Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

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12:00 AM BBT Gary brings everyone replacment batteries. GOODNIGHT HOUSE GUESTS SLEEP WELL. Cassandra, Ika and Demetres are in the HOH room and Cassandra goes to bed in the Have Not room. Demetres and Ika talk about who should go home. They say that Dallas should go home. Demetres talks about who else he would put up with Dallas. In the bathroom, Cassandra and Gary are talking about how Cass she would help Gary. Gary is talking about how they will not be able to get out Kevin because people will make a fuss about it. But Cass tells him that they are both in a very good position. Cass and Gary decide they are not going to say anything to keep themselves off the radar. In the HOH room Dre and talking to Ika and Demetres about how she wants to stick by them because she says they are loyal. Demetres asks if he puts someone up that she will back him up.
12:15 AM BBT Dre asks that they keep William to be safe. Ika asks what else she wants while she is there. Dre tells them that she appreciates that they are loyal and keep their word. Demetres says he is going on who he thinks will be coming after him next. They say that whoever they put up needs to go home or they will be messed up. Demetres says that he had plans before coming to the BB house not to make waves but now that he is here that he has already done it. Dre says that Dillon took the situation personal and that he doesn’t have bad intentions. But she can not blame him for not liking Dillon but not make it a petty fight. Dre leaves to go to bed. Demetres asks Ika to tell him something about her life and how she stays single. He asks if she chooses to be single or if she is looking for the right guy. She says yes she is looking but isn’t everyone? Demetres says he is choosing to be single. In the have not room, Sindy and Emily are talking about talking to Demetres and making a deal with him
12:30 AM BBT Sindy says her biggest fear is being put on the block next to Jackie. In the HOH room, Demetres and Ika talk about who they can trust in the house. They talk about if they are not HOH that no one will be coming after them because they have not given anyone a reason. Emily, Dallas and Dillon are the ones Ika says she is worried the most about. She says they should only worry if Emily, Dallas or Dillon win HOH next. Ika says it’s only day 8 and she feels that they have been there a month. In the bathroom, Gary and Cass are still getting ready for bed. Gary asks Dallas how they can talk to him without him getting upset. Dallas says that there is an 80% chance he is going up against Emily. Cass suggests he go and talk to Demetres and tell him that he is loyal to Cass and that he is not as close to Dillon like he thinks he is. Cass suggests that they push for Bruno or Kevin to go on the block with Dillon. Cass says if Dallas already thinks he is going on the block to tell her now so she will not fight for him.
12:45 AM BBT Cass tells Dallas do not bring up Karen or he will for sure go on the block. Dallas says that Karen is sabotaging his game. Ika comes into the bathroom with them. GARY PLEASE GO TO THE DR Ika tells Dallas that he should have thrown Emily under the bus to Demetres. Because Emily was celebrating when Dillon won. Ika is telling him that he is not spending his time with the right people. She is telling him that in order for him to get further in the game that he needs to show where his loyalty is. Dallas says that he has made emotional mistakes in the game but that he hasn’t done anything that warrants him to go home.

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Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th
1:00 AM BBT Ika says if the veteran goes on the block that the newbies will vote them out. She says that their alliance is broken. She says that she thinks Dallas is going home. Gary says that the newbies think that Emily is annoying but Ika says that if a vet is sitting next to Emily on the block that the vet will go home. Gary says that everyone sees Dallas with Dillon and Emily. Dallas says that all he asks is for the votes and that they are only 3 votes. They are all saying that Dallas will be going home. Gary says now they need to help Dallas make a plan to be able to stay. Ika tells him to go to Demetres and tell him that he know that he messed up and that he needs to beg for his life. Ika says the whole vet alliance is broken and it started when they all started believing they could not trust each other. Dallas asks if he should organize a vet meeting tomorrow. Cass tells him again that he needs to beg for his life. Gary tells all of them that they have to go to bed. He says he will walk the girls to bed.
1:15 AM BBT In the Have Not room, Emily and Sindy are still awake and talking. Cass and Ika come into the Have Not room. Ika forgot her night clothes so she goes to get her clothes. The lights are dimming and they are rushing to get ready for bed. Everyone is in bed.
1:30 AM BBT HG are all in bed
1:45 AM BBT HG are all in bed – Ika, Gary and Cass all wake up and go to the kitchen to get water. They begin to talk about Dallas again and what he needs to say to stay off the block. Gary goes back to the bedroom. The girls say that they are having a hard time sleeping on the floor. Cass says that Dallas was on her season and that he will loyal and that he means what he says. Cass says it’s worth a shot to talk to Demetres about it. Gary comes back downstairs to the kitchen. They all have tea. The girls go to the table to drink their tea. Ika asks what they should do after Dallas leaves. Ika asks Gary what he thinks. He says that Dallas is loyal but his actions didn’t show that. Gary also says that Mark had something planted and that he said it was Cass. Ika said that she didn’t trust Dallas until tonight when they were talking in the bathroom.
2:00 AM BBT HG are all in bed – Gary, Cass and Ika are still at the table drinking their tea and discussing game play. Ika says that she felt that Demetres was good for their game play. She says that Bruno and Kevin are not going on the block because they were making nice with Demetres. Cass asks if there is one last thing they can do to keep Dallas off the block. Cass says that if Dallas goes this week that she will be leaving next week. Gary says that the POV is tomorrow, that Dillon will take himself off the block. So who will be going on the block. Ika says that because Kevin and Bruno were making nice that they will not be going up. They say that Dallas needs to be convincing to keep himself off the block.
7 AM BBT All HGS are still sleeping

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th
8:00 AM BBT All HGS are still asleep
8:15 AM BBT All HGS are sleeping
8:30 AM BBT Big Brother has turned the lights on and informed the HGS that it is time to wake up. In the yellow room Dillon and Dallas are awake. In the washroom Karen is in the shower. Jackie is doing a battery exchange. Dallas has gone into the HOH to talk to Demetres. Sindy and Ika are awake in the Have Not Room . Sindy says it’s Sunday so that means we can go to church. Ika says she has already changed. Jackie has entered the Have Not Room to do a battery change. Out by the hot tub Dallas is talking to Dillon telling him not to panic today by what he does. Dallas says Bruno is just as guilty as he is for voting for him last week. Dillon says Kevin is too. Dallas agrees but said they played nice with Demetres. Dallas says he is going to talk to Demetres and try and get him to put Jackie up. Bruno Neda and Jackie are in the washroom talking about the POV Comp. Emily has been called to the DR. Dillon came in and says his hip is hurting. Dallas and William are talking in the pantry. Dallas is trying to convince William that he is going to throw Dillon under the bus. Dallas says he likes Dillon but he is bad for his game. William asks him if he will not put him and Dre on the block. Dallas is telling him that his targets are Dillon, Karen and Jackie. He feels that Karen is bad for the house as she is getting into everybody’s head.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th
8:45 AM BBT Cass is telling Dallas that he needs to tell Demetres that he needs to throw Dillon under the bus. Cass says you need to hand out with Demetres not Dillon. Cass says to tell Demetres that he is an honest guy and messed up last week. Cass says if you are on the block Dallas you are going home. She asks Dallas to give her an hour and Demetres time to wake up. Dallas is now talking to Bruno who tells him that Dallas has him bro. Bruno agrees. Dallas says he is going to try to talk to all the vets. Bruno is now talking to Dillon in the hot tub. Dillon is saying he went to Demetres and tried to make a deal that if he puts Karen up the week Dillon wins HOH he will keep him safe. Dillon says he didn’t bite. Bruno says he hopes he has his support if he is on the block. Dillon says he thinks it will be Dallas. Bruno asks him who he would put on the block if Demetres takes his deal. Dillon says Karen and he doesn’t know.
9:00 AM BBT Dillon says everybody seen he is here to play. Bruno says he knows that, that is why he wants to work with him. Dillon says all Demetres said was a strong player. Bruno says there is more stronger players in the house than the big physical men. Meanwhile in the Have Not Room Sindy and Ika are talking with Cass . Kevin and William are in the yellow Room talking. Dallas has entered the room and William and Kevin change the topic to general stuff. Dallas asks Kevin if a vet goes up is he going to vote to keep the vet. Kevin says yes. Dallas says the guys don’t need a conversation every 20 minutes but they both feel that the girls do. Kevin says he is going out into the backyard. Dallas tells him if we get rid of our own it is crazy. Kevin says everyone knows you play a loyal game. Dallas says he doesn’t want to go home week 2. Demetres and Kevin are talking in the pantry. Demetres says he is just going to tell everyone he doesn’t know what he is going to do. Demetres says they need to make it look like neither Bruno or Kevin are too comfortable. In the Hot Tub Bruno and William are in the hot tub with Bruno telling him that if he was watching at home he would love him. William said he would find himself boring. Bruno says he has the least followers out of all the vets. Dillon enters and William asks him if he has a lot of followers. He said he doesn’t have a lot of followers but has had a lot of views on his youtube page for his boxing.
9:15 AM BBT They are talking about people saying crazy shit about them but what William needs to realize is that most of the people don’t know him. Meanwhile in the Have Not Room Ika Sindy and Cass are talking. Ika asks Sindy to watch her eyelashes so she doesn’t step on them. Ika is saying that Sindy said she doesn’t know if Cass can be trusted because of telling Bruno that the alliance is done. Cass says that was because of what she did to me. Ika said I told her that and she said I know. Cass said Bruno is playing too hard too early. Ika said Bruno told everybody that Cass said the alliance is done. Ika is telling her she needs to lay low and pretend to be depressed. Ika says she gave Bruno the chance to make everybody turn against her because she flipped out. Ika is saying Dre and William see that Bruno is dangerous, she is telling Cass that they were up there telling Demetres to put Bruno up. In the kitchen Dallas Kevin and Demetres are talking about breakfast Dallas wants to talk to Demetres about what he is going to do today Demetres is going upstairs. Jackie has entered the kitchen her and Dallas are having a general conversation about the sleep they had. Back in the Have Not Room Ika and Cass are talking about the other players. Ika is saying she doesn’t want to work with Gary. She says Gary is all about make up and they all run to him about what is going on and he never tells them anything. She is also telling Cass that Gary is the reason she did not trust her. Cass thinks that she needs to rebuild her relationship with Neda. Ika says Neda is smarter than all the guys in the house, she is going to sit back and let them destroy themselves. Ika says Neda is more emotional this season. She thinks Neda is here to play a smart game and is not a catty girl. Ika says Gary is sitting back playing dumb and getting information from them.
9:30 AM BBT Ika says Gary is not dumb. In the HOH Room Demetres is telling Sindy that Dallas asks him to talk later and to have someone he trusts. Demetres is telling her that he thinks he needs to put up Dallas. Sindy says we will back you but you need to do what is good for your game. Demetres is telling her that Dallas is saying Dillon is not good for his game. Sindy is telling him Dallas’s targets are William and Dre because he doesn’t know what they say. Sindy is telling him that the one thing about Dallas is he keeps his word. Sindy is telling him if he puts Jackie up and tell her she is the new pawn. Sindy said he needs to really think about what is good, he needs to think if Dallas is really going after him. They are getting ready to go out to the hot tub. Neda and Jackie have joined Ika and Cass down in the Have Not Room. Neda is telling them that by this time in the game she had Jon’s complete trust and he had hers. Jackie is asking Ika and Cass about having her support when she talks to Demetres. Ika is telling her not to push for anyone else, she is saying to tell him if she wins HOH in the next 2 weeks she won’t target him. Ika is suggesting she stay away from Karen. Jackie is saying that she thinks Karen realizes that they need to stay out of each others’ face.
9:45 AM BBT Ika is still giving advice to Cass. Dallas says he thinks all the vets are on board for a meeting. Dallas is telling them that he already talked to Demetres, Ika is telling him that they need to look everybody in the eye when they have this meeting so they know who is telling the truth. They are both telling him that he needs to make a scene at the nom meeting. Emily is already telling everybody that she has Dallas and Dillon’s vote. Cass is telling him that he needs to just listen to them and no one else. They are telling Dallas that Jackie is a nice girl and they see him as a protector. Ika says she thinks Dillon is loyal to him but thinks that Bruno is talking to him about not putting each other up. They all think Bruno is playing under the radar.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

9:45 AM BBT Ika is still giving advice to Cass. Dallas says he thinks all the vets are on board for a meeting. Dallas is telling them that he already talked to Demetres, Ika is telling him that they need to look everybody in the eye when they have this meeting so they know who is telling the truth. They are both telling him that he needs to make a scene at the nom meeting. Emily is already telling everybody that she has Dallas and Dillon’s vote. Cass is telling him that he needs to just listen to them and no one else. They are telling Dallas that Jackie is a nice girl and they see him as a protector. Ika says she thinks Dillon is loyal to him but thinks that Bruno is talking to him about not putting each other up. They all think Bruno is playing under the radar.
10:00AM BBT Demetres said he can’t wait to get out of the house it will be springtime and go fishing at the lake. Demetres is talking about the train ride experiment that he had Sindy is talking about the train. Sindy Bruno and Demetres are in the Hot tub. Ika and Dallas are talking about his targets. Bruno and Demetres are the only ones in the hot tub now.
10:15AM BBT Dallas and Neda are outside smoking Neda said i’m liking the lazy person that you will meet. Neda said we only care for alcohol Feeds went out feeds back at 10:20 AM BBT Neda said she is so sneaky nobody can tell. Neda said i am so happy that the snow is melting. Dallas said that there is a sheet of ice outside under the snow and Neda said it’s starting to warm up Jackie said i love these coaches Karen and kevin are chatting about movies. Karen is talking about impeach. Karen is talking about how ridiculous about property transfer tax.
10:30AM BBT Dementres and Bruno are in the hot tub Bruno is talking about his work Feeds went back out Feeds are back at 10:35AM BBT Sindy said she is not a fan of cheese herself but she is starting to like it. Sindy said it took a while to get used to get bananas Sindy is starting to get used to use eat salt and pepper.Jackie said that when Rachel and Brandon baby gets older that he would be on big brother. Jackie said she is just tired. Karen is talking about the political with Kevin. Dallas and Dre are talking about game play.
10:45 AM BBT Dre said Dallas i like you. Dallas and Dre are talking Dallas told Dre that you’re not my target. Dallas said he wants Karen out Dallas said he is very straight forward. Dallas and Dre are talking about Karen. Dallas said i’m sure Karen is going to build her own grave. Cass and Demetres are talking Cass said there is not anything going on until tomorrow cass said i dont like liers and if i win HOH next week i’m putting up Burno and Kevin.
11:00 AM BBT Gary is getting dressed then he is gonna apply his makeup Demetress said he can kick a ball. Cass said she never played sports as a kid she said she sucked at it.Demetres said the only people that i will put up are the people that i want out. Demetres said we have a whole day to figure it out.
11:15 AM BBT Karen and Kevin are talking about the Bible. Demetres said a lot of people want karen out. Demetres doesn’t want emily to go home said i can understand putting up Jackie would be a huge threat to the house. Demetres said Karen and Jackie are not a threat to my game can i trust no Demetres said honestly am not going to tell anybody who i am going to up until it happens. Demetres said it’s hard to trust anybody in this game. Demetres said it’s so tough i almost went home for the first week. Gary said should i do a right Ika said you can take it off when we go in the pool.
11:30 AM BBT Dallas and Dillon are talking about the food that is in the oven Dallas said some bacon and honey. Demetres said that there will be a big fight with Karen. Sindy and Demetres are talking about how their alliance is still in contact. Jackie said to Demetres i’m not sure where our heads are at. Jackie said she would keep Demetres safe if he goes up next week. Demetres is trying to minimize the damage since he is not playing in the next HOH. Demetres said you should be voting for your best game. Jackie said she already knew that Mark was going home. Jackie said she feels stupid for putting her loyalty in to Mark. Jackie feels that we should have a vet leave.
11:45 AM BBT Gary said i need to put some glasses on for shade. Ika is eating and talking to Gary outside by the pool Gary said to Ika if Demetres likes you take it to your advantage. Feeds went down and came back 8 minutes later. Sindy is applying her make up.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th
12:00PM BBT Many seem to be upstairs in and out of the bathroom getting themselves ready. Several are talking about going to the hot tub. However, I think the BY is currently closed. Bruno and Emily have been in the kitchen. Emily is not sure how she feels about everything on what might happen.Jackie, William, Cassandra, and Dre are in the HN Rm. Jackie is recalling on how her talk with Demetres went. Jackie does not want to see any more newbies leave. Cassandra’s view of Demetres is that you need to keep telling him how great he is. Cassandra says Demetres’ targets are Emily and Dillon. Dillon won POV. Karen’s name was discussed on being put up. Dre believes one of the boys (Bruno, Dallas) are on his radar; Demetres didn’t want to come out and say much info though. Eventually talk turns to the competition of kicking a soccer ball. Cassandra says her weakness is competitions. Ika and Neda are talking in the bedroom when Gary comes in. No one knows for sure what Demetres is going to do. They wonder when the POV Meeting will take place and when the BY might open.
12:15PM BBT No one likes how Dillion keeps saying Gaarryyy every time he sees him. Emily does it now, too. Gary does not like it, but for the game he is putting up with it; he doesn’t want to make waves. They talk about clothes, make-up, etc. Gary leaves to get breakfast. Neda and Ika continue talking about the houseguests and speculates who said what and who might be nominated. Ika said Dillon said he would go after Dallas just to prove they are not working together….and he WILL do it. Dre comes in…I think she said she would like to see Kevin on the block. Dre says it’s mutual dislike between her and Karen. However, Dre feels as if Karen is more real now than a lot of the other people in the house. They do not like how Emily and Dillon are so close…and that Dillon is being such a jerk to Gary. Dre feels as if Karen is so protective of Kevin. She also says Bruno, Kevin, and Cassandra are all the same person. They talk about others, but say no matter what for now they have to vote with the house. Ika, Neda, and Dre all have each other’s back.
12:30PM BBT Neda asks Dre if she ever tried connecting with Bruno and Kevin. Dre tries but then feels so fake, so she is not sure…. Dre doesn’t like Kevin because he thinks he has everybody….friends with everyone. Dre has decided to lie low and listen to gather info. Ika and Neda is giving her advice on a social game. Dre feels like this is no longer the start of the game; it’s been deflecting shots from everywhere right away. It’s such a different game already than what they expected. Meanwhile, Cassandra is talking to Dallas on how she is getting everyone else to go up and talk to Demetres to promote someone else other than Dallas. Cassandra tells Dallas he just needs to chill out a bit. Dallas and Cassandra are talking bad about Bruno. They don’t understand how everyone seems to gravitate to him. Dallas is going to pretend he didn’t hear his name thrown out and carry on as his usual self. Bruno is confronting Karen in the living room on how he heard Karen say he is such a big target. Karen said she is not targeting him and Bruno also says he is not coming after her either. Bruno is speculating that both Dillon and Dallas wants Karen nominated. Karen immediately changes the subject of family…in maki
12:45PM BBT Gary frying bacon and Dillon fixing tea in kitchen.. Jackie and Dre sitting on the outside talking with Gray. Jackie thinks it’s cute seeing guys hold a baby. Dallas was in the bathroom pacing around talking to himself on what has to be done. He then goes to the bedroom and camera goes back to the kitchen. Dre is concerned about Dillon on keeping whacking his head (in comp and just now). Dre, Jackie, and Gary talking about foods. Cassandra and Sindy is now with Ika and Neda in the bedroom talking something about if the guys have something pink to wear. Gary can fix them up. Talk turns to be about Dallas. Cassandra says well everyone knows those two are together–sounds like she is agreeing with Dallas being nominated. Cassandra asked Ika to help her find something hot for her to wear. Ika and Cassandra going through some clothes. Cassandra leaves and comes back…after looking in the toilet, I about threw up (toilet must be backed up). The girls talk on how they can convince Demetres that Dallas is not going after him. ng a grilled cheese. (Not sure why the topic switch.)

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

1:00PM BBT Dre came in and Cass asked her if she was doing her DR session. Feeds went down again momentarily. I have a feeling BB has been calling them into the DR and that’s why the brief periods of feeds being down. Dillon telling Kevin about his pet snake (a Columbia red tail boa). He feeds her alive large rats. Dillon feels safe carrying it around his neck. He explains how we think we are on their food chain, but we are very low if they are fed properly. When Dillon was a baby crawling on the floor his mother had to get rid of a snake because she said the snake was eying him up as food. Sindy, Jackie, and Emily talking in BR about the first nominates and who might be the replacement nom. They think the nom will be announced tomorrow.
1:15PM BBT Sindy agrees that they all have already talked to Demetres so it’s up to him. Emily wants Karen to go up. Emily says if she goes home, Dillon is going to seek revenge on Demetres! Emily wants to sit beside either a huge threat (strong player) or a weak one…socially (Karen). Emily is afraid he is going to put up Jackie. Jackie hopes he sees the loyalty she showed to Mark. They don’t think Karen has talked with him.
1:30PM BBT In the HN Rm, Ika is talking to Demetris. Ika wants Dallas to go up, but then to evict Emily. Dallas says the other person he would consider is Jackie. Ika says to pull Dallas in now and let him know he’ll only be a pawn. They are trying to orchestrate a blow-up as an excuse so that everyone will want to keep Dallas. Demetres is trying to see what’s best for his game….if Emily goes, it will be only Dillon gunning for him. (The feeds still periodically go dark for brief periods of time.) Ika rationalizes that if Dallas goes, so many more people will be gunning for him. Jackie and Emily talking in Red BR. Emily says that if she is still here next week she truly wants to work with her. They talk on who they feel they can not trust. Emily is scared of Ika the most; she tells everyone what to do. They feel the vets have an advantage and then Neda gets another huge advantage. How is Canada suppose to vote for people they don’t even know?!
1:45PM BBT Jackie asked if Emily ever considered asking Dillon to use the veto on her. She said she wouldn’t, but Jackie tells Emily to do what is best for her game and not to do something just because it’s Dillon. Emily says that she would like to work with the newbies so badly. Emily is not one to kiss up to someone. Jackie tells that she is close to Dre and William. Dillon and William comes in…bored and looking for something to do. They want the BY open. William finds an earring in bed. It’s Emily’s and she tells how she stretched her ears at age 16. They are the largest possible to the point where they can still grow back together. Emily asks if she has William’s vote to stay. He says, “basically, yes.” They say she needs to rally the newbies and vets alike. She has to push her way into all conversations no matter what the topic to get votes.They talk how the toilets are not working properly. Dillon and Emily goes to where Dallas is lying in the Blue BR. Emily asks if Dallas is nervous–”hell yes!”

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

2:00 PM BBT Ika/Demetres in have not room talking game. Ika says nobody knew how close her and Demetres were before but they can tell know. Demetres says he likes Cass, and he is scared for the moment when Neda/Sindy want to go after Cass and he and Ika will have to choose a side. Ika says if Bruno/Kevin win HoH they should be fine (Ika/Demetres). Ika says she feels that those two guys Bruno/Kevin came back with something to prove. Talk changes to scars on Ika’s knees and Demetres leg. How he got it from a Greek wedding where they were smashing plates.
Dillon/Emily in bedroom. Dillon eating, giving shout outs to Emily’s dad/ Camera switches to Dre, Jackie and Kevin in hallway. Dre says there is a lot strong women in here, Dre talking about getting Neda and Emily. Jackie says she can go for a cougar and get Karen. Dre says” why do girls play hard to get?” Jackie says they like the chase. Dre says she is over Neda, but she likes the hard to get. Dre says as “Ray Ray she doesn’t have a type” Dre wants to be Ray Ray more, but she needs a dance partner.
Back to Ika/Demetres in have not, still regular talk, vacations and where to go.
Hallway- Jackie saying Dre is making her blush, flirting between those two continues. Dre says she is going to apologize to Neda. Cass and Emily join the upstairs crew. Emily saying how her back hurts from have not room.
Have not room, Neda joined Ika/Demetres. Ika says Gary wakes up and kicks things, storms outs, cries and makes a mess in the pink room. One night Kevin was supposed to sleep with Gary and he didn’t and Gary complained. Demetres asked if everyone has their own beds. Talking about sleeping situation. Apparently Jackie didn’t want to be in a room with Karen. Ika said Jackie needs to stop, and Ika thinks Karen is funny. Ika said when Karen sat her sassy ass self and was talking to Cass, Jackie said something and Karen said’ I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to Cassandra’ (Ika says this with a Karen face and imitating Karen’s voice”) Ika says Jackie then turns around and starts crying, now Ika and Neda are laughing. Ika feels that at this point because Karen is the type of person that picks on people and is strong and sassy that Jackie is trying to get sympathy. Ika says Karen is not bullying Jackie, she is just a sassy older lady. Neda says Karen only has sons so she is probably used to talking aggressively. Demetres says he has been nothing but nice to Karen and she has been nothing but nice to him.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

2:15 PM BBT Dre/Kevin talking about Kevin’s family on white couches upstairs. Kevin says he has smart brothers and a little sister named Rae/Rachel. She just got married young at 20 years old. Cass and Jackie leave the upstairs loft but William joins Dre/Kevin.
Ika/Demetres joined by Jackie/Cass in have not room. Cass saying she was singing ‘O Canada’ since it is one song they can sing without getting in trouble. Cass/Jackie leave Have not room. Cass comes back into Have not and Ika says ‘She is everywhere’ (Jackie) and Cass says yes, I am trying to get rid of her. Ika starts talking game talk, Cass sits down. Ika compliments Cass in her white dress. Cass says she looks more angelic.
Cass says, honestly I have your guys back, Dallas is a loyal guy, if he tells you something he will stand by it. Ika says but he did say he wanted to get Demetres out first work. Cass thinks he was just trying to go with the house. Ika thinks it is because Dallas/Mark made a deal in first HOH then dropped, Karen said they were safe. Ika still weary about Dallas. Cass says she is sure Dallas will be more loyal to her. Demetres says he would rather work with Dallas. Ika asks if Dallas will screw over Bruno. Cass says Bruno will not go after Dillon. Gary stops by have not room and asks what is going on, but he won’t step foot in have not room. Gary leaves, game talk continues. Ika says right now we are talking about keeping Dallas safe to work with Demetres. Cass says she thinks Demetres needs to talk to him. Ika agrees but wants to continue talking it through first. Cass asks Demetres if he really thinks it is the best choice to put Dallas up. Cass pushing for the two masterminds (Bruno/Kevin) up. Ika says’ why would he create enemies when he doesn’t have to. Demetres is pushing to put Dallas up but make sure he doesn’t go home. Worried Dallas will be bitter and go back to Dillon.
Gary/Neda by rainbow wall talking. Gary says he feels that him and Neda are on the same page. Neda says she never hears his name come up. Neda says she was worried about coming in and being one of the first ones out. Neda says there are scarier threats out there anyway. Gary says getting a newbie out is not as appealing as he thought at first. Gary reminding them they have a long way to go. Neda agrees and says things change so fast. Neda asked if he talked to Cass. Gary thinks Cass wants Dallas there as a security for herselves. Gary says he is not used to having someone like that, and Neda says she IS used to it. Gary talking about final two with Neda.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

2:30 PM BBT Gary/Neda by rainbow wall talking game. Neda says she thinks Gary is smart and a logical player. Neda tells Gary he is doing good. Gary admits he is not going to throw anything, he is going to play hard. Neda says ya, she can’t either or Canada is going to be mad at her. Talk switches to Neda’s back, and talking about strategy at the challenge.
Dallas/Cass/Ika/Demetres in have not room. Dallas says he is trying to avoid Dillon, Dallas says he likes Dillon as a person but as a player he is hurting his game. Ika asks Dallas if he is HOH he won’t come after Demetres, Dallas swears. Demetres says Bruno/Kevin are indebted to Demetres. Demetres says Dallas may need to go up, Dallas is trying to deflect and says he will go home if he goes up. He is more of a threat. Dallas admits Bruno/Kevin are more strategic and smarter than him. Everyone laughs. Demetres thinks if he puts Dallas up he can control the vote. Says Jackie said if she doesn’t go up Jackie will vote the way Demetres says. Dallas says it huge gamble if Dallas goes up. Demetres says you have Cass and Ika the two best campaigners in the world. Ika says she thinks whoever Demetres wants to go home will go home. Dallas is telling Demetres he really wants to work with him but if he (Dallas) goes up there is too much of a chance he goes home, it’s too risky. Dallas says there has to be something else they can do. Ika admits they need to talk to more people and if there is a chance Dallas is going to go home they may need to come up with another option. Dallas says he has a BAD BAD feeling if he goes up on the block. Ika agrees she wants to see what is going on. Demetres says he will only put Dallas up if he has the votes to keep him. Dallas swears his loyalty to Demetres, Ika and Cass. Cass admits people promised to vote a certain way last week and they didn’t.
Gary/Neda talking about what the name of the first HOH was, they are studying. Jackie called to DR by Big Brother. Neda asks Gary if he is voting to get Dallas out, and he says yes. Gary says he thinks they are going to try and switch it to get Emily out. Gary says that would suck. Neda/Gary continue to study and count stuff in the house.
Neda says she is struggling with remembering the days. Gary said he is focusing on counting house stuff. Neda reminding Gary they need to remember people’s speeches. Gary says him and Neda just need to have their talks sparingly. Gary./Neda agree they don’t need to worry about each other and not get paranoid.
2:45 PM BBT Gary/Neda says they should be targeting Cass soon, Neda asks how Gary feels about her, Neda asks” Does she feel like she controls you” Gary said, Ya I just let her. Neda asks “does she think you are her Tim” Gary says he is Nobodies Tim. Neda and Gary think Cass/Dallas have a preseason alliance for final 2. Gary thinks if Dallas goes he will have Cass all to himself. Gary says Kevin is shady and if he weakens himself a little bit Kevin will think he can manipulate Gary. Neda asks about How close Kevin and William are. Gary says Kevin likes to feel like the alpha male. Gary says in order to play Kevin he has to seem weak. Gary says he hasn’t given him the full cookie yet, Neda asks what a full cookies it, Gary says I have just given him a bite. Gary says Kevin shouldn’t feel good because he bagged William over Gary. Neda/Gary talking through options on how and when to approach Kevin. Neda asks Gary if he is going to go for the next HOH. Gary says yes, Neda asks Gary what he thinks a smart move for them next week. Gary says nothing crazy, go easy peasy. Neither puts out any names.
Have not room. Dallas/Ika/Demetres/Cass in have not. Dallas saying he feels that whoever stirred up the bullshit should be responsible. Cass says they need to see where the votes are going. Dallas says he is going to detach himself from Dillon and Emily. Dallas says if he wins HOH  he will probably put up Dillon/Karen. Ika says so basically you will do whatever is good for all their game. Dallas is agreeing to be a team player and listen to what is best for the team. Demetres says Dallas needs to get closer to Jackie. Dallas says he feels like he has a connection with Jackie. Demetres is going to tell Jackie she needs to get away from Emily/Dillon cause they are a sinking ship. Dallas continues to pledge his allegiance to Demetres.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

3:00 PM BBT Feeds down. Feeds back 3:12 pm. Dallas/Cass/Kevin/Dre upstairs talking, Dillon/Sindy downstairs talking about shaving. Dillon massaging Sindy’s leg. Sindy says to squeeze harder. Ika/Emily/Cass in bedrooms chatting about temperatures in the rooms. No game talk.
3:15 PM BBT Ika/Cass/Emily talking about eating as have not. Trying to come up things to eat. Ika says she doesn’t normally drink coffee but she may need to start since she is so tired. Emily is talking about putting slop in coffee/milk.
Bruno/Kevin/William, Sindy, Dillon downstairs living room. Kevin is leading a meditation session. Emily walks downstairs, falls on the couch and makes a loud noise.
Camera switches to Neda/Demetres in HOH. Demetres says he believes if Dallas wins next week he will not put him up. Demetres says he thinks it is a good time to get rid of Dallas. Demetres says he wonders if Dallas will blow up at Dillon. Neda says he probably will to save his game. Neda says she doesn’t think Dallas is coming after her. Demetres asks Neda if she really thinks Bruno/Kevin is with them. Neda says we can’t strike too soon, but we need to strike first. Neda says Bruno does tell her things but Kevin doesn’t say much. Demetres says that is a decent strategy cause he doesn’t say anything to get him in trouble. Neda says she doesn’t think Bruno/Kevin see Neda/Ika/Sindy as threats. Demetres says he thinks they were the two the started the whole fiasco. Neda says they had me fooled.Neda says if they do another sketchy thing they are done, she just doesn’t want them (Bruno/Kevin) to get sketched out by them (Ika/Neda/Sindy/Demetres). Neda says just get Dillon out next week. Neda telling Demetres you have to go with your gut feeling.
Ika/Cass game talking in bedroom. Cass hopes Dre wins hoh, Ika says ya, she likes us. Cass says she heard Kevin say in the have not room we should go after French Connection next week. Ika says Kevin needs to make better connections because he screams “ I don’t trust you’ thinks Kevin is so sketchy.
Gary arguing with Ika/Cass. Gary asked if Ika/Cass were trying to convince Demetres to put up Bruno. Ika said no, they didn’t throw names out. Gary acting paranoid and she he is allowed to act as paranoid as he wants because they never tell him anything. Karen walks in.
3:30 PM BBT Ika asks Gary to cover over to the bed with his leopard pants. Karen leaves the bedroom. Ika asks Gary if Dallas was up against Emily who would he vote out. Gary says the vibe of the house he believes Dallas would get votes out. Ika asks if that goes for the vets as well and Gary says yes. Cass tells Gary he drives her nuts. Cass leaves. Gary asks why it has to be so stressful. Ika says, don’t you think Bruno/Kevin are playing way harder. Gary says he is trying to help Cass not play so hard, but people are noticing. Ika is telling Gary is makes no sense to go after someone that is NOT going after them. Gary/Ika counting votes. Dallas walks in and tells Gary.Ika that he is in trouble, Demetres is going to put him up. Gary asks if Demetres said this to him, Dallas said yes. Gary asked if Dallas is going to have a confrontation
With Dillon, Dallas says he will just tell the house before the POV ceremony that he is going after Dillon, his last ditch effort. Cass walks back in and Dallas asks if Cass still has a bad vibe. Cass says she doesn’t know anymore and she doesn’t trust anyone in this house anymore. Ika says they need to have a Veterans meeting. Gary complains it is so hot in the house, especially when backyard is closed off.
3:45 PM BBT Downstairs living room- Bruno, Kevin, William, Jackie, Emily, Cass, Dre Dillon, Sindy. Talking about making noises, snorting like pigs. Emily says she can lick her boob. Kevin trying to flip water bottle, Jackie drinks some and flips it. Everyone screams.
Dallas, Gary, Ika still game talking in bedroom., Ika says she is going to leave. Dallas thinks they need to have a veterans meeting. Gary says Neda doesn’t care, she is here till Jury so she could care less if you stay. Dallas is trying to count votes. Dallas telling Gary that Demetres told Dallas he will break a tie in Dallas’s favor and send Emily home.
Karen, Cass in storage room, Karen tells Cass she needs to do a chill where no one is bugging her, Karen tells Cass sometimes you have to shut it off. Cass tells Karen she has a hard time when people are fake, especially when people are liar liar pants on fire. Karen says it is hard when you can see through people, Karen calls it her BS meter. Karen and Cass agree they knew there was trouble brewing. Cass asks karen who she thinks will be HOH, she says Cass, her or Gary. Karen hopes it is a comp that gives Karen a fighting chance. Karen thinks she has a good chance if it is golf, tennis, basketball, baseball that she has a chance, in her mind.
Karen tells Cass that Bruno, Kevin , Dallas where in Demetres room and Dallas said to backdoor Karen, Cass asked who told her that and Karen didn’t say. Karen said Kevin admitted to Karen that Kevin had second thoughts about last weeks vote. Gary walks into storage room. Karen says they are hiding like cats and jumping out at people. Karen and Gary are afraid of the have not room. Karen thinks Dallas will not let it go with her,
Neda/Demetres in hoh.Demetres yawning. Neda saying her HOH room would be dope and everyone will get to see her cat. Talking about what kind of music Neda listens to . She says she listens to all sorts of music.
Gary/Cass/Karen storage room. Karen does not think Dallas will get over her. Karen says she just wants a chill day but she has had a good day and can’t wait to get into bed. You can hear everyone in living room screaming from the storage room. Cass goes to check it out. Karen says not to be a bitch or anti- social but some time she needs space. Gary admits he is scared to go on slop, so he is stress eating. Karen tells Gary she wants to go to the bars, shopping, lunch and drinks with Gary and Bruce will be the DD.
Water bottle flip game still going on in living room.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

4:00 PM BBT Everyone is finding things to do in the house. Not much going on. Small talk going on in the house
4:15 PM BBT Neda and Dallas in the Bathroom. Dallas: I swear to God I will put Dillon up in a fucking heartbeat. Neda: I believe you. Dallas: My best intention is for the vets. Neda: This is not how the 2 weeks of this game was supposed to go. Neda advised Dallas to go make nice w/Karen
Dillon, Cass and Ika in the bedroom. Demetres says Demetres looks like he’s in good shape, but Dillon’s in better shape.He’s also a lot smarter than generic Demetres. Dillon: “Only people I don’t like in this house is Demetres and Karen.”
4:45 PM BBT Dallas and Jackie in the Store Room Dallas looks so desperate. Jackie assures Dallas she will vote for him to stay. Dallas to Jackie- If I’m HoH, this is my dream scenario…I put up Dillon, I put up Karen. That’s what I had to pitch. Dallas to Jackie- I have got to drop a bomb tomorrow where it’s real and it’s authentic. There is no going back. Jackie to Dallas- I’m planting it in Emily’s head to try to guilt Dillon into using the veto on her. Probably won’t happen.
Dillon, Ika, Cass in the Bedroom Dillon- I really fucking hope he doesn’t put Dallas up. Cassandra- I can’t vote Dallas out. Dillon- I feel the same way.
5:00 PM BBT game talk going on.

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th

5:15 PM BBT Everyone is enjoying the day. Karen and Ika talking game in HOH room. Karen wants Dallas out of the game.
5:30 PM BBT Jackie and William talking and purple space room. Dallas, Demetres, and Neda are in blue space room talking game. Neda just laying quietly. Cass enters the room.
5:45 PM BBT Dallas is rallying the troops. Hoping to get votes.
6:00 PM BBT Dallas enters the storage room, saying “Fuck! Not good.” In blue bedroom, Sindy and Neda are talking about Dallas. Neda’s shoulder is hurting, so Sindy gives her a message. Bruno and Demetres are talking in the HoH. Demestres says that he thinks Dallas wouldn’t put him up next week if was still here, saying that he has to worry about Dillon and Emily if he stays. Bruno says that he loves chilling with them, but doesn’t want to be seen with them. Bruno says that Dallas may be a problem, and doesn’t see Emily winning anything. Demetres says that she may be good at trivia. Demetres says that Dallas said that he doesn’t think he has Bruno’s vote. Bruno says that if Demetri wants his vote, he’ll vote his way. In blue bedroom, Cass, Gary, Kevin, and Sindy are talking game.
6:15 PM BBT Dallas and Jackie are talking in storage room. Jackie is telling him to take a break and to tell people that he’ll talk later. Jackie says that he needs to think about who to work with. He says Cass. After a while, Jackie leaves. In the living room, Dillon is walking around the house with Dre on his arms. In the pink bedroom, there’s a DR leak, and Neda says “that could fuck up someone’s game.” Feeds go out at 6:22pm, due to the DR leak. Feeds come back at 6:29pm.
6:30 PM BBT Ika and Dre in HN room, and Dallas Kevin Cass Sindy in blue bedroom. Dallas is stressed, says that he knows that people think he may have a hidden agenda, but he says that he doesn’t. Dallas asks for advice. Kevin says to “drop the bomb on Dillon.” He agrees. Dallas says that if he goes up, he’d appreciate their votes. He then leaves. Cass says that she doesn’t understand why Dallas is so nervous, ‘cause he’s one of the returnees and they’re on his side. Neda walks in, saying how she really likes the slop. Cass asks how many bowls they’re supposed to have. Neda says 3. They talk about Dallas being paranoid, thinking that they had a group meeting with the returnees without him. Gary walks into blue room, upset that people won’t talk to him.
6:45 PM BBT Gary says that Dallas will go on the block ‘cause he’s worried about being on the block. Neda asks Gary if he’s talked to Dallas. Gary says no, saying that Dallas hasn’t even asked him for his vote. Gary says that Dallas is thinking too far ahead. William walks into blue room. Neda asks William to give Gary a lap dance to cheer him up. William says that he was having a hard time adjusting to BB life. The conversation goes to talking French, and Neda says that his English is getting better, probably because his confidence is getting better as well.
6:50 PM BBT Feeds Down

Daily Big Brother #BBCAN Live Feed Updates: Sunday, March 19th
6:50PM- 8:41PM BBT All feeds down
8:42PM BBT Feeds back as production opens the door to BY. Dallas tells everyone there’s a toilet outside and everyone’s freaking out that they didn’t know earlier. Bruno is outside playing pool. Ika, Dallas and Cass out by the hot tub, remarking they feel like new people with the fresh air. Cass wonders how the border was last season outside. She can’t believe it’s the same building because it looks so different. Bruno, Dillon And Kevin come out to the hot tub as well. Several convos going on at once but all small talk. Dallas and Neda talking to each other out there as well, as Cass reassures Emily on the bench. She feels alone and finds being on the block very stressful. Dré comes out to hop into hot tub which is full of men and Jackie already. This is Dré’s first time in a hot tub. William comes out and into a now full tub. Neda says she could never be a waitress because she sucks at being nice to people she doesn’t like. She says she’s not a people person. She’s jealous for always being “on”. She says Emily’s always “on” too. Emily says this is the worst day. Meanwhile Dillon telling hot tub crew about party time with 17 year old guys, with boxing. He flew everywhere, fully comped. He tries to dominate the conversation.
9:00PM BBT Dillon now saying he could tap Mayweather once and he would get knocked out. Bruno asks his record and he says 68-9. Dillons going into points detail and everyone is just staring blankly ahead. In pool area, Sindy/Ika/ Karen/Neda and Cass watch Dallas play pool with Demetres? Girls just making small talk. Ika relaying a convo with Sindy. Ika says Gary doesn’t want to go against the house. Ika feels less comfortable keeping Emily since she thinks Em is coming after her and Dallas wouldn’t come after them. Bruno wants to dump Dallas because he thinks Dallas will come after him. Ika says it’s not fair to put Dallas out for that reason since she is being targeted as well by a nominee.
9:15PM BBT Sindy mentions speaking to Dré about throwing the next comp. Ika says she feels like Bruno always wants to do what HE wants to do, with no compromise. Sindy talks about speaking with Demetres about keeping Dallas is a good idea. Ika wants to drop the alliance and just work with Dré. She says she hates working with selfish people. She has it spun around in her head that her allies are selfish because Em is coming after Ika. Ika “I don’t want to work with him (Bruno). He’s too controlling. “ when it all blows up it’ll be me they’re coming after. Sindy is doing a great job of just letting Ika vent and rant and just completely biting her tongue. It’s so easy when there together see how Sindy has improved her game vs Ika playing largely with the same deficits as last time. Feeds turn to Cass and Dallas. He feels like he has the votes. He says it turned around all because of her.
9:30PM BBT feeds change again to Bruno and William in pool. Things seem awkward and then William says he’s going to head back to the hot tub. Jackie/Dallas/William/Gary/Kevin at hot tub. Gary advises us he doesn’t “tuck” in the hot tub, it’s the only time he hangs loose and prefers to be drunk. (TMI?) Neda and Cass outside the tub, shivering in heavy coats. Neda says she wanted to ride bikes in Toronto but they all got stolen. As soon as talk turns to meth and coke, feeds turn to Ika and Sindy on loungers. Sindy suggests Ika get to know Emily, that she’s not that bad. Ika wants to know who she really wants out. Sindy says she wants Dallas to stay since he’s not coming after her.
9:45PM BBT Ika and Dré in WC freshening up their lipstick. Feeds now to loungers by pool table. Ika saying one of the girls (Sindy?) has a crush on Demetres. Dre says the season needs a showmance. Demetres comes by and Sindy asks him
If he can dance. He says he can do one dance but needs a partner. Dre and Ika yell out Sindy. Now Sindy and Demetres are dancing. They finish. Sindy tells Ika and Dre her type is tall white guys.
10:00 PM BBT Dre says that today was a good day, all relaxed. BB calls Cassandra to the DR. Demetres says that he hasn’t “been called to the diary room in, like, 4 days. I’m probably not on the show.” Dre says that a side of her butt has been hurting. Sindy said that she hasn’t shaved in 4 weeks. Dre says that it doesn’t show. Sindy says that it only shows after she waxes. Sindy says that she feels sick, says that she’s had 4½ cups of slop. She says that she’ll get some tums later. Ika suggests to Dre listening to Juicy before bed, then they leave and give George (a stuffed animal, named by Demetres) to Sindy. When they go into the HoH room, she says that she feels bad taking Demetres’ bed, then says that when she’s HoH, they’re not allowed to do that. Gary and Jackie are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. In HoH, Ika and Dre are dancing to the music.
10:15 PM BBT Ika asks Dre to adjust something behind her, saying that she’s a decent christian woman. In the blue room, Neda talks to Kevin. Kevin says that he thinks Dementri will stay loyal. Neda leaves. Bruno and Karen are talking in the kitchen. She says that she doesn’t mind the warmth. She says that BB told her to put ice on her injury, but refused ‘cause she doesn’t like the cold. Dallas and Demetri are talking. Demetri says that he’s 50-50. Dallas asked what made him change. He says that he’s been thinking like a Chess game, saying that he needs to think long-term. He says that he’s thinking about when he watches the show later. Dallas says that he’s “not being a fucking mastermind.” Dallas asks to call a truce, recalling what happened last season, asking to put some faith in him. Dallas says that he knows it’s sketchy hanging out with those 2, but doesn’t want to be associated with them. Dallas says that he promises on his mother’s life.
10:30 PM BBT Dallas says that he’ll work with him if he wins HoH next week, and swears on his and his mother’s life. In the HoH, Cass talks to Jackie about her time last season, saying that the weeks she planned out actually happened. Emily enters. They say that BB hasn’t changed the sheets for a while. Emily says that she likes sleeping in the HN room, but hates the slop. Dillon and Dallas chat in the hottub room. Dallas says that Demetri told him that he’s going up. He says that Karen’s not voting for him. He says that he doesn’t know how the votes will go. Dillon says that it’s only 3 days away. Dallas says that it’s “fucked for both sides.” Dillon says that no matter who goes home, he’s going after Demetri. They go back inside.
10:45 PM BBT Cass listening to Jackie and Emily’s convo. Emily says that she doesn’t like this feeling of being on the block. The convo goes to the game. Cass says that her eviction was only 45 minutes. Jackie says that she’s going to go with who Demetri wants out. Cass says to not worry ‘til after the veto ceremony. Jackie says that Demetri is really smart, and playing for himself. Emily says that the good part of leaving is that people will keep going after her every week. Emily asks Cass if she has her vote. Cass says that she doesn’t know yet. Jackie leaves the HN room. Emily asks Cass about Ika’s vote. Cass says that she hasn’t really talked to her. Emily says that Dallas says that he’d rather leave to give her a chance to play, saying that he’s already played before. Emily asks Cass what she’s going to do. Cass says that she’s not sure yet.
11:00 PM BBT Most of the HG are in the HoH room. In the HN room, Sindy tells Emily to wait it out, then plan. Sindy says to give her a few hours, then she’ll talk to her after everything settles. Emily thanks her, and says that she trusts her and can smell a bullshiter from a mile away.
11:15 PM BBT Ika, Cass, and Dre are chatting. Ika says that Demetri was so disrespectful to Dallas, folding his clothes instead of listen to Dallas, who was pouring his heart out. Ika says that Demetri said that he wants Dallas gone. Ika leaves Dre says that if Dallas goes home, she says that she’s screwed. BB calls Kevin and William to the DR. After they both come out, Cass asks why they were both called in. Kevin starts to talk, then feeds go out. Karen wants to go to bed, but she says that BB told her to wait, then feeds cut.
11:30 PM BBT Ika and Demetri are in the HoH, playing Rock Paper Scissors. Ika asks Demetri for info. He says that he should take out Dallas now ‘cause it’s going to be tough later. He says that later people will talk, and right now they’re a blank slate. While Demetri is talking about game, Ika says that they haven’t talked about Gary. Ika says that he’s just contouring his way through. Demetri says that he’s just listening to the tea. They say that he’s really good at this game. Ika asks who’d put him up. Ika says that Gary knows how to get himself out of sticky situations.
11:45 PM BBT Ika says that she doesn’t like Bruno now. In the kitchen, Dallas and Cass are talking. Cass tells Dallas that tomorrow they’re going to make a 4-person deal. She tells him that the other two guys are more calculating. She tells him if he stays that he needs to win HOH and put up Bruno and Kevin. Dallas asks her to Demetres’s ear to talk to him and vouch for him.

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