressed for two months because he thought his one shot. He wonders why BB chose him over Arlie or Mitch.
He says they would’ve convinced Dillon to flip on Karen. He keeps topping up the water with hot as he thinks.
9:45PM BBT meanwhile, Karen/Ika/dem in pink room. Karen says this is her biggest game move. Karen says Kevin thinks he put her in a moral dilemma where that’s exactly what she was planning to do. Karen says it’s good that he thinks it’s his idea. She says 3rd, 4th or 5th place she gets no money anyway. She thinks no one will take her to finals [updater note; Kevin WILL take her to finals, that’s the irony. She worked him against her own benefit.] She says she hasn’t lost anything , she’s at third now. Demetres says she keeps blowing his mind. Karen wants a little prize for getting third , pretty much asking Demika for a cut. BB slaps her wrist. Dem says he and Ika would “come visit her in Shuswap”. Karen says she’s fatigued and can’t win an endurance. Dem reminds Ika she said the other day, this wasn’t the right way to end our story. Karen mocks Kevin and Ika says she feels bad that Kevin has no friends in the house. Karen says she knows people at home won’t get it, but she explains she has no shot at top 2 it doesn’t matter if she’s 3rd or 5th. She would rather help someone else get ahead. Karen says if dem and Ika are both in finals, she just might win. If Demetres is there without her it’s a slam dunk. She says if Kevin is there with Ika, she thinks it’s too close to call. Karen thinks she’ll have lots of clout with Neda in jury. Does Karen remember the 3rd place doesn’t see jury? Ika says this is the third time Karen saved me. Ika says Karen’s set the tone of the season. Karen says she doesn’t want a bunch of weak ass pieces of shit at the end. Karen’s taking all the credit for everything.
10:00PM BBT Karen says that she was going to give them the whole mother speech about not giving up and fight. Karen says that she’s going to go off on that bitter jury. Ika says that she can’t believe that just happened. Karen and Ika say that Dillon thinks he played a great move. Ika says that he thinks the votes will be split, and the power will be in his hands on who goes. Karen says that Dillon thinks he’s playing them and is 100% convinced that Ika and Demetres are working with him. Karen says that he thinks that Ika is lying to him. Karen says that if starts to backtrack, she’s not going to let him. Ika compliments Karen. Karen says to Demetres that he better win veto, ‘cause he’s (Kevin) going to fight like never before. Karen says that her next career should be an actress. Ika says that she needs to be on the Canadian version of The Talk.
10:15PM BBT Karen says that Dillon got too comfortable in the game. Demetres says that jury will be so confused, considering that he took off Ika and put up Dillon.
10:30PM BBT Karen recalls when she told Ika and Demetres about William coming out of the wall, and how they thought she was crazy. Ika says that it’s crazy how Karen predicted that people were going. Karen tells a story of when she told Dillon a story about when she was in Arizona, predicting something about Backwards Week. Demetres recalls a time when he was so paranoid that he’d count the breaks between songs. Ika is called to the DR. In the kitchen, Kevin asks Dillon “If I kept the noms the same, you’d vote out Ika, right?,” then the feed cuts to the pink room. After a while, karen says that both sides of hre ass hurts. Karen realizes that it may be from going up the sandwall with the dummy.
10:45PM BBT Dillon and Karen are making food in the kitchen. Demetres asks Karen something, and Karen said that it was overwhelming to be around all the other HGs, saying that usually when there’s so many kids around, she’ll just go out with her husband.
11:00PM BBT Demetres and Karen talk about previous comps. Karen talks about when Dillon said that it’s just a bunny, when Ika freaked out. Demetres recalls when he didn’t understand that he was supposed to say his name during the Toyota comp. Karen talks about the feeds, saying that she knows that her husband watches the feeds, and says that she didn’t watch the feeds when she watched the show. Demetres says that he didn’t either, and wonders if people watch them. Dillon says that they do, around 1.7 million per episode (he’s probably confusing ratings and live feed viewers). Demetres is surprised by this. Feeds cut at 11:08pm.
11:08 PM BBT-12:00 PM BBT  Feeds cut.


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